The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 30, 1895, Image 4

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Hm? Ar Enplojwl la cklo xo t Konfh
The stirtcmont made the other day at
vuMija imoe una in nor Hsseiubly
that lyqnwn nndyoimjruhiulreiiworUcil
n Chicago's btidtyardg appears to have
t luunmuigq in I3(!T.
A visit was male to various brick
aril aaJ. althouirtr onW
ms fouu.t at work, thij wassiinply .bo
v.Mj yaruii quit wont at teno'oloak
J tlio m-jruing. Nome connected
vith the iudustrydeaiea thatwomon
roris in the yards, but say their work
uuiiuy wnan u technically culled
'backing" brick.
This consists of turning tin bricks
over and piling tham opinrows. It
does not sound like vary lisrd work, but
whoa It comes to either stacking or
turning over thirty thousand brioks a
day it will be seen that the task would
tax the back of many a man.
Most of the rough labor is done by
Poles, and it is said that this is mostly
the race which allows its women to
work in the yards. Contrary to expec
tation, it is neither widows nor single
women who do the work, but the wives
uu uiotners 01 ismuiea, who labor ia
the yards right beside their husbands.
Not much can be learned from the
employes themselves, but the police
who have traveled around the yards
tell bad tales. They say that it is no
uncommon sight to see little girls
turning bricks who are so tired that
they crawl on all fours from one pile to
mother. Their backs are bowed and
ocnt and they cry when they try to
stand np straight.
The women, for their work, are p4id
h dollars a week. The children get
uree dollars or, rather, their parent
at it. Owing to the hours in the yards
-ae school inspectors can do nothing
. vecause moat of the children attend
iitcrnoon achooi.
Work at the brick yards begins at
alf-past three or four o'clock in the
truing ana is over when the son gets
...i-auuni wn o'clock. Then the little
uhUdren can go to play or go to school
and the mothers can go to their house
work. They have earned a dollar and
4 uuu.
Women and children haim Ani i.
-mployea tn the ynros recently. There
"M general striae among the brick
makers a few-weeks ago on account of
ure manniacturers not paying the
union scale of wages, and women and
children have been employed to take
wc 01 we sowers.
Wk . 'CatWaalaaoataftha
"K M tw oratekUw.
Mr,B was summoned to the door
one morning by an old-clothes man,
-iys the Detroit Free Press, but she
.cumiciy voia nun that she had noth
ug for him until he took out an old
uhamois-sldn purse, and, on opening it.
"Look, lady, I gif yon gold for any
uugi wuai. yoo got 10 sell."
This was too much temptation and
soun she baa the contents of her ward
robe spread out for his inspection. Her
heart misgave her, though, for her hus
bana had positively forbidden her ever
to sell any of her old clothes. Bin
only hoped he would never find out
and with the money she could buy such
fine new ones.
There was one gown that she did
hesitate to part with. It was a flowered
t-Mgown, with a big bow at the sido
tnd long sash ends of gorgeous ribbon,
and Mr. B - particularly njjed that
dress, because she had served afternoon
tea m It for him nfiMn .1,...: .1. -
- wuiuiK tueur en
gagement However, the man offered
a good price for it and it went with the
rest. .
When Mr. B- came home in the
evening his wife had a guilty look as if
something lay tm her conscience, lint
' she ascribed it to a headache and the
old-clothes deal- remained a profound
secret . . . , .... , .
A week or two later Mrs. B asked
her husband to do the marketing. She
uuujr muraaea m this herself, but
was going to have company and could
rmt art ma ikn
Mr. B aceordinglytook the market
lket cm his arm and went from stall
. uurcnaaing supplies, when sad
jlenly he saw his wife standing near
, uoegimg uvcr some vegetables.
"Great Scott!" he said, under his
urewu. -Ana in that teagown, tool
wonder what next?"
He stepped up to her and gave her s
vigorous rap on the back.
The next moment he saw moons and
stars, nnaeit, whack, whack! came the
mows irom a eastiron fist and a shrill
voice screamed in his ear:
"You Impudent wretch, 101 teach you
to know a lady when you see one! Take
iwu ouu uiai. ana tnat: ,
He escaped with his life and Wii
borne for repairs. The cat was out of
uie oag ana it had scratched him se-
"""'J'' never, never again willMrs.
any 01 ner .,1a clothes.
South Amarlrim Itullana Nl Any Ail
vanla?i Ovar Them Tln.v run.
The mnnncr in which the South Amer
ican Indiana hunt iliMr in t),.i r,-,r.lll.
Icnis is fi-ry interesting and somowlwt
HiuiuHs, siiya tno iiciroit r ree rress.
