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-Wi ;
i ! - '
i Strictly Hon
"- -
Published Every Wed nesdey Iy
Entered art the Foetoffiee lone, Oregon
as Second-class, matter
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- As ths Editor Sees it
Pop, girlie, pop! ' .
kjaks it s year of justics. toa
. I - -t
Leap jeer, and not a wedding
Hera's hoping Prosperity don't
stumble and break a leg,
That which waa dona y ester
day will not be forgotten tomor-
No wedding bella this week.
hut our coy maidens are atill Uv
Ing in hopes.
When the war la Anally ended
very mo there cuss will yslp "I
told you so."
Why is a babbling tongue liks
soft mud? Wise up, and anew
or it yourself.
No apiastert in right this year.
Every one to adorable and of
strictly, marrlagebla ago.
The most prised and pricelesi
or air vmenun -runs are tnose
that fall to piece when you look.
Bo a sport ; give your wife her
own way.' Even at beat aha
arebablv eat the wont' of the
"Coming events east their aha-
- - " B rlwsm U.
hoi too many shadows the past
rear. .
If your thoughts are worth
anything, speak up. The world
nay be the brighter for what
Too say. v
' A writer adverta that m the
devise symphony of. love your
soul sings aa aria, while"
Oh bug. .
Those U-boats might well be
eeiled Do-boaia, for they do
oou ereTyuiing way run up
Preea reports Inform ue that
Behrium is still in need of flnaa
owl aid. So are we. Eiek In
with the eoin. - -
The moot startling thing we
Wring to report this week ia the
fast that there is nothing start
hag to
And the bills of th past year
have bet duly reesJved. and(
waaswaj 'swany eae iiuomimj iwr
Psyipl v
apises) leaks BtHnds
wlU fag yea) Just as quies
,. ; ... 1 . ' '
Paper For Morrow "
Residents . ;
Upon Application
5 - ' . - '
A bins mark on this ipse n
no tics that toot subscription
will expire in thres weeks.
Prompt renewals will prevent
subscriber! mining any papers .
ly as any other hair when fished
out of the soup.
Locally, we know of no aet
formula for popping the question
in Leap . tear, just brace up
and pop, that's all.
Some men are great, others are
near great, but the greatest of
all the man who doesn't rea
lise that he is great
Wo wish you a long life and
much happiness in 1910, .and it
won't be our fault if we don't
grab off just a little bit more
than you get
It Is rumored that our confirm
an old nacAeiora have formed a
defensive alliance and that the
answer this .year will be "too
young to wed." . .
Our dimpling maidens who
prance around with a black
splotch sticking on their face
should add another dab of mud
in honor of Leap Year.
When a dashing young man
begins to tell her of his castles in
Spain It generally ends in cook
ing three meals a day, scrubbing
the kitchen floor and making
over her last year's d
"The president's wife is a hap
py woman," warbles one who
would like to to. Bahl Ours
has been dcllrous with joy ever
eince we popped and it hasn't
created evsa a ripple on the so
cial wavee.
"United Statea Prepared to
Aet to Stop Killing's at Sea" sajo
s sears head In daily paper.
But who Is iroinff to do. It. "and
how are ws going to do It and
what are ws going to do It witri?
Now when a nan calls his wife
a "she est," and aha whacks
bim ever the bead with the roll
ing pin, how In neck are they to
obey the scriptural injunction
and dwell together in love and
tho hitaar of wheth may I
wtth aeamr at tfc
a thing h eat wtth ft.
Nearly aS Owaasa 1 1 lSj 11 gat Sato
advaw evtagtag the rtee a beS
with a atsjeh t anas.
i mien Mil Rhnn
The Oaimase eat a good deal of saSh
ska tmn whose is nkil gaxt
W hi wan an Seihihna hi sr V
wnsjsaS iSthao, wish a Nttto enaaan
than aareed wtth hotter and Si iiwga
eeed wwtor
ssntn tnsr hiSn.tno mink Ml othar
ww be iw iHS. The faaw eg? She
Seat wanes as asea aa Bt beOn. tba.
oeeft tbo ateo kg a. open hotOo Sar a
Stkhk as egsar a sag rM of ah ntwaar
wet aa iganikhi adjag whtab BMab
atoe aw, aj oaakm
Master and Man
Theoretically the public ia the
master and the office holder ia
the man. the servant of the peo
ple. Be la placed in office., for
the express purpose of enacting
such laws as the people deem
wise and just or to admin
ister the public's affairs in iden
tically the aame manner that a
clerk would obey the mandates
of the head of commercial estab
lishment. ... '
Such la the theory of public
office, but in its. practical work
ings it is just the reverse. The
official becomes the "master"
and usually pays but scant heed
to the wishes of the people until
the rumblings warn him that it
ia time to hedge before the
breaking of the atom. With
congress in session we will have
many, real masters making laws
for their ostensible masters to
obey. Some of these lawa will
be good, others will be of doubt
ful value, while a few may be
even obnoxious or vicious from
our point of view. .
