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The .Redemption
X9vid Corson
-,'rtst. mkrTki Baanw-MerrB Ce-eeer.': ' ,
The doctor muled ob wltli nn- un
ceasing Bow of talk, while th mind of
the Quaker plunged Into a serious of
vloUnt effort to adjust itself to this
new situation. Ho tried to force him
self to bo glad that ho had boon mla
taken. Ho for tbo first ttmo fully ad
mitted the lnlfti-nc of iho qualms
which ho felt at permitting himself to
regard thlo strolling gypsy with ouch
foaling ao had boon In hlo heart.
But now," ho ld to hlmoolf, "I oan
go forward with looo compunction. I
can gratify my dee Ira for excitement
and adventure with perfect oafoty. 1
will etay with them for a while, an
when 1 am tired can leave them with
out any an langtemente." Whan the
situation had been regarded for a little
while from thlo point of view, he felt
happier and more care -free than' for
weeks Ho solaced hlo disappoint
ment with the reflection that ho should
till be near Papeete, but no Ion gar to
ay danger.
At this profound reflection of the
young moth hovering about the flame,
let the satirist dip his pen In acid, and
the pessimist In gall! There la enough
folly and stupidity In tho operation of
the human mind to provoke tbo one to
contempt and tho other to despair.
Th epiing and summer had passed,
uiumn had attained tho fullness of
Its golden beauty, and tho Inevitable
had happened. David and Popeota had
passed owlftly though not unresisting
ly through all tho Intervening- stages
lie t ween a chanoe acquaintance and an
Impassioned love.
Any other husband than tho quack
would have foreseen this catastrophe;
but there Is one thing Minder than
love, and that la CKottsm ouch as hi.
Hie t'oloasal vanity had not even .sus
pected that a woman who possessed
him for Iter husband could for a single
Instant beilow a thought of Interest
on any other man.
David had abandoned th Quaker
Idiom for the speech of ordinary men.
and discarded hla former habiliments
for the most conventional and stylish
clothe. Contact without world hJ
sharpened hlo nattvo wit and given
him a freedom among men and women
that was fast descending Into aban
don. Buooees had stimulated hla self
confidence and made him prise those
gifts by which ho had one aroused
tho devotloa of adoring wars hi pars In
th Quaker mooting house: ho soon
found that they could bo ud la vle
t Ira lee th erowde which , gathered
around th nare of the torch la th
public equai-a.
A transformation had been taking
place la Pepeeta, Under tho aunehln
of David's love, and th daw ( the
spiritual coa caption which had' fallen
upon her thirsty spirit, th seeds of a
beautiful nature. Implanted at her
birth, germinated and developed with
astonishing rapidity. Walking stead
ily in such light ao fell upon her path
way and over looking for- mora, h
aplrltual vision became . clearer anil
clearer every day; and while this af
fect ton for Ood purified her soul, her
lave for David expanded and trans-
formed her heart. Her unbounded ad
miration for him blinded her to that
process of deterioration In his charac
ter which even In quack perceived.
To her partial eye a ban at in sur
rounded the head of th young apos
tate. But while the two new affec
tion wrought thla sudden transforma
tion In th gypsy and Ailed her with
new and cxqulotte happiness, the
clrcumatance of hor life war euoh
that this Illumination eauM not wot be
attended with pain, for It brought vr
now revetatteas of those ethical lacen
latencies In which she discovered her
self to b deply H ot hopelessly la-
Wolvrd. ...
r David had chosen aa old plan to
compel Vepeele to abandon hor hue
band. For Ha execution ho had al
ready mad a partial pre pa ration in
an ongageaaent to atoet the Juottoe of
th peace who had performed her mar-
Has ceremony- Tho ens cement was
.conditioned upon hla falliir to per-
uae th gypsy to accompany hint wf
4 'her own free wilt
' immcdartelr ftef upper he tank
Ojer to tho place appointed for th
' -eneeltng. This vlvll onVer had been a
comaanlo of the ejueeh'a for many
veers. Hla natural capacity, which
- wtt of tho high oat order, had eeeurot
him one ptaoa of honor after another:
. feut a had lost them through th are-
tlco of many vie, and had at
unk to that depth of degradation la
which ha waa willing to barter
- BuMiar for alsMot any priest
Th place at which a hat agreed
-" an meet David was a lag sale hi on
1 mi th meet disreputable aorta of tho
city, aad to thta spot tho Infatuated
' youth mad hla way, Kow that he
- wa atone with hi thought. IweMM
-' otot contemplate hla purpose with a
' llna o dread, aad yet I
msn nr aartaaatr csnsldsr tta ooaa
AMtmoat. Hkt saavosaoat. -
v.- . ? 'V
wer tboa of a majT totally oWtvlous
to hut surrounding. -.
