The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 01, 1895, Image 2

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    Lebano-1 -Express.
Editor and - Proprietor,
At the very lust moment of the
session, the legislature elected Hon.
George V. MeBriile the successor
to Air. Dolph in the United Htntes
innate. PerfHimilly Mr. MeBriile
is untarnished ly any scmkIhI mid
in this respect is full worthy his!
high distinction. - Politii ally, he!
is n republican and a protectionist!
and stands on the platform of his!
party enacted in ,'94. " If he is for
free silver, no one lias ever heard
of it. He is understood to be in
favor of limiting the coinage so as
not to in iuteifere with the parity
between gold and silver. That
ought to be good enough for any
man, for, on this basis, republicans,
democrats and populists can claim
the new senator as their own. He
is very cautious and has not yet so
expressed his views as to enable a
voter to really place him. When this
is done, we believe he will be found
opposed to the extreme free silver
centinient of his party, and that he
will lean vcarv decidedly to the
views of Mr. Dolph. There was a
very pronounced opinion that
Dolph is a machine politicion. If
repeated election to office by the
republicans makes their candidate
a machine politician, then the new
senator is even worst than Dolph,
fir he has bee- in office longea ond
- oftener than has Dolph. The
people do not know the true
inwardness of Mr. McBride election
and they will not know until some
one "talks out in meeting."
It matters not what the new
senator's views are, and why he was
chosen. The Republican party
will have to answer for the useless
and costly delay in making their
choice. They have so manipulated
things, in view of this contest, that
the most shameful extravagances
have been committed. The object
ionable and useless commissions
have been retained, when their
destruction was solemnly promised.
The expenses of the Governor's
oflice were largely increased, when
these same solons talked them
selves hoarse in denouncing Gov.
Pennoyer for drawing all the money
allowed by law. They have given
costly positions to numerous clerks
many of which pevitiens were
merely sinecures. Other useless
wastes of money too numerous to
note were permitted. No Re
publicon paper can conscientiously
defend this last legislature. Its
sins of omission ami of commission
are too glaring and to frequent.
Two years more of the burdens
that Oregon's people voted to rid
themselves of la t June. Not one
of the useless commissions has been
abolished and not a single one of
the economical suggestions con
veyed by Governor Lord's inaug
ural message has been adopted.
Every measure of relief demanded
by the people was ignored in the
faction fight that prevented the
election of a senator until the last
moment. It is a record of which
tiie republic majority can be
heartily ashimed. Telegram.
Chairman Wilson of the Ways
and Means Committee has unani
mously reported in favor of a bill
providing for the organization of an
International Commission to inves
tigate the hunting of seal herds in
the north Pacific and Behring Sea,
,md authorizing the President to
nrr.mge a modus vivendi with
Great Britain, Japan and Russia
pending the repirt of the Com
mission. A conversation between two
rough-looting men, which wnsover
heard near George Gould's country
home at Lakewijod, has caused u
bodyguard to be scut out daily with
Gophl's little son-and drughter,
abduction for ransom being
fro led.
A novki. scheme for expelling the
Chinese was started in Washington I
Htiite when Senator Campbell in-!
lioduced a biil in the State Heimtei
making it unlawful fo.' any male i
' piii'Hiui to wear a queue, anil fixing I
A. B. Hvnt, Chief of Fire De
partment at Seattle, has mys
teriously disappeared iintl no trac
of him can bo found. lie left foi
Tacotna on Friday, hist, at least
was oresuincil to have (lore so, but
there is no evidence as to where hi
LIcknsi; i iiidi i'i ni.ic Kcmmi.
