The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 08, 1895, Image 2

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    VAiich will mix read:Iv " with
water. Dilute this jelly' with
eighteen or twenty times its. quan
tity ,of water, and shower your
plants s thoroughly, . -Soft-leaved
plants, like hegnniaa, primroses
and gloxinias, are frequently in
jured by it, if applied in tho
strength advised above;- therefore i
it is well to dilute the application
The estimated costs to oom bv using at least .thirty wrts ot
sides of the great civil war in this ler to one of the jelly.
Leffinbr.. Express.'
Editor - and Proprietor.
Ik the Oregon legislature cannot
elect a senator it'lmight' at 'least
suppress expensive and unpecows-
nry speecniinmiiiK.
"-IT-Hiiiniiii-r I' J- H 111 . , -
country was six billion, live nun
dred million dollars.
Rnrlnc la here.
Tiikbk are 200 women preaoheM Hoa4 iB t0 bo had In any quantity as
in the United Stales at present, the river Is as taw aa in July
ForlV years ago there was only Dolph is being discussed by the P.O.
AiA fml nrencher. . e'.ub, also those who are known as men
VUS '"" r I. , . . .l (!, Mwl thirl
i " . . ... WUUIHlHl . "J
.... J 1...I...4 ltM nlth hd niMMtUlll.
, n.l :llarB hnd ft llll UU UUVIW "
IHB BlUtm uumovvi. , , ... t, .. .
before the legislature creating the ,,,. twn veon bench.
office of "moral director ol ne 1 when these same "things" come
nenitontiarv at a salary of 1AK) ar0uud begging fursuflerage,
Four new looms anq an elevator
have arrived in Lebanon for the Thoe.
Tm nn. nf .the mvsteries of life Kay woolen mill here. Teains are ao-
that the man who knows exactly tlvely engaged in transporting the
, . lo freight, a teamsters speak in glowing
how a newspaper, should he run is A theei bos. ,
always engaged m euu,. Uv.. Mr, ,olm Bylv,ter and family of
business. , . . : Fall Klver, Cat., are visiting relatives
In Wai-Arlnn ftt nrpflfmt.
- . . of J '
On January a it was m uegn: gmlth and dHUgh,er , the
below aero in- Burns, mrney gue8to 0f t. M. Devlne.
county. Oregon is surely a great T1)e 0,j U14 MyB Keddy was bunt-
country and can furnish several ng for an exhibition at "Boda" but ir
kinrls of winter climate. Here ui ne anew wnai an uuiunwu u ...u
'1 . c. i th himself, asking for John and Harvey
me vmwy,... - . - - . w nnt nrowl ., niznto
weather has -been almost like '
May. - We here of a meeting of school pat
. , . rons in district No. 66, at which much
The lew democrats in me iegi- rt fnnii,hed free of charge
Men's Shoes:
$1 50. " '
2 00.
2 50.
3 00.
5 00.
Ladies' Fine Shoes:
$1 50.
2 50.
3 00.
4 00.
5 00.
voice, upon
"stuck." Ex.
latureare having a little fun over Une cjown wore his hair and beard
thn mnatofial ' deadlock. They a la Robinson Crusoe and whose Index
seem disposed, ,in ..spite of all Anger waved about like hues-brush in
. ovclone, but 'tis ever thus, those old
rumors to the con rary, to vote ;ho never kllow . ; ,nim
unitedly, for some democrat, ana U pupi wily8 wrk their fnce for all
let the republicans ngni out meir i tnow to stir up strife aim aiscora,
own battles. Also that man who Isonly temporarily
exUtinir In a community, but knows
Dm it ever occur to you, reader, all about how aftairs Bhould be adjus-
what an 'amusicuas" the aver-
age "blowhard" mi ne, as aruie i tben wJl(, jn lUe language of
lies with no intent to norm, ana rtna i.,j0 not aire a whoope" what be-
may be said to .tell his falsehoods I comes of a diatrict,so that they get
hear the sound of hia own what they want, out we are pieasea w
which he iMy rtvrirrzz
relgim supreme.
n " . j . Bomeofour most longand promis-
CoNGitBasMAN Bermak has in- .. menaretrvln t0 couveH
troduceda general bill to pension ,be ctouroh tnt0 dancing school; the
all survivors of Indian wars prior only object we see in this is that
to 1S56 not entitled to pension there is no other room In town large
under existing ,laws. r Mr. Her- Uooagh to accommod.le their feet.
i, .u ;4,,.,1 hill An The onerous duties of the Star of
IllUUli I1JIO iav sxiawuwuvu h w i .. ,.
