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VOL. 28. NO. 50.
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inspection. Come and take a look. They
are better than ever. We have ample room to
show our goods now. Here are a few of our new
ones in Silks, Surah, Pongee, Chamois, Togo,
Tussah, Shantung, Suesine, Gallia Embroidered,'
Floral and others.
You will miss something if you don't see our line
of Spring Suitings in Serge in all colors. Ripp
lettes for dresses needs no ironing.
Galateas, Percales, Prints and Ginghams the
best assortment we havn ever shown.
Notice to Creditors.
Xotice is hereby Riven that the
undersigned has been duly appointed
by the County Court of Morrow
County, OrpRon, Executrix of the last
will and testament of Ann Roe deceas
ed. . t .,
Persons having claims against said
Kstate are hereby notified and requir
ed to present them to me duly verified
as by Law required at the ofiiie of 0.
E. Woodson, Ihrr,ier Oregon, within
Bix months from the date of the first
publication of this notice.
Dated and published the first time
this Tth day of March, 1912.
in rlie County Court
of Morrow
Couny, Oregon.
In the Matter of the l.stnteof Minnie
A. Hisler, Deceased.
Notice in herel.y given, thnt the un
dersigned, Taul Hisler, has l.een duly
ni.iH)iiitel administrator of the es
tate of Minnie A. Hisler, deceased, by
the County Court of Morrow County,
Oregon, and lias duly qualified for
Mich trust All persons having
claims against said estateare hereby
notified to present the same, duly
verified, to me at the ollice of my at
torney. Sam K. VanVaetor, la Hepp
ner, Morrow County. Oregon, with
in Bix months from the date of the
first implication hereof.
Dated and first published this ith
Administrator of the Kstate of
Attorney for Administrator.
Notice for Publication.
r Department of the Interior. U. S.
1-niul Office at the Dalles. Oregon
February 2Mh 1912. Notk-elH hereby
given that Iander M. Davis, son
one of the heirs and for the heirs of
Jacob M. Davis, deceas,.d of t iistle
Hock. Oregon, wlu. on April .Otli
!or, made Homestead. No. 14.JN fe
rialNo 033.M, for 8W. Stlon -',
TownHhlp4 North. Range 2.1 Last.
Willamette Meridian, has tiled notice
of Intention to make Final five rear
lToof; to establish claim to the and
above described, tn-fore the Register
$ I
I If H
and Receiver of the U. S. Lund Olliee,
at The Dulles. Oregon, on the Mil liny
of April. M-
Clniiiiiint nnmes ns witnesses:.!. F
Iiose, f Willows, Oregon. Jesse De
nse, of Willows Oregon. A. II Xflll, of
Coyote, Oregon. H. II. Weston, of
Coyote, Oregon.
C. W MOOUK, Register.
A yearling bay colt, with one white
hind foot, branded :Pon right ehoulder.
This animal was missed from the
Andrew Neal pasture at Lone Rock
the early part of October 1911. A
reward of $5 00 will be paid for in
formation leading to its recovery.
1 mo. EiRht Miile Oregon.
To The Public.
I hereby withdraw from the race
for nomination to the office of sheriff
ofjMorrow County. At'thia time I
desire to thank most sincerely those
who have offered me their support.
Church Announcements.
Last Sunday night a B. Y. P. U.
was organized with C. A. Fikse,
President, Ella Aiken, Vice Presi
dent, Melba Griffiths. Secretary and
William Fiske, Treasurer. The union
meets every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.
Bible School 9 :45 a. m. Preach
ing morning and evening. Mornina
theme. "Reasons for the Faith that
Is io Ua," evening, "Get Right With
God." Preaching at lone morning
and evening. Mornirg by Bishop
Paddock, evening by Mr. McAllister.
Come and give God at least one hour
in the week.
J. McALLISTER, Pastor.
Most disfiguring skin eruptions
icrofula pimples, rashes;, ete., ie
due to impure blood. Burdock Blood
Bitter ii m cleansing blood tonic.
Make you dear-eyed, clear-brained,
Council Proceedings.
The regular monthly meeting of
the citv council was held on Monday
evening with all member present and
Mivcr Van Vactor pretidinir.
