The Ione bulletin. (Ione, Or.) 1913-1914, September 11, 1913, Image 2

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Altai Mot. 1S7S.
Thursday. Sept ,H 1913
men wbo are now leaving the
chamber temporarily will soon be
permanently, absent," shouted
La Follette, and thatr his words
were to be proven true, is shown
by the fact that the old brigade
is driven from powerjand but
few of them remain in the Sen
ate, and these wHl be slipped
blue envelope by the voters at the
next election. - '
Local Advertisements
f An Tat Weawa For TeawT
'The woman are all for Thaw
and the men for Evelin Nesbit
in this matter, " said one man
the other day, trying to sura up
the state of the public mind on
the lunatic affair now pending in
Canada. If that is true then all
the men are half - witted and
thepwomen hysterical. "What is
there to the whole affair that
any man or women should be
either for or against ItT The
Thaws, male and female, who
have been concerned in these
escapades, are not worthy of any
serious attention or any adher
ence. It's all driveling Idiocy and
simpering simplicity to make the
affairs of such worthless persona
a matter of personal concern.
Both of them have disgraced
.'" " the American people and they
,l , have seem to have worked them
selves up feTthe point where they
imagine their aTiairs, lewd and
vicious and disgusting, are of al
most national concern.
. For or against Thaw or his
wife what , idiocy can engage
our attention. Neither'tme has
.. " exemplified anything in personal
or Hasonal life that is worthy of
; such consideration. If we could all
' forget them, wipe them oat en
tirely. It would be more credi
table to us. ' We hope both the
women and the .men will revise
their conceptions. There is
something more enduring than
brazen hussies who - capitalise
their legs on the vaudeville stage
ancT ihan men who "wantonly
spend 160,000 on a banquet for
prostitutes in Paris, the great
est achievement of Thaw before
he murdered Stanford White,
the degenerate brute arid distin
guished architect
- v: Netftfitidaas
Because we announced in our
last issue that we think Bourne
is of great advertising value to
Oregon and that he is preferable
to lis over Chamberlain.or Lane
it should not be- construed that
we will support Bourne in the
event he again runs for Senator.
We expect to further .no man's
candidacy thru these columns
and we tie Our columns to the
tail of no political party's kite.
We believe that every , man and
each political party is entitled to
a hearing but we do not expect
to try to shove our own personal
views down the throats ox our
subscribers. ; A country news
paper derives its revenue from
the pockets of members of each
and every political party and
faction and should not take the
part of any particular party and
discriminate against the rest , of
of the field. If a paper supports
the Republican party entirely
it should look to the Republican
party alone for its support
Would not a Republican feel that
the "Appeal to Reason," which
is stricty a Socialist paper, had
unlimited gall if it should appeal
to the Republican party for sup
port morally or financially?
The writer believes the best
interests of his subscribers can
be served by devoting his -time
to publishing good readable loc
al news items rather ' than dab
bling in national' politics and
blowing the horn of any. politi
cal party.
"Kids" Mtat Ga.Ta$cWel
- All children between the
of eight and sixteen are subject
to the provision of the Comonl
aory Education Act and must
attend school every day it is in
session unless physicially unfit
as shown by certificate of a re
putable physician. Only -those
who have finished the work of
the Eight grade and. received
a diploma are exempt from the
provisions of this law.
-i '
KetaBtfiea Pratectod Lax
Congress voted to keep grain
and wool bags off the free list A
dispatch from Washington says
Senators Chamberlain and Lane
received telegrams from Port
land manufacturers saying that
If the tariff was taken off these
products It would ruin their bus
iness. What if it did? What
they would lose would benefit
the grain and wool growers. The
Interests of several, hundred
thousand consumers should be
protected before those of one or
two email manufacturing con
cerns who only employ a small
force of workers. Free bags
would mean many dollars in the
pockets of Morrow County grain
and wool growers each year, y
3 Land for sale. See me before
buying; A C. Petteys. ; l Z. '
Why take chances on fire 7 W.
W. Smead will give you SAFE
insurance CHEAP.' X
. The Bulletin carries a com
plete tine of the latest magazines
at alt times. Any magazine you
want . v'. . . '
When your watch is sick it is
time to see Haylor, Jeweler,
Heppnen; i .
We give a cheaper rata on
autoe than any other good com
pany. Why take chances? Insure
with W. W. Smead. .. jjt
, Cleaning pressing and repair
ing", Ladie's and Gent's clothmg
work done promptly, prices reas
onable. Jack Davis, one door
north of theatre, lone, v ,:;
PeacBMFw&aU lj
At the G. W. Tomlin ittiGfr,
one mile above Morgan. Will
box and deliver at station "for
outside parties. ' - i i
' ' . Uef -r '
One bay filly, 4 years bid,
branded FC on stifle. Five.' dol
lars reward for any information
leading to their recovery.4 , :
' r . George Giddons, ' V -v
;'-'' lone, Oregon.
The Round-up is on.
Dr. Phillip Austin
The well known Dental Special
ist in all kinds of operations of
the human jaw. All malforma
tion treated and thoroughly
cured without any pain of in
convenience to the patient f;
' if your gums are stuffing, sore
and bleeding you have Pyor
rhea known as Rigg's disease.
