The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 08, 1895, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Kditor and - Proprietor,
" It is unlawful to catch spotted
trout until April 1. v
A home fur disabled authurs will
ht founded iu Russia. '
' Miss Anna. Gould married
Frmtnh noblcrnan at the .-mc
hour that tlic 53rd congress ad
journed. Both wore . monied
It was right and proper to defeat
t 'e bill of Iva Templeton, but ti
d'tfeat that bill .aud allow the rail
road coin mission and the state
militia to exist, is like pumoing a
sinking ship with a goose quill
Salem Post. ' '
Ai ley's bill fixing the age of
consent passed hy the legislatuie
takes effect May : 24. It is as
follows: .If any. person shall car
nally know any female child under
the age of eighteen years, or shall
forcibly ravish any woman of the
age of 16 years or upwards such
person shall be . deemed guilty of
rape, aud upon conviction thereof
shall he punished, by iitprisonmeiit
in the penitentiary fur not lest
than three nor mure than twenty
Orders have! been issued from
the -Adjutant-General s office at
Sacramento announcing that Cap
tain S. P. Blumebberb (retired) of
San Francisco, formerly com
mander of the East Troop Cavalry
has been found guilty by a general
court-martial of signing a false cer
tificate concerning the pay-roll of
persons purporting to have been on
duty at Oakland during the strike.
Blumenberg's sentence is dismissal
from the State service. Governor
Budd has approved the sentence.
Thksz are days nf reform. The
governor, it tt raid, tan not live on
the salary which the constitution
allows him. Well, he ought to have
thought about that last May, and
if it is too much of a burden he
. should not have assume, it. We
do not hear any complaint that the
secretary of state does not get pay
for all be does, and out.of his $15-
000 he might well devide with the
governor, inasmuch as the gover
nor has to. 'help him to get this
fortune. A. public officer uugl.t to
have isasonable compensation for
his services, but it ought to stop at
that. Ex.
Gen. Lew Wallace proposes to
find out why be was not compelled
to pay duty at the Detroit custom
house on a' copy of "Ben Hur"
which he bought on a tr.iin in
Canada while on his wav to De
troit the other day. Among a pile
of books which the train boy threw
down beside him he found a paper
covered volume of his own work,
which the 'boy offered him for
twenty-five cents. As the book can
cot be purchased in this country for
less than f 1.50, owing to the copy
light, the general was somewhat
disturbed in his mind, and this feel
ing appears to be justified, if it is
really true, as he says, that he hue
only received fifteen cents from
foreigu publishers on a book that
has been translated into several
It is said that Senator McBride
has expressed himself as in favor
of general measures of vital inter
est to Oregon and the Northwest.
First and foremost, of the most im
portance to the development of
the Pacific coast, is the Nicaragua
canal; next he favors a cable to the
Hawaiian islands and the annexa
tion of the islands at the earliest
day. He is especially interested
In the claims of the Indian war
veterans for 1109,000, as shown in
his reports and for a pension act
in their behalf; and the claim of
the state of Oregon, for its share
of public land sales of 13315,000,
Which was fully proved up by Mr.
McBride, as secretary of state. It
will be seen that the now senator
fmm Oregon has plenty of work
.head f blu, Usidta looking after
Oregon' general interests with his
t4 lruVf 4 (visit
An Expeditious Method of Fatten
ing Fowls for Market.
4 French VroKtm br Which Chlckn and
Backs Am SiMdU7 BroaKM to a
BUra Stat or Porlwtloa for
1 Taste.
There to a poultry-raialni? establish
ment in Baltimore county at which all
the modern appliances for hatching
and rearing chickens are in practical
operation, says the Baltimore Sun, and
where the i'stufihur" process of feeding;
known for many years in Fronue
gnujaement, is used in fattening both
chickens and ducks for the market
About five thousand chickens and as
many ducks are annually fattened by
this process at this place. Tho owner
of this establishment is an American
who has spent many years of his life
abroad, especially in France, and he
has made a thorough study of the meth
ods followed in the land where gastron
.omy has been reduced to a science and
where the inner man is more assidu
ni.ily considered than anything else in
the world. And it is because years of
experimenting in France have proved
that poultry fed by .the process de 1'en
graissement are more toothsome and
less expensive to the grower than poul
try fattened by the ordinary processes
of nature that he has established this
place in Baltimore county upon an al
most French basis. Incubators are
now by no means the curiosities they
were a few years ago, when the public
paid an admission fee for the privilege
of seeing one in operation. Many
farmers have improved upon the old
time more or lesB careless methods of
raising chicks or ducklings, but there
is no other place in. Mnryland where
tne "stuffing" process U in vogue withall
its modem, humane and economical ap
pliances. The process is based upon the
simple principle that a fowl will grow
fat most rapidly when it is given the
maximum of food and allowed the min
imum of exercise. Fowls fed by "l'en
graisscment" are not only given all the
food they can eat but all they can hold,
and they are not given any exercise.
