The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, December 03, 1909, Image 1

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Morrow Gounty Is the Richest County Per Capita In Oregon. '
. . . . ,. ... ..i ..... -
km Is the BestjGltj In Morrow GouKt
aw Gowly. f 3 .
Vol. XI. No., 47.
"" Gar Load
' . ' or : ''
; ; , Single Cord v
mm mm ltt.tiijHj
Li. W
25 cents
t am certainly there with tlie fancy linjr cuttinjinad smooth Shaving.
Lasadrg Basket astd Baiii-TO la connection.
Sharp razers, aot sftarp words, Is Mr ntffe. -
The Best of All
We have just received
of the' well known Preferred Stock goods,
and ask you eo give them trial, the ,
. quality isguaranteed,aid yourmoney
will ;b,e refunded for any goods V
. that dondt prove satisfactory. .
v" Call at our store'. Saturday after
noon, and test
are willing to
samples, let
""the pacific MONTHLY of
, t Portland Oregon Is .beautifully
ill mt rated monthly magnxine, If
. you are interested in dairying.fruit
raising, poultry raiting or want to
know about irritated lan'di, timber
4-1 an da or free government landi
ooaVpen to homestead entry, The Pa
cific Monthly will give ya niiiin-.
forroatjon. The pwa is $1.80 ft yr.
Offer !io I He Clare's Mvgaxine,
Woman' Home Companion mid
The Pacific Monthly coaling ft-50
will be sent at n apodal rate ol 4.
nwn Kn'i-Mr Cart,'n M iirzinel
Review A Review, anal iU Pacific
Montblvcwtini. will Iw sent
for3.P0 V - V
Offer No 3 Ho matt- Life,
Homes and The Wei
will 1 scut f .i 2.
Order hv nwnbtr and send your
order accViuntnted hf j0"tal nrw
v nrUr far tha amount to The Pa-,
title Monthly Pcfile-id Orccu.
.L)'.O'0 Razors
Honed H
25 cents.
Canned Goods.
weU e5cl
he goods, we ;
furnish free
you be jucge.
".VH Irrigation for Small
Farms" ia a publication justisetied
by the General Passenger Depart
nieutof the Oregon Railroad and
Navigation Co., and Southern; Pa
cific Line In Oreaon.
. Thia booklet aetaforth in a pract
ical concise way, the possibilities
for profit of inexpeneireirrlgatipn,
and ahould twin the handa of every
fanner in'Oregon. ' " '
Coftiea.may be obtained fre on
, applicalKin to Wra Ho Murray,
Cit n"; A.R &N
and 8.P-1 w 0Sn,
ec y;subscribe for. the
(tl J'Cr.'
.t a meeting of tha dirfclore nf
the Prst National Uankof'tlcppuoi
Monday, C A Rhea-.rekliit from
the Presidency and H porrigall,
a wealthy stockman egv Itntter
Creek Wiiaefectetl to (ill thtfviumnry
and J U Natter Vice I'reahlrut. ')'
3 M:ihiny remains cashier ntid
Clydo Drock Kasistuutcaaliivr.
i 1. 1. 1
AfrsAlox Yoniitfhrul ilti iiiiusnl
fiffhfcon Jtcrlianda Mobility. V;i!i
engneil with litiuf work nhrhwrd
a Cpmniotimi nihong h'iv fliickc;-
and found u vtyy InrjM h'.iv k tfy
hiatofly cnri'vinp it fiJiriV"d):"i'
It w;ih. severni- fwl in liiP Yt w)vr
Mra Young arrived nil 'h'' sent'.
The hawk ptu-clied iiftnrhy and l.i
1'udhrrg took-ft dliot at but luiFM'd
it. It wiik one of tiia Inraoet rvtr
seen htre ,
a sivaaii rmc.v,
Last Friday morning Iotie whk
startled by th firtt lire alm.i, jt
baa had for over a vear. . Tlie roof
near the fle fti.tlic. Jjume of M
McDaid was burniug when Mra
rfQDIl jiuciid uuua gov
alarm. Uy the time the -tiro houe
waa there Mr Ritchie had the lira
under control. ,
On Tuesday night quite a phut
ant party gathered at tlie former
reaidence of Bcj-Bjour Wi)nu, -t
the creek three mi If below Jim,
to give him a farewell wtirprin-. A
numiwr went I nun towri ail iln'
report 4 good tinJe.
Every county in Oregon is r- p
renleI An the mater ui -hlD!t iti
nt the Oregtnr gricnltnrti clmi.
Lliia yenr. , r- Kxi'liiiting lionton
county, MitltKomnti IcshIn uiih
repreaenUliveii, Wwi-liirigtoti se
cond with 42, whilu Lin ii has -JO.
The atudciita from Morrow county
re; Ira Monroe M,or:ant J j .
lCmannrl NV-Ifoii, J nine Attdiew
Pointer of Ion; Ray VVlntolt Cat
tle, Walter Ony Caraon and Carl
J. Catdweltnf frrlgnn; Frank Hr
rold !'ir-;.iyne, f fsitigton;Otheo
(ilenn Crawford, Mabry P. Corrin
Aim W. Junr s ;nnl Ch-nn C June
Miturico Kh;ttr Strrad, Iy M.
