The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, June 28, 1895, Image 3

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    Lebanon .Express.
Ninety In the shade yesterday.
J.B.Thorhpunn was In Scio this week,
Kd Umnhroy returned from Port
Innd Inst Huturdny.
0. M. Weslhrtl mid Joe Kelso left
Tuesday fur Fish Luke.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Settle enjoyed
tht hospitality of Mr, and Mm. 8,
Gentry lust Sunday,
Misses l.fln Wcstfull and Minnie
Thompson utlcndwl die picnic at
Brownsville last week. 4
A divorce line Into granted In Port-
, land to Ida E. Dorrls from her bus.
bund Sid (1. llorrlx, of Albany.
The friends of Miss Lizzie Thoni
sou at this place will lie snrrv to hcur
hlio Is (lunger' iisly 111 ut her home In
Albany. '
Hoi's Wnlkor and Eliert Thompson
winl In ak creek hist Saturday even
ing mi 'l heir wlncti, n'tiirnlng Kuniluy
W. J. Guy returned this week from
n visit to Ills people at Dallas, where
he had a pleasant stay among bis
fuuiily and friends.
A. M. Jtultlmere finished hauling
the iumher for the new bridge across
the ditch north of town and expect
.to complete the work Saturday.
Hegular preaching service and Bun-
diay school at Cumberland Presbyter-
Inn eluich, Sunday morning. No C.
E., or preaching in the evening.
lli'V. N. J. Ilryaus and wife are still
holding ineetings In their tabernacle
across the canal near Mr. Harden's
place, Much Interest is manifested
and large crowds attend.
The Southern Pacifio Company will
sell round trip tickets, good going on
July 8, and morning nf the 4th, and
returning good until July 8, for single
fare one way to all points in Oregou.
F. TJ. Hlckok, agent.
We are pleased to acknowledge the
present of a fine mess nf lake trout
from P. M. Bmlth, who has returned
from Fish Luke, wllh several pounds
of llesli taken oft his portly flgnre. He
reported a fine time, but very cold
Attorney Garland loft for Portland
r yesterday, to conduct the defense of
Davenport for onunterfltlng, In the
fulled (States district onurt. Several
.vjrsnns went ub witnesses from this
ll(' mid avenport's neighborhood.
MeH8iv- J0"1'!1'1 Stewart and E,
Olmndlnr .Irove to Salem the first of
the week w 'ew ' iB8rtaiu
somethinffofi'" design nf the H&f
ent kinds of dry, whleh Mr-fitew,lrt
eoiitomplates bu.'W'" In the near
Geonre Hmllh found' '' mowf
the first of the wek th' " be
burled on their old home p'l8 maay
yeiii;s ago. Our informer sa Clenrge
would not tell how much he found,
hut that he saw three $20 gold peiees
that he knows were dug up. They
were dalee 1M2, 18(15 and 183".
Mr. Turner and wife came here Mon
day from Cnlijornia on a visit to Mr.
Turner's father, the Rev L. Turner.
He was siiprlscd to find that changes
incident upon the life of Mcthodenc
ministers had placed his father at In
dependence, to which place the sou
I. R. Forum has accepted a position
In h. Vli rcck's harlier shop at Albany,
and enmenced work last Wednesday.
Mr. Durum is a flratclaxa tnnsorlalest,
and will give good satisfaction, besides
Is a congenial fellow. We think Mr.
Vlereck fortunate iir- securing Mr.
At the meeting of the board of direc
tors lust Thursday, the following
touchers were elected for the Lebanon
public school the coming yean H, H.
White, nf Shodcls, principal; W. W.
A.UIngliam, of Colrarg, assistant prln
.ftl and Misses Funnio Griggs, Alii
Temple Vnd "('a Elkins. The direc
tors have dei"llt'd tn lllle 0Uot room
for one of the teachers, but as yet,
lhave not selected u.'v
,RnffHluM and naveirunrt Br(W- M
1110 head nf cattle; fifty on J'"" oM
unci tlftytwo year olds, to W. 121lte
the first of the week, and they win"
drnvo f eastern Oregon. Hlatt and
Davenport delivered them at Lower
Soda Wednesday. They are an extra
lot, and Mr. Kllotte was well pleased
with his bargain. Hurt inform" us that
Mr. Kllnlto is a line man tn deal with
and fulfilled his part of the trade to a
The Ex phots rcclvMl a letter from
Prof. G . H. Wilkes this week. Ha is
well and an uncle In Hastings,
.Nebraska, hut well return to Crain
villi', Kansas, in a few days. In his
letter he says: "Our country here has
been blessed with universnl rains, and
plenty too. The entire couutry is one
almost unlimited garden, I am sure
. Hint the sun's rnys hi Us dally rounds
shines nowhere on a more promising
aiiot'thou throtight all Kansas and Die'
braska, The 'Spirit of the people is
high, and they have the grwtMt toUt
I patrons " .
