The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 17, 1896, Image 1

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    VOL. X.
NO. 29.
Out y tit ........ M. 92 00
ilt pid lo mAtuum, 91 Au per year.)
4tx month - H 1 00
Three montlu , W
Bltntenoplei.. .... 06
Geo. W. McBridel
Jolm H. Mitchell,'
. Senator
Binder Hermann Oongreaemen
William P. Lord, Governor
H. R. Kliicatd, Secretary o( State
Phil Metschan Treasurer
U. M. Irwin ..Supt. Public Instruction
H. W Lead Bute Printer
K. 8 Bean, I
F.A.Moore, I ....Supreme Judges
il. K. Woolverton.)
Indie O. D. Hanoi
Reeorder, , D. F. Hardnien
Clark 0. B, Montague
Sheriff,... M. C. Galnei
School Buparlntandent, Richmond Wheelei
Treasurer P. Q. Morrb
Alienor, I). A.Btaffon1
Surveyor, E. T..T. Fiahei
Coroner C.F. Wrlghi
i J. M. Waten
uoninuesioneri, i jurj
fN. 8. DjiUiLKIBH,
b. o. Wallace,
oouniulmen ; fAr,
J. R. 8MITH,
lilty Council meets an the flrat and thin
Xui"lay evenings of each month.
Qyrtt tooletlaa.
R. 11.11 . Wanday svenh."
TnusMfit Sir Kami, are cordu" ""Mad "
vlUt the hat tint.
T. O. PaaaiaR, cm'
Oao. W. Rioa.B. K.
, HONOR LODGR, No. H. A. O. 0. W.-Meeti
ivery Puaada)-arcnlnf at 0. A.R.Hall.
J. F. Hyde, Rec.
HKBANON LOW NO. 47. 1.0. O.F.-Meet
very Saturday evenuii at Odd Fellow. Hall, a
w. C. FETMUON, Heot'y.
.ABLRKBHOOA LODGE, NO, 47, 1. 0. 0. F.-Haeuau-
0 0 ' 8,11 " "d third Wediaw
a,.i' or eeoa monin.
lay evenly habaH HALTIIAR6H,
n. a.
HATTIE A .Crf WN, aMt f.
44 .F.4A. M.-Meet.
Saturday amdat. oo orb."""- """"" ",
aoh month, at Maaonle L'. a ""
Grant He. Hojonndnf brether.'' "
o attend.
R. K. Hammaci, See.
. Wa,, ff. M,
nieeta let and Srd Fridays of eami month '
2:80 n. m. AR.iicB.Raan,
Dolus E. Saitmabsh,
I GKrTL ME1GGBCAMP, No 1, Million of Ore-
Bona of Veteraan Meet In G. A. R. Hall
" Saturday evening, except the third
.0aoh month, meetlni the third Fri
ttturtare. , A ,, of theftoui of Vet
day Inmaad. eaof the G. A. R. are cordially
eransandcomrau ..
Invited to meet with.
A. Bosub, vapi.
n. 0. Stviw, Flint Sett.
0. T, M.-
'veninff 01
Mwleon Ibeld, 4tb and 9th Friday e j,,,,.
each month at 1M r. u. at Q. A. R. Hall. .
lent Lady tlawabeea are eordlally invlteu '
- - HOua S. Miuaa, Lady Com,
Dom'.ii Saltxamh, Udy R. K.
Sam'l M. Garland,
Weathertord 4
The Champion Mills
DO A..,
General Exchange
and Mill Business
Flour and All Kind of
Mill Feed For Sale
at the
Lowest Prices.
We are prepared at all
to pay Albany prices for
wheat to those who store witl
iib. Call and get sacks and
learn further particulars.
Very Truly,
G. W. Aixrich
Heat Shaven, Hair Cut or Slit dpoo
Shaving" Parlor.
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
i lies Hair Dressing a Specialty
East and South
Southern Pacific-Co.
Express trains leave Portland daily:.
8:60 P. at.
12:10 A. M.
'0:46 A.M.
Lv... Portland Ar.
8:10 a. v
4:60A. m
7:00 r.
Lv...Allany.. ..Ar.
I Ar.San Frauciaco Lv
The above tral'ia Wp ut Kast Fort
iKud, Oregou City, Wnuribprn, Salem,
Turner, Marlon, Jerti'iicn. Albany,
Allmtiy Jutiotlon, Tutigent, Bbcdd,
Hnlaey, Harriaburg, Juucliou City,
Irving, Eugene, Creawll, Brains and
all Matiuna from fioaoliurg south to
and tneludiiig Aahlaud.
