The Ione journal. (Ione, Or.) 1914-1916, February 23, 1916, Image 3

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Some people do not believe I can quote prices on
large orders or small, but use your curiosity and
The- Egg City Cash Store
MasonProp. - lone, Oregon
To Earn
It isn't a question-atom of whether yo
want a better salary it's a hard conditio
Of Ufa that yoa must face to protect your
self and those dependent upon yon.
Yon can't Hand stiU-U you don't want
' to go backward, -yon must go forward
'thal to, yomfm ot ta wnmon. ..
Earning more meant .holding a better
poaition independenoe happineaa, and a
chance to provide for the future.
-Thousands upon thousand who once held low,
pooriy paid positions now earn high salaries as a
molt of letting the Imtbrmatiomal Cokjlhfomd
Hca Schools show them how to accomplish the
change." During last year about 4,000 students vol--untarily
reported increases in salarr n"itina to
over two mWion dollars! Every month an average of 300 men TolontarBy
report to us advancement in poaition and earnings. Why not make
TOUR start this month
Simply mark on the coupon
the position you wish to secure,
then tear out and mail the coupon
to the International Correspond
ence Schools. This puts you
under no obligation whatever but -allows
oar experts to adapt a.
Course to your individual needs
and circumstances. ' -'
Ymm Wo got to omrn stare mommy,
Tmm I. C. S. wM mmtm ymm.
WW ymm tmkm mmm mtmrt tommy T
' .."- '. . rrr
Sheriff Makes Raid On
Ghehalis Raffle Boards
i. - in 1 --., , r
Chehaiit, Waih.,-Sheriff Tom
Foster .recently confiscated all
the raffle-boards and other de
vices of that nature in the con
fectionery and other atone in
Chehalis. The aherifl Rave not
ice several week ago that the
boards would have to be discon
tinued, and many of the dealers
disposed of them at that time..
' The greatest paaalbia feat ta
baseball ultcbloa- a perfect gasae
-was accomplished In Cincinnati
br Bob Leug, famed pitcher at
l be M California Btate league,
bob now la eat of the big snow,
but baa been earning back euca
a rear- to twirl tit yaerh) game
tor MltcbeU'e former Leaguers
aaalnst Uula oar's Msyoa. Old
Bob daxuonetratad that ba still
bas tba cunning and the stuff to
put on tba ball, for not a bit wan
resiatered against aba, not
base on balls did ba give, ba bit
no batter, be bad no errera be
hind him. Just twenty-eevea ssea
faced him la nine Innings, and
each one was a strikeout rb
tita. It waa a perfect game, tba
0BI7 one on recurd. It Is nosat
bla, but blfrhlr improbable, ta
equal tbe feat, but attarljr Intpoa
slble to beat It Long's pitching
was tba pereontflcaOoa 'of. air
tight burling, klore remarkable
waa Long's great achievement
because ba faced grtaaled vet
erans af many a atlning big
league campaign, una who have
faced tbe speed af Rusts and.
the corvee of BrelteneteJn.
Must Pay $50 As A' Prize!
Won In Paper Contest I
Centralis, Wash.. A judge
ment of 60 was rendered rec
ently against a Winlock paper
man in favor of A. E. Heatoh,
of Chehalii, assignee of Mrs. Ca
therine Brainard of Cottage Gro
ve, Or. Quillen formerly ran s
newspaper at Cottage Grove and
Mrs. Brainard won s trip to the
Panama-Pacific exposition in s
contest staged by Quillen's paper
She never received the 'trip.
According to tba aclanttots, brsia
work Is mora exhausting than physical
labor. .Perhaps Uus tT'-'re why
boom bmq never seem tired. ,
flan axilla, wttkoM tank abllnHaa m ar
MM, bow I c.a qa.lHT lot k, paaltloa. ma. at .
7 atolaotoa bafca -kick 1 kan auikad JL T
foolOT FirWff
rauaa mi
Coamardal III utrat,
BtdaalrUI D.tlaalng
CaaariM I!"