To retain your teeth and obtain
good health, this disease should
be cured at one." THE ABOVE
- frfsa. extract one oTOS ettfj
if necessary without any more
pain than pulling a bxa 'from
the head, and without any bad
after effects. Twenty-six years
experience in Chicago, Portland
and Seattle. '1';"; - 'x.--
ExaauaaHoa aad Consultation
FREE.' - v,
Cosm early to assart best attnmea.
At Hotel, Sept 15 to Sept
25, lone, Oregon.
Dr. Phillip L Austin
of lb
in tfMl -rrtM
"Art JTMt . aoud frlMKla
ftrownaf ' .
-1- stioDie think m. ' We're tskltw
ears of iMr canary, battdoc aad goUi
IM irbll tbar'r abfXMd." Detroit
ra Press.'.
. ' DHSMiM.rMt. - y
Tbm art a m at dlfflcoH Nats, hot
prataablj lb moM dlflknh of til at tbat
of rMHHahvrlnii tha nam of "lb man
t wbtHB rod brm ut bMO tntro
' Diredloiy-;
J. X Knappenbergv
.Attorney and
Glen Y.'Wells
Attomey-at-Law .
Office on May street opposite the
Palace Hotel
Alt V 1 1
care mi i
F. H. Robin;
: Lawyer
lone. " - ; .. Oregon
C E. Woodson
- Attomey-at-Law ' ? . ' :
Palace Hotel Building
. Heppner, Ore. ;.
S. E Van Vactor
AttomeyuvLaw --.
Heppoer, ' "" ' . Oregon
Dr. C C Chick
Physician, and
Surgeon . Lj' .
lone, . " Oregon
General Bladmithing and
':"r Repair Work
Horseshoeuig a Spedalty
Dr, H. T. AllisoiH ;
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Physicians A Surgeons !
z., .. HeppnorV Ongoar v
Dr. F. N. Qiristensen
- '"V ;J:. Dentist'-;'.:
-- wtth 'WIroard ft Mellonb
v Oregon i'-:
VV;-- Dentist '
Permanently located in Oddfel-
lows bldg., rooma 3 and 4. -.
. Work guaranteed. . ; v
x Heppner, "4 . v," ' Oregon
Ledge No. 135, L 0. 0. F.
meets every Saturday night fin
their hall, lone. Ore. - 0. B. Bar
tow, noble grand; E. T. Perkins,
secretary- Visiting brothers cor;
dially invited to attend.
r '
Aj Waahington correspondent
of the Oregonian eoncedea that
there Is no chance for the re
election of any of tha "aiandpat"
Senators, with the possible ex
ception of Smoot '
- Ha alao eoncedea that La Fol
tette will defeat Stephenaon In
Wisconsin. The dwfeat of these
will be due to the fact that they
do not adjust their views and act
ions la accordance with the
changed Industrial conditiona.
Their defeat was prophesied by
La Toilette yeara ago when the
"human hornet,'1 as he is called
by the "atandpattera," who
was mew In the Senate, arose
to Rsaka a speech and hta fellow
Republicana walked out of the
8enate Chamber. "The gentle-
Bank of lone
Transacting a goneraJ banking bua
msb. Deposits received subject to
sight draft or check. Collections han
dled and proceeds promptly remitted.
Foreign drafts sseued t Yeaaonable
rates. '
Interest Paid on Time Deposib
We offer ail accomoclations consistent ;
. with sound banking. The funds of . ' '
this bank are handled in conserve- 1
. '; J ttve manner end are safely brvestod. r:
A :y:..: v ;v officers. f
l E CRONAN, Pres. T. J. MXHONEY, VicrW
7 XCR0 Cs4hier.
K -
ptrjtnrtrlBt ;
This store for the past 25
years has; made a special
ty ol
.Virf 'fewaA
AO Undsof tight and Heavy
Yar Cashless Solkit
: Gaurasteed ;
- Caters to die bade of everybody wishing first class accon
onatlons at very reasonable prices. Our tables supplied
with the finest the market affords. Commercial trade giv-,
' - en special attention. We employ whit help exclusively. . -
Special Faaurj Diaaer Every Svnday 50c plats ;
J: M B. HAINES, Prop. ; ' West Main Street -
Crown Flour
The flour that makes better
t Ask your Grocer
The only complete set of
abstract books in Morrow
county. W.L SMITH,
Heppner, " ' Oregon
CLARK'S cuttaWays r
- -V i
4 ' , V"
S. E. Moore
, dealer in
. . "V.
For Sale or Trade
The Business and Building of the
1 ; r lone Meat Market
A Special Price Given on Smoked Meats and Lard.
Call and Get my Prices Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
Everything Guaranteed. , ; . '
W. R. Cochran; Prop.
The Famous ,wHop Gold" and wSchIit2w
;p Iceold Beef on draught
wOIympian and "Budweiser", in bottles
1 A
Imported ind Domestic Cigars
Your Patronage Solicited
North Side
Main Street
"ri ,