The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, October 29, 1896, Image 1

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    VOL. X.
nrar , ajan
t paw in advance, at au per rear.)
41a miMiths ..,..w...... 1 00
nrpe m.imnti .....,., .Ml
8'titlt'n'UiW .
John I!.' Miii-!ii.!l.i Senator!.
Bin :rr I lt'i'.iii,n l oiifrrt'SHlian
n 1 1 (in ii . U,tA (inventor
H. I!. Kl'.rniil Sn-etury of Stale
Phil Moivhwi Treasurer
'"h Siipl. Public Instruction
u' State I'rinler
K. p Lean, i
T'i ' I Supreme Judges.
O.D. nation
Recorder, 1 . p.,t.
Clerk, t , B, M mtairttf
Slierm Mi; (i.lnn, Huimntiteiidnit, Hlch .in"d H'hecler
Tteaatirw, P. o. Morris
Aw"" .B. A.Htaffonl, I:. T. T- Kblm
J. Vwmet. ...(.:. F. Wright
"'-mnisslonern .' )'"
i IX L. ( url
o. e. rroH
' .'.'IU.; .... ': V. M. BiiOWN
'liKAHI'llKK l.T. IIYDIi
H1HHAI ii. W. TAYLolt
fN. S . DAUiLKIfM,
iIPi'll VIKS'j - I -V KICK,
'J. I!. SMITH,
,N. It. lihAMAS.
City Council meets en the tirst anil third
"iiesduy evening ofr-arli mo ith.
Secret Bocletlns.
I TX TEXT. X... T. K. O T, M -Meet. In B.
H Hl! mii Tttirrtny evflitiiff of each week
t.i.i'til sir ICinylit. an I'nit'ialiy li vlled to
vi-l! I'ii lent lii.'Oitlif.
T. C. Fskbi-CR, Om
tun. W. Uick. R. K.
.lnX'ilt I.OII'; K. So. w. A. 0. t'. W.-Mcel.
ernr, Ni.'.ilaj evenlnc at i. A. It. Hull.
J. F. Hvnr., Bee.
nr.tu.VON UHVit NO. 41 I n. O. F.-Meeli
y Saturday evnthiir at Odil Fellow Hall, a.
eiH:k p. m,
A . DAVIS. IS. 0
'. t PETERSON, Sect)-.
PEAKL REBECCA I.0D0E, NO. 47. 1. 0. 0. F.
Meets at I. 0. 0. F Hall tint and third Wctluea
day evening of each month.
HATT1E A.CBU80H, Beefy.
LEBANON IXWOENo. 44 A. F. it A. M.-Meeli
Saturday evening, no or before the full moon In
aeli month, at Miuoniu Hall, Cor. Main and
Grant Ms. Bojtmrnlng brethcrn oomlally invited
o attend,
J. Waniox, W. tf,
E E. iUailtut, Bee.
JOHN F. MILLER W. R. C, No. 15,
mecta tat and 3rd Friduyi of uwli month at
2:30 p. in. Asnk B. Kian,
pqpuii E, gaifNaiwii, Pres.
fnn, Hona of Velcraaiw Meet In Q. A. R. Hall,
every Haturday evening, en-ept the third
unrday of eaeh month, meeting the third Frl
jnay"Ttalead. All brethew of I itc Sona of Vet
srann and comradeKof the Q. A. K. are eordially
Invited to meet with the Camp.
A. Boslar, Cant.
a. 0. rVtl'ML Flint Soul.
Moctaon thcild, 4th and 6th Friday evening of
daub month at 1-M . k. at U. A, . Halt. Trail
alent Lady Maulieea are cordially Invited to
Huldah 8. Milub, Lady Com.
HOLME Bai.tmarsh, Lady R. K.
Attorney at Law,
Will praclk in all the
Courts of the Stale. . .
SamX M. Oakland.
Weatberford & Wyatt,
Thfl fiUrln UU OlAlU, AND COAST. A hobo that Judge Chtles' family :
IM.U.V VUUiUISlVll 1U1110.
ir i ii i in ii iiiii iwiiiiv i
10 A..
General Exchange
and Mill Business.
Flour and All l(inla of
Mill Feed For Bale
at the
Lowest Prices
We are prepared tt all
pay Albany prices for
wheat to those who store with
Call and get sicks and
learn further particulars.
Very Truly,
G. W. Aldkich.
Best Shaves, Hull- Cutoi Stuwipoo,
Kirk & Ewing's
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant B.-aths.
Children Kindly Treated.
U'liea Hair Dressing a Specialty
East and South
Sonthera Pacific Go.
