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. 10NE, OREGON, SEPTEMBER il, 1913
- -.1
Was ts Have Beea Hag Last Fri-
' day ea Harder Charge.
TndacV Occarad Dariaf Trl-Ceaaty
4 Fair Last FaCrm Twe lack
r y ts Taker Wkik m JaiL "
- "We are. not going to hang
your boy' was the message
flashed across the wires last
Thursday morning by Gov. West
to Mrs. Susie Morgan, at Rich
mond, Ky.; mother - of -Bobertf
Morgan, sentenced to toe hanged
the next day' for kilting his
sweetheart, Virgie Hart, at Con
don on the evening of the second
day of Tri-County Fair last Oct
: ober.- ; -
i 'The youth of the boy and the
"'miny petitions and pleas that
his life he spared were my reas
sons for commuting his sen
tence, , said the Oovenor. - .
Morgan was tried, convicted
and sentenced by Judxe Parker
of Condon for the crime of Which
, most people in this 'vicinity are
f amilar -with, -He was prosecut
ed by District Attorney Burdett
md defended by . MU'hanks
fd Qe&Parman ex Condon. Pe
titions were circulated and gen-
'. erally signed in Gilliam County
' asking the Govenor to commute
the sentence to life imprisonment
-and all members of the "jury
: joined the movement Recently
the Govenor -of Kentucky arid
"many notable men of that state
petitioned Got. West to stop
- the hanging. ' The warden of the
- penitentiary threatened to resign
his job before he would hang the
: young fellow, who is now only
18 yrs old. Very little criticism
has been directed Govenor
' West since he announced that
Morgan was not to die and those
who axe acquainted with the in-
side facts of the case are of the
. opinion that West did the right
thing in. commuting the sen
r tenee. .:
.' Sines Wing confined in the
' penetentiary Morgan has grown
two mchea taller and his hair
has tamed from black to an iron
gray. He- has been a model
prisoner. When notified that he
would not he hanged Morgan
:. was overjoyed and said:
"Atlright, I am glad of it"
.. Ulysees Crane, the farmer who
attemped to Interfere at the time
t Mocgan shot Miss Hart, was shot
in the head, the ballet entering
below the eye. He is now re
covered from the effects of the
shot although he hovered several
r week between life and death and
. 4pss) not now have the full nse
of his arms. He is engaged in
A . karsaiDaT near Maorville. -
It la said that should Morgan
ever leave the penitentiary he
- would be arrested for this latter
"t crime.
Among the sew additions to
our exchange table Is VoLl No.6
of the '.'Echo Newa," pubhshed
by Al Carden, a former Pendleton i
printer. He has the old Pendteton
Printery outfit moved to Echo
and Is putting on a bright .6
sohnnn folio.
Joe Knsnpenberg took in the
reecs at Hardman on his way
aoaae from the mountains snd ar
rived hers Friday. He left on
8unday for Portland on a bust
trip, returning hast evening.
- '' ('-1 -
Airtam Lgu f , Safatjr TaahM
: ChildrM to Avid City's Dnfc. -
The Mfctj departUMit f tba Amri-
can League of Hufety to now dolus ex,
celleat work Id New York cUy la tbm
wmj of edncattnt children bow te took
out for Uieoieelrea on the etreeta. kow
to aroU - betos ma ever by p f
retildea, bow to craea the itreet with
tbe leaet poealMe daaser. Ukewiae
this league, ie Inetraetlns the young
wbet seines to plaj ea the treeta.
where the children, of treat ctOee are
Cotced to play, mlA lei Has Utea what
vanm ere denserona.
Heretofore ectlvltlea of the- league
have been eoaaaeS fee talks, bat va
eawviiwr vmaMitm mi M m oW6a
cenu a BMdel etreet ear waa eeetired.
and la practical way tbe teacher
demoaatratea to tbe child the proper
wey to alight fren a car at a atraet
corner. Tbeee taodela create bmm la
tereat among tbe children, and a beea
Internet to always atanlfeat each
damonatretloiUL -4 -
A OBpiber ef wealthy phllaethro
plata are Intereated la tbe -league. In
cluding Andrew Carnegie. Tbe. work
la New York city to under tbe diree-ttoo-ef
Wltllam B. Tolman. la ad
dltloa to the talka and demonatratloQe
the league taeoee from time to time,
pemphletawhlcb appeal to the children.