The following claims aaainst tne
city wtre audited and ordered to bfl
Martin Raid, lumber, $3.36; bili-
iam & B;flbe, eupulies.S 80: A. G.
Long, fire apparatus, S495.00: Mack
n . . rr nn. rVif . tr Qmith
JtniLn, Slimy, UUi. mai-a. ,
nest house.
""wjT""" ..... -
$2.00; JI4Willianm.Blry, llh.dD:
L. W. Erigfti, 8a'ErVrl8.; IL hi
& W. Co. , correutte) 60; Gus Wil
cox, wuik with tram, $3.50; Jas. El
cL-r, wtrk with teum, $3 00 : Tims
Brennan. snanner. $3.00; rHnry
Beglow, hbor, $.50; Chas. Williams,
labor, $1.25: Mrs. DMia HallucK,
carirg tor patient at pest nuure,
Various committees were appoint
ed by the mayor to look after the in
terests of ttie city, and decisive action
was taken with reference to the h la
ins of anv public cathering in th
Club buildng until such a time as it
is Disced in proper shape. wucn
discussion of various subjects was en
tered Into, especially the matter oi
the future action of the oitv concern
ing the water and light situation.
This is a problem that is coming on
for settlement sion and lequirt the
earnest consideration of the council,
as well bb every citizen of Heppner.
The improvement of enr streets and
alleys and tha eeneral cleaning up of
the towu and beautifying cf its thor
oughfares is also receiving attention,
as well as the sanitary conditions, and
the mavor hus mapped out sufficient
work for the city fathers to keep them
cn the move during their term oi
Hi oupistion of the
k.n.u rt ill rami to irithin tha citv.
uuuacn ... . - " .
the council dceided to refuse to take
anv revenue whatever from this
source and the law will be allowed to
take its course with reference to this
Repels A tack Of Dea'h.
"Five years bbo two doctors told
me I had only two years to livp."
This startling Btntement was made by
Stillman Gteen .Malachite, Lol. iney
told me I wnuli die with consump
tion. It was up to me then to try the
brst lung medicinn and I began to
cse Dr. Kina's New disccovev. It was
well I did. for today I am woikirg
and believe I owe m? life to this ereat
throht find lung cure that has cheated
the crave of another victim." Its
folly to suffer with coughs, colds or
other hrrt and lung troubles now.
Take tha cure that's safest. Price
50 cents and $ 1 00. Trial bottle free
at Slocum Drug Co.
The Play.
"The Merchant of Venice Uo to
Data" was presented to a good audi
euce on Saturday niaht at the Club
building under the diroetion of Miss
Lilah Claik and the Senior class of
the High School, was indeed a treat
to Heppner people. The play itself
is a clever bu'leeque and it was han
dled in a splendid mannnr, the prin
cipal characters all being well sus
tained. We are sorrv that a lack of
space, and time as well prevents
giving the play mention in detail,
as it deserves. There were a number
of the cliorncUrs presented that de
serve special mention but will have to
be passed with the remark that as a
whole the students did themselves
proud, and thus added laurels to
those already gained. The cash re
ceipts totaled nearly $100, and the
class is very proud of the splendid
patronage received, as well as the un
stinted praise heaped upon thera in
is effort to present a first-class play
the people of our citv.
Itching piles provoke profanity, but
rrfanity won't cure them. Doan's
intmeut cures itching, bleeding or
protruding piles after years of suff-
ring. At any drug store.
If you haven't the time to exercise
;ularly, Doan'a Regnlets will pre-
nt constipation. Iney induce a
ill. easv. healthful action of the
els without griping. Ask your
ruggist for them. 25 cents.
A 1'ig meeting of republicans
lieintf arranged for next Wednesday
evening, at the Club building, at
which time a Taft club will le or
ganized. A prominent speaker is
to l.e present from Portland.
Mr. R. A. Smith of the Knights
of the Maccabees announces a re
ception, all-night dance with big
supper, to the members of the order
and friends, on Thursday, March
14, at I. O. O. F. hall.
Much Done, Little Said.
It is a safe proposition that any
reasonably intelligent man who with
out prejudice, will examiue the
achievements of the Taft administra
tion in the direction of procuring
teasonable tariff revision will he
compelled by the facts to give his
cordial approval to the Taft policy.
