The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 16, 1896, Image 1

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    VOL. IX.
NO. 47.
One year - .....WOO
(If paid lu advance, (1 M per your.)
Bli mniithH 1
Thnw mornr
iiivlMiHiiilii. m. u0
. state officers.
Geo. W. McRridni Senators
John H. Milnlaell.f '
Rliiaor Hermann Congressman
William P, Lord Governor
II. It. Klncuiil Secretary of State
Will Moisouat Treasurer
i. M. Irwin, rlupt. Public Instruction
H. W. Leeds State, Printer
It. 8 Bean, I , ,
F. A. Moore, :..Sitpreniu JuUk8.
0. U. Wuolvorton.)
Judge,,... J'N' Duncan
Ctark N. Nendliam
Recorder, J. F. Hiirdmnn
Bherin", J. A. MeFcrnn
' Bohool Superintendent,. A. It. Knthorlord
STmuinmr P. . Morris
j!'wssor W. F. Desklns
t (Surveyor K. T.T. Fisher
Vroner B. A. Jayne
JL- ...J JM
' JlECOItliKtt W. M. BROWN
U. K. I'lXiH,
City Council moots n tlit llrst and third
Tuesday evenings of each tuuiith.
Secret Societies.
UNN TEST, N". ?, K. 0. T, M.-Mcot in 0. A.
It. Hall on Thursday vvutiinK of each
Traiwkmt Sir KtiutliM uu iwrdlilUy Invited to
vlalt the rent mmllim.
(1X0, W. KICK, R. K.
HONOlt wrwE, No. as, A. O. U. W.--MeoU
vary ruanlayevenlng at U. A. 11. Hall.
0. W. (IIUI80N, H. W.
A. W. Masks ltoc.
LEBANON L01KIK, NO. , 1,0. 0. F.-Meet
Vf Saturday evening at Odd fellows Hall, at
CO." p A, E. JUVI8, H. a.
PKAkl ItKIIKtVA l'1""15' r"
lhAllI.lthllht.l.A 1. A IUM Aum-
Meets at I. 0. 0. F Hall U. "
day evenings of oacli month. ..,,
LKllANON 1.0H01C No, 41 A. F. & A. M.-Mc-.
Saturday uvenliiK. on or before the full moon In
each nionlll, at Maaoiiie Hull, Cor. Main and
Uraut Ms. HoJuurnliiK brt'thcru oorulally Invited
to attend.
K. E. HahMACK, W. M,
8, o. Wal'uoe. 8oc.
JOHN F. MILLER W. R. C. No. 16,
meeta lxt and 3rd Friday of oacli mouth at
2:80 p. tn. Dolus K. Sambahsii,
Minsk Mknzih, rn'
OKN'L MEMOS CAMP, No. II), DlvWon of Qro
(on, Hons of VeleraaoH-Meet III 0. A. K. Hall.
-rv Saturday evonlug, oicopt the third
' ' of each month, meeting the third Krt
Buturu, Ul ,,,, , , , f Vol-
day ln,(le0fliW8.A.E.are cordially
luviud to meet ti g Q, Cahk. Capt,
Meeuan thelld, 41b aud 6th Frlu " A. R. 'm to
lent Inly Muwheoi are cordially t."1"
HATWt Swam, ldy R. K. Bhaw, Lady Com.
Sam'l M. Garland.
' , ;, UttAMOH. OBSOON. '
VonihArfnrll A IfiVltt. 1
jl uumv a 1
Dr. H. L. Parish,
Office In St. Charle Hotel,
10:0" to 12:00 A. M.
iliM) to 4:00 P. M.
6:30 to 7:80 P. M.
BHtdenot on Brldga Avenue.
1 , 'Jf m-'.9nH'W'fM'''m.-
Almost everybody takes some laxative
medicine to cleanse the system and keep the
blood pure. Those who take SIMMONS
Liver regulator (liquid or powder)
set all the benefits of a mild and pleasant
laxative and tonic that purines the blood
and strengthens the whole system. And
more than this: SIMMONS l lVER REGU
LATOR regulates the Liver, keeps It active
and healthy, and when the Liver is in
good condition you find yourself free from
Malaria, Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
ieadache and Constipation, and rid of
that worn out and debilitated feeling,
These are all caused by a sluggish Liver.