Express traina leave Portland daily:
8:50 p. at. I Lv...PnnlniiH Ar I K-in . u
12:10 A. M. Lv...Albnily.. Ar. 4:50 A. M
10:40 a.m. Ar,Sanlraiici8ct Lv 7:00 p. u
The above traiiia ntm ut Prt.
Illlirt. OrMOTin (!ilv VVmull i,.i, iuun.
Turner, Mariou, Jefl'enstn, Albany,
Aiiwijr juumiiu, laug'Ut, rjnead,
Halttev. HarrlHhuri.,.ii mtv
Irving, Eugene, C'reawell, Brains and
all atatium from Koehi,rg wiutb to
aud including Anhlunil.
Koaoburg mail daily :
8:30 A. M. I Lv... Portland ...A r. I i'ao at
12:26 r. M. Lv...Alhanv Ar. 1 :1i p. n.
6:60p. x. Ar...KoarburK..Lv. 8:00 a..
passenger tntim-.Uaily (except
8:20 A. M.
Lv... Albany Ar.
Lv...Altiany Ar.
Ar... Lebanon ...I.v.
10:40 A. M
9:40 A.M
6 :45 P. M
6 :S0 P. M
9:10 A. M.
4:30 p. M.
6:20 P. M,
Dining Cars on Ogden Route.
Pullman Buffet Sjhepkks
Second-Class Sleepine CarB At
tached to all Through Trains.
West Side UlviMion.
Betweisi Pohtland AKB l!oVA!.IJ.
Mail train dally (except 8 mday):
7:30 A. 7 Lv...Portland f.T&-M
12:16 p. M. Ar.(Jorvalli,.l.r, 1 :,36 p. M
At A I linn v and Corvallia connect with
trains of O. C. & E. ruilroad.
Expreas train daily (except Sunday):
4:40 p. m.
7:36 p.m.
Lv...f'ortland ...Ar. J 8:25 a.
Ar.McMiunvillel.v 6:60a.
THROUGH TICKETS T,04l! p0"''8 in J1'
adaand European be obtained at loves)
rates from r. U. Hickolc, age it, Lebanon.
K.KOKHLKK, Manager.
E. P. ROGERS, Aast. O. F. & Pass. Agt
Wanted-An Idea
Who raB think
of Hmid Rtnipla
lr:r .TOHN WKUUF.KMU11N C 1.. Val. nt All.
;: t
jck, vvftfluuiauiii, n c,,lur their 1,&ji) urlMoOar
aoo un a n. auBoraa uvaauouj waUMU
Clipped from our Exchanges
Throughout the West.
A nunilier of Imga were sold last
week In Milton, for 2J cents per pound.
One of (he fluent Iniinloiids of lambs
ever shipped from Oregoti, cnmprlsins
4IKK) head, left The Dalles last week for
Kansas City.
The grand Jury for the November
term in Wasco county has been drawn
rcuit court will beglu in The Dalles.
November 9.
Plenty of trout can bo caught on
Coos river, by using salmon eggs for
bait, but fly fishing in that river is
over for the season,.
The young women of Woodburii
worked hard during the recent lire in
carrying out furniture and other stock
from several of the store buildings.
S. Whitney and Garfield Sutton, two
Albany boys, have shipped into the
javal service, and are off on a three
years' cruise on a man-of-war, out of
San Francisco.
The item copied from the Ashland
Tidings, into the Oreironian. to the
effect that Charles Nickell, of Jackson-
ville, had made an assignment, con
tained error. Mr. Nickell has made
no assignment.
Just what a "golly whonner" is ex
plained in the Heppuer Gazette. It is
pumpkin weighing 121 pounds, that
as raised on William Avers' Dlsce.
on Butter creeK,
(Jus Gasnary, of Haystack, who was
reeently bound over to the grand jury
on a charge of horse-stealing, was fully
xouerated by the grand jury of Grant
county last week.
Mr Austin, of Milton, was thrown
from his wagon, near that town, last
week, and his leg broken by two of the
w heels of hi" wagon passing over the
leg, above the kuee.
John Daws, who lives near Stiver-
ton, teceutly dug 729 bushels of po
tatoes from three acres of land. This
is an average of 243 bu-thels to the acre.
M r Daws has 10 acres more in potatoes
hat he is now digging.
A. Anderson, of Forest Urove, found
the other day a curious buucb of eranes
on one of his vines, part of the White
Hweet Waters, aud the rest of red
variety.' The grapes were mature, of
full size and good flavor.
