The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, May 07, 1896, Image 4

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Yet Some Suffer in Silence and will not Open the
Matter to their Physician even. ,
from Uu tfaoffsi, CVtalia, Wo.
7e neighbors called her walling corpse.
Far fifteen yean the had suffered from lost
tt blood and dropsy. She had not the
strength to aland alone. She had tpent
thousands of dollar! with the doctors and
had been unable to find relief. Her cue
was eonsitlered hopeless.
That fe the experience of Mrs. C. Beed, a
well-known lady of this city.
A Nugget reporter called upon her at her
home last Tuesday. She was willing to he
interviewed, she said, if she could be the
means of pointing out to other unfortunates
the way to recovery and good health.
" It has been over fifteen years since the
milady asserted itself," said Mrs. lteed.
"rinec then, until within the last few
knew what it was to he well
fir a single day. 4 could not sleep. My
nniwtite westawav and I began to lose Itesn.
This continued for years. I became so weak
1 could not wait upon myself. 1 had to have
the help of others to dress and undress, even
ia walk from oneraom toanother. I lost all
my strength. In addition, I had dropsy of
the blood. My limua were swollen, anu
nothing I could do seemed to afford me re
lief. The doctors said I must take iron to
strengthen and invigorate my blood, ltook
iron COOK 11 OJ uie wme auu wj uw.
took it morning, noon and night. But it did
no good, and I had finally lost all hope.
" At last I saw an account of Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills for Pale People. I thought this
fitted my ewe ewetly and I tried to get some
n( fh ti'!!a. Thr were not kentat the
4t3ri:m here, and I had to send to Olym-
r.i Titev came Uoaliv. however. 1 began
V, te'M them and experienced relief immedi
ate. I sent for two more boxes to the Dr.
v;:'i,min' cVrainanv at Hchenectadv. rt. Y.,
air.i by the time I had taken them I felt like
a new woman. 1 have Men taking them
occas. anal ly since then.
' It was two years ago that I began to use
Dr. t illiams' Pink Pills. I was sixty years
ot'ag-.' then, and had not been able to do my
housework for many years. Now I am able
to care for myself, to do my own work, and I
can walk long distanuea without being espe
cially fatigued.
" I think my cure ia a marvelous one, and
is due entirely to the Pink Pills for Pale
People. Without them I fear I should have
been dead before now.
" Since my cure haa become known the
druggists here have always kept the pills,
and! do not have to send away farthest any
more. I have recommended them to several
of my neighbors, and 1 know that they have
done much good in more than one esse suni-
In order to confirm this statement beyond
all doubt M rs. Beed offered to make affidavit
to its truth, and the affidavit is here presented:
Btatb or WASHiwaTOH, )
,1, ,
rvmwrr av I.BWIS.
1 Mrs. Martha L. Beed, being first duly
sworn on her oath, says that she Ms "vi tee
forwntnff renort of an interview with her.
and that the same is as she gave it and is
correct in every particular.
(Signed) Mas. Martha L Bras,
Subscribed and swan to before me this
Mth day of May, una.
J. M. Kbpnbb, Notary Public.
A cam of similar imnort and of much hi'
terest is here given also, the same having
been originally published by the Atkatiee
of Ogdensburg, N. Y. While tt is from the
far east, the facta can nevertheless be essily
substantiated by writing the patient direct.
Every female who is nearing the critical
period of twomau'i life Willi pleased e
hear the story told by Mrs. Frank Murray,
as follows :
Mrs. Frank Murray, who resuies near
Ogdensburg, N. y.,sayai "I am i years of
age, and for a number of years resided in
Prescott, Ont. We moved over here some
time ago and have worked this farm since.
It is what is known as the Ferguson iurm
andis aboutsix nillesout fromthecity. My
husband is now working in ugilensourg at
hia traiie. that of a stone mason, while my
children and myself carry on the farm.
"I have been a great sunerer iromsica
headache, which would generally come cu
about evening, and I would be completely
rostrated, not even aoie to im my nanu or
:iln nivself in anv wav. Thesesnells would
last for about 24 hours, and would leave uie
in so weakened a condition that for a few
days I could scarcely drag about the house.
Periodically the spells would come on me.
I have also bad considerable spinal trouble,
the sharp, darting tongues of pain being
most severe, following along iny spine and
to the back of my bead.
" Have doctored much, but without the
desired result. I heard of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, and also later
heard of the cures they had effected in a
number of persons personally known to me,
and it was their published stories that de
ckled me to try them.
" I got some of the pills, and after I had
taken the. first box I had no more headaches
for several months. Last fall the headaches
returned, however, and I took another box
of the pills and am happy to say have not
since been bothered.
"This summer my head began to have a
heavy feeling, and at times I was quite
drowsy, but no pains accompanied it. I
now have more pills and though I've taken
only a few 1 feel well again.
