The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 16, 1895, Image 4

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fly Ttill Particular Occasion It F.II.4
Hit Its Work.
Thocrowd had gathered about a horsa
and tiuffgy In the middle of the street,
l'he hoiBe had balked.
Tio h string around bis ear," said
trne of the bystanders. "It gives him
(unctliing elae to think of. I never know
It to fail."
A Btring was pioduced and wound
tightly round one of tho animal's ears.
It had no effect. .
"Blindfold him," suggested another.
A bandage was tied over his eyes and
an effort made to start him.
Same result.
"Back him."
"He won" back," said the exasper
ated owner. I tried that. up.
"Try him with an ear or corn."
The ear of corn tailed to move tha
obstinate horse.
"I'll see if I can't peiBnade him soma
other way," said the exasperated owner
of the auimal.
He took a whip and belabored the
beast with it till somebody threatened
to have biin arrested.
Then be kicked him awhile.
All in vain.
Finallya benevolent looking old gen
tleman forced his way through tha
crowd and said:
"I have seen a great many balky
bones started by building a fire under
them. Can you get some straw or shav
ings?" A boy was cent to a neighboring fur
niture store for some excelsior. Ha
came back presently with a huge aim
ful. It was placed on the ground un
der the horse and a lighted match
tnnfthod to it.
As the first feeble flame rose from it
and the smoke began to curl about hta
legs the horse unbent a little. He turned
hie head, took a calm survey of the sit
uation, and when the combustible stuff
lmrt into a bin blaxe he moved forward
about six feet, in full possession of his
faculties and witnout any unnecessary
hnKtn and stnnned again.
And the elegant bnggy was damaged
t!6 worth bv the Barnes betore a oc
curred to anybody to scatter the blazing
Stuff. '
And then an old colored man in a fad
ed suit of secondhand clothes and a bat
with half the brim gone went out and
annke kindlv to the high minted anl
mal, rnbbed his nose, patted bim on the
neck, climbed into the damaged buggy
and said. "Git along, sonny.
And the horse moved oft at a brisk
trot, with bead high in the air. Uu-
cago Tribune.
Hiram Bnher buya all kinds of
Fur pure IliiKtt'd oil, call uu U. A,
Have your Imp work done by
Old papers for sale hero at Hw unit
per dosi-n.
You can ml S loavi of bread ul
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4 ilurew. Tliev are nueiils fur ilie
tllil Reliable, Home Mutual, J-w
iilaud, Springfield of Massachusetts,
loutineiital, and other b.'h1, reliable
eonipunies. They also nave money w
limn at 8 per cent, in sums irom
IVirtioo for J?ulltoutiu
Vnnm States Laxd Oram.
June 1. 1896.
Notlre l hereby Riven that m compli
ance with the provisions of the act f Con-
of Junes. 1878, entitled "An act lor
the ale of timber lands in the stales of Cal
ifornia. Urenoii, Nevada and Washington
Territorv," as extended to all the fiinlic
IikI Main, bv act of August 4, 1892, Ail-
vimta Heimess, of Oregon City, county of
Clackamas. State of Oregon, lias tl ay
filed in Ihis oltta' her sworn statement io.
2B87, for tho purchase of the sfc of n kl,
e H oi s w ii and iwi(i)liie!ol sec
tion No. 22 in township No. 10 south, range
o IS past, and will offer proof to Bliow
that the land sought is more valuable fur
its timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish aer ololin to said
land before the register and receiver of this
nfflce at Oregon City, Oregon, on Monday.
the Sith day of August, 1806.
She names as witnesses: J L Berry oi
Uerrv, Oregon, Wni T Whitlock of Berry,
Oregon, Hubert t'orrell, of Berry, Oregon,
lieorge Mayburn of Berry, Oreaon. Any
and all persona claiming adversely the
hnvelescrlbed la'nls are requesteu to nie
their claims in this office on or liefore aajd
26th day of August, 1896.
ltoBIST A. JlIIXE'i.
The great seoiot of boredom is to be
fonnd in two leading qualifications. A
bore must be unable to find amusement
In himself, and he must also be nnable
to find amusement in any one else. He
must depend for bis amusement neither
on his own mind nor on the minds of
friends, but mmuly on the gratifica
tion which it is to him to give a special
direction, or at least to suppose that he
fives a snecial direction tor ne is
creature of the most unlimited credul
ity in the art of magnifying his own in
fluence to the minds of bis friends.
He is in despair unless he can imagine
himself a person of influence, and un-
Inckilv he can never imagine nimseu
parson of influence for he is a man of
very limited imaginative power 'unless
he is taking overt steps to convince
somebody of something, whether it
of some technical doctrine like Sugald
JJalgetty's strategic principle, or simply
et his own importance, or even of the
importance of his patrons, like Mr. Co)
line in "Pride and rrejuaice. 10 oe
first rate bore you must have no re
aooTces in yourself and no resources in
vour friends, but must depend for your
satisfactionson the real or fancied power
of making your friends either think or
do what they would otherwieenotthink
or do, London Spectator.
