The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 29, 1897, Image 2

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Lebanon " Express.,
Editor - and - Proprietor
Jaey mr .. -. M 5o
(If paid in advance, SI 00 per year.)
. siiinoninj ju
Three months ....
tingle copies...
Patronize your home merchants.
Those who spend their money
away from home should not expect
local patronage th mselves.
Hon. r7j7BryanV book, "The
First Battle," has already gone, to
a second dition. Its eale exceeds
all expectations.
The indications now are that the
Northwest will have good crops of
all kinds and a fair market. This
will bring prosperity to our peo
people. The delay of Mr. McKinleyV
prosperity is makin? hundreds of
free silverites every day. Even
some of our Palmer democratic
rri.iuU ire hwinnini to rBt ei.-V
The Dingley tariff is a worse dose
for them than free silver. Port
land Dispatch.
An exchange says that a horse
has forty teeth while a mare has
but thirty six, Oxen and sheep
have but thirty-two, and mankind
thirty -two teeth. The alligator,
shark, mowing m i chine, hay rake,
buzz saw and comb have a few
more, but are not included in the
official count, and the hen has a
The Greek invaders of Macedonia
have issued the following proclama
tion: "Brothers and soldiers of
Christ and Liberty: We hoist the j
flag of liberty, the Greek flag. ;
Under its shadows let us untie,
with the watchword, 'Liberty or !
Dftat.b Th liictirA of niir rnA
, , f , , ;
is recognized by all Free people and !
f. r .
Diessed. by uoa. Let us push on
ward, brother Greeks: God is with
US. j
-- ;
The Roseburg Review writes up j
its own town in the following stvle: I
"Roseburg city government, since 1
; , ;1 ;
oo . ,r V - V V ' i
22, A. P. A. If in a deplorable
irj.: r
onnuuoiniiocm. v.ur j.TOple are ;
taxed all the charter will permit, j
besides the imposition of a license .
tax upon all businessmen who;
haven't a "pull" with the citv '
officials. In return for this, they
get nothing, having to keep up the
streets and sidewalks without any
assistance from the city treasury.
Formerly we had a nightwatch,
who guarded the property of our
citizens, and fairly good day police
service; now we have no one on
duty at night. and might
as well have no one during the j
day. The town is a hobo's p ra
dise, and at night is given over t..
all kinds of distumances contrary
to good order and good govern
ment. Filth, congested sewer?
dirty Btreets and a general run
down air over all complete, the
story of a year and a half of secret
political rule."
Few but those directly engaged
in ocean traffic have the faintest
conception of the number of vessel?
owned and operated on the Pacific
coast. The Commercial JJews, of
San Francisco, has recently issued
a complete list of vessels owned on
this coast and where they were
built. In the year 1896 there w. s
a net decrease in conage over the
previous year of 17,762.22 tons.
The total number of vessels is 16oJ :
this includes every kind of craft.
These were built in the following
places: Calitornia, $04; Washing
ton, 426; Oregon, 52S; Maine, 83;
Massachussets, 35; Pennsylvania
19; New York, 11; Alabama, 5, un
known or ioreign, zv; Delaware, o;
New Hampshire, 4; Connecticut, 3:
New Jersey, 2; Rhode Island, 2
Idaho, 1; Michigan, 1. The oldest
vessel listed is the Oregon, built in
Maine in 1849. The first one built
in California is the Pike Co, in
1851. The next oldest the Eclipse
in 1862. W. C. & P. S. Lumbe
Mr. Schmeidtiein, a Jackson
county populistelected as a mem
ber of the legislature last year, but
who refused to act as such, at the
behest of certain scheming politic
ians, has published a statement in
which he says: "I did not do any
thing at Salem that I feel ashamed
o I got some money to pay m y
Mwtfl -wHfei sd X fpot it cm tap
The man
excuse is not to
Lo. mtfr.1. Ll.i.-nrwl TTn D ,t 1 ,1 1 ..
, . J
uus jiu uuncf pumi 01 ine uuues ana
dignity and responsibility of his
position than a polar bear would
have if elected a delegate to a mis-
aimmry convention. It is tl e peo-
I, .