Turner nf Hppni-r;Ivai) ilnriison
Helierance of Hardmau. '
.I r,-. r
Hen M'trgitn, tile Ktrr uii'l (iiN
ford nyt'ttt of (hij" p!sr, proAm
ha4 IH v:i':;t lnc1 i. . i'lh
J5at her, halt ami "i'. ''V A K flra.hlraet,-. - -
malsrnan; tut i e broad nijl rtn j Uotli f il'y..fir rj.f '''V;
fi:fatv;alfvn tt't an i y Mr -t - lh'ft. a I o t -i
p-'uui .v llfi'i nrnti. h hA,:H.!ar.- tfi-W kr-..:.. ' 'i !, 'tt -V r.V j
to hit U-.uii li-t i
' ' ": " j
rue- i'r
Notice is given that subscription
will be received at the office of the
undersigned Company, of throvgh
the Security Savin n ft Trust Com
pany, Trustee, Portland, prcgcSh,
for $8oo,oxxxoo First Mortgage 6
per cent bonds of the Portland Ce
ment Company, of Portland, Ore
gon, these 'bonds are 500.00
eh will be sold at. par or face
value, plus accrued interest. Ai
bonus of IOO per cent common 1
stock of the Company wif! be given '
with the" bonds, to-wit: $500.00 ojf
stocic witn eacn soo.oo 01 Donus.
Subscriotiona anav also be ten
dered through either, of the follow-1
mg namea Danks 01 tne city
romana, 10-wii: . . u
Bank op California
Canadian Bank of CoiJUERCti
First National Bank
Hibebnia Savings Hank
Hartman & Thompson, Bankers J
Ladd & Tilton Bank , J
Merchants National Bank' ' I
United States National Bank
or may .be tendered through .
. Tlie following well-hrrowo men,
re the ofiicera and directors and'
more prominent stockholders of the
Portland Cement Company i
Amm Moore, Prisidmt, ex-Grn. Mgr.,
-Lolermiie Pertand 'Ctmtnt C., Denver,
Cafe. Ex-Gen. Mgr Vnitm fwtlmmd
Cement C., OgdeM.
Thio. B. Wilcox, Vice President, fret.,
Portland Flouring MUle C., Portland.
Alex. Nmliy, Serrrimrf, ex-Tremt. Grtndt
Romde Lumber Co., Perrt tOregn.
L. A. LlWii, Allen k Lenou, Portland. '
x:ttt COT. rtdrn.tJlmh.
A. L. aliLU, PrriidtMt, Ftrtt Nstitnal
Bank, Portland.
fo. N. Tial, Attormej, Portlmmd,
V. F. BoaatLL, President, BurreU twmtU
mnl Co., Portland,
J. C. AiMMVurra, Prn UM Unit Net-
tinned Beak, Portland. N
W. W. Correa, Attorney, Ponlnnd.
Geo. Lawumcb, J, Mnnnger Loner enet
Horn tee Co.. PortUmd.
Paul C. Bate, Manager Mettm Life4 tn
turanee Co., Portland. m
Vt Ml not, Attorney, Porthmd.
Chas. E. Lad, Pre.t Ladd Eetatm C.,
Anbiiw C. mt, Pret Hernia ffr
jm ff, Portland.
VV. A G)MOK, frm, W. if. Cfrf C.,
K. I Tiiommoii. Hartman ft Thompson,
HanirrS, Portland. ,
Tn Rich liiagtr Forftnnd
Commttt'tai Club, Pmtfnnd.
T. W. SuluvaA. Chief Ug., Portland
W. A A- T. Co Oregon ijity j
JTfiv ..(;mi.ra, ex-Governor $tc!f
t'tuli. S-:tt t.kt Of.
I'iMriri Ceihitr. first Nr.tionel 1
Duni, OfJen. i
CtWi 'Rou-Jrv, Tr V., Btierel Sav j
!, W, J te Lit.. :
ClmaAiwr, SaA-rr I'errfearf I
Cedent (.., . .Inxrif.'
O. (".- Frr'. rtltr, .ions Fit-ififi
Print fc JVwt Ci.. f 'r.
. Jl. "urr
Co.. S,Jt t.the t.itr. '
A document ffivin full particu
lars conccrninj; the Portland .Ce
ment Coinpflriv nni it twnds witi be
mailed of may hcUad upon 9piKca
tion to tlie j '
67-639 -( Laii.hcfmcfts l'tiil.:.'n
t'ori's.ti.. Orcfjcn. '
- 10N-C, OREGON.-
J..ElTiN03PAL9S .
Oti htt ui'd.iv iilli-ini.t h ni 3
uVt'Kilt at the C'""i-'li wt-
aorti-in 0U thy frvV M tik- r
tm Mitt. r. -u Mr" )
lllC h"ly t-
nt; ft. ' mui fti. i'iisauciid ibW-
(IwlatMl ffirkt ) fflwhil io iHMII 1 V
, Public band Sale. . .