. Hstytagr reach th door of tbo aa-
Davld oast glanoa about him.
ao If ashamed of .being observed, and.,
entered. It waa a fitting place to hatch
an avll deed. Tho floor was covered
with nitby eawduet; the air was rank
with th fumes of sour boor and 4ul-
te rated whisky; tha Umps wore not
yet. lighted, and hla eyes blinked aa ho
A.trd th dirty duak of tbo Interior.
Tho door which ha pushed open, ad
mitted him to a parlor scarcely lees
dirty and disgusting than tho saloon
Itself, at the opposite and of which ha.,
beheld the bjet- mt his search.
Well. I boo you are hare," h aaio.
drawing a chair to tho table.
'And waiting," a deep and riok but
melancholy vole replied.
"Can't w have a couple of can
dles? The shadows seem to crawl
up my lags and take dm by tbo throat.
I feel as If some one wore blindfold
ing and gagging me," said David, look
ing uneasily about.
Tha Judge ordered tfi candles, and
while they were waiting obeervea:
"Ton had better aeoustoni yourself to
shado we,' young man, for you will And
plenty of them on tho road you are
traveling. They deepen wlth-tha pass
ing years, along every pathway; out
the on which you arc about to set
your foot wads lata th hopalaas dark,"
What I want Is help."
And so you have appealed to mT
You wish mo to go to this woman and
tell har that her marrlags was a
fraud r
I do." "
'Young man, have you n compunc
tions about this buelneea r said tha
Judge, leaning forward and looking
earnestly Into the Blue eyea.
"CompunctionsT" said David, In a dry
echo of the question. "Ohl some. But
for every compunction I have a- thou
sand deeperat determination."' " -
"I will help you. Ther 1 no an
trying to save you. You ar only an
other motbl You want th Are, and
you will have It! Tou will burn your
wings oft a millions have dona before
you and aa million will do after you.
What then? Wings are made to b
burned I I burned mine. Probably. If
I had another pair I would burn them
sis. It Is aa useless to moralise to
lover as to a tiger. I am a fool to
waot my breath on you. Lot us got
down to business. Tou aay that sh
love you, and that she will a glad
to learn that oho to freer"
"I dot her heart la en our aid, flb
will believe you easily!"
Tea, aha will believe me easily! Sh
will bdhrv- me too eaelly! For eli
thousand years desire has bee a
nya for credulity. All aan believe
what they went 4. except myself.
believe everything thai I do sot want
to, and nothing that I dot But no
matter. How much am 1 to get foP
thlo jobr
They haggled a while over tho price.
struck a bargain and shook hands th
same symbol being used among men
to seal a compact of love or hate, vir
tu or vice.
-Be at the Spencer House at U
o'clock." satd David, rising. "Yen will
Hnd ue on the balcony. The doctor
to epend th night In a revel with th
captain of the Mary Ann, and we shall
be uninterrupted. Ue an actor. Be
great actor. Judge. Tou ar to deal
with a soul which pnaseasra unusual
powers of penetration."
Do not feart Sh will bo ao match
for m. for oho la Innocent and when
was virtue ever a match for vice? She
la predestined to her doooa! Fare
welU Fare-HI. I mean," he muttered
under his breath, a David
from tho room. ,,
Having rgalnd hla ealmnesb by a
long walk. David hurried back And
rtacbid th open space along the river
front where peddlera, mountebanks ,
and street vender piled thou crafta.
Just la time to meet the doctor a be
drove op with his hor.
