The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 05, 1896, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor
Hon. William McKinley has
been elected to the presidency of
the United State bv a large ma- j
, . . . ' n j ;
jority of the electoral college andj
of the popular vote, e have 1
been promised many gnod things.
v . 'r ,.,..
If those promise are but nail tul-
filled we will be the most prosper-
' k 1K f,.v
ous nation on the globe toduj.
The avenues of business will be
..Wnvl nf the wreck of tard times,
ine wneets oi pruspemy
gin to move and their vibrations
-ii en -.v. lit. .J
WlllfiU With life and Vigor the
dogged artrie of trade. The meek
face of the sbeepwil! gladden with
' , , -.j
the knowledge that wool win ,
greatly increase in value. Our j
wheat will no longer chase ; th.j
elusive dollar marc, but Will at ;
once be worth one hundred cents.
... . ., ui ,
Hops will not give the sparkle to
the beet glass tor less man meniY
cents a pound, cash. Laborers'
r , I
will receive their two dollars and a
half per day and carpenters will I
j -if l
not drive a nail for lesB than three
or four dollars for eight hours. I
These and many other blessings j
. ... , !
too numerous to mention will be ,
ehoc.ered upon us immediately if i
not sooner. Trade, commerce and ;
.,, ... i
manufactures will not wait for vhe
4th of next March, out will at once
bgin to rush with new life, be
cause Mr. McKinley is elected.
We have been promised all these
blessings. We cannot wait for
f i kl,
years, nor months, for these bless-.
ings. They were promised to come
as soon as confidence was restored.
The day of our salvation is at hand.
Let the faithful be rewarded for
their faith at once, and let the
doubting ones be silenced forever
in a deluge of prosperity. If not.,
then the apostles of the gold stand
ard have taught us unwisely to
worship the golden image and we
are still in the pood.
The power of great corporations
is alarming. All of them support-
ed Mr. McKinley and did much ,
. :n
for his flection. The people will
have four vears in which to think
over the evil influence of these
giant political manipulators in
politics. For the country's sake,
we hope that our next president
will gather enough c iurage be
tween now and the 4th of March
to bring these proud dictators
within the pale of the law. If he
will only do it, his claim to great
ness will be established.
The people of tbe United States
. . , " -, i
will never be satu-fied until, silver
is restored to its rightful place j
along Side of gold. There will
6 e !
never be a full revival of business i
until this is done. A majority of 1
., , , ., . i
the people of the union are at
heart iu favor of silver, but party
feeling ran too high for party lines !
to be tboroughly broken in this j
election. Four years heiu, the:
same old contest will again be j
waged. j
A man down in Ban Francisco
has been sentenced to the peniten
tiary for life for trying to
indie a ;
man out of $20,0)0, and it did not
take them but a short time to do
so either, but about two years have
passed and one of the most villian
ous crimintls in the history of the
Patifif coast -one Durrarit has
n. t ., I. t - 1 L '
not Buttered the penalty which he.
so justly deserves. Prineville Be-
William J. Bryan is the pride
of the silyer partv whether in vic
tory or defeat. He is the wonder
of the age. His equul has not ap
peared in p ilitics since the days
of Lincoln. He will be the stand
ard bearer of hi party four years
hence and he will lead it to vic
tory. BrvanV eHnence i wonderful
, .
but Hanna's money is more eff ct'
Measure your morns accurately and
tiring rise in f"'t and inrlier with you.
It nlyiiii iiotliiiif " have your car
pets sewed by baud by the Albany
rureUun Co., Albany, Oregon.
How a rallfortila Fu.:ltrria Cnwd Bit
Powlt of Rheumatic Trolblta,
Capt. Bridge, of Shasta conntv, Cal.,
v.-ho has an extensive reputation in
that district aa a cultivator of
hi-h-class poultry, has developed
very pnuanuiropic spirit towara his
wcjds. Recently he noticed a peculiar
disease spreading anionjj the turkeys.