Fobs. Guthrie & Co. shiDDed from
Raker City Wednesday of last week.
a trainload of 490 cattle. Nearly all of
the cattle weare bought from Powder
V alley stockgrowers. The prices were:
Cows, $16; twos, $18: threes, $23 and
As one of the signs of better times, a
linker City paper says that within the
lat two weeks there has been an in
flow of gamblers to that city from all
parts of the Northwest, and that nianv
games of chance are iu full blast, and
are well patronized.
Monday was a grand dav fur the
Salvation Army people of The Dalles.
On that date they received Commis
sioner Higgius, who is one among the
leaning Salvationists of the countrv.
Commissioner Higgins is 59 years of
age, and lias been a member of the
army fcr 18 years.
Wednesday night of last week Rose
Wellington, a keeper of a house of ill.
fame In The Dalles, attempted to end
her life wit h a pistol. She shot herself
just below the heart, inflicting a wound
from which she is likely to die. The
unfortunate woman's mother was sum
moned by telegraph, and arrived In
The Dalles Thursday.
T. H. Rogers, county recorder of
Yamhill county, was huutlue pheas
ants near Nashville, Lincoln county,
recently, when his gun hurst and the
whole breech of the gun flew In his
face, breaking his nose and Injuring
his right eye. J. R. Hessler was with
him. As the gun went off Riwera'
horse jumped and kicked Hessler In
the back a hard blow.
The Dalles Itiniiser says that Crvder
ACo., have, within a week, purchased
these hops; A. W. MeNary, J43 bal"s,
at 7J oeutsj J.J. Daley, 72, aud E. C.
Kirkpatrick, 47 bales, at 8 cents; M.
Guy, 43 bales, at 8J cents, aud George
Cutler, 87 hales, at 83 cents. The onlv
unsold hops In this vicinity are about
80 bales, each beionirinir to John
Groves aud Henry Claufleld.
Last week, while Charles Albrecht
was occupied In the rear part of his
saloon, In Corvallis, some Demon
entered the bulldl.igand went behind
the counter and took $40 in cash aud a
box of Havanas. Mi, Albrecht
eutered the room Just in time to see
the thief go out. aud describes (he
guilty person as being tall and slim,
w juage iroui a rear view,
A hobo that Judire Chiles' fumllv
treated to a meal last week took nrl.
vantage of his benefactors by stealing
a flh line and rod worth $2 60, and
selling it to another person furSO cents.
He was overhauled ami sentenced to
five days' bread and water mid no
work, or three square meals a dnv nml
street lubor. He chose the siiini'o
meals, but his system was so full of
morphine that his work whh nil,
Several houses In Allmnv lium
ourginrizea lately. C. L. Mnrhi,ll na
one of the victims. A burglar entered
an open window, helped himself to
Ainrsiiall'a trousers, took about $15
from the pockets and left the t mil suit-a
on the front porch. A gold watch was
leit undisturbed. A burglar entered
Dr. Maston's residence and stole some
eatables, but nothing else. H. L
Waldon is out a pocket-book contain
ing aoout too, which was probably
Clarence Craw, of Albany, has had
more broken arms than any boy in
Albany. A few years ago he broke his
right arm in Portland. Several months
ago, while goiii" home at night he
broke his left arm bv tumhllmr from
his bicycle. Wednesday night, about
9:30, he was passing the central school
building when he did nothing hut run
into a fence, and when he pulled him-
seu togetner, after the collision, he
found that his right arm was broken
break No. 3 He is now satisfied Willi
bicycle arm-breaks. Three times and
out. He has now had th,- same ex
perience as the man about town when
a boy.
The commissioners, recently ap
poiuted by the president, are now at
work making a settlement of the dis
puted boundary line of the Klamath
Indian reservation. .The question has
been in dispute many years. The
original survey aud the latter one ob.
served by the settlers leaves a rii.
crep-incy of 00,000 acres iu the reserva
tion wnich the Iudians claim. It
seems that the young Klamalhes who
went to school and received
educations have studied the oueslion
with a view of recovering the lands of
tneir torelulliers from the nalefatw
settlers. They Interested Senator
Mitchell, of Oregun, In the matter, and
the last congress made an appropria
tion of $10,000 and appointed a com
missioner to settle the boundary
Probate Court.
Final accounts set tor Nov 7 in eatnle
of J F Craig; Nov 2nd In estate of J B
In estate of Lewis Rav. will ad-
tnitted to probate, Wm Rav executor.
bonds $8000.
In estate of O Flickinger, inventory
In estate ot B A Hardman, sale of
personal property approved.