, . , , , . iL town keeps him away from all di
wnicn nenassecureu ' turbance8; We Would be pleased to
mcntofthe secretary of the navy, . tew of .hose mtie Wiys who
erunting Certain ordinance flags to Ucuoy G.W. Sanford by Oring revol.
: the soldiers' home at .Roseburs.' ' vers in his windows, led by the ear be-
' tore Hquire Hulton.
To patronize home industry is a Yea, it had almoat escaped our
,l.,t,r nn. .nit!ns tiw another. Itlce.' We have few new Inventions
Tiffin hut a rami of "eive and that should be wilten up. Mr. Medley
hileis, but a game oi, give w l . , , , mn,.,i cm.
take," and those who. accept the p,etjng a pateut mw tbul ao te
patronage . of . a community,' but wound up anu will ruu for nineteen
refuse the i e-ime courtesy by sup- minutes, cutting an eight inch log iu
plying their needs eUwhere, fail three minutes and fifteen seconds,
to do their share toward keeping e model is Wng built by G.W.
. . , . . u. Banford with closed doors,
the avenues of trade in a healthy, i..ij
.. a , That school petition that wa hatched
prosperous.condition. Sjiendyour a . . hm lwBn Mmrte(1 , ...
money at home and you will do taDy bas sbout as many cliauchos of
The Manager of our Com
pany Is a practcal physician
and chemist, ana nonius
will pass through his hands
without being first tested and
woven fu lv up to tne
We tisk ou to procure a
bottle of
from your druggist. If he does not
have It in stock, ask him to send to
the Anchor 8 Chbmioal Co., 10
anon, Oregon, or to any wholesale drug
house, where is Is U be had in any
quantities desired. ;
I.IVEltlNE is pleasant to tske.
Any child will take It with a relish.
Even a babe will not reruse h.
The' properties of LIVERINE are
mlhilv luxative in small doses ana
actively purgative when taken in full
daeee. It aets on the liver as no ouier
comuound does-mlldly, thoroughly,
wlthut cresting nausea, voraumg m
griping. The latter quality nas msue
It agenerel favorltewlin women wmre
and after confinement.
LIVERINE is also an excellent
W. L.
P.,, i.ic for thn BoBt Shoe in tlie World. We carry largo lines of hIioo s from
Barton Bros of "Kansas City, Brown Shoos Company, of St. LouK and many otti or shoe
ISS i aLsocaiyalarge line of 'Rubber Goods of al kind,. ueai,
line of Press Goods arriving from the East whinhwill be sold loheap anym on the
face of the earth. Remember ue L-arryvx "
For the Least Money. 1 .
HIRAM BAKER, Lebanon, Or.
better, feel better and make better
Salvation army marriages may
be made in' heaven, but they are
not legal in the United States. It
may interest the lass'and the lad
who are billed to fee united in
matrimony by their district com
mander.thjs evening at. one of the
local churches, to learn that a
temporal, court in California re
cently declared that such Unions
are not 'held as binding by thf
laws of the 11 nil, and that .the
children .resulting from, .them are
illegitimates It would fiot damage
the district , commander's dignity
or the future ' of the bride and
groom if they weie to get them
selves legally married before they
begin houcekeeping. Telegram.
winning as Dolph. If It di succeed
we will think A. R, 'Rutherford knows
little as Russell and h no more
back-bone. ' Borne want only the
earth white others desire a uorner lot
on Mara. If Waterloo can swlin under
the load It has, it will do well without
taking in any more of Linn county
Home men have nothing to do but
cause truble lot those who would like
to live respectable livef . There limy
be a few little chapters in the ajtaire of
district No. 112 that will give employ
ment to a few after March.
February 22, is tbe t'nie lo come to
Waterloo and bring along your
arms.. Ho rear 01 Arrest tor anoouirg
within tbe town limits, hut we have a
shotgun loaded with B B'a aud give
fair warning Ibat we will shoot first,
and ask questions afterwards. We
loose uo more sleep on account of slum
dances says Jajjbuk.
