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lOIO Eil WO!
A Trained Nurse Gained Fifty-three
Pounds by Using a Nerve Food.
JVomflW ComO Tomktn, IT. T.
"I don't look maeh like tiring keletat
now, do 1 7 And ym two ntn uo I weighed
jut eventy-two ponndi," Mid Mr. J. W.
Coffey, of 6 Warburton Arenac, Yankm,
N. Y., to reporter. And we ngned with
her. for the certainJr looked nrtnint but a
living skeleton, but rather bore the appear-
uiee of a plump and attractive lady in ex
eellent health and ipiriau Condoning the
"I had lost my appetite and wai waiting
away in netn, loung tome fifty pounds in a
few month. Doctort nid I wat threatened
with conramption. I wat under what was
regarded a fint-cla medical treatment, i
bat it had apparently little or no effect, for
I kept getting worn until I wat eo weak
that I could not attend to my honeehold
dutiej and could hardly walk. If y husband
and everybody who eaw me thought rarely
that I would die, and there teemed no help
"Tonics and ttimulanta and medicines all
eeemed uceleet, and I grew worse and worse
until at hut I resolved to seek tome new
remedy one entirely out of the usual line
of nauseous drugs and doses of stuff which
seemed to take away what little reliih
might perhaps otherwise hare had for food.
A friend told me of some wonderful cures
effected by Dr. Williams Pink Fills for
Pale People and I bought a box. The effect
from their use was noticeable from the first
and soon appeared almost miraculous, for it
seemed pretty nearly like the raising of one
uuui iiiv urau.
" I soon commenced to eat, something I
had scarcely done before for weeks, and soon
bejnn to gain in flesh and strength. I went
one dar to toe doctor's office and he was but
prued at the chanee in me for the hett. T
had to eonfess that I had been taking the
pills, and he was broad-minded enough to
aarue me to continue what was evidently
doing me so much pood. I took, faa all.six
boxes, and increased in weight from 72 to
lUo pounds, which is my regular and normal
"Are yon sure the eure ni permanent f H
" Weil, yes. My work is tuat of a trained
now, which means, as you probably know,
irregular hours and at times great exhaus
tion. lu ring the two years since my re
covery I have had many engagements, and
through them all hare continued in good
health. I take pleasure in bearing testi
monr to the remarkable power of this great
m-fiii! discovery. I know of other eures
effected by it. A friend of mine suffered
greatly at her monthly periods. One box
relieved and three boxes cured her. Bat I
know of no case equal to mine, for my situ
ation was critical, desperate and almost
Mrs. Coffey has lired in Tonkers for six
teen years, and for twelve years has followed
the business of attending the sick, excepting
an It the period of her illness. She has
hundreds of acquaintances and friends who
know her to be eapable and trustworthy.
Htny of thin know how very ill she was
and now remarkable was her recovery. The
pills hare a large sale in Y ankers mad West
hperr County, which will be erectly in
creased as their merits become better known,
for they seem to be one of the medical mar
ftis of the age.
w Being constantly asked by many of my
friends if Dr. Williams1 Pink Pills for Pale
People were doing me any good, I offer this
unsolicited testimonial and answer. JieTer
having seen a well day since I had typhoid
fever last summer, I could retain scarcely
any food, my limbs and Joints ached and
pained all the time. It was misery to me to
rise up in bed and my mind was clouded,
fact was a physical wreck and I felt that my
life was drawing to a elose, and I must con.
fees It was without regret on my part as my
luffenngSvWere almost unbearable.
Since I commenced to take Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, at the solicitation of my wife,
have taken four boxes, and I feel like a new
man. uy appetite u gooa ana i now retain
what I eat. mv limbs and joints are free of
pain ana l nave gained ten pounds in weight.