Good digestion and freedom from stomach
troubles will only be had when the liver
Is properly at work. If troubled with any
of these complaints, try SIMMONS LIVER
REGULATOR. The King of Liver Medi
cines) and Better than Pills.
the Z Stamp in red on wrapper.
J, H. Zeiltn Co., PhlUk, l'a.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great muny of our renders Linn
county like to tnke tlic weekly Oregon
Imi. We linvii Hindu nrmngi'Uit'iitd
whwrby no can furninh il nt a reduct
ion from the regplur price to I how who
want bot h the Exi'Kivte and I lie
Oregonliiii. The regular pilce of the
Oregon Inn le tl.&l) par year, and of the
KxPHKKH $1.60 when in ndvnline. We
will furnish both f ir $2. per your in
ndvauce a saving of one dollar to the
eubticrlper. The Oregonluu gives all
I lie general new of the country once a
week, nnd the Kni'HKSS gives nil the
local news once a week, which will
nuke a most excellent nevix service
for Hie moderate sum of tl. per year.
1'hoac w bo are at present autiacriliers
f the f.xntntB must pay in all arrear
ages and one jeaf u advance lo obtain
this special price.
East and South
Southern Pacific Co,
Express trains leave Portland daily:
8:60 p. . I I.v...Pnrtluiiil Ar.
12:1(1 r, m. LT.Alliany ..Ar.
10:46 a. m. I Ar.tiiin FraneieiiLv
A. N
4 :tiO A. M
7 :00 p. M
The above trains "top at East Port
land, Oregon City, Wondkuru, Saleni,
Turner, Marion, Jefferson, Al'iany,
Albany Junction, Tangent, Bhedd,
Hnlsey, Harrlsburg, Juuclloti Oily,
Irving, Eugene, Creswell, Drains nnd
nil Ml, ,ll,,i, a frnlll Kowliurir south lo
and Including Ashland.
Roaclnirg mnil daily:
"8:907 it! l,v,.,PortlaiidAr. I i-AOr. M.
12:26 P. H. Lv.-..Ailiiiy Ar. 1:16 P. M.
6:60 f. M, Ar...R0H'liurg.,I(y.4 8:00 A.M.
Local passenger
trains daily (except
tv... Albany Ar.
Lv... Albany Ar.
Ar...Utiaiu)a .,J.v.
10:40 A. M.
9:40 a.m.
6:46 P. M.
6:50 P. M.
(1:10 A. M.
4:80 P.M.
6;l P.N.
Pining Cars o Of den Route.
Second-Class Sleeping Care At
tached to all Through Trains.
"Wost Hide I1 vlMtoil.
Bmweeii Poti,ai) and Oobvalus.
Mall train-dally (exceptSunday)t
T:86X i.TLv..Portland...Ar. j 6:20 a.m.
12:16 p. M. Ar.Curvallis..liv. I 1:H6p. m.
At Albanv and Corvallia connect with
trains of 0. C. oi K. railroad.
BxpreBa train daily (oxoeiit Sundaylt ;
4:40 p. m.
7:36 P.M.
TvTTPorlltllld ...Ar. ! 8:26a.M.
Ar.McMinnvMcI I 6:60 a.m.
THROUGH TICKETS 1 "1' I'l'l'V!''
Kastcrn States. Can
ada and Europe oan be obtained at loncsl
rates from F. V. Hloltok, agent, Lebanon.
R. KOKHLKtt, Manager.
K. P. ROGERS, Asat, . F. Push. Agt.
' Notice.
All parsons knowing themselves In
debted to me will please call and settle
at once, either by cash or a in'tr, as I
have sold out and wiab te close up wy
kookS, ED KSI.tttNaEBGKR.
Clipped from our Exchanges
Throughout the Wast.
A Lutheran church has been organ
Izeil In The Dalles.
hhei irian county has been furnishing
mules for a Montana coal mining coni'
Newberg's receipts last year were
$::3K8.72, and her disbursements were
The receipts of the Salem postofBce
for the last quarter of Inst year
amounted to $4000.11.
Klamath county warrants are now
selling for R5 cents. Jackson county
warrants are held for 95.
