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Ions, Obiqon. OCt03ER ,13, 1916
Numbm BO
Directors Elect A Ney
Cashier At Bank
Vawter Crawford Accepts Position And Will Make His
Home In lone As Soon As His Affairs Are Arranged
Vawter Crawford editor of the people lost some of the beet birds
nAfT;m- i Hnnnr- wasithey had. There is some clue -to
metaA hv the Boad of Directors
of the Bank of lone to the pai-
tion of Cashier, he has been act
ing in that capacity ever since
the death of Clyde Brock, for
mer cashier who committed sui-
- cide a week ago, Mr. Crawford
will at once arrange his affairs at
Heppner to allow him to bring
bis family here and make his
home at lone. - His various in
w teresta will be disposed of except
-' the ownership of the Gazette
Times which will be given over
into the hands of his two sons
Arthur and Spencer, who at the
present time have active mana
gement of the business. Mr.
Crawford has been a resident of
Morrow County -far twenty six
and a half years and has held
' rum nnaitinna of trust at the
Bands of the people. He was
County Clerk for eight years of
. that tiine. M)nring. the years
he has been neve be fcas held the
the confidence of all who knew
him. -Hrf is no stranger to lone.
His banking experience covers
" en ami -aMiatf Tears with, .the
P.V nnnntir nriOT to his
taking over the Gazette-Times.
This gives lone one of the best
trustworthy- men that it was
(possible to take from Heppner.
what is her loss is our gain. The
Journal wishes the new cashier
-success and his many friends
will rejoice over the wise selec
tion of the Bank Directors, f
' J. L. Ciopan left this morning
for The Dalles for a ahort busi
ness trip." - '
Drra a Chick, accompanied
by his son Charles, .Mrs. Chick
and two of the school teachers
of the lone Schoola, were out rid
ing in the former's suto last
1 Sunday. 1
' -" Ott Summers was in from the
Davidson ranch last -Saturday
for supplies and left Monday
morning, r
Frank Robinson and Ed. Briv
tow were down below Morgan
laat Sunday looking, for ducks.
Th AiA nut find anv ducks but
killed s few rabbits..
The' dance held last Friday
4 night in the rink under the. mn
axemen t of J. B. Sparks was
web attended and the floor was
in fine shape. The repairs made
1a going to make he rink show
up in better condit on than it has
for years. A large tent will be
stretched over the ceiling and
. very effort will be made to keep
the place dry and warm. Danc
ing this winter will be a pleasure.
g The show was held la the old
' fcuiaiing but will be changed to
the new location as soon aa it is
resdy. '
' - Chkkeft thieves are abroad m
4it land arain and Some of the
best of those owned by John H.
Wilt were taken from back of
rata shop one night but week.
wbv ie it that anyone will stoop
so low aa to take chickens when
they could have had them
h t-fiilW if Oat nartv were in
need. Last fall it was-the same
the party this time and prosecu
tion may be looked for any day.
Aa he says it if not the value so
much as it is the spirit shown.
Another band of gypsies pass
ed thru this week.
Dr. Van Waters, Episcopalian
Arch Deacon, and assistant to
Bishop RoLert L. Paddock, spent
Mnnria with tiia fhntfh folic a at
lone. He held a public service
in the Baptist Church Monday
evening. The meeting was
largely attended and Dr. Van
Waters address was heartly en
joyed by all. He expects to hold
a meeting in lone monthly in the
future. , : ,
Several large : autos passed
thru town this week on there
way to the Valley.
Chaa. O'Niell ia building s lit
tle addition to his new place cf
residence at thsujipper end of
town.. It will make more room
when Qnished. " ?; t
Bert Barlow was in town Mon
day attending to a little business.
Sam Esteb was s Heppner visi
tor the past week.
Mrs. A. Mason left Monday
morning on the train. -
- M. C. Leadty waa in Monday,
attending to a little business. '
: v '
Wi H. Crohk 'was out' Sunday
with his family for an suto ride.
Ladies did you know that Dick
Turpins barber shop eaters to
your need in shampooing and
face massageing. . 'j
i n i -)
Mr. Thomas who has been
working with Mr. Davis on the
McMillan-Poroery home was in
lone Saturday.
The subject of the morning
sermon at the Congregational
chsrch next Sunday morning at
11 o'clock will be "What is the
Good of It" Subject of the
evening sermon "Preparedness '
an anti-worry sermon.
At the communion service st
Lexington lastSunda- the pas
tor snoks on the "Immortal
Life.". Christ has brought life
: and immortality to light through
I the Gospel. He himself is the
light snd life of all who love
him is this world and In any
world where men are destined
to live. Darkness and death are
simple, the absence of his life
and light in the souls of men:
Hia own wwds wer: I came
that they might have life and
have it more abundantly" and the
more abundant life that Christ
gave Is the immortal hfe.