Tliey first ascertain the looiilitv In
me uminais eoi!trrve;nitc to jfnue,
and then the coon, women, nnd old
llildreu of the trilw
.iruulians to hem in the hord. In
jruur w cause a animate thoy blow
norns, veil, and malmnthm Wvn.Win
Mu uunuiuusn noises, as a natural the frightened door quit
their rrrnzin? nljuvs. Tliov imi in lin
in regular Muiirohing1 ordm the elder
unux icrtuui sue way, iouowwl ny tlie
females imtl voim5r. whU wm n
the column is brought up by the young
uuuiMt, wnu aci ah protectors to the
The Indians now elrnw .n
seeing which the animals prepare to do
battle for their livos. Thr l,,,,0 i,.,
proceed to prepare the iiistnunonts of
uiwueuon, consisting ot large lances,
resinous torches, and nooses fixed to
The worst enemy of the deer is the
jaguar und wildcat, nml th.-.;,. nnin..ui
to them is such Unit they have been
" k icup over a hunter in order to
attnek either of these feline foes. The
Indians knowing this, employ it to
p.von .,u.;uiuifu aurmg tuese hunts
ihe women stuff n nnn,w
jaguar and cat skins, which are placed
hi "rumuicni positions on the edge of
urci-iuiues. in lull view nf tlm rluo in.
mediately the bueks mat u vininf 4.
.mv w gei at mem, in order to hurl
:hem into the abyss beneath, but are
Jius treated themselves by the wily
muters, who push them over the cliffs,
where they are quickly hamstrung or
itherwise disabled by the women, who
uuiieu ueiow. Alter the first on
knight on the stuffed
naming deer seem to recognize the fact
uv luej nam neen mcKed and hud
-lie together, awaithur
Then the Indians throw lighted
torches among them and a panic ensues,
rhey make desperate efforts to escape,
mt the relentless hunters drive them
ivcr the crags until they see that a suf
icient number have been captured
Jsually four or five hundred. They do
v uamuiy narm me temnles and fawns
" a tew oiicks to escape,
v'cry seldom is a doo klllnil if .
awn is captured it is immediately lib
erated. The flesh in eaten by the In
iians and also carried to the "village to
emu, .vmie ine sums are either pur-
.udMsu j iieuiers or made r up into va
rious articles bv those whn u.i.t 1-
their capture.
faaatratton at Bnliaki i &
t Some curious testa have been modi
lately 01 the penetration of brojectile
in snow. According to the report i.
Cosmos (Paris) the Label rifl
weapon used, and aim nn.
Irom one to two yards thick, were
piaceu on the firing range, situated
near Anrilhu and fired at from a dis
tant of fifty yards. It was found that
- u"o uau swppea at a depth of
about five feet It ia believed that the
great velocity of the projectile and its
rotation (3,500 turns) attracts to it par. n ( & 1 ; . . . . T .
..i, w 4rwt Buu minute icicles, which
end by forming a ball and practically
MMuiuBKB im penetration. . , '
Curlmli Canal Not a Uraal a.
Owing to the insufficient width of the
Corinth canal, the steepness of its sides
uu vus current, which at times be
comes exceedingly strong, none of the
great steamship lines of the Mediter
ranean sea have yet adopted this route,
although it wouid result in the saving
of much time, and, consequently, ex
pnuia. Under the , eircumstsncss, it
loons very much M if (bit snterprtM,
bwt tiuis 1 Htnt tsi
3' '? '""',",'i',, m1 tbout
Its DUeovery and lutroductton Into the
MflnV Veaifl fljrn. in nn nWnw mininn
village in Sweden, an apothecary was
making lead plaster in the ordinary
way by heating olive oil with litharge
and Witter, .when h tthannaA a.m
. ' wuuuvu HUU.1UI
that the liquid which was mingled with
the pasty lead compound had a strange
ly sweet taste. On further investiga
tion, he found that the sweet taste was
earned by the presence of an oily liquid
whieh wan Hingilvm) In ll,a rnt...
such substance was described in the
oooks 01 the day.
Scheele thai wna tu annti.AM..n
' ' w.v nmwHIVaf J B
name knew that he had discovered a
new substance. He soon found that
this sweet linnifl TOM. nr. iu Hrui..A
of olive oil alone, but that other oils
and fats would yield it under the same
treatment Nn ha nnm.l it 1A 'D..,UA
principle of fats" or 'mil ainrar "
MuTe than n. nnnlinnr line n.,BA
Scheele's discovery, yet it is scarcely
fifty years since "oil sugar" was found
to be of practical value, except for a
limited use in medicine. Chemist
have given It the more formal name of
glycerine, derived from a Ureek word
meaning sweet.
Every one is to-day familiar with the
clir, thick liquid so commonly used
wi win purposes, its soothing and
soitening effect on dry or in (lamed skin
is the quality for which It Is best known
in most households; but few people
have any idea of the variety of purposes
to which it is applied.
