The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 03, 1896, Image 1

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    VOL. X.
NO. -L .
One l iar ,.,....,:.;'....r..........2
.'Tfl iiulri tn ulvrfrifiA. II atlmlr V ur.
aiz month i. m-ifa. u..i.u...:... 1 N
TbrM months ..,........ 60
TIKlenoplBH......iy......-;-,..-";-r' " 06
state -orntiits.
Binder Herrmann .".;..7....Uni?ni8n
William, .ft loot,.'.,,.', .Govesnor
' H. R. K&Mld,l.f ..8OTlaiy oSttte
G. M. Irwin, Bupt. Public Instruction
H. W, heeds, State Printer
E. 8 Hran, i
P. A. Moore, Supreme Judges.
1). 15. Woolverton.l .
Judge...... G. D. Barton
Keoorder, D. F. Hardman
. 'Olork, C.B, Montague
Sheriff, M.O. Gaines
School Superintendent, Richmond Wheeler
Treasurer .'. P. G. Morriii
Assessor, . B. A. Stafford
fltirveyor,.... K. T. T: Fisher
;-S.woner ....O.F.Wright
M , , j J, M. Waters
, OOiumtssioners, i p (jllri
MAYOR Z1........C. E. PUGH
TltKASUKEK.,... ....J. T- HYIJE
,.. I H. 0. WALLACE,,
. : R. SMITH,
City Council meets on the Hrst and third
Tuesday ovonings of each month.
Secret Societies.
LINK TKNT, No. , K. 0. T. SI -Meets In Q. A.
R. 1UU on Thursday ovoniug of each week.
Tnunlont Sir KnmUts are cordially tavltod to
visit the Tent meetlni.
T. C. PsbbusR, Com,
Ofo. W.IUM.K. K,
HONOR LODHK, No. 8, A. 0. 0. W.-Meets
every Tuesday evenlni l Q. A. B Hall.
. .. g.iUnMwmucm, at.W.
J. f . HvM, Bee.
l.KBiNOH LOUOK, MO, 47, 1,0. 0. F.-Meets
fery Saturday enulntat Odd Velum Hall, at
, looa,.-. iLK,PAVIS,N.Q.
w. o. nmiRsoK, ssory.
KALKBOCA 10I,1I0.7. 1.0. O.F.
Mat at 1.0.0. Hal) nt and third Weaiin
day areata attach avrMtu '
..... SAKAH 8AI.TMARBH, N. 0.
HATTIR A.0KU80N, Sact'y.
Saturday evenbif, on or before the full moou la
etch mouth., at II uo Lite Ball, Our. Main and
Qrant .Is. Hojouroiiuj bnthero ootplally Invited
o attend.
J. Wassom, W. M,
E. K. Hammack, Sec.
JOHN F. MILLER W. R. C. No. 15.
meets 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month at
2:30 p. m. AriMS B. Rasa,
Bollik E. Saitausaii, Pres.
" Sec'ty.
UEN'L MEIU08CAMP, No. ID, Division of Ore
ion, Bona of Voteraaiu-Unit In u. A. K. Hall,
everr Saturday eveatal. eacept the third
Saturday of each raonth,neetlm! the third Fri
day Instead. . All brothers of the Sons of Vet
erans aad.oinrBdeii of the 0. A. R. are cordially
Invited to meet with the Vamp.
A. Botua, Oapt.
, 0, Broall, First 8ogt.
WSA . WEST HIVE, NO. 1, L. 0. T, M -tleetxmtlieM,
4th and 6th Friday evenhw of A. R. Hall. Iran-slmt-Idy
Kaccabees are cordially Invited to
atRd,: ,
Huuak 8. atauw, Lady Com.
Dolus tucnuam, Udy I. K.
Sam'l M. Oariamd
f MthtrfOfd t Ijatt,
' ' W.R.BlirEV,
The C&ipion Hills,
DO A..
General Exchange
and Mill Business.
Flour and All Kindt) o
Mill Feed For Sale
at the' "''
; l";
Lowest Prices.
We are, prepared at all
to pay Albany prices, for
wheat to those who store with
us. Call and get sacks and
learn further particulars.
Very Truly,
G. W. Aldmcii.
. i , (J.
Albany, Orp;on
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed ox Money
J. F. HYDE, Agent,
Lebanon, - Oregon.
