The Ione journal. (Ione, Or.) 1914-1916, April 28, 1915, Image 3

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    The Bank of lone' cordially invites -your account
I , subject to check or on Certificate of Deposit, with ' i
f; -... the assurance of ceurtoous treatment.
J. E. C RON AN, President, " " " 1;
;- E. A. CLaRE, Cashier, '--'-'". .-. .
" , X. J. MAHONEY, Vice President
Majn Street , , . lone, Oregon"
M. B. Haines, Prop. WesJ Main Street
Flntfy Bquipptd to Nmatjlt mil Repair: I Agtatt For tttyjr
, Automobtk.Acst$Bork
THe lone Garage
. . f. 0. BRYSOft, Proprietor
Pi!tben4 Qmsolioe Station
Umin Strttt, loo, Ortgoa
3000 Rolls of the Latest Designs Wall Paper In
stock for our customers to select from Jhls is
the Largest Shipment of AVall Paper ever recei
ved in lone by a Furniture Store. Gall at once.
Main Street
lone, Oregon
International Bible League! Coupon
A Magnificent Bible
Paid-up subscribers to the lone Journal bring this coupon to the
' officewith 98 cent which cover coat of pactng transportation
from factory, checking, clerk hire and thnr expense Items, aad
thle Bible will be delivered to you. If the bible la to be mailed.
Send l&ceuts extra lor postage. t .
. Name ft address.... .1' ... ... .1
8ubcrilerH In arrears can vet this Bible by semilog $1.60 In ad
dition to above, It's worth the money, both for J2.48 , . , ,
All Kinds of Fresh and 'Cured Meats
X pat Stock WantecUat all, times - ,
Holgatc & Slater
Main St. V , "T 7 " T lone, Oregon
Tum-a-Lum Barns & Silos
are designed by oor Enjcineering Dept. and plans ars
furnished to you FREE. ... u, ' .-
If you are planning a new farm building or a HOME you
had better see ; " -r
Tum-a-Lum Lumber Co
, See Cronk or" Rood shoot H et their offices at
lone and Lexington. Oregon.
, ( tear out alone this Hne and mail)
Tum-a-Lum Lumber Co., Ions and Lexington, Oregon..
We ars interested in your FREE PLANS for HOMES
and would Eke information on seme.
Opening Day at Panama-Pacific Expo
;V.y:! sition Broke 'AH Exposition 7
Attendance Records ,:
A EX sitssHsari recsrds tor sxpe
SUosi were brofeea at the opso
1ns; of the Panams-PsdOc latsr
asttonal axposHtoa la Baa rrancisco
on Wub. SO, Vast rows thronced the
sreoods wasm Prssldsat 'Wilson prss.
sd Ahs bvttoa b Wasalogtoa. and sach
say since tbaatteadaaesasabssasner-
awns. The bo balldlnfs and baa".
tUol tfeorahfarss hommsd wltb ao
tirlty and bSvs eonttaoed to ds so.
Tbe MzposltsM has alfeady demoa
strstsd at this sarty date that will
be a frsat assess In svsry way. .
Left is ftitfhl Ars Sbowarae rdaes of Edocatiom,
Palus f Liberal Arts aod Tower of Jewels.
Honor RolL
Composed of pupiltf who
liare no t been tardy or absent
for the month of March. . ,
- Hiss Daniels, first and sec
ond grades Helen Penning
ton. Ines Clark. - Elizabeth
Davis, Floyd Barnett, Houston
Bryson Jretta Downing, Lncile
Bnstow, Mary Fletcher; Rath
8 wanson, "Alfred Turner, Neya
Dnncan, Ieola Akers, Venice
Cochran, ; Gerakiine Akera,
Frank Lnndell, Edmund Bris
tow! Floyd GrabilL
Miss Wattenburger, third
and fourth grades Vivian
Fletcher, Geneva Miller, James
Howard, Dona Bitchie, Carl
LinnSenry Halvoraen, Bessie
Hartwell, Eugene Pennington,
Norma Swanson,Carlton Swan
son, Mary Lindsay, Lyle Clare,
Bernioe Fletcher, Gladys Lun
dell and -Alto Tomlin. .
Miss Bomney, fifth and sixth
grades Alma Mobley, Thomas
fDavidaon Earl Cronk, Arlene
Bahriger, John Bacon, Edene
Moore, 1 Walter Linn, . Lottie
Bitchie, Irene Downing, Karl
Davis, ; Keithly Blake, Ted
Blake and James Lindsay.