After th doctor bad vanished that
evening. David and Popeota paaaod
down the long corridor and out upon
the balcony 'of the M 0pner .House,
t the pier appointed for th Inter
view .of the judge. Tb sight waa
bright: a refresh In- breoas waa -blowing
up from th rtver and the fre
quent Intermission fa -th gusts' of
wind that dweat over th sleeping city
gav the trapreeaioa that Nature waa
o Id tag her breath to Uotes to In
tala of love that wer being told en
elty balconies and la country la no,
trader tb m voter toue Influence Of tho
ruu aaoon, and of the alleaee, far tb
Mis f the elty had died away, their
Imaglaatton were aroused, their em
tMns oulcheaod, their sanstblHtles
stlrreC It osemed anneaetble that Ufa
could be aerlewaly real. Their ceniep
Its of dety and nasinsliiaty wee
u OH meted tabs vogwo and mtpty
dream, and tb onjoyaveat ef tb aa
SMait's Pet lag pnacwies
mly foaltty and ad of Hfo,
-Passes, y have haag
lirei win m ao it aowr asaew - i
-Of what possible tntereat can H
to your' aba answered. I
"It eeema to me." b replied, "that I
I could Hngor forever over the cllght-j
est date I L It s not enough to know-1
what rou . i wian to .now now
you earn, to be, what you ere" I
Tou must reoonclle yourself to ig - ,
trance: tbo arialn of my evlstenoe la
lost la sight. It la toe sad! I do
not wast to think of anything that
happened before I met you. afy life
began from ' that moment. Beore, I
bad. only dtwatned." T
Thy oeased to eDeak. and sat Hent-
ly gaslng Into eacb other's fa-obe, the
heart Of the woman rent wttU a con
flict batweeg desire and doty; ahd that
of th man by tempest of evil paa
eiona. At that moment, a alow and
heavy step was heard la th hallway.
They looked toward the door, and In
the shadows saw a .man who contem
plated them silently for a moment and
then advanced. , David wes to meal
"I beg your pardon." he' satd, feign
ing embarrassment, "1 had an errand
with the lady, and hoped I should And
hor alone."
"You may' speak, for the gentleman
Is the friend of my husband and my
self." Pesesta raid, t
"I will begla. then." he responded,
"by asklnc If vsu recoanls nuT" And
at that be supped out Into th mooo
Fopesta gav him a saarohlng gianot
and exclaimed tai surpriaa, "You are
tb Judge who married me."
He let bis head fall upon his breast
with wtl-aoBumed humility, remained
a moment 1b silence, looked up mourn
fully and amid, "I would that I had
really married you, for then I should
not hove beam bearing thla load d
guilt that ban beea. arushlng ma foi
At these words, Pepeeta sprang front
bar seat and stood before btm with bi
hands clasped upon her breast.
. "Be oulekl go on!" so cried, wheo
ah had waited la vain for him to nro-
' "Prepare yourself for a revelation of
treachery aad dishonor. I oan conceal
my longer.- If I hold my
peace th very etonea is th etreet will
cry out against me.
"Hake haste I" Pepeeta exclaimed.
bnpwratlvely. j,- ''
"Madam." continued the etranga
man. - "You are not married to yout . titles osrioualy. There arc on tnon-buaband.-
I deceived you an I waa und u,, shows In tb United
bribed to do. 1 was not a justice Klnr)km alrfwdy. and bnraumbr fa
had no right to perform that ceremony.
It waa a solemn farce." --
These words, spoken slowly, solemn
ly, and with a simulation of eandoi
which would have deceived her even
If she had not desired to believe them,
produced the most profound Impres
sion Upon the mind of Pepeeta, She
approached the judge and cried: "Sir. 1
beg you not to trifle with me I Is what
you have told me true?"
- "Alec, too true."
"Oh! sift" ah cried, "you cannot un
derstand ; but this la the happiest mo
ment of my life!" n K. .
"Madam r he -acta(med. wterroga
Uvely and with consummate art.
"It at not necoBsnry for you to know,.
why," she ana wer ea; "out iinaaja
you." "
"What can It mean? I Implore you
to tell me," be said
Tta nni aab Be"'-h tewH.' 1
cannot ted you new- ate.eeart aee
full." .
"But does thla mean that I have
nothing to regret and that yon have
forgiven mr c .
It doea. I bles yen from the bot
tom of my heart!"
She gave him her Hand. He took II
m hla own and held. H. looking Aral
at her and then et David with an -preoelon
of such eiirprtse as to deceive
nts accomplice scarcely lees than bli
victim.,: Young, ineperieno. Inno
cent In thla sin at least, she Mood be
tween them belplesn
It is one thing r g, woman detlb
evatelr to renounce her ins triage voam
Imt quite another for a heart eo loyal
t -duty, to be be betrayed Into enme
by an Ingenuity worthy of demons.
Child h misfortune that ehe wan
vivtl mot a aerie a of untoward and fa
tal ctrcumotancea, eh had reason -an
her life to regret her credulity; but
never to reproach herself for wrong In
tention. Her heart often betrayed
her, but her soul wae ewvwf corrupt
ed. Sh ought to have keen mere oar.
fuH-alaa, yes. sh ought but eh
ao lu. -T
W caotmaed.) ,
A gldewwah CJeavtSiarteOl ?
