The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, June 14, 1895, Image 4

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    GRASS ON A HOG. -J ARi.Y .fruit and vegetable! PH'c with "your pit.
A Muasum Man's Bahama
Gulling the Public.
Ih Psrkar Coatorud tats Sort at
, T Perambulating Latni-Brltat area
flladaa Wbara flrltuaa Uagkt
to lira.
IvtaM Tatar Osasa nai aarf wiuu Ida
ra Mini nt -
The question In often asked, when
do th early spring fruit and vegeta
bles come from? Ordinarily the only
satisfaction obtained In answer laa
gwcral statement whloh confirms
DreTioiM Innmui'nn .!.. 11
- - r - w ti'j wine
from aomewhere In the math. Grad
ually aa the aeaaon sdvanoes this unde
fined locality approaches us until
Cot" a New Wrlakto A
Doctor. In Hnslnrt.
The "food euro," is a eompnratlTOlv
' A Clubbing Offer. ' ' '"""
A ffreHt many nf mir readers T, Inn
iinjnty like to tultc Hit' wtltly Mn'gim-
imii. tte HHVe tumle Hrriiiim'tkinhrit
new ldea,lntrluced Into EUndbir, '"!', ,, T ""'"'''"'
nuTcrni uiiyshimna at advanced Ideas I v "B l,ll,ln uniarruuut-
who boldly advanced the nroiiosition ,"" fl'"'" 'rt'Bi'lm' irlwti UiiisimvIiu
that they imii euro ordinary human Ills wM bmh Hi.' iJxi'liran
For the insltmificfinf ai,m n - -
the nuriously inclined might have had Sn locaUty approaches us until
the prWloRe of seeing recently In a nfl.y th a 01 our own latitude li
mile museum way down in the French rlalu p he luscious appe
quarto no lees a curio than a nor "J . ", . '
sportinjf a complete and bona fldo crop 1hw1b nd moat of the veffeta
of grass all over his body "In de place IT n their moTement north from
whar de ha'r ought to grow." the territory borderinjr the Gulf of Mox-
This sounds liko the most preposter-' t00 8Tsthe Chicago Journal. Itisfrom
ous tmnjj on record, writes a corre- "u'"" ""ssissippi that they are
sponaent or the Philadelphia Times,
and so your correspondent conceived It
lu ....411 1.. . .. . . .
j uuiiu uk wuv 10 me pointox sacri
ficing- dime on the altar of his In
comiuir now. Struwhnrrim
Ida were in the markot at the end of
rourury, eiigntiy delayed on account
hoto weainer there. From
O - ... "'Wl IM UH IU . , . ,. . ... K4UU
oredulitv.anri IwhnUwitk i.:- iiouuuana thevare ahinnarl In .wan
he wonder. The animal appeared to : f0 Pint 0a3e. which are disposed of
bo a well-grown nine or ten-months' ' by emission merchants here am 50
shoot of the Essex breed, with the i to 8,T8 P81- ca"e: from Mississippi in
usual broad back, chubby neck and! wenly-"' quart oases, which are sell
eiiort legs, but from the tip of his nose '"Jf uow at ti so to Pr ease, equal to
o ine ena ot nis tail he was bristling , " BO"M quart- ihe demand
" r.n as perfect Ireshgreon grass as the , . "r u and the
, Liuost lawn mixture is warranted to Prieeu considerably In excess of last
produce. J. This advance la aaid to be due
The exhibitor from time to time ' w. quality of the fruit,
clipped a stray bit of grass from the ' " unusually fine and firm, with
1 i w (fiooairuui tne , , . u. IKU
hog's abundant crop and passed It . Plettam flavor. South Water
around for inspection. I am willing to receiving two carloads or
U-stifv on oath thnt n more a day. Soon the berrim roill h.
gin to come In larger quantities, as the
crop in Tennessee ripens. Not until
testify on oath that it. wa tl.o i,,s..
inicle and no mistake, and the more 1
.ted the more the wonder grew that
me short hog should wear so strange a
ue, till finally my curiosity got the
.better of my purse strings and I
flipped in with some other fellows and
got the man to let us on to the fake.