Among its most striking and valuable
properties are its great solvent power,
ft) chemical stability and its sweetness. ;
'oreover, it IB digestible, will not cvup
.ratevand owinir to fhia nn.i ufl i....
scopic qualities, will prevent the dry
ing and hardening of materials with
which It is mixed
These peculiar qualifies make it most
valuable in th
cines, unguents aud various food prod-
uum, on preserves una mustards; like
wise in beer, winwt anil MUm W,ltl.wl
goods, where it is said to act asapre-
"'" inciaet mat strong solu
tions Of frlvcerina
freeze in the lowest winter tempera-
tllMii ta- ,
"" su ibbuwe in our wet "gag
Some of tli a mm. itnuf-ia.i. 1-3
tnes in which it is used are vulcanizing
india-rubber, sllvprinw m,i
glaas, dreMnipj leather for kid gloves,
yrraerviug anawmicai and botanical
specimens and thi tntn.i.
what is, perhapB, the most powerful
explosive known to science, without
whose aid
.Hvhiuuucnu UiUUlmil
of modern engineering would have been
uujsvBoi uiBn iiro-giyceri ne.
In a Dure state r1vf!ii . n
heavier than water. After long ex
posure to a freezing temperature
glycerine will deposit rhombic crystals
resembling those of sugar candy. Jts
boiling boint is 490 degrees Fahrenheit
Pare frlvmrinA .uriii k, ,
a-.r ---- "'u wauiiy 11
first heated to about 800 degrees. It
gives a pale-blue flamb similar to that
of alcohol, and tn th ohomic, ,.i . :
Man alcohol
A nrOCAMl hAfi Kann rrAn.,l 1 i l .
Animal fata ttr rVwoMUr a j ,
into stearic acid and glycerine by sub-1
Jeetmg the fat to the action of super- I
heated Steam at. a . 1
- - -- " ".ivn,,mu oi sev-
ral hundred degrees. The resulting
c-j.'w swwmniHju anapurmed
bV Sttiam distillatSnn. tw'nl.a
" urn, mw-im w
wid, which much resembles wax and .
in bo way anewtrs to our ordinary eon. 1
osntion rri aa MA 1. i. .
- ' iu greiiv uernana
8s Your
Blood Pure
It U i, yo i win be strong, vigorous,
full cl li:'o a Mi ambition; you will hsvaa
good sp;itii:e aud good digestion;
strong nerves, sweet lump.
nf h. . it,., 1L.1. k, j
. aajr ilia, UIUUU
Is pun! ll.i-v many paopls an nuttaring
daiy from tho cousequeuce. of impure
wi uu,, aaib rnauni, rnsuaiatlSOl,
vavuii, llrvuuUM, .tOUpiaUUaU, aiU
That Tired Paallna.
flood's Bsnapsrllla purifies, vitalhw
aud enriuhes the blood. Thsnfure, it Is
the medicine for you.
.It will iriva vnn iuim lnk .A Ma
and strong narvei.
It will overcome that tired tasllat,
ersate an sppetlta, give refraaaiuc slssp
and make you strong.
Hood's Sarsapariila
Is the Only
True Blood Purifier
Prominently in the public eye today.
0s , rw V BEST
l""""-""' W" ',"5 '.S
y". 7 i'iiraioT au oru.
!. j t vunIJ. incipient uoniumptioa
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Notice of.vamlnlHlruli.Mi.
Notice is hereby irivon. tliat Im .,-.1... t
thecouniycoanof Linn eauntv.lin.nin n.
nndersiijiied has been iluly iiolntecl and
nun i mo amy quaiilil and acting ail
ministrotor of the estate ofXin u..
dewaseil. All parties having ii.I
asainst saiii estate are hereliy reiiiirl to
present the same. Droiierlv vorifiiwi iihi..
six mmiths from the 12th day of July m
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Oarlanil, Lebanon, Orenon.-
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. - aai
00nirm,, nrr
Siij of BkQP
A. APPPnV HAMncnnn
m ..1,.,. . . . 11 -sL'it:.- .j.-mck
1 ir mMifm
' 1 Ha. 1 yiav X !'?XK"9IJ .
it. flwiani ;lr lllanntwl. Jw hr fu i hi
ViX 8. iw1'"! mi avitfmioo worn
Oa. ,T.'!tr' e,,I!'PJ? ocipiit. tent h
"LJS'"S1' 10 IV'1 Pl"i"nwiT It a ,
i'iiw, pia,,.a, nmWinaiHiin;,, f h'mlii
Ilium '
. . . - 4
r-rn-y and M!n Offifl(.LBko Ana Jp!-vjj f7cHlCA00 ill