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The Redemption
! QdVid orsot?
By CHARLE8 FREDERIC 0088 ' ..."
Copyright, leoe, kr Ths
i-Marrkl Omw.
A little before dusk the Hire com-
, paiilons started upon tfletr evening's
business. The hoiM end carriage
were waiting at the door and they
mounted to their eeate. David waa
.embarrassed by the novelty of the elt-
uetlon, and Papeete by bis presence;
but th quack was In hie highest spir
it. He saluted the bystanders- with
- luy familiarity, oetsntetlously Bun
h hotlltr k coin, flourish! hla whip
and readied universal admlrMn for
but kitotng. During to turn which
that look around th city for an ad
vertteeroent, he indoctrinated hla pu-
II with the principle of hi art
"People to-day ar Just what thy
war centuries ago, O-g-gull 'am Juat
'aa aaay. Haka 'am think th moon la
mad of g-g-green eh way to
eaten, larka m to p-p-pull th heavens
Iowa extract sunbeam from c-e-ou-
untwn and all th rtl Thr
n meater-weekneea, Davy. Thay all
think thay ar aiok, or If they d-d-.
don't, you can mak 'ml"
'What! Mak a wall man think ha
to Mckr th Quaker aakd la aatoa
tohment. "Sural That' th secret of mieeess.
I can pick out th strongest man In
th ro-crowd and In flv mlnut hav
pains shooting through him Ilk g-g-greased
lightning. Tby ar si) Ilk
Jumping pack to th man that know
them. You watch m pull th string
and ru-you'll a tbm wlg-wig-wlg-1."
"It seems a pity. to tak advantage
af uch wakna in our fallow men."
aid David, whoa heart began t suf
fer qualms aa ha contemplated thl
raacallty m hi own connection with
K- .
"Fellow menP They are no fallow
f mind. Tbey-ere null for ma to o
a -crack. Thy ar oysters for m to
,pnl" responded the quack, aa h
drove gaily Into the public square and
Shocked th horses, who stood with
thlr proud-neck srChed, champing
thalr bit and looking around at th
row d a if thy ahrd thair maater'a
aontempt. ' ,
Papeete descended frm th car
riage and mad har way baatlly Into
th tnt which had already bn pitch
ed for her. Th doctor lighted hi
torch and at hla stock of good whll
David," o baying hi directions, began
a mov among th popl to study
their habile. HI bowing hla way here
and there, h contemplated th crowd
la th light of th quack's phlloaophy.
and a a did eo received a sari as of
painful mental ahoekSi
"Th drat prlncipl ta th art of
painting a plctur la to know whr
to alt down;" In ether words, every
thlng depends upon th point ml vtw.
Now that David began to look for erl-
inoa of th waknss and follies of
tils fellow men, ha saw thorn every
whr. For th first ttms In his llf
he barvd that startling prvaJno
af animal types which always com
municate such a shook to th mind Of
him who has' never discovered It be
fore, Bvry countenance uddenly
seemed to be th fee of a beast but
thinly and Imperfectly nlki Thar
war fossa and tigers and wolves,
ther ware bulldog and monkey and
" twine. He had alwaya seen, or thought
fa saw, upon th forehead of hi fl-
- lew men- soma evtdeno of that divin
ity which had bn communicated to
thm when Ood brathd Into th
treat flrst father in brath of llfej
but now h ahuddarad at th sight -of
thoM thick Up and drooping Jaw,
those dull or crafty ay, thos Mil
ton, sodden, gargoyl faatura. a aa
do at beholding monstrosttle.
A few wk ago he would hav fMt
a profound pity at thla dlaeovvry, but
a rapid and radical had ba th al
taratmn la hla feeling that a was
ww si laid by a sudda iwvulstoa and
aoatmpt "Ar th oraatur really
, ar a asked himself. Ha atood
thr asaang them taltor, atralghter.
fceaaar, aandasr than Utaea all, and
Ah aid faallaga that hav mad man
artotoorats and tyraabi la vry aa
T th world, surged m hM , heart and
krdanad It agaiast them.