V S Tjidd Offlce,Th Dl1e, Orgon.
Sept. 72nd 1W00. ,
Xt(f h hnntbr civeo tbat, a dlrac' ,
ii l Ins OAmmiWionar of ttiGecert .
Iiim) Oiftct, nndvrrovitiona of Aett .
Oonirttii'aupruved una 27, 100, Fubli''
Xt a.t, Urat(ir at pa,blfa tale, v
tlw t.iihi bi.lder, at 10.9a o'clock a m.s, ;
bn lh. 10ih Hay of Nov. 000 a.'t. at thi
fifllitf, iliMfollowinntractotland, to wH
hswj Pec. apTUN. h.jsf.W.H
Ai.) pr claiming adveratly tli
almn-(1(-aerttml lands are adviterf-to (11.
ihir i-inima, or objoetioos, on or bidV
tlwdnyubove (or tale,
. O W Moors, Raiiter.
, t.knehai. lakd officb,
.WASHINGTON, D. c , --' v
K iw-N-Mil.; A. 11. " , ; t '
'. ', , JolrSO.lOfl"
rriil.H' LANDS TO SKTTLK- ' '
Knitt'i- ithcrc'by mvon that tbeAcIuj...
of itit Interior ln vie!ed di -IisiHi..:-'
,t tr!t r of uuhdrnal in nfn;.
n, fiv -mik. . nffifflja l ha ftitiidrMvi Utr
(frisiK- n iitirmB nmbr thanctoiJut).
l, h?"-.' !;;- Hint., SHU) for ott in cotmc -linn
fin 1 1n t'rnatilla PrdjMt, Orryi'f
lit ilif J'-lTiiffinit itrtBcrilwd landi in U,.
Sfsi . ( Ort-i-fm, and byhU autboriti
wu-h f mild tract! axltavnnot been her ;
tufxrtr litiitlly rratored and ara not ot Her'
wi uiilifirnHni, rctorved ortpproprut .
cii( tt nubjoct to MttlRDient undei '
llw ynhWe land (awi of the United State
iu H11.I itfier October W, I BOB, bat iln,' '
nut lw ul'juot to i try, fllingoraelecti'i ' '
nntd Novemtr lfi, I90, at the Unlti '
Mtnm lun.l etDtWatThe Dalles, OreRrr' ;
wriitti Uiiiijt axpranly flven that ;'
pcrMAii wijl ha parmitlad toaaiu-or. p
ciwrnv rfltt wltatavar under at) j o-v-
itiriut nriii'i-noftDon btvnn after "Julj
IVOt), uari prior to October 1ft, VG, mi
nrh eattk'Btautt oecnpatiptt being tor
;bidi)ei 'w: j -. r.
. . tVillnitretie Prhietpat Uerldla,
T.I N . K. 20 p,, hl8ea,iiaJJ,U to
2ft a mf n tnfit'iniil,
T. S U. 1 P , aH Sees. 1 to 18, to
f7ai13J to SB Inch - . ' . ,
T. 8 .N., H. 19 E , all tb4 pa-tlon In
Orft'" .
T. S fiVSOR.. all.
T. tl N.( Jl. W K., tBt pprt'ofi In
t. e r.., ix. st te .aii.
T. I! N., It. -i't K.( all tint port ton In
T. 2 '., R, 52 all &eis.4to0,ieto21
niiil 2B o; (ml. s
T 1 f , '1 ti,, ell t-t. t f f nnrf
,l( t,Hiinli Rive and all Seca. 8.
V. PruflfHit, Actina C'WamiasJonar o(
l.rtit-ntl I.kihI Olttoa.
frank t'iriw.'Flrat Aalstant Stcretaij
i(f ;. , . ,
, ; ; , , ,.
iicicfj aUmt 7 nrilett from cent
er of l"Hlittid, i tnile fromclectriu
rsir line Miittimi, all well fvnccil,
lid in line bearing orchard, - sIm
li kiti of berries and vegetable,
5 rootn fiiiUn with toilet, bath, hot
ititd coiil ttiit'er, fine weli, tower
tanlc and wind milt, 100 high
niiio (.'liicken, horae nn'tl wgott,
itiMiiv (ilher implentents, ytiw
97oOO.CO, will tnke 100 acres of
i;.d wheat land, in exchaitge tor
'mt. . '-, ' .t
Jlitvf i-0 Acrei of timber Iniid, n"
'1fr lut in boH coaat town in Ore
iffifi. ?tfnl a IiTuitl amohj.t f vnt
fnf this we want ft mn11 wtvut
tVrt- -.i Well httiU hoitr
'lnt. Ot.tS '
lll(;f! ff.,j:)1 (..u-rvne.-J.waM. not n- ', ,
tlv nVnhut cm UnuU m
wj,K K;u (.j rKhwlV(( p.j fV.rjr. .';
, , .tI.'-rr. (T-d w-rr "' '
VU0GtAif1U2 orf icc