. Hla Point of Ylew.
An odd illustration once given Emer
son, the philosopher, of the fact that the
laws of disease are as beautiful as the
laws of health is reported in his lecture
on "The Comic."
"I was hastening." be soys, "to visit
an old and honored friend, vho I was
informed was in a dying condition,
when I met his physician, who accosted
me in great spirits.
-" 'And how is my friend, the rever
end doctor?' I inquired.
" 'Oh, I saw him this morning. It is
the most correct apoplexy I have ever
seen face and hands livid, breathing
atertorons, all the symptoms perfect.'
And he rnbbed hjs hands with delight,
for,in the country we cannot find every
day a casathat agrees with' tbo diagnosis
of the books." Youth's Companion.
Albany Steam Lanndry
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money
J. F. HYDE, Agent,
Lebanon, - Oregon.
Tbe Unenterprising
Business Man . . ,
Uses a small amount of Print
ed Stationery and other Ad
vertising matter, and an
consequence his business diet
away and he is then like the
man whose picture iippoa
Amlnlstrlctrlx, IVotloe. I
Notice is hereby given, that by order of
the county court of I .inn county, Oregon,
the undersiciied has been duly appointed
and is now the dulv qualified acting admin
istratrix of the estate of W. A. Bishop, or
said comity, deceased. A II parties having
claims against said estate are nereoy re
quired to present the same, duly verified,
to the undersigned, within six months
from the 13th day of July, 1896, the first
publication of tnis notice, at the omcc or
tjam'l a. Uarland, loanon, uregun.
H ass ah K. Bishop,
8am'i M. Gaelakd, Administratrix
Attv. for a.dror'x. of the Estate of
W. A. Bishop, deceased.
Ifflcts. and
81.00 Dottle.
It Is sold on a
1 drtiis
fnitaTRtttoe bv all drtuv
gists, At outsi luuipisuij .lunitumpud
ndii the boat Cough and Croup Our
i .
. f
MM. 1
Qnestlinedf i'liUCKEItY and
lit tti Ltlititi(in, which Uiey in-
Have just rtn'oivdl i!
CLASS WAUK ever I r-.
vi!e vou to call anu insjuTt. .
Their price ro an Iav. if not lower Ui?n ai yvhcre le,
in the valley. K
Highest Prices Paid for .country
riuafant to take bv old or
younp. -No griping.
The root of the Livcrine
plant is extensively used in
Norway for the cure of riles.
Sold by all first class drug
Wholesale Manufactures.
Am,uiou S CncncAi.Co.
Lebanon, Oregon
Notlee or AdmlBltrtlon.
Kntte is hereby given, that, by onterof!
the county court of linn county.Oregon.tJie
unuersigned has been duly apiwinwu siiu j
now is the duly qualihed ana acting au-1 HfiqinACC Man .
The EnterprisiBj
miniatrator of the estate ol Nancy Marks,
deceased. All parties having claims
against said estate are hereby required In
present the same, properly verilied. within
six months from the Uth day of July 1905,
t!ui dote uf the first publication hcreol, u
the undersigned at the office of Buni'l U.
Garland, Lebanon, Oregon.
Johs 11. nahks.
HAM'tM.liABtiSD, Admiiiislrator.
Ally, for Ailmr. Eslat of
Kancy Marks, deceased.
Notice of Exooiitrl-
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
mat concern, that, by an order of tin.'
County Court for Linn County. Biate of
Oregon, the undersigned has been duly ap
pointed and is now thf duly qualified and
acting Executrix oi (lie im win
testament of Eugene H. Uim, deceased.
All parties indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate iioynient to
the undersigned; and all iriies having
claims against the estate are lioreny re
iiuiml to nrescnt the same properly vcri
tied, within six months from the 5tli day or
April IS05, the first publication of this
notice, to the undersigned at Hie ollioe of
B.iin'1 il. (iarland, Lebanon, Ore.
h. i. Uut,
Kx. of the (a,t will and (cslanienf qf
Engena H. Clni, ifccepneil.
Bam' I. M. isirAKp,
Atty. for Kjepuwii,
Uaea a great amount nf Adver
tising matter of all kinds.
Consequently his Business In
Cieases and he becomes W
happy as the Individual who
is represented by the picture
jutst above.
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A Bemarkable Blary.
A man who died in Berlin. Bensselaer
eonnty, at the age of 73 left a record
which be began when 18 years old and
continued for 62 years. The book, filled
with methodical entries, shows that in
these 52 yeaie the man had smoked 828,
71S cigars, of which be received 43,620
as presents, while for the remaining
(86,086 be paid about (10,438. In 53
years, according to his bookkeeping, he
had drnnk 28,786 glasses of beer and
86,081 glasses of spirits, for all of which
lie spent f5.8-i0. The diary closes with
these wurds: "1 have tried all things. 1
have seen many, i have accomplished
nothing." Albany Express.