This formula' for a "kerosenf
emulsion: was given by jjrofessoi
in one of: our agriculturai, colleger
some years ago, and I was requests
to experiment with it )rt green
house plants. I did bo, will
highly Satisfactory "mutts., write;
Eden K. Rexford in a very pract
ical article on ''The Enemies o
Plants," in the; February" Ladie
home Journal. It is made tt
follows; Two parts kerosene, am
slightly sour milk-. Churn togeth
er until a union o tfiilfc and oil
insults. When they UntWi Kbit
Otafness Cannot be Cured
iijr locsl aplictlui, m tliey cannot reach
he ilisessed porlion pi the epf. 'Jliri-' !
mly one wsy to cuie Bealness. nii jtljaj. is
y constitutional remedies, Deafness is
wised by ati 'inflamed condition ot the
nucous lining o the EiiFtad'iim Tnlic.
iVUen tlate tube Kt ir.noinml yon hare a
ambling oad m -Imperfect hearing, and
.nUnrUie iaflammatiea ma In tfen'0"t
nd this tube rmtoreil to iu normal wudi
Ion, 'hearing will be dentruycd. forever;'
'ine cases nutol ten arts caused by rutin rnli.
Vlllch is nolblnv but ao inllairif I comlitlmi
( tlie mucous suriacet. 1
We will Kin One Hundred Julian fur
inycsMOt Ptafneui (cauteil by catarrh)
iiatotuuwt be cured by Kull'j Catarrah
ure. tomlpf(tmim,1m, - "
8"cViUI by th-ujiiutH, 7A).
A aenuine reuovutor of the system
without leaving any had alter eueci,
LIVERINE has no equal for the
relief ot INDIGESTION, caused hy
defective action of the Liver or ob
structed Kidneys, '" 8
'UVERINE cures sour stomach,
bilious and sick headaches, bitter
taste in the meutb, dizziness, roaring
ringing In the ears, liver coughs, pain
and soreness in the stomaon, jauuuice,
and all other aflectioua of the human
system caused by defective LIVER.
LIVERINE is a positive and cer
tain cure for chronic
or diarrhoea caused by derangement
of the Liver. Fain in the back, acute
pain or aching iu the hips, running
down the thighs and legs, a neavy
sediment In the urine, palu or soreness
in the bladder, palu in passing urine
are permanently cured by the preper
use of LIVERINE.
After taking LIVERINE for a time
it frequently communicates a bright,
healthy straw color tu Hie urine,
proving that the bile is belug elimln- j
ated through the kidneys as It should
A continued use of LIVERINE In
crease instead of destroying the
appetite. By Its wonderful tonic
effect it differs from other prepara
tions by the dose not having to to
Incrvascd by long taking It may be
taken by youug or old with perfrnl
safety. - . ' ' "
LIVERINE is a purely VEUET
AULE preparation, aud has been
submitted to the lest of mine of our
best physicians, who speali in its
f lie do for (in sdHU i frim a
teanpuoiiful lo a iiblt!ppiifnl three
limes a day, before meals. Done fof.
a child one year old 20 to 30 drops,
increased or decreased as required.
Borne of tlie niost prominent people
of this city and Albany have been
taking LIVERINE for two rroiitlu
past, and lire loud In Ite prahe. ,
ATliDHlR S Chehjicaj, Co, '
tchansed Kirery Weok.l
Oata 20c
Hay-$A tot7 per ton.
Flour to B008. per sack.
Chop to 75 per owt.
Bran 70c per owt.
Middling-) 70 per owt.
Potatoes 25c.
Apples Dried, Oc per lb
Plums Dried, 5c.
Onions 2c.
Beef Dressed, 3c.
Veal 45c.
Pork Dressed, 4.
Hams 10 per lb.
Shoulders 8c.
Sides 11c per lb
Geese $5 t7 per doa.
Ducks 13 15 per doz.
Chlokens-42 008 00.
Turkeys 8c per lb.
Eggs 10c wdoz.
Butter 1520cpr lb.
Hide Greeu, lo; dry, 2c.
HIHUUtUttUllillliliiU,l u
I have a LARGE STOCK of MUCK,' for wait; at my
Yard, in tho suburbs of Lebanon, Fov Bale at .Kt;asona!)lf
Hales. AH kind of maflon'swoik done with iicatns and
despatch. D. V. HARDEN.. '
Albany Steam Laundry
Albany, Orogonj
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money
J. E. ADQQX, Agent,
In Smith's Drugstore.
