The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 26, 1895, Image 4

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Cedar Mountain.
H Sisslisd a HmmIoi BatTOdsl WO
So Awp II Ci.lU 1M ta TW
Wmr Ciiaialstat
The history of the (rrest civil war k
faU of iocideots of startling and heroic
character. Bat few, comparatively, of
the brave deeds perforoied or suffer
iusre eodnred are ever recorded. They
remain a sort of family treasure, and
are told at the fireside on winter even
ing When we remember that over
two million aoldiere were mustered in-
w the union army between 1861 and
we are struck with wonder that
men a mightr volunteer army could be
rcu-shaled. We are ant. however, tc
look at It as aa entirety, as a whole.
or at moat, we individualize only M
lu as to note the character and eon
iiuct of its Treat leaders. The names
ut (Irant, Sherman, Thomas, Sheridan
and a few more are on our bps, while
the hundreds of thousands who per-
l.imied the duties of private soldiers,
and are now at their homes perform
ing the duties of private eitixens, or are
sleeping in the quiet graves where
thev fell in battle, are hardly thought
My theme is the private soldier, and
"Dan Wright" is my nero. He was a
quiet, retiring bov. In the summer of
1SSS be came into my office and wanted
to learn the trade of a printer. We
talked together a few minutes, and I
was satisfied that he would answer my
purpose. I needed a "devil" The boy
who had filled that important place
had been promoted, and so it
agreed that he should come into the
ofiice as an apprentice and remain
iliroe years. He began work. Nothing
of special interest transpired daring
h s apprenticeship. He was quiet, in
dustrious, thoughtful, and that was slL
His term of service expired on Satur
day, April 13, 1861, the day after the
fail of Sumter. On the evening of
Mi.nday following a public meeting
was held at Citizen's halL Speeches
were made. The excitement was in-
tense, -
At the close of the meeting there was
a call for volunteers. Among others.
Jian Wright came forward. I watched
turn as he came up. There was a quiet
look and manner about bun quite in
contrast with most of those who signed
tlieir names to tbe enlistment roll He
did it just as be would perform any
fluty about the omee. 1 said:. "W try.
Thin, are you going? 1 thought that.
as you are just through with your ap
prenticeship, yon would like to remain
with me awhile. Yon would nuke a
good foreman and, what is more, yon
could begin to lay by a little money
He replied: -"Mr. H , yon nave
been very kind to me, and I had in
tended to remain with yon, if yon were
willing. But I think I ought to go to
the war. 1 may be back after awhile,
but if I should not come back, perhaps
it is as well. One ought to be willing
.to do a little for his country."
Be was mustered into Company G,
Seventh regiment. The Seventh was
good regiment, filled np with excellent
men, and, during the progress of tbe
war, did some splendid fighting. There
was very little opportunity for fur
loughs in the regiment. We heard of
it through tbe papers occasionally.
The only report that came as to Dan
Wright was that be was a good soldier.
In the summer of 166! be came borne.
He stopped a few days with bis moth'
er and sisters. On the 4th of July be
was in Bnvenna and took dinner at my
house. After dinner we went oat
walking. I inquired of him as to bis
experience in tbe service. From him
beard that be bad been in excellent
health; that a soldier's life agreed with
him; that be bad obtained valuable
experience; bad had a good opportuni
ty to atndv, not only the art of war and
the questions connected with tbe con
troversy between the two sections, but
-also to study the geography of tbe
country end the conditions of tbe peo
ple. Be had proven to be a close ob
server of men and things, and be gave
me a great deal of information not
found in the newspapers. He bad a
diary in which be bad jotted down the
result of his observations. He bad
already filled two or three books, and
it was a wonder to me bow be found
time to do so much writing. He said
it was a source of pleasure, and if he
lived long might be of some service.
