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11 liFiiilL
VOL. 28. NO. 52.
l Classy
for Eas
Ready-Tailored Clothes
There's no disputing the fact that
at present time there are more men
wearing ready-tailored clothes than
ever before. In
the great improvement in style, fit
and finish is particularly , marked
and there are comparatively few
- men who can afford to disdain the
price-difference between COLLEGIAN
CLOTHES and equivalent qualities
in made to measure garments. .
Our Spring and Summer showing
far exceeds our best efforts of all
past seasons.
Prices range from
$15.C5 to $S0
Thomson Bros,
SPECIAL for the Opening Program
Mo 3 o rely and Elanore
will be here for four clays, changing program
every neght. : : : : : :
SPECIAL Palhe's Weekly
Recent Occurrences from all over the
World. A Regular Newspaper in Motion
Pictures. : : : : : :
and continuing for four days
the Misses JANECE and LEON
singing and dancing act. : :
A SPECIAL for Monday
The bipr Elks covnention at Atlantic City,
N. J. : : : : : :
The Star Theater
Lecture By Father O'Rourke
a Leading Feature Sister
of Charity Realize a Good
Through the efforts of Rev. Father
O'Rourke, assisted by local talent
of the town, an entertainment and
lecture was given at the Club Build-
ins on Saturday evening in celebration
of St. Patrick's Day.
The main feature was the lecture
delivered by Father O'Rourke n
"Lights and Shadows of Irish Charac
ter. " The speaker introduced his
subject bv a few brief and well
chosen remarks in which he flatterd
to some extent the people of Heppner
for the spirit of co-operation they
were manifesting, and promised that
so long as he remained Dustor of the
Catholic church here it would be his
earnest endeavor to foster and en
courage this spirit. He also thanked
in a very rice manner all those taking
part in the program of the evening
His lecture proper, was a splendid
delineation of the character of the
Irish (ipodIh, was full of good points
and was well received.
Hon. T. J. Mahnuey acted as master
of ceremonies and introduced tht
program in a few well chosen and
complimentary remarks to our Irish
The hall was well filled there being
nn exceptionally hne representation
of the Irish perpleD resnt. In fact
almost everyone in the hall was Irish
on this occasion and were wearing
the green.
The program as carried out follows :
Overture Irish Airs - Orchestra
Introductory Remarks T. JTHahouey
Quartet Killarney Miss Hager Mrs.
Winnard V. Crawford, O. G. Craw-ford.
Lceture "Lights and Shadows of Irish
Character, "Rev. Father O'Rourke
Irish Jig, - Mr. Tim O'Oonner
Solo, 'Ireland ILovelhee,' Mrs. T. J.
Selection. - Orchestra
Solo Kathleen Mavourneen, O. G.
Quartet, Come Back To Erin, Mis
Hager, Mrs. Winnard, V. Crawford,
O. G. Crawford
Specialty, Irish Songs. Mr. J. Kenny,
of Portland
Selection, Mandoliu Club and Orches
A goodly sum was realized fiom
fha siln cf tickets to the entertain
ment, and this will he turned over to
the Sisters for the improvement of the
Catholic parsonage.
Sad Occurrence at Lexington
Results in Death of Young
. Son of J. B. Carmichael
While playing ball with a number
of his school fellows on the school
grouds at Lexington last Wednesday
afternoon Eric -Carmichael ten-year
old sn of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Oar
michael was struck on the head by i
bat thrown by Everett Zink, a boy
fifteen years of age and son ol A . M
Conflicting stories have reached this
office of just how the accident, so-call
ed, happened but from what we can
gather the smaller boys were playing
bail at the afternoon recess when the
older hoy tnkisg up a bat made a pass
at the ball, missing it, whereupon he
threw his bat in a careless way among
the boys. Not stopping at this how
ever, hi took up another bat and threw
it also with the result that the Car
raichaej lad, was hit on the head
The blow rendsred him unconscious for
a time but he recovered sufficiency to
walk home, a short distance from the
school grounds. He apparently was
lecoverirg from the injury but during
the night lapsed into unconsciousness
again. Dr. Chick was called from
lone to wait noon the chid and did all
that it was possible to do for him, but
it was of no avail and the boy died on
Saturdav of hemorrhage of the brain.
The occurrence has cast a gloom over
the little city of Lexington. Adeath
in the tamly of a irinnd is always a
(hock, but when it comes in a sndden
and accidental manner It is doubly
shoes ing. In this case two families
have been plunged into deep grief , a
young life Entitled out, and tne acci
dent is a sad one beyond measure.