When the work of feeding fowls in
this manner 1b being put in practice
which is not the case at this season of
the year the interior of the feeding
house is an interesting place. It looks
like a large prison on a small scale,
with tier upon tier of tiny eells reach
ing from the floor to the ceiling. In
cacr- of these cells is a bird being pre
pared for market Its quarters are
rather confining, for it hasn't room to
turn around in and scarcely room to
rise to its feet Running along in front
of these cages, which fit their occu
pants as if they had been made to order,
is a trolley track, high up near the ceil
ing, and from this is suspended the
feeding apparatus proper. It may, by
means of weights, be put at any height,
and may be moved along the trolley
rock from one end of the building to
the other, thus enabling the feeder to
put his machine in front of any cell he
may wish. .
The feed, in the form of soft mush, is
put in a reservoir holding a gallon or
more. From the bottom of the reser
voir the food runs through a rubber
tube into another receptacle, the ca
pacity of which is regulated by a surew,
according to the extent of tho meal
to be given to the fowls at that special
feeding. From the second receptacle
protrudes a tin tube about four inches
long and as thick as a lead pencil, and
this tube is thrust down the fowl's
throat and into the craw. This done
the pressure of a lever emptie3 the con
tents of the receptacle into the fowl
and it settles down to rest, digest and
grow fat until meal time comes again
The fowls do not take kindly to this
method of feeding at first, but niter a
dsy or two.of it they seem to relish its
novelty and luxury, and begin to crow I
and cackle in anticipation as soon as
the feeding apparatus is brought into
L'engraissement has been practiced
in France for many years. Before the
improved appliances were invented tiie
operation was carried on in several
ways. One of these, called cngraisse
ment aux patons, consisted of insert
ing little cakes of dough into the
fowl's mouth, and forcing them down
with the finger. In another case,
engraissement dlentonnair, the food,
in liquid form, was poured into the
bird through a funnel. A third meth
od, still more primitive, called gavagc
a la bouche, consisted in the feeder's
filling his mouth with the food and
blowing it down the fowl's throat As
soon after the hatching as they are
able to determine, the sexes are sep
arated, and when they are three and
one-half months old they ere pot in the
"pens of plenty." Fowls thus treated
have been known to double in weight
during their confinement in the pens.
Their meat is far tenderer and sweeter
than that of fowls raised in the mdi
liar f manner;, and is devoid of all ob
jectionable stringiness. They arc, the
owner of the Baltimore county estub-
luiiment avers, more suitable for table
purposes than capons, and do not have
U be fed and cared for more than a
quarter of the time that capons re
quire. :
Biiig. Cat from Diamonds.
Everybody knows how difficult it is
even for an expert lapidariou to cut
diamonds, not only on account of their
hardness, but by reason of their struc
ture and veins, which must ho vi ll do
nned before the cutter bcf'ha hiu
work. M. Antolne, one of the best
known jewelers of Antwerp, lira, niter
many fruitless attempts and three
years of arduous, patient toil, at hint
succeeded in cuttinrj a whole iin,r out
of a block of diamond. The ring in
perfectly round, with a diameter of
nineteen milliters (about thrcc-quur-tere
of an inch), It was cxliibii-d for
some timo in Antwerp, and wee very
auch admired. It valuo is not givon,
as the maker will no sell it. Outsido
of this ting there is but one other riiij:
known to bo cut out of one utons, and
I" 11 1 the bftiutifnl. MHflllM (tuff D
Bprlng fever.
Qardeuing Is going on apace.
G. W. Medley has returned
School election pasted oil' quietly,
I. Ilarblu elected director, J. C, Hut
uii clerk.
, Trade dull ut present with a poor
utliKik for tin. future,
i'olltlcs are a thing of Hie past and
e trust a few daya work may now be
;.iiie. The legislature members will
mve ut least two years to exeuse
hemsi'h'ts in, and we trust u few uuiy
mve h lunger term. ,
We have a pn poslthn for the enu
-iderntion of the county eniuminsiooeri
lis this tliut they hike the $iio paid
uud "U.insta" in ur district uud buy
Livil'iuc and let roads work theui-
ttlves. This has tieeu a greut remedy
.a these parts. A portion of District No.
J6 lots worked otl into Wuterloo, aud a
few tough citizens of our burgh Into
Albany. We hear of u man (but it may
not lie true) who weut to read to the
iiiperiiiieinluut a copy "of McElroy's
School law but It out to be
only a pink wrapper from a Ltverlue
bottle. .Had the delegation who at
tempted to ruu the annual meeting lu
06 used more of this truly great remedy
we tlrmly believe the "worms" would
not have troubled them as they did,
fur a cose of Jaggers" it Is the best
remedy Unit has yet been found.
