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I Main 1
. Mmridith NichoUon
CorriOHT 101
Tn Boaae-etaaaiu, CoMUJrii
CHAPTER XV. (Continued.)
Wheaton's hand reitid again oa the
packet before him; ha bad flushed to the
Urn pit, but the color slowly died oat of
bis face. It waa very still In Ida room,
and tha watchman could be heard walk
ing arroaa the tiled lobby outside. A pa
trol wafon rattled Id tba street with
great flung of lU gong. Wbaaton had
moved the brown pared a littla nearer
to the edjfe of the tnble; Margrave no
ticed tbls and for the Arst time took a
serious Internet in the packet. Ha waa
not built fur quick evolutions, bot he
made a sudden movement around tba ta
ble toward Wheaton, who waa between
hi ra and the dour.
"What you got In that paper, Jim?"
be asked, puffing from hia eiartlon.
Wheaton did not apeak, but ba picked
op the parcel and took a atap toward he
door, Margrave advancing - upon him.
WJiea to Ufeaaa'-tfraueor? Holding, tba
paokagafttnder nil arm.
, ."LWu't touch ma ; don't touch me,' he
eh Id, hoarsely. ' MargravVwtill cams to
ward blm, WhVston's unengaged hand
went nervously to hia throat, and he fum
bled at hia tie. The sweat came out on
bit forehead. It waa a curloua scene, the
tall, darjt man In his evening clothes,
pitiful In bis agitation, with bla back
against the door, bugging the bundle
under one arm ; and Margrave, fn his
rough business suit, walking toward
Wbealon, wbo retreated before blm.
"I want that package, Jim."
"(Jo away ! go away !" The awaat
ahone on Wheaton'a forehead In great
drops. "I can't, I can't you know I
can't !"
"You coward V said Margrave. "I
want that bundle." Ha made a gesture
and Wheaton dodged and ah rank away.
Margrave Unshed again; a malicious
tuirtb possessed him. But he grew sud
denly flrrce and his fat Angara closed
nhout Whenton's neck. Wheaton huddled
against tha door, holding tbs brown pack
et with both hand.
"Drop It! Urop It!" blurted Mar-
rave. He was breathing bard.
A sharp knock at the doer against
which they struggled caused Margrave
atirlnv awav. II walked down the
mnm aereral nacea with an assumption
tit carelessness, and W bee ton. with tbs
bundle sitll under bla ar ah--tamed the
Limh nf the door.
"Hello. Wheaton!" called Fenton,
blinking In tha glare of the llghta.
"(kiod avenlna." said Wheaton.
Fenton." said Margrave,
rareteselj, but mopping bla forehead with
hi. fc. ,!' Maf.
"Here are jour papera," said Wheaton,
almost thrusting hia pare! Into tke law
yer's hands. aald Fenton. looking curi
ously from one to the other. And then
be glanced at the package, as If abeent
mlndedly, and aaw that tha seal was un
broken. , , .
-fia .takt Maibnra. ha aald. Sor-
tn ban dlaturhed TOO."
"How much Traction was In that pnek-
v .-i-i Marerare. closing the door
hi know." said Wheaton, smooth-
lu ,i. Th. watchman could be
heard closing tha outside door on Fan
m I Jnn't think too do," returned
Uergravt. "You'd flied It preMy well
with teuton. If he'd only been a minute
i.... va h mot that bundle. 1 didn't
rMllaa at drat what yon had them Jim.
w.rr.r watched1 him maliciously.
tboroughly en joy lug bis, terror.
"Uow do yon know 1 wooion it w"
i the other one, Jim."
(d.ui iv-u.. kniii hU own certificate;
ba believed for a moment that ba could
trade the one for the Other. -
Tm not going to fool with you much
longer, Jim; you either give me that cer
tificate or I ao to the Uaaette offlee as
straight as I caa walk. Just sign it In
blank, the way the otner one is.
witness It all right."
Wheaton wrote while Margrave stood
over blm, holding ready a blotter which
he applied to Wheatou'a signature with
unnecessary care.
i k thia won't cause you any In-.
convenience with the lady, but you're un
j k.ii. . tat iiar and von can fli that
all right, particularly" with a chuckle
"If tba old man cesaee in.