' Miss Swanson, seventh and
eighth grades-Charles Coch
ran, Charles Chick," Sibyl Cas-
on, Ldiue renmngton, Lee
Howell, Wayne Sperry, Joseph
LowellEldred Corson, Blanche
Turner, Clara LinnJe&n Davis,
Josephine . Woolery- Ll o y d
Fletcher, Mary Bacon, Earn
est Howell, Gladys Fletcher,
and Elisha Sperry.
Miss Mohr, high school
Victor Beiunan, Mearl Blake,
Etta Barlow, Lillie "Allinger,
Kenneth Blake, Harley Sperry,
Ada Ritchie, Boy Blake, Boat
rice Sperry, Lulu Calkins and
Edison Morgan. . .
A Lyoeum Course for Ions, ,
lone is to have a lyoeum
oours next winter, composed
of three umbers. This course
is backed by the school and de
serves the hearty support dT
the people as it is of an educa
tional as well as of an enter
taining nature. It is claimed
by some authorities thai a peo
ple oan be judged by their
amusements. The Romans, a
war faring people, were amus
ed only by the bloody battles of
the ampitheater; the Mexican
must see the bull fight in which
one or more poor horses are
gored to death and the built
with no ehanos for life, must
finally succumb to the tortures
of the "hero of Jhe hour." If
the amusements are true
basis on which to Judge a peo
ple, the directors of the lone
school have the Tight idea
when they try to elevate the
entertainments of the town,
Manual Arts.'
"... nil I f " .
"The lone High Schoor hap
taken the lead in trying to in
troduce a new subject into the
schools of the. county. The new
subject ib one of which every
boy should have- some know
ledge. It is manual training,
or the teaching of carpentry
and cabinet making, and is al
so of value in teaching the use
and care of tools which every
tanner has to use more or less.
It ib also argued that girls
should take manual training so
they can hang a picture with
out pounding the nail-which
nature' gave them .instead of
the -one they bought. The
teaching of this subject requir
es much time and an instructor
who has had proper prepara
tion. . If the High- Schools ot
Heppner and Lexington would
put this ,department in their
schools as "lone will have next
winter one instructor could be
hired to handle the subject at
the three placeSy .JIe.cpiild
give lone two days, Lexington
one and Heppner the remain
ing twa days of every week.
TWs would cost Heppner and
lone about forty dollars 'each
and Lexington twenty. 1 lone
has a roan hired as assistant
instructor next year who can
teach ' manual training but if
the suggested plan were adopt
ed our principal wonld be
spared more .time from his du
ties as instructor to oversee
and direct the rest of the
Best on the Market
i- "
On Special Sale At "
Regular 1 lb. 45c, Now 35c
Regular 2 1-2 lb. $1 Now 90c
Regular 5 lb. $2 Now $1.50
Screen Doors, Wire Screen Poult- ,
Netting and Seasonable Goods
: V Of All Kinds At ;
Main St.
Ion. Ore.
The Country Squire.
The lone High School is
working on the play to be giv
en near the ending .of the
school year. This play is en
titled "The Country Squire"
and will be by far the biggest
number of this year's dramatic
work- The play will require an
enormous amount of time and
labor, but those- taking part
are going after it with a. will
and hope not only to make the
production lose its amateur
features but to bring it near
the class of professional work.
The play will be given in the
rink to better accommodate tbe
large audience which is expect
ed. Date of rendition will be
on Saturday evening; May 22.
Seats will be on sale two weeks
in advance.. .
The new band is progressing
very rapidly under the leader
ship of W. F. 'Burger, a good
looking young man and an ac
complished musician of lone.
Two new members have been
added latelyv an A cornet and
an 'at'base while a clarinet
will probably be added a little
later. At present &e band
consists of 14 pieces. .
I Get Your Alarm Clocks Of
V Me. Who? Beau se I have the best alarms
on the market. u t. . ..:
Because I guarantee-all mnclocke -and "amf
; able, to make trty guarantee good'
There is no other alnnn juntos good, fori '
have the exclusive agency for the world Fam
. one BIG BEN. , ; . c- .'-
paul g: dalsiger
Dealer in Myers Pumps, Stover Engines, Star
and Wonder Windmills, Parry Buggies, Winona
Wagons, Empire Jr. Drills, Champion Harvest
ing Machinery.
Ue lone Barber Shop
Clean and Sanitary Shaving, Hair Cutting, Sham
pooing, Massaging, Razor Honing, Satisfactory
work guaranteed. Baths at all hours. Warranted
Razors For Sale. Give my shop a call.
I treat everybody right
Dick Turpin, Proprietor .
Llclit and isarj Hauling.
Ws Aim to PImsm the Pablte
Vrmj Work Haodlsd te s Prompt aod HatJataetory M aoosr
to Loan on Approved Real Estate Sec
urity, by The Bank of lone, lone, Oregon