The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, December 03, 1909, Image 7

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stomach, bowel, or more detioato or-
. aana. ntan4i laaliaava itakiUi J
should have attention.
. The -dkeh-xg from the mucous
BtmbniM is because this k- kepi in a
state of tortammaujea, by aa impare
audition ol the Mood. .Therefore, to
.Nn, take the be bkrod purifier.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
h und HouM font or ehoeolsted tohlili
to wn m aaraataba. jBdosesav
JnNll fT-HTTulesj
"Tommy, aren't you goln to get my
and offer rour seat to that lady?" ,
- "No, mamma; f she's a real tadv
ho won't toko It 'cauM Tin -a little
-boy, an T she -ahVt a real lady J .doo't
want her to have ft." ' '
Id ease of pain on the lam Hsmiins
Visard Oil -acts like a nraatard plaater J
axeept that it la more effective and mt
ao moon nicer and cleaner to use,
, Awniiif t i.
Imogens Why' to it that so many
Weddings happen on Wednesday?
Esmeralda Well, on Sunday every
body wtnu to sleep, you know; Mon
day is wash day, and Tuesday to trow
ing day. Wednesday to the nrst day
In the week when there's really any
time far marry in-
HOWARD . BTTRTuy tw aed OmUi,
1 Lead mile, Cblorado. Spacioiea prlo: Sold,
aih.r. LaaitL Gold. SlKar. TSo; Gold, Kk; Zi2i
ef Oopper. O- Mailing eavalcpea and fall prlra 1M
aum mwiib nw ui iihM. tlttM
htfctl ! arm. DWMrnviiiWIiHnM.i
Ml awalk a irniMi Mnl to IWa aOUctoe mSn,
MM MB I af J - " lulu ka Ilia H I 14
win r ra. O.ia It a In trU. Km at U N
J2 om tt, H. i-h, as.
wtODCBN rxpOtT
M Prki that Defy CswwiMse
rximjua axraAcnoM.........;...;..aoo
u. tKunn .o.uw
Oet-of-town patwnla can ebtala perfett work
sad ma atooer kr ealkas at eav etke.
- SaH W fciwot au. Car. bb
gatahfceil ttrm Ben to May.
If not at
From Arctic
a SoM brass font twlde 4 fnarti of
gar 9 btiaie aolid brau wick caiikri
jjleataf beawuiuUy haaaoed aacael
aWv Peeler aVerye-.
edit! ViC I
wWl Sn,ev N
' UfiMTV a :
A Fet Aarnov. -
The r telly lived 4a the suburbs gf
the d t and, muck to the Joy el Lulu,
a Uttta pig was given a home ta the
etoble toilar. A few days later the
little t to was ealliag at a aelhbor's,
where' he akowed greet tnUrost ta the
The lady said, "Deal yea keep a
bird u homer - -
"No!' aald Lola, keep a Big la
otsad.' DoHnootofc, ; T
stag and had te pay f IH.ftM to have
Csnr Nicholas visit London ii 1U4
Of v0.0 mm spent -4a redeee
rating Buckingham palaoe.
WU llreak Up a Cold la Twenty fo
jseus and our Any Oeath Tka
- U Cteahte. . r .
The follqrwinjr mixture it often pre
toribed and is highly recommended for
eougha, colds and other threat aai
bronchial trouble: Mix. two ounces o:
Glycerine, a half ounce of Virgin "Oi
of Pine eomnound twn. and sisht
unees of pure Whirty. These ean bt
Dovgnt in any good drug store nn
easily mixed together in a large but
tie. 'The genuine Virgin Oil of Pint
compound pure is prepared only In tht
laboratories of the Leach Chemical Go.
Cincinnati, and put Bp for dispensing
la half-onaee vials, , ,
A new London library baa a room
at apart tor talk en literary mattera.
Best for Chfldren
are BTitated and sore. Contain
ao opiates and as pleasant to take
The followins; pfoduce of .gxod,
fat quality, and will pay as fol
lows. He pays promptly and be
does not charge commission. .
Ship immediately. ,
Drassed VraLmb IN i
Large VeaJ Use.
live Cakacas
J" '.ijr 'T1nas Mm SW TraeT
- - Piiiamat, Oragoa. "
The RAYO LAMP li a hifb trade lamp roid at a low prtee,
'There are lamps that eou nor bat there b no better lamp
at any price. The Burner, the Wick, the Cb Imney-Holder
all are vital thlngi in s lamp; Uum earn of (he RAYO
, LAMP are perfectly eotutrncted and there noising
Known In the art of lamp-making that oould add to the
valoeot the BAYOMsIlgnVfiTlof devioa. Sol table for
any room in the. hooM. Every dealer evemtbere.
yonn, write Jar dafcriptlvs eueuar te Ike,
Standard Oil Company
, - iracerawaienj
io Tropics
in Ten Minutes
. No oil heater has a blrher effldeir
cy or greater hearing power than the
Oil Heater
. (Equipped with tsnalielaai Devlae) .
