The Ione bulletin. (Ione, Or.) 1913-1914, June 19, 1913, Image 2

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. BIO) CATg OP 'Bat .
Ooaato Mark focoafJtf dUiuas
od tbo offact of tba laaaaioa of
collaso mm lata tba fanka af
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Latah, nM IuwUbb, pw Mm.
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Thursday, Jtuw 19, 1913
Locals Them Hers
The matter of inducing a Swed
ish colony from the Middle State
to settle in Morrow County
should receive the closest attent
ion of the lone Commercial Club
and an invitation for them to
make their homes here should, be
-r extended at once. Already we
have in this vicinity many people
of that nationality and it is a
well known ..fact that they are
among our best citizens in every
respect Having lived In the
" MidSle. Western'' Country where
farms ere comparatively small
It is certain that the colonists
have learned the lesson of diver-
- sified farming and It is people
of that class that Morrow Coun
ty needs on her vacant but prod
uct!? lands. By all means
locate them here if such ft thing
; is possible.
Treat Tew Visiters Ukt GsBUsawa
One thing that we cannot help
but admire the lone people for is
their gentlemanly treatment and
sportsmanlike attitude displayed
towards the visiting ball team.
- Utterly disgusting to the av
erage player and spectator is the
way in which the lone boys have
been treated on the Heppner and !
Lexington diamond for the past
two Sundays. Hoodlums both
men and boys, and othera also
apparently lost theft heads for
the time being, and lined the
thlrfi base Uheemd sought uiva
the visitors a dirty deal af every
possible chance. It seems they
no respect whatever for the out
side players who make trip and
play the games without any
chanoe whatever of remunera
...., :.H
If l-3
tion ror their efforts to give, tbHmaruaresiiif duunr Ds after ay
-PtaWa Hw inttingr eJp
hibition. Whether on ? team
wins or. loses the world will move
on as before and nobody will be
any worse off foe the results so
.jjrhy not treat your visitors like
. gentlemen and give them every
possible chance to secure a square
deal? If the other team is the
best and can win the game sim-
. ply on their merits "flo not try to
beat them out of it by enlisting
- the entire crowd and rushing on
to the diamond at every close
decision of the umpire. This Is
poor sportsmanship on the part
of Our neighboring citjea and. is
to be regretted. We are glad
indeed to say that nobody can
complain of such treatment on
the lone diamond.
Jewel and Mrs. Hale were
over-Sunday visitors at Heppner.
Guy Canon helped & It Shutt
in haying.
A son, was born yesterday
morning to Mr.and Mrs. David C.
Taylor of Rhea Creek.
; W. H. Gronk accompanied Mrs.
Cronk and Earl to Arlington
Sunday when they left on their
eastern trip. -
Misses Mabel and Edna Mc
Nabb, and Lillian and Anna
Troedaon, took the tsechers ex
amination at Heppner yesterday.
' Chas. Cochran was a county
seat visitor Tuesday.. Although
at the advanced age of 8S Mr
Cochran gets around aa easily aa
the average man 16 or &0 years
younger and he kmke well
enough to Uve beyond the
tury mark.
She Matte Up Her Mind to Get
That Newt, and She Got It
Ann fUyall, the MdW af N
lrtervHm Trlehe Jens Sfeilaey
Aeame en Badf rad Him In OJv.
lag Up the lnermeea She WenSa.
la Hearing h groand for soew Ue
proveiuents la INtemae park to wufc
tngion lha MWtrarlar Sbiue Urii -f
mauTl a Kmm that tor aaulf a
nrj wa a Quaint taodaurfe Id-Mm a
tttmal eaptlab II la mllad taa 4dm
Has all atoDa" aad lay oa fba bank
of iba rlTr iitft omMMita tUa WbKa
Hoti. abuul twautj NaT barb fraai
ibv waifr'i ads, at tba top of a graaa
oormd knoll.
II wa on ibla atoot that Ana Roy."