"Easy enough explained.," said the ex
.hibitor, as he bemn tosnmv t.h anitn.t.
ed grass plot with a small rubber bulb
the 10th or Wth of May will strawber
ries with an Illinois label he obtaina
ble. Cabbages, cucumbers, head lettuce,
radishes and most other vegetables are
shipped north from the neighborhood
of New Orleans. Cucumbers of a very
fine quality, however, have W mm.
i he held constantly in his hand, i !n? 411 wintr from Boston, where there
step behind here and take a close ' !r "rame nowiouse gardening, and
.tthehntr. IMInd lira k.-ji. i ! New England shinmant .(in
iuu m uie nog. mma now vnn hanrfu ' "uguuiu snipments still
him, though, or you may break him all i m up 0Ter haU ' the upply on the
up. Seems to be a pretty good thick-'. J6- Hundreds of barrels of head
ness of earth twixt him and the grass, """"" "oeived dally from
uoniinerey xes. Well, that's just it I V
Urass grows ludirt and nowhere else, I r8far,n8 eomes fro" nearer home.
r.o all you've got to do is to tretenomrh ' Tlie largest part of the local surmlv now
of it to stick to a hog and he'll make you 1 5?,, Tom Illinoi. especially from
boom as good a lawn as yon'd find any-1 . I"UB' "oaen, Anna and Moken
where almost. . on the line of the Illinois Central
"That's straight so fares it goes, but, ' n1. tmm Alto- Asparagus begins
or course, mere Is a good deal more to W,UK Mississippi along in March,
it before you can work np such an ar- . Pnsh northward to its extreme
Ucle as this here. In the first place .Swine, which it reaches early
... , .1 ... , . , . niJune.
euv w K uv nUC ngiu, Hmii ox a , '
iog. I generally use a Berkshire or an . onions come from Illinois and
ijaex, because they are good and broad : Mlchgn- Bermuda onions are shipped
i:d you can feed 'em up to be pretty m Now Yoric--y.
This is necessary, of course, as a ' trado in a11 the" Products of the
islcy hog is not liable to hold mud or T"a brisk and V'Km from 80 to
iitcreitnerforalongtime. The next I v-1? nner tnn hut year,
-uup ia k. get. me ngnt Kind of soil. ueuw me standard on
"Now, I always use dirt collected I HJ60?"'0' the nni,0I,Inly poor quality
from ant hills, but this is an old dodc ' , , yeart yieli nd vege-
oorrowed from the East Indian W-1 . lnls Tear 8re arriving in very
glers, who can make a mango apron. g . order snd offer mt promise of
ana grow six or seven feet in as man"
minutes. Scientists say that ft is tlii
formic acid in earth which causes soei!
to burst and the germ to develop wlici
placed therein, and this acid is freely
generated oy uie suit. Ponr a cupful of
hot water over a handful of the insects
and it will become as sour as vinegar.
"Of eourse it is easy enough to get a
layer of soil about an inch thick caked
up on a hog, and a little training will
teach him to keep it there all right. I
put a ring in this fellow's nose and tie
him up short so that he can't skirmish
around, and that's about all. I plant
ray seed, which sprout and come up in
about a week's time, for I haven't quite
,jui.u up to uie jugglers' minute per
t jfSnancQs yet. So there's your hog as
us me ana as green as grass.
, --v. M.Mtt promise ox
an abundance of the spring delicacies
later on. For the peach crop of the
uu, iu tact, ior loose of all
tree fruits, which have been invariably
-t.t,nU.luK uuvuig uie past lew years.
- ,v.j iMuuiuiuiKuuuooK is reported.
n of Stimnst Matklos BlM
Democracy, says Julian Ralph in
narper'a, is more . evident at the
seat oi our government than mm
where else in America. Washington is
a great reveller. Had the capital been
- -r .n.i,o mrK, or any great com
mercial or manilflUttlirlnrr .1
- I . IU6 IO-
,!.. MIMln mn..l , , ...
