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    Tuesday, August 15,1922 '
- - rn TT
I hL rtiJriNiK hlkalu, nr,rrii; iviv
HOG FEEDING IE,MOSTIlATIOX ' pigs wil do. Mr. McNeil is an excel- Spend tneir vacauon witu .
rO -"IS. A. fiem ict-.v-u.
r and Publisher
:i.... -...a.. v-.i crftriH hoL-; and m
One of the farms selected for ho? a profit out of one of h farm wastes. Chandler are aciign .J';.
feeding demonstrations in Lane conn- , Hogs, a few on every fa. m will go . ilton r:ch and 8 '"'" ,,
d makir.e !:.e ,Iann:e
j tertained their gno:ts
second-class Matter
i erms o
f Subscription
ty is that of J. W. Maxweyy. Mr. a long way tow
Maxwell runs a dairy of tight cots, pay.
farnis tnie 1 6j acres of land and uti
lizes the fcy-pioducts ca the farm with
three 0. I. C. brood hots and a boar.
The object of- the demonstration is to
truphaeise the value of some of the
farm wastes as a means of raising
The sows farro.ved September 10,
bringing twenty-four pigs .'.fter first
; loes were counted out. All of the
'veral i
Livestock Fieidman.
! dnvs.
V; eat hvlir.
Miss Elma. Kufuner left on the lo-
twentv four vre:e keDt no tn u-p.-inine cal Friday to sp'.nd
information is to the effect that A. I). Lasker,
of the United States Shipping Board, in his role
v went for his ship subsidy program, is plan- were fed 1000 pounds of gan
her vacation
time. The sows and boar together j witn ner parents at nu..uuiu.
with the 24 pigs were alowtid free Misses Alma Akeis and Norma
run of a grain stubble rasltire. Thev i Fredrick of Heppnc-r mr.de a short
has 1 kv.ii around !
Cecil. W. G. Palmatwr'. of V, indy-,
nook, was the first man in vith wheat
and Herman Havercos't w:.s a clew j
second with Dwipjht Misner's Ford j
truck liden with wii.-at fiom his;
Daybreak farm.
J. W. Osborn ar.rt H.J. Streeter and
son Noel were taking in the sights a'.
Arlington on TmsJn.y.
Mr. and Mrs. Summerfcldt a.d
daughter. Miss M?rguret, of Po. tla:.d,
spent several days at The Las'.. Camp,
- .1. - . I. -...- 1 r- I TcL-or Qr'Hitirm V-.vm .or 9ti ta wn
. -h" a iei fare program in u.e west, i.u mui -
C,Z. .',-, .nvince the farmers how vital it is to their wel- " ere shed There "
1" ' L .. .... , .. t. .... at that time 20 xigs as 4 had been
t liitv to seventv-nve million aoiiars inoic uc idfvcii ttv
re l
ie pill
he treasury, and turned over to nomsoe1. er twentv pigs weighed im pounds, in
other words Mr. Maxwell has 1194
r i . .. I i..t: U ,.
i .if- Mnpw:ng JiOaru mav ueiigni. luiaiw.
Ti e ( ''airman of the Shipping Board, who is an adver-' poHund' of-p"rftk wlt f0 be"
1i-:ii'e .'La-nt bv trade, had been quite confident up to a
i, ji s'-"1 uauv i 1 . , j The sows and boar are in excellent
jc-.v v,eck, ago, that the elaborate press agentmg ot the breediEg ctmdition aid are r(Xns
Miii'ly w
gram wa.-
Ul'l cause lt.S adoption. Ills auerilMllg pru- ample feed from the droppings of the
jased on tl'.e tht-orv tliat the way to put over dairy cows which are eating some
.-!'!v was to aroue .American patriotism on uenau iiu-u.
,',(.r, h'.nt ,,l:)rinc. wliieh. in the language of a well- lot of twenty pig0 weighed an average
i i -i i . i-
v.nt-dav humori.-t, -ir. J.asxer nicKnameu uie
" merchant marine.
stay in Cecil on Saturday, before leiving Saturday xor PoiUana .
leaving for Seaside where they will Cecil dust has been laid low by a
fpeLd their vacation. heavy rain which fell Friday niht.