Wheaton followed Margraves move
ments aa If under a spell that be could
not shake off. Margrave walked toward
the door with an air ol nonchalance.
pulling on his gloves.
i hareo't mv check-book with me.
Jim, but I'll aettle for your stock and
Miss Evelyn's, too, after I get things re-organiwd-
It-11 ta worth mon moat7
then. Please give tne young- is uy mj
compllroenta," with Irritating suavity.
He stopped, arooothlng tne nacas oi d
glovea placidly. 'That's all right. Jim,
ain't itr he asked, mockingly.
1 hope you're satisfied, aald wnaa-
ton, weakly.
I'm never satlsfled," aald Margrara.
picking up bis hat. ,
'Wheaton wished to make a bargain
in. htn tn awiira his own Immunity;
k., t. Hii not -know how to. accomplish
It. Margrave bad threatened him, and he
i.v.A ir. AnU the noint ol tne inreat, out
he was afraid to ask a promise of him.
Wheaton did not follow blm to tne ooor.
but Margrave seemed In no hurry to
leave, rne wewnman wi
let him out at tha side entrance.
"If he'd only been sure the oold man
hoped t tell Ua friend's abarea ad
vantage. ';. .'
Beaton bad never been In tba Bi-
ohariM RnlMln. and ha DOked
about In the dark uijper Boora, uncer
talnly kiokinf forthe rooms described la
tba advertisement Another man, also
peering about in the ball, ran agalust
blm, i H
"Beg pardoa, bejt can you tell rna
"Good morning, Mr. 8a i ton, are you
acquainted in tab) rookeryT' It was
Fentoa, who earrted a brown parcel un
der but arm and appeared annoyed.
-no; nui i ai aairuing, j
"I'm tiwbin. ir.. iha ofltcea ol the
Traction Company. Its light see ma to be
bid under a bushel."
"I'm looking far It, too" said ronton.
Some humorist seems to bavs changed
the number on this Boor."
They traversed the halls severs,
floors la an effort to And the numbers
specified in the notice. Feoton occasion
ally kicked at a door In his rage. B
ton called to him presently Trom a dark
corner where be held up a lighted match
to read the number on the transom.
"Here's oar number, but tberea no
name on the door."
Kenton advanced upon the door with
long strides, but It did not open aa be
grasped tha knob. He kicked it sharply,
but there waa still no response from with-
n.-h rim U it RYtonT" be asked
over bla shoulder, without abating bla
pounding or knocking.
"Five minutes of nine." Saiton was
mrm. haw that anmorhlnr Important waa
in progreee. Ha did not know Fenton
well, but he knew that he was the attor
inr Porter ami the CUrkson Nation
al, and that ho was a serious chasacter
who did not beat on doors unless ne nsu
business on tba insidn. Fenton now called
riamaiwllna admission. Then
waa a low sound of voices and a sharp
noise of chairs being pushed over an un
carpeted floor: bat the knob which Fen
ton still bold and shook did not turn.
On tha Inside of the door-Timothy
" Ditesa D la-are.
A. eompleta homemade ditoh digger
mar ba made by following tba aa
aertptlon here given. ,
Tbt bed plena, five and ft omit monew
Inner la Mit Ant Of ft bard DUUlk tWO
and a half Inches thick, bolted at met
end and la tha middle to prevent apuv
tin. Tha reau- half Is Bin lncnaw
wide' and tba front hall tx Inch
The diggers art mad of noel ban
two and a hall Inches wide, toree
Quortere of an Inch thick and twenty
four Inches long. They are fastened
to the plank by a right angle turn and
bolted. The two rear diggers are new.
firmly by a rod with nuts Inside and
V r tS.k
his riKusasa uwsui aswui
would have died to-night," he reflected
aa ba walked np the street, "aeai save
give me Porter's anares, sswy.
went, to bla oflke, entertaining fclnsslf
with this pleasant speculation. "
got out of tha bank with that package
he'd never dared equeai, as pi
John Saaton waa a good deal the worst
for wear ar ba swung himself from a
eleeper la the Clarkaon station end bolt
Mils at nrst wnat yon ama mm w-t , , l. I
kept during it - deapcratr U-"' tt t
t v.. k.n ara IhoaS BnSrS TOU own
Jl'm. I nope we won't be Interrupted
hlle you're getting them ror aw.
f- Mia. rrBB here to the Geaett
efllco. You know ihsry do what r tell em
over there. They'd like a little etory
about the aristocratic Wheaton fatally of
Ohio, Porter, girl would like that lor
Lk.i i.HMnoe saornlnf ."