Treasurer Kern, of Umatilla county,
rcoilved from Sheriff Homer Thurs
day $1708, money collected for taxes.
A corresprme'entof the Albany Dero..
ocrat says the people at Brownsville
nrc liegiiining to make gardens and
prepare for summer time.
The schools at Cove, in Union coun
ty, have been closed for an Indefinite
period on account of the prevalence of
acarlet fever In that community,
Rahblt-kllling Is a popular pastime
in Lake county this winter. In one
school district over 1200 were killed by
the neighbors on a recent Sunday.
The Grande Ronde Telephone com
pany has made a proposition to the
business men of Baker City to connect
that city with La Grande by wire.
A freight train, numbering 60 cars,
from Umatilla, arrived In The Dalles
Wednesday evening. The cars con
tained wheat, which was shipped from
near Pendleton.
Hops have lieen selling In Gervais
at Irom 2 ft 4 cents. The Star, of
that place, says it understands J. R.
Broyles, of Fairfield, has reduced bis
yards by 15 acres.
The Pacific Postal Telegraph com
pany's line down the Columbia river
to Astoria has been completed, says
the St. Helen's Mist, and offices have
been established at Ranler and Clat
skanle. The Fossil Journal Bays that letter.
from Rev. Frank Spaulding, formerly
presiding elder of The Dalles district,
but for the last three years a mission
ary in Brazil, Indicate that the mln
Ixbrand his family are lu destitute
The steamer Grey Eagle eijeprised
the inhabitants of Jefferson last week
by making a run up the Santiam river
to that city. This was the first time
the puff of a steamboat had been heard
at Jefferson since 1882, and, of course,
il was a big day for the little city.
Charles Kimball, of Dayville, Is in
trouble. Last Tuesday Constable
Greenwell delivered him to the sheriff,
and Kimball is now In jail at Canyon
City in default of foOO ball on a charge
of the larceny of cat tle, the property
of the Freuch-Gilmati Livestock com
The Mora Observer has cause for
rejoicing. It says: "In H)is wrang
ling about sheriff's coiiveyinj prisoners
to the Salem penitentiary, be It re
membered that Sherman county did
not ship a convict last year, and has
none behind the state's iron gratings
at tile present time."
Some idea of the amountof work the
county judges aud conipilssionerB of
Wasco county will be called upon to
perform duilug the present term can
be gathered from the fact that there
are 640 claims filed against the county,
which tjiejr will have to pass upon,
besides examining the anpual reports
of road supervisors, considering peti
tions for roads, appointing judges and
olerksof elections, etc.
F. H. Duffey, who was brought all
the way from Clinton, Missouri, fo
Pendleton, at an expense to the county
of from WW to IW9, to answer to the
charge of embezulement, h lift) bjs
examlnatbiu and lias been fully exon
eraled. There did not appeal' to be
the slightest shadow of a casctigalnst
him, or anything to show that lie had
committed a crime or misdemeanor of
any sort, says the East Oregonian.
M. Ward was riding the other day
in Glllinm, along Me ejjje of a very
steep bill, which was covered with ice.
His hoi'i,e slipped and its rider jumped
off. The animal slid and fell about 50
yards down the bill, with almost Hie
rapidity of a cannon ball. Fortunately,
lust before striking the rocky bottom
the saddlf-horn paught on a fence post
In such a manner an to break the ftwe,
and the horse wasn't hurt very badly,
The dead body of George Milne, a
young man aged 17 years, who resided
with ills parents on a farm five miles
It-put nf jfjUjeiie, was found In the
Weeds about tbree-o.uat'tei'S of a mlie
from the house at 8 o'clock Thursday
morning of last week, witli a bullet
hole thrntii.'h his heart and a revolver
In bis right baud. The opinion of the
boy's father and of neighbors Is that
the boy took bis own life, though no
cause for suicide is known.
Jackson county Is 17 60 better off
owing to the change of heart of John
A. Williams. In the year 1882 lie pre
sented scalps to I lie county clerk and
received a bounty on them, the clerk
presuming they were coyote scalps.
Of late Vvilliains has joiued the
church, and be appeared before Clerk
N. A. Jacolis, confessed he had re
ceived a bounty on wildcat skins In
lieu of coyote scalps, and turned over
the above amount.