II mi whan ba.bna' bar fanous fDlar-
Tlww with Fpaaldmt Joba Qntory Ad-
om at leaat. wt runs lha atury that
baa btvor bnndad down tor (hrta gaa
araUoaa by tba lobaMiaata of Waab-
.And. irrardlns I that atory. It wonM
tupa thai iba aond lady for wbom
lha Rtoaa was aainad wia not only a
iMroa of aaanty. but waa aodowa
Wild oiDfiioVrahia atia) dawvmhiatkta
a wall. Itha tWeatiy bad a cood
arroua will af bar own and an arOra
mind at bw own. and wbaa tbaaa two
tartad to work to foorart in dvadty
waruHt ratiulia wart boaod la follow.
Wbatbvr thaoud lady's nttwa of ba-
atnr waM- mmpad or oitaaalra tba
rwadVr oitMd detcrmlna for talnMolL
An m Hoy a II war la a aoti tba mother
of luodero Jonrnallaai. Hhr was tha
oriitlmitorot tba "Intarrtaw." Una irM.
In tlw Httla nbvat that aba publlabad
In Wafhliigton tb tbajarond and iblrd
dM-adr of tba laat eanttiry. dapartad
Trmn tbf dry forma that bad always
rbarai-terlMd aawapaprra.
Hha dM oot (HHiRua beraalf to a Bora
nommnry of currant bnppanlnga; ara
sptcad wlb cartful aaaaya on abatract
auhhM-ta. srtpr tba nMooar of Staala
or Add I mod Hba truck Brmly tba "par'
Mtnai unia " Sha wrMa and nrlntad
thlnaa nlmnt public man aa ibay war
In their dally Hras an Innovation tba
tartlln affart of whh-b wa ran not ra
allaa ttKlny. Har papar waa caltad tba
Waahliiaton Part Iry and aftarward
tbr Fliiiitiaaa. " 1
Ouriog tha admtalatrattoa of John
lulncy Adama miucraaa paaaad car
ta In bill, tba Manias or tato of which
by. tba-praatdant was a mat tar of ln
trnaa . public Inttraat. lb thoaa daya
tba tntarvtaw of tba praotdaot by a
oawapaptr man was nnboard of, aad
IM -turn BmI tba fHiarlM kl
wvam wbat nbwould do To tba mattar!
But tbara- waa ona asroptluB amooa
tba UmorMta Joornalbrta of that day.
It was Aunt floyall. Bba oarad to ap
ply at tba Wbllo Boom for a eoofar-
k with tba praaldant. tba avowad
objact of whk-h wat to kara from aim
bla inlanilwaa aoararolns tba MM.
IHmr Anno, bowaaor, waa kapt at
l3H,,k, Piht. only ta be
fullad toy bis attandanta. Bat aba dM
out grow dlaruvragad. Sbo maraod
thai avary atoralng. tmmadlatoJy sftar
rt-ma. tba nraatdaat walkad to tba
unnk of iba Potomae. aoma half a mlta
In too raar of tba Whlto Houao, and
tbara. aftar Uklng off Ala elotboa.
piunaad Into tba straam Par a swim.
una mvrnJnf wbaa tba praaldant,
aftar swimming fir oot law tba atraam.
turned to auika bla way bare toward
tba abnro aa waa aatoalabad b
aHflns upon his rbHblng. wbk-h bo bad
aft Mpoa a atuaa oS tba bank, n apoe
'Had r-tuala wllb a bwb of graat da
tarmlnathML It waa Aana koyau, aad
haaMa bar worn a poo aod softlo of
tab. aod a bar band waa a snoot ot
"Woman, dapartr
praaldani aa ba a warn ap lata tba aaa
kiwa wto-ra ba cooie svorb tbo baitaaj
a ttptoo.