The wishes and desires of the
people will be of little avail with
these "masters" for the reason
that It is difficult to induce the
people' to" assert themselves on
any given subject or proposed
But how different it would be
if the people would only display
a little more initiative' and make
their wishes and demands known
to congressman and senators be
fore the latter cast their votes!.
'We all know how it should
work, but here is the way it
does work today.
A new bill Is introduced in
congress, but it does not meet
with the approval of the people
of our particular district In
fact we may eonaider that it ia
directly againat -our interests.
A few of our more aggressive
people write a mild and guarded
protest to our senators or con
gressmen, but they are so few
aa to bo without weight or effect
The senator or congressman
hears of no widespread opposi
tion In his district and yields to
the powerful pressure from other
sources in behalf of the bill. He
votes for It Other congressmen
and senators do the aame, and
the ont becomes a law and we
pay the penalty of our indiffer
ence, r
On the other hand.- suppose the
people of the district took the
bit between their teeth, wrote in
large numbers to the congress
men and senators and gave them
plainly to understand that their
constituents were opposed to the
bill and they were expected to
cast their votes in the interest
of the people who placed them in
office, irrespective of all pressure
from other sources. Would they.
under such conditions, support
an obnoxious aesnrorsf Not -in a
thousand years, for they would
know that auch action would
mean their prompt political death
When the people do become
arouaed and speak in decided
terms every aenator and eona
reaaman glues both ears to the
ground and holds 'them there
with bated breath. Now isn't 1916
a good year in which to ehang
the old order of procedure? Isn't
the time opportune for the peo
ple to assart their rights and pre
rogatives, beeoms th masters,
and insist upon a arrict compli
ance with their will? Isn't tt
about time to give senators and
rontreaaiiise of every decree to
understand that they are ser
vants and not goda? Isn't it abo-
Ut time for tne people Of thhl die '
trtct to tail oar roreMtetivo.
1. rrnimn !. k- M
. TT . TT" . 7 ,
uaim want, anw wax it a up to !
them to
Ct it ST aaakS arav for
9 t It aboot time) for Ua
others who
event, tan
to uaaiTt that they vote as weaav
and not as they think? Coliect-
fvety the people are all powerful
and their will can not as restated
but individually they have about
much weight aa the feather
that ia blown before thewind.
We are not writing this in a
spirit of criticism ef our repre
sentatives in congress, for we be
lieve that if they are given to un
derstand the nsture of our de
mands they will be cheerfully
complied with. But we do hope
that these few words may induce
at least a reasonable number of
our people to communicate dir
ectly with our senators and con
gressmen whenever a measure la
before the national body that is
of vital interest to our section of
the state or nation.
RmtwUmi and Mwital Dieeaao. 1
Tbe problem of fatigue and Its rels
ttos to efficiency Is becoming store and
nor appreciated In our Isduatrlal In
stitutions, so much so. Indeed, thai
wa may truthfully any that In the
United Statea at least, the art of work
la being mattered to decree little
snort of perfection. Not no much can
be said wltb reference to our mastery
of tne art of play. Let oa not forget
that toe art 'of play presents an Im
portant problem which requires seri
ous effort for Its solution. Relaxation
from- the street and tension of mod
era American dtf life mean much for
our future nbysleal, mental and moral
health and efficiency. Tola la a tired
nation, per baps the most tired nation
on eartb.-New York iledlcal Journal.
The DueUefe Disease.
Dr. Pean, a Paria physician, was
celled aa a-physician to attend s doaL
One of the adversaries war so coward
ly that ho ran away after the first shot
unhurt The f oar seconds, the remain
ing combatant and the doctor stood
looking at each other wttn embarrass
ment and discomfiture when Dr. Pean
broke the silence by saying gravely. I
know the disease that baa suddenly at
tacked this gentleman. And. taking
ont bis pencil and paper, be drew op a
report as follows: "At the first shot
Mr. X. was taken with a sudden attack
of tacbypodia that would not yield to
treatment The seconds therefore, on
eonsultatlon with tba physician, stop
ped the doaL" Ttaoa "honor was
eared. ''
The Look. "
(ok m and not sown. There Is never a
tha dust and debris of tbe street.
