The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 06, 1895, Image 1

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    VOL. IX.
NO. 28.
: me yeat.i .v.... ,..,..,....,...I2 00
(r paid in ndvaiiiia.Sl itusc-ryot;.)
mi ruhhIh.. ''
riiwo months,,..,.......,,....... (....... Jjo
4iaj(U) copies.,...,. ....., 'Oo
"'V;f.'; statu 0PPM:it;
' yu.Rr'- ,.....1.8nators
Jnlm H. Mllrsliell.t ' " J ; i ..
Iliruter HiiiBiiiiV..:i.;.,'.riU.S09nipwiii
William P. Lord i..,....(ovrnor
, -M K. Ki'n-ot.l...:. a Secretary of State,1ii-"liiin,...i,...; irnwMiwr
ij. I, ilrwli .'..rlitpt. Public Instruction
H. W.' Leeds;,.,.,...-.,.,;..., .State Printer
F, A. Moore, ., Supreme JuiIros.
.C.-B,-ffwlvnuii.l '
.. v ''iui:N'rViFFIUKitS. f ,
Judge,. J. N, Duncan
(Jlei'k, ......... N. Noedham
Recorder D.'F. Hordinan
Shcrlir,,... .1. A. McFcron
School Nirpiiriiiondont,...,..A. It. ItiitliorfoM
Treasurer P. ' Morris
S Assessor .' W. F. Dnukins
'.Surveyor E. T. T. Fisher
Coroner K, A. Jayue
'',, i John Pusb
Goiiiitiianliiiivrit, j jg Mi Waters
ritEArtl'IlKR J.F.HYDE.
8. H. MYIiltB.
ti. W.HlCli,
City Council moots an the Unit and tliird
Tuesday evenings nl'uaoli mouth.
Secret Sooletle.
LINN TUNT, So. 1, K. 0. T, M.-MoeU ID U. A.
U. Hull oil TIlilMiay evening at each week.
Tnwiwnl Hlr Knudits ore annually luvllod to
visit tlio rent meeting.
J. A. UWWBMtt, Com,
liBi.W. RliT.H K.
llONOH IWKiK. No. 8. A. 0. U. W.-Moel
very Tuesday evening at 0. A, ll. llaU.
A. W. Maiikh tied.
LEBANON UllKJE, NO. 4', 1,0. O.F.-Mects
very Saturday evening at Odd KctlovniHall, st
1,1'clackp.m. A. E. DAVIB, N. Q.
W. C. I'ETEUHON, Bcot'y.
PKAttUlKUKWA UUKiE, NO. 47. 1. 0. 0. F.
Mectsal I. 0. 0. F Hull lint and W Wednes
day evonllil( of will month.
S.YItAlt BAl.TMAItBU, K. 0.
HATl'IB A.CRtlSON.Rool'y.
LEBANON LOWIE No, 44 A. t. 4 A. M.-MceUi
Hlunlayeveiiuis. on or before the fall moon In
Mih month, at MMonki Hall, Cor. Main anil
Grant w. Bnjmiri.tng brothom corulally invlteo
toattoiid. , '
U. 0. Wal aue. Sue.
"Trin"n'Tlill,l,liR W, K. 0. No. 16,
jueotn ll and 3rd Fridays of onoh month at
2:30 p. m.
DoU.tK K. 8l,TUBlllt,
UltN'L MI'.IWIB ('AMI', No. HI, Blvllon of Ore
,on, Sum of Vuternan-MMt 111 0. A. K. Hall,
H,,tiii'inv oviiuIiib. MTOPt tlio third
Ditllnlay of uach month, luootlim the tliird Krl
....J i.i,,.d All brothers of the Bonn of Vol
ram and fomrodoof the G. A. B. are cordially
Invited to meet with the Utmp.
. .. s n E. a. Ca. Cant
A. TlBRt.v.'l'luilSl'Sl,
mm M. WEST HIVE, NO. 1, L. 0. T, H.,
Meeuion Ihcid, 4th and Bin Friday avonlnii of
each uiontli at 7:i p. . at u. A. it. nan. i
lout iJidy Macnnlicoii are cordially Invited to
llATOB BwaN, Ijuly R. K.