It exhibited itself by a gradual sweU-
me in Uic legs from the thigh,
or time honored and mueh respected
"drum stick1 so popular among vounir-
atore abou.
sprccd down the legs and in a few days
unfortunate eaongl, , to be
rflieted was unable to vrulk with that
.,n,ull an,i na?iltJ. st,p m frequently
eaviloycd by this royal bird. Toe ca
tain found that by retrnlar hot watoi
..feUons the swelling could he re-
dmed. but this manner of treating
was so slow, says the San 1 randsco
Call, that the patient was compelled
to lead a life of idleness, much to
his disgust At times the captain
wonld have several of his it.est
the hospital, and it required
almost all his attention to give tliem
the hot water treatment This state
of affairs went on for some time,
wllcn finallr he WJB mspired , io.
troduce a little Yankee ingenuity
cn,je pair 0 crotches aboat seven
! ral'es " lenpta and secured them un-
dcr the turkev's wings. They were
jMt a fnc&m lonfrer fte bM.s
legs, and every tune the rheumatic
wmi?' Btef l'""? ,hc c-?ch
would be brought into play, and prog,
iam ot beg torture, was a
pleasure. In a few hours the cripples
became familiar with the new orderof
thia(r! mA wen We to hobWe araumJ
the yard at a more rapid gait. Almost
V "uring damp weather, when
therheamausailson, one cansee half a
its:ca tkeys crutches at Capt.
iiridge't farm. They Bre learning some
tricksof late, but so far are not
sufficiently expert to fly up and light
on f
The Bloody Feamsala" of Texas Ow
no bj Thlevw sari Murwarars.
William Forgnson, t'nited States cus
toms inspector for the San Antonio dis-
i inn, nas returnee, irom a inp tnrougn
Biff . ow
as the "Bloody Peninsula'' of Texas. In
r it u TCjnjn vis tun uc su,va. XIW
custom officers at Boqnillas. in the Big
Bend country, have the loneliest sta
tion in the southwest. There are no
Americans within fifty miles of them.
They arc in a jpntry where every man
sleeps with one eye open and his right
hand near his six-shooter. There is
necessity for precaution. Both above
and below Boqoillas are bands of rene
gades and cuttnroats who only await a
chance to steal and murr without
provocation. They are barbarians. A
year or two ago these outlaws attacked
a man named Ayrcs and shot him dead.
His wife sow the deed, and her grief
was so exasperating to the murderers
hat they cut off her head, set her body
against a wall, placed the severed bead
m tne lapana icrr. me corpse in mai
.. nn
from Alpine. vh helped to bury the
husband and wife. This horrible inci
dent shows the spirit of the gangs that
infest that country. They live by steal
tag and robbery. Cattle men who for
merly had catde in the lower part of
the Big Bend were unable to raise
young stock. The thieves and rene
gades stole them. Xearly all the stock
has been mortal out of that country,
and the owners are doing their best to
get the remainder out 1 should like
to see the state rangers tackle those
renegades. I should also like to see
some of those legislators who cannot
see the use of rangers spend a short
time m that untry. Their minds
would undergo a change. The reno-
Meli:c, They cannot
jive in their own country and should
k allowed in ours. It may seem
str-mife u, mo Texans that there is
sneh a set of outlaws in theirown state,
1 --a d-""-tM i nd colored
it not a bit. Plentv of testimony, I
thinki obtaiBed ia Alpine and
Marathon and vicinity to substantiate
gUteme'lts-" '
FoaaaK of Btmngth Kipraded la talking
a Koto Hobtuj.
It requires more fores to sound a note
gently on a piano than to lift the lid of
a kettle. A German composer has fig
ured that the minimum pressure of the
finger playing pianissimo is equal to
one hundred and ten grams a quarter
of a nonnd. Few kettle lidn weio-h
more tha two ounces, says the Musical
The German's calculations are easy
to verify if one takes a small handful
of coins and piles them on a key of the
piano. When a sufficient qnantity is
piled on to make a note sound they may
then be weighed and these figures will
be found to be true.
" -uc MOUISL U9 uiuvUllf lOrtJSHimO
maeh forceVnecded. At times
a force of six pounds is thrown upon a
single key to produce a solitary effect.