Funeral services were held at the
Methodist church on Monday, Rev. E.
P. Warren, of Heppner, officiating
and the remains of the Jittle boy were
tenderly laid to rest in the Lexington
NEEL & CO. Props.
Everything neat and clean at popular prices.
Corner Chase and May Streets, Heppker, Oregon
The funeral of Martha Wilson, i
pioneer resident of Morrow county
was held at the Baptist church at lone
Wednesday, Marcn zv, lviz, services
being oonducted by Rev. John Mc
Allister, of Heppner. There was
very laige attendance of her former
friends and neighbors and the services
were very impressive.
The deceased was born Mayl41S35,
in Brown county, Ohio, and diod at
her home in Ocean Park, Calif., on
March 1UW of paralysis. She had
been an invalid for a number of years,
but was apparently much improved in
health for several mcnths just prior
to her death.
Mrs' Wilson came to Morrow county
with her family in 1SS4 and4settled on
farm a few miles southwest of lone
where she resided until about eight
years ago, and on account of failing
health she disposed of her interests
here and went to California to live,
settling in Ocean Park. She was a
w union of excellent qualities of char
acter, and a dependable friend and
neighbor, and made many lasting
friends during her residence in bor
row county, as was attested by the
very large attendance at the funeral.
She was a member of the Christian
church, havng joined in her erly
girlhood. Her family consisting of
four sons and two daughters, irre
all present at the funeral. These
are Frank II ? of Heppner, Seymour
P.. of Portland, Chilton C. and Obirlei
J. Wilson of Ocean Park, Calif.. I and
Mrs. Lillie Huron of Champaign 111.
and Mrs. Iona Johnson, of Heplner.
Pbill Cobn pays highest cash price
for bides pelts and furs.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Yea-
gsr, r riday evening, March 15, aDJut
ixtv men, women and children of the
Baptist churt and Surdny school
partook of a splendid supper. ' After
wards n good program, consisting of
dialogues, songs and recitations was
rendered and the folowinc officers for
the church and Sunday schorl elected,
Church officers: Deacons J. L,
Yeager C. A. Fiske: Tiustees Clyde
Brock J. L. Yeager M. J. Devin
W. M. Ayers; Clerk, Fred Tash;
Asst. Olive Frye; Financial SolicUor,
Mrs. R. E. Patterson; Treasurer,
Clyde Brock ; Sooial and Visiting
Committee Mesdamps Yesger, Aiken
and Fiske; Organist Melba Griffith;
Asst. Mrs. John McAllister.
Bible school officers Superinten
dent C. A. Fiske: Asst., Fred lash;
Secretary and Librarian , Helen Aiken ;
Treasurer, Ansil Griffith: Social and
Membership committee Ella Aiken,
Altha Pevin.Mrs. Pearl Tash, Mrs.
Elsie Stevenson; Organist. Mrs. Elsie
Stevenson: Ast. Ella Aikn.
At ten o'clock the party dispersed,
each one feeling that the gathering
had been profitable one.
Have you seen the new machine?
It is a dandy. Albert Bawker is
agent for this car at Heppner. Any
body interested in a car can have a
demonstration. Will also have a
car for hire at reasonable rates. Leave
orders at Palace hotel and get prompt
It is suggested that all parties who
contemplate buying hooks to present
to the Library Association will first
consult with the librarian and save
the expense of duplicate copies. If
this is done as requested the money
thus expendned will be saved and
books oan be bought that have not
already been presented and the un
necessary expense avoided.
TEie Plowing Smsm
And VAUGHN & SONS have on a
new supply of
2 Canton and Syracuse Plows
Gangs, Sulkeys, and Walking. Call
before buying and look at the new
"Two Way SEiEkey
with all the good features the other
makes have, and some special features
that no others have.
VAUGHN & SONS, Heppner
Wo Mo Ayers
Builder of
Cement Side Walks and Septic Tanks. Esti
mates given on all cement work.
All work Reasonable and Guaranteed to give
Satisfaction. ' ,
Fteel Dealer
Rock Springs Coal, Pine, Fir and Oak Cord Wood
and Slab Wood.
Leave yous Orders with Slocum Drug Company
and they will receive prompt attention.
Our Hat Is Also In
the Ri
This time it is for the
0 WW
Squirrel Poison
Last year we were the only store handling it in
Heppner, and 3-011 all know the sensation a two
bit poison caused.
It is sold under a money back guarantee, if not
satisfactory. -
We have yet the first complaint to hear from.
Now is the time to do effective work
in ridding the farm of these little
- pests, the squirrels.
25c - The Can - 25c
The Grocer