The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, September 10, 1909, Image 7

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    Bad Breath
"For month I had mat trouble with my
stomach and used all kinds of medicine.
My tongue has been actually a green as
grass, my breath having a bad odor. Two
weeksago a friend recommended Caecarets
tod after using them 2 can willingly and
cheerfully say that they have entirely
cured me. X therefore let yon know that I
hall recommend them to any one suffer
ing from such trouble," C haa. H. Hal.
pern, 114 B. 7th St, New York, N, V.
tnaaiut, ralatable. Potent. Teat Good,
E 'i?01-. ""W Sicken, Weaken or Grip.
10c. 2Sc. SOc. Never told In bulk. Th ireu
Blna tablet ataniped. C C C ffiiirintiitl to
sure or your mimr back. 823
If oat Keep Awake.
"When you Kite a Job o' work to do,
or." aaid Uncle Eben, "don't imagine
you's a chicken on a roos' an' kin hold
yoh position by ('in fas' asleep."
Washington star.
Proof of Lev. -
- "80 you Udnk he's really In love.
"No doubt nbout It Why, hs thinks
he's attractive In auto goggles.")
Louisville Co-rier-Jwrnal.
ta.adla.a- mm Hla Btahts.
Police Juitice Have you any way
making a living?
Vagrant I key, y'r honor. 1 la
make brooms.
Police Justice Ton can? Where did
you learn that trade!
.Vagrant I decline f answer, y'r. hos-
a.', V 11. Ml-'
vouVi yet
to learn Hie borfilv
ymforr ft gives w
the wettest Mather
Of its kiad in the) Northwest, we iavit
the i-r-eatiatioa f tkoa who wont the
beat in a practical edeoatioa. Let o Pfore
. superiority. Call, pboae or write. Cat
alogue, bnslmeae fomis and peawork Ire.
The School ol Quality" -
Teeth asjd Morrisoa 8 FortlasHt, Ore foe
A. P. AkMSTKONO, Iu B.. Principal
V dh w. a. wni
ft Tear a Leader to r-Jnlaa Dental .
Work ia Portland
Oot-of-Town People
SboeU raa-oiber that oor fare Is ao er-enswl
TRACTING FREB -W plate- or brVIm are or
XfAIN. NO STUDENTS. u-certainty.
Foe tbo Neat riftoon Day
WawUlft yea a aeai Bfc er per-
lain crown for .,...,... SJ-
BI. fcridca Wat I-
Note crown f-
CoM-renaaa-l SKaa-v.
Silver fllHna-
tfeodrabbar plates..... i
The b-t red rubber pfcM -S
f-lnlea e-ttnetk ,
Dr. W. A. Wise v
The Wise Dental Co.
CDtt TIM eM WeaUewM ssa,
Met ST-
Clotheapla la la proved.
R asked the Question, the majority
ot housewives would say that tbe com
mon clothespin was perfectly satisfac
tory In Its present
form. Nevertheless,
a decided Improve
ment can be made
In these laundry
accessories. The
Improved pin re
sembles somewhat
tbe clamps used by
photographer t o
support wet .prints
while drying.
They are made so that any number
earl be placed on a clothesline, being
movable la either direction. The
clothes are supported by the ' small
Jaws, the grip being decidedly firmer
than In the ordinary clothespin. In
addition the clothes do not come In
direct contact with the clothesline end
cannot become soiled, as Is often the
case with -the ordinary line. They
are siao easier., to handle and, after
the clothes are removed, are allowed
to remain on the line, r
Oraae Feel.
Peel Are oranges. Cut Into thin
slices, poor over them a heaping cap
ful of sugar. Boll one pint of milk.
add while boiling the yokes of three
eggs, ons tsbleapoonful of cornstarch
made smooth with a little cold milk.
Stir all the time. As soon as thick
ened, pour over the fruit Beat the
whites of eggs to a froth, add two ta-
blespoonfnls of powdered sugar, pour
over the custard and, brown in' tbe
oven. Serve cold.
I l
n lauaewlehe.
Hash the yolks of hard-boiled eggs-
to s powder and moisten with olive oil
and a few drops of vinegar. Work to
a paste, add salt, pepper and French
mustard to taste, with a drop or two
of tabasco sauce. Now chop the whites
of the eggs as fine as possible (or un
til they are a coarse powder; and mix
tbem with the yolk paste. If more
seasoning Is necessary, add It before
spreading the mixture upon sliced gra
ham bread. , .
Blaekfcerry Cataap, '
Cover mashed berries with boiling
water, simmer fifteen minutes, mash
again and strain. Allow to each quart
of Jules a half-teaspoonfnl each mace.
cinnamon, pepper end white mastard.