Aiy lite leeu renewed and wnue not yet en
tirely welL I feel so much better that I un
hesitatingly assert that I believe Pink Pills
for rale .People a ffood medicine for what
they are recommended. Knowing that no
medicine will save life under all circum
stances or in all cases, yet 1 do honestly be
lieve that they have prolonged mine, or at
least, where all was dark and gloomy and
full of suffering it has been changed for the
" The manufacturers of this medicine do
not enow of mv taking ft. A either am
paid for this statement nut rive it rreelr in
answer to friends and the editor of this
fSirned.) Jonw tiArrAUHSL Atlanta Tmm
Sworn to and subscribed before me thai
Z7th day of March, l&ti.
R. U. H LATUM. rVoitrv PuAfV-
Regarding the above testimonial of John
Bauffrea. I bee to sav ihRt no man xtunita
higher for honesty and veracity in all this
section tnan Jonn uaugress.
W. H. Wright.
Editor and proprietor of the Democrat
Atlanta. Texas.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peonle
are prepared by the Dr. Williams1 lied.
icine Co., of Schenectady, K. T., a firm
whose ability and reliability are nnnu ra
tioned. Pink Pills are not looked upon as a
Eteni medicine, but as a prescription,
ving been used an such for years in general
practice, and their successful results in
i ring various afflictions made it imperative
as inev ne Drenarea in Quantities tn niM
the demand of the public, and place them in
reach of all. Thev are an unfaiiiiur snerific
for such diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial
paralysis, fit. Vitus' dance, sciatica, neu
ralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the
aner enects oi la gnppe, palpitation of the
heart, pale and sallow complexions, and the
tired feeling resultins from nervous Drnsf ra
tion, all diseases resulting from vitiated hu
mors in the blood, suoh as scrofula, chronic
erysipelas, etc. They are also a specific for
xrouDies Mcuiiar to females, sucn as suDores.
sums, irregularities, and all forms of weak
ness. They build up the blood, and restore
the glow of health to pale and sallow checks.
In men they effect a radical cure in all cases
arising from mental worry, overwork, or ex
cesses of whatever nature.
Dr. William' Pink Pills contain all the el.
ments necessary to give new life and richness
to the blood and restore shattered nerves.
They are for sale by all drufrgists, or may be
bad by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine
Company, Schenectady, K. Y for 60 cents a
dox, or six Doxes lor aou
A $65.00 Machine 1
K.I 1 !. . NSW
OflbrntfCMiM rj i home
It-.:. '5 rvS
mi .,,. .-. N A It BUlOUtO
Coupon, B
teniC 0.0.
Of sn trial
The fmproved
New Hi jB-Arsi
Shipped to anyone,
auywhere, on hi
days' free trial,
in your own
home, without
asking one cit
in advance.
10 vears' written
warranty with
each machine.
A strictly highrade Sew
ing Machine, nibbed
throughout in the invi
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mechanical conairuclion u
such that in it are comhirvd
city with great sirtriiglii,
iffuruif(easeof ruuiini?,
for the machiue to be
f wrier. It sews last
ikes a perfect attlch
I kinds of thrwil and
ellclaKses of material. Alwuvs
rewly for use and uurtralirrl
for speed, durability attii qual
ity of work. Notice the fol
lowing points of, superiority:
except -ye of needle.
iFiStaJSf "T T patwt cket hinges, firmly held down by a thumb
tiiiG ArsaSJTuIS flad " 1D- a,"1 T "' m.kinjr it flush with tlp of table.
SSMtS., h,gh aml 9 inches lo"K- This will ftrimlt the
"r m5 "uaewn qm'ts. It Is SeH-Threadin-Ablutelv m, holes to nut threat! il.m.IDh
Shuttle lAtylinder.'jpen on end-entirelyself-thrtadnip, easy to put in or
the machine.
ucti, hml rnn
its of netdc
t Is flhvt; 110 Snriiit-i ii
not run wi il 7m 7,,T7h , r r""''' ,rao" without ttciuing trie thread. Maciine d.
