The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, November 19, 1909, Image 5

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lone ProclAltrier
lone. Oregon, Nov. 19; 1900.
. ' loot town Officer.
LcW..- O.J.
Traur Ji.'. r .2
fc" T Irklnl
QmellBM j
Wti HftlrortMl
I Frank iniel
C.B. S
1 ocrrT
,.' orncwu ciiool diitbict j
i , T. Prklai
, 7 ,c.J.pnnlnil
DtractM". Iw.c. CMo
" orneiuitnii dallm rr,
LerfftM HMt M Poftiwfc
.Spama-Wadaaato night I pMMdlBC
the flm lull moon dfeaeh ih.'
odd Fallowi-Srer tetHtdar ni&W
Babtk hi-Fim MMl IbirU TaaMftV malaf
loath month. .- a rat
Trr J taTriday night at Mwii,
V - ' ' v"
y "All conStpunications, as 1" "
tiossible,' should reach us not later
. . in i U..
than Tawlay nignfc rjeaw
ibis in mind andhave eommunije
tiOnt in on tirae,H ftditor.
, Glnu Reed and J A Waters ship
bed flVe crateaofchickensMondny.
Lew Davidson came home Frf
, day from a trig te The Drlles. ,
J p Croiian casliier ol the Bunk
returned Tuesday frara a trip to
v . ilivrry Beesley ol Portland .ih
vieiting his brothes Joe here. (
t All kinds ol Postal card and
J Novel at the Chick I'll arm acy
Dhvo BiRgersUrf returned from
h bwineas trip to The Dalles and
tar ll and Tuesday. (. . '
' Mr and Mrs Carton spent Snn
day wjth thelrdanghler at Morgan
. Mr and. Mrs Hammer returned
jroni their trip to Echo Tuesday.
( Earl Pnyear has returned from
.f ... . . . i
a three months tripio junuo.
'FDR SALE OH barrels(52gnl-
- I 1 . flftc.h at the Toner House.
E E Miller, Clly Engineer.
j i nara win w mhv
ton Wednesday Uie &4eli underlhe
Uiaiiagen.ent of R N Hymer
( Trie fiftdies aid will rVe thanks
ttivina dinner on Thtjnftlar, n the
Banouct HaU of the Oild Fellows
building. It is the mistaae oi your
life to miat this.
N Mr. J tl Land calibrated her
?3rd birth-day laao Monday and
nra ion ,w t
yonngin, '
All kinds of Postal eardt and
Novels at the Chick Pharmacy.
! The Woolerjf Ure is moving in
to the old Proclairoer bjuilHtngand
Irill bo ope" ,l,w qrterf
Baiuroay. - t -
CI UK Walker who Lis been lie r
"rt isiting left Thnpsday for PoVtland
going via Shaniko.
i Harvo HendrKwasinThorsday
Vnd saya-the moisture nowsinking
Into the ground means biff crops.
. : All ainds of New Stationery and
tome dandy Birtb-dayPostaleards
at th Chic? pB4BMcr.
1 M A Olden ol New MexieQ came
Tuesday to visit bio tons who Hvs
hear lone.
TnanTs0vThT rt TJArOT ai
Tin: PaocLAiMaa STaTioHEMY Btob.
1 MrsAMludsonandhabywent
.ni. n.tiu TliHrMtv la viiit
her husband's people and will go
Ironr there to the Valley to view
Tier parent.
Will bur chickens, turkeys
ducks and geese to be delivered to
me from the 18th to 23rd o! ov
Vmhor. Will pay tU highest mar
Mrs Edgar Leach of Salem who
at oh time 11 red in lone returned
U her home Thursday after alait
here vith 11 ft Morgan and family
Mrs RoMnson returned from a
Portland trip Monday brine f
with her her little -ton who ha
been attending iehcoJ there,
The caucus held lat Tuesday
eveniuff was dot very largely at
tended. .The following names were
suggested for the cohiIuc election:
oouneilnien, Arclier Bice, Paul G.
Bolsiger and Cliaa Siwrry ; Record
er, CJ Pennington, 'Treasurer, J
A Waters and Marshall, T J Carle.
NOTICE-There will Ive
meeting Saturday Korember 20th
at the school- house at 1 o'clock.
Thb Pkoclaimbr people are
mourning the loss of ' their little
Jersey cow whsch was found dead
in the stable Thursday morning,
from some unknown cause, having
been healthy and well the night
All kinds of Postal cards and
Novels at the Chick Pharmacy.
W D Brasher st wife and Inmily
left K rid ay morning for a tew day
visit with friends i Her mis ton.
3 P Wihpn and D C Ely mnuY
a trip to Heppner Thursday return
iug Friday.
Lait week the editor of this pa
per being out of town, Uny Blake
assisted by his younger., bmthei
Mearle, ran the papers off. the
pre-a. .These aretwo oi lite :onr
landsome and bright sons of
J. Blake and ho Is oerteinly luckv
in the possession ol theo pron is-
ing sons. -
Anone in need of lim, cement,
aud shingles call and leeGF Par
ker before going elsewbwre.