But how many havn followed the
determined and successful enVrt of
the president to secure a tariff bord
and to procure from congress the fundi
necessary to develop the fucts?
Had not the impatient members
of the community entrusted the con
trol of the house to the Democrats,
concrete result of President Tuft's
achievements in this direction wculd
already have been written on the
statutes. With a Democratic house
ani a Republican senate it may I e
that .no tariff legislation will be
enacted at this session but if there ii
not, it will be solely because the
Democrats are unwilling to father a
revision in accordance with the find
ings of the tariff hoard.
And yet it is argued, and with
reason, that even those who espouse
the Democratic view that there should
be a whdlesala slashing of the tariff
will gain the end thpy wish more
certainly and more expeditiously by
the Taft method tnan that of Mr.
Underwood and his colleagoes in the
housa. for it is pointed out that were
the Democrats in control of the three
branches of government, and were
ihev to pass such legislation as they
have pot thiocgh the house, there
would imvitably follow another reac
tion, precisely like that which followed
the enactment of the Wilson bill, and
another Dingley bill would be the
result. .
If, on the contrary, the revision
of the tariff is effected slowly and
systematically, every step being
supported bv a report of the tariff
board showing the reasons therefor,
such revision will not cause n reac
tion, but will stanl until the tariff
board shows that still further reduc
tions shpuld be made.
Will an administration stand
stronger before the country if every
achievements is thoroughly and force
fully advtltised when it becomes a
fact and that advertising is kept up
from inauguration to election or do
American people prefer tu do their
own thinking, only to be reminled
of the achievement of their public
servants when a campaign is approach
This is one of the questions friends
of President Taft's administration
are seriously asking themselves.
Those who have taken occasion n
cently to examine the records of this
administration are themselves sur
pristd to discover how much has been
accomplished and how little has been
said about it.
Of cour?e in the approaching cam
paign, the record will figure largely
in the Republican text-book and will
he proclaimed from the political
stump, but has not the Taft admin
istration suffered because he has pro
ceeded so quietly and blown Its own
trumpet so little? Salem Statesman.
An A. J. Jordan carving set will
make a nice Xmas present. The only
place to get it is at Gilliam & Bis
Percy Jarmon, of Butter creek, vis
ited Heppner on Monday. He is of
rho nninion that the fruit in his sec
tion is not injured by the late fieez
ing, though he has not made a very
careful examination of it yet. Bar-
rim? anv ininrv from the present cold
snap and late frosts, there should be
a big yield.
.T. R. Pnarks. proprietor of the
Star theater departsd for Portland on
Saturday to be absent several days.
He la below arranging for tho proper
equipment for the new location in the
Ajers building. The carpenters have
been very busy there all the past
week and have practically made a
new building on the corner. By the
time it ia fully equipped, Mr. Spark
oTno. la tn havn a reallr modern and
up-to-date place with a stage of suffi
cier.t size and fittings for the best
shows besides its perfect arrangement
as a plR,e for the display of movng
nicturcs. Ha will have a nice front
curtain painted while below, contain
inir carda of the various business
houses of the town.
You may say goodbye to constipa
tion with a clear conscience if you
use Chwnberlain'i Tablet. Many
bvaa been permanently cored by
their use. For sale by Pattreaon &
The Pfewim
new supply of
S Canton and Syracuse Plows
Gangs, Sulkeys, and Walking. Call
before buying and look at the new
with all the good features the other
makes have, and some special features
that no others have.
VAUGHN & SONS, Heppner
Bns'der of
Cement Side Walks and Septic Tanks. Esti
mates given on all cement work.
All work Reasonable and Guaranteed to give
Fuel OeaSer
Rock Springs Coal, Pine, Fir and Oak Cord Wood
and Slab Wood.
Leave yous Orders with Slocum Drug Company
and they will receive prompt attention.
Our Hat
This time
d o
Last year we were the only store handling- it in
Heppner, and you all know the sensation a two
bit poison caused.
It is sold under a money back guarantee, if not
We have yet the first complaint to hear from.
Now is the time to do effective work
in ridding the farm of these little
pests, the squirrels.
25c - The Can - 25c
The Grocer
SONS have on a
Way Suikey y
Is Also in
it is for the