With chords the force is generally
spread over the various notes sounded
simultaneously, though a greater out
put of force is undoubtedly expended.
This is what gives pianists the wonder
ful strength in their fingers so often
commented on. A story used to be told
of Faderewski that he could crack a
pane of French plate glass half an inch
thick merely by placing one hand upon j
it. as if upon a piano keyboard, and j
striking sharply with his middle finger.
Chopin's last study in C minor has a
passage which takes two minutes and
j five seconds to play. The total pres-! ?
"orf J""" ; to bear on this, it is esti-
mated, is equal to three full tons. The
average 'tonnage" of an hour's piano
playing oi loopin g music vanes from
twelve to eighty-four tons. j
Whj We Ban go Kaor niat, j
In one summer it is possible for the '
descendants of a sinsle fly to grow to.
Aa aonimi Vlow ot ta Aawrtosa Qtakt
Trottor't YM.
Dispensing, according to the condi
tions of his wager, with railway trains,
ocean steamers, hone, mules and don
keys, sedans and palanquins, the valor
ous Macdade, says the London Tele
graph, is bound to wear out an enor
mous amount of shoe leather, unless,
indeed, he does as many more or less
distinguished pedestrians have done be
fore him travel barefoot. An English
tramp, unencumbered with shoes, will
do his twenty miles a day blithely,
and if he continued to trudge six davs
in every week resting, of course, in
some kindly union workhouse on the
Sabbath he would have walked six
thousand two hundred and forty
miles in the course ot twelve months.
It is, however, more than double
that distance from Alexandria to
the antipodes, and as he is bound
not to avail himself of any
of the ordinary facilities of travel. Mac
dade must go, perforce, a good deal out
of his way at various points of his jour
ney; thus he will have to walk much
more than twenty miles a day. Keek
ing continually tor the dry land, he
may have to wander through Russia
and Crim Tartary into China, and he
may even make the acquaintance of the
north pole. IVtes he take any money
with him. or will he adopt one of the
most ancient and, according to Charles
Lamb, one of the most honorable of '
callings, and beg his way around the
world? In any case, he has plenty of
difficulties before him, even if the ab
sence of cash enables him, like the !
traveler in the Latin adage, to sing in
the presence of thieves. There may be
lions in the path, to say nothing of
tigers, bears, wolves and rattlesnakes.
There may be fevers and agues; there
may be sunstroke, and there may be
frostbite. However, there are some
daring spirits in whose dictionary the
word "impossible" is not written", and
among these exceptional individuals
may be Mr. William Macdade.
Brlctrtatt OtM la Collet Tolls of Bor
BnbMaaoal Experiences.
She was the pride of the faculty and
the pet of the class a girl who grap-
nled with limrilhins nnlv In Inr ,),..,
low, and whose Latin and Greek were '
as perfect as could be desired, says liie
New York Sun. All sorts of brilliant
things were expected of her af tor she
left college.' The president said that
she had one of the finest minds the col
lege had ever had the privilege of cul
tivating. The literature professor
prophesied that she would make a shin
ing place for herself in literature. The
professor of mathematics shed tears at
the thought of her absence from his
class. As for the girls, her fellow
students, they each and all regarded
her as a sort of George Eliot and Maria
Mitchell rolled into one. And. in spite
of these many fond hopes and bright
predictions, the girl, immediately after
she was graduated, married. Ten years
later her class met for a reunion. The
members made it a sort of experience
meeting. Each arose and told what
had happened during the interval since
they had last met. One had won re
nown in music another in philanthrop
ic fields. Another had written her
heart out in verse, and a fourth had be
come a successful teacher. At last tt '
was the turn of the girl with a mind.
Everybody held her breath as she arose
and began: "Girls. 1, too. have not been
idle. During all these years I have
won a name like the rest of you. 2 am
known in the city where I dwell as the
woman who averages nine cooks a
month "
acts About the axons. So Which Par
tnaal Has Granted Aatoaomj.
