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Larffe Industry That
Sprung Up in Florida.
A Nw City B Baan CrMtd br MM
ti rowing JBtulnCM In the Fanlnauls
Btata-MarkMlna; of th.
The Florida phosphate deposits are
of great Importance, yet their exist
ence was discovered so recently, and
their extent 1b still so uncertain that
few persons not engaged in the sale
ai fertilizing materials have much
knowledge of the large industry which
has sprung up in the peninsular state.
It has practically created a new city,
Ocata, which had a population of but
a few hundred in 1870, but is now a
thriving business center with modern
improvements, banking faculties and
ample railway and transportation fa
cilities. Engineering; the leading en'
K'neering journal, makes the following
'Ntutementa concerning the region,
hieh are of considerable interest as
aiming from an unbiased source:
V; here is no phosphate region in the
1 orld known to-day that possesses so
r.mny advantages for successful min
ing as the Florida deposits. The grade
of material is the highest average that
is being worked anywhere. The facll
I ties for moving the products to points
lor Distribution are good. The aver
t tre distance from mines to ports for
shipment is about 150 miles. The dis
tributing stations for the hard rock
!:stricts are Port Tampa, Fernandina,
: irunawick and Savannah, the largest
.xiniuge being moved from Fcrnan
uina, where storage bins are located
ind loading facilities are good. Port
1 ampa, the terminus of the Plant bvb-
tern of railroads, is constantly adding
facilities for prompt handling of car.
goes of phosphate, and at present very
nearly equals Fernandina in the
amount of its shipments. Itailroads
are numerous and cheaply constructed
when necessary to extend them into
new sections. The machinery needed
to mine and prepare the material is
simple and inexpensive compared with
that generally used in other mining
-enitions, and the cost of a plant
v.-ith sufficient land to work upon is
v.i thin the reach of small investors.
1 lie working days at the mines are
:i Imut 280 during the year. The climate
s healthful, laborers readily obtained
t a fair compensation and skilled uper
' lives are at hand who are becoming
:imlliar with the business. The min
iK camps are generally well regulated,
.:d proprietors and employes can re
nt; at the mines with safety and with
ule inconvenience, as supplies of all
uids can be readily obtained at the
towns located in the near vicinity of
; II the large mining fields. Telegraph
and mail facilities are within easy ac--css
of nearly every mining camp in
lie state. Florida -phosphates are
ostly shipped to European, ports,
fl are manufactured into fertilizers
;:i Kugland, Ireland, Germany France,
nnd quite recently shipments have
been made to the Sandwich islands.
Foreign agents of consumers and
dealers in phosphates have their oflices
near the center of production, and
contracts for delivery and prices are
commonly fixed at points of shipment,
the material being Bold at a price per
unit of its contents of phosphate of
lime. The Florida phosplintes are all
used in the manufacture of commercial
fertilizers and superphosphate." Boa
ton Transcript.
An IrUlioian'a Brilliant Idas.
Some Irishmen ore naturally stupid,
ut their mistakes at times are so hu
urous as to provoke a laugh, which
.tkes one forget the more serious part
the error, ltecently a son of Ireland
nt out rowing on the lake at a fu
: i )us summer resort A stiff northwest
. wild came up, and, not being skillful
with the oars, in a short time his boat
shipped considerable water. A brilliant
idea then seized him, and, taking the
butt end of the oar, he battered away at
tae planks in the bottom of the boat,
finally knocking a hole in them. For
tunately for him a steam launch with
a pleasure party aboard came along and
rescued him as his boat sank. Upon be
ing asked why on earth he drove a hole
through the boat he replied: "An1
phwat else would yez do? Sure thi-
boat was half full of water, an' no I
knocked a hole in the bottom to let it
out; but, yez see, there was so muili
more water in the lake that the link-
bit of a stream in my boat had uo
chance to get out. Harper's Bound
One Way of Finding a Scotaman.