It. C. Giliuore's5-ycnr-old daughter,
who was so badly burned last Satur
day, at Independence, died Sunday
morning. Courtly, her brother, 7
yearn old, is more dangerously burned
lhaq was at first thought, and he, too,
may die. The children, in replei ieh
ng the fire In the furnace, used over a
gallon of coal oil, and, had It not been
for the basement having a cement
floor, the house would have been
burned. Both children were very
bright for tbeir ages, Courtly having
started in last week to beat the drum
in the public school, for the children
to march by.
( Why We Need People.
Dissect a map of the United Stales
aud see what au Interesting study it
affords. Cut the map into states and
many of them it will require, placed
side by side, to cover Oregon. You
would observe that Oregon, with her
96,000 square miles, Is capable of ac
commodating the states of New York,
Mary laud, Massachusetts, New Hamp
shire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Ver
mont, Connecticut and Delaware, with
a population exceeding 15,000,000, and
yet we would have space to Bparel Just
think of It 350,000 people occupying
100,000 Bquare miles! Three people to
the mile!
You can put Maine and Missouri
down In. Oregon and yet not be crowd
ed. The population of tbe former is
TT122iWrand of the latter of the two
first mentioned, 8,000,000.
You can set Iowa down west of the
mountains, and there would yet re
main room in which to accommodate
Kentucky. The population of these
two states exceeds 4,000,000.
Put Indiana, with 2,405,504 people,
down lu the valleys of the western
part of the state. Kticn Illinois, with
her 4,500,000, in Eastern Oregon, and
(here would still be room aud to spare
for Vermout, with a population equal
to that of Oregon supported with her
9505 square miles. '
There is room In Oregon to accom
modate (wo states the slie of New
Cut the state into 1372 pieces of equal
size and each would be large enough
to hold the District of Columbia, with
her 280,000 people.
Oregon would hold ten states the size
of Vermont. This would give a popu
lation of 7,900,000.
Oregon is capable of bedding eighty
Rhode Islands. Aud the population
of Little Rhody Is almost equal lo that
of our own state. Ex,
Kline, Dubrullle 4 Co., sold last fall
and winter, 350 pairs of boots on a
warrant and tbey are proud to say
not pnp pair came back. They carry
the same boots this year and have ou
hand a very large stock. Also all
kinds of shoes. Their children school
slices are the very best. Their ladies
flue shoes are the finest and up to
date ou styles. T'ley are (ho only
exclusive boot and shoe store in Al
bany. Give them a call.
Bakery for sale or trade the Lebar
noli Home bakery and the flxtqres
belonging (hereto, situated in the Klrk
patrick building. One of the finest
brick ovens in the west.
L, $ L. Bi.pjtipoE.
Lebanon, Or,
Insure your property with Peterson
AAudrewB. They are agents for the
Old Reliable, Home Mutual, New
Zealand, Springfield of Massachusetts,
Continental, and other good, reliable
More new carpets and 6ft. and 12ft.
wide Ltniolcuni. Just received by the
Albany Furniture Company. Balti
more Block, Albany, Or.
Ladies and child'rens jaekets of new
est designs at Read, Beaonclj 4 Co,
Miller lias the thirst llm of bibles
ever brought to Lebanon,
If you want to sell property list it
with Peterson 4 Andrews,
' Newtureapw at Head, Peacock Co.
HighestTofalljn Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
1 NV asssssa
In the matter of the raise on the ns
sessment roll of Linn county, for 1895,
made by the state board of equaliza
tion, It was ordered by the court that
the clerk of Linn county let the tax
roll statid as equalized by the county
The county court has fixed t lie tax
levy for Linn county for 1895 at 15
mills. This is distributed as follows:
For state purpose), 4.8 mills; county,
61-6 mills; school, 5 mills; Indigent
soldiers, 1-13 of a mill.
The levy is one mill higher than last
Jiear, but the assessed value of property
Is lower, so the tax to be paid will be
about the same, or even a little less.
The valuation for 1895 is $1,333,515, but
it was raised by the board to $1,744,
502. The couuty, however, will simply
pay the state taxes' on the raised as
sessment and collect county laxes
according to tbe origiual roll. A total
revenue of $108,889 will be the result
of (he levy, whioh is about $20 less
than last year, Tbe state tax will be
$35,733.31. About $40,000 is required
for county purposes. Tbe levy is as
low as could be expected, considering
the raise made by the state board.