Fi nuuviwtbuai ignorant, siupia
yfjcaiue who ore to blame
: ,.t .
and U ho
iustly sutler. Yet he has a little)
ar.imul shrewdness, too, for he says,
r , . , . - ,
to not tell from whom he got it.
He got it "for mileage and per
diem," when he refused to he
sworn in or to serve, and claims
that there was no legislature; and
when, if he knows anything beyond
driving a bull-team, he knows that-
only the state treasures, on a war
rant issued by
the secretary of;
state, can pay "mileage
diem." He "got some money:" he
: SKKKtf;;
staid out because the fellow from In estsite of H L, Brown, fifth account
whom he "g;t some money" told j WM fil'tl-
himto, thatis Mr. Schmeidtluin's i ae or J., Nixon, recent s!e
., . , , , , , of real property w-a apiinived.
idea ot legislative dvty and honor! j Iu lllte of Jnbn McNeiif final ac
All, or rearly nil of them, "g t count was approved.
j Sl,,ne ;" and so, whatever
I happened, or was prevented from
! happening, they "didn't care a
J d
' No doubt Mr. S. doesn't
ashamed." Portland IMs-
Tennessee Topics.
?fn rain Sunday, despite a raiuy
Easter. 'A1I signs fail, ete."
Orchard s are in full bloom and a
heavy crop of fruit is expected.
Miss Monna Fronk is spending a few
days with relatives at sSodarille.
Petrie Bros., are putting out a straw
berry patch of about four acres.
Hop yards in this vicinity are being
worked in fine shape this spring.
Mrs. Hartley has about recovered
from a sever attack of la grippe.
Cbas. Swink and Hermann Davis
are plowing for farmers on the prarie.
Miss Lily Davis returned Friday
from a visit with relatives in Salem
O. L. Swink, of Hamilton Creek,
was in our hjhborh od one day last
Cns Powell departed Mondry for
, . , , , . -
Siskiyou Co.. Gal., where he intends
working in the mines.
Sheriff Gaines came out from Al-
bany Saturday evening and arretted
Ol Adams on the charge of selling
liquor to minors. "
Several enterprising farmers haye
Put I ne woven picket fences lately.
thereby improvi.ig the usefulness and
h,nkfiof ranches.
" "
Mis8es Jetsje , Q AdreHS- ,,
Miss Blam he Myers sifnt Saturday
evening aud 6-uiirluy in Teunesee.
Clyde McKnighl ami wife returned
Sniurrlay from Knox Butte, where
Myde has been hauling- oft' potatoes.
He reeeivtd 31 cts. for them at Jelfer
son. Sunday sehnoi is progressing nicely
under the .superiutendeiiey of Me.
Myer?. We anticipate an i.iterestinjr
school this uiu!tjer. Everyone wel
come. Don't t.-rget the hour, 4 p. m.
each Sunday.
A very pleasant time is reported at
the social Saturday evening. Itccita-
tions were given by several in their
usual fine style, aud the singing bv
the little folks, especially Utile Hattie
Gentry, was very ood. Will I)onaea
received the tirt prize, a uecktit, fir
hemming an apron in the beat style,
aud Mr. John iS-mers and Beit Ii!ck
!aw each a iMtohy prize, a clay pipe.
The prizes were well d served,
especially cert's, who hemmed bis
apron like a wheat sack, putting "t ars"
on each corner. Hearty thanks are
extended to all who ue-i.-sted in multing
the social a success. "Auxt Sallik n
Tennessee Items. j
Tennessee, A run. i"5, 1897.
Miss Minnie Irwin has lieu visiling
her sister, Mrs. Valeriou.
Sherman Wallace, of McMinvi lie
Col lege, d ropped as from splice i n to
Tennessee last week.
Hon. John M . Homers, has been!
plowing for W. B Oonaca this week, 1
as we undersian'1. !