By thw Urn th quack hid aalhd
4tM) few atmpto pivparattona, aad.
ataadlng ret before his audleao, b
ana ta bualneea of th vnln. Hav
In sbascYsd th habit f th gam.
Oavtd aaw oaoa a favatabl aasttloa
w study thoa of th henter He
watched with aa almost araataton ta
trt vry pre i i apoa that ata
kr fao aad listened, with a a aad
: mat hitoraat to vr ward that fall
from these traaehataaa Una
H was aot laac la Juatlfrln ta
' ajaaek- hnst ortUdsea f al awa
arator. His voic tockad ta vtbraift
' taaoa at a mutual hwtrwjaat aad hto
Cbefrl that IhMnay, wtthoar wfetoh
th alawaat Tfta off toqaaa aa
a altta. By apeaklng vary
, atowty asm MlbMatly a awldd
aamntrinm hat thl always atd Ilk
a draaaiafj aaoaor upoa ta aivian
-ad am thoaght. Tfcae war radtosJ
difama, hal to y Mhar raspeet a
was a ssaaasamats'artlati He amst
ad ta attoaUaa mt Ma hearna wtth aa
Inlmltabto akin and held It with aa lr
resUUbl power.
Hi piercing ay noted every expres
sion on the fac mt hi hearers, and
md to rd th Inmost acre to mt
. thalr hearts. Ha prolvd th sllght
t Inclination to purchase, and was ss
kn to eaa a hand steal towards a
pockM-book as a eat to a a mous
steal out of Its hoi.
H coaxed, ha wheedled, b banter.
d, be abused ha a van threatened. He
fulnltod hlspinmto to th tottor, "to
make the well man think that they
were sick." and many a stalwart fron-
tleraman whoa body was ai sound aa
an ox, bgsa to b conscious of raok-
Lng pain. Nor were thoa lagitlmats
arts of oratory th only on wblea
this arch-knav practiced.
1 gav you two dollars, and ywa
only gav m change for one," erted
a thln-faoed, stoop -shouldered, help-ls-Iooklng
fellow, who bad Just pur
chased a bottle of th "Balm of th
Blesaed la lan da"
With' llghtnlng-llks lgrdmala th
quack had shuffled this bill to th bot
tom of his pits, and lifting, up the ana
that toy on top. exposed U to th view
of hi audi en o.
'That's a liel" h said, la hi alow,
Impreaslv manner. "There Is always
such a man as this In vry crowd.
Bom on I always trying to tak ad
vantage of thos who, Jlka myself, re
living for th public good. Oentlemen.
yau saw m lay ths b-b-blll he gav
m down upon th top! Here It Is:
Judg for yourselves. That is a bad
man! Bewar of him!"
Th bold effrontery of th quack si
lenced th timid customer, who could
only blush and look confused. His
blushes and confusion condemned him
and th crowd huetled bin away from
the wagon. They believed him guilty
and he half believed It of himself. -
David, who had seen th bill and
know the victim's Innooeno but aot
the doctor' fraud, press ed forward to
defend him. Th qyiaoh stopped aad
silenced him with an Inimitable wink.
and then instantly and with consum
mate art diverted hi audlano with a
series of droll stories which he always
reserved for emergencies Ilk thla
They war old and thread-bare, but
this was the reason b chose than.
He had one far very mrcuautano
and oocaaloa.
Thar was a man standing In aa
outer at role of th crowd around whose
forehead waa a ban dag. "Com bare.
my friend," said th quack. "How did
you get this wound? Dont want to
toUt Oht wstt, that to natural. A
bore Ucawl him, aa daunt; avr gt
la a row! Hoi Not Couldn't any
on alt him I Reminds m mt th maa
wlM saw a big Mack-aad-Mu spot oa
his boy's forehead. 'My on.: said ha,
1 thought I told yon not to flgbt? How
did you get this wound T 'I bit It
father.' replied th boy.