At tire M. K. Church of Kenny-
dale Miss Emma Dodge was mam
ad to Letter Ilaiifberry, at H i t
a m. November 7. The bride wore
a town of white fiet and Ihe grt otn
the conventiDTial .black. Addelaide
ml Christ Haiwlierry rtaci V)
i!.t '. t. : 1 Hill,
Willi I H11U " KIU"IM ."
iiioce and nephew ctrr)d Iwiskc
ol white erysntlieimmie. Ihi
being the fin Wedding hi the M F
uhurch, at this plaoe, it was ben nt
fnl I v decorated for the ocennoi
n evergreeh, fvrh", aiilnmn leaves,
crysatithemutnl and while bell.
The bride was well arnunintu
here and Inrcd by all and received
Llfttir prwehrt.
The grot; n
nrmprlv Ift-i'd at Morean.
As they euteVcti the cJuirch' tin
Kenm-dale- oecbestra played a
beautiful march. Rev. T. L. Dyer
IMrfornied the erremouy. "Tin
rouiiK couple., wera grrttcd h
of rice after which they repsimi
to the home of the hrhU-s parents
aecomDauied f)T tlieir relatives
where a sumptions dinner awsited
limit . '
Thir now homo is near -the
groom's parents.
Ttsrstfsg NOV. 25
RasHCl Ball,
Given by the
Ladies Aid Society
From i2 Unlit. Sujipliet
; Are gone.
CliiMrenun? iO Ificto
ChiUren between 10 A 15 2r
Mmm IS TO 20
Thin AppK :v ' Anrldwide
event of thi ' nnatM ininriaiiee
to the Pacitin NoriliMCft and in or
der to ent:iitti' i-Vry mi to at
tend, lhn Ori-u-' h"i K uil A Navi
gation CuiMtt'. t h.nltca upe-
cral ronml trij. rrfij OSR and
One third fiii't-1 nun nil (mmiiIs on
its lines 'in fegon Waphington
and Idaho.
Tickets will b'np sale at all
statlona west of The Dalles Nov
ember 14 aud 15 and from all sta
tions east ol The Dalles November
It to 19 inolunive, Kinal return
limit ovsmbr Vi '' 0 , ,
Rsee m mirg-Wiii h civen awv
Qrand display, instructive lectures
and interesting' progrnmevery day
duHng the shoW. 1 ,
For further information call on
any O. R. 4 X. agent or write
. Wtt Mi- Mi'K"av,
Ceneral fiiaeenger Agent,
Portland. Oregon.
the Youth's
U JHB Volume for 1907 Will
give for $1.73 an amount
of good reading 'equivalent to
twenty 400-page rxok-history,
fiction, eclence'n biography and
miacellany costing ordinarily
$1-30 each. -Sample Copies of
lhe Youth's fcompaiiioa .apd
Aoaounceiiient for 1907 will be
. 'tent to any address Iree; ,
Every New Subscriber
. wtoMtiMtueanafHUiKyat
mm Wll IUM ul aaaitM -Sl-n
Will rtMM njj .
antbtlMtif TU ulNrlll
lax, CarAUaataal HtwVttt'i Srubtt
Mamben. Th. Cnpaatia' twn-lttt
Baulag OalmSaT in iM Mian
wtelu'ef m-i 1iHiiy( U Wt
fT-i-t'-l tm trcrBMaMr at tU Umiig.
iiEizZH nwr4 t uUwWWa tr r
tw tuUcrtptwu. Soul tor lwfactnath
"tes Ttcrrs Csnsnt, UmVUsi
Sta nt.lttMU wald m tw Jfc
C T;
General techandisei
. " . A Complete Stock of
New 1909,WalI Paper. All Kinds of Furniture
Repaired aBd Rclinkhcd, Iron Beds RanaiReiep.
Aoyt hin not carried in eteck will be ordered at a Reduction:
- S. C. MOORE,,
IONE, - - - OREGON. "
i . - , -t .
Has served the community of lone with bank
ing facilities .for several years. In doing
1 tKfs.we have had the co-operation of -
, our. local people. We are bet- r" .
ter; prepared than ever to , .
- V take care of the bank
ing business of
this" com-
':. t, - h mujuty. ,
.Conservative business is invited,
; Capital $15,8.
Surplus and Undivided Profits KWO.
J. E. Cronan, President.
T.J. Mitrloney, Vice President.
v ' J. t). Cronant ' Casliier.
Do yoii. want the
'. does the most perfect worltf
Practical work of all kindst all the time ?
Do you want the. one that laves the
most time?
The ipeediert, aimplett; itroncit ?
The. one that- far outwears any other make
: .--of writing machine P :
rh Smltti
: Premier
JTbrWortf Best TypwRcr
iMfaoMa. iiaairfiiwi
The 5ml!l Premier Typewrftof Co.
writing machine that
Thla la Id
Vet price lor such fowls.
W R CocubAi