Wirh ft you ean go from the cold
of the Arctic to the warmth of the.
Tropica in 10 miautea. , -
The avaw ' - :. :l :"'"
SmoMew Device
Brevenfa atnoklog. VLcmortd la ta
iaacanc for c Inning, , ,- ,.
ofl lamcitrw to give oat a MJal
damprv top cool handle oil indicSMB,
a Japan at a vaimy as aiyice.
KrjvTAinnv BArarogi
MoeUy la M, -wa S irHneV
Iwi laritl Bae- rtfty Teut, .
The rirat National Bank of Logan,
W. Va has received a deposit to-day
which has aa InterefUos story behind
it, the Roanoke cor respondent of the
Baltimore Sun eeya. . The amount la
flOM. of which li.OOO la la gold cola, '
some of which 1a fifty years old. Twee-1
0 dollars to ta sliver and there are 1
arty W Mile, The money had been-'
accumulated by MUtoa Mullens and
repreeanU the eavlngsj -of a UfeUme.
Mullens began hoardmi ale savings
whan a yoaog man. Tbla was before
the elvil 'war. All his surplus he eon-
lertedV lata gala, wkioh he burled ta
the yard. A fear years ago, when aoia
coin was scarce and almost ant of cir
culation, at aliens began to exchange
hto smaller money for tSOvbllla
These were hidden la a aafe place In
his barn. It waa believed for many
years that he was hoarding bis money
and on numerous occasions marauders
have endeavored te force him to re
veal its biding place, but without suc-
A few days age his wife died and
believing that he would not live long
he called his grandson. J- M. Perry,
and told him where to search for the
treasure. - The young man, after dig
ging for some time, found the treas
ure, and this snug little fortune went
Into the hank to the credit of the now
aged and infirm mountaineer. . .
Skert areata. .
Respiration In health and under
normal conditions of rest or moderate
exercise m an unconscious act, almost
as much so aa digestion or the beat
log of the heart, but It Is very easily
disturbed, even in health, and Is cer
tain diseases Its disturbance Is often
one of the most distressing symptoms.
The abort breath following violent ex
ertion, euoh as 'running or bill-el lmb
lng. Is familiar to every one. it la
due to the increased cell for ozygena
tloa of the blood and the temporary
inability of the heart to pump the
blood la Bufndeat -volume through the
lunge, i
When shortness or breath Is broognt
about by moderate exerelae or mental
excitement, It to due io some abnormal
condition, such as anemia, obesity, a
weak heart or Indigestion. This t
dency ta relieved by- attention ta the
weak point, whatever It may be, and a
Judicious system of exercises a sort
of modified training.
Permanent shortness -of breath, or
dyspnota, aa It to technically called,
la a more serious affair, and la usu
ally due to some actual disease. What
the disease la of which this dyapnoH
Is a symptom can often be discovered
only by a careful and thorough medi
cal examination of all the organs of
the body. ' - .
It la often called asthma, and treat
ed at home by Inhaling the fumes of
burning niter paper or by seme other
of the ordinary remedies. But aathi
is a distinct disease, although Its true
nature to not yet definitely determined.
It occurs la paroxysms, usually at
alght, ta the Intervals of which the
breathing to generally easy and an let.
Perssaaent dyepaom Is another mat
tar, sad to aa ladleatlea of something
It mar be due to a treat variety of
usee, oaly a few of which eaa bt
BMatloned bora. -
Anemia, or poverty of blood, may
give- .rise to permanent dyspnma, as
welt as ta shortness of breath aa
exertion. The symptom Is a regular
aeoomnealnwnt of diminished hug ca
pacity, either tbrough eonsolldatloa of
mora or less of the inng tissue la tu
berculosis or pneumonia, or thwmafi
eompressloa of the lunge by an eeeu
mulsUoa of Buld or air la the chest
Anything that taterferes with the
free action of the heart, each as weak
of the cardiac muscle or disease
of the valves of the heart, pressure by
tatty deposits, aa enlarged river, or
gas fa the atoms, will produce short-
ms of breath.
Short breath ta. children Is aeav
sasaly the result of aootraetka ta the
asr aassaaas, eaaeed by aalargad tee
the praaaaes of glaaaular tissue
la the pharyax, aalled adaaulas, or a
ewoUea aaadtttea ef the atawoas atesa-
af the larynx. -
PeistoteBl sfeertaoss at breath hi a
Mia Psaselch I have had sty ato-
taro takaa ease erwy. yoar staoo I
te. . ' . .
buss TaaagUia Oh, so lot me sea
of those stdeawaiToypaa. ThayYa
B fcew steeaaa saJlsra.