Wheaton bong between two lncllna-
k ..aka terms with Margrave
and asssrs Ws frW-.lp at a-y baaard,
tbe other to break with klm, kft tk ooa
Mueaces be what they might
-Harry as," ea" Mart rave -Ptle.t-"thu
in mr busy sight and I east
'"rfowl, to bla
Wheaton s band went ssowry vs
dket. Ai he draw sot bis ows certii-
IZto with nerrona flngera, tba earthVata
waTck Krelya Port bad glee, klsi V
Zot before fell npo. tba taMe.
-TbaiM tbs right eotot." aaM M-
graca. tehl tke P-fOf Whsats.
Iprmag forward e regala K.
that) ot that I That -ant
Margraee aWd baefc anal swept tba
faaa of the eartnWe wish aie eyea.
eJlTiaasr eskatod Iks flakat osoo of
,Ad mmt Margrsve nftad t ws
jn.m h..ainaaaL and there BIS limiU to
the things that cas be crowded Into a
eult-caae. He bad been crawling through
four-foot felne of Kansas coal in ths In
tsrest of tha Neponaet Trust Company,
and bad been delayed a day longer than
ba had etpected. He continued to be In
a good deal of a hurry after be reached
u,Z .a he kicked aside the mail
wblck rustled under tbe door as be open
ed it. and knelt hastily before tba aale
.. Httlina tha ronsbwre of tbe
combinatloa. He pulled out a long oa-
Telope and then witb asora eoaapor.
eanaulted bis watefc.
i. kair.Mat etsht. He took from
bis memorsndnm calendar the leaf for
tee day; on It ae bad posted cutting
. umi HaaaMi anrtonoclng tbe
annual meeting ol the sweknowere ot
Clarkaon Traction I'otnpany. The meet-
m ka hliL ae tke notice recicem,
between the hours
.v. Tsaadav bat Novsaabsr. at
.w. i aMeaa of tbe coatpaay is ts
eiM af Cterkaaa. Tbe Eicaaaga naiio-
i- a nvMaL ISOMSa iao
tratlvs oOcee af tbe company wets oa the
v iaa at ma. before setting tarts
ftaxtoa exa mined his nepers, wsica www
.uuai. mi sleek bk tba Olarksee) Ttsa
i mm .The bad beam ssat M
kj. to a warsasaU tttoad ba Boatos, the
trostee sf aa estate, wita
. ,ia mm tsnent. Hartnsr rorafi-sd
tkasa yaat aa bo was Isavlag tat Kansas,
there bad been so spaortaafty fas sew
Mhlaa Pwrts e Wbeatoa, hta esweJ asV
a. airalaslsat BMttetO. Trctss
... Wl aatraneed sitsty, dssslte news-
eaebsTsgod oao old frlond mr tno mV"
for th reason that rod clover la bien
nial In Its habit of growth aad under
ths stoat Ideal conditions will not fur
nish mora than two cuttings of hay
In a season. On tha other hand, a
falfa Is a perennial plant, and when
onoa established will continue to pro
dnoa four and frequently ne crop
. mm.! for Bavaral nan In sue-
eesslon, and this la why our dairymen
havo clung to It through all theeo
... iiua mi nun to a root We am
loth to eonooda that rod clover la the
better forage In tha production or.
milk, hut It does look that way, and
wo know farmers In different nana
of tha State who are taking up wo
culture Quite unniTSiy. ww
Field and Farm.