There will he a neck tic soci;d eiven :
at the Tennessee school house on '
Saturday, May 8h. Proceeds to po to:
Sunday school at that place. Indies'
to brin baskets Everybody invited. (
B; sKet-i 10 cents. '
An immense ciowd assemhhid at the ;
school house yesterday evening to t;i!u :
their medieii.e, or at h.t a ft w vf
-liem. An excelent proTfioi iiee i
prepared aud was well i xeeufed. Tti"
'Old Maid.V and "My lirot b- r"
seemed to be popular tlmugii'ut. Not
an overwhelming number of b-ik tw
were present, but newn h.-l iiein
bility will reign regard Ics-.- ot fi-iaiu-nd
depression. Hon J. M 8 'tiivrs and
wife were present and the h nrrable
gentleman was called on for a speech1
but deelim d. Thr. e prize.- were given :
for the beM and two worst heunm-d '.
Mpr'iis. Vill 1 Ulrica received first'
prize, a beautiful four-in-hand neck
fie, Bert Jilacklaw second and John.
M. Somers, Unii county's reprewentu- i
live, received the booby prize, (a pipe
with which to blow soap-tuibbbs) j
There was no prov-infou made for '
special use of the proceeds, as It was
more for sociability than finances, and ;
therefore they were rather light- j
The J-in-Twisters, i
We atUJ tiuve bargains ia shoe-
Probate Court.
In estate of J J Rozelle, new npprui.-
: ra were appointed. Inventory tiWd
t.,v,,.,i ,.-.
of sale filed.
' Third account filed in estate nf B
j Hurdman.
! 1,1 Tl,,tH nf AI""BflL TA'T' tl
; counting wu set for May 8.
; In wtale of Hn-h Nickersnn. first
, scini anuunl tuvntint tiled.
In est.te of E B Chendie, citation for
' 8a,e of real property et for
i Semi-annual account rileil.
May 15.
In estate of Win Hunter,
final ac-
counting set for May 8.
In estate of Win Kinder. J M
was appointed guardian ad litem.
In estate of Peter t'alking, will mi :
untied to probate. Win A Calkins1
executor. Burnt $HU0. Appraisers up- '.
In estate of Allien Butts, Vv C
Cooley was appointed administrator.!
'"d of $10,000 filed. Appraisers, J H ;
Ii.vwlrv H....1 PmP...)...I
pr.ipf riy
ordered sold.
In estate of FortmilU-r fe Irving re
port filed and approved.
Notiee filed from Sitpt Paine that T
J Harrison was discharged on April 14
from the asylum, on one years absence.
9th annual account filed in estate of
Zeno Richards.
Petition of HF Meltwain and wife
for adoption of minor child filed.
County Favoritism Criticised.
A correspondent in tlie Scio Pres., a
populist paper, after critieUinsr the
county court, for refusing to allow
certain bit's of Dr. Cole and Dr. Prill
for medical service for county poor,
proceeda to'give the county adminis
tration this rap: We see no reason for
such indiscriminate ntvise of authority.
and impartiality. In both
the work was done, and an e pene in
curred ly the persons who rendered
the assistance. Doctors cannot live rn
wind. There is a team to feed :md
take care of, or a livery bill to pay in
all such crises, and as in these cast' a
lrip in the rain and mud in the i, if. tit,
that a person less charitable w.'iild
have declined. We notice bills of
other physicians in other pnrii-uis of
the country Iteing allowed; hut t-ien
we have m strings on the county c art
to pull except, perhaps, when It ec ines
to election again. What the pe. pie of
; this vicinity like is economy, but not
such as has been exhibited in the cises
: here made public. All this er. nmny
mav he misdirected, for we learn that
f the county offleersare learning
: Pla' a niusical instrunieni." .
We hope they will le succ-ssfnl, I ut
, some of the instruments are expensive
in the long run and lead to seri us ;
mental and h. j-irnl condiiious En-
j largement of the head is fren i-erl-u-1
complictitioii ami would require a
a large bat. A word to the wise is
sufficient. f
A Correction.