"Vow ka wbo gax Mr.
deM," sabl iba wuajaa, aad yaa baww
what I want. - I'm aotna to att
HntH yon bH ma what yoo tntatad do
ing wllb Iba I Cbaruaao India a blbV
Hlo sway, womanr' abootad I
urldaat. Tblo Is oroaaaiawar
"H a anaadaKMia." Anna Is rapott
to baro aaM. "that taa aaupaj of a (Mo
riMiatry aaro to raanrf
maaaaraa I flnS o4 what their ar
amtM ara going to do. Ton glvo mo tha
mruatnatloa that I am notlttoi to; than
iH glva yoa yvor riot baa. Otborwhia
lH atay baro end yoaS stay thoror
Tbara waa oaty aa natpamo to aarb
a struggto. Tba ablnrln.
lohl Aana what bo osporfc-e to do aad
way ba would do It Than, aad aot
hmII ibae. 6HS Anno, armed wHb raat-
vna awtao, flaa from tba atuao that aba
bad aaaws famwaa aad baatoa to
dtlla prtotlag aaVo. wbara aba bmt
a Mian a anting that Sfst and
fawoaa araaldaitttat
prtoA-loath Oompanliaa,
Beady Bar aha I
Aaaofad ay a aotfc-o that ta tsaal
sanitary resmltteo ware galag a to-
bNlMHtg. dawbiyod hearth rag hi raa
tsalaat aoaiOoaa, nm taa we Ma wttb
ph-twraa aad S awrrer aad lamabad a
aarmaalam a baa tba rsmmMton ar
Avad a graaoly torlted tbam to way
I haw feat aa the
Res ran baa a tow aabarbs rtgbt aors
aa sanb a we ear to make ttaaj aa
argaabwd baaaball aad
ferato bla petnC and
benefit tba AtblaOca'
told p-atory oa lllka Kally. ooa
of tbookj time baaaball pmyara.
-Ulka wa a graat atayor."
aid Cotrnla. bol fax ationgar
on tbo Said tbaa la tbo parlor.
At a aartaln botal ba waa eaatod
by tbo band waitar at a labia
with a vary dtsaiSad old soatto;
awn. '
"Kally doridad a do toat aa
aetly as tbo old goatlamaa dldi
bacatma attfco oooJdat road. '
- 'Bring art a napkin, waitar'.'
said tba atra tutor.
- 'And bring mo a ptatafal of
taa aaawr yollod Kafly." r V
Waahlngtan OvtSaloer Trying Par New
Baaa ataallnf Mark. - , .
Clyde Milan of Waahlngtan oagM to
boat bla own baaa eteallng roaord tato.
iaoa tf be doea not meat wttb nay
aertdenta.- Be In already leading by a
comfortable margin and hi adding pU-
foca to bl$ record every day In foot
moat erery tlmo bo gets oa Sret and
tha oecaalon deaMnds It he oemaa pret
ty Bear to stealing second. '
Oppoafng backstop eateb htm hat
seldom tf be la able to gat any aort af
laad off Orat baaa oa tba pttcbar.
Milan to a bettor baas rnnnar thla yaar
tbaa bo ovar.-waa bofora. Ha baa
grown mora prooclaat at tb mattar
of petting a laad and la a moob inoro
axpart alldar than bo oaod to ba. Tma
ought tb ba a groat year for "Bob" On
tha path..-
MoOraara Naw Twlriar ta Btaady aad
naa waaa mwwt, - i h
Than baa baaa BMcb diataaafcwi eaa
earning tba - trada of Barorot Orob
and Ames to Cincinnati for Pitcher
rromnte. On the face of It Tinker
moiii to hare gained tha adenoma la
getting (broa aaaa for one. Bat Ifc-
Graw ia a foxy trader, and be wanted
Promote, wbo Is ana of the beat atosb-
era ta tha buMneas wbaa be la goad.
To gat the man bo bad to giro a shade
umi loofca aa if the margin b) 1 the
Claalanatf elnb'a faaer.