Pouui WU. ii'dy Com,
Sam'i. M. Garland.
Weatberford & Wyatt,
Dr. H. L. Parish,
Office iu Ht. Charles Hotel,
10:00 to 12:00 A.M.
2:00lo 4:00 P, M.
I 6:30 to TlHO r. n,
I HeHlrtoutw on Bridge Avenue,
jillnXOH. " "lUi
( iiijiiiiiiii iiii iiiii'ii
i ton iwTl i mCTiiTTi i fltll Ttiir
'ilteuder. did Ton ever take BnmrjNi
Liver Kboktlatos, the "Kino of
Liver Medioikhh?" Everybody need
take a liver remedy. It It a sluggish or
diseaaed liver that impairs digestion
and naustw oonstififttion, when the watte
that nhould be carried off remaint in
the body and poitont th whole ayitem.
That dull, heavy feeling it due to a
torpid liver. Bniounesa, Headache,
Malaria and Indigestion art all liver
disease. Keep the liver active by an
oeoasional dote of Simmons Liver Reg
ulator and you'll get rid of these trou
bles, and give tone to the whole sys
tem. For a laxative Simmons liver
Regulator is better, than Pfu. It
does not gripe, nor weaken, but greatly
refreshes and strengthens.
livery nackaire has the Bed Z
stamp on the wrapper. J. U.
Zellin & Co., FhUuUefphia.
. A Clubbing Offer.
A great many'of our readers Lluu
county like to take the weekly Oregon-
lun, We have made arrangements
whereby we can furnish it at a reduct
ion from tlie regular price to those who
want both the Exi'KKBn and the
Oregniilan. , The regular price of the
Orcgidiiaii is $1.6(1 per year, and of the
Exi'liKHs $1.50 when in advance. We
will furnish both f r $2. per year in
advance a enving of one dollar to the
sulwc. Ipor. Tlie Oregonluu gives all
lite geuurul hews of the country once a
wiek, und tlie Kxprkba gives all the
liieul ni -ws ontw a week, wbidi will
nuike a most excelleut news service
for the moderate sum of 12. per year.
Tli'ise who are at prewut sutmcribers
,f ilie Kxphehb uiust pay in all arrear
ages and one year in advance to obtaiu
this speelal price.
East and South
. OF THE :
Southern Pacific Co,
Express truliia leave Fori land daily:
11:30 I'. M. . I,v....I'(irtluud Ar. i 8:10 A. M
12:10 P. . l.v...All,ii,y., ..Ar. 4 :.r0 A. l
10:lfi A. M. i Ar.Hiiti l-'rnVciM-o l.v ! 0:liOj. H
'1'iie niiove tral' a Htnp tit K-imI Fort
Initil, Ontiiii City, Voiirl.iUi'U, Bulem,
Turner, nlurliui, JifliMsun, AHwiiy,
Ali'iiny .lunctlitn, TuhkomI, Hhedd,
linUey, lliiiilliui'K, .lu'ni'lliin City,
Irving, Kutreiie, (!i'enwell. Drtiinx and
alt Ktiitliins from Koseliuig anulli to
and including Aslilund.
lioHidmrp mall daily:
A. .v "ri'ortland ...Ar.' I iMtTi.
12:25 p. M. Lv...All,any Ar. 1:13 p. M.
6:60 P. . I Ar...Koseburn..I.v. 8:00 a.m.
Local pasaengor trains daily (except
8:211 A. V.
0:1(1 A. M.
4:W P. M.
6:20 P. H.
Lv... Albany Ar.
Ar... Lebanon ...Lv.
10:40 a.m.
9:40 A. M.
41:46 P. M.
6:60 P. M.
Dining Cars on Og&en Route.
Pullman Biiffht Sleepers
-AND- ,
Second-Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains.
West Hide lMvlBlon.
Mall train daily (except Sunday):
7:80 T.'itTi Lv.Portland "...Air. I 6:20 a. .