It was ordered that Sweet Home
voting precinct be divided and Foster
made a voting precinct,
Tbe polling place of Waterloo pre
cinct was ordered changed to Water
loo. Road supervisors were appointed as
follows, their postotllce address and
tbe number of tbe district lieitig given :
2 L Huber, Jordan,
4 W H Roberts, Hcio.
5 J S Morris, Scio.
6 Win May, Scio.
7 W T Larwood, Larwood,
D E 8 Plummer, Lacomli,
10 J C Saltmarsh, Lebanon.
11 Harry Cooper, Sweet Home.
12 August Asche, Albany.
14. Fred Peebler, Albany,
t5 D D Hackleraan, Albany.
16 G L Grimshaw, Lebanon.
18 W 8 Walker, Albany.
19 J G Weisner, Spicer,
20J.A A Kees, Lebanon,
22 E Oweuby, Tangent.
23 C Stockton, Oakville,
24 S 8 Meyer, bhedd. ,
25 Win Dick, Shec'd.
1 33 F Frisby, Halaey.
34 Berry Cuiuiuings, Halsey.
86 F M Kizer, Rowland.
43 B E Grimes, Harrlsburg.
44 John Grimes, Harrlsburg.
45 J E Clark, Laoomb.
63 James Hunter, Albany.
The following bills were allowed:
Fees state cases $ 79 97
G C Cooley & Co, roads 1 75
B C Carlton, sup 9 00
VV McHargue, roads 7 85
8 Bradshaw, road sup 80 00
0 W Garland, " 60 00
J L Griggs, " 5 00
J I Matlock, 34 00
Win Dick, " 01 00
Albany Iron Works, roads 10 20
J M Waters, roads 8 00
N Needham, office ex 3 10
Harrisburg Lumber Co 38 37
D Nash, roads 1 20
1) F Simmons, roads 11 00
Kuiurel & Trainer, acot bridge 350 00
E W Achison 75
Fees state vs John George 11 75
Fees state vs FoJC aud Pool 01 70
Geo E Fish, C H 2 40
it J Jones, stationery 9 70
Fees state vs Jas Shields 13 65
Drawing jury in dist 6 7 00
Kmman Bros, roads 82 75
W H Chance, roads 7 50
1 B McDowell, jury 3 00
Albany Water Ou 15 00
G V Slaudish, dep sheriff 1100
Win Brenner, dep sheriff 4 00
J A Wilson, dep sheriff 38 00
James Wallace, road sup 80 00
D C Swan, " 17 00
A E Randall, " 44 00
A A Kees, 60 (H)
Frank Kirk, " H Oil
C F Ellye, " 32 01)
R L Hamilton, " 8 00
J M Smith, " Ssi 00
W A Trites, " 54 00
H W Mcllmuiry, " 25 00
J W Grimes, " 26 on
J W Miller, " 79 00
U A Acne, " to (Hi
F M Kizer, " 00
L Overtoil, " e Oil
11 A R UlTav. 11 8--J 00
H Wing, 44 00
I) D Hackleinan, " 52 (10
J G Weisner, " 44 00
W H Thompson, " BH 0!)
E A Evins, " 24 Oil
F Frisby, " -i-
Ubbe Peters, " i oil
ECMcholls, Urn
John Baf.tqn " 48 00
J Shea, " 40 Ik)
McPbersou Pest, aid Pepelln.' 10 i;0
M H Ellis, acct poor 6 90
J W Grimes, roads 1 60
W A Shepherd, roads 0 00
Mary E Davis, aid Caywood f Qfl
E C Nicho'as, roa l stm M 00.