The Morrow County Sunday
School convention' will be held
at lone snd Heppnrr November
4th and Ath. 1 .
Niehoson ft Buffington have
nurchased the place known as
the Cochran ranch oa the creek
above town.- It win be operated
in conjunction with their present
Mn. John Wilt left this morn
ing for Portland for a short visit
She will visit her daughter Doris
at Salem before she 'returns.
During her absence Mr. Wilt
will keep-bachelors hall. - ' .
The new scales of the Tura-A-Lum
Lumber Co. are in and do
ing business. 'They were in
stalled by Otto J. Exley, Scale
expert with the Fairbanks Morse
Co. of Portland. .
.- " - ' "
Vawter Crawford came down
Monday morning Wtelp out at
the Bank of lone.
Dick Turpin waa down to lone
all day Sunday, What' the
matter Dickt . . ,r
t-u xt;i uiuMil hia
connection with the pew School
. , i i.
Hraiu nniininir inn im ntit whir-
ing with h former partner
Chaa. B. Allinger. Other work
compeiiea mr. nnson w
j l k
,. . vtii i- .
work will be conducted
Allinger himself.
by Mr.
Fred Task manager of the
Farmers Union of Heppner was
s passenger to Portland Sun
day. .-- -s
Joe Mason shipped several Tots
of chickens this week to the
Portland market . T
Mrs. Chas. B. AlKnger.-and
daughter returned from their
visit last Sunday snd are new
at home. 1 "
Jos Mason received a small lot
nf flna tnrkeva last Monday and
E. R Lundel was in Monday
on business. He has been out
to the ranch for several days. :
Victory T. Phelps left last
Saturday for hia home in Portland
after three months visit at lone.
He made a number of friends
while here and may visit here
next summer.
Rer.,. tuttding with Dick
day morning for home aftof jSMrr-
very succeasful Sunday m lone.
He held services at the Baptist
church both morning and even
tnff and had auite a number at
tending. His remarks were well
received by those present He
will be here again in two weeks.
Hiss Crawford was a visitor at
lone the past week staying over
night with Mrs; Clarence Reynolds.
betail of the Court of the Universe
II .
n ri
V LLWraaTloli awi a -aki a t. tee (Wt f tfe
(to PaBPaat latataatl el BapapTO . Baa nmemi
I ZTZ aa aSarthe. I I rllMf M als W Si alfcw. Be
Clarence Reynolds spoke to a
Very appreciative audience last
Sunday both morning and even
in There was special music by
Prof. W. K.Davis who la choir
loiifW A rinnt hv TinV SheD-
derd and Harry Johna waa a
feature of the evening service.
hey are both pupils of Prof.
'avis.. -1 n
In speaking of the topic A
mall Match and a Gnat Fire,"
lunday morning on his sermon.
r. ReviwMa emohasiied - the
ower of the tongue for good or
lor evil. He preached from the
(third chapter of. James. Some
Ubf his remarks.' were:' "How
ould you like to have s pnond-
iphic record ot all your words
np a vrMklr anH than have to lis
n to tntf re guru huk uaca w uu
J'" ! Kih
like what is taking nlace in the
ilifeof every person today, for
F? D1D " "tu'
r . t, " iL .. K
word that they utter.. A
wive an accouni. ui every iuio
u j
ongueis more fierce than the
hg game that Teddy goes .f ter ,
tor it ha. never yet been tamed
iand Teddyusually brings back"
Lgame.' Jamea speaks of the ton-;
Cue as a 'restless evil' pr as ,n
hvll that can not be caught when
it has aommitted wrong. The
L T. , --i
for if any man offend not in
i lL i
able also to bridle the whole body
and by a beautiful song or by a
sermon the tongue can lift a per
son just as hign as it can lower
them with slander lies ss high
ae heave itself or as low
" '""'! 1111 I W
Prayer meeting services will
be held at the residence-. of Dr.
and Mrs. . a Chick next
Thursday evening at 7:80. All
the member! and friends of the
Church of Christ are asked to
be present Bring your bibles.
Robert Hopkins 6t Scio, who
is at the Journal office passed
bah amh 1 niAaaaHf airatitvrrra i ViA
i saw3vri ai uicaBBim n v vjtitaa,
Frank Akers was down from
the ranch Monday doing a little
Gus Liebel was down with a
bunch of fine beef cattle the
past week and sold them to an
outside cattle buyer.
Chester Titus was a visitor.