12:15 P. x. A.rf..Uirvullis. .l.v. 1:86 r. M.
At Albanv and Oorvallis connect with
trains of 0. C. E. railroad.
ICxprets traiii-,duily (except Sunday):
4:40 P. M.
7:S6p. m.
Lv. .. Portland ...Ar. 8:25 a.m.
Ar.McMinnvillcLv 6:60 a. u,
ada and Europe can be obtained at lowest
rates from F, U. Hickok, agent, Lebanon.
It. KOEHLEK, Manager.
E. P. ROGERS. Asat. 0. F. A Pass. Ant.
, All persons knowing themselves In
debted to me will please call and settle
at onoe, either by cash or a note, nt I
have told nut and with t close tip my
books, EC RHU1WHW4U.
Resignation of Dra. W. A, Cusick
and Clara Davidson ai '
Physicians at the
Asylum. '"
SALEM, Aug. Bl.-There Is at least
a probability that the project to con
nect Balem and Portland by an elec
tric railway will be revived with the
dawn of better times. The scheme
Was well under way three years ago-
just at the time to lie thwarted by the
financial crisis. F. X. Derby, superin
tendent of the capltol railway, has
been asturjed of capital by an eastern
firm to build and equip the , Hue.
There is ample wstrr-power for the
generation of elect rlcty between the
two points, and Mr. Derby estimates
that 1760,000 will put the line In oper
ation. His plan was to purchase a
strip of lsd one half mile wide along
the route and divide it Into small
tracts fur sale. - The route, as oouleui
plated by the projectors, was eaat of
Oregon City, but Mr. Derby thinks It
not altogether Impracticable to go be
tween the liver and tiluft at that poiut
without crossing the former. As an
Investment, Mr, Derby Is positive that
an electric Hue connecting Salem and
Portland would pay. With AO.fXO peo
ple at one end of the line, and 15,000 at
the other, to draw from, and tlie lu
tevening tributaries, passengers, be
thinks, could be carried from Salem to
Portland or Portland to Salem for 60
cent" at a profit to the road. It Is not
at all improbable that this enterprise
will be agsln taken Tip aird pushed to
completion lu tb near future.
The resignation of Dr.W. A. Cusick,
visiting physicieu, and Dr. Clara
Davidson, lady physician of the asy
lum, will be considered at the meet
ing of the board next Tuesday. In bis
resignation Dr. Cusick generously of
fered bis service gratuitously hereaf
ter, In requesting ber release Dr.
Davidson shows diplomacy by asking
for an increase of wages. Speaking
of the resignations, Dr. Paine said it
was purely a matter of economy. The
salaries of the two amount to $1600 a
year. A stenographer will be employ
ed Instead, said the superintendent,
who will take all the clerical work of
tlie physicians, and a weekly clinic
will be established. All cases not de
manding Immediate attention will be
deferred until clinic day, Another in
novation is said to be in contempla
tion whioli Is the Introduction of
trained nurses.
The Michigan Mines.
I8HPEMING, Mich., Aug.-8Lr-Learnlng
that the striking miners had
given forcible opposition to the depu
ties who have been ebosen to guard
the steam shovelers, who are coming
from the outside points, It was today
decided by the local authorities to call
for trooHi. Seven companies of the
state mlll'la have been ordered out,
and are moving toward bpbenilng lb'
night. The news is gladly received by
the merchants and many working-
men who have been out of employ
ment for seven weeks, and who have
not the courage to oppose the strikers.
Four cars ofsbovelmen arrived today
by special train, and are quartered at
the Lake Augeliue, Lake Superior and
Cleveland mines. The shovels will be
started Monday.
A loss of over $500,000 has been
caused thus far by the strike.
There was a large meeting of strikers
in tills city today, und much excite
ment was shown, due to the news that
the shovels would be started Mouday.
Labor Day.
federal offices will all be closed od la
bor day, The heads of departments
were uncertain for a time, but each
finally Issued an order to close his
office Monday. Duty-paid vessels will
be allowed to discharge as usual. The
day will not be observed as
state holiday.