Hiram Baker buys all kind of
Mayer & Klmbrougb wants you
O'.i papers for sale here at five cent
per dozen.
Chandler I'oes his own work and
works cheap.
Miss Dumond is selling millinery at
hard time prices.
bmlth has just added fifty new books
lo his circulating library,
If you want to sell property list It
with Peterson & Andrews,
George Rice represents some of the
belt lusurauoo companies In the world.
Pugh & Munsey want your produce
and will pay you the highest price
George Rice writes all kinds ot in
surance, and solicit a nhare of your
Pugh i, Huusey are klwuys ahead
on nvh groceries ut prices us low as
the lowest.
I ml Siuiili, !v. Kiel.Kr and Tom
Parker returned TuobcI.. mmi the
Wanted nI die Lebanon art liiillcry,
hay, tun m wIimiI, III exchange for
After June 1, Miss Dumond will sell
all millinery goods at oust, Stock per
fectly new and the latest, cull and be
Mr. Z. T. Tru love, who has been en
gaged in business in Pgrtland for some
time, baa sold out there and removed
to Lebanon with hie i'smily.
Grandma Bland had a parallactic
stroke Tuesday morning aud ia in a
aritical condition. She Is eighty-eight
years old, and her recovery ia very
doubtful. '
Messrs. Dulgleish Everett are
taking the platform out of the back
end of their store, aud are enlarging
their stock. Tbey received a carload
of twine last week.
Dr. Foley, Dr. Dudley, Dan Shaw,
P. W. Morgan, Joe Smith and Justice
Lovelee went to Portland yesterday as
witnesses in the Davenport oase.
Davenport's chances for getting clear
are not as good as they looked some
time ago, .
. Miss Mary Stewart Cundiff, of Al
bany, well known throughout the val
ley as an elocutionist of rare ability,
will give a recital in Lebanon the sec
ond week in July under the auspices
of the Y. P. S. C. E, of the Cumber-
land Presbyterluu church. This
promises to be a rare literary treat.
We received a letler from B. F. Bod
well this week, In which he slated be
had been sick with the la grippe,
more or less ever since he had been in
Sun Francisco, and that he Intend to
return to Lebanon about the first of
July for a short lay-off, and see If this
"beautiful web-footed weather" would
net get him to feeling better.
The third quarterly conference for
Lebanon circuit of the South M. E.
church, will be held at Crabtree chapel
next Saturday and Sunday. Preach
ing Saturday morning and evening;
also Sundry morning and evening.
The chapel will be dedicated at 11:00
a. ui., Sunday by Rev, I. L, Fritsel, of
Dallas A cordial invitation Ib exten
ded to all. W. L, Molloy, Pastor.
While J, F. Hyde and wife were in
Oregon City, a sneak thief broke into,
nd ransacked their house. It was
evident that the thief was after money
only; for be biokiopeu Mr. Hyde's
deslf, fooled lip Ills city book to sen
what l;e bad on liuud, louud It was
about J20, and then nu de a desier,ite
effort to find It. Mr. Hyde is not only
city treasurer, hut flnaecler for the A.
0. V, W. and the K. 0. T. M. The
thief must hnve known this and
also, that he had drawn some olty
money a few days before. The thief
was mistaken about him leaving it at
home while be had only a small
amount on hand-be had put it in the
Albany bank before going. The tSf
got $1.45 which Mrs, Hyde bad laid
away and had been overlooked, for bis
trouble ;
Married lu the Evangelical taber
nacle at Waterloo, last Sunday, Juno
, Mr. J. Bailey, of Waterloo, and
Miss Ida Brown of Suntium, Rev, C.
N. Plowmau officiating. At 4:00 p. m.,
after a discourse, Rev. C. C. Poling of
fered a prayer in which he oalled God's
blessing on the ceremony that wus to
follow, after which Rev. Jfelley of
rjM halloa sang a solo; during which
the hri ' pnriy appeared, jrnti. vy. j.
Grimes, as jvoomsmaii and his ulster,
Emma Powers, ui"ieumii, i lie)
marched up the aisf( Wd- took their
places, Rev. Plowman bound
them in the holy bonds of matrimony;
after which a orown of white rose was
placed on the bride's head. The min
ister ill very imreslve words reminded
them that the crown was earthly and
corruptable, hut if true mid fulllifiil to
the Savior, they would receive a croiui
"that fadetb not away. He then of
fered prayer for the happy couple,
Congratulations followed after which
they repaired with a few friends to the
home of the groom's parents, where a
bountiful repaat awaited them. We
Join with their many fronds In wish
tusm proiutraui voyage over life's
Court convened Monday, at 9 a. m.,
With Judge Burnett on the bench. W.