"How's your pnrden cosnlag af
-Why do yon arit that guest loaf
demanded th smburbank auaplctow
"Joat out of nottteuesb
Qlad to bear that.' 1 thought ftVn
bo I bad promlatd you aagsa
i V
Had Owe of ale OwraW
Rector I did at eee yo at our aa-
-coal gathering last wort, Llabeta. WU(MH H4 potated out to the colonial
waa tbatT k
Uabeth Won, 1 had ft UttJ oP
tag o aay owa laat week, air.
f Beetor Dear bmI Where waa that!
Ltobeth Ou tha baea f ana aaaw,
otr.-lly Bloper. Hair Holiday. , .
A n-ti-t AdTantsuL "
-Rut ihU hana hi twenty flvr mOm
a, tb. ealMsaeA- -
-Jaat tha Marfttboa Alatanca, at?
frload. Think of want oaorcm youn
set maalaa for tha tralaa.'WMla
tUm CowrietewrnaL .
-Set a good tabea, abf
ftOKSTHnre rot twtcdi
There are Utnd BteBtgraphaa" and
1" , Ml. i. j
- wr - '
There are t France over IfcOM
qualified medical pract loners and over
U&M phannacbrta.
- Of the Philippine Itlanda the oae
which probabir ha the moat product
Ira MU m Hlttdanacr.
Tb roller skating fad. whteh be
came popular In Bngland laat winter,
prtmiiaos- to coetlnu this eeaooa as
weH. '
la reply to aa fbqulry. Consul Cos.
M. Cangbey of Milan report that har
ness racing la becoming more general
la Italy, twenty-alx meetings baying
been held In IMS ts tweaty-three d
tla. , - - v j
With ylew io ralelng th etandard
of pillow, needle point and Midland
lace production by Englleh peasantry
tb lady mayoress of Midland will bold
an exhibition entirely of Snglleh hand
mad lac at th Mansion houss.
. Th Chinese thrash rloa by hand,
beating n bunch against a fram sus
pended oror a basket. For a fanning
mlU the usual way la for thorn to pot
tb annulled grains Into a rocoptaelct ny boapltaJlty to1 eteeJniy
and tread on tbem with bar foot nn
til tha brecM has Mown away tho
cbA '. :-
Flfteea hundred' "elx-penny cab.
hansoms and four-wheeler have Juet
been placed la tbo atrcota of London
and they are said already to have
cored a groat auocees. Bach cab bears
a little flag with th announcement
"Slineno (It coats) not oMcodlng
one mil."
Th Snanclal poailbflltloj of cine
matograph theaters bar dawned slow
It on the British mind, long after they
were extensively exploited In the
United States and on the continent,
but provincial t beaten ar now begin-
nlog to -feel tho effects of their aompo-
Increasing monthly. Th prleb of ad
mission ranges from a penny to a sbtl
Hog.' 1
Th electric treatment for skin dis
eases, flrst introduced by Profsssor La-
due of Parle, in 101, baa now atnerg-
od from th oiperlnMotol stagea and
to eatenarvely need at Bartholomew!
hospital, London. Tb treatment eoa
sista of passing nn electric current
through th dteeaeed part, on of tbo
electrodes being a covered pad soaked
with ft aolvtlon contain log ar drug or
chemical. Tb electricity break up
tb solution Into teas, which penetrate
th tissue cells with the current.
rjntodato atoaognpher- aee tb
typewriter automatically, pretty much
not, anlg, aaUoms the oyee, but gi
greater freedom to thought and move
ment of tha body,- and pnta mrge
part of tb work npoa the centora of
tho automatic aervoag aystoni to tho
tip-top of tho spinal oord. which act
more ar less tndspondently snS with
ant eoocentratlon end Prtgoe of tbo
higher brain anna. tome oan type
rapid dictation tn tbo dark with only
oseraina; prnyfnl ewbrt, and few can
oae their Angers, chew gum, talk,
laugh and work ail at the same time
New Yerbr frees.
la microscopic form - Molasan, the
Proacb chemist prodaend abeotate
diameads which are but erycUilsed
carbon. The Urgent artlflcJal diamond
yet produced meaarres Hm than on
millimeter . OWrr of an rncb hi
ametar, ea Metsaan's laboratory they
believ that tf they oanld deal with
forty r flfty pouada of Iron aa easily
aa with four or nWeewaes their dta-
monda woald bo larner. They also
Urve tha tho wfeeeea of tbelr labor-
atory la tho proeean of pjother earth
though down hi hor asorsi htboraterles
tbo anrth baa temperature and pres
snrea tboy caa not nommand and aoeno
of thne to prfeet her worn.