- "uuiu jmve oecn very-dif-!
ferent. The people or the officials
..t . - - u.awu a line netwrnm .,
.naveverai hogs which I use at two classes. But as it is Washington Li
different times, na it. ,i ..m nL... '""-"uigion is
, ... ,'. w .nuiun cue una omctai, and the mm
knn nnfi with hin nn. ., i . ... ' l l , , , . " iJ,e uen
vuu uom piaee become ordinary by
keep one with hio pores stopped up too
long. Sometimes, too, I vary the mo
notony by planting small, low-growing
flowers Instead of grass, and once I
rigged up a vagary with a Bprig of smi
iax for the .tail, little eulcns plants
talking the stars and stripes on either
side, and a razor-back of pansiesninnimr
between. But that did not go very well!
The fake was too obvious, and I lost
trade by it. Since then I haveconlineil
myself almost entirely to grass, whLJi
w p(u ouuwuuw, pernapa owing
mere force of numbers. Heart pang's
new congressmen, who find
themselves counting for no more than
ordinary citizens outside of their coun
cil chamber. Indeed, only the members
of the upper house have been able, by
reason of their fewness and long tenure
of office, to create an artificial dignity
for themselves wholly within one wing
of the canltnl. Tn th i,.i i..i,,.i ,
4 . -- ...,vv. tuuuiCB uuu
the streets no one poiu ts out a sena-
, .enator, tnougn especial gifUs
-""1 umug yui w b wnuior, 'UlOUgh OSIX-ckl fift.
to the general greenness of the public." , snd strong pcrsonalitv JZT h
Knowledge of the interesting fact ' erowds.
that within the current year the queen i And how can thU helnbutbi.
expects to have the number of her case where even the nreswi"r,t
great-a-randchilrtn.n inTO,.i i... ....... .i.n... . Prelt"!nt walks
lgreat-ffrandchilrlnn inmn i... 4
suggests that at the rapid rate at which
uey ore uiureasing nor majesty may
-fwiuwi. VTU
about the streetji nn fi,. a4 .
met in the shops, goes on foot to and
Mioiuig ana witnout the uso of medi
cines, says the Now York Mall and Ex
press. Thoy elalra that cortuln foods
contain all the olomonts neccs'sary to
oiTect cures; that thoy have made np a
list which embraces tonics, febrifuges,
diuretics, and, in fact, every medicinal
agent that Is defined In the pharmaco
peoiu. Those foods are of the simplest
character, but the English doctors do
not disclose them, except to their pa
tients. They say that in the course of
ton years there will not be one-third
the medicine used .that Is used to-day,
and thev nolnt nnt thn fnnt. .i,n
sale nf nmninp nn.) nil o.. ,
Muwpji-Qbiua uas
..w. in um ave years to a re
markable detrrnn.
"There Is a good deal of common sense
in the idea," said a physician who had
rani 01 uie new neparture, "and It
may take if doctors generally will go
.., , i iCT,r nn ion w win not.
""" you mignt convince a
man mat 110 was getting sufficient iron
for his system when ho was eat
ing beef, or that If he needed starch he
Could ETet it from hnvil lne.n-,1 - m
- - .... .U!WW4 l U1L1
pdls, but you conldnt do that with a
.vuuiuoi. j. noy qo not reason that way:
1 Am HnMlrinrpu Mnaint,M ....
.. , r ui paiients
slightly hypochondriacal when I say
..lay numu reject such treatment im-
mediatelv: hut. lift a rmnnml eV.;n .
win raw w au womankind,
"Advice an tn athiwIu . au j
ernllv lout. Th ,
" nuiuuu wauut
w uii3 mwucine, ana a it is Tory disa
frreeublo she imiurinAu u. ia
" w sutjl VUlVf
cious. She gradually gets a mania for
pills and potions, and takes delight in
uuomg evuryoooy wno wiU submit
xlOW, It ' a tloetsn nan U.J11..
helo her enndltlrm ij.
. j ucr
bread pills with a hypnotic sug-
koviuu, x ininic it is his duty
to do BO. and enllM hi, fea it i-i..
as well whistle down the north wind as
ui mane a woman believe that oxerciso
and diet am bAt.tA fi,an mnji.i...
. .w nuvu.uillo, 11
he is overly conscientious and abandons
ease anotner fellow comes along
and gets it, so the natural temptation
vor ki a patient s whims."