A. Warner and W. 0. Tweedale were
apolntcd court bailiffs and A.B. Wood
In grand jury bailiff. District attorney
McCain and Deputy Attorney Elkini
were present and look charge of the
criminal matters,
The following grand Jurors were ap
pointed: WO Smith, foreman; John
Smallmon, Jiimes N Campbell, Riley
Allen, 0 C Ferguson, M S Titus and J
The following cases were disposed
Mary Cougill vs Fnrmcrs & Merch
ants Insurance; continued.
Toplllxft Co. vs Mary Cougill; re
covery of money; continued.
George J Cruntier vs Mary Cougill;
recovery of money; continued.
Mnnney, Vult-i: tina A Co. vs Mary
Ougill; continued. '
Capital National Bnik vs W F Cros
by; recovery i,f mono;, ; continued pen
dli g rof'.'Riiee, to report nt iio.'t term.
T B. Baldwin vs Goldsmith &
Ruukle; recovery of money; nonsuit
on motion of philiiiifi'.
U 0 Gi'ilVni vs M luh Co.; iveov
ery of money; I'taitiliia-il.
J W Ralls vs K & M Ins. Co.; recov
ery of money; continued.
Will Link vs W. H and H J
Maple; recovery of nmney; continued.
W E Gitliens vs John T McXeil; re
covery of money; settled.
Fred W Blumhcrg vs Mrs A Muel
ler, et a!, recovery of money; contin
ued. Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. vs G
W Rodgers; recovery of money ; attach
ment; settled,
J R K Irvine vs Michael McTelgh;
recovery of money; attachment; continued.
S A Stover vs W E Ray; recovery of
money; allachmeiit; judgment ss to
John Smith; nonsuit as to other defts.
H Bryant vs J M Meeney and C L
Beach; recoveiy of money; attach
ment; judgment as to Keeney ; contin
ued as to Beach.
M Casey v Jacob Thompson et al.;
motion to correct judgment.
Theodore Schroder vs Chris Schnei
der etal.; recovery of money; judg
ment by default.
Theodore Schroder vs Joseph
Deutch; recovery of money; judgment
by default.
B E Arlroas, respt. vs Ed Ward
appt. appeal from justice court; set
tled. Sarah J Elder et al. vs J A McBride,
et al ; partition; continued pending reference.
In the matter of the Bank of Oregon
assignment; continued.
0 A Wheeler et al. vs ' Hattie Titns
et al; partition; report of refree confir
med and judgment.
W S Denham vs L A Woodle et al.
confirmation; sale confirmed with
order to . sheriff to put purchasers iu
WSDeuhamvsL A Woodle; con
firmation; same order as above.
James Kaunp, et al. vs Louisa DSet-
tlemlre, et ul.; partition; continued.
In the matter of Louis Vlerick, as
signment; continued.
Fred W Bluruberg vs Mrs A Mueller,
et al.; recovery of money; attachment;
nonsuit on motion of plaintiff.
J A Sturtevaut vs J L Cowan and J
M Ralston, as Bank of Lebanon; re
covery of money; report of referee con
firmed and judgement accordingly.
Houeymaih DeHart & Co. vs Mat
thew & Washburn; motiou; for de
fendant to answer and nonsuit as to
May & Senders vs Red Crown Roller
Mills, recovery of money, attachment;
Judgment for plaintiff.
Ames & Hurri;, vs Red Crown Mills,
recovery of money, attachment; judg
ment for plaintiff. ' -
John Gltilin vs George P Warner, re
covery of money, attachment; judg
ment wllh order for garnishee W W
Rowell to pay amount of judgment.
Charles A Warner vs W W Rowell,
recovery of money, attachment set
tled. A P Blackburn vs R. W. Nickels,
recovery of money, attachment; set
Lane Lumber League, a corporation
vs R N and Ida A Morris, recovery of
motley, attachment; judgment bv de
fault. Martha A Cochran, et ul., vs The
Mutal Life Ins. Co., of New York, re
covery of money; transferred to U. 8.
H M. Stone vs School Dlt. No. 100,
Linn county, Or., recovery of money;
The Stnudard Shoe Co., u corpora
tion, vs R N Thompson, recovery of
money, attachment; judgment by lie
fault, V Hunter vs It N Thoiurson and A
C Hnusmuu, recovery of money, at
tachment; judgment by default.
W J Walters vs R N Thompson, re
covery of money, attachment; judg
ment by default.
Hannah Newlund und R H Grover,
recovery of money, attachment; udg
ment by default.
Joseph A Ford vs R N Thompson,
recovery of money; judgimut by de
fault. Levi Strauss 4 Co. R N Thompson,
recovery of money, attachment; judg
ment by defalih
Eunice Rlxxles vs R N Thompson,
recovery of money, attachment; Judg
meiil by default.