We understand that the city dads
are tu vacate First street or a portiou
thereof, and that Thomas Kay will
build another mill in juxtaposition (to
quote Hill Nye) to the other. This is
O. K. und if it would help this dis
torted aud defurmed pluee to become
even a decent couutrv villain) we
would be willing to vaeute our portion
of it.
Mr, Bitter and family have returned
to Waterloo and Andy has the sun-
grins again.
Those who wish to know when the
mill will start will be pleased to know
that It will start March 15, or sunie
other date.
The scenery from the head of the
ditch is being viewed by many just at
this writing, indeed the spot attracts
nut a few who revel in the delights of
the lovoly spot.
We are pleased to note that Hweet
Home's star bull catcher has been
knocked out as it will give the
Waterloo Lonesome Nine a chance to
b.-tit them this season.
Some little urchins wired the trail
to the house of worship ami thereby
caused a fail in the pulfetaf rectitude of
friend alienor et al. The bids by the
aid of our detective force were scon
ruu to earth aud were promptly Ailed,
when It was learned that they hank
ered fur the gloomy interior of a
prison cell they were liberated.
Devolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the partner
ship heretofore exutini; between P. M.
Smith and G. M. Wcslfall. known as Smith
A Westfall, and the partnership heretofore
existing between P. SI, Smith and G. M.
Wcstfull aud A.Uinphroy, known ai Smith,
VVestfall & Umphrcy, both partnerships be
ing engaged in Hie Livery & Feed business
in Lebanon, Linn county, Oregon, were on
the 12th day of February 1896 dissolved, P.
II. Hnuth with drawing from said firms.
G. M. Westfall and A. Umphrey will con
tinue the same business at the same places,
as Westfall A L'mprey. All parties indebted
to the old (inns ore earucstlly requested to
settle at once. P. M, Hhith,
G. Jl, WlSTfAU.
First publication, Feb. 22, 1805.
Cedar Posts.
Fiistcluss eedat posta for sale cheap,
Cull on or address Valter Brown, Al
bany office, at Frenehc's jewelry store
or see S, A. Is ickerson at Labauon.
In the Circuit tmrt of the State of Oregon
fur i.uin county. In department No. 2.
Mary J. Henderson, plaintiff i
vs. V Summons
Jacob w. Henoeraon, defendant)
To Jacob W. Henderson, the above
named Defendant. 1
Ik tub same of tub Statu or Onuoon:
You arc hereby required to appear and ans
wer the complaint of tbe above named
PloinlilT, in tbe above entitled court, now
on IWc with the Clerk of said Court, on or
before tbe first day of the Hepilar Term of
the above entitled Court, to wit: Monday
the lltb day of March, 1866, court being
held at Albany, Linn county, Oregon ; and
you are notified that if you fail to appear
and answer said complaint, as hereby re-
reuired. the Plaintiff herein wilt apply to the
(lourl for the relief prayed for In I'lainlltrs
complaint, filed in the above entitled
Courl; lo
Kn. .icei're iJiw.-lvinf; ibe bunds of
inutrnuofiy, uow exiting bclivccu Plaintiff
and D.-fciidmit anil lorini aUjIute divorce
fur I'ialuliir from l)efe:niui,t, anil for tbe
care, tur'ndy and control of their minor
daiiahivr VwMia and for Die toh iijid-ills
biih-eiiicnti! of Ihis suit to be taxed. '
'J bis summons is published by tbe order
of tbe Honorable II. II. Hewitt, Ju!e of
the 'third Judieial District of the Slate of
OreiMn, and of this Court, tiisdo at Cbani.
bers In the City of Albany, Mnn County,
Oregon, on Jhe to:nl day of January 1865.
Aruiriuy torj'uuy).
Men's Shoes:
si so. i -rrw
' ;2 oo. V 3' 2 50- ."
30 4 oa
: 5 00.. . -0' 5 00.
W. L. Douglas,
But his agent for the Best Shoe in the World. We carry largo linos of shoos from
Barton Bros., of Kaunas City, Brown Shoes Company, of St. Louis, and many other shoe
manufacturers; and also carry a large line of Rubber Goods of all kinds. We have a fine
line of Dress Goods arriving from the East which will bo sold as cheap us anywhere on the
fat of the earth. Remember We CarryGOOI) GOODS
For the Least Money.
HIRAM BAKER, Lebanon, Or.
i,ui!td Kverr "
Oats 2Uo
Hny li lotd pur ton.
Flour-SO lkl(iiho. peraaca.
Ohop U 75 per ewt.
limn 70c per cwt.
Midilllii(3 $rt 70 per cwt.
Potatoes 2Thi.