There are a great many newspaper
made men in the country, lien whose
lame depends not so much upon what
they do as upon their ability to get the
eye of tbe newspaper press and have
their performances heralded to tbe
world. This was especially so in tbe
army. The successful general was
oftentimes the one who kept on. the
T!?ht side of the newspaper correspond
ents. Some men were written np, and
others of equal merit were written
down, and .Cher brave, conscientious
and capable commanders were left
without notice.
""V" Our conversation was long and piess
; ant. He told me not only of tbe war,
but also of his personal experiences
and of acquaintances that be bad
formed. Among other things he ex
hibited to me the photograph of a beau
tiful girL iler borne was Winchester,
Vs., and she belonged to a good family.
1 don't know what chance had brought
them together, bat it was very evident
from bis conversation that an attach
ment hud grown np between them. I
bantered him a little on going down
south to capture toe rebels and tnen
being captured himself.
The time had come for him to go back
nearly due upon which he was to take
bis departure. As he turned to go he
said: "Good-by, Mr. B . I want to
thank yon for the kind things yon have
done for me. My tune has come to go.
1 shall never see you again."
Struck by thi remark, as well as his
impressive manner, I replied: "Cheer
up, San, 'o doubt w shall meet
often Bon&i- When tfca war If
Tba Sxperlenoe of a Drummer In
the Bush for Land.
Bat) Mad a enat Mto-
end Was l!ad to Ovt Out of
Country Alive-Trial of other
vould-B Sooner
alien ill ivmI of
,k ut tl:w !'i IJ.f t
hut ,V , , utid .
y.- , 45c. nd i(c.
;A cl :s. r ir huts '
Kolas than eight traveling men !,!, ji.js nnr: first grade $1 75 New j
were seduced into a run to tbe ;iinlliii. ,, ',,,l lawn and rtrifwi
j veiling at pi mummy U-luw iMihp-tt-1
Cherokee strip In search of quarter sec
tions or town lots and the number
which returned disappointed aud dis
gusted was exactly six. As I was one
of the number and hence cm tilling a
tale on myself, snrs a writer in the
St. Louis tilobe-Dauiocrat, 1 cannot he
accused of malice, nulcds it be against
mankind in general and the interior
department in particular. 1 paid
twenty dollars for a turn to register,
and have ever since looked upon the
man who made the sole as a remark
ably smart individual. 1 obtained a
certificate and at twelve o'clock com
menced to ride a bright looking horse
into the strip. 1 might have got a
good claim if 1 could have controlled
the horse. But 1 couldn't The ani
mal simply did his best to beat every
thing else in sight, taking the fastest
..: ' .. 1, IN THE CEECU&EE STRIP.
JUU WIU WM1W areata aw.w ww .-v,
perhaps yon will bring that pretty
Winchester girl witn you. uowroy
and good lock to yon. Don't have any
evil presentiments now, but go away
with light Mark nrue.jnewnea
ycu can, 1 shall always want to hear
from yon."
He gave me his nana ana stowiy an ,
prered: "Mr. H , 1 shall never re
turn. I think the contest now going on
will result in final victory to the union
cause. The government will be saved;
but I shall not live to see It. I'donot
hesitate to go. Jt is in the line of duty,
and a brave man ought never to fear
death. 1 shall probably die in oatue;
but. whether in battle or euewnera, my
death fc sure to come before the war is
over, flood-by."
He went away. Feeling a deep ln-
.Trcst in the young man, and believing
be was entitled to a better position
than that of a private, I interested my
self with the authorities, and in a short
time it was arranged that he was to be
appointed a lieutenant in one of the
companies of tbe one uunarea ana
Fourth regiment, then farming, with
headquarters at Camp Hassillon. His
credentials were duly maae oui ana
forwarded to tbe colonel of the Seventh
mt th-n in tbe field, with in
structions to send Wright to join the horse for peacemaker and following I
new regiment in Ohio. Tbe papers
reached the regiment the day before
the battle of Cedar Mountain. Wright
was sent fur, informed by tbe com
manding officer that his commission
had been received, and be could go im
mediately to Ohio.