Mr KniTOR: I wa? v-ry nitit h -ur-prise!1
lo see, ft your last isuc. mi
item written by X Y sti im; tlntt,
while assisting the trainmen do su:ne
switching I got my foot budly ma-hed
under a car wheel. This is not so
Simply of my own tree w ill mid accord,
and not through persuasion nf ar.y i-ni,
I have at time helped s RH' in s itch
ing, but have nlwas been waimd bv ,
the trainineii to never attempt danger
ous work, and have never reeeived the
siitrhtest injury w hile helping tin in.
TPs true I got my f t siighUy hurt1
while piislung a car on the switch, hut
the trainmen were not here and bad
nothing whatever to do iviih it I have ;
never iieen promised a p wition or any
Compensation for assisting any of the
railroad employees. !
Judging from the tone of the article
Mr. X. Y is a pers m who likes to see '.
people in troii h! and would no doubt
like to cause the trainmen trouble if
he could However if he wishes:
to maintain a record for truth and
veracity he had better investigate ;
next time before he cast? any insinua
tions. Hartley Crandall. i
Save the Wrappers.
Tl.ey are worth a cent apiece if taken
rom Hoc Cake soap.
The Waterloo Woolen Mills are ill
the front rank selling me;iTs, youtlis'
and boys' clothing at exceedingly low
priceF. liny your clothes there.
Do people buy Hood's Bareaparilla !n
preference to any other, in fact almost
fcc, the exclusion of ait otters T
They know from actual use that Hood's
Istae best, !. e., it cures wheu otbera fail.
Hjcd's SarKnarilla ii still naade under
the personal s;irervision of the educated j
pii3r;naci.:;.s who ori(rinaicd it.
i of I
l 3
i IJocd
.3 tlie question
;-:r t.a.--;: Kvcry edvertisemeat
i s - .:-ja;iiiyilla is true, is honest
1 F! 9
- "U
! t:ru'.-JTiS'."S. PI.
Lnwoll. Mass.
t;yC. I. Co.
- sre the o-y pills lo taltfl
Hit K iUiAiauU diiiKSAtutruia.
Rev. Doug. Hamilton Roughly Trea ed.
At S;io recently Doug. Hamilton,
who U a famlliiir figure in. most Linn
county towns, a-here he has been in
the habit of preaching on the streets
in his own peculiar backwoods style,
was roughly handled by a crowd whom
he was attempting to harrangue in
trontofthe livery stable. They first
turned olf the electric light and seiz
ing the preacher iiumernfrd him in a
trough of water. This treatment did not
daunt him and he resumed his preai h
ing, w hereupon por Doug was again
sousid into the trough nf ivntcr. When
he emerged the second time he did not
attempt to talk my further. A kind
hearted citizen gave hun dry clothing,
and now the perpetratm-Mt it Im aid,
are ashamed or their actions mid no
one can l.e found who hud a hand in
it. Such conduct, of tirwe, isgeiierallv
coudeimied in Scio as el sett here.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, an they cannot reaeh
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure deafness, and that is
by .constitutional remedies. Deaf i. ess is
caused by an inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tnbc.
When this tube get-t inliatued you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed deafness is the
result, and unless tlr inflammation -an-be
taken out and this tube restored to it
normal cumiijmn, hearing will be dt stroy
ed forever; nine caes out of ten are ( aused
by catarrh, which 14 nothing but an i ltlarn
ed condition o( the mucous surfaces.
We will give Due Hundred Dollars for
any case of. Deidnesfi (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cunt by Hairs Cuarrti
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. I'HKXEY A l'U Toledo, O.
Sold by Drnggists. 75e.
Hairs Family- Fills are the best.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great many of our readers in Lint
eonulv lilt t.t hike th W- 4 l.rr tt
ian. We have made arrangements
whereby We can furnish it ataieaue
Mon frtuu the regular price to thost
who want both the Express and lb
Oregon ian. I he reirular in ice ot t.-t
Drtgonian is $1.50 per year, and -t It.-
Exi'Kkss $1 -SO when in advance. e
will furnish both f r $i er year in I
advance, a saving of one dollar to lb '
sube.iier. The Oregon ian gives al'
the general news of tt:e country i)ice
week, and the KxPKKSS gives all
local news onct- a week, which wilt
make a most vxcclteut news servie
for the moderate sum of $2. per yei r.
l'tiose who are at present subcrih-.