Apples Dried, 6c per lb
Pluinrlrled, Se
Onions 2c.
Beef Droned, So.
Veal 1(5)60.
Pork Dressed, 4.
Hams 10 per lb.
Hboultlurs 8c
Bides 10c pur lb
Geese ft (ft to lr dot.
Ducka $! IS per doc
Ohlckeii-2 l,3 60.
Turkeys 8c per lb.
Eicga 8e w dux.
Butter IS 20c per tb.
i liilcs Green, lc; dry, Sc.
It Is wouditfjll how many goods
can he bought for a little money.
Hard tlmai make low prliim, and then
in nothing sptukt so plain at spot cuib.
We keep goods for Hie pjopkt whose
wants are many and wliiwe esh is
very light. We buy for eaub and sell
for cash al lens then half the usual pro
fit, and we can undersoil all competi
tors. . Give ns a trial. You will be con
vinced. We sell genuinn kid abort for
$1.60, and very fine 12 76. Flu cash
mere 36 e. nil cnliui's and turkey red
and all the finest grades 16yds fora (1.
Curling Iroua all sizes Sr. Harlow
knlvoi 10. fine ones 25 and Mki ut the
Backets 8tore.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great many of our readers Linu
county like to take the weekly dreg Mi
lan. We have made arrangements
whereby we can furnish it at a reduct
ion from the reunlur price bi those who
want bdtli the Expbk&i und the
Oregnoian. The regular prion of the
Oregonlan Is $!.) per year, and of the
ExiRi8S1.6) whon In advance. We
will furnish both f-ir J2. per year In
advance a saving o( one dollar In the
ulwo.'lper. The Oregonlan gives all
the general news of the country once a
week, and Hie Eihhess gives all the
local news once a week, wlilali will
maka a most excellent news service
for tbe moderate sum of tS, per year.
Those who are at preeent subscribers
f tbe Expkehb must pay lu all arrear
ages and one yeur in advauoo lo obtain
this apecial price.
Blacksmith wanted, one who under
stands general blacksmith work and
especially horseshoeing also can do
wood work for repairing of wagons
and machinery, will furnish shop free
nf charge for one year. Can furnlsb
quite a number of tools. For further
Information write
- A. F. Hamiltok.
. Hnlin.v, Oregon.
A Cure for Rheumatism,
For rhui-uinllHiu I have found nodi
lag equal loObaiulierlain't Pain Balm
it relieves the ualu as snnn as applied
J. V. young, West Liberty, W. Va.
The prompt relief It affords Is alone
worth many times tbe cost, 30 rants,
Its continued use will cttecl r perman
sut 'ours. Fur sals by K i W. Smith
' OWE :
I have a LARGE STOCK of HRK'K, for wde at m
Yard, in the suhurhs of Lehanon, For Sale at lit'tiBonabh
Rates. All kind of mason's woik done with neatness and
despatch. D. W. HARDEN.
Best Bliaveu, Hull Out or Biiuuipoo ut
B. P. KIRK, ,
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
AdjulalHtrutor'a Motive.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed lias been duly appointed by the
County Court of Linn county, Oregon, the
administrator of the estate of A. V.
Oaroutte, deceased ; and has duly qualified
as such administrator. All persons bav.
ing claims against tbe estate are hereby
required to present them, with proper
vouchers, within six months from tho
date hereof, to the undersigned, at tbe
office of W. M. Brown, In Lebanon, Linn
county, Oregon.
Dated this 22nd, dav of January, 1805.
Phil Kilter,
W. M. Brown, Administrator.
Attorney for Administrator.
rwsisswlllinilllnn BnlMefttonHwrK
amtmw ininimnr. """rCVY
iiwiMim s iai vffjr
SMk. gK Tit. mr lwn tui ssraao-
.apfa Tp TTi innlTniiniTTi-'!"'
slhs tni tadutrr Si so
'CJl bsverunt. Oood clusM lor
i I WJTitfmmmt. Oust tad IuU pw
;I Snniwm. aaowaaoos.oo.suj
I ji?Iirw, PrtlMUI, Or nun Mima
I -w-s... nM u " )
Ladies' Fine Shoes:
$1 50.
Meat Marketj
Ed Kellenbergcr, Prcpr.
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo
logna, and Ham,
6rBacon and Lard Always on Hand
Main titreot, Lebanon, Or.
The Yaquina Route.
Chae. Clark, Reoelvar,
Direct Line Quick Dinpatoh
Low Freight Rates. ,
Connecting with idfliimer
mer between Vaquina and
San Fur freight and . jmsnctigcr rates
apply to sii)' agent.
Chas. J. I1i!muys, Son & Co.
- Kos. 2 to 8, Market St.,
Him Francisco, Cal,
Ctu'vuilu, t'l'tgon,