Cook down to about a quarter of tbe
original quantity, add pure white wine
or eider vinegar to make strength and
consistency required, bottle and seal
while hot
Vftlme of Flaaeateee. -
Not every one Is as familiar with
the canned Spanish red peppers pt-
mentoea) as they should be. The pep
pers are tasty additions to soups, sal
ads, etc, and are delicious stuffed with
bread crumbs, rice er meat or fish mix
tures and served as an entree, er
served whole as s garnishment and
sllsh with the steak..
Save your prepared mustard glasses
to see for holding soda, baking pow
der, cream of tartar, etc.; print labels
for same with Ink la large, clear let
ters, or have typewritten If possible;
and la order to prevent them from be
ing rubbed off when washing (hem
pasts the label inside the glass,
Three-fourths of a pint of grated
corn, yolk of one egg. salt and pepper
to taste. Juat before frying add
beaten white of the egg, and If the
oora Is very dry, add a little cream or
rich milk. Drop ia hot fat from a
tablespoon about the sise of a large
oyster, and try brown.
tnivw ou mat.
' As soon as a can or bottle er olive
oil Is opened put in two lumps of loaf
sugar te the pint Keep tn as cool a
place as possible. The sugar does not
change the taste of the oil.- Always
treat it m this wsy and the last in the
earn la as delicious aa the first.
Bai gaarateett ss. --
A little wire broom Is excellent for
cleaning the horseradish grater.
A eaa of condensed mt)k keeps set
ter rf the top ie left open, admitting
the sir.
Spermaceti added to boiled starch
gtvsa the goods a gloss; boras: ssakes
the starch stiffen
Pineapples should be sliced first.
said then pared, .to this way the area
saay bo rssawvefi with lees vases.
Da not wash white silk halt swdat
with warm water or re si none
It mast be washed la tepid ere.
tor, wKh white aaaax and Ironed dry,
nsxvtea tt til tarn aa agiy yetlsm
White Steamers Use Kerosene as Fuel
The most Interesting announce
ment ever made In connectten with
the automobile Industry was un
doubtedly, that made a month or two
ago 16' the effect that the new, models
of the White Steam Cars could be run
on kerosene, or coal oil. Instead of
gaaollneTBveryone Ednct " recog
nised thst the nse of the -new fuel
would add materially to tbe advan
tages which tbe White already pos
sessed over other types of cars.
There were some people, however,
who were sceptical as to whether or
not the new. fuel could be used with
complete success and. therefore, the
makers of tbe White Car, the Wblte
Company, of Cleveland, Ohio, deter
mined to make a public demonstra
tion of the hew fuel In the 10 Olid
den Tour. . - 1
Prom the standpoint of the public,
no test more satisfactory could have
been selected. First of all, the dis
tance covered en the (Hidden Tour,
from Detroit to Denver and thence to
Kansas City, was I860 miles. This
wss certainly more than sufficient to
bring out any weaknesses, If such had
existed. Still more Important was
the fact that tbe car was st all times
while on the road under the supervi
sion of observers, named by those
who entered other contesting ears.
Therefore, it would have been Impos
sible tor the driver of the White to
hare even tightened a bolt without
the fact being noted and a penalty In
flicted. At night tbe ears -wen
guarded by Plnksrton detectives and
could not he approached by any one.
Tbe complete success of the new
fuel while on this 26&0-mlls public
test and the advantages gained
through Its use were well described
in the following dispatch which tbe
correspondent of the New York Sun
sent to bis paper at the conclusion of
the too: ; -
"A feature of the tour which was
watched with special interest was
thst. the White Steamer used kero
sene," or- 'coal oil,' as fuel Instead of
gasoline. - The, new fuel worked
splendidly throughout ths i50mlle
journey, and all claims made la Its
behalf were fully proven. First of
all, as regards cheapness, the White
driver secured kerosene all along the
route from 6 cents to 10 cents cheap
er per gallon than was paid for gaso
lene. Secondly, the new fuel was
handled without any precautions, and
it was not unusual to see kerosene
being poured Into the fuel tank while
the crew of the ear and an Interested
crowd stood by with lighted cigars
and cigarettes. At ths finish of the
tour, the White wss the only ear per
mitted by tbe authorities to enter
Convention Hall, where the technical
examination took place, without
draining Its fuel tank. Thirdly, the
new fuel proved to be absolutely
without smoke or smell. Fourthly,
kerosene could be purchased at what
ever part of tbe route was most con
venient end not once dating tbe trip
through tbe ten States of ths Middle
West was there found a grocery store
where kerosene wss not readily and
cheaply obtainable. Finally, tbe
amount of fuel used on the trip
showed that kerosene is at least
fifteen per cent, more efficient, gallon
for gallon, than gasoline. Tbe car to
other respects made a most creditable)
showing, and there was the usual riv
alry among the observers to be ee-
iKDa to me w nue mo mil ibu'v
cuuto riu wun me maximum 01 com
fort. The unly adjustments or re
pairs eharged against the car during
the long trip were tightening a lubri
cator pipe and wiring a damaged mud
guard. These penalties were now In
flicted until more than 8000 mile
had been completed with an absolute
ly perfect score."