Twa Isiuag Vm-U Var; Baraty Any la
Thalr Hp.rraai Haas Knag.
For two salllncr vhaaaIh tn inn . m.:
r. . .u .u. , c m
neseporton the sumo day, on almost
the Same hour nnrl itfa.n..i
siderably more than half way round the
world, to reach Now York no farther
apart than when tl,A.r D.n, 1
.j hki vku irum
ilong Kong, is an event which, while
mu unpreceucntea, comes not far from
beinr mirarMilroie Tk.T.-.iui . .
, , niuu ouanier
and the Wandering Jew, both of them
.uuciiuui buijui, uuih ana owned In the
State of Mnine. linn loot .,. . ,
.... . ,', . J """upuaueu
..iu. nuinnutoie ieat. The Tam n'
Whanter is of 1,53a tons burden, halls
iroin roriiana. ant has ... .
service to her credit. The Wandering
-" - vuujucu vessel iys tons neavier
than her rival, anil Imo nnt .1
about the seas so long by two years.
During the long journey of ninety-eight
davs there seemoH inh.,
.. ..w u av.aiifu VUU
spiracy on the part of winds and waves
uu citron u 10 Keep the two ships in
company. Even whnn nnc nt r.n
: - -"w mmwi tt
carried away some of her sails, the
other was unable to take advantage of '
the accident and haul nh,,i ....
squall that did the damage was fol
lowed by a calm. Before the breeze
came atrain new ntninna v.nj 1
spread by the temporarily disabled ves-
bv. uu uie uuiueai. 01 speed was re-
auouu on equal terms.
an Hinl Uu-
Origonlnii. Tlif ii-miliir piice of Hit
Orcgiiulun Is i)M mr year, 11111I uf the
Ext'KUSH CI .S11 when In advance. We
will furnish both C r &! mtr vmir in
advance u saving online dollar to tin.
sulwu Ipcr. The Oiogonluu glvts nil
ih gtMivrul iii-wsiif thv couniry oiuse a
ween, ami me :xi'Kiiss gives nil the
local itfcws oiuie a week, whloh will
uuikt a most exwllent iwui aurvln.
for the moderate sum nf 2. per year.
Those ho are at iirewnt subsorluen
il tlie .X1'IIE6B must niiv III all arri-sr.
Kn and one .year in advance to olnuln
this siwclul price. .
- ..ii-ay a .i-w. p'.-i. -si
Notioe of lSxeoutrix.
Notice Is hereby glvon to all whom It
may concern, that, hv an nninr- nf ,
County Oourt for l.lun County, 8lsto of
ure(-on, me uiuhvaigiied has been duly S
poimpd und is now tlie ilulv oualilied ami
acting Executrix of the last will and
testament of EiiKone H. tMm,. deceased
All nsrties imlebtwl to said ei,n urn r
uiesteil to make liiiiiieiliuin
me uimersiKireil. and a nan in Imvlnu
claims agoinst the eitiito are herehv n.
quired to present the ame properly veri-
nmi, uiiiiiii six nioiitim trom the Otb day of
April iSOo, the Ural niiiilimilnii nf !,
notice, to the uiulersignoil at the offlce of
Bani'l M. flurliinil, Lelnnon, Ore.
I,. J. i;t.
Ex. of the liht will ami tfHi,,,MM. ni
Eugene H. Ulm, deceased.
Sah'i. M. (Iamlano,
Ally, for Executrix.
AtlmlnlMU'alor'a Notion,
Notice is herebv aiven that tlia inl,.r.
I signed has been duly ap)oliited by the
i.uuiuy 1 01m ot 1.11111 niniiilv. Iln,mi ih.
administrator of the estate nf A V
Uaroutu), rieceawd ; and has duly qualified
as such adiiiiiiijimior. All persons hav
ing claims aiiaiiist tlie estate am l.nrohv
required to iitMcnt them, with proper
voucners. w t nn six month. fr,,, .1,.
date hereof, to tlie umleraiirnnl t 11.
loftieoof W. M, Brown, in U'liamm. I.hni
county, Oreiiou. -
Dated this 22ml. dnv of January, lHVj.
Will Ulnar
W. M. Brown, Adminlsliator.
Attorney lor Adnliiiiniralnr. ,
' PAN8Y.