East and South
"" VIA '
' Southern Pacific Co.
EipresB trains leave Portland daily:
8:60 r-. K. I l,v...Portland Ar.
8:10. v
10:10 A. u. Lv...Albany Ar.
IU.4SA . I Ar.omirranciBcoi.v
laud. Oresma Cltv. Woodburn. BnWm,
Turner, Murlou, Jeflereon, Albany,
Albany Juuotlou, .iaogeut, rtneaa,
UitliKy, HarrisborK, Juuotlou (Jity,
Irvinir. Eueene. Creawell. Drains aud
all ataUuua from Bcneburg eoutbvt0
aud including Astiland. i - ;'
Rosebunr mail dally:
: a. a. 1 Lv.T.PTortiand ..M-
:40r. .
J :..
8:00 a. ,
1S:26H. u. Lv... Albany,
i-Mr. a. I Ar...KoeburK..Ly.
Local uasseneer trains daily (except
:!Wa. M.
.0:10 a.
4:W r. at.
i:M r.u.
Ly...Albany Ar.
Ar,. .Lebanon. ...Lt.
10:40 A. M.
9:40 A. .
6:45 r.K,
6:60 r. a.
Dining Canon 0dn Bowie.
Pullman BurrsT Sleeperb
Second-Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through TrainB.
West JJlvUlon.
I Mail train-dally (eicept Sunday):
i7lOA.ll. Lv...Portland...Ar. 6:20a. M,
III Ar...Sprylis.XT. IMt.u.
i At Albaov and Oorvallu cowieot wltb
trains of 0. 0. A K. railroad. -
ixpnm train-dally (except Sunday):
U :b r. . I Lv...Portlond ...Ar. 8:2S.I.
7nM p. si. I Ar.McMinnyUlet.v f :t0 A. ,
Ada end Europe can be obtalned at lowest
rates from P. V. Hlckok, agent, Lebanon.' :
; : R: KOEH1.RR, Manager,
E. P. BOGKR, Asst. 0. F. Pass. Ant.,
teanted-ftn Idea
Clipped from our Exchanges
! Throughout the Wast, , ,
The Tillamook Headlight Sioa bean
sold to D. D, Bowman, a (onuvr Cali
fornia newspaper man. j ..
The Columbia conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church, south,
will convene In Dallas,
Captain John H. Stewart, of Mo
Minnvllle, baa been grai ted back
pension to the amount of (1200. .
The Moderator has succeeded to the
goodwill and business of the Cottage
Grove Leader. H. W. Eons takes
Mr. Tborpes's place as editor and pub
lisher. King, the mining man who was ac
cidentally shot by hit companion on
Rogue river, while shooting birds last
Sunday, la recovering from his In
juries. ! The output of coal from Beaver hill,
lu Coos county, continue to increase
The average during last week was
250 tons per day, and on Saturday 325
torn were broushlout' f .
I During au alternation on the streets
in Ht. Htleua last Sunday, between
John Wellington and Eugene, Whit
ney, the former's right leg waa broken
jiist above the ankle. ; : '
! A man from Bhjslaw waa In Eugene
Wednesday . with a wagonload of
Chinook salmon, which he had oahghc
lo the Siuslaw river. They were very
(ue, and sold readily. ,
Rev. Geo. Rawlins, of Baker City,
has withdrawn from the Methodist
pisoopal conference held at Black
loot Idaho, and also from mem benhip
with the Methodist church,
' The people of the town of Antelope
have petitioned the county court
of Wasco county to incorporate Ante
lope under the law authorizing county
Court to Incorporate towns. .
Steven Smeed, ' of Waltervllle. aud
J. . Davis, of Mohawk, each hauled
An Kiimki ITrlifsv Mtrtv 1RQR
Uav the firat of this year. MMI,0'')'B P' 4cr1 "bile that raaied on
Smeed will Immediately ahip fail hops
ait. . .
I Extensive arnuigemeuta are being
made for the dlatrict fair which will
be held at the. grounds uear Central
Point, lu Jackson county, next month.
(jver $3800 are offered in puraea and
! Young Eben, whoae diaappearauoa
from eamp below Hwier oceaaioued so
much uneaaiueaa that lake waa
dragged in the search for bim, turned
ap well aud with a good aopttite at 1
home Thursday.