"'Bit it!' exclaimed th old' man In
astonishment, "bow could yon bits
yourself apoa th f6rhadf
"1 climbed onto a chair,' says a.
"And you hav been climbing n a
chair to bite your forehead, too, my
friend T" a aakad with husnorou grav
ity, whll a load guffaw wen aa froaj
ths crowd.
"Well" h eonHaasd, soathtngtr.
-whether you did it or not. Just 11
ma rub a little of this b-b-balm upon
It. and by to-morrow morning It will
a well. There! That's right. On
dollar Is: all It costs. Ton dont want
HT What th d-d-dnc did yon tot
ma open th bottle for? Til leave It
to the crowd If that to falrf There,
that m right. Pay for H Ilk a awa.
It' worth double lu arte. Thank you.
By to-morrow aooa yoa will b-b-b
ending aw a Matlmoatal to It value.'
The novelty mt th aeene, th skill
of thw principal actor, th rapid growth
of th pile of cola and Mils, th fran
tic deatr of th people to b gulled,
all verved to abaour thos Hem en to
which were calculated to appeal to the
Quaker's ooaactoaca He Mt Ilk me
awakened from a dr. ' Whll he
was still ta th half doaad oondlHoa
of saah aa awakening, the qaach gav
htm a ataa that thla part of hla lesion
waa ended, aad following the direction
mt th thumb which h threw over hi
shoulder towards raeto teat, a
sagerly tooh hi way thtthr.
Before th door atood oevvral grave
of-poang asea ana mi Hon, talking
under their aretoth. Now and thoa a
apto atowtoaaled ftoelf from the
orowd, aad with vtolbto trsatdaUaa aa
torea, - Aa taay raappeaisd. their
frtonda gathered about thoa aad be
asaaht them te dtoal U si wet
thay haw tooTce.
. Boea Of tbeea glggted ana simpered,
other toughed boteterouety aad asap
tloally, white thta atlU, took) scared
and aaxImMk M waa vtdnt that even
abose wwS trtod to mak Ught mt what
tbef had seen aad heard war moved
by eseaetbtng awe-hi ept ring.
Davto Itoteaed te aheto mily talk, ob
served their bold demeans
vatoar aiaaana, white the aw
of wiafcn.s. mt MaatdHp, mt th tow
aea asm betkUtty mt ham salty awa
rnarura, waa uitn1fld by bis
vatlon mt the voururmnd callow.
from th outside of th gypay tent
he could make but tow discoveries of
bar method! end he waited ln pat toot
ly until tk ut curious couple bad d
parted. Whn thay had disappeared.
be entered.
At th opposite side of th toot and
reclining anon a low divan was th
gypey. Above her head) a tallow aan
die waa burning dimly. Before her
was a rough tabto covered with
hawl, upoa which were scattered cap
of tea, with floating grounds. Ivory.
dice, cards, coins and other Implements
of the "Black Art."
PeDceta sorans: to har feet when
ah saw who her visitor was, and ex
hibited the clearest signs of saltation.
Davtd'a own emotions were not
violent for although th gypsy's eor
roundlngs were poor and mean, they
serve rather to enhance than ta di
minish her xaullt beauty. Her
nouider and arm wars bare, and an
her wrtete ware sold bracelet ot
writhing serpents In whose
gleamed diamonds. On her Angers and
In har ears were ether costly stone.
Her draw waa silk, and,rustld when
eh moved, with soft 1 and . sibilant
sound. .
Th doctor ha sent to fear to
. study the method by which you do
your work." said David, epproaohtag
the table and gamng at bar wltsV un-
disguumd admiration.
"Too should have asm before. How
dan yen study my methods when I am
aot practicing tbemf - And any way,
you have no faith in them, Hav youT
I always had until I hoard your v-
moa la the little "meeting housa.'