2 "Lkw JiJ LRoniMi,cniiic is easy to run, d-mt Jaiif ihti
?r!.r"Ca.V",e ",,,nd rapidly. 'Stitch is adrwbif lock stitch, the wine oiihui,, Ji,
si -i Z mf u ... a 'V"a.m!,ltrt,P!imrii(-m.hiii-. Ttiumn is a Hat 4p
it r i ,,a i Ir 1 ' "eedle. Bat oh one side. at.d ainnu be put m wr-.i Hr.
lUr j, ruuurt. mad-rf ol -hardened steel, with oil orp at the bottom to orevent oi! (r- J.ti.
AOtusianie beaf iitgAIl bearitijw are c.-e-haraened Meel at! wJ.W ttiw
ai! iwi m tirjti can be taxtrn up, find the machine will iftt a ii.Mn:
ui-iii-ieu lumished -ith n-cwaT -tooit&nd ncc wmti. ami ir.-Klitni..,.
Uvirl itt' mj n i,n-".""'""nw.openon end. entirely seH-thrtaOmp, easy t
chnJld TrmmT, 1? 1fr' ?ud ha,fl si! th nnilwr of stitches lothe iuc
SSI Sf?i!?? H Ches lo the inch- f ed double and extends c both sides
h.'b..'i' - . j "M'Mtgn, nes-r stops at sinic; moveinent
b eak snil;et out of orler; c.lD he raided am! Inwwi a -ii! a..a.
A Constant Object i.uin tn the yes ol
ivry Boy and lilri.
For sovoral months in the year a largo
proiwrtUm of tiw chUdren of this country
spernl itt leus hulf of the hours of daylight,
for livo days 4 Uto week, i.i or ulciit the
aohooi-housa At the rami stiricoptiliie j
puviuu oi ino rue inuuenco or tnww sur
routtulnfrft must m the agxrt'gafci t.o cotisitl
orable, couclutlcs Gorttuu aiut forest. A
neat and tidy room, with simple and cheer
ful deisoratious, will bo a constant object
lesson to every eye. A room with docropit
furniture upou an uuciean Uoor, aud with
walls ttudcoilitiR brokou and stained, will
teach its lesson, too, in tiutte and morals,
but it witi bo ouite a difforetitoiie. It is
duo to the heaiOi of ofaiMren that they be
supplied with nbumiunt iitit and air. This
means a detached uuiuiuiK with amvle o)wn
space about it, oven iu tho city. Exorcise
is alsoesacntiai tothn healthy development,
as well as to tho piiieaa of ohiidran, and
play i tha n.uurai mid tiwiit;niw;is exer
cise aud rcfruoLixout for both . heir minds
and bodies. A piaysrround may, theruore,
becoti&idercd a necessary tidjunrt to every
achooL Children will piny wherever they
have room, but it will hurdly be a-gtiOil
that a bam spire of earth, which will be
duaty or nmuVy a; tL waathnr changes,
offers ev,j:-yauMi;,to tiutu.iiuhnshyuhi
be ablo t.- tturivr from ihirsoiiM-grouudfc.
If the aetuwi-voom cun bo madi to ive lea
souk in cleanliness and oritur and taste tht
BurroumUiiprsof i'ao Unuumn ftlumid be ar
ranged toculoruo the suine letwaus.
the New York Evening Iwt, a-; in
uone of them are cities iiuviug- a lie.
popu tt-ion than tweiity-iivc tliou. :.i
ranired nee"rilm to their populut -;
ruiilt. The fuot in also noaurprt '.