In abort atortee. eo as to attract and
bold tbe attention and Internet of dill-
drea. N to explained that H m danger
ooi to play btde and aeek ea the
etreeta. to boH on feo paaalng Wagons
while abating or to try to croea the
etreeta In front of approaching cara.or
antomobllea. - -
While the object ef tbe teagoe la
BMetly to Inaare atreet eerety, tbe chil
dren llkewlee' are taught what a de
In out of ire and are Impreaeed with
tbe aac owelty of em king haety extta
from burning bulldlnge wttb tbe mlal
eium ef excitement Tbe loc-twera alee
tell what te do la order te revive a
eoraaa who baa beea nearly drowMd.
First Annual Morrow County Fair
$15,000X0 m CASH
Music Will be Furnished by one of Portland's Finest Bands
Bring Your Babies Along and Let Them Win a Prize in the BABY SHOW
All ZADA, Ita &ea
FREE-FREE , Will Give Ehtertainmento Each Day ' FREE-FREE
Those desiring any further information or details should address letters to
' Silas ChmtoRerson, the
who has been secured by tl management to give exhibit
taon flights; each day at theorraw County Fair, Septem
ber 25, 26 and 27, annotntnet that he will take up in his
aeroplane each day some , girl from this county free oi
charge. ' Therefore, Sexrefey Smead invitefttt young
ladies of the county who wis?) to take the trp to notify him
at Heppner by mail The immes will be drawn and' the
three lucky ones will get a free ride among the clouds, a
different one going up each clay. Christofferson UnV of
the best known and most successful aviators on the coast
Mrs. Jack Mills is a KouncVup
visiton i
Clyde Huston and better half
gt the Round-up. - J.---T
Mr and Mrs. Frank Mash are
taking in the Round-up. ;
. Higgs left today for Pendle
ton to whoep 'er up at tha Round
up- u'-'-'-v. '.
Stomach trouble has put Wm.
Crorik on the bum the past ftw
days. ; , v.; -
Theo Jakes left for the Round
up city Tuesday tb. take in the
big show. .V. jf. -.;-.v '.
Art Phillips,' "the Morgan mer
chant waa a business visitot here
Mrs. O'Sullivan of Monran was
visitor- here -fce first a -
Jack Abbott came in last eve
ning on the train from -his ranch
down the line. - ; " ; vt
Qoaing out Lard ISe perIL,
Shoulders 16 l-2c, Bacop l&20c,
while it lasts. lone Meat Market
. Mr. and Mrs. A. a Carle left
a few-days -agoftor southern
Waseo where they will live this
winter.- - . - . " . -
Joey Woolery has lost her year
ling Shetland, pony. Anyone
bringing t hi will receive re
ward. : v
Chas. Reed snd "Spike" Kinney
are helping to build road in .the
south end. : They left for Hepp
ner Tuesday. , . S , ;
Art fiies returned Tueseay
evening from Toppenish, Wash.,
where he attended the big wild
west show which is a small edi
tion of the Pendleton Round-up.
ane rngnts
tfeO known Portland .aviator,
French Burroughs Is rounding
em up at Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs; E. B, Gorton left
this m)nung for Portland. . J
, Mrs.; John Blake and children
Mtlhia morning for Portland.
. Art Ries left Wednesday for
the. Round-up city to take in the
oig snovf. :Vl ... V;---- v -it
Miss Zelma Porter returned
from Oorvallis where she visited
relatives several weeks. , ;
' Mr. ad Mrs. Walt Pu'vear got
dui fevef,and left this jnorping
tor the Round-up. ; .s - -Miss
VelmailU Woolery. has
traded jn hr roadster on a big
hut cylinder; machine. , -
I Howard Lane, the . Hardman
Udeviwcist: was Here in hfs ma4
seVersToayi WM
Miss May Ganger left thai
ning for Pendleton where she
will attend Business College.
Home baking to order. Fresh
bread Wednesday's, SaturdVa.
Mrs. Luvisa Sparry, Main Street
Lou Davidson and family have
moved back to town for the win
ter and the young folks are at
tending school.
Mrs; Alice Keller left Wednes
day for Boise, Idaho, to visit her
daughter. Later she; will i4t
her son at Weiser. -
Sheriff . Evans'. went to the
Junction Monday- after Lewis
Blabm, charged with deserting
his wife and children, . -
Walt Smith and mother and
Mrsr Rose Campbeell and Miss
Nettie Mason autoed over to
Pendleton Wednesday toi take
In the Round-up and visit with
relatives - .
September 25-26-27-1913
' -v- 1
Health ef Pontiff New teellent, and
He Snjeye Owtdeer Snore too.
Tbe health ef fope Pitta to bow good.