"And hav you tost It aowT"
"It has beta sadly shaken."
Tou can at least show me hew you
practice the art, vaa If you hav toat
your faith, to It- 1 too hav tost
faith; bat w must live. What ar
thee cards forT
"If you wish me to show you, you
may shuffle and cut them, but I would
ratber toll your fortune by your hand,
for 1 hav mora faith ta palmistry
than te card."
Ha extended hi hand: sh took It,
aad with her right forefinger began to
trace th lines. Her gas had that la
te nalty with which a llttl child peers
Into the mechanism of a watch ar aa
astronomer Into the depth of spaoe.
A thrill of amotion shot through the
frame of th Quaker at th touch of
thos delicate and beautiful Anger:
Neither of them spoke. The delicate
nnger of th gypay moved oaer the
line of th palm Ilka that of a little
school-glrl over the page f a primer.
They did not realise how dangerous
was that proximity, aor bow fatal that
touch. Through thoa two pols of
Nature moat powerful battery, the
awgnetto and mysterious eurrnt of
lov waa passing.
"Let me now xamln th Un," sh
said. "Here la the line of th heart
It pease clear ecroe th palm. It
Is wen marked at every point and to
most pronounced upon th upper side.
But tookl H la Joined to the head be
low th finger of Batum, It M) th
aim mt a violent death I"
As she uttered thl exclamation, she
preened the hand convulsively bataeea
har own, and -looked up into hi face.
Th to voluntary and sudden action rep
ealled him to hla ocnsclouan "What
dtd yoa aayr he aakad.
"Have yea not been listen tngf" h
replied, repressing both har anxiety
and her annoyano.
"N; was a good rtery or a bad
ana which you war reading T" -
"It waa both."
"Well it 1 aa matte, thoee acot
dental marks eaa hav a rJgnlfl-
"Why aboold aat th character and
destiny of the man dlaoloee Itself la
signs and marks upon bl bender"
As they stood eon fronting each eth
er, they would hav presented a study
f equal interest to the artist ar to
th phltoaopher. There waa both a
poem and n picture ta their attltuda
Grace and beauty revealed tbmlvee
on every feature and In every move
ment Thay bad arrived at on mt thorn
dramatto potato In their life-Journey,
where ah the tragi element of ex
istence ssm te con vera. Agitated by
tocomprannatbt aad aelleioua eaao
tlons. confronting Insoluble problems,
longing, Iteplng. fearing, they hovered
over th ooeaa af llf Ilk tw tiny
parrowe swept out W aea by a teea
peet. ' They were awakened free tketr rwv
rela by the fbotetep ot th quack,
and by Ma raacea vetce summoning
them back Into the world of realities
from which they had withdrawn so
-Weil, Mttto wtfe," hw said, "how to
b-b-buantr .
Tair,- eh aald, amtltertog op a dwa
bto hand-fuD mt change and aaastag it
aver to bint todtfferently.
TM qeeettoa feU apoa th aara af
the Quahar Ilk a thunder bott. It
was to Mat the A ret Intlmatloa that
Popesta waa not th daughter mt the
quack. Hto wife!" The heart af th
youth sank 1 M bean. Here was a
bow and unexpected eomptteatloa.
What ahejoM a do? II
Monk te
tarn beak now. The die had bean cast.
(Te to cwatataee.)
R ta snoh nlaay
a that a teak
to aaJactarlag fan aa
way at xeaklag Hvrag.
-Two aaaieat wnyr
-Sara, toat It ertata
fcir ' ItoHlmor lairlwi, . . I . mtmmMkmm.
metoi I ft I aejart at si 1 sag beat toeeh
n sgsss ana hired glri aU (aaay ha stoma treat ontaaat) add tw
a aaavp work ta panr hanaar I t, halt a tosaen. ata etovaa. a
"Mat at silt sty wttn atakag oat ptaah mt thyaaa aad sweat 1 lussj
aad film" . , sa tan wis itoa, samta aad aarra.