Have finest line of CItCKEllY and
GLASS WARE ever brought to Lebanon, whiuh they - in
vite you to call and inspect.
Their price are as low, if not lower thun atiywhoVo else
in the valley.
Highest Prices Paid for Country
x Produce.
52. w
OP .
' D
3 0
: 0
2 rt-
-1 " v
I sai
tm unenterprising f m
DUMiiKs man , , , -2.
,, Uies a Bmall amount of Print
ed Btationery und other Ad
vertieiiiB mattur, and ui a
connequenoo his buninesn died
away and, he is then like the
man whose picture njijieaie
East and South
exoeet to Z 7h "Tvry ,r 1 '"na r"lcs Ute coun-
a. j ---. m uei uireut ry tubus in a carriaifo not different
descendant, exceed one hundred. Her from those of his genteel nc oors?
children were ten in number. The President Arthur's fine L".
grandchUdren up to date are thirty- common feature of mtdw lif. u
uve. The latter are now (frowlnffup Washington. M ta
aud marrymff off, end their offspring Gen. Garheld had been Imw
.onstnutinir the fourth generation, by sight, to all gtiWoT.'
dl'-ShOWagre8tIyaj!:clor- r8" prMi,lent- Neither
". .-, ,m motlKr- Jmseu. and if PresidcntClovclanddoes
-.taut thmyear are the duchess of so tt is because he is a poor MtatriaT
ork, the empress of Eussia, and the snd an ill-advised workTaUendhT
. daughters of ihe duke of Edin- sven the routine . dSJrt icS othe?
muw "own princess of Eoumani. presidente have shouldered upon suit'
ud the duchess of Hesse-Darmstadt. dinates. The custom of tri-.Sly re-
. ccptions to the DUblic. wh(,.l, 11, r'i,..
owu ib rraaea. , I land mad . ,..' .. , , ,,"""'
j- " " m "ranee "" nis nrst term, which Ben-
.Oll01(Wofheii..whlch,at.nrEge iui Uarrison kept up and which
price of a francs SO centimes per head, my presidents have observed had
represent a value of 113,000,000 and 6,000 (Treat leveling effect The member
francs. One-fllth of the stock is an- from Podunk could not g ve WmsVlf
nually consumed as food, and is sold i his humblest con1tltuc"ntTad
or about IWW francs. Two mil- "akcn hands with the execute that
.lion of cocks, worth 8,000,000 of francs, ! meant to do so again day after
are sold as food The number of lay- to-morrow. The custom musT have
ing hens is put down at 85,000,000, and many a foreigner marvel It wa.
wZZEL1: '1.theiIc i 183.- "1'ra-AmcricaD-the best Uiing f or tht
000,600 francs. A million franca twmala People, and th i .... "u. ,
tm,m. '-chiefsCrVantofo;7pi;t'-
t Sh. Saw the l.i, w.ta,i. ' UW 01Jce i,oi,jCT the
There has just died In WhitectancI a wW 0"1""1. The man
Ilrs. Todd, who was present Tithe" T-Ti7 himSecm
1'atlleof Waterloo. "hfwTt len onh 1 oth, Z
ic.yrarsold.but vividly remembered1 III, , nUt- "7 Ban
I- h.-r dying day many of j rJ? hai
i.nd W rnotinr wa , 1?'" ta the Aisettoo
Library m riar naad.
Tha nAimal. nniAf,, ll.n...,i...M , A.
- .UJ KUBuuuu" in ot.
i'etftrahnrir in nn nl.l . .
.. a ... ,..u pc.MH.ut woman
with a wonderful memory. Her name
is Irina Androjowua Fedosova; she is
seventy years of age, can neither read
nor write, but knows by heort over
nineteen thousand legends, folksongs
and Doemsl When ah . .
- e,,u. UUU11V
recital the aeann is a u.Hn.i .
little bent figure appears, hobbles on to
the ulatfnrm..nttA ilt..n n . . ...
L, i ---;-:'"""" uunir, Willi
hands folded, and withered face quite
iUuiei. Amm a hush of expec
tation She hl'Crlna tn nani.. . , .