Mrs. T. 8. Hawkins. Chattanooga
Tenn. says, "Shlloh's Vttaliter
'HAVED MY LIFE.' I oouslder it the
beet remedy for a debilitated system I
ever used." For Dj s epsla. Liver or
Kidney trouole It excels, rrtoe touis
Hold by N. W, Smith.
. If yes desire to purchaM property at
I mw m w "'
. The Women'of Utah.
SALT LAKE, Utah, Aug. 31. -The
supreme court lias decided that wo
men cannot vote at the coining elec
tion in November. The cnievaine up
on appeal in the suit of Sarah E. And
erson agalntt Charles Tyree,- register
officer at Ogileu, Involving the ques
tion of wennu voting,
i Chief Justice Men lit rendered th
decision May. He snld that Judge
Bartch and himself had arrived at
conclusion. Judge jCiug dissented
on the subject. Mrs. Anderaon had
asked that her name be placed on tlie
reglstrer roll. Judge Merritt said the
Edmonds-Tucker law bad not been re
pealed and would remain effective un
til statehood was achieved. Section t
of tlie enabling act had extended the
franchise among males, but bad not
referred to females. To allow ftuiak s
to vote wojhi be in conflict with the
act and was forbidden. There had
been stress laid upon the fourth sec
tion of the enabling act, where the
"qualified voters of the pre-posed-state"
were authorized to vote. In bis; view
these qualified voters were those qual-'
Ified under existing laws and the en
abling act. There has been no inten
tion on the part of the constitutional
convention to allow woiueu to vote at
the first election In November .next,
but to allow them to vote thereafter.
This was clearly shown in section 11,
of the schedule of the constitution.
Twelve Men at Last. '
tedious work of completing a Jury to
try Theodore Durrani for the murder
of Bland) Larnont was ended .today
by the acceptance of Smauel E. Dut
ton, a wholesale stationer, as the twel
fth juror. - After the information bad
been read, both sides joined in 'a re
quest for for an adjournment,-Until
Monday, promising that there should
be no further delays until the comple
tion of the case. The court after soma
hesitatlen, grunted the request fr ad.
journmedt, giving notice to council
that h fwild probably hold court on
Saturdays uutll the tettiujony in the
ease Is all In. . . :
Monday the case will be opened by
District Attorney Barnes. Bis address
Is expected to cover the entire case,
and to marshal all the ntaterial points
of the prosecution. He had at first in
tended to ask that two extra Jurymen
be selected as a reserve, but this idea
was abandoned. The difficulty ex
perieuoed In obtaining twelve jurors
and the uncertainty of the constltu.
tlonalityof the law passed at the last
legislature permitting a Jury of four
teen in crimiual cases satisfied (be
district attorney to proceed with the
talesmen already secured.
A New Star For the Flag
er star, the forty-fifth, will be added
to the flag. Tlie new star will repre
sent Utah, and tlie order for lis add!
lion to the national colors was issued
ly Secretary Lament. The star will
be placed to the right of the fourth
row from tlie top.
The order for the aditional star is ac
companied liy one changing the size of
(lie volort. Heretofore the tlnudard
has been six feel by live. Tlie new
order makes I he regulation site five
feet six inches hy four teet four Inches.
The order provides for new colors to
be Issued to all Infantry, artillery and
battalions of engineers, and also for
new standards fur all cavalry. The
new flags will lu vory handsome.
They are to lie made of the finest
American tilk, and their cost will be
considerable. '
Utah will not attain statehood until
July 4, next, but all the Bugs hereafter
contracted for and issued will contain a
star heralding th admission of that
territory into the Union of States.
Badly Bruised.
BOSEBURG, Aug. SO.-A party,
consisting of S C. Flint rnd wife,
Thomas Hlukle, Mltw a Jennie Buick
and Marie Wissiug, left Koschiug this
morning fur Tioptt, tuemy-llve miles
east of here. When within Ave miles
of their destl' atlon uml at Icne Rock
feiry, on a heavy grad1.', the neckyoke
of tlie hack luoke, frightening the
horses. In running down grade the
back struck a large tree, throwing all
out in a hea. The ladies received
lome bruises, and Hiukl was badly
bruised about the bead. Flint was
badly injured ala'Ut the legs, and
when the luivaeuger left was unable
to epeuk. Mrduul uiteiidance left
this evening.
