The Ione proclaimer. (Ione, Or.) 1???-19??, July 09, 1909, Image 5

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    lone Prclaimer
1 I. .v..,..-.... . tinkers
fltarfltor C. J. fesnisinui
Trewurer ............ J. A. uen
Xanliail .j.. wns
I'mnrhla W. C. Cuon
UihtiMlWuriMiM.... K. K. Miller
KiTlrerkiui .
I 11. F. 11 mot
C.B. Ipcrrr
9 rank KliMlMtn
arncaaa o school, district
cktk.. T-
Directors ;it ".-. wMou
nrncttl AT Tn toALLB laxd orrmi
jlbiuIvm ..............iiuii 11, Ariteiuu
Menwr "i'""
Lodftei Moot as Follow: -
ilitt flri Hill mnn oi enpti in"i.
Keix-kHiir-Klnt nd thinl Tur J swains
jfKcti month.
CKI ll. J.lHlUK W. O. ff.. ifn.TMl. MMll Dnl
t:r)it(iAN"IiOIKiK 1. 1'. ti, F. no, l'Jl. ntUi
"All communication as far ar
lian Tuesday hl&nt. ; Elena bear
iii in mind anefliay epmniiniea
am in on liiub- -n.uiun.
Mn Oseer Cefcnr hag received
e appointDiH. Janitorest of
ie school building t!iU year.
i . i t. ii..
tiere are yt iwo Tooces m m
C UrillCllHtl. 1H I UUWIIRIU
-bland having "withdrawn bit
Mr Lew Dayidtton and family
vo gone to the'rAftcb Cor the ium
r-- ' - . ... .... - -
tice-Bcn Busclvfce of lone wish-
to notify partiesontheNorthsIdr
io have stock running at large
it if they don't keep them out
his grain he will take" (hem up
d biting them to lane to the Un
stable where the. owner, will
re to pay cimrgoe. ' ... ......
jittl Ball hup returned Irom Port
laud lyerelie hs1R'oii visiting, for
w past month.
SO A Itace, nmnnger of the Wind
Re'erLutnber Co, while-helping to
load Mime Imnpcrtire'otheiday re
ccSvikI finch ii savor ininrv in one
-of lis fingers that K? trad to go to
tii tpner and have it amputated.
nyone in need of fwVie, cement,
Hn shingles call and see G F Par
ki before going elsewhere.
IrsCnrannia eellirfa' -a a-reat
Nial of very fine breW tlieat days.
. Irs St ration Ins been entertain
""indii friend Mn FreflVicson of,
cud, Special 'Agent of
rk Life Inanrance Co.
ho have lieen in Jtaker."
Huntington and YVeiser, re-i
d Saturday.
dinner with all
" at- the Hotel Snrrday.
rk and Glenn Davis - of
Rton are here dning some
iter' work and pnper banging
' h P I pastime, wliich its
by BigR?r?tnff . and Keed.
i the work is coinpIld they
ave a krrr swell resort.
ii'Tvetett, who h on
it plAce,&as'"giins of
.lo or trade.
rs. Frairk Xaab. are
otb Lotty Htdtwe. j.
r4 Sa1e4 pair of full brooded
grayliound pap. 10 Hl boy
1 thep'1"-1 CHeM, one Ttoife west
-of We. ' ' - - ' -
lnot Lonag'ou 'ttlm'feae fceen
v isidog ih Poitlahd lor a Vonth
Tret"ed Tharsday
it iovegreen of Oooiebetry
basa new combtM that b oeing
Unloaded at looe. ' - .
. llisa Jljm Woolary cam in
lross ronunei MtfOday. , . m
noviig Ilrt
SberifJ ShuH'Wa hi town o.
buMMea this week anfd bie iiart
ooaoted tbe bullM'Irelea Main
8tret4.- . : .. -The
4 0 KinealiitorA-olotatroi
ory nu anoea nave uoen mm o a.
firm in Hard man and Ctieve i ihi
a great deal left io Mm store Irere.
Don't cook dinoor attiotoe'Sun!
day. Go to the hotel and enjoy n1
kmhmI dinner, without tlie trouht. ,
d cooking it.