IreelBST Oaalae.
Another man has answered the
houMkecper't question, "What shall
da with ths lroalng Ulnar . This
man. a Phlladelphl-
an, bas Invented a
cabinet which hold
th board. Irons
and all tba other
Incidental parapher
nalia. This cabinet
la a tall, narrow, af
fair which do apt
tak up much room
and - will scarcely
ha aoUced' tat th
corner. Ia th top la a shelf
bold ta Irons, while oa th Inner
Ides ar runaways with Hides oper
ative ta them. On nd of aa troalng
board Is pivoted to tba runner carried
btwan th elides, and on tba other
nd of tba board Is vl voted a support-
Ins: lag. When th board Is to b used
th olosot door Is opened and It la
wan oat lata nlace. Tba Irons and
wax ar there ready to hand, and
tbera ta DractJeairr time lost. In
letting ready. Another ad van teg of
tbls cabinet to th fact that It is net
narsssary ta clear thw kitchen tabl
to ft a spaos to support on and ot
Um board.
Bna-Uah Cettoare Me.
Boll and) than maab with a llttl
milk and butter thr pound of poto
toss, and line a deep pi dish wltb
them, leaving enough nly to eovr th
top of th diab. Chop a sufflclsat quan
tlty of cooked or ancookad meat to nil
th dish, season with pepper and salt,
and add a fraud onion. Pour half
a eupfol of stock vr (bo rolxtar and
oovr with th rma1ndr of tba
raabd poUtoe. Brush over with
milk or tba yolk of aa gg, and bake
till browa. Serve with gravy a
fresn pea.
Cklefcew. rated li
Pot a plat of rich cream la a frying
pan ovr a moderate fir until It be
Ins b color, dip th different parts of
th chicken la floor, soasoa with a tea
spoonful of salt, fry la th cream on
each aid till H la a delicate brown.
Whan don put It on a hot platter.
poor another hair pint of cream Into
th pan, let it boll on minute, add a
taltspoonfal of salt, a dash of popper,
than pour It aver the chicken. Serve
garnished with spriga of parsley and a
dla af puflad aetata silo,
Ptoiemaplo Pie...
Put half a pineapple through th
meat chopper. Beat tba yolks af two
egga atlt. stir la a sup af sweat milk,
a tobleapoonful af molted batter and a
tap of sugar. last of all add tba pine
apple ground na aad bake tmdf
atoly la an span crust. Hafta a
merlagu of the whites of th oggs
tad two toaapoonful of sugar, spread
It on ths pi as soon as don and re
turn to th va just long nougk ta
brown the morlngn.
f wwh easy Padatagh
Moisten two caps af bread crumb
with one-half ap of melted butter, pot
t thla layer of the' crambo lata a
buttered pudding dish, add a layer mt
tewed and Hbarally awaatenad craav
M-riM, a dosea largo beaded raisins.
a lltte grated lemon p and a sprlnk
Hag of sugar. Continue la this way
until tba dish full, having tba last
layer crumbs. Cover the dish aad
bak for twenty minute. Serv warm
with a hard sauce.
To sav gaa, Instead of llgbtlag Um
rraa whan deal ring baked apple, eat
tpplos la halves aad ptoea thaai eat
udt downward ta a pan aa tap af
rtova. Placa te pan . a llttl wat
ayriakl applas with daaameu and
par, oarer, and tot eoek slowly. Wbaa
toft rtoaaen carafally. a a aat ts
araak akin.
Para and cat ap half
aatjhea, strata ttfwagh n
sxU the' palp with a half-eapful mt pow
dered sngar. Beat the whites af thras
egga to a stiff froth and add te H the
paaon palp saw beat anUl aniooth and
velvety. Panr hito a Based, wbtoh
Haoad on lea. aprva with a
t.t - '
lh -
Ta thro esnta of ssnp stock add ana
swart at atewed ar fraah to and
a eupfat g rton and aaw tor an
ban. When
th rlee to bxeisaakly
snap at hatter th ate f
add a 1
n agg, saaaan wlah aeeeer aad salt
to raJaa th and toUispnafal af annar.