Promma eaa beta anlformly oacca
fal agataat tha Haw lorfcOlaaov- 1
tly. aad be
baea pitching good ball all to aaset
babied a team that rauM aot bato bt
aot With the Gianni
bare Nasi of roa getters
him aa hie rtetoftoaa way. Be ta a
aortas eUcfcoa, wot tb Otata, the
wey they are paired yaat saw. eaaaot
take chances aa a twlrlor wbo ta tae
tla to take bla ffognlar tar to
boa wttb the ether Olant pitcher. Ba
wtU come to vary bandy bseaaas he ta
a atoadp bmb, aet orratm, bat baa the
eoatroi that aaabtaa ham to eat I
hall over.
MeWAfgWr ttatM A)r '"w
'w waw wrf H lVoyva lllVSftmVn
"Ty Cohh baBSioee amptros totoat.
Ing him yaat a shade of advaa a
etoao oacbaoaa. ahapty Satan be Is
Cobb, tbo BNot bra lay and narteae
ptaver la I H; Is tb way CBsrk
QriBlth atsaa BP sassa af tba QeareJa
TTa aataAeattoaai bat
aaaplros ajv Urn a aasW
becaaea tha knew hta ahOtty.- anbl
the OM Pax.
washed la Maat Verb.
OoraeeaalveraHyatayaaay a IbethaB
at to the Beta mimes, Maw tea
etty. ajgt soassav .
China Has a Monetary System
.That Borderaeji the Chaotie. ,
Vol She Tael la WaWbaa'a Caas Mar aa
lagat, But Merely mm Abevwet Taraa,
and BlaMMea a UH of .WoIbw i BM
par Shea and Caafcea a'etHng.,-.' '
Of tba ssany Strang' things' M Cblaa
aot taa tout atraog la tta carraney.
To tb foreigner tt aaams a adraela
that any tanlnaaB caa ba tranaaetad
socceaafolly with aaesj medium of
oajhaan. - It baa aaea deaeribod aa
chaotic. N evert ba lean boolnaaa- and
arada aoormb la Cblaa. which apaaha
voloraea for tha puotneas aeemaa af
tba Chleeee. Fareapa tb fart that
trade heartened m OUea long before
each a tblag aa correaey was known
sccouato for the fact that the Cblaoas.
with sorb a hi system aa they now
neeeaas, srin stand ta the fcpot rank
of rommaretal eat tone. -
Inblna all faraai of oseaana frsar
bartar np are to oao. A aery bjrge
part of tbo eonotry'o enalnsss bj don
again tbr actual dHlvery of welgbed
ajltar. Per coeTeauaee eUrer to nwl-
ed Into roogh lagote baring the shape
of the Chinese shoe, Tbaaa all rar
Bbeas bare stamped opoo them tbalr
Soeaoar and weight, Tb ontt of
1 watbt to tba taaL wblrb b) equal ta
aosotHy of stlrer walgblog 680 graine
troy and ta worth about 00 osata la
our money. -
The tael ta aot an Ingot ear a earn.
bat simply aa a bet race term algal tying
n unit of weight, eoce aa a "pound" of
batter or so "ounce" of gold. Thong
an a bat ra et tares, tt ta the mosaaro of
wealth aod the ontt of value tbaougfa-
nat the hnurtb and breadth of China.
A ana buya a tmsmees feat aa .away
taeta of sHrer. Hta proAtS ara caan-
nntad In taeta.' Wbaa Bs mhos pay
ment be weighs oat tha aUrer aacoraV
tng to thla ontt
The surer shoes rair tb weight from
one to serenty-Sro. tools. All Oliver
bops and beake bar forges, wbara
tba stiver la meltad I froa tadlsa and
poured tato motde. The amoltara with
their tadhMi and bmMs remind one of
cooka. They ettr the alrror wttb a pair
af metal cbopettrha, , To ona aot aware
af what they ware doing K woe Id bo
natural to anppoao that they were en
caged la cenroctlDg aomotblng good to
eat la the proceaa of reeaatlng the
Ingots their neneas ta often changed.
hHng either Improved dobaaad.
whlcbrver beat aolta tta toterosta af
the so Bankero aad money chang
era are able to determine the qnaHty
of tba allvar by the araaa of tone.