M D Well & Co. vs M E Hearn, re
covery of money; judgment by default.
David Cherry v Henry Reams, re
covery of money ; judgment by default.
The Pacific Matress Manufacturing
Co. vs L E Moe, recovery of money,
attachment; Judgraeut by default. ;'
May & Senders vs F H Hyde, recov
ery of money, attachment; Judgment
by default.
Braunschwelger A Co, a corporation,
vs Charles Metzgar, recovery of mon
ey; settled, t
3 H Moist vs W H Koehn, recovery
of money; judgment by default.
Knapp, Btirrcll & Co vsOLlnesay;
recovery of money; jury trial; verdict
for plaintiff for property valued at
$60.00. '
Andrew Holsteln vs Robert Smith;
recovery of money; lunsuit on motion
of plaintiff.
furuA Caldwell vs Ella C Cald
well etal; partition; continued (Kind,
ing reference.
I I) Irvine vs Gilk'-y & Titns, recov
ery of money, allaihuienl; judgment
for plaintiff without inteiest.
Sarah -M Shields vs A M Young, et
al, recovery of money; continued. ,
W I Vuwler vs B F Shannon, recov
ery of money; settled.
W A Lane vs W B Lawler, recovery
of money; continued.
State vs Charles Peck; larceny In a
dwelling; arraigned, plead guilty and
sentenced to one year in the peniten
The grand jury Wednesday returned
Indictments against John Isom, presi
dent, and J R Stockman, secretary of
the Red Crown Roller Mills Company,
for removing wheut from the mills
without the consent of the owners.
In the civil case of S Z Taylor et al,
vs the Red Crown Roller 'Mills Com
pany, John Isom, J R Stockman and
Charles Pfeiffer, for damaages, a de
murer the the complaint was overruled
as to the con pany but was sustained
as to the seperate individuals.
JG Kelley vs Harrieburg Water
Power Compauy; recovery of money;
report of referee confirmed.
G W Smith vs F & M Ins. Co; con
R L Sabin vs Oriental Tea company;
recovery of money; nonsuit as to A J
Pitner. Judgment against others, $100
to be deducted from claim of Long &
G B Haight, administrator vs Nim-
rod Puyen as executor! suit for ac
counting; continued. '
David Carey, Appellant, vs FA M
Ins. Co, mandate; continued.
S Z Taylor vs. Red Crown Roller
Mills, et al, action for damages; con
tinued. . '
T W Stuchell vs C F Wright, recov-
ery of money, attachment; verdict for
plaiutiff for $58.70.
State vs J G Bolin; Indicted for sel
ling spirituous liquors iu less quanti
ties than a gallon.
State vs J G Bolin, Indicted for car
rying concealed weapons.
'Smashers prices." See new goods
at W. E. Chandlers.
Hop men, bave a talk with W. E.
Cbaudler. Work and prices guaran
These hard times we want to save all
we can, but of course we have to eat,
still you will save money by getting
your groceries at 8. P. Bach's.
Ladies if you are thinking of getting
a pair of shoes or a new dress 'next
week, you will want to know where to
get the best for the leaBt money. Mr,
jiaker always curries the best
On May 18, a dark brown horse
about sixteen hands high strayed
away. Was seen near Lebanon May
20. Has reached mala and short tail.
Information will be thankfully re
ceived at this office.
Duck, Duck, DUCK.
A few pieces of duck for ladies'1
dresses arrived . Saturday morning.
Tans and blues.
Satiue, Satink, SATJNE,
I'luin black, black brocaded, navy
brocaded, surah novelties and cream
herring bone.
S. E. YOUNG'S, Albany, Or,
Highest Honors World'i Fr.
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Mad,
The Recent Rise" In
Will Not Affect Prices at Our
Stores. Our Spring Orders were
all in before the raise.
We Can Save You
. . From . . .
15 to 25 per cent
. . On Your Purchases . . ,
We make it extravagant
for you to buy elsewhere.
Our Spring Stock is now
entirely, on, including the
greatest values that a season
of careful buying could pro
cure. -..';.'
Special care has been taken
in selecting choice patterns
and the most becoming styles.
The new Albany Woolen
.Mills goods are equal to any
in the market for wear, the
patterns are neat and the gar
ments are elegantly made up.
Suit of these goods run from
$10 to $15 and 'will' satisfy
any one wishing good value.
Princely styles in black dress
Summer suits from $8.25
up, in beautiful shades,
Do not forgot that we also
carry a large stock of the new
est Hats, Furnishing Goods
and Shoes.
If you are not able or pre
par to come send your order
and we will forward goods on
approval. Mail orders prompt
ly filled.
Albany, - - - Oregon,