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    VOL. 28. NO. 51.
: Classy
for Easter
Ready-Tailored Clothes
There's no disputing the fact that
at present time there are more men
wearing ready-tailored clothes than
ever before. In
the groat improvement in style, fit
and finish is particularly marked
and there are comparatively few
men who can afford to disdain the
price-difference between COLLEGIAN
CLOTHES and equivalent qualities
in made to measure garments.
Our Spring and Summer showing
far exceeds our best efforts of all
past seasons.
Prices range from
$15. 10 $30.00
a iiomsoo pros, u
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has bepn duly arpo'mtcd
by (ha Couniy Court of Morrow
County, Oregon, Executrix of the last
will and testament of Ann Roe deceas
ed. Persons having claims acainBt shi;1
Estate are hereby notified and requir
ed to present them to me dulv verified
as by Law required at the office of 0.
E, Woodson, H-ppner Oregon , within
Bix months ftfni the date of the first
publication of this notlcs,
Dated and published the first time
this 7th day of Maroh, 1912.
nt The DiiIIch, OroRoii, on the Sth diij
of April, Hill'.
Cliiimnnt minion .'is witncsHPH: J. F
Deosc, of Willows, Oregon, J(kk De
oso.of Willow Oregon. A. K Nail, of
Coyote, Oregon, H. H. Weston, of
Coyote, Oivuon.
!. V MOOItE, Kesister.
of Morrow
In the County Court
Couny, Oregon.
In the Matter of the Kntateof Minnie
A. Hixler, IKn-eased.
Notice In hereliy given, thatthe un
OerHigned. 1'nnl lliHler. haw been duly
appointed ndministrator ofthees
tate of Minnie A. Hisler, deceased, liy
the Ci)tintv Court of Morrow County,
Oregon, find has duly qualified for
such trusn All persons having
claims against said estateare herel.y
notified to present the same, duly
verified, to me at the office of my at
torney, Sam E. VanVactor, in Hepp
ner. Morrow County. Oregon, with
in six months from the date of the
first publication hereof.
Dated and first published this tn
dayofMarch.A.l). .d,.
Administrator of the Estate of
Minnie A. llislcr, deceased.
Attorney for Administrator.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior. 1 . S.
Land Ottice nt the Dalles. Oregon
February 2Mh 1912. Notice Is hereby
uiventlmt !nnder M. Davis, son
one of thehclinnnd for the heirs of
.Incob M. Davis, d.H-easid of Ci;t'e
Itixk, Oregon, who, on April -Oth
l'.KKi, made Homestead. No. 141S. se
rial. No. 035.U for S Sect Inn 2,
Township 4 North, Range 2: East,
Willamette Meridian, has tiled notice
.f Intention to make Final five year
Proof to establish claim to tfie land
bove descrlU-d. lefore the lieclster
and Receiver of the U. S. Land Othce,
A yearling bay colt, with one white
hind foot, branded :P on right shaulder.
This animal was missed from the
Andrew Neal pastore at Lone Rock
the- early part of October 1011. A
reward of $5 00 will Be paid for in
formation leading to its recovery.
1 mo. Eight Miile Oregon.
Repels Attack Of Death.
"Five years ago two doctoM told
me I had only two years to live."
Ihis startling statement was made by
Stillman Gieen, Malachite, Col. "They
told me I would die with consump
tion. It was ep to me then to try the
best long medicine and I began to
nse Dr. King's New disccovev. It was
well I did, for today I am woikirg
and believe I owe my life to this great
throht and lung cure that has cheated
the grave of another victim." Its
folly to suffer with coughs, colds or
other threat and lung troubles now.
Take the cure that's safest. Price
50 cents and f 1 00. Trial bottle free
at Sloccm Drug Co.
You may say goodbye to constipa
tion with a lear conscience if you
use Chamberlain's Tablets. Many
hvaa been permanently cured by
their nse. For sale by Pattreson &
Itching piles provoke profanity, but
profanity won't cure them. Doan's
Ointment cures Itching, bleeding or
protruding piles after years of suff
ering. At any drug store.