The toliara a dapaattara aas atlarays
at rhelr mercy and sauat often eobmlt
to the operation of aavtnf tnetr attvor
dtaronoiad oa-ceoant of "bad sMeb.'
la tbo Interior of Chin email par
mbmb are toada wttb copper cotaa
with aqoaro botes la tbo asntsr. Tbaaa
are tolled eaah" and are threaded oa
Ntrloge aa that (hey may be eantet
arroas oaB nbooMer or oa a pole. A
string of l,ono of tbaa eaab ta worth ,
shoot BO rents la our money, ho taa
Hmaa blta af stiver are chipped from
the sffvar ahoaa aad aaed for small
0 pore hear e. Wbaa travellns hi the h
tertor ooe maat tab with him a large
s mount of allvar shoes, exchanging
them for otrine Of eaab at the varteos
shops, The money ebangera bar two
seta af era toe. oa to ba aead to tba
pttrrbaaa of aUver aad tba other to the
sdHmr ah r
le aa attempt esene yoara ape to to-
tradar a enrreacy baaed aa
models tb Calnaaa govaratoaat par.
rhoaad aad pat lata nrvauitloa aeverel
mlle Mestcae oMtara, Tb psopts
toob to tb bow rolaa aad called for
ssora. The provtaclal
tbaa eat ap Hah aad
PMaaa emtars af eopreelmetely the
aae wotaM aad aweaoaa aa the M ext
ras do! tarn. They ahaj coined aa eoor
saaaa assaaat Of oabsMtary ttaaaa to
tb ahape of aril aUrar setae
Bon M
toat the
Tb rata of the toiler t retatSa
ftha aabalolary rotaaavHed from day
to amy. The rear waa never worth tba
biiBdiedth part of a dollar. swMdaya
n reals war foqaved to sssb ap
II. aad a other days It toob SSPceata.
Ptmlmrly ta aahaa of tba dollar oa
ramperee with tbo tool wa eooBaaal
ly Soctaatlnc BooMttmea tMO weaM
brtoa 10 toato and at other Haass aly
The Mi i t Cyele.
th only were of Moaut
har the ataga (there are aaarty a sear
of the that bar rat
say. are -Da OhrmaaV -Plgmre" aad
-The Maetr rva,- On ha awwUa.
sessv a Haaart eyoss ta gtvoa to
of tba targar nirmaa rtUea, aad
thai me hides swaoralto.
three eparaa Basse, n
"Ooal Tatar
Ken Mm-1
"Why dh yea tea that
at i ana wbaa yaa dor
-I bad a get
85. tt waa atckanlBg to the peeete.
hat vevy preStohla t th meaap
fbaaaasa llifnii Weekly. . ,
TarhaBB ha waa sahkfl Is afv paa
a ovmr," , , - r v
rtt I asms that sje was a
has to aak ssa tor aaa,- DaUelt Bras
Asnbs aB the aae arte aa f Che
s Is that af aahannaj aha eheeba
' Please enter the name 'oi.
post-offic ackiresa
in - A' c year, subecriphon al $1.50 pr year. "
t- ' - - : &gned. . I
v ' The flour that makes better
H i ; bread ' 'VV ' ;
Ask your urocer
Header, " Mowers, : ' Reapers
: Wonder t Windmills ; s , ; :'".
o. il. moore
? IhumiturelS
For Sale
The Business and Building of. the
, v lone Meat Market : i
A Special Price Given on Smoked Meets and Lard.
Call end Get my Pricee Before rnxhairig EUewbcre. 4
; ) , Everything Guaranteed. s "
t tl! " r
W. R. Cochran Prop.
The Famous 'Hop
:; Ice cold beer on draught ; V
w01ympian arid "Budweiset in bott!s
"Cedar Brock" Xl&Lzy
The fineit kind ""17
Imported and Domestic Ggars
North Side
Mam Street
The only complete set of
abstract books in Morrow
"county. W.LMITH;
Heppner, - y Oregon
or Trade
- s J
Goldw and "SchKlj" J
W. XPu- r.