Roaebure mall-deily :
8:30 A.M.
12:26 P..
6:60 p. M.
1. Portland
. - r-
4:40 p.m.
1:16 p.m.
8:00 A.M.
Lv.,.Albany Ar.
Ix)cal .passenger
trains daily (eoer.t
8:20 a. m.
9:W. M,
4:00 f, M,
Lr...AllHny Ar.
Ar... Lebanon. ...Lv.
Lv... Albany Ar.
Ar... Lebanon ...Lv.
10:40 a.m.
9:40 A. M.
6:46 p. M.
6.-60 P. M.
4 Can on Ogdeip ffpute.
fjt Sleepers
Pullman Biu
'rg At-
Second-Class Sleeping C
tached to all Through Trains
West Side Division.
Bktwkbn Poktlaks and Ooiivallis.
Mail train daily (except Sunday) :
7:80 A
12:16 P.
.Portland ...Ar.
6:20 A.M.
1:36 p. M.
1 Ar
.Corvallis . .Lv.
' At Albanv and Corvallis connect with
trains of 0. C. & E. railroad.
Express train daily (except Sunday) :
4:40 p.m.
7:86 p. M.
I Lv... Portland ...Ar. '
I Ar.McMinnvllleLv I
8:29 a. m.
6:60 a. m.
. ... , Enstern States, Can
ada and Europe can be obtained at lowest
rates from F. U. Hlchok, aent, Lebanon.
R. KOEHIJSR, Manager.
E. P. ROGERS. Asst. C . F. ds Pass.. Agt.
Wanted-An Idna
Who oan think
of tonic liiijii
tlullbT lO DaltJttt?
ma onug yiiuiwtjatiwii
Clipped from our Exchanges
Throughout the West,
The name of the two young mei
who drowned at the mouth of lb
iiletz last Monday were Marloi
Painter and Rufus Whiteman
Moro enjoyed something of a build'
ing boom during the past summer.
.Six buildings were erected. A brick
kiln is now being burned and a Are
proof building is now talked of.
Mrs. Mary Scott Myers, of Thi
Dalles, has been notified of her ap
pointment as member of the national
executive board of the Woman's Re.
lief Corps.
The Alderman hotel in Tillamook
nas been closed by the foreclosure of a
"hattle mortgage on the furniture.
I'lie hotel will probably be refurnish.
ed and reopened,
God's Regular Army was represent
d at Yaqulna bay last week bv
William Purdy and wife. Tbe army
is visiting the towns of the Coqullle,
and expects to get to Marsh field in
about six weeks.
Wallace Bishop of Phoenix, one day
wet week hauled 120 bushels of wheat
10 the Ashland mills in one wagon
load, which it is claimed was tbr
argest four-horse load of grain ever
irougbt to tbe mills there.
Chris Peterson and Nelse Rasmus-
sen caught a salmon in Coos river
last week which weighed 78 pounds.
A large number of cbinooks being
caught this season weigh over 40
pounds, and are in excellent eoudi.
Several taxpayers of Harm county
wbo paid their taxes to ex-Bherili
Uittinge, the defaulting sheriff of thai
county, are anxious to know if tbe
ounty court will regard the receipts
is regular.
E. C. Bmlth, of Eugene, has bought
tbe William Miller lot of 47 bales of
hops at 6-2 cents per pound. He has
Uso contracted for about 800 bales, in
luding some of the best growths In
Lauo county, in each Instance furnish
ing money to secure the crop.
Wheat is coming into The Dalles at
he rate of about 100 wagon loads eacb
day. Most of that coming from tbe
Washington side is No 1, while a con
siderable amount of the Wasco county
wheat is more or less shriveled and is
regarded as No 2.
Hon. E. R. Sklpworth this afternoon
received an invitation from the Mo-
Klnley Club to stumb Benton county
for McKinley and Hobart, euggestiug
hat he speak at as many points as
possible. Mr. Bklpworth Informs us
that be must decline as he is not sup.
porting McKinley and does not desire
bis election. Guard.
Donald McKay Is at the Umatilla
agency after a trip in the Wallowa
country. Tbe scout, who has been
sent for by Indian Agent Harper, ex
pects to lie appoiuted Interpreter to
ucceed the late John McBean. Mo-
Kay says the Umatilla and Lapwai
Indians are encamped on Wallowa
lake, having a big time horseracing
and gambling.