. . . , okvi, uinll Her
face brightens, her eyes open widely
anrl na-1,lA ...U11- .....
.....v, uur voice grows
clear and nenatrailnir si,. 1..1.. . ...
. e- .'.' twu wu
vears vonntw In hM. ..n...:
she half speaks, half sings the legends
of her youth, tales of great wars, old
fairy tales, long-lost tragedies or tender
love stories, while the audience, carried
way by her strange magnetism, listens
spellbound, laughs and weeps at her
will. 8he Is the "rage" in the Russian
capital, snd we hear that two eminent
. j,iuaownanum-1 -
form, when it should prove a rich find
Pleasant to take by old or
.young. No griping.
The root of the Liverine
plant is extetiBively used in
Norway for the cure of Piles.
Sold by all first class drug
Wholesale Manufactures
Anchoh S Chemical Co
Lebanon, Oregon
or r.'ii:
Southern Pacific Co.
" tral" have fnftlniitliliiilv.
0:20 p. . l.v...AIIiy., Xr i tit, u
lo.-io a. h. Ar.sai, i,v,u,-i. ' ,:. J:S "
IjVj - ! .... a ;W r, H ii.,7.7. . j l . .. "lutioiis I'rniii
8i,e,i,i,HN;vi;;,s;- 'j-
.-..o ... ..IIIUiiu .m.-iiimve. , -
Jioscbiirg mall ilnllyi
YiM f. M. l,v,..,ll,v Ar-
Iljll'1'l'h"'IS I.V
i2:S0 p. .
7:(W. a, '
8:20. m. ' Lv...AlK5VrX;
The siaaihter of Blaphaais,
In Berlin a number of African travel
r, colonial politicians and scientific
men have formed a "committee for the
purpose of taming and preserving the
African elenhant." If. it .7 . .
cording to statistical data of the ex-
os-o. .ivory, mat no fewer than from
liftv to aiatv thmiunil Hl , .
im. T. f,.rr ""puanis -in
Wiiihai aun all ikii tfVHwir narm mi. .
I nnttee say, that being so, the time is
u 7 a,JO lM '""t elephant
S..,Af?, 1'"' '" London
1 J "i nave Qisappeared. With
IUCh J"?.Pt ta Tlew' committee
have deehlerl , n..t. .. .
' .1.1. . " mmv una mis
chievous slaughter, By taming and
j maintaining the last representatives of
a fsst-dying-out animal world the com
i mlttee hope to preserve unimpaired the
, saormous power the elephant is known
-to possess, to that hemay bs of stm
-.v. uwiu mmm..:ybt German
Wlonial company have already devoted
large aura af money to. this purpose,
fortiffn oflloc have augmeaud-tiils stun
Best Shaven, Hair Cut or Shampoo at
Shaving Parlor,
Elegant' Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
The Enterprising
Business Man . ,
0:111. u
4:0 u.
6:20 p. h.
.insssiiKvr : tmiiis daily (uxiept
nr,..i,(h.,i,v, 9,ft
I.V...AI hany Ar. (I;i...
ArJflwiiiiii ...l.v. I o:fl0 p.
Dining Cars on buir.
Socond-ClusB Blep;,i r
tuched to !)'', Thrnugh Trains.
.. -
man irniiH-uaii,, ,,,.. ..,,.,,.
12:15 r. m.'
i.v.j.ri.riirtuii ;;
! Ar...'..rvulliM. .hi.
Useii a great amount of Ad'or-
using matter ot all ki(e
C'onseouent'v his Hn: i '
.... . . VHn ... 111.
creases anu he becomes as trsino T l,' .!.., . ,!rvl """ with "
nabnv as th in.i;.,u....i .v-tt. "x1 mmm.
w represented by the ji'ctuie
just above.
''"faWeeia 8mlsy)i
7:86 r.-M. Ar.JlcMii,i,uu i. I
'I'Aaill noiiiu in ihk
oilasttTfjiliirSii-Ai :;..,..' r".'1 'n-
rarB'frbnf TSft ,.,t, nsent, L" 'MV',
ob Printing
if Ail lands
If done at thii OlEee in a
Workmanlike Manner, and at
Prices to Compare with the
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