I'.lllTOKOFTHK t'..t'!!i:s.-: -
Wilt you ki-ully -raut me ihe spai-i
ill VCMM' Vlllllutile ivIi.lM I" Sat
briefly cnnwi.iiiu:, the motor of mn
City Cotl-iil i'i i;l i li lt loe I'llhlii
School u 'io ' .v. tur !i' yvM , ;.i:imieiii
their ))!;. v n nuliio t i . :u I . ron
der us it sell. - I. I Uh in h.i ak jis :i
elti.t'll, u llui-l' inlet', t ;.; I ,'V. ; y itt
iilV, Is tin h rri ..iM"lll vvrlt'.irc, I'i stress.
iiikI intcllivlti:il uml numtl il vclop.
mentof our city anil lis srlm .is. Vir
tually this city lias neen my home
these lust six years, unit it is with re
gret that I feel these times ili-muml
our notice of such n question us this.
You will pleuse understand me, Hint 1
do not s.euk from the stuml point nf
thePrincipiiLsliip of our school, whieli
position us a servant nf the people I
have the linnor to occupy; hut plainly
as eitteen whose Interests me the In
terests uf us all.
Education istie I i : the pride, the
jwifetyof our American Jtepiililie. The
"Common School" saiil tlimicc Sluun,
is Hie Republican lincof tiirtitlcutiniis,'
and his wonls have been sniiudtd
echoed and re-echoed, fioui const to
coast, from the Gulf to the British
Donimion, until they have become a
proverb. In every city, village, and
country place, the public school is
open and free to all the youth of our
land, There they receive the funda
mental principles of an education,
and drink in draughts of patriotism
and devotiou to their country beneath
the folds of her flag. A free education
for a free people.
W must of course meet all the
expenses incident to the management
of our city; but it should be done by
other means than this. The very
thought, (much less the net) that the
Public School shall pay a license, even
on the very day it meets to honor and
conirr.eniorate the Anniversary of the
beloved and immortal Father of our
country is a shame uml a disgrace.
This is uot the wuy to foster educa
tion. The entertainments of the
Public Schools should be always and
forever free from tux of every nature.
Let us collect our license from our
Balls, and the enterprises gotten up
for the sole purpose of bringing money
profit to their management, but never,
never from the efforts of our children,
whose achievements and successes are
theirs and their country's safely, and
our pride.
If our city ordinance contains a
single clause which requires the col
lection of a license from any of imr
home educational talent it should be
at once repealed. Our schools need
every advantage and encouragement
they can get; from seven tn eight
months iu the year is all the school we
have been able to have, and unless
Hi is is given under the strongest en
couragement, from ull directions, how
can we expect our children to compare
ill life's race, w hen in a few years they
stand shoulder to shoulder iu the
world with the youtli receiving from
! nine to ten mnnihs training each
If there be uny one w ho would seek
a sheltering clonk by saying, tliui ttie
school should uot have charged un
admission of 10c, us it did; (which
statement I have heard made) let him
consider how Hie expenses of an en
tertainment are to be met. Besides I
will say that all the moneys received
above the expenses went into the
school Library fund, to thus become
a permanent profit to the school.
Who reoieiueLers a lime, or place
before, when the exercises ofu Public
Hiihool of Ibis laud have paid one cent
of license r of tribute? The ichnols of
our city have given entertainments of
similar nature before, and under the
very samecily ordinance we now have.
Is our city ordinance to be subject
,to innumerable constructions? It
should not be so. If this is the condi
tion of tilings, let us have our o.diii-
ance changed, encourage the education
of our children and our schools, and
let their not fie another generation
grow up to remember, the the day
when Lebanon charged the Public
School a license to commemorate the
anniversary of Washington,
' Very truly,
G. if. Wii.kks.
It Pa3sed.
The bill to tax all foreign tire,
marine and life insurance eoinpauirh
Spereen'. on there gns premiums,
introduced iu the house by Hofer of
Marion, passed the senate this morn
inguud will become u law. Il is tin
only revenue bill of this sis-ion am!
will Increase the income from this
source from $30,001) to f-KI.OOn a year.
Keniitor I'aterson deserves great credit
for calling It tin nut nf Ils regular order
and securing It passage mid Anal en
actment Into law, Journal Tills
siiuplv menus thai the p ople will
have to pay the tux.