Dan replied: "I am glad to receive
this appointment, and 1 will try to fill
tbe place acceptably, but I hope, air.
van will permit me to remain nere a
few days. We are probably on the eve
of an engagement, and 1 shall be bet
ter satisfied to stay with tbe boys tilt
the fight is over. It wouldn't be manly
to go away now."
Tbe rea nest was granted. The next
day occurred one of the bloody battles
of the war. In tbe heat of tbe con-
teat the Seventh regiment was hotly
engaged and suffered from a tremen
dous fire of the enemy.
Dan Wright was wounded by a shot
in the face. Capt. Been saia to nim:
'Ton are badly hart; better go to tbe
Dan answered: "It is not so bad, cap
tain. I can still use my musket"
Hardly had the words been uttered,
when another ball came and buried it
self in his brain. He fell dead on tbe
Tbe battle still waged with terrible
fury, and when the day was over tbe
ground occupied by the union army in
the morning, with its bloody burden of
anion dead, was occupied by tbe con
federate forces. Dan Wright's life was
over, ills prophecy was luuiiiea
A dav or two later the daily papers
announced the fact that in the battle
of Cedar Mountain the onion loss was
fifteen hundred killed, wounded and
A little later the list of dead
was given, and in tbe list was tbe name ,
of Dan Wright It was only one life
gone out and to the great world at .
, , i . : ... ).., a ;v u t
ZZZZZZTZ, ZTZ I vZtZZ on hogback and came back as an
-h TW. motile lived, the news was I extra passenger in a prairie sctiooncr
iit. .d interest Men and i ex-boomer's wagon. AOuica. man
Carpels, carpets carpels. Matting,
matlii.g, matting. Buy ol the Albany
Furniture Co
tmny, Orcg'41.
Huiu. ha's, hat,
: lint it.iu'l full In t
IliU'U; t store, uttiitf
lISc. Wool h:tt i
Cowtioy huts 7i' il
i'. .hiiiime (llm'k. Ai
lion. Weal uargmi. in wniie
goods from 5c. ;. OtilniR flnMii-l, 21)
yds. fiii $ . Ihihys' lire r 2:e., 35e.
slid K cents.
A"otH" of Kx'ulrtx.
Kuiii is hnreby givnn to all whom it
msv concern, that, by an order of the 1
County Court !r Una t'ciunty. Statu ol
Oregon, the iiiult;rsintNl ha lwe duly ap
pointed and is now the duly qushoed and
actiiiK Exwutrix of tbe Inst will and
testament of Eugene H. Vim, deceaicd.
All parties indebted to said estutc are re
inesled to nwke immediate payment to
the undersigned, and all imriies Having
with praiseworthy assiduity. I have
been under the impression that 1 could
ride, and it sticking on a horse's back
means good riding I have nothing to
be ashamed of, for I certainly did not
fall off. Otherwise I was a complete
failure as a rider, for the hoine went at
his own gait, turned when he wanted
to and treated my desires with a
contempt which was supreme. It
was nearly three o'clock before
he got so tired ont that I was
able to stop him, and by that time he
had got me into one of the wort.t sec
tions in the strip, where the ground
did not begin to be worth the uinount
the government asked for it V nether
those who obtained the claim!, got ill
on balloons or whether they sneaked
in over night I am not prepared to say,
but every claim with pretense of herb-
age or water on it was occupied, and !
one man had a houttc half built It did '
not take me long to make up my mind ;
that the sooner I could get bac into
Kansas the better, but I had no idea of
the enormous distance 1 hud trttveled
until I had got well into the journey
on an exhausted horse which naeded
both food and water badly. I tad to
camp out all night, and Er.ully pot into
town on Sunday morning heartily
ashamed of myself, and with crough
dust on me to hsve started a small
vegetable garden. My only consolation
was that hundreds of others were
equally unfortunate, and 1 believe
there was more grumbling and cussing
to the square inch all day Sunday in
this town than anyoue present could
possibly realize. W.. who travels for a
St. Jo dry gnods home. d;l not turn up
till just alter supper on bunday even
ing. Exactly what happened to him
no one will know until be regains his
I temper. At present he will give no in
I formation whatever, and all that is
known is that he went into the strip
claims spiiust the estate are hereby re
nin red to nreaent tb name uroiei'ly veri
fied, within sis months from Hie dth day ol
April 18Ki, the tlret publication of this
notice, to the undersigned al the office of
Ssm'l M. (iarlund, U'bauon, Ore.