The ball giinm lietwnen Hepptier'
md Ioni Saturdnv aftenronii, re-
ui ted fn favor of Ifeppner. While
Heppner put up a gotnl gmne, lone
shoufd he excused for not doing so
as most of tlie lotie boys had leen
up all night out on the "manhunt"
and were hot up to a good game,
Mr Kernttll is lucky ciuHfli lo
have a nice lot of friers ready for
the market and he is selling for 26
centa a ipiece. " .
Johii Cochran and familv returned
from a plfa,taut visit to a Nortli
Yak into last Saturday. They
were lad to. belioine and tlie
people wore glad to weleome tliom
Iiuum again. ; "f
Ijovt; otM jroarling Jersey tr,
with a wire on neck: spiked bom,
tight oolor, animal in good condi
tion. Findef frill be given by see
ing R. U. oclrrn.
MriC Hindleof Dayton Waxh
ington came in on Tuesday's train
to visit Iter father and mother Mr
a4id Mrs Alex Young. r,
Mlrin Ward a nephew ol the
editor of thia pajwr came from
Colorado Spring last Moudayand
will enter the Proclaimer oflice. ffrmatuer and complete la one volume.
learn the trade of typesetting.
Miiis Audrey Wonlery and J I)
Cronan went to. Heppner Saturday
to attend the celebration.
- 1
The man who wa so soriotisrv
injured on Friday night by a stray
btlllut in V If Ehcuo who has lived
in liny vicinity of Portland ftTI- Urn
past 38 years. He drove nvorlnud
with m oxteain in 187ft and land
ed at Tlie Dulled Later he remov
eil tu Cottage Grove where his wife
tied a number of years ago, and
since wliiclt liuio ne has mnde
many trips to this section in the
harrest time to work iti tlie fields.
His life is rety Interesting as lie
has served in tlie war with Spain
And has hail many experiences. He
hag found several persons here who
are acquainted with his people and
old friends, and la rocetving the
Iwst of care at the Iks me of T J
Carle. Dr Chick la Itopefnl that
he will recover nicely as, alvhoxigli
he is 80 years of age, ho it wtifl
hearty and well, temperate, cheer
ful and brave. r
Miss Irene Fisher, who has been
in li?Jrfnllim1' tn. .n
past nine months, lias returned to
her home town, Mosier, where site
will set type on the Bulletin. Bliss
Flaucr will le misted, not only by
the ProetarKicr atnff,- but ly a
nunilfer of young folks in lone. She
-nade ninny friends while here and
will always have a fine welcome j
wherr- she vUIts lone, and ttie!
Bulletin oflico is to be complement
ed on havmg sexr.iml her in k
working capacity tm It rteff.
Mrs Pennington fa not at all well
and Iter many friend are uneasy
about her. It is to he hoped aba
will soon feel better.
to mn
"i w ; h oWf
4329 rVCTt SOUIil Airk L
Issued by tin If i-uuj. fin ol
the Interior tunertn. Viit 01
Canada, Ottawa, tuulev tin
Volunteer litiuii! ,. i'J'i' :.
Good for S'2 ac. - i.r.i i.
Uoniinion lanu o; v , .
e'utry in Alb ny u
tt'nn orManiiobn. -Af. -. t
o.'ur.tlie flat of 1 jturs,
w WOM.AXv Viii
this land 'witli i lui ( ', ''"i ca
witlfoirt funlier'.tiU-'r.-riiX0'
Write or wire, L. K Vielforit
VM SI i uter Mi eett 'I tmU!
lone. Prodatrocr
Portland !rnal - $2
g Igsataaa IUbu Was1 IbV ssAoea
TgToir wesew" wwgB fjvrifBew rBPg w
As Bui, the ossert evaaxellst, eae
eala. tbe snaks la Ibe ealr Mrs that
baa a (feds fcfak wm aaa wear It
wines ea tbs aide C Its bead. Bill goi
religion arte be quit rWlaf aaetas or
else be onM drtvlag moles wbea be got
relldoo. Anyway, be anew what be
waa talkmg abont
Tbe tbeory of evolution teacbes U
mat tbe jaekasa is an anexpargated
adltloa of tbe jack rabbit, bound Id
Beta bare tbe same characteristic bind
leg- motion, but with tbe difference
that tbe rabbit thereby propel Itself,
whereas tbe mule prone la others. Tbe
flutter end ot tbe male la blnced and
has a hair trigger arrabgement and Is
aa prone to accidental dlacbarge as I.