M.cJuoJcal -in
UHhulal LnBtDSM
TMSH tip-"
T.mKI. Mi
OtU iHtaMf
BuiMin CnaaM
CnncraW OaMWVCfB
HuiabW swat IMTs
Mia, tupartai
- H. A. Meek, Route Mgr. . ;
202 McKay Bldg. . -. i ; Portland, Oregon
Fob sal? My eevea year old pes
cbeon mare Heorltta, Btate Fair
champion and dam of -five' State
print winners. Also my etx year
; old black stallion, ."Dandy," state
- Fair prise winner and alra of prise
wlnuera. Fred W. Spines, 1 mlka.
west of Lebanon, Ore. 30-w
Uamm we ttava Ure number
wealthy membera. Tbla.clubls oe
" of the- oMeat aatd moetsueeeeafnl;
' strictly confidential, particulars
free. Tbe Reliable Clab, Mrs Wru-
. bla. Box 26, Oakland, Cai S7 1
Do you want to trade your
Uand lor other property t We
know of s number of good lotp
and parcels of city property that
is op for a trade deal for Morrow
County land. Come in and tell
us what you have and we will
put you. in touch with these
people. - - F. Wallace Sears,
Box 162 lone. Ore. -
ml Route and Telephone Una. Fer
tile river bottom laud. Center of
aujr&rbeet growlns; dlatrkrt. Fact
, ory aaeured. Will aubdlvWe
'Oea A, Bmrden, O rants Pass,
t Ore. -'
inm aii a-ai eresk all In cultivation
running- water through place, fair
building, ore hart, near ecoooi
and poefoAce for terms and par
. parttcubara add rem Harry Ltanlap,
atsa, Ornron. B. fft 7-S
Uaadaoasa puro-bred Scotch Collie
puppkea, S months old. Make 7.w
. females M.00 H. M A el ley, Chip-
man. Col. County, prrym- 40
For Sals-lBst like rent. SW acrve of
, land aear Drewaey, Harney County
OrasroD. Good Land. No Improve-
nMnt. One-third aaan, balaaee
ouotbLTl annual crop until paid.
' Witt take good unincumbered
property an flret payment Ifde
sired. PrieafOOt. P.O. HoxtflS.
Vale, Or., care U a Bank T-S
Classified advertising Hn the lone
Journal always brings results.
If you have something that the
people want advertise it sod
you will get results.
For Sale Caen or tradeWheat
land, large or smalt tracts.
. W. Sears, lone, Ore., Box 162
Don't forget that the Journal
office has a few packages of those
seeds left. Call and get s pack
age. They are for the voters.
Do you want prompt attenion
paid to your printing wants?
Come to the Journal.
Have 0 houses and lots in
Castle Rock, Wash, totaling
$9600. clear except i860 mort
gage on property. Will trade
for wheat ranch that is stocked
and eauipped to do business.
r This is s guilt edge proposition
and must be taken up at once.
Write Box 162. lone Ore. or at
Journal Office.
Yearly subscriptions for the
Journal are L50. How about
Itt . . - ; -
Notice to Creditors
In the Oounty Court-of the Btate of
Oregon, for Morrow County. .
In tbe Matter of tbe Estate ) .
Hannah U, Blake, defeased ) . v
- The undersigned, having been ap
pointed by the County Court of tbe
Btate of Oregon, for Morrow County,
Administrator of tbe estate of Han
nah M. Blah, deceased, and baring
qualified aa such, notice Is hereby
given to tbe creditor of, and all
persons having elalms against aall
deceased, to present them verified,
aa required by taw, within .six
months after tbe first publication of
this notice, to said administrator
at the office of hie attorney im
T. Knappanberg la lone. Morrow
County, Oregon.
. . W.J. Blake
Administrator of the Batata of
Hannah M. Bbkle, deceased.
Dated February IBth. 191s
Date of First publication, February
lfltb. 191& SMS
Notice to Creditors '
in the County Oourt of the State of
Oregon, for Morrow County. .