-f tue Kxi'KhSs must pity in ail arn-ai-:ues
and one ear in advance to obtain
lib special price.
Laju!tHte at Urejon C:tv, nr.. i
.March 17. 1S17.
Notice is hereby given that the fotlouhtg
natticd settler has liled notire of his i'.teti
tiot: to make final proof m support oi hi.
(lain, and that said proof will be inatie i
before t tie count v eierk ot I-iiin (
Alttany. Ojrii., on May . isity, viz:
H. E. H0 for the 1. X. E. 14 of X. W.
' of See. L4. T. IS e , IE. 1 West.
lie names tiie following witnesses to
prove bis continuous residence uikki and
cultivation of. said land, viz: Ros- tt.
Hum j'hrej-.'tiram. Uclliitijer. L. M. Taylor,
John tfi.noiis. all of VateriK, Ogn.
Kiibkut A. -Mii.lke, Remaster.
i Hoe 1'ake soap, i-est on earth
' Bargains in clothing at Waterloo.
M- A. Miller has a full and complete
; line of coujjh syrups.
j T--moon's Sip Foam will not
bum oi roughen the skin.
The big sale Ims commem-cd at
Head, iVaeoek & Co's Celmnon St. -re.
Ijwte style, up to dnte. guitars; fine
tone, for $4.50, at K. U. Will's music
si ore.
t.iHik at Head, Peacock- &. Co's new
dip!uy ad. Ir ' 1 1 1 pay you, as they
me-tTi bu.-iness.
You can buy a nice, large arm, band
Cai veil rocker of the Albany Kun.iture
t'oinpany for $2 63 .
Bargains in mens', yout hs' and
boy clothing, at the office of th
Waterloo Woolen Mills.
A good assortment id men's, youths
ami bos' clothing is now on sale at
the Woolen Mills office at Waterloo.
You can get great bargains.
Measure your rooms accurately aud
bring size in feet and inches with you.
It c sts you nothing to have your car
pets sewed by hand by the Aloany
Furniture Co., Alhmty, Oregon.
Patronize In.nie industry, by buying
our clothing from the - Waterloo
Woolen Mills. It will be doubly to
your ad va n t age it will k ee p t he
money at home, and will save you
money as the priees ure ery low.
Land nttiVe at Oies.m i 'itv. Ot..t
April 10, 1807.
Notice is hereby given that the follo,ving
namM settler lias filetl ootire ot bis inten
iion to make tinal roof i-i support cf his
rhiii t, and that said proof will be :uade
befo -e thy county clerk of Linn county,
at A iViany. t. irctron. on .May 22iid, 1S97. viz:
II. II. 8777 tor the N. E. '-4 of See. 8. T. 12
a.. It. 1 liast.
He names the following witnesses to
prove bis cooliMiions residence upon and
tnltiviition of. 6;iid land, viz: .la-on trued,
of t;,i-o nli, Ore., Muc Iterrigan. tif rangent.
Ore., Jacoh Fiizuater. of Lebanon, Ore.,
John Simons, of Waterloo, ore.
I have money to loan at 8 per cent
in it-re t on ood farm or personal
security, J. M. H ALSTON,
Ma-ttn Block, Ail-any, Or
Children Cry for
Pitcher'6 Castoria.
travel for ri sioiiihl established hou-
ronn, tjiiutrj smj aim expen-es. i-omiiuh
sinniiied piivt-totiu. Tiie Niuiuiiul. SLar Xuburttnco J
ui- cnicago.
Waterloo Echos.
It failed to rain Sunday.
The school ut thin place will elos:.'
W, G. Brow n's hup. ke house was de
stroyed uy lire piaiuiduy; no innuranc
Pitching bairwoliiMW, hiiwling ami
Uwe iihii, are i ,.ii,t.-t faoa iii liiib
seel ion .