'I don't think any person could stand it
a great while to be troubled as I was and
stand the amount of pain. I know that
Pink Pills are a good medicine and fully
what they are represented to be. I have
recommended them to some of my friends
with benehcial results. Oh, my, yes i i ney
havfl done wonders for me. I do all mf
own housework on the farm. We have a
dairy of twelve cows, and often when the
ooye are very ousy geuuiK ui uicviupo
have milked all the cows alone."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Pec
pie are an unfailing remedy for all dis
eases arising from a poor and watery condi
tion of the blood, such as pale and sal
low complexion, general muscular weakness,
km of annetite. depression of spirits, lack of
ambition, aiuemia, chlorosis or green sick
ness, palpitation ct toe nean, snonneas oi
breath on slight exertion, coldness of hands
or feet, swelling of the feet and limbs, pain
in the oaoa, nervous neauacne, uizzuihh,
loss of memory, feebleness of will, ringing in
the ears, early decay, all forms of lenmle
weakness, leucorrhoaa, tardy or irregular
periods, suppression of menses, hysteria,
paralysis, locomotor ataxia, rheumatism,
sciatica, all diseases depending on vitiated
humors in the blood, causing scrofula,
swelled glands fever sores, rickets, hip-joint
diseases, hunchback, acquired deformities,
decayed bones, chronic erysipelas, catarrh,
consumption of the bowels and lungs, and
also for invigorating the blood and system
when broken down by overwork, worry, dis.
eases, excesses and indiscretions of living, re-
err from acute diseases, sucn as levers,
, loos of vital powers, spermatorrhea,
Iv decav. oremature old age. They act
directly on the blood, supplying to the blood
its life-giving qualities by assisting it to
absorb oxygen, that great supporter of all
organic life. Pink Pills are sold by all deal
ers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of
To The Mother.
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and nothing pleases them better than
a nice nobby suit of clothes that keeps
them warm and healthy. Baker has
them and for but little money. Can
you stand 11.00 for a suit of clothes, or
up to (4.00? All these low prices you
will Bnd at Hiram Baker's.
"Clarence," a story by America's
great novelist, Bret Harte, will be
published in this paper, commencing
soon. Those who are not subscribers
of the Express should send in (belt
subscriptions now, and thus have the
reading of this interesting story.
The Ladies' Bazaar, of Albany, Or.,
will send a fashion plate, of the latest
styles, to all persons who write to them
mentioning the Express. Their stock
of goods is better than ever this year.
Call on them when in Albany. ,
Ladies, I invite your attention to
my new and extensive Hue of flowers,
fancy straws and beautiful ribbons.
Opening day about the first of April.
Miss A. Dcmond.
Sunset limited
Will Bun
price, 50 cents a box or tax boxes tor ipj.ou,
nv suaressine ut. rmnnins jxeuiuuc wfc.
Remarkable Storm Through Which an
. Ocean Vessel Recently Passed.
One of the most remarkable electrlo
otornis at sen, which probably seemed
intensified by reason of the fact that
n enrfro of Spanish Iron ore paaBed
through it, was experienced by theBrit
lali steamship Mercedes, which arrived
at this port the other day from Bilbao,
says the Philadelphia lteoord. On the
Grand banks of Newfoundland during
the nights of December 3 und 4 the
oceun appeared like a mighty mass of
flume or an endless stretch of prairie
fires. Balls of electrical fires hissed
nnd exploded in all directions and dart
ed among the vessel's masts and rig
ainor. The Mereedes' escape from going
down on December 1 seemed littleshort
of a miracle. She was struck by a south
west Bale, which was accompanied by
sens rolling high. During the heightof
the storm a huge deck derrick, weigh
ing many tons, wns torn loose from Its
fastenings and swept overboard, leav
ing a hole in the vessel's deck, through'
which the water ran into the cargo. In
: i course it carried away the main top
.nist, which was alBO of Iron; port of
i!'ho flying bridge, the after winch, and
art of the deck fittings. Boon after
, nrd the storm partly subsided, when
i lie electrical Are appeared in all direc
ts. It hung in big balls for two
nights from the masts and fore and aft
stays, and practically turned night into
i!ny. As the big fireballs came toget her
they would burst with a loud report
upon the vessel nnd disappear. Under
tills light at night such temporary re
airs were made as were deemed neces
. ury to reach port .
Oculists Protest Against the Use of Elec
tricity with Plain Globes.