A particularly Interesting feature
of the : new White Steamer Is that
either kerosene or gasoline may ha
used as fuel. Tbs necessary adjust
ments so that the fuel may be changed
from kerosene to gasoline, or vie
versa, may be made la a couple of
in IihaIh' Kilt an Milnnl,lll HAua..S
has kerosene proves to be, thst It ta
not believed that any purchasers will
ears to nse gasoline.
Tbe Wblte Company report that
the demands for their new steam car
both the ISOOO-model and tbo
14 00 o-model exceed their moot san
guine expectations. It Is evident that
tbe combination of steam tbe pow
er which everyone understands and
has confidence in- with kerosene
the fuel which everyone has on hand
and can handle without any danger
Is thoroughly appreciated by
up-to-date purchasers of automo
biles. - '
are alseHase.
Sunday School Teacher Now, Dan
ny, what do you understand by "right
eous Indignation" f
Danny Oettln' mad without sarin'
any euss wordsv Boston Transcript
Motben Will ftBd art. WlnaloWe BonUlai
Bymp tbe bv at re mad r to asejet UwltebUdjea
during taa lee thing period.
In Paris there are thirty-two miles
of underground railways which Carry
tt.000. passengers a day. Twenty-five
miles more road are under considera
attrons; Winds snd Sand Storms
cause granulation of the eyelids. PET
TI IS eye SALVE soothes and
Slickly relieves, 25c. All druggist of
oward Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
PI eaa aied Imu
Ttankln Why don't you open a sav
ings account f
Fyla 1 guess Pll have to they've
abut down on me where I've been run
ninar a spend Ins: account.
, : nitxi.
. A Flavori:. - It makes
eyrup batter tban Maple.
J J Sold by grooera.
Mavbelle That tall. Blender ehan
arent on the eta re made un aa a wom
an? How did he lookf .
niadva -Strictlv ud to data. Ton
know, he hasn't any nipe.
Cowl Toe Mmb, .
Heentster And why didn't ye
to the kirk last BawbethT Sandy I
had nowt but a shlllln' In my class.
That's ower muckle slllsr to pit In UT
contribution box all at aln time.
Cleveland Leader.
" ..f
- Well SappUoat -
"I find tt hard to kill time." de
clared the pampered pet "I only have
my music, you knov How do you
"Oh. I do very well," aaswersd the
ether girl. "In addition to my music,
I have my sweeping, my dusting, my
ring and my dishwashing." Louis-
vine courier Journal. -
f powder thai
all Uiat tfa
or. (warter and better
... " ed eddreM. we
Sdi saW yea a to a health aad hakisa e-wdai.
CMtMLMMl MPO. CO. SsotUs, Wa.
fci eonat-atfr tntra-ahie. TbM
alai ate eanetaneV th lookout aad
an atlartac rood nrkaa. A araat mmxj dairyman era baytna nor cow lnatead try In e
te st aU tbe proflta poMU, oat ef tkoa thay now ha-a. They em to think about all
that they can do la te ran tbe milk throaah a cream parator, never atoppbis- to efui4r
Whether tba -roast -war-tor I eo-MT tt daty aa It aboukL If tta an oU-faahtoaa-. ut-of.
date or cheap aMChkia It caa t gwt all tbe bat
terfat It wasn't Intended te. Your dairy pro.
Sta ean be tocraae. (im t pm Mat bp
".these (
J1 r
Tbe Separator tbat ha wen NeaenltJan by the
three l-t poaitkMl St. Lou l. Portland nd
JamHtew n. and haa the endoraoment of all
thelmilln; dairy eiperle. It uae aetually
aiaana the aavinK of a sreSt -mount of err am.
It aleo maana that roni rream make hettar
bolter and never haa that aeparator teat p
cuKar to rraant aki mined by other machine.
Thia la baeauae the Iowa fi o -4ily cleaned .
and iM-vr beoamea choked up with fllUi and
dirt. Amorur tta nu-w adyantacM era these
walet-kiw an p pry can; rncloned searlnet
aeeefoii-ratlnn: adjnatabl rranh; neat ap-
ranee: tnterchanjiealile pert; etc. IT 18
ON THE HAEKET. Bead te eMaJosne.
Meat csmplsu ftne ef
AcrkuMural ImplefncnU
nd Vehicles
Prkss and Goods MgM.
We have
in your
He Is a
good man
to know