There's a building teiug erected in
town thai remind us of the great wall
f China, no) In size, but the time re
quired for its uoimi i uetinti.
The championship game of ball
between iSodjiviile and VValeruni was
not played lust Saturday ;bui we hope it
will be se tiled tefort uiuuy weeks.
Waterloo has fiur stores, two barber
shops, one saloon, a woolen mill, hotel,
church, mcIiooI house, bow hug alley
and a good soda viiriuu: whi. h is
enough, we thiua, for one small town.
A Very Ugly Cut.
On hist Thursday Riley Moore was
engaged In cutting some small timber.
Three or four trees heeatue lodged and
in the effort to cause them to full he
was chopping over his head, and by
some means Ida axe came in ran tact
with his right cheek, laying ft open
from his ear to the point of his chin.
Mr, Moore tfcl the wound up as well
as he was able and came to this city to
have it properly dressed,, which was
done by Dr. Prill during the afternoon.
The wound will probably leave an
ugly scar, thougn no serious trouble Is j
expected to result. Scio Press. i
Probable Change of Time.
It is reported on what seems to be
good authority that a change in time
of the South eru Pacific overland trains
will be made alsmt the first ox middle
of May to that the train out of Port
land would reach this city about 9
o'clock p. m. instead of midnight, and
the north bound train will arrive about
6 a. ni. This change would be most
i ttt" Pta,,le K he traveling public of
j I he Willamette valley. It Is possible
j that some changes may also be made
j,H (he )H.d trains.-Hera!d.
Oregon Central
& Eastern,
x. jr. co.
Yaquina Bay Route. I
Connecting at Yaouica ilav wiih the San
Kraiieisco and mjuiiia Bay Sieatnsliip
Steairship "arallon"
Pail- from Yaquina Hav everr tune davs
forSa-i t'rHtii i.-iM. Cons liny, f'vrt Ur:orl,
f rinidaii and Jluu Hay
Passenger Accommoda
tions Unsurpassed
Shortest Route Between the Willamette
Valley and California.
Fare from Albanv and Points West to San
Cabin $io 00
Steerane 6 00
Round trip good for GO days. 317.
To Coos Bay :
I "al'in. .
To Humboldt B:iy and 1
t 'nbin
- 8 00
. $10 00
7 00
Stean er "Albany" between Portland and
r,orv;il!is. through without lav-over,
leaves . IbatirS a. m. 1'ues-iavs. Tlmi
days unl $aturdjivs: leaves Portland. Yam
hili St. ilssek, (J:rw a. in. Sundays, Wednes
days mid Fridays. J, C. Mayo,
Manairer. 11. B. Sai rt.
11. L. Wai.des. Afr't. top lievere House
jfiffent, iepot itany.
Prof. A. STARK
Of Will & Shirk.
Optical Specialist.
Graduate of the Chicago Opthal
mic College.
X am prepared to examine scion?
ti finally and accurately, bv the
liitet and improved methods of
modern science, any who desire to
hnve their eves tested.
Cupick Block, Albany, Ore.
rchniiged Every Week.l
Wheat 07c.
OatH 40 to Oe
Hay$10 to $12 perton.
Flour $1 lo(ivl 2"i per sack
t'lioji il 2(1 per e t.
Itnm 9fe per ewt.
M idtllin-rs $1 hi per cw t
Piitatoets 3"e.
Apples Dried, 8c per It
Piuuis Dried, He.
OnioilH 1 v.
Uih; DroNHeil. U lo 5c.
Veal 44ic
i.rk i dressed. 4.
L.-ird 9
K.-iuis 12 per lb.
Shoulders 8c.
Hides Se per lb
Oeese 33 60 $5 per doz.
Ducks (o 4 er doz.
:hickens $2 fitlfff H 0l.
Turkeys clO per lb.
Ktfgs 8r er doz.
li .tter 15 20c pr lb.
idea- CJreeli, 3c; dry, 7u.