Pope Leo's Banter.
Leo XIII ban made merry npon the
subject of church music- in his dignified
way. "Imagine, ". he once said, "Hi.
Augustine, the African one, confessing
that bis heart.had been touched by high
note arid fiddles." The rrpetiticnof
words is another feature objected to by
this lettered pontiff, who when arcb
bisop of Perugia whispered to bis i nap
kin during u gland musical function,
"Do you ttiiuk they reeliy tusan 'smell'
tou insf'-eaa ftmmtt AsMHi
Oregon GeEtral & Eastern R.R. Co.
Connect at Yaqulna Bay with the
Sun Francisco ui dYuquiua Bay Bteiim-
ship Company - '
Steamship "Farallon"
A 1 and HrHtclan In evety rcspec,.
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about every 8 duys,
Passenger accimiiiiortiitions unsur
HKwd. Ulmrt'-at ncte IkIwi-cii tin
Willatiii-lte Valley unil California. .
Fare from Albtiny or points uest U
Ban FraiH'isco:
Cabin, $12 00
Meerane.'... . .. .... 8 UO
Cahiu.roundtrip.GOds. 18 00
For aailii.g duyaapply to
H L. VValukn, Agi-iit,
Edwin fVro.Ni-:, .M'i'ger., Albany, .
C'oivallis, Oregon,
CIIAK Cl.AliE. Hll t ,
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of All M
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.1 UMIMM llBtr urnntiiK is ouw.iiuvjr.i g'J A
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Health fur all MauKiud. f ''ss
I JUT'S VKUHiaDl.ft BMUHr.nii.; . v i
lierln. uid f "ofJ ta! 51.I-. a
toauuaa uo k , v .13 proij.-rci sv. I - ' &'W.1f?.
tnlnerst Vii - Y Jv V : ' -, .
arnijs or if-r-'av " -Jl 'V I
d.-li ti i;.-.;i " ... ' I
on. Joy's fH,"?'li . I j -1
Veiretsbis Kt, eur j, I
R f.Mpari la fcjjjlK' M pfrsia, . mi k.f
m-- filial sr' :
anu tHfJOvEf a4 Kidney . , ;,. , ,, !,'..",
was an aw ..fa AUcaioua. .
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nifakoi, bat tin quality nnd
PCIDM Of W.I. lllillKlM
IIVOT man urn tamt
For Sale by Hiram Baker; LeDanon, Ur-
m m m m m
as .
TiirlTOTDinrinr.. -
ranjc answer ana an Don eat opinion,'
nun i
iiurw (trtetlr cnnflrteiuial. A llHKtllyottk of Io
omalloo txiDOHrniuiT l'atrm uul how hi ob
talo Hum tflnt free. Alua cataiofittola
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wpnnofiDin intni MUiiifm i.oruDiniitci
fc! and BdtmtlOo books Mot free.
flMUaal B
ifaiw art brought wmj before tbe publtowltb-
: cfreulattim of anj acientiSc work Id ita
photntrachi m of
notloe in tbe Hrlenttflfl A merfen
ttt eoet to the tnremor. ThU iptndid
wrawi wsjsjaiy.ajiuafjjii una
tarrfaat ctreuiitiDQ of arif ac
of id, a r&ar. Btmnlfl nnl aatnt 1ta
fiuildlotf BlltiotiBiotithir.ivjOii year. Binfrl
awpias. uauiLo. f tmrj iijimixjr xmiioa iao
V: '"1 fiaie
rli ea, m eakiri. ai
Joy's VfftptaMe
j Nirsuiiurllla
j iirevents tired feel-
I Bia((gerinl sen-
isations, palpitation
oi Huirt, rush of
blood to the Lead.
I dizziness, ringing in
earn, Simla beljretlie
j eyi, litudacho, bil-
' of boivt-ls, pains in
'.itio cottU-d, foul
$ tlie liac,iiiHltiiicholjr,
i ton 11 no COttU-d. foul
I brtaLll, puiiplos OU
fiics, bodr and limb.
deolineofnerve force
dizzy spells, faint
spells, cold, chtnmy
lest ana nan'ls,sour
ilsines, fatuae. In
somnia, and all dis
i iisi of the stomach,
liver and kidwyii.
Sepurilla Is wild by alt
fltiiful. Refuse a
ulwtitulc. Wli-.-n you
poyTor UiebeMaceUiat
you set tn boiu
dj y , . ; ELmg- of Bicycles. ,; J
LIGHT, 5TR0N0, K li!!'
Four Models-S85 and S10Q.
I ::. ma
!- n . IwIONARUH VsfYCLE Q. '
Jorn(3 IBeln 0!ff sUU r yd, Htihfcd SIS., pHICAQO, ILL'
I awniintf IHr i-sIJnniiMr Stir fc'fp S'Ww'JVJrttfiT',?,