' Freight eontiuuia to arrive la
inker City for Graut and Haruey
oouuty merohanta. There are about
100,000 pounds of merchandise at the
depot awaltiug ahlpnitnt by team to
tu destination. -
j Thomas Cloniuger, jr., of 8cappooae,
accldeutly ahot himself through the
left f jot last Sunday, He waa ahoot
bjg at a mark with a revolver and
earelesely pulled tue trigger while the
weapon waa bunging by his aide.
1 Some counterfeit 60 c-ut silver pieeea
are iu circulation hi Snlc;u. They are
of light weight, hul otherwise tlieim
itatiouis excellei t, tbtr,'. not tmng
that greasy and iatv Hli"-'-u'"
poticeable on otlw 6puf.iw cins.
Many of the hyparow t iii ia li vS
cluity of Independence iiavti
pickers "already eugagod. The pick
ing Mill ootumence early in September
bitt tbre U1 k4 be, more iMn half
the acreage picked thi year than there
Hop Ooutracta for 110,000 pounda
Imve thus far Bled with the Jjhin
owiijr fjmiiKkgmi.!1
few bopa havebten ooutraotedln (bat
w)jity, M tlila year the luabUlty ef
(rowers in oblatn , tuoney hat oom
pelled them (o.oantraQt. .. ,
Peter Nejaan, ' North Flaina in
Wahhii oosinl,,w)ae thrown from
a wagon las weejt nd one of the
wagou'i wbetfie paeaed, over his head.
His coljar bonjg tjraa broken and be
was brushed aboiU th "head , but not
otherwise injunni. : r
Thomaa Cooper ou exjiibiton at
his place of; btMiin-.pi itj.fdt Helens
small snake wit h two petittiy foitnsd
heads, which waa captured lu the. out
skirts of town by John Bundby. The
heads are both on the same etid, so
tbeHlstaaa. ' ',;
The thermometer stood at 102 de
grees in Moro, at Dr. Smith's resi
dence, last Sunday afternoon. In the
oooleat place in towu, the City market,
It stood 89 degrees in the forenoon.
The evening waa cool, aud the night
delightfully pleasant for sleeping. It
the hetteat Mjr for moto u
j Charles Mason, another of the five
prisoners who escaped Imui the Uma
tilla county jail a week ago, has been
ftatrtnei O.rpeiter, an old timer In
(jlranttf, Grant count'', may die from
the effects of a recent full He wan sit
ting t his p ircli, tipped his chair too
far back, lost h's balance and fell over
baekward, striking head first He
iaaunoonacious three houm.
, The Miasm is said to be fairly alive
with hunting and fishing parties. In
addition to a number of Indians from
the Umatilla .reservation there are
many sportsmen ; from . the Grand
Bonde valley In there, besides quite a
number from Baker and, Wallowa
The dead body of a newly born in
fant was found on the railroad track
a mile and a half from Grants Tim
Monday, by a young man traveling
north on loot. He notified the coron
er, who went out and brought the lit
tle coipse in. Dr. Myers said the In
fant had evidently been killed by
beirig thrown from the cars In passing,
as its little head was badly fractured
and contused. The coroner thinks It
waa thrown from the circus train,
which passed south Sandaya fternoon.
, J. Bimpson, the Oregon Central &
Eastern engineer, was badly scared
Wednesday. Near Harris... Robert
Moore, the braksman, discovered the
bridge ahead to be on fire, bow badly,
of course, could not be told. He noti
fied the engineer, who ravened the
engine, turned on' the sand and stop
ped just on the edge of the bridge. No
serious damage had been done, and,
after putting the Are out, the journey
was continued. The engineer remark
ed that frightened four yeare Out of
The Woodburn Independent says
that the harvest for this year, with
the exception of the late spring grain,
has been completed. Now and then
good yields are reported, but in the
msjoYity of cases fall wheat on sum
mer fallow yielded from 18 to 2R
stubble land gave about half as much.
Spring wheat and oats, so far as
threshed, have made just half a crop.
Grain has been saved' in good condi
tion, and should bring better prices
than art being paid at present 1 It is
believed that there will be but little, if
any, oats for export, as there was no
more raised than will be required for
home consumption.
Our Small Army is Efficient.