.ffowder mill to to fly upward.' There
fore u comefe to military matters be
cause of tbe omnipresence of the a-
1my mule with Its pecoUa. way of
malcluK Itself Celt that the rear la tbs
place of danger.
A moat notable accessory of the beast
Is tbe strident and raucous vocal at
taehment iltuated up front No means
have aa yet peea dlacoTered by which
Uits mccuaolsm can be fabricated, and
tbe melody Is sort of cross between
our neighbor's phonograph and the
whistle of tbe pancake factory across
the riTor. It n mostly nocturnal m
its maolfeataUoa.. It Is a evrteo fact
that this apparatus Is controlled from
tbe rear, for to uncork' tbe musle tbe
beast baa merely to extend rta caudal
appendage m to a horbraatal position.
It Is said by certain rash ladlvUoals
wbo leaa toward osteopatby that mis
vocal ezerdae may be sospeaded by
aaaglna; tbe monkey wseneh ta tbe
safety value. But I do not eoaatder
tbls a healthy amueemeut ad aaa tor
baed toward abaest treatment
JUthough tbe totter end of tbe beast
Is loosely hung and tbe former adds
Insult ta Injury, yet, totereattag as
are both these rjbenomena, tbe super
lative eharactertatle of tbe creature Is
Its expreosloa ef countenance. That
long ascetic physiognomy bounded by
'those hope leas earn and quivering lips
seems to finitely sad and yearning,
with that sseak, long suffering, qaotb-tDP-raTn-never-more
look la its eye.
Ton are eonaclooa ef a feel tag of sym
pathy for tbls fellow creature. Too
reach lor your bandanna and draw
algb to sympathise with lta grief and
Bootbo Its plaintive mood. when, biff,
you ere knocked Into the middle of
nert week, while the male looks round
with that beartbrokea expmaaloa as If
"Buck a aad accident, wasn't
rf to AimtrttUm h
fet to t tk to put tbe cart before tbe
lerae v-beti tbe horse Is a male. Bail
EL Crcriy la MlnneapoUs Journal.
. sendee Bad.
Mrm. mebawsyTesL whDe we were
in ti.t we rtelted the pyramids.
Tber '.rere literally covered with
fblerogl; phlca. Mrs. Mewrtab-Ugb!
Wasn't row afraid some f aaa would
tt eo roaf-PhllaSeloMa Bscord. , '
nor rretereose.
TtoaM Child wbe ana tost bsaw a
awfeoTOf tbe eempanrof tin aagels to
the dark roomTem.' sat. arasasay.
ealdat you have the
Ifctfher-Whataver ere yew Ashng s
eoar dsUy child t Child Km toad ga
la to get tow to Kwr-r"
tokea off her hair, at f aeara aai her
Tbe Plwloimfir for $JU50 ft
General Merahdise.
. .
1.1UV.., d'l '
. 4
.1 W
few 1909 Wall ! Paper. 11 Kinds cf Fcrnittfc
Repaired an4 ficflnlskl tt'di
Anyl hinji not carried in stock will be ordered al a Reductiun
S. E. .M00R0,
- - - OREGON.
I - i - 1
Printing '
Week Naan end -- fn
Attevaey sod CoumcOot at U
ta aJB Oeevta. Lagal Baatoses
Wvea Presawt and Caretal Atteailoa.
Ue4 Osaisete. risks M Werh earn On
by. .
P H Andrew baa Volndy ay
aA foke Judy helping biui Xrfi
his first dlfalfa eutting. -,
.ifra lamethi.liM.JU0 Iritis
ctfeka. Many of tltemare'fryiig
HMsoar. . - r
a I
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of the West
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