J. W. Osborn honored M-orgaa with All harvesting and haymaking Etop-
a visit on Friday. ped for r.while.
David Hymd who has been, visiting
the Mayor for some '.'me left for his
They are GOOD!
Homer Nash was a Cecil
from The Dr.lle9 Tuesday.
John Krobs, of the Last Camp, left
Saturday for a well earned holiday
w n pre
of o!.7 pounds on November 2 5.
The grain fed during the second
period was barley, wheat and corn !
;i -ker's tilllilicitv TTOtrram went Strong to heaw with some screening. A total of!
. . . ,i it- , r l. . 1 " a . . ,1 ,1 4. I r. - '. Q firt neiiinH nf pra in u- u a f fiH ai.H i ' '
Wack-tvped Headlines .-etting iorui piatuuueb aim pduwiit , ;;;; , "7 . Mrs. Marv Haiferty of shidy Dell
4 j fill Tt 0 1 1 TIj'1 V fT TI . I IT IT I'SninrAil i "
axio.n, to which everyone can agree Jt was the spread- . of an(l 224
eagle type that might have gone well in the decade subse- of 8kim milk w prcduce 10ft poufids
ijuent to the Civil ar, and might have well carried a pic-y increase in weight, it is safe to
turc of W'a-.hington or Lincoln like the five cent cigar 'estimate that the 224 pounds of milk
that u.-e the latter's picture as a guaranty of its worth. ; saved 100 pounds of grain in the pro-
. . . j duction of each 100 pounds of gain.
.Mr. I.a,kers advertising was singularly shorten de-j The eraia was charged or at farm
1 ails. It did not tell just what interests would benefit price and the mirk rated at thirty
through the subsidy. He also neglected to lay Stress on cents rer hundred. Labor, interest
the fact that the bill proposed in Congress was practically j on investment and depreciation on
a blank check authorizing Mr. Lasker and his associates to ! euiPnnt wcre tor beside
tne grain and milk ted.
Mrs. M. Ingram of Heppner, am-
,-ci ... rr.f.lr ranch Frilav
, IT. n.nl.nnn !. ! , Cr.-wl XJllrtW TTl-iHrnr StCCnm-
an,'i Will USSISI Ji:s. a. nt-iniucii uuurc in oau. u...v. . . j, l , . mn,lr,timR
durin; the busy season. panicd by his niece, Miss Violet Hynd. which he will spend in the mountain
T. H. Lowe and John Krebs wcre
business callers in Arlington on Sat
urday. Mr xnd Mrs. Jack Hynd and Mr.
and Mrs. T. H. Lowe w-ere cailsrs on
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Miller of High
view ranch on Si'.nday.
Miss Malh.da May of Loua Star
ranch and Miss Agnes McFadden, of
Founmile were calle: s in Cecil Mon-
jill in any name for any sum of money that their little
hearts might desire. Not that we are hinting that Mr. Las
ker, in filling those huge checks, would be guided by any
except the most altruistic motives.
There was always a chance, however, that one or
more of l.a-kcr's friends or acquaintances might try to put
something over on him, might try to get some of that easy
money, by organizing a good paper ship corporation.
1'or Mime reason Congress and the country failed to
"fall for" the subsidy advertising. Senator Borah de
nounced tlit.' program as a bonus for special interest. Other
members o" Congress, even though spurred on by the
President'- nrguigs, were reluctant openly to support the
im-a-nrr . A damper was put on the program and its ad-
act i
The twenty pijs bro-jght f 513.58
The total expense was1 1243.63. The
profit was 1263.95, of $13.20 per
hog. The selling pr.ee for the pigs
was on the basis of $11.10 per cwt.
at Eugene.
This demonstration showed clearly
the value of skim milk for hos feed
ing. It also showed what good thrifty
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has beea appointed by
the County Court of Morrow County,
Oregon, Executrix of the last will and
teMamenl of John B. Nat'.er de-ceased
tes m 1 ongros nnaiiy agreed to a postponement 01 and has uualifk,d M SU(h. AU ptr.