Or. Price's Craam Baking Powder
Woritf'i Nlf NlRbHt ArraMI,
W. R. C. .
The Washington entertainment
iveu ut Mrs. Miller's ball by the
Ladies Relief CWm, February 22, af
forded a most enjoyable ontertalnmtut
to a large and appreciative audience.
At an early hour the hall wn Sited to
Its full seating capacity, ami the enter
luinment Mjotumeuceri by refreshing
uiuslo by rite Orchestra.
The Hon. C It. Montague then
drew the eu'tiiln aside, with the nutti
est apology, that "the oonveniancet of
our stage are baldly tin equal of the
of the Opera House ut Paris." H Is tel
ling remarks, In a three minute speech
in commemoration of the birth nf
Washington, and the Independence of
tile Republic, soon ttlmil every patri
otic spirit until the little ball, If oaly
decked, with theater and Stripes bare
a symbol more precious Uiun all the
fiui and gilt or f ranc, ntuen eouiu
tiny. . . ,
, The drill, America, by sixteen girls
was most becoming and admirably M-
eculed. The "rally 'round the flag"
brought back the thought "Long may
she wave O'er the land f the Free,
and the home iff the Brave," which
was followed by a choli selection of
in usle by the oroliestra.
The recitation by Miss fijanah War
ner was rendered with uausual grate
and eloquence, ond followed by a
beautiful vocal , solo by Mite Ilda
Klkiiis. '
Here the audience was suddenly
surprised by the itart.iiig report that,
"George Washington and forty," In
costume would boiwr the oacasion by
making a short call. In old contln
ental attire they shortly cam forward.
Everybody seemed to almost reaog
uizethe "Father of his country" on
sight. The entire party ia costume
and uiuimur, suggested euriy timer.
The familiar "Star Hpanfled Ban
ner" waa then suug by Maw Ilda
Klkins, .with a aleameas and purity of
voice well matched to the words.
The recitation, Our Flag, "by Drak"
given by Hon. C. B. Montague, was
given with the (Ull BieauUig and am
phasis due that glowing trlbnta.
The nilrtli of lb ovoniug was
brought to its height and overflowing
by the "Little Alabama Coan." The
squalls of the "Infant In distress" were
fearful, uud virtually the audience felt
it had lived ten minute in the South.
It was well rendered.
The closing exercise vol a tiaod
Nigh drill, by the little girls. Their
quaint, Innocent, appiauaaea, With
their while attire, dolus, aud euudles,
made the closing scene a charming
feature. . ;
The announcement of a choice luach
for fifteen cents to be served at the
seats was then balled with Welcome
looks and feelings. It was aouounaed
that the lunch would be passed around
and those partaking of it would fay
their fifteen cents Ibis nay iu He of
of the llfteen cents adtnkaiao fee whiuh
waa to have been cliartednt the door,
but was remitted because the oily
council proposed to exact Jn license, if
the "Corps" should charge any ad
mission fee.
This way of doing saerus to us a lit-
tie peculiar as we understand that the,
ioouncilnt first promised tlicy woo Id
' exact no license fee, but oo the day of
the entertainment stem to have
1 changed, their minds.
The sandwiches mads all to feci that
they liin enjoyed a pleasant evening
iu every respect and all want home
hanpy. ; Q. Y,
Sodavllls Ittma. ,
Rev. C.I. Brown's little girl has
been quite sick foe a few days.
The Cumberland Presbyterians are
talking about hulldiag a hi,rch here
this summer.
Kev. M. M. Baihor has gone lielsw
on a tour, to lie gone rwo weeks.
N. P. Payne a)-cuity clerk who
has been drinking toe mineral water
uud else bathing is muelHBiproved. ,
There are prepsratious being made
to start a new hack Una, t carry pas
sengers back and forth ft-oaii Soda
vllle to Letmnon. Ao . enterprise
much neened.
It is reported that the school at the
Kcininury will close next Friday even
ing. It has been a very successful
school. j.