SHILOH'S CUBE, the great Cough
and Croup Cure, Is in great demand,
FookeUlat contains twenty-five only
goo. Children love It, Sold by Vt. W
Bruithi ' . ' ' ,,
' i)UtVi6iterU)ittia.
1 -v. 1, ,t
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
s -4aV'
m&immx pure
He Cried Wolf too Often. j
NORTH YAKIMA, Aug. 31. -Today,
while a party of boys were bath
ing iu the Yakima river, one of them,
Chester Roseufeldt, cried nut he Was
drowning. He had on several occa
sions, made this claim in sport, mid no
attention was paid to It until he wenl
under for the tliird tisne. Then his
companions went to his rescue, but It
was ten minutes before he could be
gotten out. His body was still warm,
but efforts at reeusciatinn proved futile
The deceased was the son ot J. W.
Rusenfeldt, a well-known merchant 01
this city, and formerly of Portland.
Rea I is a Free Man.
SALEM, Aug. 30. The Rev. J. C.
Read received his discharge from the
insane asylum today, and returned to
Oregon City, where he expects to re
main a short time. It is his intention
to go to California soon.
Congressman Clark on Yaquina.
Congressman C. W. Clark, of Mis
souri, who recently returned from a
week's stay at Yaquina, has been
down to Astoria. In an interview he
said, among other things: - 1
"I am on a visit to the Pacific coast
for strictly business reasons, as I be
lieve that I cannot fill the time before
congress meets better than by thorough
ly posting myself not only on the gen
eral condition of things in the West,
but also on special matters m which
thecenteral government is concerned.
At Yaquina Bay, where I have been
staying for the past week, I
thoroughly inspected the govern
ment works, and was shown great
kindness by Captain Synionav It is
a pity to haye the fact thurst on one'
notice tbat in the building of alt these
great national undertakings, there are
glaring faults, not In tlie matter of ac
tual construction, but in tlie methods
employed. The work at Yaquina Bay
lias taken thirteen years to complete
to it present stage, when three years
would have been ample time. There
have been three stoppages with a
break of years between each, mid the
whole thing shows plainly on its sur
face the result of such a patchwork
policy. I believe and Intend to advo
cate with all my strength in the gov
ernment running its business just in
the same manner as any level headed
private citizen would look nf:cr his
own interests. Why should under
takings of this character he built by
sections, and fits and starts. Why
cannot tlie national government de
cide what work is necessary, appropri
ate a sufficient amount of money to
take it to a completion, und then lose
no time in tluihlng it up? The day I
left Yaquina the superintendent in
charge was busy dismantling und
housing ull the machinery for the fa1!
and winter months, spending valu
able time and government money In
doing something that should have
lieen wholly unnecessary.
Tillamook Fisherman,
The flsheruteu of Tillamook nre or
ganised and ask twenty cents apiece
for silver sides and fifty cents apiece
for Chinook salmon, says the Head
light. About fifteen fishermen have
been brought In from the Columbia,
and it is thought there will be trouble
if they atteuip to fish at tlie old price
fifteen and thirty cents. The can
uerymen claim that fish were so plen
tiful this year on the Columbia and
that prices are so low that It Is impos
sible to accede to the demands of the
flsln mien. Tlie fishermen claim that
'over $1 per fish is paid on the Colum
bia; that the prices asked are very low,
and that they can make more by uot
fishing, or sending what few they do
catch across the mountains for the
valley trade. They say the cannery
leaves no money here, and that
those who do fish come out about
even at the end of the sea
son, and that it Is JuBt as well to let
the fish rest and breed for a year. The
fishermen are determined, and it Is ru
mored there will be Iniuhlo if anj.
body tries to fish at the low prices. On
the other hand, the proprietors of tlie
cannery say they ll have no trouble,
but will pull up t takes and abandon
fitblng tblt year If there Is any strike.