Beneath the waters of Labs) Hasit,
m Italy, lie burled two pleasure gal
leya. They belonged be the Bmperors
Tiberius and Oallerula, and K to said
Bhey eontata art treasuree that have
been covered for many centuries. Sys
tematic asorta were made to recover
the eon tents of the old hulks by Sir
aar Borghl la ISM. Divers were ea
gagsd, sad the two galleys located,
measured sad carefully examined, and
from bath breaasa. pieces ef wood, an
chors and ernaawata at all Mass were
collected. The larger vessel measures
about f feet hi length and 89 feet
la beam, and the smaller to feet la
length sad M feet la beam. Some
pieces ef lead pipe were found la the
vessels. They bear the inscription,
iK3aaaara Aug. Gorman too,'' the effloUl
name of Calkwla. " ' -
; k's rttTh Cye SaKa '''''
that gives instant relief to eyes; irri
itated from dest, heat, sun or wind.
All draggista or Howard Bros.. Buffalo,
WY .V.' .
t ' v Be' Binas-te.
"Are yon leading the simple Me
while your family la awayf
"No, Indeed 1 I'm not se slmptsl I
have that hind of a life to lead whoa
they're at home." Houston Post,
Algy Well rve decided one thtttff,
anyhow. r not going to be either a
lawyer or a preacher. .
Archie Huh) Nature decided that
tor you about the time you were born.
340 Columbia Portland, Or.
Mikers of MAFUDtg
fl letter than Maple).
ftafese the eWagh smwaammta,,
and oeaupUes with ay-eiiT.i t
all pave food bws. W .
hu a W"'i
1 tmc larocot MawuracruaKa or
Mail's Fins BHoca m tmc Wonts
Wear W. L. oouaiae
mads neon nowor, of the beet Math
ers, ay the moot skilled workmen,
M all ttto latest raaMona, ahoeeln
ovovy otyie uiia ohuno as suit moa
malt walks of Hfe.
H I oowm take yaw
! faeeertee at Brockton, Meea, and
' ehow yew how oe re fully uy, L. Ooua
lee ehoee are saawe, you wouie
tkert wnOsvetanw why they hole
their shape, fit better, wear longer
end are of sreatof value baa any
other make.
anate and the retail
the eottoea. Take
IWwfrwai ifjas ijiasrwsagsrJ 1 - mm. I
- i aha i fi li i - I
r m r m a t
i won aSoa la look
ta afve aood wear. Hava war
kow yoa sSe aood faosmay i
Hlhaa ILtraa UV ttk
Mmk si kuwh Beck, kavr
oVsMaliirie-l Iiiilhmsii atadseeUawi
wSautleaau than ssgeaWsheei yen ean
aw stees lw weaaas mm ef al ehmwaewii
senloaeeae."' Yeeeaeaw
m wstpVeast asA wnkt a as,
We saw smso rWbat Bkeai In sm.
Slaaw. Meake WawnwamCeaaW Saem
amJaemanilli III iH I 111
iF.MayewBootox ShoaCo.
The Family
Physician T
The beat medicines. la the
world cannot rake the place of
the family Dhvalclan. Consult
him early when taken Ul. Jf
the trouble ig with. yoar
throat, oronchlal tubes, or
lunge, aak him about taking
Ayer Cherry Pectoral. Then
take It or not, aa he say a.
We sekme. 'w ftwrmaUe
We m aa
eeasuii yjr
Bilious attacks, elcs-hesdschca, indigss
tion, constipation, dlzxy spells these
are some of the results of an inactive
liver. Ask your doctor If he enderses
AVer's Pills la tbese esses. . The does
Is small, one pill at bedtime.
" an ay O. ayvOe.. Lewea. Wt.
The output of cast Iron sash welgtih
in the United States has reached Ik
CO tons a year In recent years.
" i . 1 l i-iAt
. Means an anfalltna; Water ensply. n
mean that you wtlfhava the nwat prsetk
, eaJ DoBMatlc watar aunpty ayatani now in
n. Ne alevatad tank. no tttmn pipes m
winter, no atasnant watar In inianar, ne
watr nippty troublaa of any aort. Tank
placed in baacmant. out of alsht and way,
mad of praeaed ataeL will eat mat and
will hat a lifetime .
You will be plaaaed win the LB AD EH
Mtta of fnmialilne DonMatie Watas
Bopi'y. Aak (or our ealalourua and fre t.
' booklet. ' Hffw 1 Baked B, Water Sapply T
. ei'VM - w
ki (
Spokane, Waah.
Botic, Idaho. -
P If U Ho. a eo
W8W wrltleg to adverttsaPS
aneKilmt thla paper.
oom forte Me,
ehoee. Ttev are
me mm tern
that W. L. Douslai
priee Is l anped on
Ywtas ft
wh. J