Tbe county court of Baker county,
Thursday, iu accordance with au
order barring the payment ef county
warrants not presented for payment
after seven years, and which had been
advertised according to law, canceled
(17,219 26 of these evidences of In
debtedness agaiust Baker county.
H ns. R. M, Veatch and 8. F. Floed
visited Cottage Grove Saturday, where
the latter addressed a Bryan meeting,
making a forcible speech. A oampaign
club of 68 members was organized, 17
of them beng former republicans who
will vote for free silver, The McKinley
club organised there a few days before
bad but 20 nieinbprt, Roseburg Re
view. A Salem merobant yesterday re-
'"d a bill forasbippraent of goods
from a ew or'E Jobbin8 flrmi wltn
ihe follow.'",1 P'10
bill: Payable ,preae",
standard and welg.""" K':a
The gentleman statt
.M last evening
that lie would not receive
tie goods, as
that was not one of tbe Ci.
. editions
when he gave the order, States!8"'
For the past two or three days the
hop pickers In the Cheshier yard,
near Springfield in Lane county, have
been indulging lu considerable politi
cal excitement, says a correspondent
of the Eugene Guard. The camp was
divided luto two precincts, known as
No. 1 and No. 2, Speakings were
held on Monday and Tuesday eveu
lngs, Mr. Bowman representing the
McKinley forces and Mr. Dinwiddle
the Bryan adherents. The discussion
A car load of hops were started East
from Eugene Wednesday.
A crew of Western Union linemen
was at work the latter part of last
week taking down the wire which
f rmed the loop connecting Jackson
vllle with the main wire. The office
was out out at Jacksonville some time
ago, put the pole line was left stand
ing, the company evidently thinking
that the citlseus of that city would
put up a guarantee sufficient to justify
tbem in re-establishing the office, bnt
sucn nas not been tbe result.
Mrs. Warren Merchant has sent to
the Yamhill Reporter, in McMinuville
a bunch of ripe flgs, Oregon growth
and some very fine specimens of egg
plums. The figs, she says, are from a
tree planted 11 years ago, this being
its first year of bearing. They are ot
the black variety commonly known In
California. While the fig is not strict
ly hardy In that part of Oregon, and
probably could not be profitably
grown for oommeioe, the few experi
ments that have been made so far
-uggestthatitis worth growing as a
home luxury.
The property of the Springfield
Power and Improvement Company,
sold In Eugene Wednesday, by the
iberiff at mortgage sale, was bid In by
A. c. Woodcock, attorney for the
plaintiff, for 13649 69, the amount of
the claim. Tbe suit was brought and
the sale of the property ordered to
satisfy the claim of the state, which
through Governor Pennoyer, Secre
tary McBride and Treasurer Metschan,
comprising the board of commission
ers having in charge all state school
funds, bad loaned to the Springfirld
company $10,000. Of this sum, all but
the amount sued tor has previously
been paid.
Recovered fiooo Damages.
Drummer Stephen P. Hart's $25,000
damage suit against tbe Southern
Pacific Railroad Company was de
cided by Judge Sbattuck in depart
ment No. 1 of tbe state circuit court.
The case, which Involved many points
of especial interest to railroads and
passengers; was tried before the court
a Bhort time ago.
Hart claimed damages for being
ejected from a Southern Pacific train,
He had a difficulty with tbe conductor
over his ticket, which was of the
identification class, and resorted to tbe
law for satisfaction, monetary and
The decision of tbe court is that
Hart was wrongfully ejected; that be
bad as much right to be on board tbe
train as he had to be at bis own fire
side, and tbe company's represents.
ves were at fault in the quarrel.
The court assesses the general damages
at xioov.
Speaking of tbe charge of conspiracy
on the part of tbe plaintiff the court
said: His conduct In regard to this
ticket does not seem to me to indicate
any such purpose or design on his
part as is attributed to him by the de
fendant; therefore I lay the matter
out of the case. '
In summing up the court said: I
have come to tbe conclusion that the
plaintiff should recover nothing for
the damages which he received by be
ing ejected from the car, inasmuch as
he resisted; that he should be allowed,
however, for general damages,- result
ing from such a transaction as I have
described, the sum of $1000. Tele
gram. A Coffee Man in Oregon.