. m mfmmm Dewtaw Fwlca.
n-w. lataat fake nractlcod on farm
n ii dona by a man who visits tha
pines and claims mat no oas oeen
MDt but by the State to examine fruit
tree diseases, says an aicuu-. iu
wiu sro over the orchard and
nark aU trees which hs claims are af-
fseted. Shortly alter nia vibu a con.
federata will appear and say that ha
has a preparation which will euro tha
disease tor wmon uw uw m w-A-mnmA
and will contract to Inject ft
fluid into the roots for a certain pries.
Doth men are swindlers ana snouia do
. tha nlaea with a ahotxun. Th
only men empowered to inspect orch
ards are the county inspectors, woo
ars known to most fruit growers.
Margrave and Iforton, tbe president
Harass, the SM-retarv. and ferclvai. toe
treasurer of the riarkaoa Tractioa Com
pany, ware holding tbe annual meeting
of that corporation, la conformity wltb
Ita articles of i asocial Ion. and according
tn tha dulv airartlaad notice as roauired
by tbe statutes in each case saed and
provided. They had, however, aotto
pated the bout slightly ; bat thia was aot,
Margrave said, an Imaortaat matter. Bla
notions of tat proper way or aoiaing
hualness SBsetlsH - Isvsed on bin long
mliiiM In n.lii nfd arimartsn.
llorton, ths Dresldent ceiled ue eseei-
lag to order.
-Well, bora aaU Marsrravs. "there
ain't any use watting on tbe other tel-losssw-alsaineai
ia hualness and we might
aa well set thntoeh wltb It I vote
twenty-live hundred and lnety-eeven
shares of the eomaaoei stock o( tkla eoss-
pany; you i-atleman bavaa't ssore teas
that have yoal" Tbe fad was that tbe
three osncers present ewaea ealy oas
share each.
"I ssove" miA narnaa. that WO TO-
ceed to the rlertisn of oaacers tor the
ensuing year."
-And I a.N " mmA ParHvaL "that tM
stcreUry be instrartsd to coot tbe ballet
of the Mochholdera for Timothy Margrave
far president
"Coosest- eu-Ialsaad Barnes, e mea
tens eauM ha haarO he tM OOtST SOU.
and Margrave looked at hia watoa.
I move that wa adwara ss saset at
naw at -. viAie. sa awsclsde tke
electtoa of officers." He gathered np Us
earthVatsa aad pre-jared to esavo.
out, th points ,belng spread out so
tbat the bed piece can easily drop into
tha anace when the ditch la two loot
or more in depth. The front digger
Is the same also, but eat In Ue mwaie.
Ail are held firmly by brace rode and
ahai nned like the flat end of a pickax.
A wheel la set under the front end to
steady ths movement and la braced
hac.kward. An edtustsble draw iron
nlaced above, throuffh which the
rod may pass at any height suited to
tha ftenth of the ditch.
Tha handles are also adjustable.
raising them as the digger drops low
tn hard subsoils one wll save .the
cost of this simple device In digging
unntT.riva rnris of ditch. In OUT
haninan aactlona ol the eaat, which al
wava fined dralnaars. one does not feel
anoouraaed to dig ditches Wltb pick
and shovel when more than half the
mem la remit red to loosen the dirt
with this machine the toughest sub
soil wbea- dry hanolao as rapidly a4
loose sand.
SCeanBlwat CtaSUSl wtt.
en.. an In koenlns cream
naaat la tn kMtt it a8 Clean SB DOS-
Ible., Clean cream cannot be produced
h flith methoda of milking nor by
hanA-iina- tha croam or milk in unclean
utensils. Milk cans, stirrers ana pans
should D thoroughly scalded In hot
water and dried and exposed to tbe
annllvht and OUfO Sir.
The next stop la to remove ue ani
mal hnat from the cream as soon as
possible after separating. Run Ue
nvam from the sspamor uno a con
venient utensil for cooling. A or e
gallon shotgun can Is most convent-
rnnl tha cream tn well water
t .ttne. In a few minutes it can
ba reduced to the temperature of tbe
water. Alter the eream la cooled rt
w. mAAmA ta ths cream contained
i. h. etmnlr can used In delivering
eream to the station. The cream sup
ply can, while being filled and held lor
..!. .hmtld bo kept In water at
as near the temperature of freshly
pampod water aa possible. The dvor-
.7. - .hnnt H dearses. With It
Ml" . . . ...
cream can easily eo neio hhww
- aikd at this temperature will
remain sweet tor wn'irj m iaao
naps at the station. Kansas Farmer.