General Harrison, In bis "This
Country of Ours" article iu September
Ladieal' Home Journal writes of the
War and Post Office departments, aud
of the Department of Justice, and in
connection with the first named be
pays this tribute to our standing
army; "Our army Is small, in fact,
minute, when compared with any of
the armies of the great powers, but,
under the operation of recent laws
relating to establishments, and of laws
intended lo protect the righto and
promote the self-respect of the private
soldier aud relieve him from assign
ments of menial duties, the quality
and espit da oorpe of die enlisted men
are higher, I think, than ever before,
and the character and military skill
of it1? uffioers afe of a ver; hiifh order.
The lte rf tit- r:uy--iitU-r UH"B
lU isii of a alat ': rwaerv t'ie Pae
fi the atate; or uoiltr liie direvt laws
if '.be President to suppress resistance
t.' jh laws of th United StaUat-has
l ecoiue more frequent of late years,
and more than one community owed
its deliverance from the frentyof a
mob to the presence of a small de
tachment of United States troops men
who do what they ar ordered to do,
and nothing without orders. There
ianomenanoe to the liberties of the
peopl in our little army, but it
trained and patrtotlo officers, may
gaiu,' In the case of a great war, as in
1881, become the organizers and lead
lets of great armies: and, with the little
army of trained men they now com
mand, will within the Constitution
and the laws, during our longer
yeara of peace, be the conservator of
public order."
Prospective Sheriff's Sales
The following 'sheriff" sales are be
ing adverliaed: The property of L E
Propst to satisfy a claim of A W
Charlton, for $840, sale to be Sept. 26;
the property of J M Mansfield to sat
ify a claim of Perry Hyde, for $1,250;
the property of John Brown, deceased,
board of school land, commissioners
plaintiff, forfcJ70, on 8pt. 26; proper
y of Benj. Cutler Oil Beaton plain
itlff, for U46, on Sept. 6; the property
, O. Jennings, state board of school land
oommlssloners, plaintiff, for W.88,
!. tt,
Highest of all in lvoikg Power. Latest U.3.Gov't Report
I ! . ' .... (
i -.t;-3 .'iilui.-ji.iii
. 'A Pirey Ordeal. . . '
L. S. Winters, of Salem, his
daughter Miss Minnie, his three sons,
Miss May Stanley, of Meham, and a
Mr Spalding, who have been camping
In the uplands near Fish lake for the
past ten days, broke camp on Monday
last and started for Salem, says the
Salem Statesman, on reaching what la
known as "heyen-Mile" hill the forest
was found to bo a mass of roaring
flames, thousands of acres In ; extent,
The road running in the woods at this
point was Impassible, though some
teams Just ahead of Mr. Winters suc
ceeded In getting through the fl re
bel toy dlut of hard running, but all
parties attempting it were badly
scorched about the hands and face and
horses suffered much worse. Seven
teams congregated on the hill where
the Winter party were halted, and
the men worked desperately,, but suc
cessfully, to save the bridge next
ahead of them on their home journey.
After this delay the whole party pro
ceeded over hot coals and burning
embers and through, dense and suf
focating smoke toward their, several
destinations: The - ladies involved in
the adventure were sorely frightened
dui iug the oonflict with the flrey ele
ments, but this wore off when they
were once more started on their home
ward trip.. The track ot the fire ex
tended north and east toward Clear
lake and Mr. Winters says he never
saw a forest fire of such intensity and
rapidity of motion as the one here reported.-.
Survey of Lands Finished.' :
. Mr. John McQuinn, who for the
past two months has been at work
with a party making a survey of lands
in the grant of the Willamettee Val
ley fc Cascade: .Mountain Wagon
road, has completed his job and re
turned. His work waa on the summit
of the range, in the vicinity of Clear
lake and Blue lake, and Mr. McQuinn
says that la a most delightful region
to work iu daring the summer. Blue
lake covers about 76 acres. Clear lake
Is much smaller, and there is a body
of water called Fish lake, which is
Allied through a subterranean chan
nel ' from Clear lake, and which
usually goes dry In the summer. It
has not gone dry this summer, owing
to the large snow fall which came late
and laid on the summit In places
hearty all summer. Blue lake is the
source of one the finest trout streams
in Oregon. Mr. McQuiun's party
caught lota of trout, and he says a vast
number of trout .was taken out of those
streams this season, more than ever
before. His men feasts on trout and
venison whenever they desired to,
Many' persons have been camping in
til-moiiiitaiiis, fishing and bunting.