It is related of a successful Glasgow
Merchant that, sight seeing in Paris
once, he lost his way. For a considera
ble time he wandered about trying to
fret bock to his hotel. The hours went
l.y. He never could speak French, and
Ins Glasgow English only brought a
mille and a shake of the head. "Oh for
a body wi' a guid Scotch tongue in his
urail!" he sighed. Then came a happy
i hought. By signs he bought a basket,
HicoMure and berries of n trim French
woman, and, shouldering his stock,
went along the street shouting: "Fine
grosscts, a bawbee the pine; fine gros
Mts, a bawbee the pine." The crowd
laughed at the mad Uriton, but the fa-
miliar cry soon brought some Scotsm'
on the scene, nnd the merchant v.i
able to retire from business nnd ir,o!
his pipe in the bosom of his family,
thankful that he hud found real Scots
men in his hour of need. Tit-Bits.
"Tlary say that Cholly has lost his
mind," "Is that so? Does hu know
it ?" Boston Courier.
"Ho said 1 was his life's sunshine."
"I gurss you will find that all moon
shiue." lltwtoii Courier.
Prisoner "WlmU that man hi go
ing to defend me? Why, he couldn't
bring mi innocent person through!"
riiVgciHle llhietter.
"Toll me, guide, why so few people
iis-cud that magnificent mountain."
"Because no him evor fallen oft it."
Plicgende Ulaettcr.
-"Well met, colonel!" "I'm not a
colonel, sir!" "Pardon mo! 1 was un
der the impression you had been in
(k-orgia six weeks ' "Atlanta Constitu-lion.
Her Choice. "What kind of a tie do
you admire most?" ho asked as he made
Ins regular cull. "The marriage tie,'
she auawcred truthfully, and without
hesitation. Detroit Free Press.
Hoax "lou worked your way
through college, didn't you?" Joax
"Right." Hoax "What did you work
at?" Joax'The other students prin
cipally, Philadelphia IteomL
SlobbB "Jenkins told me Miss
Benconstreet was an old flame of
yours." Blobbs "An old flame? Im
possible!" "Why impossible?" "She's
from Boston." Philadelphia Itecord.
A "When I see you I alwayslhink
of the proverb: To whom (lod gives an
oflice, to him he gives understanding."
B-"Hut 1 have no office!" A "Well,
don't you see how that flta?" Flie
gende Blaetter.
Mr. Spinks-'-Well, Willie, has your
sister mode up her mind to go to the
concert with me?" Willie "Yep.
She's made up her mind and she's mak
in' up her face now. She'll be down in
n minute." Great Divide.
M iss Kostique "Do you know when
1 see yon looking so happy it reminds
me of what a great poet once said."
Cholly Sophead "Indeed! Pway, what
was it?" Miss K. "Where ignorance
is bliss." Philadelphia Record.
ne "1 have never loved but once
in all my life." She "What?" H-J
fact, 1 assure you. It Iiob somehow
always happened that I never was quite
free from the one girl by the time the
next one came along." Indianapolis
Confident of It Lady of the House
-"I should think you would beafraid to
come around in the back yard. I no
tice you didn't do it last week on ac
count o( our bigilog." Tramp "No'm.
lint 1 knew that dog wasn't here anv
more." Lady of the House "How do
you know it?" Tramp "I let him
have that piece of pie you gave me."
Detroit Free Press.
A Great Blessing
My wlto and I have found In ITood'a
BaraaparlUa. She had rhaumatlam very
severely, with
snklai and legs
badly srfOllcn,aud
hardly able to got
up and down
stairs without
help. Many other
remedies failed,
but Hood s Sana
parllla entirely
cured har. Itwai
t: only shortly after
';-) that I nai tolioa
with the same
complaint, affect
ing ray limbs and
hips, so I Jut triad the same medicine
with the same result. My wile and ohll
dren take Hood's BaraaparlUa whonevar
thay feel tha need of a mad 1dm and It im
audiaUly makes them ImI hatter.
Hood's Sarsaparilia
Bavas m doctor's Nils. I am an eiiztnwr,
and wall known In thie locality." (J. W.
vVtatt, White Bead Hill, Indian Tar.