Hiram Smith, the army aian died
before the arrival of his brotber (rem
the Eeust. He was burled on his
place. The funeral wet largely atten
ded. The smart men of Uodnvllle ore mak
ing great preperatlug for tin anuaal
school meeting. They expect to hood
wink the people near by in the county
and elect some of their cube for sclicol
directors. Be wure.
Eugene Ulm, who formerly lived a
few miles miles below Lebanon butut
present with Ills family ill Uiia pluee,
is cuile sick. His ironiiect for recovery
is some what doubtful, hut as ifas
neniiier iiecomes nioie pieaiuilit llli
condition limy uhange for the betier.
The Bueke. ,
', W.
Mu. Ebitob, With your ptrniliwlon
ullow me to congratulate "Aoiorltr"
on his suoeeM In speariiiK, U builit
agiHiil iittulthy sucker on llie Wrowu
end of the tpar lint Vuurs,
Men's Shoes:
. 5 0a, ;
W. L.
. i i, '
But his agent fortho Kest Shoo in the World. ' We farry largo lines of ahoea from
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Satisfuction Guaranteed or Money
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J. E. ADCOX, Agent,
Ijebaaon, - Oregon.
Will i Stark,
Of Albany,
Are now in their new ntore in
the Ciwick Block, where they are
prepared to meet the wants nf the
public with the finest line of jew
elry, Silverware, clooke watches,
etc, in this part of the state.
Fitting eyes with glasses and
apeotaolee by Prof. A. Mark, ad
nata of the Chicago Opthaltny
College, a ajiecialty.
A Clubbing Offer.
A ureat miinv of our readers Linn
county like to take the weekly Ori'tron
ian. We bave made arruiiKeuieiits
wlieteby we can furnish It at a reduct
ion from (he rfgolnr price to those wbo
want bdtb the Exhrksm and the
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local newt once a week, which will
Hike a host excellent liens aervlee
for tut uiedarate sum of SS!. per yeur.
1'biiae who are at preMiit UDtorlura
ef lite Bkhikib must puy in all arreur
airea and an year iu udvanatt to obtain
HIRAM BAKER, Lebanon, Or.
I have n LARGE ST( )CK of BRICK, for sale at my
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i 1 ': ,
Elegant BathvS.
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Htiir Dressing a Specialty.
AiIiiiIiiIhI en toi'V Alotloe.
Notice In lierulty ftiven tlmt the miller,
igneil lius been duly uiuiiitcd by tlic
County Court of I, inn comity, Oration, the
ndminlslralor of Hie eatate nf A. V,
Cittroutte, ileiTiiwil ; anil lints duly nuiillfled
m sucli ailminixtrutor. All persons hav
ing clfliinn HKaiunt the cutulc ure hereby
required to present tliein, with proper
voucliei'H, within , nix months from the
date hereof, to the undersigned, ut the
otliceof W. At. Itrown, in Lebanon, Linn
county, Oregon.
Dated this S12ud. (luv of Junuary, 1805.'
. I'lill Kilter,
VV.M, Drown, Administrator.
Attorney for Administrator. .
ftalftry ud mpbomii paid wwkly Inrn rtMt.
rwnuBtaflwfliiuni. mmwhphiwi
ftdVMtoSMtObtfflUMM. UMHI
r . -
tin ftgtnto.
mwn ot et
l.n, uul HfdM.
fruit lodutit If m'
knt vnn haw. Whllt
. nH,i. mi full W
u.l.. Cm. iVUUllMlMH
riy; ,jlfH tail j?
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The Yaquina Route.
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Connecting with .qtenmer Ho
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jiranoisco. .. , :
Fiir freidlit and unssngor rntoe
apply to a6y agent. - :
' Chas. X Hendryb, Bun k Co,
Non. 2 to 8, Market St,,
. San Francisco, Gal,
Oi'UB. Olahk, Receiver,
Oorvrtllla, Oregutt.