Portugal has recognized the Amer
ican principle of local sell-government
in granting autonomy to the A)rc3,
and that interesting little eni-muuiry
of rather less than three hunorcd t'.mu
sand people will soon be itgiaiating lor
itself, doubtless at Angra. the almost
unknown capital of the group. The
independent blue flag, with the whi-.e
hawk and the nine stars, displayed by
tbe islanders of San Miguel when the
good news came from LisbDa. contains
a sort of brief history of the group.
It tells there are nine islands sown
thick in the blue midoccan. and that
the emblematic hawk reminds the
world that the name Acor. 1'ort'iruese
for hawk, was conferred on tiic Uiaads
because of the great number of those
birds found there by the navigator sent
out from Portugal to take poaeaann of
tne group, une atory oi tnat quest n
inai vanaeroerg. a uutcn mersitant.
being driven out of lm course, chaaa d
upon me uuauus. ami repaired mem
when he touched at Lijbon. Another
is that Dom Ilenry of Portugal, having
an old map upon which trie islands were
laid down, dispatched Gonzalo Vclho
Cabral to search for them. At any rate,
the navi;rator reached tiie iilamir, in
the very date ascribed to Van'h-r-berg'sadventare.and
twelve years later
took possession ot Nun Hiiie!. AH Ww
nine islands had b:en rediscovered by
1457, and colonization soon began.
A F.atr InsnnuHr.
Enormous business has
been done i
lately at trench fairs by n nir.n who
profewj-1 to sell a rat pou c.r ilia', wa.i
perfectly harmless and that .s'.ni :k r:its
dead on the spot, in ordur Vi :--vvw
the skeptical, the man. (:r.,; nf ;rnv
derail a slice of bread with the stuff,
and aw a ph":. at If liitnwlf. Then hq
put the remainder under a glus case, in
which a rat was kept in captivity. The
rat went to eat the bread and instant
ly fell dead. At five pence a box the
powder went off like hot roHs, and the
lueky proprietor of the specific was in
a fair way to make a fortune. But the
police, who in France are very active
in protecting the people from fraud.
looked into the matter and found that j
the powder was nothing but ordinary '
sugar. They also discovered that the
ease was connected with a powerful i
electric battery, and the moment the -rat
touched the bread the current was !
turned'1 on. and it was thus his death j
v.-as brought about. The man was ar
rested at the fair of Albi, and he has j
bec-a sentenced to fifteen days' imprit
Will be our next President and Vice President.
BAKER is yet alive,
Rubber Goods,
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes.
(Changed Bverr Wsck.l
Wheat Uwi
Oats ffi to 2Sc
Hay fo to $7 pertou.
Flour $1 U03l.l!l per sack '
Chop $1 00 per cwt.
Bran 80c nerewL
Middlings 8o per cwt
Potatoes M)c.
Apples Dried, "c per It
Plums Dried, Be.
Onious Uu.
Beef Dressed, 4$ to 5c
Veal Sjo4e,
Tork Dressed, 8-;.
Lard 8.
Hauls 12 per lb.
Shoulders Sc.
Hides 8c per lu.
Geese 13 50 fs ier doa.
Ducks i $," per dot.
Chickens 1 W;S 50.
Turkeys 8c per lb.
Eggs 18c nerdoi.
Butter 10 15c per lb.
Hides Green, 3c: dry, 5c.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury ill surely destroy the senneot
smell and completely derange the whole
system while entering it tlirouch the
mucous surfaces. Such articles should
never lie used except on prescription from
rcputalile physicians, as the damage they
will do i ten fold to the good you can
povibly derive from t.iem. Hall's Catarrh
Cun . manufactured b,- F. J. Cheney k Co.,
Toledo. 0., contains no mercury, and U
taken internally, act. ng directly upon the
bioo'l and mucous si rfaceK of the syntem.
In liuying Hall's Catarrh Cure lie sure you
get '.he genuine. It it taken internally,
and made in Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. Cheney
ic Co, Testimonials (ree.
rkud by Omjonsts, rriceTjc, per tattle.
Hall s Family Pills are the best.