Claus H Ohrt admitted to citizan
ship. In estate of Jane Fanning, S E
Young appointed administrator.
Bond $2400.
Accounts filed In estates of Emily
Spicer, Nancy Brlggers, H L Brown,
P H Wigle, R H Farrar, Richard Fox,
H Farwell, S M McLaue, Wm Powell,
FFCrott, John Finley.
Property of wards in Farrar estate
ordered transferred tq new guardian.
Chas Danta was reported discharged
from Insane asylum oti Oct 9, recovered .
Report of sale of property in estate of
H Farwell confirmed.
In estate of Oluey Fry, Sr., sale of
real property not confirmed.
RRTempleton appointed adminis.
trator of estate of Kauford Cochran.
Bond $000.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great many of our readers In Lini:
county like to take the Weekly Oregon
iau. We have made arrangements
whereby we can furnish it at H reduc
tion from the regular price to thost
who want both the Exphkss and th
Oregoiiian, The regular price ot toe
Oregonlan is $1,50 per year, and of the
Expbkhs $1.60 when In advance. We
will furnish both for $2. per year in
advance, a saving of one dollar to (he
subscriber, The Oregoniau elves al1
the general news of the country oucee
week, aud the Expkkss trives all th
local news once a week, which will
tialie a most excellent news service
for the moderate sum of $2. per yen1
Those who are at present subscrilierB
ef the Exi'RB-s must pity in all arreur
i ,
I has cured her entirely of rheumatism.
There's more clothing destroyed by ! sl' l"elltl'u'H-ally recommend
poor soap than by actual wear us the I g th! ""ckk'' mm,l' 10 "
: KlilK.r in a I i I.. ,,'., n ,
free alkali rots them.
Hoe Cake is
pure, and only 6 cents.
Rlpa&f Tabules; for tour stomach.
Highest of ail in Leavening
Absolutely pure
The Herald in a Bad Light,
Mr. Peter Dewall, a Oorinun farmer,
living on the Satitiam, was In Albany
yesterday. The popocrats were afler
him with alluring promises to vote for
Bryan. After listening to their bland
ishments, he said: "I owe H. Bryant
$500 yet on the land I boinrht. of
him. II he will airree in wrillnir t.,
accept that amount in silver. In tho
event of Bryan's election, I will vote
tor mm. ' .Mr. Bryant, of course, was
too good a businessman toofler to iiL-
cheap silver dollars In payment of his
uoie ana mortgage, which imlla for
good gold coin, and said he colli.) not
do that. Mr. Dewall said :f the T!rvn,
men were afraid to take their own
medicine, which tuev snv la .mod h
did not want any of it, saying that if
ii.'yan men are uot williim to take free
coinage silver dollars they cannot have
the confidence in their value they pro-
less, aim tie thought sood sense u.
gested that he continue to support Mc
Kin ley .Herald.
The following letters, in answer to
ti e above article, were publisher! in
later issues of the Herald;
Editor Herald: In vour morning
Isbue of the 22d, you refer to sonic htisi.
ness between myself aud one Peter
uewall In which vnu auv. "Mr
Bryant was, of course, too trood u hnat.
ness man to offer to take cheap silver
oiinars in payment ot his note and
mortgage, which calls for imo.1 Bold
coin and said he could not do that."
Now I desire to say that the above
statement is absolutely false and I
uever refused to lake silver, and more
than that I now say that if Mr. De
wall wants to pay his tiote in silver
or any other legal tender money of the
United States in case of Bryan's elec
tion, he can do so. H. Bryant.
Albany, Oreoon.
To The Euitor of The Herald:
I see in your issue of the 22ud iust.
Hint you say H. Bryant refused to
take silver on what I am owing him,
in case of Bryan's election. Now vnu
have just got the matter turned around.
liuo told me, without me asking him,
that in case of the election of Ttrvan
and in case fee coinage of silver was
put into the United States, that he
would take what I owed him in silver.
or any other legal tender money made
uytlie united States, as he claimed
that all the full letral tender nionev
inude by the United States had always
Deenatpur. Will you please publish
this? In case you won't publish it. 1
desire It put Into the Democrat.
Oct. 23rd, ut my home In Dutoh
'"wn. Ptjr-MB Dewall,
Was Astonished.