Tha hot water cure Is recommended
by many for poach tree borers. It la
a somewhat drastic treatment for the
borerthough It does not hurt ths
tree. The borers work either at or at-
nsctly beneath ths surface of the
ground, around the trunk. The tree
may be hilled up in the form of a sau
cer, the dirt packed a little and the
scalding water poured In. This will
Invariably bring out any borers. It
It not believed to hart the tree, al
though an excess ol water should not
bo used. An emulsion ol 1 part or
naUoleum to 160 parts ot water la
also recommended. . ,
Tha Aommon cabbage worm ta
among the best known ol all garden
pesta, both As a larvas ana in ins
adult stage, when it becomes ths com
mon spotted, whits cabbage butterfly.
The young plants should ba sprayed
wlU arsenate of lead. 1 ounos to a
gallon 01 water, mu
covered until tney oegm u up
well. Water heated to ISO degrees
Fahrenheit will destroy all worms
which It hHa, wiuout injury to u
TewUlaUosi ot StaMe.
It was tha anaai ssason (or baawssn
aa a amaa llmna kafco the pollso ats
Uon. with a bkMk eye aad owe arm ta
a bIIhbt.
"Say. captain," he said. Mdreswdnc
the onsoar la ekeuwa. "I
-Oh, yoa da, f owatiod the
est. "Are ya
i. wji known that there Is eon
nlderablo riah of Introducing now
wswds by the purchase of manure and
bay and other feeding stuffs B. I.
Oswald, of the Maryland experiment
station, undertook to obtain more def
inite Information on Uls point, espe
cially regards dissemination
through manure, by studying the of
fset of th fermentation of manure
hananad la different ways and of pass
ing through ths digestive systems or
animals on ths vitality of various
aawiB. Including seeds of about fifty
tha worst weeds found tn Maryland.
sxDSrimeuts In which the manure
remained for six months tn a barn-
arai asms and for a abort while ta
piles, as when shipped in carioao iota
fmn ait lea. it waa rouaa not ia ue
o rat amss) there was ao danger, and
to tha second esse little danger of dls-
ribatmg live wood seeds. ...
Fte Oars va. Altataa.
Roan of the old-Uma dalrymsai ara
eomlag around to tbe belief that rod
etorer soeh aa was grown around Desv
Tsr twooty-dvo ar thirty years ago, la
batter forage for too production ot
milk tnaa la alfalfa aa grown nown
awav Certain tt la that wo are not
now getting ths awalHr of milk that
was produced a qaartor of a otnunj
a wham aoarly ovorybody hod a
Uttla natch af dswr. It waa swine
(wUras, hsarm. that ws ehould has
Thta alstnUB ShOWS mtUod Of OOB.
structtag a fresh air Intake whore too
noli comas to or near Ue top of wall
aa found In many bank barsa. An ss
cavatloa to neoBoasry snd a retaining
wall la bulM around tha opes spaot
narked C
avals mr
Bvary dairy butter maker whoso
product Is known to be of uniform
good quality can now easily contract'
nil of Uetr surplus at 16 esnta per
pound the year round: And yet the
quality designated as "common coun
try butter" nearly always sails behrw
that price and during four or in
summer months goes aa low aa U
rots. Why why win its makers oa
content to follow methods that span
positive loss" Who can and will asa
war thl question?- The Rural 1st.
Tw Basel Asalns CSt Wiraii.
Tar paper place around cnboaga
and tomato plants win keep oft eaV
Marsna. Insert the paper In the
ground, making a circle about 4 hashsn
in dlaxaator aad I
It must aot ba forgotten that
tfceeaa and tsldnsss ara the two
arm pats in aaadJlag milk.
. aaytkisaj, be 1 -see have
saaat aw