Go to Peebler's and get 40 pounds of
lieaua for $1,
Good clothing at a low price at
Bad) 4 Buhl's. '
Wanted, at Boyd's gallery, potatoes
in exchange for photos.
Have your Hoe Cake soap wrappers,
they are worth a cent apiece.
Read, Peacock 4 Co. is the I'hice to
find the new and pretty style belt.
Just think of it! The Express from
now until March 1, for only 26 cents.
Call aud see my new stock of station
ary. K. W. Bmitu.
' la needed bv Door, tired muthitm. nm.
worked and burdened with care, debili
tated and run down because of poor, thin
and impoverished blood. Help fs needed
by the nervous sufferer, tbe men and
women tortured with rheumatism, neu
ralgia, dyspepsia, scrofula, catarrh. Help
Comes Quickly
When Hood'i BaroaparJlla begins to on
rich, purify and vitalize the blood, And
ends It in heiHa;, noarUhing, inrig
OTttingBtrmto tbe nervm, rouecta and
organs of the body. Hood'i Kariapftrillt;
Dirndl upiDeweaic tua broken down ty-
cures all blood diseases, because j
nOOU B flUS Hhilaaal
i torn, and
! m aat
MKrW i Hats and
Thus. F. Oskes, Henry . Psyne, Henry C
Bouse, Receivers.
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Cars
Hnlrntt mid
Kw York
, w
Uimtnn nd nil
1'oinU Kant and South
For information, time cards, tiias and
tickets, call on or write
W. C. PETERSOM, Agent,
A.D. CHARLTOH, Asst. Genl. Pass. Agt.
Portland. Oregon.
To trade fruit trees for
lumber, oats, wheat, hay
and dressed pork. My stock
of trees for this year is very
fine and will be sold for bed
rock prices for cash, Send
bill for prices to
M, L. FoIrstkr,
Tangent, Ore.
J. W. CUSICK&CO., Bankers,
Transact a geueral Banking business
Collections made at all point un
favorable terms.
Drafts drawn on New York, Han
Francisco, Portland, Salem, Eugene.
and C'orvallis, and all points iu
Business sent by mail wll', receive
prompt attention.
Rlpans Tabules cure dinzlness.
Kipans Tables cure flatulence.
Rlpans Tabules cure bad breath
Rlpans Tabules cure biliousness.
Itforvtart In lit..
liiaIllCUftl Q63
Who etn think
of toniii urujila
llilinf Ui iat,mt?
i2S'J'v"". B C, lur Sl.a.- url
Boys' and Men's
the Cheapest.
S G At. ATI A, Itlj.. Mqv ML I ML
' Gen tinmen: -Wo Mild liuil j mr fflO bottlna of
j Ix'iwlii ibw jrn4W4iilnjfWlr tiiW JriU, In nil uir wi
1 ?Z"?""??'!!''"rr i..riii:
For sale by K. W. PMITH.
Fire Insurance.
Insure Your 1'roperty with
-in- '
J f( VH 1,
Pli o-nix,
1 1 H in l u r if. I J r-iii u ,
I'iieinim N Fund,
Keliul.le old line coin panics
lie represents. All busiuesn
placed with ii I in will be ul
tended to piiiinptlv. Office
(a, 2 O a -s aa r aa m.
H HO 11 i;k,
AiiiMton mock Ail
nyf Or
Money to iuuu on farm
Aiuull loaiiii mafic ot m'
security, alho
al security.
Uty, toimty ami M?tiv
(.olltctioiift mtvle v
ol warrant oought.
Fire iusuitMK
fuvorutile ternm.
written in three of the
en in the world, at the low-
cut mm.
Tffane aaABva
DtaiOH pATaara.
Tor InforniBtlon anS f unnri,..k JT,'.- Tr
in mm i
1 1 SoleiUiflo American
1 Ml . a Jt wir
r. J! . 'j SMiiniw pou-nu In Antrim
Ui,, puLUo a mtlvt giBn otchifge la u
i r.r; '..i.U.t-.x noriiti , -
Bwi km duW 'iwk