Lebanon, - Oregon.
. ArtmlrilHtrator'M Notlno.
Notice i li"rcliy given (but. Ilic under-
aifti it-il . let been tluiy ft-K L.tni ,li- tin
CmhuV i-'iwl Mini :!! Hi"
mluiii.Kinuur tir tlii- m ( A. V.
ftanuittU!, dfcvutM-il ; biw i!uty i)itjijln(l
an such admimilrutor. All pt-rsunt Itav-
lug cliil'iis asjainst the ettt are l.ereby
rtilrctl to present 'tliwu, wllh pnt:.w
vouclittr, witlilu ti immtln from the
dule hereof, lo the inderiined, st the
l8i9 w,- JJi IJrowi), In Ltjbitrton, Linii
ountji, 0fin. '
pittd thi) tict. day of January, 1699.
I'ltll Iiitir,
W, If, Broun, AilmluiiKtur,
Best SlinveH, Hulr Cut or Hluiiiipno ill
B. f. kirk;
Shaving Parlor.
Elegemt Baths
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladles Hair Dressing a Specialty.
. Will ft Stark,
Of Albany,
Are now in their new store in
the Cu8iek Block, where they aro
prepared to meet the wp.ts of the
public with, the finest line of jew
elry, eilyexware, clocks watches,
etc, in this, part of the state,
Fitting eyes with glasses and
spectacles by Prof, A. Btark, grad
uate of the Chicago Opthalmy
College, a specialty.
Meat Market,
Ed Kellenberger, Frcpr,
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage 'Bo.
logna, and Ham,
HgTBucon ami r.avil Always on Hand
Main Hlrt .t, t.i'lmnini. Or,
JFire Hiid MarlMc
Head Office,
2G9-271 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon.
. : : A Closing Offer. 1
A great many of our readers Linn
county like to take the weekly (iregou
)H. We bye matle arrangements
rhereiy wo eaji f(iriiih 11 at u reduct
ion Troni (he regular prico to those who
want bdth Hie ExfitESs and .(he
On-gouian. The regular price of the
Oregoiiimi is $1.50 pr yeur, (ti(tl (if (lie
vylll furulah Imthf-r $i r year lu
4vauce a saving of one dollar to Ihn
uUe ler. The Uregoulau gives till
(tie jjcnerul news of the counlry once a
week, anil the Kst'itusB gives all the
local news mice n week, wllldtt will
iuake a must, ejfcllfl WW service
innipi um of 2. p--r year,
Tliose bit are at pivH-nt subscrlhi-ri
tt toe Exi'iiiss must puy iu all arrear
age and one year In advance in
Mjcajfptlrtil4 .,
The Northwest
Hoiine and Barn, I Orowlnit Oraln,
Houiwlinld Furnltnro, Omni In Ware-house,
Hay, KoedaiitlBUMlt, IllunKllus,
Karta Implements,
The Northwest
Solicits Your Patkonagk,
Ral Efctate aud Tttntiranoe AsUi, Utanon,.Or.
The Yaquina Route.
Chas. Clurk. Reonlver,
Direct Line Quick DiHpatch
Low Freight Kutcu.
mer between
witli ntenmoi'
Ytiqliinu end
Por freight mid
apply to any tigont.
CtlAS. J. JlUNllltVS, 8-
Nob. 2 to 8, M
Sun T
"SWf rates
A & Co.
.rkot St.,
I'ttlllMSOO, Ctil.
.cciver. .
ilia, (Vugon,
rwuualponulw.iilwn(wriWiTC 1 V J uQsilTjf' h t
vmtm.jZri.t &LOOICHrr - 1
I m. Ik V -.tjraoBr,wllu m,wm HMpswtE f i
I K'VriMHtr- B"? B Tl"'I iT,'""l'"-"a" 11 -"IIP-
i V. 1 .. L .IWWWr '.V.. I..- ! ATI Htn-nmtVtln TnvntlMi Wmnn, Hiwlfl .1
: li'"1" ,.. BoMbi)ri)B!laisovsonthyiiioil. ota.
WstSr. lltHpwr- to.) 'l , mll10iitii:pnc;'Miro. ijampltis i tee. i
A 1 P
1 I