that few por ous will believe it wi.:-
! out proof. Hut there is uo pluce at
! with so many inhabitants as twcW;
inousaiul iu nineatates v.,
.MiiiBiasippi, Nevada, Montaua, Idulio
Viyouiing, North Dakota and South
Dukota. Nine status ojrain havevach
no more than one town number in
over twenty thonsand people. Tho e
Rtates are New Hampshire. DelnwiuM,
Maryland. West Virginia, North Caro
lina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Ar
kansas and Orogron. Four other stales
Maine, Nebraska, Colorado and
Washington count cah only two
cities that have passed the twenty
thousand limit. These three olaane
of states amount to twenty-two; that
is, half the whole number of the
t'nited States, and seventeen is the to
tal of their cities with each a census
upward of twenty thousand. Twenty
Mich wties, however, are iu the roll of
MttssauhuHotts. These are Boston,
VrVrewter, Lowell, Fall River. Caui-
j iiviiie, Lynn, Lawrence, Sprlnpiield, ,
New lieuford. Someivilte, Ilolvoke, '
; alm, Clielsea, Haverhill, liroc!;ton, I
i 'J'anntOTi. (Jloueester. Newtiwi. Mulden, j
i ritfiumrgr. Titree cities of thin-she -
M-for, -m 'l'lK lliK',csl daira ol!'-'r $ v
krf tol,acC08 is ,,JtMj Iftmyl
f&J Every CM smoker J$lt
as good as '-
'S. m Wl" fi,ld one eonpem iusul ."SZ l
JrW. -45 eaclltwnniinptiiia at..4u.. JSL&m-if .
pons inside each four ounce
imgot Blackweil's Durham,
Buy a Imp of this ml,
bruted tolmcroand read the
coupon which Hives a Um
of valuable presents und how
Thnt-proivty ordered sohoo!-K rounds can ; u.IuI uo, more uppctir in the census
aid in this direction, and, beside this, be i
made ati important euueiitinniil ausiitanin
some branches of muuru: acL'tiee. was the ;
thesisofan interest itifr u:-.-rti-ud before
thellafuehuaetiy Horiicii.t'inil .Sv-ciety by
Mr. Levurett U. Chase, master uf tlie I)uU- I
ley fichooL in Kuxhury. Jdr.A'lLise anrued '
that the ideal school-around should bo j man nature born put to the blush In
Virginia viz., Richmond, Norfolk and
The Tragic F.nd of Fulthful Huadan-
I.o.yuI Ifnto Ihmth.
separated into two dwunct portion!
cue devoted to tho purposes of an outdoor
gymnasium, and Uie other an area of preen
sward, properly planted with troea, shrubs,
vines in short, a pleunure-ffanltm for tho
children. They should be tuuplit that the
irarden ia theirs, and a M-liiiK of responsi
bility ior It should be encouraged. That
this sense of ownership wid engender such
a personal interest that the exuborantde
structiveuess, bo often manifested by school
boys, will give piaee to a seniiniont of affec
tton, and a desire to project their shrub
and flowers, has been proved iu many in
stances. If the plauts are all carefully ia
Doled and catalogued; if the cKMren are
invited to aid in cultivating then, under
proper direction, they will kuiu much prac
tical information as to the laws of plaut
(rrowth. and if a serious atteuiut at system
atk instruction in certain branches of bot
any is counected with the care of ttu
grounds, uurny lessons which it would be
an irksome task to acquire otherwise wil
be learued without effort, and even will
positive delight From the knowledtre thus
pained, and the interest aroused in
the school-garden, we may reasonably
took for a growing love of nat
ure an increasing appreciation of tht
beauty of trees and their value. If this gen
oration of children were reared under such
influences ours would be a land of fair gar
dens in a quarter of a century, and there
would be no difficulty in securing proper
legislation for the preservation of our for
ests. Indeed, it is to be feared that a dis
tinctively American forest-policy which
shall embrace in its scope the wisest ad
ministration of the Nation's forests, and the
most intelligenteare of the farmer's wood.
lot, will never be adopted until the Interest
'mdsympathvof th children ar enlisted.
sot nat tney win grow up wita scmuu vmw
and generous sentiments as to the import
ance of trees and forests as an element of
the National welfare. !