Charles T. Manning, formerly of
this city, but now of Matagalpa,
ioaragua, arrived at 11 o'clock from
business trip to the East. He is
domiciled at the home of his father,
Elmer William Manning, on Winter
street, where his wife bad
preceded him about one week. Mr,
Manning has been absent from Salem
and the Uclted States for four years,
haviug left Sau Francisco for Coriuto,
Nicaragua, on the 15th of September,
1892. He entered the southern re
public in company with his brother,
Isaac Manning, and together they
prospected the state of Nicaragua for a
suitable location for a private venture
Coffee, tbe great staple of that
country, and finally settled near tbe
city of Matagalpa, where they, and
tbe companies they have since organ
ised, control the heavy product of 7000
goTes. Statesman.
Necessity demands that we insist on
all those indebted to us on subscrip
tion, or otherwise, to call and settle al
once. We will take wheat, oats or hay
at the highest market pi ices.
Good clothing at a low price at
Bach & Buhl's.
Call and see my new stock of station
it. N. W, ftftiT.
Highert of all in Leavening
14 wsszsai
(Geo. Barton, county judge: J. M. Waten, D.
L. Curl, commtalonera.)
Petition for appointment of John H
Ulass as J P of Precinct 7 dissallnwed,
S P Barger was appointed to succeed
Justice Chance.
F. M. Graham was appointed J P of
ui8t a to till vacancy.
Bill of John Jenkins, road sup. 1217.
in matter of petition of A A Kees
for bridge, further consideration
ordered pogponed.
BUI, 8awyer Bros, $18.81. continued,
8 S Myers resigned as supervisor of
uist 24 and W B Githens was aDnoint
ed. : , ,
Bills allowed:
Salaries-Judge Barton, $100; Clerk
Montague, $168.65: Sheriff Gaines.
tfo.6o; Recorder Hardman, $150;
i reasurer Morris, $88.30; Sunt Wheeler.
m; Deputy Clerk Montague, $50;
uepuiy emeritr Levelling, $60.
Aid Mrs Clark $6. Cox famllv $7.
Kenworthy family $8, Alberto $9, O T
Liuoaeris, Alma Vail $8. Mrs Sarah
Hlnes $3, Robert Gillock $6. Dobkina
family $6, Orm Watson $6, Powers
family 10, M and Mrs Barnard $5. Jas
Lewis $8, MrsGFJunkev $6. Henrv
Myers, $4, Jas Larew $4, Lawrence
John Usher janitor. io 00
E T T Fisher acct poor 1 k
b i Allen " "
SEYonng ' '
I W Roberts " " j,'.!.!
Thos Mirander" ".
Mrs Eva Hill aid Powers family..,,
J C Hardin " poor.
BFRamp " "
Ors Beers acct " ...
6 60
,7 86
13 60
3 70
7 60
26 00
W B Washburn acct poor , 6 00
i m Keever roads. j g
J M Evans roads and bridges 22 60
Marlon county roads and bridges 7 60
Lee Brown & Co roads and bridges... 8 44
Harrisburg Lumber Co roand and
bridges g 63
Geo Henshaw roads and bridges 6 26
J P Stevens roads and bridges, 13 T6
L'ari Roberts roads and bridges 2 00
Mary E Evans acct poor g ou
Mrs Ella Mendenholl elections 6 60
E T T Fisher surveying 24 00
C H Dalrymple pros atty jo 00
K Wheeler teachers ex 16 so
D Torbet teachers ex w (in
J 8 Smith teachers ex 16 60
l J otites postage ul no
Smiley the printer g 86
Scio Press printing i jo
Lee Gray coyote scalp 2 60
Uuisa Derrick rebate tax a 96
Bancroft, Whitney & Co Hills code... 11 00
M Ludwig C H a as
Geo Fish C u 75
rrel ex in Justice Loveless court 0 on
Jas Brown deputy sheriff 4 06
Or Tel Co on
F Blount pre ex 2 m
r Nutting pnntiiiK x on
J S Smith acct sheriff , 6 30
J H Turbin bridges and roads 4 06
FredDawson acct poorand stationary 18 46
aiuuny m ugut uo., 23 00
Ramp Aikin and Lee C H 2 60
Santiam Lumber Co roads aiid '
bdges 1 is
Dr G W Maston ex insane 6 00
Dr J L Hill ex insane 5 00
Oregon agt Maggie French ,. 41 16
Finch & Campbell printing 36 00
Geo D Barton acot roads 21 06
P Cohen acct poor., 9 go
R B Montague acct clerk 20 00
J E Clark roads and bridges 6 50
Gross SEastberger roans and Bridges 4 26
Harrisburg Lumber Co roads and
bridges 4 go
M C Gaines boarding prisoners 38 66
A Frum rebate tax 5 10
N Needbam work on assessment roll 60 00
Dr W C Hawk acct coroner s 00
Henry Stone roads and bridges 6 60
Mrs M L Taylor acct poor 36 46
W E Savage roads and bridges , 24 00
W F Deakins assessor 878 00
B Smith roads and bridges 7 48
Phoebe Henderson acct poor 6 00
D 0 ourl roads and bridges 4 00
W W Howell acct poor 1 00
Oregoa agt R M Hulburt fees 7 80
Oregon agt Sohn Jones and Jos
Smith ,. i7is
Straw bate! straw hats!! from 6 1.