II til! a more propitiuiia time. j sow. having claims against the estate
: of said deceased are he.e'oy rotilied
and required to present the suiue to
me duly verified as by 1; w required.
The wiitten propaganda on behalf of the ship .subsidy
haing failed, what was more natural than that Mr. Las-
Ker should decide that Ills sUpermy convincing personam) at the office of my attorneys, Wood
1. ceded but to lie di-tilaved widely before an admiring ' fn & Sweek in Hoppner, Oregon
nation to become effective. It will be interesting to note
just how lu- .satisfies the curiosity of western farmers as to
.1 "i ,
1 lie idem i! v 1
was vUiting in Cecil on Wednesday.
Alvin and George Shane of Arling
ton were looking f;p their old pals
around Cecil Monday.
Miss Esther Logan who has been
visiting in lone returned to her home
in Fourmile On Tuesi'.ry.
It. E. Duncan, of Busy Bee ranch
was a busy nytn in Cendon with his
honey truck on Tuesdjy and Wednes
Shaver & Nord, veil d.-illers of
lone, have succeeded in getting a
fine flow of water in the well which
tl.ey have been digging for .T. W.
May on his Lone Star ranch ner.r
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Warfiold of
lone, were visitors at the home of
Mrs. H. J. Strcetor tn Tuesday.
Mr .and Mrs. George Krebs, accom
panied by Miss Georgia Summers and
Herbert Summerfeldt spent several
days during the past week in the
mountains and returned home Frit'ay
with a good supply of huckleberries.
Mr .and Mrs. W. Chand'.or aivl snn
arrived at Willow Creek ranch Sun
day from Lebanon, O cou Mil will
The Eats That are
We make it our business to sell meats for eats that are real
treats. And we don't comply with the food laws because it ia
compulsory we do it because we want, and expect to get good
service and fair treatment from merchants and professional
men with whom we deal, and because we know it is our busi
ness to sell only the best.
For breakfast, lunch, or dinner we can supply your wants, no
matter how elaborate or how conservative. We have arrang
ed to fill all orders and would like to see your meat order.
Central Market
I within six months from the date
; flirt publication of this notice.
And the met h
ditor, ju-t v. In
t ion ot I h
lion. Dearborn
. ' - ' 1-1 ' Drted and published the first time
l tne men who win get ine suusiuy munn . AugUKl 15i 1922.
I whereby he explains to some bone-dry am
he fell called upon to nullify the Constitil-
l nited Slates, will also be worthy ef considera-
Job Printing
When in need of any
thing in the line of neat
and attractive Printing.
j 11. l'nil.T. an extensi.e potato
nr..viT i't c.U.e.tiiian. was in town j
S,ituid;:y nil hn .n i'ms looking up nu r-
Id liie; m 1 in .-n 1 -' 1 1 s fur a part of .
Ms (atly nop which '.a mi,v ready to
Iru ve.t.
Mr. I'nit.-r nun' to Hoaidmaii from
Montana tlir-- yeui ami and not lie
in;; H.itlt-lu-d vi'h lh' iilt.iir.'. business
decided to t:-t 111 l"f I'olaloos. H'
has 21 in-tr.- -( lu f.bfl'!- i-l
y. ;ir and 1 .!.. ' i w ill ;ner;i . about
;r.n .-acl.:. p.-i .u';o or around 12.OU0
l.li-di. I- on ' 1 2 4 aero (out.
, i f he pl.nts only tne
Mr. I'm'.'
pu 1 i-l ci 1 1
nil. I I. is pic-.-I.ish.
i; -2
mi 1' 1 .
urrouT t.i
! d te can procure
1 Is cons. tiontl. lh si
1 . a price ol about
1..; llie late ero;1 Ihii
. t n 1 v ni i;e cor.