In tbe Matter of the Satate 1
lrrta BUfte, dsnaased. . 1 " "
The underatsTBed, having been ap
pointed by the County Court of tbe
State of Oregon, for Morrow Oounty
Administrator of tbe estate of Irrtn
Blake deceased, and having qualified
aa such, notice la hereby given to
the creditors of, and all persons hav
lug claims against said dsesaeed, to
present tbem verified, aa required by
law, within elx months after tbe
first publication of this notice, to
said administrator at tbe ofnee of
hie attorney, Jon, T. Knapnenbern;
la loan. Morrow Oounty. Oregon.
W.J. Blake
Administrator of the Estate of
Irrtn Blake, deceased. .
Dated February 1Mb, IflS. i
Data of First publication, February
lath. iei, SMS
- ; Odd Bits Of Newsr
- Morgantownr Wra." Twenty
years ago Lewis H. Runner left
home for Washington to patent
a device. He had never been
heard from since- until recently .
when he returned home. Hia
wife, who had always said he
would come back, welcomed him
with open anna, ,,:; f';-. -
Cottage Grove, Ore..-Bert jL
Nokes set a hen and then decid
ed to move to Spokane, 600 miles
distant He shipped biddy, her
nest and all, by express, and 12
Of the 14 eggs hatched.
Kulo, Web. Years ago Arthur
Lytle, s fisherman, located his
hut on s small sand bar lying
near the Missouri shore. Dirt
washed onto the bar, and now
it is the size of two sections.
Lytle turned farmer and has
made a smalls fortune. Neither
Missouri nor Nebraska demand
taxes of him, but he cannot vote
as his holdings are regarded as
under, the jurisdiction of the
national .governments ,: He has
resided on the land 22 years.
just Receivecl
A new line of Tess and Ted Fint
School Shoes, also a complete stock
of 'Sen's. and Ladies Shoes. We
; carry the celebrated line of Roberts
" Johnson and Rand Shoes' for all
wearers. New . goods just received
; in ill lines. Come and get ; 6urprices
on first class merchandise. . '
F. S. BENDER & Co.
Main St.
Ion. Orw.
. ?
.: x5hQ ione hot;el
-;, . M. B. HaineeTPropT West Main Street
Wichits, Kas. Whenever
Mrs. Louis E. Fisher tries to
telephone, her right arm be
comes numb snd she becomes
unconsious. Her affliction is s
case of nerves. Several years
ago she received a shock while
telephoning. ; . . "
All kmds of llRht and heavy hauling done as vary reaaonaole nrlsni
v ; Independent Dray Line
, Griffith A Linn, f roprietors . , V
Biddeford, Me. James Sar
gent has the original human calf.
It has human skin, covered with
human hair. A luxuriant beards
bangs from its ehin. - When it
stremps to bellow, it emits
sounds resembling s child crying.
Otherwise it is a normal calf.
New Manchester, Ind. For
90 days a hog belonging to C. 0,
Hudgleson lived off the fat of its i
ow body. The hog got into s
huge stack of straw and couldn't
get out. It weighed 250 pounds.
but when found had shrunk to
less than 100 snd waa still alive. '
i lad
BiUimrda had PackH BiUimnb. Cifw'l mad TobmeeoM. FrmU mad Caadjf
Z5e Pastime ;
w- Bmrlma hfeCardj, Prop. -
ATais Street -
one, Ongom
Springfield, III.- Mrs. Isabella
Arnold who weighed 400 pounds
died recently; It was noceessry
to bold the funeral on the porch
as the coffin was too large to pass
thru the doorway.. Ten pall
bearers were required. .
' t. For County Clerk v . ,
To the Republican voters of Morrow County:
I hereby announce that I will be a candidate for toe
'Office of County Clerk at the Primaries to be held
May 19. 1916. w. , , ;
i J. A. Waters.