60c at the Racket Store. Lacecurtaiht
70 ots., $1, aud $1.25 per pair. Eig. t
spools of best thread for 2oo, 3 for 10c.
Save your Hoe Cake soap wrappers,
they are worth a cent apiece.
Read, Peacock A Co. has sleeveli a
Uflttjf VMM fet taalW (tm kVibk,
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Looks Suspicious.
There is everything to cause a num
ber of Corvalllsltes to believe that
couple of gentlemen (boys rather),
reached this city Thursday with a
couple of bicycles that were not their
own. Early in the morning they
passed a farmhouse seven or eight
miles north of town and offered to sell
their wheels, stating that they were
from Portland. As the name plates
had been destroyed on the wheels
they failed to sell them even at the
low price of $10. They were several
hours in reaching this city which
proved them to be very poor riders for
boys who bad ridden from Portland,
a fact that condemned their statement.
Be that as it may tbey sold one of the
wheels for $10, a ridiculously low price
for a good wheel, and tbe bike was
good. 1 he fellows were only 18 or 20
years of age, and It is generally
believed that they appropriated tha
silent steeds somewhere without per
mission. Corvallis Times.'
Ho Ran Away.
A Falrvlew correspondent of the
Brownsville Times says: A few even- .
logs ago as Johnny Horn was out
after the cows he saw two little black
cubs run up a tree about 20 yarda
away. Johnny this is a fine chance f "'
bear meat aud a thrilling "bear story.''
!k he raised his Winchester and fired.
At the crack of tbe gun. one of tha
cubs gave a pitiful cry and both came
tumbling to the ground, and at the
same time the old mother bear came
out of the brush near by and made a
dash at the hunter, who, thinking
that "he who runs away may live to
light another day," took to his heels
and reached the house in lust 2)
jumps, since which the bears have not
been seen.
A Hundred And Two.
Last Saturday's Statesman save;
"Grandpa" John Durbln will, tomor
row round out 102 years of his Hie. and
notwithstanding his extreme senility,
he is In very good health. Mr. Dun
bin became a resident or Marlon
(.ounty 1845 and has lived here ever
since. He was born in Fayette county,
Pennsylvania, on the 13th of Sep
tember, 1794. In 1820 he was married
and he has been father to ten ohll.
dren, one of them being Solomon
JJurbin, who resides at the "red barn"
crossroads east of tbe peuitentiary.
Tbe centenarian is at tbe home of
Duncan Ross on Howell prairie. He
will, very likely, be one of the voters
in this county at the presidential
election In November.
The Snagboat.
The wreck of the old government
snagboat Corvallis, which has done
good service on the Wlllamettee and
other rivers for years, was sold by
Captain FiBk, United StateB engineers,
R. Wakefield, of Portland, being the
purchaser for $460. The wreck, whlon
now lies on the bank of the Willam
ette river, some ten miles below Eu
gene, is of no value except for the
machinery It contains. Mr. Wake
field has sent a man up to examine it
to see if It can be patched up so as
float it down to Portland, as this will,
if practicable, be the cheapest method
of transporting the machinery.
Captain Fisk Is having a new snag
boat with more powerful machinery
built and of lighter draught. Guard.
A Clubbing Offer,
A great many of our readers In Linn
county like to take the Weekly Oregon
lan. We have made arrangement
whereby we can furnish it at a reduc
tion from the regular price to those
who want both tbe Exfbjsb and th '
Oregouian. The regular price of tae
Oregonian ia $1,50 per year, and of the
Express $1.60 when in advance. We
will furnish both for $2. per year in
advance, a saving of one dollar to the
subscriber. The Oregonian gives ail
the general news of the country oncee
week, and the Express gives all In
local news once a week, which will
make a most excellent nevts service
for tbe moderate sum of $2. peryeai
Those who are at present subscriber!
ef the Express must pay in all arrear.
ages aud one year I
auu uue year iu advance to obtain