K J. I'm,
Ex. of the lst will sud lestiinieiit o(
Eugene H. Vim, deceased.
Saii'i. M. lUsuiro,
Ailv. for Erecutrix.
Have just received the finest line of ( liCKKRY aa
OiLASS WARE ever brought to Lebanon, which llii'V
vite you to call and inspect.
Their price are as low, if not lower tlun anywhere else,
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3 Ibswaum is the whole story HvSriy s
i ua"-1 about igp
la packages.
tiit only j CECRCH k CO- Hiyt Yo;S
Costs no more than other piciigc soda nw ;
69U ttsiveriiSy&ciatwIixijf if aiistia DC V
Write for Arm and iranrerr '
.yis c-X vcUablf r.v'yr-.. ST. "
women talked in low and tender words
about the lad who had grown op in
their midst, and who now slept his
last sleep on the field of battle. Of
coarse, his body was not recovered,
and they could never give it the rites
of burial, and they could bxvo no
funeral in the ordinary acceptation of
the term. But they detertaia.-J Id havo
f unurui services, and so on one Sunday
afternoon the church bell was mug,
and people from far and near gathered
tt the church.
1 was not a preacher, bat they asked
cie to speak for them, and I consented.
The gray-haired and venerable pastor
was there, and made a prayor full of
tenderness. I did the best I could.
Dim Wright's character and life, his
services as a soldier, bis bloody and
heroic death, and tbe cause of the
onion in and for which he died, fur
nished a grand theme. It was lest
enough for a good many serranoa.
This was only one life among the
many, and the blood that trickled from
his dying wounds went to m&ke up the
great river whose incrcasiug volume
bore red contributions from a million
who went in with ns on horseback
from here got hopelessly loot, and
finally found himself at Kiowa, where
be sold the quadruped and took the
cars back here. Another man of the
traveling fraternity, who lias always
boasted that he never gol left, j lined
a town-site colony a few Cays fc 'Aoce
the oncning and went in v. ith t hem.
; Half a dozen sooner were ijusmling
over the quarter hectior. liiry liad
designed to make the mctn .p ju of the
t Indian territory when th'.v arrived at
' it, and all they cotild do was to drive
j back. Our brother in aHictior, jives
a most humorous account of ex
perience. Three of the numljer mndi
the run on horseback, the U.ianeu fol
lowing io wasous. When they m:;t at
the coveted spot and compared notes
1 they decided to camp out for the
night and come back at their HiMire.
' as they had enough food and on
' hand to give indigestion, if not cjat, to
the entire party. A remarkahls diffi
culty then beset them. Lvery inch of
ground of the vicinity was eiaimud,
and no one would nilow them t camp,
fearing lest it wusa triei; or lh: par-
The Unenterprising
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ed fcUutionery and other Ad
vertising matter, and uh a
consequence his bnninew dies
away and be in then like, the
man whoso picture appears
Joy's for the Jaded aai Goad
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jots fEonbur"$Wfiu.
nose of fM-curiwf cvuieiici' if a pr- 'ject-
Here, in tbe ordinary course of tbiugs, - - " 'SZZ
coonties branches of the Aricr.nsas
river, and after a hearty supper and
a good wadi in tiic rtver an u.'.-'mpt
wo made to sleep. Thcj c'.udJieiMt
brought with it thousands of u.&squi
toes and millions of insirauilcant
crecpir..,r things which sntag vorac
than ccrdd be unaincd, aud camp was
broken before nine o'clock. After
that two or three more uUeiopts were
made to secure a decent noting place,
and finally it was decided to keep
moving ai the best opportunity for
comfort Several miles were covered
duriug the night, and in the morning
the heartbreaking discovery wa. joudt
that they were goia ruth in:,;s:;d of
north. They retra-x-d incu-steps and
final!' get hack into tovn in a very
dilapidated and dirty condition aud
mv little story should draw to a close.