O C. & E. Steamer "Albany
Will in future go down river on
lUi'd:i8, Iburndaxa a: d SatUfda
and up nvei ou suuilan, VVuuucaUup
Things Did Not Go As I Expected
So I Will Not' go as I Expected
r T ... , . .
. -L5ut. 1 fill remain in the clothing business in Albany.
I intend to sell goods made for the spring of 1897 uni
formly cheaper,' and a whole lot cheaper, than anyone else,
away blow. How is this:
Boy a suits,
Ldn-i i collars,
Tief, scarfs, etc.
Mev.H $12.50 suits,
Mem. $11 suits, .
15 pr S oz overalls,
and let 3 of things I can't mention. I bro't the price down
and if ou will continue your libr-ral patronage I will keep
them c own.
jTne New
IT GIVES all important news of the Nation.
IT GIVES all important news of the World.
IT GIVES the most reliable mar'cet reports.
IT GIVES brilliant and instructive editorials.
IT GIVES fascinating short st"ri?s.
IT GIVES an unexcelled agricultural department.
IT GIVES scientific and mechanical information.
IT GIVES illustrated fashion articles.
IT GIVES humorous illustrations. -
IT GIVES entertainment to young and old.
IT GIVES satisfaction everywheie to evervbodv.
We famish the "Express" and "New York Weekly Tribune"
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Address ail orders t
Wr le yi ur n me and address on a
Trib i ie l)ffl-e, New York t'ity,
Weekly Tribune will be mailed to
iSt and South
So ithern Pacific Co.
K tores- rains leave Portland daily:
:5b P. M Lv... 1'ortland.... At. 8:J0 a. M
I !:!( a. M. Lv... Albany.. ..Ar. 1 4:S0 A. M
II :K a. m. Ar.San Francisco Lv 7 :00 p. m
The at ve trai- s stop at Est Port
land , (reiroii City, W'tMiriburn,
S-alem, Turner, Marion, Jefferson,
. M ony. Tangent, Bnedd, Halsey,
Hurt isnu i st, J unci ion City, Eu
gi?m C'rewell Ctttage Grove. Drains
and all sti Hons from Heebtirg soulh to
and including Ashland.
ltoeburp mail daily:
8:3j a. M. Jv ..Portland ...A r. 4:40 p. M
VJ:2- p. M. Lv...Alhanv Ar. t:I5 P. Vf-
r:20 p. M. - Ar...Hoseturg.. Lv. 8:00 a. m-
Ijooal passenger
S in-. jv.
trains daily (except
7:30 . M.
S:I0 . M.
:00 P. K.
:40 P. M.
Lv... Albany Ar. j
Ar... Lebanon... .Lv.
Lv... Albany Ar. I
Ar... Lebanon ...Lv. i
8:15 A.M-9::-t5
A. M
5:46 P. M.
5:05 P. U.
Dining Carson Ogden Route .
S ec"- nd C ! a S3 Sleepi n g Cars At
tuched to all Through Trains.
West NUIe Division.
M:ii Until daily (except tiunday):
7:30 . M.! Lv.'..Po7t land A pTT "fi: 20" A?
' M- Ar...'f rvnlliia. . Lv. 1 1 :3S p. M
At Mhai
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-daily (except Sunday):
l.v... Port r. '
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'loci' entnl nd Ori'i tnl n' d Paci' fnil
tenMidiip 1 pes for JAPAN1 afid CHINA.
Sa'linz date ? on nnplicatinn.
lift "f ant tickets to Fa-tern ioint and
Enri'ie; id o .IPVN. CHINA. HONO
LULU and AUSTRALIA, can be obtained
froiv. y. V. Jicknk. aerent. IHanon.
R. KOKHLKR, Manager.
E. P. IMWIRUS. A nM. O. F. ,v Pass. At.
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Orceo'. Siljry S7-0 and expenses. Poiiiion !
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seasons g.jods $1 25
" " 05
" 10
10 to
6 90
5 80
1 00
W. R. 3LAIN,
(He Brought the Prices Down)
Weekly Tribune
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Lebanon, Or.
potrd earl, send it to Geo. W. Ui-st,
and n earnile opy of the New Yofk
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