. Buy you tickets East over the N..P,
Telling Soil.
"Four Calcutta ks of dirt lying on
the college farm, Buys the Corvullis
Gazette, attract the atlentltn of I ho
pedestrian who goes out to the O. A.
C. building. Each tack contains a
sample of soil, one hundred pounds in
weight, aud is to be shipped buck to
Ihe Department of Agriculture nt
Washington, there to be experimenti d
with In order to ascertain what ele
ments it comprises, and for what pur
poses it is best adapted. The soil ia
taken out of the ground In layers two
inches In thicki ess, tlie Hist one coin
ing from Ihe top of the ground. Tlie
next layer Is t' ken out at a depth of
eight inches, the next one at two, and
tbe fourth at four feet of depth. The
accumulation and the shipment of the
samples of soil Is under direction of
Prof. Bhaw, chemist at the experimct
station, and the samples are being
gatherered from all parts of the farm,
and are to represent all Ihe various
kinds of sou found within the farm's
borders. Tbe sacks seen on the cam
pus were taken from the old farm, and
are specimens of Oregon's well known
'white land." They will be started
on the journey east in a day or two.
Railroad Hogs.
The Rnsebnrg Review is sorry to
chronicle the news that the recent
shipment of green plums, to the east
ern markets through Ihe Oregon Fruit
Union have proven financially unsuc
cessful. The fruit sold from sixty-five
to eighty-four cents a box, certainly a
good price, and shippers expected fair
profits but was disappointed when
their checks arrived. It seems that it
was represented tn the fruit growers
here that tbe freight would be one and
a quarter cents a pound, but when the
returns from the shipments came, it
figured up two cents or more, leaving
growers little or nothing. Judge Rid
dle shipped 2400 pounds of plums and
received a check for $74, having paid
$75 for picking aud placing tlie fruit
aboard the cars. He was out his plums
$1 In money and the hoard of the
pickers. Mr, Godfrey's plums sold fit
the rate of $2.25 cents a bushel and the
railroad let him have 6 cents of it,
keeping the $2.20.
Sold at Sheriff's Sale.
Sheriff McFeron sold at sheriff's sit!o
Saturday five pieces of laud for cluinw
aggregating $13,684.42. The plai'itlll
was purchaser In each case and tin
sales were as follows:
The German Savings aud Loan So
ciety, U. 8., plaintiff The Portland
Construction company, 609 acres, toll
Emma F. Hopkins vs. Ella M. Mer
rill et al.; house aud lutlu Albany soi l
for $1300. : "
John C. Roe vs. Vina C. Simmons
et al ; two lots in the town of Lyon?,
sold for $175.
David Link vs. Charles Metzgci ;
house and lot in Albany, $382.32.
M. B. Reeves vs. John Isom, et. al ;
town lots in Albany, sold for $a072. K.
"The races at the Albany fair ground
tracks, on September 12, 13, aud 11,
promises to be great success and will
be attended by mauy fast horses.
Tbe program will be about as follows:
First day 2:20 class pacing; 2:30
class trotting. '
Second day Free for all trot; 2:30
class pacing,
Third day -Free for all pacing; 2:40
trot. Special for Linn county horses.
Admission, 25 cents; ladies and chil
dren free.
The trusts are begining to ball. The
whisky trust has been ordered snld hy
courts. The cordage trust Is broken
up and now we are making war upon
the thread trust, From now on we
will sell first grade six cord thread for
4'ja spool, seven for 25c. Three curd,
two for 5. At the Backet store. We
also have overalls for 46, 50 aud 05c.
Engineer's overalls 45, 65 and 90.
Men's Jean pants 80o. Ladies' siloes
from $1.10 to $2 78. Men's wool hats
30 fo 30c. Fur bats $1 to $1.75. Cow
biy hats 76c and $1.60,
SHILOH'S CURE is tild on a
guarantee. It eorea Incipient Con
sumptloDi It Is tbe best Cough Cure
Only on atlt. dr . ., B0ct,,