,11 IV
K. cent advices from W;u liingtou,
1). I'., s a.e that fs' lalive approval
lias Iiti, fcivon by the war tinat.ee
corportioii tor advances ii',g. "elating
Jl.Son.uuO to assist, norttiv.ist. wheat
gioweis associaiion in the orderly
niarkecing of wheat as follows:
Washington Wheal 0 rowers rsso-
eiatum, $2.ui.l'0U ; I'lrho Wheat
t.Vi.weis ussuciation, $i,riOn.noo;
Motilctia W heat elrowei-? asso.iatioa,
i 1 ;'iioi. noil,
i .so I, i-ip w is a-k'-d by the Oregon
j as. ociaiam I''.' lilt. Vei'SOli that
! ..i.iple li.ianc.' h s already been ar
ia. 1. i d tli!o:; a piiv,.te baukiug
rh.u...i's in lir. gon.
Practical Horseshoer
Lame and interfering horses Carefully Attended
Located at Calmus Blacksmith Shop
The Value of
A Checking Account
THERE is no more effective way of in
troducing system, economy and safety into
your financial affairs than by opening a
checking account with a strong reliable
N-.lll'.l.-'l e'
Nlllllbi l o' . il
in. 1 1! 1-11 tie 1 1 v '
Mi-ci-IUinco.i j
2; County p-
Nuiebcr el 1
NlllKlM f ol
nf eoniinio .
uf talliH niv.
wiitten IS
eared for. "
Kr. John
A I-Olilisr TKAt.EKY
Reduced Cash Prices
$1.50 Men's Suits
$ -75
c.-. caie.l for. -t.
I made: Investigative.
; Nui sitiK cai e, 'JO.
Total, M
,b r. ,1 to t'onuty Court,
j -:eial, 3.
hours k.pt.
calls 12. Number
eiine-s. 1." Nunibi-r
Niimlicr of lettois
icial iiel' ice case
lie leit his caniptitv btirnini; to fee
if the llie luekoul would pick it vp.
II,. did. j
He tluiUK.tt this would be a good .
tesi to s e if thf distriel ranker was j
on the job. j j!
lie was. 1 1
He wimdcied if a tire would burn ,
very last in a dry forest. .
It did I
He thou.'1'.t ho could pet iivny bo
fo'c the ranter could catch t ;i with
1 1 1 in. ,
He couldn't.
He thoui;ht ho could bluff tho
Judco tit his trial.
lie didn't.
Ho wondered if the judge would have
the nene to sentence him to Jail.
He tlid.
He wondered if he will put out his
1. 00
1. 00
1.25 up Pleated Skirts
Hats cleaned and blocked
, . . ( h ercoats 75
Coats 50
Pants 25
Ladies Suits, plain 75
Coats 75
. . Skirts, plain 50
. . Dresses, plain 75
75 up
A checking account with this bank pro
tects your money, promotes good business
habits and gives you a firmer financial stand
ing and credit.
And all the time your money is just as
much at your service as if it were in your
own pocket book.
Farmers and Stockgrowers
National Bank
Heppner, Oregon
Ulincton,, who
makes leuiilu trips to lloardinan.
Mildly nun -iiied to hold a fieo cli
nic In fiat town on July 26th to dia
iii.KO tli sviiool children. Twenty
mo att 'tid'sl. accompanied by their
. ...ii,.., i ,tb.-r mill twelve were
found to b. iKvlly in need of medical camj-nr. no lime .i 3 w.o
utt.'titlen and luore need to be closely
Fancy Dresses 25 per cent lower than city prices
Lloyd Hutchinson
Where they
Successful Graduates
O. A. C.
TliU in-titu'ion off" :i tliomticli, n-neticnl, and standard ed
ucntioti at cost witlin is'ihIi of tho lilli srliowl graduate
for collegiate degrees In:
Home Economics
Vocational Education
Chemical Engineering
It offers training also In the School of Music, Physical
Education, Industrial Journalism.
Fall Term Openi SeptotnlxT 18
For circulars of Information and Illustrated booklet" write to
The Registrar, Oregon Agricultural College
Corvallis, Oregon
It offers trainln
Engineering and Mechanic Arts
Military Science and Tactics
i i
He will.