H'lnvy forest rims are raging on Seven
Milu bill. ..aud destroying.: much
timber, Herald. ,.
: Trora the Alines.
Captain Hank Smith, superintend
ent of the. Lawler mines, passed
through this city , yesterday afternoon
on his way to Salt Lake City, Utah,
where be will spend two months be
fore returning to the Quartzvllle dis
trict. He stated that the mines were
running in: full force and that the
work .was. . progressing satisfactorily.
The Co. is now running three tunnels
Into the mountains, and a great deal
of development work is being carried
on. ' One of the tunnels which I be
ing' run Into White Bull: mountain
will be run 900. or a 1,000 feet deep un
til a point directly below the. apex of
the hill where the government mon
ument stands Isreached. Captain
Smith said be was determined to see
what was In the heart of : the moun
tain, and lht he. believes good ore
would, be struck there.. After Captain
Smith returns from Salt Lake City he
will go Into the Blue river, country
where the big- English syndicate,
which has interest in Quartzvllle ,are
heavily Interested,- There is no doubt
that - the: Oregon, wines : will be
thoroughly developed, as .lha English
syndicate is said to be. backed hy the
Rothschilds Salem Statesman, i
Good clothing at low price at
,, Portland Exposition.
The Oregon Industrial Exposition
will open at Portland. Saturday nron
ing September 19, and continue one
month. As an Exposition of the re
sources, products and Industries of the
entire Pacific Northwest, it will f'
surpass any of It predecessors, lis
financial success is assured hy a guar
anty fund, and with this to rely upou
the managers have gone ahead with
boldness and confidence to gather the
most complete exhibit of everything
entering into the life and prosperity
of this region ever brought together.
Many alterations are being made t
the interior arrangements of the h ,
structure in which the Fair is held,
especially In providing greater facili
ties for the enjoyment of visitors.
Special attention is being paid to
those who - attend in many
ways, besides, the muslo and
exhibit. ; Every- night something
special will be given for the amuse
ment of visitors, Frequent excursions
at extremely low rates of farej will be
run on all railroads, and special ret
will be given at other times on a, 1
lines iu Oregon, Washington and
Idaho. Both in the variety and qual
ity of the exhibit and in it special at
tractions the Fair will be far superior
to any of its predecessors.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great many of our readers in Linn
county like to take the Weekly Oregon
lan. We have ' made arrangements:
Whereby we cau furnish it at a reduc
tion from the regular price to thoje
who want both the Express and th?
Oregonlan. The regular price of the
Oregonian Is ?1.50 per year, andofth
Expbess $1.60 when in advance. We
win furnish both for $2. per year in
advance, a saving of one dollar to the
subscriber. The Oregoniau gives all
the general news of the country once ?
week, and the .Express give all tu
local news once a week, which will
make a most excefleut netts Bervioe
for the moderate sum of $2. per year
Those who are at present subscribers
r the Express must pay in all arrear
ages and one year in advance to obtain
his special price.
Sherman county is turning out a
good two-thirds all-round crop, eaya
the Observer.
Read, Peacock 4 Co. has sleevcl
under vests for ladies from 6o to SOc
About 120 men are now employed
on the government works at the Cas
cades. Twenty-five are, stonecutter.
and the remainder laborers. ,
Necessity demands that we Insist on
all those indebted to us on subscrip
tion, or otherwiseto call and Settle at
once. . We will take wheat, oats or hay
at the highest market prices, '
Htraw bate! straw hats!! from o t
80o at the Racket Store. Laoeourtaii,
TO oti( ll'f aud J1.26 per pair. Eig t
spools of best thread for 26c, 8 for loo.
N otlee of Appointment or Administrate -
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed adminis
trator of the estate of J. T. McCallister,
deceased, late of Linn county, Oregon, All
persons haying claims against the said
estate are hereby notified to present them,
with the proper vouchers, within six months
from the date of this notice, to the under
signed, at Albany. Oregon. ,
Dated, this 1st day of August, 1896.
B. M. Patnr
Eutras & Cahhon, Administra'or.
. .Attys. for Admr.
$3, U and $5
for only $1.50 to $2
''JV.iX i Juf r.A a'.V i' V'S