Most disfiguring skin eruptions
ecrofula pimples, rashes, eto., aie
due to impure blood. Burdock Blood
Bittera is a cleansing blood tonic
Makes yon clear-eyed, clear-brained ,
The regular March term of the
county court was called at the
court house on Wednesday, with
all members of the court in atten
dance. The session was a busy
one and lasted for three days,
In the matter of appointment
of judges and clerks of election,
the court made the following ap
pointments to fill vacancies:
M. T. Hughes, 3rd clerk in Mt.
Vernon precint; H. C. Githens,
1st clerk, John Bush 2nd clerk in
Heppner precinct; A. Missildine,
chairman. Robert Young. 1st
clerk, R. W. Turner, 2nd clerk
in Gentry precint; W. E. Straight,
3rd judge, W. E. Wigles worth,
2nd clerk in Lena precint; W. T.
McNabb, 2nd clerk and John No
lan 3rd clerk in North lone pre
cinct; E. H. Turner, 1st clerk and
Wm. O'Sullivan 3rd clerk in Cecil
precinct; W. B. Finley, chairman
and R. E. Coppock, 2nd clerk in
Alpine precint; Clyde G. Wright,
1st clerk and Guy Hadley, 2nd
clerk in Dairy precinct; Sam De
vine, chairman, E. S. Duran, 3rd
judge, L. A. Palmer, 1st clerk,
Frank Munkers, 3rd clerk in Lex
ington precinct; S. A. Barlow,
3rd clerk in Eight Mile precinct;
A. Rice, 2nd judge in South lone
The petition for the Cecil road
was allowed and the road ordered
to be surveyed.
In the matter of miscellaneous
claims against Morrow county,
the following were audited and
ordered paid:
C.C. Patterson, salary - $150.00
W. 0. Hill, salary 333.33
A. M. Mallory, salary - - 150.00
J. C. Hayes, salary 333.33
J. O. Rasmus, salary - - -150.00
S. E. Notson, salary - - - 200.00
J. J. Wells, salary 200.00
Sylvia Shipley, salary 70.00
Frank Gilliam, salary - - - 83.33
F. E. Boyden, salary - - - 66.66
W. M. Ayers, salary 120.00
E. T. Perkins, Justice court 3.00
W. J. Blake, - - - do - - - 2.00
T. J. Carle, do 2.00
Ed Neill, Circuit court - - - 6.00
Vaughan &Sons, courthouse .50
Heppner Light & water Co. 77.30
Pacific Stionary & Printing
Co. current ex. - - 7.75
Mann & Beach, - do 4.95
T. J. Humphreys, do - . - 28.45
Bushong & Co - - do - - - 93.05
Kilham Stny. Co. - do - - 20.50
Glass &Prudhomme Co. do 167.07
Irwin & Hodson Co. - do 117.16
E. M. Shutt, do 42.20
Heppner Sanatorium,
care of poor, - - - -192.50
Halvorsen & Mason, do - 18.00
M. L. Case - - - do - 7.00
S. E. Notson, supt. expense, 7.9o
Bert Bates, road expense. 1.00
Brook Houser, - - do - 1.00
Chas. Furlong, - - do - 1.00
Frank Ward, - - lo - 1.00
Walter Garner, - do - 4.50
J. L. Kirk, - - - do - 13.50
Martin Reid. - - do - 60.14
W. P. Scrivner, - do - 9.90
Morrow wh. Mill Co. do - 18.80
Wightman Bros. - do - 22.00
I. C. Cox, - - - do - 18.00
W. E. Pointer - - do - 17.50
Lon Booher, - - - do 10.50
B. M. Booher, - do - 5.5
E. E. Beaman, care of poor, 15.40
F. M. Bayless, - do - 245.3o
Goo. M. Sehempp, - do 2.00
Patterson & Son, - do - 31. &
Slocum Drug Co. - do 26. 3o
Thompson Bros, court house 12.50
J. J. Wells Assessor's exp. 11.90
D. V. S. Reid road record 88.50
James Simons - roads - 17.62
R. Hogeland - - do - 10.00
Walter Drum, - - do - 1.00
L. Hogeland, - do - - 2.00
A. D. Hogeland, - do - 2.00
Martin Reid, - - do - Z.tZ
R. W. Turner, - do - 4.50
Mike Healy, care of poor 2.00
Sam Hughes, - do - - 31.70
Gilliam & Bisbee court house 14.40
M. A. Bates, election 9.60
Cox & Beamer care of poor 1.25
W. H. Clark, - roads - 36.50
W. R, Clark. - do - - 10.25
Geo. A. Cummings, do 8.00
E. Mussrrave. ,- - do 6.
Golden Collins
Frank Ward,
Alfred Bates, - do 1.00
Willis Stewart, cur. ex. 6.00
J. H. Cox, court house ac. 11.00
Heppner Gazette, col. taxes 71.95
J. S. Young, county court, 24.00
M. J. Devin, county court, 20.00
First Nat. Bank, tax rebate 208.13
A Delightful Meeting
It was the pleasure of the edit
or of the Gazette-Times, in com
pany with Hon. T. J. Mahoney,
of the First National Bank, to
attend the regular monthly meet
ing of the Congregationl Men's
Club of Lexington, on Tuesday
evening. This Club has been in
existence for several months past,
being organized through the ef
forts of Rev. Otho G. Reade,
pastor of the Congregational
church at Lexington. At every
meeting it is planned before hand
to have some outside speaker pre
sent to present to the Club
an address on some subject
of live interest, and Tuesday eve
ning, following an elegant ban
quet that had been prepared by
the wives of the Club members,
Mr. Mahoney gave an able ad
daess on the Relation of Banking
to the Business Man. In classi
fying business men, the speaker
included the farmer and stock
raiser; he dwelt at some length
on the history of banking and
what it really is as an institution,
showing clearly what kind of
policy should be followed to place
the bank on a safe basis for hand
ling the funds of its depositors.
Mr. Mahoney also stressed diver
sified farming, dairying, poultry
raising and hog raising, and
plainly showed how important
this is for the future of our coun
ty. His address was not lengthy
but it was full of good meat from
beginning to end and was receiv
ed in a very appreciative manner
by those present. Following
Mr. Mahoney, a reading was giv
en by Mrs. Ella Craven Wheeler,
and a short address on the loyal
ty of the towns of the county to
each other, by the editor of the
Gazette-Times. After this ad
dress, Mrs. Wheeler favored the
gathering with a number of read
ings which were greatly enjoyed.
W. E. Leach, president of the
Club, presided, and the wives of
the members were present to
partake of the good things of the
evening along with their hus
bands; this being out ot the usu
al order as the meetings hereto
fore have been attendid only by
the members. In this organiza
tion, Lexington has taken a for
ward step; in fact she can be
said to be ahead of any of the
other towns of the county along
this line. The members are en
thusiastic, are getting hold of
live subjects, and the organiza
tion is proving to be a booster for
the little city. The editor of this
paper was indeed glad a
eruest at the gathering on lues-
day evening, and expresses the
hope that he may be able to at
tend many more similar meet
ings. To say nothing ot the
good things that the ladies had
prepared for the inner man, the
intellectual feast was itself a fea
ture that was well worth going
many miles to hear and enjoy.
For his opening night at the
new loratinn. Mr. Parks has or
dered the Passion Play, three
reels; also a good comedy, making
four reels for the one show, and
a good vaudeville act will be put
in for full measure.
John F. Richardson, of the re
clamation service, was in Hepp
ner over last nieht. getting a list
of the lands owned within the
limits of the West extension, that
they may be lined up with refer
ence to their water ngnts.
Mr. Branstatter. the new own
er of the Yocom place near Lex
ington, is making some good im
provements to the property. He
has recently located here with
his family and appears to be the
kind of a citizen we are looking
for. He is putting the house in
nice shape and is also laying the
foundation for a good barn that
will be pushed to completion at
once. More people are needed in
Morrow county who will give at
tention to the improving of their
surroundings with good residen
ces and barns. It is a specie of
advertising that counts and speaks
volumes for the thrift of our people.
The Plowing Ssasoo
And VAUGHN & SONS have on a
new supply of
2 Canton and Syracuse Pfows 2
Gangs, Sulkeys, and Walking. Call
before buying and look at the new
Two Way Sullcey
with all the good features the other
makes have, and some special features
that no others have.
VAUGHN & SONS, Heppner
Ocs c:
llo Mem
Builder of
Cement Side Walks and Septic Tanks. Esti
mates given on all cement work.
I vii worK Keasonaoie and Guaranteed to give
1 Satisfaction.
Fuel Dealer
Rock Springs Coal, Pine, Fir and Oak Cord Wood
and Slab Wood.
Leave yous Orders with Slocum Drug Company
and they will receive prompt attention.
Our Hat Is Also In
the Ring
This time it is for the
(Ho t3r vw o
Squirrel Poison
Last year we were the only store handling it in
Heppner, and you all know the sensation a two
bit poison caused.
It is sokl under a money back guarantee, if not
We have yet the first complaint to hear from.
Now is the time to do effective work
in ridding the farm of these little
pests, the squirrels.
25c - Tlie Can - 25c
The Grocer