H B McIHvain, aoot uior. 3 86
j A, lioFiron, board pruonerj VI 37
J A McFcron, miscellaneous 17 00
j Hantiain Lumber Co, roads 13 05
10 O i;iiamneas, roads 22 8ij
Work on road near Sliclbtirn 14 so
L Slniltz, roads ' 5 00
Sawyer Ilros, roads f 20
Jas Wcildlo, roads 27 31
S E Yocnian, roads 21 60
Jlrs M Vail, roads 0 is
A It Rutherford, supt , 23 15
0 W Maston, acct Insano 6 00
Fees State vs Lcroy Uporte 12 00
Fees State vs Adrian Uomley is 11)
Fees State vs David Black t:i f,5
P W Spink, roads 16 43
Electric Light (.'0 28 so
O T Lubkcr, Miscellaneous 2 83
J A HoFeron, sherift" iijfl rj5
N Needham, clerk 106 c5
D F Hnrdman, recorder 150 00
J N Duucen, judge 100 00
P G .Morris, treasurer 83 S3
A It Itutberford, supt SO 0t
F M Redfield, dep clerk 83 35
Q E Propst, dep sheriff 56 05.
J Usher, janitor o 00
Q C Caoley, aid poor 0 00
11 White, aid poor s 00
O T Lubker, aid 3 00
Sarah Hincs 3 00
H Oiiock, aid self 6 00
O Watson, aid 5 00
Mr and Mrs Barnard, aid 6 00
Mrs O F Junkey, aid 6 00
Jas Larew, aid 4 c!0
H Meyers, aid 4 00
W L Coon, aid Alberts D 00
Mottie Taylor, aid 10 00
Alma Vail 8 00
Cox family 7 00
Powers family 10 00
(I M trail til, roils goo
M H Wilds, roads 7 60
D M Jones, roads so
Wm Christencr, roads 6 80
H F Archibald, roads 22 05
W T Cochran, roads 5 75
1 C Hardmnn, roads 12 00
W W Marks, roads 2 25
W W Howell, jury 13 so
T Z Drais, bridge work ' 43 GO
Parkei Bros, poor 12 33
O II Eussoll, roads 9 20
Cable & Stanard, acct poor 2 70
Crnme A Davia, roads 7 62
BW Moses, roads 1 00
T J Stites. postage 10 00
CG Washburn, courthouse 76
Irwin Hudson Co, books 13 10
E T T Gisher, surveying, etc 6 20
Albany Furniture Co, acct poor 10 00
Oregon Telephone Co 6 60
Geo Ross, roads 1 20
John Moist, roads c 30
U G Hayne, roads 15 40
Fosbay & Mason, stationery 8 80
Downing Bros, roads 15 70
G M Bilyou, roods 8 45
M C Gill & Son, roads 1 25
S Grimes, road sup , 80 00
J E Clark, road sup 20 00
0 II ltussell, road sup 28 CO
J W Roberts, acct poor 6 30
J D Wood, rood sup 52 00
H F Mcllwain, mdse for poor 8 35
J A McFcrou, board prisnrs&stat'ry 114 47
B F Crow, burying pauper lit 60
Geo ('line, acct roads 6 35
S X Millurd, road sup 35 00
E E Montague, aect roads 4 00
&lut tie Taylor, aid poor 12 85
Jos Saltmarsh, road sup 80 00
Scott Ward jh qi
L M Arcbambeau, road sup 72 00
1 N Smith, acct roads - 2 10
C C Jackson, roa4 sup 44 (lit
0 W Yates, road sup 41; 00
J E Ownby, road sup 60 00
W A King, acct roads , 2 60
C W Watts, printing 13 60
Have you seen the new line of dress
goods at the Racket store. All wool
serges, put up at the factory in dress
patterns. Bright and new goods at re
duced prices. Have also received
many other new goods, such as dress
ilaunels, cnssimeies. A large lot of
outings. Remnnntsof casslmere, boys'
suits, overalls, men's boots nnd shoes,
ladies' shoes, plain and needle toe,
umbrellas, cuding irons, cuttlery, and
spoons, (nioe spoons for 15n and up.)
A new and fine line of corsets, corset
steels, dress stays, ladies hoBe and
men's sooks, jam, cotton-batting,
talile linen nnd towels. These are all
new goods direct from New York, and
sold nt tho lowest possible cash basis.
Advertising is often the missing link
lu what would be otherwise a chain
of success. How is It with you? If
you've a good stock hut haven't got
the business, you are short just that
Chandler carries a complete line of
stoves, tin an granite ware,
If you want to buy property call on
or write Peterson & Andrews,
Buy you tickets East over the N. P
H. R of W, C- Fetersou, Local ugeut