Of course grounds Bufflcientlv snacious
for a garden can not now be found connect
ed with every school-building, and in
crowded cities large school-gardens will not
be practicable. But there is room for a be
ginning everywhere, A narrow border
along the foundation of the schoothouse
may be maae beautiful with flowers from
the time when snowdrops appear until
frost kills the latest aster. There are few
school-yards where a. place can not be fonnd
for some tree or shrub, or where a vine can j
not be trained so as to show its own beauty t
ana aiao euuie unsigntiy ooject. At ail
events, some house-plants can be used
to brighten up the school-room and
to illustrate by living examples the
elementary facts m botany and hortieuitaro.
One disadvantage will be that of the teach
ers and trustees who must take the lead in
this enterprise know so little themselves of
the subjects in which it is proposed to in
terest the children. The beginnings of this
reform for a genuine reform it will be
will be feeble, aud much honest effort will
be misdirected. Unsuitable trees and
brubs will often be selected and thev will
oe badly planted in improper places. But
iie very luct that the lack of knowledge en
these points is so lameutablc is the strona-
est reason that a berinnine; should be made.
The attempt will excite inquiry and criti
cism, and knowledge will come from the
itudy and discus.von thus aroused. Fortu
nate are those places already provid') with
teachers like Mr. Chase, and Mr. Ludicott,
master of the Gibaou School in Dorchester,
who, at the niceting above mentioned.
added some vai ua:le testimony to the sound
ness ol the positions taken in Mr. Chase's
A final suggestion made by Mr, Chase Is
worth considering in otherHtales as well as
in Hassachnsetu. It was that prizes be
offered for the b;st-kept aud most tastefully
embellished school-grounds.
Albany Furniture Co.,
tho uml.vtnR loyally of a Aug or a horse.
isut rarrij Hub it ououmd. wi aro sure,
thatachiukon has Jounl itsulfunaWc
to livo without ita miwttir and has do
tonniiH'd to commit suioido rather tliun
livo in lonulinoss. A corrosnondun; of
La Xaturo, a I'much soir-ntiiio journal, ;
t U the fu'.lowinfr tvn.Tk'. story oi aj
Uirkcn of th? Iioudun variety ol
v. 'uicli hia brother had made a pot. He
says: I
'Evory morning in cominfr out of the !
houst tbu youiut man hroiurht with him !
a handful of crumb -c.r of prain or of 1
HouuniiuuT nine thnt ehlfkons like, and '
liitlo by liitle hi Houdan not acuuired 1
ibo haul of loiiowm nim about tap. j
place. In a grovo nuar the house there- j
was a tench. When the young mini j
reached thin benuh ho invariably seated
himst if, and the fowl, jumping up by '
hisi ide, jweked tho food from his haul;
nnd was imtted by lioing stroked on the ,
head and hack. j
"This had gone on for qulto a long
time when the young man lelt home to ;
go to college. Tor the first day or two
the chicken seemed not to bo incon- j
soluble over the loss of its friend, but '
took itsfood with tho rest. . Altera few !
days, however, tho (owl seemed to be.
come aware that its friend was not roi-i -1
ing back, and it v.- . seked all at oner
with an unconquerable melancholy. I; (
lingered morning after morning "under
the windows of tht hoiine aa if wuitinj '
for its master to come out. " :
"Finally it betook i!lf to the
where its master bad been nwiustomi il
to, and there romuincd. iu head
under its wing, aiuuMt motior.lusr,, day
and night. It was useless u try to
tompt it with food: the ehlcb n ".fused
to look upwben then.osttemiia.. hand
fuls of grain or doatrh were tbrov: .. down
before it. its eyelids were cimcd. and
its intention to djo of hunger was so
evident that it was deemed merciful to
kill it"
Furniture, Carpets, l-inoleums, niattiiii,', oU'.
Picturep and Picture molding.
Undertaking n SjMM'iallv
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n tin- ci.a-l.
un Lit good:
v.!ih t sorew cinver.
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an extra ct
to of an fnch Si lA.r d' Ptaie, one t of fur .ninwrj. different w,di h, ,
n.n.r w... m il , .. tJk"-' uu nun m tLaciiiiiirnt loot, Biifi fjnc threat
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ft, AM Wl fAN MfllW tin IMICASft Ub
PsracEss EuLAHEhos lieen for weeks
past sojourning quietly in London, ac
companied by her two little sons.