Bad Breath
"for awjath I bad rreat troable wrtta my
""" and mod all kinds of medkmea,
Mj toogu has beau actually as jrrean at
grasa, my breath having a bad odor. Tw
wertaagoa frit ad leooenmended Caamnai
and after asinf; tbcm I can willingly ami
cheerfully say that they have entirely
cored me. I therefore let yon know that I
ball rccocBUHad them to any one suffer
lag from such trouhlee." Chaa. H. HaL
pern, 114 B. 7th St., New York, N. V. v-
Fleeeaat. Pa! stable. Poent. Teste Oood,
Do Good. NnvarSickea.WeakeaorGrtpa. '
Mc. Be. So. Nevar sold re bnlk. The (aa
. aloa tebiet stamped CCC. Gasraaieed te
eat or roar ateaar back. SS
Heading ts not a tost ark ta thl
am degr that con versa, Uoa la, bat
It has la moot asass an atrastod davefc
opmeDt through so much reading thai
mak ao demand apoa athtlc sen
slblllty, so that on la apt to bring ta
a Baa story fall of dollcat shade of
Ktbought and fesllaf th earn mind
which a yield to a Bwspapr, put
ting a blunt Interrogation aa to Its
nMaolM as coavyd la tba term .At
rational proposiUon, and tba writer's
charm is whoUy lost npea hum. White
Um reader' surrndr t th anthor
must b oomplote, bis attitude, should
aot as paaslva, bat that ot-active ra-
apoBslvneB and partnership. H. M,
Aida la HarneVe Mantlna.
,Caa I taureat you In the subject
sf aolsetoss wlng machines T" ashed
the man at the front door.
' "No, sir," said the man of the hou:
"my daua-htsr always elnga when hea
using a Mwtna- ntaehlne, na aaaato
what kind It la.--
Then be slammed the door In tba)
Salter fan. . .
atadpt That Breaks a Cold in a Day
, and Our Any Onrau Oangh.
"His half oane ef Coneatratd
pis eom pound with two onsees of gly
eerin aad half a pint of good whiskey j
akak well each time and us ia dose
of a taaapoonful to a tablaspoosiul
every four hoora." -
These inxrediente eaa be ebMined
from any good dragvist, or,hm will get
them from his wholesale boss.
Th' Concentrated pin i a special
pin product aad eomea oaly ta bslf
ounce bottle, each enclosed In an-air
tight -ease, but b sura it is.tobel!
A prom i ceo t weal diuggist says tba
he bas filled tbii prescription hundred: '
of time and that it is wonderful!
'ffeetiv. .
1 Hart te Leeate.
"How about this new student's Ideas
af erthograpbyf ' said on profsor.
"H bas m punled," replied ths
other. "I can't ddd whether b b
Imply Ulltorato or a apelllog referai
r la ad vane at hi time." Wash lag
ton Btar. T
ill ihaiwe mel
ear Onwea B.OQ
Emael llseji 101
sUwFlau -69
vrnmm Z.M
Wise Dental Co.
..!.. Satajle
Ik travel Sh
, hvavtae
Oregw RiiM k .
Narigatiwi Coiiipanjs
twvwiiiB. ... v
Latoat oytamsnt, Polhwim,
Toartotand Dtnmg Cara, atocbrto
Ogbtod and ao-to-data. an
Siwal 1j 11 1 Pi illn I to Oliigi.
For Bin alais. rate. raarva-
O.LI rlgwat,rto
I lhto
CKax auABuurrsaw roi is vbars
toiHUaiTM wlie tlmiii bridai week
ordnoTQiiiHalWUoa rrae. Toa u ipTtMtue
HlilHuwi 4 mil!. All work aliT (Tiu-
y -
1 .
4 '