1 6 U
' 4
Hood's Pilla WTto ewrtotaka,
. aojy in
' ttuy in sliocL 'lit.
Bread Makers,
Attention! . .
If you want
Jlutu'nc ( A- lr'
An arrrrtle Tjaxsttvo and Nnrra Totno.
Sold by DrurorWa or sent by mall. Bite, Ma,
and $1.00 por paolmge. baronies free.
Vt Wft Wo ItaTOrlto MOTH TOn
For sule ly iN. W, (Smith,
.A Bis: White 'Loaf
Save the Wina.
In Toltio a confirmed tippler, having
occasion to send his scrrunt, u country
trirl to buy some snkc. Ki.k'.i is a native
'ilk, said, placing the cmply bottle in
i t hands: "Now be very enrefnl and
i-e thnt you don't fall in coming back.
I f you fall, you know, you will be mire, ' pulled the revolver from his pocketand
ne way or nnoiuer, to spin the wine. laid it down before the magistrate, It
'f course, if you lire obliged to fall, I was nothing but cologne atomizer
impose you musti but In that case put fashioned In th sbapa of a revolvar,
i IS VIE i?,Vlf '1'"" 00 1" W wMwrf-n writ).
(I'M Uliefl fhl!,'i-Jlrnf, , 1 fcaartpwrtar,',-b,nlUriuH,
How a Sharp Urn turner Hot the Bast of a
Mexican Bandit.
"From some of the reports circulated
in thoenst," said (lerman P. Tetuew.of
Galveston, Tex., the other night, "one
is led to believe that the western, par
ticularly the far southwestern, citizen
is a pretty bad man, whose chief amuse
ment and means of gaining a livelihood
consist of highway robbery. But I
think the finest piece of 'holding up' I
ever heard of was accomplished by a
young New Yorker who traveled in our
state and Mexico for a druggists' fancy
articles manufactory.
traveling in the state of Coahuilo, Mex
ico, about two years ago and went one
night to Saltillo, the capital of the slate.
It was the first time he had been in the
town, and, after transacting a little
business, be started out to see the
sights. As he entered an isolated street
he was suddenly confronted by a brig-
amlish-looking fellow, who, In glib
mongrel Spanish, demanded his valu
ables, with accompanying gestures that
made his meaning perfectly intelligible
to the intended victim. The highway
man held in one hand a long, siuister
looking knife and waved it about in a
suggestive manner which implied the
necessity of ready compliance with his
wisnes or a tragic result,
"But the salesman was a man of quick
wit and ready resources. Instead of
handing over his property he thrust his
hand into his pocket, and a moment
luter the cold, shiny barrel of what
seemed to be a revolver was pointed at
me woitia-ne robber's head,
" 'Excuse me,' said the young man,
'but this is my game.'
"Naturally, the surprise caused by
the unexpected production of the sup
posed revolver produced a change in
ine confident manner in which the rob
ber bad confronted the New Yorker,
and he started back, Instantly the
salesman knocked the knife from his
hand, stooped down, picked It up, took
ine nignwayman by the collar before he
could escape and marched him before
the police authorities. At the prelim
inary trial of the would-be robber the
following morning the guilt of the pris
oner was already established, and hie
commitment was about to follow when
be asked if It were not an offense for
strangers in the country to carry con
cealed weapons. He was told that it
was. Then he demanded the arrest of
the young salesman, charging him with
carrying a revolver, The native Jus
tice asked the salesman if the charge
was true. This was admitted. He was
then asked if he still hod the weapon
concealed on his person. The young
man said he had, but pleaded that its
possession had the night before pre
vented a robbery and possibly murder.'
He was informed that such a circum
stance did not alter the cose and that he
had violated the law.
"The prisoner smiled sardonically on
beholding the tight place into which
the authorities were seemingly draw
ing the New Yorker, but his mirth
turned to disgust when the young man
...Lebanon Flour
Every Sack Guaranteed
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ing grocers of the city.
ali lor it
Pretty Girl
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the Best.