Since hi eertoua Ilineea aeraral mdatha
ago. when hia life was deanalred of. be
hKe eteedlly ImproTed. The pope ea
Joya ala dally ezerctoo sreatiy and la
frequently eaea op tbe arounda of the
Vatican dritliif wttb hla aecrotiry,
Cardinal Merry del VaJ.- In tbe ac
oompantng pletnre, which was recent
ly., taken la tbe Vatican groanda tWi
hi alee abowa tba pope'a private phj
atclaa. r '
Oloaenpa Sarto waa elected pone
gainst bta owb will on Aug. . IOCS.
Be at Brat objected, bat whoa aaked
If be would accept replied la tbe af
flrmetlre and adopted tb title Pope
Plea X, .Be did not deelre tbla great
rnUgtooa oDca.' Be did nof feel able
rora rras mitim wm oaBaaraa vbs
' - . . BT BBL TAlb
to aeeome tbe earea and reapooalbfll
tlaa of tbe papacy. It waa bto wtoh
to go back among bto own people
with whom be bud apent more tbaa
half centnry and by whom bo waa
known and honored. Howmrer, he was
In tbe iprtng of 1918, tea year later,
be become aertnoaly III. However, be
bee Mince entirely recovered and now
enjore excellent health. Tbe favorite
form of eterrlae to driving.
'Tbe pope baa- a private phyaletas
Wbo -Uree In the Vatican.-The doetot
and Cerdlnal Merry del Vnl a I wire ac
eompaay tbe pope oa aacb drlrea.
" See Hit
'Too talk about moor exclaimed tbe
uffnurrtle. "What baa ama ever doue
for o-nmanF
"He Indented the ballot hot,- oamo
dmtdly from tbe rear of tbe baO.
Where t eta a eaa See he eaa a bto
rre eH. am he may out bare to Hva
Is a patof - Mamie iureltoa.
Atteadaacs Goad a AD Grades For
..;. The FOTtWeek. f ,:
Reccptfea ts W Cms .ta Tnek lUastf
': Satai Niib- frWT
. . ; tarastcd mvilad, ,:-,'. ,''v.
School opened Monday with a ' '
good.enrollment rln the Island -
2nd grades there re 2$ pupils, .
in the-Srd snd 4th 24 pupils, 6th '
and Gth'lB pupils and in the High
School UTstuctents have register-' - :
-ef soar: siss Burr, -who will, .
havMharge rjjths Tth and Star . .
grades, did not arrive her until,
last evening and viork ' mritnose :.
grades was. taken up this morn
ing. Attendance will be be in
creased (n ail the higer grades as .
several iamilies will, soon move
into town from the. country for.
the winter. '; ;' ' .
The echoolhouse looks .like a,'. ;
new building inside and out since
it was painted by "Peanut Dan" v
andms'force. "i 'r:t
, A public reception hi to bs gfo . '
en te sew schoolteachers Satur-1
Tiie-ht in WaHeartHaJL -Th 7
dents and those Srs whs)-
iioiii MSi .lienuHw-
cJianre of the Drosrant for tho
evening and wish to have It an
nounced that all parents who
have children attending school,
and also shy" others who art in-:
teres ted in school work, are inl
vited to attend the reception and
get acquainted with the ones
who will have charge of your
children the greater part of the
time during the next 9 months.
The hours will be from "8 to 10
I District Attorney Steiwer pro-
seeuted several crimnal cases at
Pendleton last week snd did not
lose a single case. Among those
who were found guilty as charg
ed was Willis Jordan, the horse
thief who was operating over be
yond Heppner several months
ago. ' He was sentenced to ten
years in the pen. "Red Wings"
Walker, his accomplice,' was
given somewhat lighter sentence
and Judge Phelps took under
advisement the proposition of
paroling her, inasmuch as sha
has been raised among rough en
vironments and was but a tool in
the esse. -
' Bud -Stabler, indicted by the
grand jury on a charge of forg
ery, was tried snd convicted to
day. He admitted writings
check on N. E. Lea, of Cecil, but
declared he did so in the presence
snd st the direction of Lee after
the latter had borrowed S25 from
him whils they were having s
time hers one night last April.
The minimum sentence for this
offense is 2 years snd the max
imum 20, East Oregon ian.
Dr. Davis returned last week '
from his vacation which he spent
along ths coast country. At
M arshfleld be took a ride In a
flying machine and enjoyed the
sensation of being a mils above
ths earth.' The doctor saw
Jewel Hals who is working in a
barber shop at Myrtle Point
Miss Audrey Woolery is look
ing after Mrs. Campbell's millin
ery business while ths letter la
st Pendleton. Mm Perry Hop
kins is her right bower. -
''- .
t " -
1 :