Mr David OIIL who, aay tha Weeb
minster Qaoetto, l te mohn report
to the Intemtlenel dee as tta Oanfeo
ao an tbo acresa saadn with tha
African anrrsy treoi th caao to Cairo
siana the 'MU merhlian
meacad that great task
while aetreaeener royal at the
tHj to ur system of Mad tea-
'ar. and shewed that bag tracts of bud
fc - satstamaat by
, wtBBl mtUmM at
....joie by bnirtad and
IdOad survylag. Mr. Cecil Rhodes
early sa the valae of thla ad vie, and
Bat Oary acted an It tft Raodosax but
pau.liid tn hi wU ter ft grant f
osobe flaXtW freen ihg fanda of th
avtthw Beuth Afrtaa Oaapaay toward
law OKpaaasa af eamaxa the pjnri.
are aorta ward toward Lake
aarrtofl ananly-two ml a ftawU ef the
I have been nataaT Caacarcta for In-
BBswta, with whkh I bare been aflktad
for tweutv veara. and I can aay that Caa- .
carets have riven m more relief than any
other rcmedV 1 have ever tried. I abaft
certainly recommend them to my irknda
M being; ail that they are represented." A
- race, wuawn, w(ia, u.
Palate hie. Pallet. Taaw Good.
Never atokaa.' Weaken or Orhw.
n He k.. Maw aold la bulk. The rea-
BfaM tablet aUmpedCCC. thuvwaSaedte
i or rear stoasy aesa, am
The two eat on the park bench, look
ing at the moonbeam dancing .over
the lake. '"".'
'Juet one, Doris!" he pleaded.
"8h!" eh whispered. "I feel a If
some other-man were watching us!"
Just then th jnoon aoooni modatl n g
went behind b cloud end the man
oTtt alsappoared) - - ;i
"Sngaged to that beautiful girl, and
yet sot happy r
"WeU. ahe-a gone tft by tarn per
rowing and tennis and horses and golf
and dogs." , ; . , , .
"Bay en. - ' " . . -i.--"Bometunee
f 'wonder If I am a
sweetheart or merely a id."---luh
vlU Courier-Journal. .
Tew staeaa '
Wrctebon woman! W took
husband. -: . - -
'Pardon me, but to H aaactly steal
ing where n guest wishing a eouvenlr
of an agreeable rleitv came away
wltS bet aomo trifling Ulng wbJtm
bar hostoav gives every token -of ear
log llttlb forr Nw York Life. r
A tjooHonona P,ereseaiwaeo. "
ADiioua Wife John, I wlU have t
have aome new clothes this fall.
tv-ononneal Husbaad Oood heav-
na, BUia, haw long la thla thing to
a oaf That's Just what yen ald laat
nH, Baltimore American. ......
Smperor Francis Joseph of Austria
twice a week hold an audience, when
he la accessible to the richest aad
poorest of his Sublec-t.
;;: Equipment
of tbo Calif ornia Fig Syrup Co. and the
MflentUk attainment of its chemist have
rendered poesible tb produetkm of Syrun..
of Fuji and Eliaw of Seana, M all of he
sxocUenos, by obtaining th put tmiio-
usal prntoipaMof plants known Jo not moat
bancfiendlr and combminff tn bboat
eUufully, m tb right bronortion, with
its wboamoma aad Rfresning Byrup of
Californn, Figs, i
Aa there jg only cne nrnujoa Byrop of
Fig sad EUxir af swana and as the
nma Is ajanufactured by aa original
method known to tb Calilotnm F Syrup
On. onfy. it toaJwaya sMceeary to buy tbo
A awowloug of the siwve mbsa
on M deolbto avitaajoM
if , anna viewing the pacmnge.tbefuUname
of tacGalJfornia Fig 8jrruCo.tono l
Mk h.HMt M to Uw Bcto nSs
Mtrf4f-lt luMWWltll Kill.
n t-fc, a a an MM. ta nhb
. x ,
nsj . in
'i'j teeS 15
WiiiMi S ialni U (fManiiai
mot.". ykf
anel sampllaa'witaj GLHP)
aUaaam.aaadaaem. I JiBm,'' 4 '
hbwanof MArianat I 1 -"-
(ssuex Ban MaalrJ. - , '
:.,T I i.ia m, .in., r i l m ii i .. .1 ..
u -Wr lie
fM m a
c t
aaufabaa I I
e.rnuei La)
rTT t) .4
- X M
at amy laiisg tho
to taH aaa affi yoa knew ef your aarty
M fJhiin abtakr