Proat aeaathtat
Notice for Publication
-Oood HSproved and unlwpruvrd
- kasdeloeeso rmllroavd s alloa and
. Cetmsabta. river for ante ehrap
- uaaytMrn Jullaa S. aTohna. a
Box W Mnyger, Oreiron. MD
Hiddle aged lady wants a posi
- tion as cook in Logging Camp
For Sale or trade 10 acres in
fruit. I t acre is atnwberries.
good baildingsperpetual wat
r right, - near . Kennewick,
Wash., wifl trade for property
near lone. F. ten-Box
1C2. Ione, Oregon. .
Anyone wishing to porchaae
N. P. R. R. land will find nppli-
tjon as cook m wv - - -
or big ranch or iKmaekepping! cation blanks on hand at Judge
for gentlemen. Address 1 I Booinsori n emro ie n
W T 462 Vanborea 8t Cor- ranges faom $1.60 an acre up to
iiislor -
Department of the Interior. IT. S.
Land OfSee at Tbe Dalles, Oregon
Prbrnary let IBIS,
. Notlee la hereby glvea that ICary
K. Ball, of lone, Oregon who on
March Kth 190ft, asaoe Homestead
pa try Bo. 9mtba tor B.
Rectlon Si: Towaahlp 1-Bonia.Baanu
SS-Raat,' WUuuaeiU Mertdlan. baa
Bled antlse f la tent Ion to nsska
final Sva. year proof, to eatahnsh
rlatra to the land above described,
twfnre-vXO. Paturaoa. D.S-Aieuma.
toner, at Heppner. Oregoei, on Che
asthday 4 Mareb 19IC Claimant
nanus as wttaeasre: John a,. WU.
Ha ma. rruk H. Wlktoa. Edgar J.
Dull and Adrian KnarWaaan aU of
lone Oregon. -
H. Frank Woodeoek
great saevseasat-far
A srest
ateasins baa aprsad
eeontrv within the
years. The saaie Surtnsss fere
tswaeht la being appuad la the
essamnnlty that the suttsssful
buslnsss nuia hi applying ta hta
ewa nrtvata affaba. OsnHnant.
hwa are preSnng by tbe nuatakes
of tba past and planning ta avoid
bant hi tbe future by smaglug
.far aa orderly growth.
' The vartona paaasa af the de
veiotmeet or a eovaiaeBKy eaa be
grouped ander four heado todna
rrlea. rtty niaanlna, adnlntotra. ,
ttoa and eodal welfare. It to eb
rloua that the I rat work af tba
ruamber of eoa metro hi aloac
Ukduatrlal and cemasen-isl Snea.
After the ladooVtal work K wllr
-bo soon that rtty plaaalag hi the
nest uMot kapertant work far
tbe hi in tai oraafcaittaa to
tsto api bacauae rtty plaaalag.
la Ha rlgbt biurpreurtloa. si the
nrirtna of tba Hy as a srboss a
bettor Mara ta whtru 'to work
t and nvs. Om of Ks fuact toaa to
a provide ottraueaa ff inSua
try, beuaoeso and tober sa thai
tbe eewnMBwy will bare a arosv
aaS sataafsetsry grenrta.
A1J Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats
Fat Stock Wanted at all times
Main St.
S. H. Holgate
lone, Oreftoa
A new world's aWtade avfcittoa
ori to 2S24e feet Set au st
1 11 WM goa.
- TnADf rlAak
A&WATS numasrr.
rata. Aeptjr wiy ft iprlaa: wean tte v5
gry Htti a.aJi, rroes W 1 PZ
TS?. 4.rsr ifT'-'Bea: r
ac, aaalnst rodent aaata. kUifMlialr
Clark-weod ware brum Oe, rerllaaA Ore- r
io aaalnst rodent ms. Hm'm7
laraa-weoawara vrai vS iiiaiai
any (reat yoa eeaisaj
iF. 8. Betw's' ACa
B rt Mawn, Ions -'
T. H. Lowe. Cecil, Oregon, Sf.19