God who doth love as bath bong bigs
abova ua
The erowB tbe makes story entBplete.
fsse tbe asst. not the-west
Toe are
not at jour best
'With your eyes eat on stars staking low,
at eecb rising star's ray. wltb Its prom
tae of day.
L.WIU kindle yonr heart to k glow. j
-Alexander Blank burs
There was a young roan of RaJetne
Invented s fly Ins machine.
It waa good aa could be.
With one drawback. Too nee.
The thing wouldn't fly worth a bean.
-Milwaukee Free Prion.
"Was tt a bad acddenfY
"Well. I waa knocked speechless,
and my wheel was knocked spokeless.'
Christian Begiater.
I herewith dlaooerae oa
The nubjeot of sorrow:
Tbe trouble that kill are
Tbe troubles we borrow!
k to go still higher, and the
given to there lant any. So
why worry)
The young nn who lias been, jilted
thinks that all the Uouble In tba world
wears petticoats.
A Neutrality aeheme That
OtdAiether Way.
"Toa knew wa had a French maid
and a German baUerr"
H Weil. we've been worried over them
ttw war broke out' We
took tba greatest pains to set them an
example of neutrality. We were afraid
U the time that tt would be Impueei
Wa no keep tbom from Bring at each
other. Of coarse wo were earafal not
to dlaroee tba war before them. In
abort, we've been taking a whokt lot
of troaM for asoatba to help them
keep the peace. 1 can't begin to tell
roe bow earafal wo were. And what
do yea aapposa happened yesterday T
"Way. a pitched battle." .
tt Haass iiiiniiiii Over Mm Christ
ease Tree la Sngiofid.
Too Cawtotaaaa tree was rarely aaaa
hi Eagtaad antll saaoe popoiar by the
Oerneaa husband of Qaeea Victoria,
aad, while tt hi sairerani there at tba
aeeaeat ttnae. It to tba Tale log and the
auntlotoa that oM th ceeOer ef at
tracthm Long herere Bag lane) bemane
a Carlattna coaatry tba Tola tog was
the wtater eoartleo. and tba aafattlaas
wo wm
Cbrtotnuuty am in S abroad.
tbo fesgmuaa to
Hgadag af tea Tale tog aa Cfcrtag.
aata. gather aboat tba hearth and
egwno th
evsoing wtth rami
tokaer aad aft toM
Owe of the etoest
to aaghiBd hi the
of Chranmaa aaraai from bawae
today are at
toboaaa by t
of ttoaaraas
. ' " ' TREATS. EVERY-
Fairbanks-Morse Gasoline Engine Prices Gut
lower than ever for 1916. Am fully equipped
to instal and can save you money on your",
pumping plants. Star Wind Mills Myers Pumps
Hoosler and Empire Jr. Drills, Case and Vulcan
Plows. Main Street, lone, Oregon
f. B. Sports, Prop.
High Cltsa Moring Pktar
Tim WmlktrRiai
buusg at Joua.
Every Sack Is Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
Per sack $1.50, Per barrel $5.60, Per five barrel
at $5.50, Per ten barrel at $5.40 .
C. B. Sperry, Agent ,.f . - . lone, Oregon
Worse Then the Ancient Mariner.
"Yon most have had a terrible as
perlenca, wltb no food and mosquitoes
swarming around yoaV eald a Mend
to tba shipwrecked mariner who bad
been cant away opoa a tropical ta
mnd. -
"Ton J not bet I bad a terrible expe
itenca," be acknowledged. "My ospa
rleaca was worse than that of tbe man
who wrote, 'Water, water everywhere,
but not a drop to drink.' With mo tt
was bites, bites everywhere, bat not n
Mto to enf-London Tlt-Blts.
Wo are at Kberry to play tbo
gams of Ue wkb aa the skill wo
can master, but if we denira to bo
come more skill ul as the yean
paa) wa mast bo more and more
eager tec fair andsnuarerjUyingoa
out own part.