An English paper states that London
oculists are up in arms against the
very serious danger to the community
caused by the electric light. Several
eminent eye doctors are agreed on the
point that unless a stop is put to the
exposure of uncovered electric lights
in the streets and in shops and offices
nearly all the population will become
blind. Experts are so greatly exercised
in the matter that they even suggest
that parliament should take It up and
prohibit the use of plain glass globes
tor electric light unless they are prop
erly shaded. Commenting on this, a
London electrical journal says: "It is
uot customary to look at the sun, and
not even the most enthusiastic electri
cian would suggest that naked arcs
lid incandescent filaments were ob
iecbs to be gazed at without limit. But
naked arc lights are not usually placed
;o as to come within the line of sight,
und when they do so accidentally,
whatever may result, the injury to thr
ove is quite perceptible. The filamem
of a glow lamp, on the other hand, is
more likely to meet the eye, but a
;rosted bulb is an extremely simple and
ommon way of entirely getting over
hat difficulty. The whole trouble can
aslly be remedied by the use of prop
rly frosted or colored glass globes.
In any case, however, the actual perma
nent injury to the eye by the glowing
filament is no greater than that due
to an ordinary gas ll?mc."
Some of Them Developed a Taste for It
and Got Hilarious.
"Did you ever see drunken fish?" in
quired a Sonoma county wine grower.
"No one would confess that he had
seen Intoxicated fish, says the Han
Francisco Post, and the silence indi
cated a predisposition to incredulty.
"I suppose you are going to tell us
about a drunken catfish staggering
down through the orchard and catch
ing a bird?" suggested one.
"Do you think I am a liar?" demand
ed the farmer, indignantly, but he was
left in ignorance as to the belief of his
hearers. "My winery is right on the
bank of a little creek. This time of
the year the water stands in pools and
every pool is full of trout, stickers nnd
pike. All of the waste from the
winery is thrown into the creek, and
that is enough to discolor the water,
but the other day a big vat of sour
s Your
Blood Pure
If it is, you will bs ittonj, vigorous,
full of life aud ambition j you will hawa
good appotlte and good digestion;
strong nerves, sweet sleep.
Hut how few can say that their blood
h parol How miny pouplo are suCurlng
dally from the coiistwiueneee ot l annro
bl md, sorofula, salt rhotim, rheumailsm,
catarrh, norvousnoss, BUvtpUwsncss, cud
That Tlrod Foslli;;.
Hood's Barsapsrllla purlflra, vl' discs
and oarlohea the blood. Tuerefon ,it Is
th3 medicine for you.
It will give you pure, rich, red blood
and strong norves.
It will overcome that t.rrl trying,
cro.ite an appetite, glvo rclro.ihlng sleep
aud maice you slrocg.
food's SartsaparUla
Es the Oftiy
True BSood PuriUer
Prominently in tho public eye toda
food's Pllte.SLfS
I' ll uid
Tlios. F. Oakes, Henry C. Payne, Henry '
Ilonsy, Ueceivore.
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Olileit bureau for seeuruis pntents In America.
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TJnturu, liivtuitlou,
lintrtiiy, KlMitrlnlry, TTlQlfll
CliiimUtry, Altftlluhie, JlCdllll
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the winery.
was crowded with fish floating belly
up. I thought they were dead, and
pulled a big pike out, but he wiggled
and flopped around just like an old
drunk trying to get up without any
thing to hold on to. One by one they
disappeared as they sobered up, and
when the water cleared two days after
ward there wasn't a dead fish in the
pool. They had junt been jagged."
He Blade On. by 1 1iy In the :tjuree ot
Bis Legislative Career.
The scholar In politic has torn", odd
experiences and is in a position to get
lots of tun out of them. Chitrlcy Uoyt,
the playwright, is a member of the Xew
Hampshire legislature. Talking In
ronton the other night, says the Troy
Times, he related an incident that took
place in hi political career. He said
iliat be never made, to his knowledge,
more than one successful speech, aud
that was when he was endeavoring to
get a certain measure, calling for a
large appropriation, through the bouse.
Action had been delayed as long as
possible, but when the time came a
bright young lawyer opposed the meas
ure, attacking Mr. Hoy t in a most sav
age manner and making many person
al allusions. Mr. Iloyt responded
very briefly, but the attack had been so
fierce as to arouse sympathy, and the
measure was carried. Meeting one of
his colleagues the next day Mr. Hoyt asked what action he was going
to take about the abusive speech.
"V.'liy, nothing, responded Mr. Iloyt.
"Are you , golpg . to stand calm
ly by and be insulted ln.this mannorV"
tlie gentleman asked. "I don't cxnetly
sec what I can do," returned Mr. Iloyt,
with a litt'c more thnti his usual drawl.
"You aeo, I w on, -.hat speech and paid
the rnun Vi w diluvsr it."
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Some Men
Try Advertising
As the Indian tried feathers. lie took one
feather, laid it on a board and slept on it all
night. In the morning he remarked : "White
man say leathers Heap soit; winte man o
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