The Corvallis Times tells the follow
ing: An event transpired in tills city a
few days ago that was very amusing
and Is worthy ot space. A fellow ar
rived in this city recently and nrn.
cceded to "gin up." This eventually
landed him beyond the "cooler" bars,
While there a very respectable old
gentleman chanced by his place of
abode and there ensued a political
discussion. The old gentleman was a
rousing Bryan man, while the man in
the "jug'' was a MoKinley disciple, As
the argument progressed it grew more
healed and the man on tho outside
tillered to bet $100 op Iii'vnn's election.
and to hiti great surprise, the thought-
lo-be hobo pulled out a weasel skin
and counted out tho money, adding
that he was prepared to bet more if it
suited the man outside. The old gentle
man was so surprised at the turn
nllaiis hud taken that lite bet was not
The Kueipp cure is all the ratio in
New York now, and many peonle. In.
eluding dames of high degree, may be
seen at an early hour trotting hare-
footed in tho wet grass of Central
runt, a (list ngu sui.u actreua who
Ripani Tabules.
Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
Ripaus Tabules assist digestion.
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
On the Road to Arizona,
Ashland, Or., Oct. 22, 1890. '
Editor Express:
I will drop you a line according to
promise, about our trip to Arizona
Have not "busted" yet, but think we
soon will be. Wo landed ) ai,i ,
tc-day, all right side up with care. A
very pleasant trin. nil u.ii n ...
- ---r ..iiu un en-
Joying the trip well. We have had
very tine weather-only one day's
rain. Have taken our time and taken
iu everything that Is to L. t.,i, ..
and some things that were not very
easy taken,
Some of the route was tbron.i, -
very tine country. The Rogue River
vidley Is the best part of Ore. r h,.. .
seen as yet, and I have been ,i
over it all. They have very flue crops
. ....... cveiyiuing tnis season; fine
corn as I ever saw iu the eastern states.
tne trutt beats the world. Medford is
the center of the fruit growing coun
try, and the prettiest and ,. v.,,..
ness-like town we have struck, and"
Grants Pass the toughest. We all iost
our beards and mniiai.,ni .i
M.UM0inWltB mere,
send you a photo. In a abort tt
of the most awkward squad you ever
6a w.
There is not much.
v t oil to '
about. Each one is enjoying himself
so far. We have our bv-lawa rf
every man has to come to the scratch.
omtitz ana Parker, horse managers;
Hiatt and Davis, cooks; Master Tony'
water and wood getter; Bummer clear,
the road and keeps camp. Card play,
ing is about all the amusement we
have us we go along, as the roads are "
too rough for any kiud of amusement.
Parker is ohamplon card player, and
Master John champiou foot-raoer.
'1 he roads have been very heavy and
hilly, but our stock looks well. Tc '
morrow we will strike the Siskiyous.
We are living very high if It is hard
times ou bacon and mush straight.
Politics are prettv hot ono bn,t..
down here last night over It fw
crowd keeps very quiet.
More the next time, ft,, Hiatt.
Vouched for by Messrs. Dayis, Par
ker, Kelleuberger and Shultz.
Cure For Crippled Children.
The National Surgical Institute. No
311) Bush St., San Francisco, success
f'tlly treats all cases of orthopiediu
Oue or more surgeons of this Inatf
tuto will be at the St. Charles hotel, in
Lebanon, Tuesday, Nov. 10, and at the
Revere House, Albany, Wednesday, 1
Nov. 11, to examine cases. The suc
cess of the Institute in treatiug all
cases of curvature of the spine, diseases,
of the hip and kneo joints, olub feet,
crooked limbs and bodily deformities
as well as piles, llstulu, nasal catarrh
and all chronio diseases, has made for
the Institute a national reputation.
Write for circular.
References may be hud to: J no. A,
Shaw, Mill City; Hon. Thus, L. Da
vidson, Salem; G. B. Kinzer, Orabtree;
John Meier, Crabtree; W. A. Cox, Al
bany; and hundreds of others.
Read, Peacock & Co. has sleevelm,
under vests for ladies from oc to 50c,
There's no clay, flour, staroh or
other worthless filling in Hoe Cake
and no free alkali to burn the huiuls.
One-half wool dress goods reduced to
lOots., anil bleitohed, all linen table
cloth for 35 cts. a yard, at the Racket
Baker has just received a nice line of
ladles and gentlemen's Mackintoshes
to sell after MoKinley is elected on
Nov. 3.
You can got Prices Baking Powder
for 30c. per pound, every can guaran
teed. Arm & Hummer soda 4 cents a
pound at Peeblei.
Ladies and gents, remember Pugh
& Mtliiey's Is the place to buy your
bonis and shoes.
For only 25 cents you can get the
baby shoes at Read, Peacock & Co.'s
closing out sale,
You can buy a nice, largo arm, huud
carved rocker of tho Albuuy Furniture
Company for $2.65.
aigass TabuJs mm llwtr troubla.