But while I hare my pen in bond, I
wish to record a farther incident con
nected with Don Wright. Fifteen years
after the close of the war a letter was
received one day by the famuy of Dan
Wright 1 dou't remember to whom it
was directed. It was postmarked
Charleston, 8. C Wbcn opened it was
found to be written by a person of
whom they had never heard. It stated
in substance that the writer was, in
1S12, a soldier in the confederate army
under Jackson; that he was at the bat
tie of Cedar Mountain, and when tbe
eon test was over he and some of his
comrades were detailed to bury the
dead; that among tbe anion soldiers
who. had fallen on tbe field was a young
man of dark eomplcxiou aud somewhat
striking appearance, and when they
eame to move him they foond on his
person a pocket Testament, a diary and
two or three letters. Tbe soldier took
these and had ever since retained
possession of them, aud after a
perusal of the contents of the
diary he had determined if possible
io send them to the friends of the de
ceased, from the papers fonnd he
had learned that the name of the dead
soldier was Wright, and that be be
lonsed to an Ohio regiment. Be had
written to various points, but so lari
Pleasant to take by old or
young, iso griping.
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plant is extensively used in
Norway for the cure of Tiles.
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Lebanon, Oregon,
without avail. The family were satis-' fc. ,.
tied from tbe letter tnat the llible and j
papers belonged to Daniel, and an
swered toe letter at once. Io a few
days a package came by express from
Charleston, It contained the Testa
ment, the diary and tbe letters. The
diary was a daily memorandum or rec
ord of events, and the last i.nes were
written on the morning of t lie battle.
The leaves aud the writing were well
nreserved. bat the cover of tlie little
book was stained with blood. Alphon-.
ae llarUn Washington tvf.
few diiy.i ngo, says & Xcv,
They seats near the d-.or.
thc:a predueed a piece oi
pencil. On the pai-cr v. re
atrai ht lines an inch in hci
ith an immense amount of conceit
knocked oat of them. We propose to
resume our ordinary avocations as soon
as we are rested np.
round the SUttno.
Two Egyptians, dark-skinned and
fez-topped, boarded n down; jv.-n train
on the Sixth avenue ei:-v..;d irid
!C Of
: nd a
. An
:., tlie
in;;!: : : -j- d at I'ifly-ni-.isli street the
Et.-.''.;: irew the pencil obliquely
thror.h V.,c first line. Tiit o'.Vr man
wu' .hnd t:ic operation ir.tir.t.y and
nodded approval. At covh Ma'tia a
line was tx-nod into an X traftt Ki jhth
street wps reached, wncn they imt all
X's Imt nnr:. There the ;.' ir hi', the
team. To it was tue t'.--p: iuuv...Tf
f,-.. :,- the r.jMit ,af... "i .nil.
&Ui i',"-'(-ht counted thcn'..-.; ..,:- , --ccn
C&'JuC.- 'i.onj and I,i;.'.h t,i;-;uari4
fpfrsv.' v tlw tajnr and pcouli,
ifese VfwraM t'.v
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robs the MKL; f"""'1!"'
blood or all l". JCSi;
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ties, sad iJs and Kionrj
cmirws all r2ftf Aflcctlra
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uig staggering ato
sauotis, palpitation
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aura, snoot before the
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the bacriaekoaholy,
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breaih, pimples on
fsos, body and limb,
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duty spells, faint
speus, cold, clammy
feet and hands, sour
risings, fatigue, in
somnia, and all dis
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