Thk queen consort of Siaro owns
wonderfully beautiful thimble. It ia
hoped like a lotm and made of solid
gold, studded with diamonds.
The only ornament tvorn by the wid
owed Archduchess Stephanie of Aua
tria, is a locket containing on one side
the portrait of her little daughter and
on the other that of her mother, the
queen of Belgium.
Whes the princess of Wales TO
married, the king of the Belgians gave
her lace of the value of ten thousand
pounds. Since that time the princess
has gone on collecting und now her
laec b worth something like fifty thou
sand pf-itr.'ls.
Philip 111., of Strain, was not roasted
to death by a roariwr fire because court
etiquette forbade anyoi.e to go to his
toaoiit'.iticc. lie died a natural death,
nn;l t!te !;umc atury is told of a dozen
cUtfrtvnt mooarchs who were sticklers
forcer it-"-" GT4.TE.
sunn' u; ,putou .
If Kat with aider ' Ja8'..
iwAtiinfton i
SeMrgMtckiM af j X:?--
No. EC J
UM .ri'.nalatlon.
over . Mtt 'i;!ltl
Not Quite aa Plctnraaque m Paintad by
Sen II men tal Xourlsta.
It is with griof that I remind my
untravejed t oader that In Venice the
gond 'Ui is the cub. Is the cabman a
poetic object a person to whom you
wnuid indiio lyrics or elegiosP I trow
no'u But, on the other hand, the gon
dolier, unlike the London oabman, has
his redeeming qualities. He is pict
uresque. He used to be more so in
the days when he wore rod silk stock
lngsandablue silk jacket, and when
the boat he propelled was as gay u
thing as himself. Uo is also v rt
amenable to oivility. Ho will quarrel
with the portly Briton who spouks no
language but English, and aftor a row
tenders in payment a sum of monoy he
deems unworthy of him, though it be
in excess of the t.trifl. JJut the quar
rel will be all on his side, and It will
soon dissolve away into resonant
laughter as he invites his copper-colored
comrados to share tho spectacle
of the Briton walking off as if be
heard not a word of his plea. The
cabman, In such a case, would of
course proceed to maledictions,
and perhaps go further stilL
Indeed, when all Is said, the
gondolier Is not a bad fellow, though,
like the pigeons, somewhat spoiled by
being photographed In his boat by en
terprising amateurs a hundred times
in the year. But In spring, notwith
standing the romance of them, one is
not strongly attracted toward gondola
or gondolier. When a "bora" Is
blowing upon the city from the mount
ains behind Trieste, and all the lagoon
Is under a blue-gruy haze, chilly and
thick, one is prone to think of fires,
not aquatic expeditions. And many
a martyred paterfamilias and his
wife, who, at their eldest daughter's
bidding, have inelegantly wriggled
Into the boat, and, aided by the smil
ing, compassionate oarsman, judicious
ly dispersed their offspring about the
remaining space Uioroof, are as eager
to leave as they wore unwilling to en
ter it. II they can be induced to make
anotbor such excirsiou, they titlt-! wool
for their ears and enough wnip.i for a
regiment reckless of tho daughter's
ndignunt demur about "how it will
.no!'-" A playful form of omplinient
.vl.icli tho gondoliers bandy about
-'huu thiy are displeased with each
lb :r brings me to nnothor cliurnctor
(ic of Venice. If. in convoying hh
iu: iy through the "caaaiotti," the
aiv.inun cia.-mes with a boittoomtng in
tho C3vitva.''j' direction. Uo will proba
bly cull his enemy "the son of a dog,"
as well m mush si. CorsUU UagaV
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running wheel on earth
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Yaquina Bay Route.
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Steamship "Farallon"
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To Humboldt Bay:
Sleeping Cars
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Round Trip Good for 60 Days Special.
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