Grass Valley this week. . .
i Game Of Season
fy' ' i i'n
Lexington High Plays At Heppner Next Saturday 16th
lone Team Shows Class Under The New Management
llone won the first game of the I come to lone from Cecil with
series at Lexington 39 to 12 last speed Vnd less inconvenience
Saturday on the Lexington field. I there would be more business
About 80 went from lone in
havraek and several iutos went
up to Sttend the game. Hopkins
of lone was head lineman. Rood
of Lexington acted as Referee
and Crawford -of Heppner ;waa
umpire;-' By rushing Lexington
of their feet in the first quarter
lone High succeeded in piling up
a biff score against Lexington
. j .1 t. 1.
. l T"
Je first quarter. They
de another touchdow in the
econu "
I0U TH' T I a
eded bk,cking goal after 3oth-
wtoucnoowns. ineyar-
1ra p-; .
third and fourth auarters. In
poys ormcea -nu
lone bort on we nem. iot iwu
tnuchdowna. both kicks failed.
The game, for the most part wat
S clean one lone used open
tactics while Lexington used Uh
old style, line bunching plays.
The Lexington boys will play the
Heppner team next Saturday.
S. T. Knappenberg,
lone, Oregon,
Dear Sir: . ; ' t
' A good road meeting was held
at Lexington, Oregon in April
of this year for the purpose of
grading the road from lone, Ore
gon to Heppner, ' Oregon. The
sense of this meeting waa that
it was to late to do this work in
April and May. . But all were in
favor of building said road on s
grade beginning not later than
November the first It was the
sense of this ssme meeting that
we hold s good roads meeting
in lone in September for the
sole purpose of building a road
from Morrow County line to
Heponer. The Morrow County
Fair did interfere with the Sep
tember meeting. Hence we have
taken the matter up with our
pAitnt Court to -sal a data for
this very important meeting and
thev and we have mutualy a
greed on October 22nd at 1 p. m
at your city. It appeais to us
at this time that the only way
for us to secure such a road is to
levy a special road tax of 6 mills
on the following districts, Hepp
ner. Lexington, lone and Cecil
this would insure the building st
once. We would Sppreciate very
much if yon would assist us in
arranging as well u advertising
this good roads meeting. i
yours very truly
J. L. Wilkins.
Above sppears a copy of a
letter received from J. L. Wil
kins by Jos. Knappenberg of our
city. The letter explains itself
and besides this ws wish to -emphasize
the importance of every
citixen attending this meeting.
But ss the details have-not bees
fully wotked out yet the place of
meeting will be announced later.
The main thing is to be present
and do your best to make the
results count Ws" need good
roads and every move towards
this end will give as more traffic
and that means mors businesss.
If it were possible for wagons to
Wins first
done here. A good toad is a
wise investment and no nna
knows this better than the pro
gressive farmer who baa to haul
small loads over rough roads.
There is very little doubt that
the wasted time and lnaa riua tn
breakage of hauling gear Jn the
pastHen years has been large
enough to pay the cost of a hard
surface road from Ions to the
county line. This may sound a
little high but figure It .out for
yourself. -V v .
E. H. Turner wss ui this week
doing some shopping I for the
home ranch.
Mr. and Mrs Godfrey left this
week for LaCrosse, Washington
after a visit with their daughter
Mrs: Bert Mason.
Found s 22 calibre rifle
at the
call and pay for this ad
journal ofnea, - t.'
'Tiny Shepherds brother arriv
ed this week with his wife and
The Yoemen met la Lexington
Tuesday evening -and installed
their new lodge under the direc
tion of R. N. Moffat, District
Have you noticed the nles Hue
of meats and fish carried by 8.
U. Helgate the meat market man
and hia line of smoked meats
keep hitf busy getting new stuff
cured and smoked, to reptaes
what he sells daily.
Dick Sperry has taken posi
tion at the Bryson Garage and
will devote his after schsoi hoars
to the study of the garexe busi
ness. -
Billy Berger the harness mak
er is one -of the popular boys
these days. Ws saw him last
Sunday taking part in the choir
service at the Christian church.
That's right Billy let your voice
ring out
The poles for the new wires
are being placed around town by
the pole crew snd as soon aa the
poles are all set the linemen will
get busy snd lone will be resdy
to get her 24 hours service, This
Heppner power scheme Is going
to make an awful difference in
this little burg.
John Bryson received the re
mains of s Ford Automobile from .
Hsrdman the other day. It was
one of the machines that was. in .
.i - .1 i i u.
ine nre mere an wmm.T.
has taken it apart and -will ha
able to realiM quite a number
of necessary extra parte. ..
W. H. Cronk received a fine"
pair of antlers Tuesday from the
taxidermist This is from the
deer that he shot earlier la the"
season. '" -
Prof. L A. Doak has beea re
painting his house the past week .
snd it shows up fine. - v
' The hitching posts la front of
the-rink have been repaired and
gives added hitching facilities.
f -l
aa many of our local 1 place Bar by.