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Have him fitted at the
Thourough preperation for
all collegiate courses.
Certificates admit to the
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Winter term opens Sent 23.
Tuition $6.50 and $10.00 per
term. Send for catalogue.
S. A. HANDLE, A. M.,
Pleasant to take by old or
young, iso griping.
Tlie root of the Liverino
plant is extensively used in
Norway for the euro of Piles.
Sold by all first class drug
Wholesale Manufactures.
Anchor S Chemical Co.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Notice ol'AdmlnlHtrutlon.
Notice is hereby iven, that, by order o
tliecounly courtof Linn coiinty,OrKoii,tljc
undersigned has been duly appointed and
now is the duly qualitied and acting ad
ministrator or the estate of Nancy Marks,
deceased. All parties having cliiims
against said estate are hereby required to
present the same, ro)erly verified, witbii
six months from tlie 12tii day of July 1895,
the dote of tue first publication hereof, to
tlie undersigned at the ollice of Kuin'l M
Garland, Lebanon, Oregon,
Jons H. Mann,
Sam'i M.Gari.a.-su, Administrator.
Atty. for Ailnir. . listntc of
Nancy Marks, deceased.
Best Shaven, Hair Cut 01 Shampoo nt
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
Oregon Central Eastern R. R. Co.
Connect at Yaquina Buy with the
Ban Francisco aud Ynquiim Bay Steam
ship Company
Steamship "Farallon
A 1 and fimtcluss in every respect,
Sails from Yaijuinii fin Bun Franelsco
iihout every 8 duy.
PiuwngHr ueciiinim fh,ti,,i,. tinxi.i.
pHKM'd, Hlmrt'-m r..;-ti- ! i- n .
Willamette Valley mi I 'ulif. ruin.
Fare from Allimiy or imiiiia ! h
Han Frniiciw'n:
Cabin f t2 dl
Steerage 8 00
Cabin,roundtrip,C0ds. 18 01
Jor sailing daynapply to
H. L. WALOi!X, Airent, .
Edwin Stone, Ma'ger., Albany,
Corvallls, Oregon,'
CiJAS. Clark. Supt.,
Albany Steam Laundry
-A-lbany, Oregon
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Monoy
J. F. HYDE, Agent,
I ..'Ininoii, . . uon..
Mwte American
i v est i
on a crowded street wouldn't excite a lithe
of tlie interest among the poople that an adver
tisement in The Lhhanon Exi'ituss would,
See. what we have to nay
Here .about Job Printing.
1 En ve your Stationery and
Your Hand-Bills in fact, all your
.Tol Printing done here. All
I'riiithiy; will be on good material and
lone in a Workmanlike manner
very reasonable prims.
' miiw department of our
Olliee is equipped for neat work.
1 one
The Iebmioii ISxpreaisi.
I have a LARGE STOCK" (.nuiTr-i.' r,,-
Yard, in the suburbs ot Lebanon, For Sale at Reasonable
Kates. All kind of
despatch. D. W. HARTIPW
Albany Furniture Co.
BALTIMORE BLOCK, Albany, Oregon.
Furniture, Carpels, Linoleums, matting, otc. '
Pictures and Picture molding.
Uiideitaing a Specialty.
i G I
jTs rt&omk
Jnff of Bicycles.
TPftn. u.nve
MIJM.N CO 841 UmuuivAY. Nllw Vobk.
OMf!.it bureau for wcurliif,' pak'ntH In Amorlco.
Kvury liau-nl. taltunuut liy UHla l,rouilit Uloru
tlie yiiUlo by u uotlufi ifivtiu f rw of ciiargq iu uia
LRnrut diwilntlon of anr oientWoDapei'lntlni
Four Modela-Sft tmA ftinr
Monarch Cycle Cn
KflrHntif Burl HfnlM AMI. . k r .
www. j uiiu innitl VllllWI-M
t-SJro-Ji!8'' CH'CAao, ILU