Avalanches en Order. .
of slot lik! mtnas placed
deep la the congealed novas mantling
the crsats off the Swlas. Alpa ova
la aches are being manufactured to or
der for tbe benefit of moving pfctarr
pbotograpbera and others who find the
sport attractive enough to pay the
prices charged. Tbe mines are coa
nected by cable wltb a magneto at the
valley, and when nil te ready a posh
off tbe control lever fulminates a large
quantity of gunpowder aa oa the aide
of the BMMntatn and down comas the
a modal avalanche wltb all tbo torrt-
rylng ruafa and roar of a natural land
elide.-(Electrical WorinV
Kleotrtslty frees the Ah
A weH known Inventor, Jullaa Tgle
etas Blanco of Madrid, baa succeeded
la extracting eiertricltv from tba at
mosphere by aseani of aateanao and
other apparatus. Tba aatonnao ware
BKNiated to pairs upoa a wooden tower
thirty three feef high, erected apoa a
high hilt aeaer Tgleotar apparatus ra-
rolved electricity at n pressure of S0OD
volte, which waa transformed down to
ISO volta. rifteea lamps la a bo
were easily Rghted and maintained ai
fail sreeeure daring the pre liage teat
Ouot Weeavery at Ceaaeat Mine.
Recovery ef duet from the waste fcSa
gases ef a camtat aawufartarlag plaat
la California at accoesplkihea by a aya-
tom of gravity separatlea and wash
ing, says tag. Baglnrirtag Recerd. Tba
dost raltortlnai system hi tba
of a lawsuit brought against the
smM company by orange growers, who
roe tended that their fmht an
apotk-d hy the oast from the plaat.
The total a nana at uf daat lowered par
ear hi nevonor-ave gsna.
Worea Fainsg.
Toa'va The Mrs, Chatters,
haven't voa r askea Nan.
-Van, F.a.
- -THI mo all aboat bar."
- -Ito yoa know any ntreagar words
than Malkativa' or 'loooacjoaa' that
atean the noma thingr
"I eaal tbink al anr-Jost aov,"
"Well, then, ran t oWriba baf
H jrrm.,,-0icaa Tribtnsa.
asa sgat aaaaan,
TaoraB aaa thteg raa aay,- sgat
Wagatoa. "as that hi that I aao.
-N- fepaed Mbm Unyaaao. -Tag
leelr. On.
The Finest o -Hltfh
flour ou the
Market nt the
Syerrjr Ware-
In tbe Clrcalt Court of tba State of
Oregon for tbe County of plorrow.
Bert HaaoD, Plaintiff.
t. at. Morris, defendant.
To P. It. Morris, defendant.
In the name of tbe State of Ore
gon, yon are hereby required to ap
pear and answer the Complaint
filed against you In tba above eiw
titled suit on or before Wednesday
the 17th day of "February, 1S said
day being after the aspiration of six
weeks from the data of tbe Srek
publication of this summons, and
if yoo fall to appear and answer said
complaint, for want thereof tba
plaintiff wll apply, to tba Court for
tbe relief demanded there lar to-wit.
For a Judgement la tba aura of
$828.88 wltb legal Intereef thereon
from October 2, 1915, until paid and
tba farther nam of 841 40 with legal
iniereai inereon rram September l,
1915. until paid and tba futber sum
of tB.75 with legal Interest thereon
from July loth 1915 uatll paid and
tbe father nam of SIM 60 wltb legal
Interest thereon from October s, 1015
until paid and for the eoata aad
lls bo momenta la thai aatloe, -i
Service off this anmmona la nada
upon yon by poiHicatloa pursuant
to an order of the Honorable Gil
bert W. Phelps, Circuit Judge made
oa tbe SSnd day of December 1915
directing such publication mf tba
lone Journal ones a weak for six
consecutivs weeaa, tba A rat publlca-
wiwa owing, oa taa ZVta omj of
December UUaV , r
Knappenberg aad Johnsoa
Attorneya for Plaintiff
lone, Oregoa. - ais
Notice for Publication
Departmettt of tba larrrior. U. &
Laad OfHoe at Tba Dal tee, Oregoa.,
December 28th 1915.
Notice la hereby givea that Daat
rtes DolMTty, of Lexlagtow, Ore.
goa, who, on Juno the Sth iait,
made Momeatesul ntry No. 0I0SM.
Lota seetloa. a. Town-
ahrp 1-North, Kongo SVEaat, Wllu-
motta hferidaa. aaa Sled aotles of
intention to make SnaJ three year
proof, to establish claim to tba load
abova described, before CL a Patter-
eou C. & Com tn teal oaor, at rJeppttor
Oregoa oa tba 9th day of Pebramr
19IS. Claimaat aansea aa wttaeaawa: -
Edward MeDaid. Mott DoJtortr. Ber.
aard P Doherty. Baraar McDsvtta
all of Lexlagtoa, Oiagom.
- H. Frmak Woodcock-
Tbe editor knows of UOOO ta
loan upon first mortgaon ap
proved real estate.
Dr. M. W. Dawiw
MAnaVnxarr loan.