The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 14, 1894, Image 1

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NO. 42
onrt r"00
If oataiuadveuae.Sl toparycuj
mi onllM.. - 1 J
tlojM oopl..
1. K Polpli,
l..l.n H Mitchell
Binder Hermann, .- Cowrreaaroan
8ylet Pennoyrr Governor
Onw W. ilcBrtde,....,....8ecretary ul Slate
Fkii Mlchn,.. Treasurer
I. B. atcKlroy Bupt, Public Institution
Frank il Baker............. -..State Printer
K. S. St-ahn, 4 :;.
Wm. J Lord,!- - Buprcme juiIkps,
IL H. Bran, I . .
,..J. Duncan
,.J. A. McFrroh
'i School Superintendent,.....,. K. Rutherford
Treasure. N"
Hunreyor,. ,W. F. Diitkins
,.,.E. T. T. FLdicr
1...E. A. Jayne
Caranef,..-....... ..-
I,.l.n 1'tll.h
Commkmlonere, ) J. m. YVatrra
-A. P.. STOW K
umaxil. . r. w.muuuas.
J, O. ItKKI).
- .. P. H. MYI'.KS, ....
City Council niecte en 1' BnlJ thir(1
Tueaday everilnp of each mouth.
Sec rat Societies.
...... . it ft T. M.-.Maots In G.X.
B IU m TlwnAw eeenlus of .Ml" "
TniKtont llr Knwhti an oordlnllT tavUed to
Milne TeaSewetlof.
s .. . , . j. a. um om, Bio. B.K.
'i n " I " " """
.Hag trtrr Homlir oroiinc " O- & Hatt
..I . J.B.UUIU, C.JV
AuouSiamK, lee'f.
La.ABONL0DaB,K0., 1,0. O.r.-Meett
My aenudar etenliur u Ml Fullowi Hen, t
I. W. MKOTHS, K. 0,
J, B. BARUlfU, Booty.
FBiBlBBWWf LODOB, NO. 47, IrO. 0. F.
SUeun l.O.O rllall Unit sod third Wedues
for eveBbueefeaeamotti. 4
MKS. 0. W. CKl-SOK, . 0.
' BISK BATT1E KSlraOH, SMl'f..
LKBANOK L01KIEN0, U A.F. A. u.-mmu
i ejauuday eretupf , ou w .mj
B. E. lunges, W. M,
t. B. Hiun. &ec.
Vi'BBBX BHOQB CAMP, No. IS, DItMoii of Ore
faa, Koui ef Velemue-Meet in a. A. B. Ml,
,r Heurtey ewalng, pt tlie third
laiafdayefeeoa month, moetluc tlie third Fri
day huue4. All biolhen of Hie 8oin of VM
faaiaod ounrade.uf the O, A, It. ins cordially
" "u ,he a. cam, w.
A.Tuonv, flntftst. ,
. BINAB.WB8T HIVE, NO. 1, L, 0. I, M.
Ktettoa the ad, tb and 6th Friday evening of
aflh mouth at 7)0 P. U. at Q. A, K. Hull. Trail
" aient Udy Uaorahect are airdlully luritcd to
tusd. '
. A.A.llvun, IjidyE.K.
CaUB ttmaaaa. Lady'Colll.
Sam'l M. Oakland.
- 1 ..-n i t
WeathBrforfl ft Wyatt,
Attorney-at-Law. '
Afotloe of JlttoluUon.
jS'utiee is hereby given that tlie copartner
ship heretofore eslnting betweon W. t).
Petereon and A. Umplirey, under ho firnuf
nanieofretereon A Uniphrey, doing real
atats and Iniurunce business at Lei, anon,
Oreion, Is hereby dlnolvwi by mutunl con
sent, Mr. llupbrey having dispoeed of bit
lritenit to K. II. Koas. All sccounti due
altl firm of Peterson t Omphroy are psySKiL
bwM W. O. retenon uo beooiuei respon
atle for all indebtedoeii of laid firm.
1 elS, IUh 1Mb dsy of Ootolisr, iM,
V, 0, rituttox,
Ai VsVBMfi
"Aa old as
never excell
ed. "Tried
and proven H
is the verdict
of millions,
, Liver Bcgu-
tt - . lator is the
Af?r?only Liver
MJCl'lVf and Kidney
1 " medicino to
- t, which 7 o u
, can pin your
fyT faith for a
mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg-
' " etable, ?H
T 7J 'nS directly
, -' C on the Liver
JL tltd- and Kid-
, ' tney8. Tryit
Sold by all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Powdef
to be taken dry or made into a tea. .
TU King of Llvr Medietas.
" I bnf b oed joiir8lmmon Liver Kp J
Istoi n4l oun uimmitentiuuHly my it 1. the
kin ol all liver mt'dicloee, I oonelder It ft
medlelKc choi't In lUelf.-Olo, W. JAV
uk, 'XutHJiua, Wtuhtugtoa.
Baa tie Z Statu ! red oa TrrraTaTm.
TUn frcrrt tjur EsclnneB Thn?uh.
out the Northwest.
Three foit officsh Mtowhai fallen
11 81klvus. I
A Newlmrg mnu It pulling out 1,200
pounds oi pfnch-iin.
Bull in 'u Building 4 Loan Awocialion
lias uK.'lls now of over 1100,000. -
I'. II. r.cclJf. f, of Oakland, hot
turned off f 12,000 worth of bogi thli
Thirty sfVfn carloada of potatoes
have luen shipped from Jefferecn Ibil
full. - -- -r;
Xhore 1 some tulk at Dallas of the
reopening of the woolen mill now
New berg expects to have telephone
connection with McMlnnvllle In sixty
day "
Diplluria Is bud at Elgin, but is
quaruutlnccl by Mute stretched lu the
streets. ' ,
Tlie rriueville Review Ubf pjeoe
of reuoully tullen aerolite for a paper
The South Oiegon Monitor has
appeared nt Medford, Charles E. Wol
coit, editor.
A new town st the Rogue river's
mouth, opposite Gold Beach, Is called
New Haven. "
Central Point horsemen will cele
brate Christmas by working off a race
a race programme of fouroveuts.
The Seattle Post Intelligent has
purchased lilt) Telegraph, thus doing
sway with one paper In that city.
, Dr. Price's
Cream Baking Powder.
' ' . ,. '..
t John Boyd Thacher, Chairman of the
Executive Committee on Awards at the Col-
umbiah Exposition, writing from Washington
D. G, to the Price Baking Powder Company,
says: ;
" herewith ttuhse yu en official topy ef ftur
award, which in iu time, mill tt intcrilid in th
Vijhm, and forwarded tt your eddrtit, unlist tthtr-
, mst indicattd by you," '
, '
. Thus are the honors awarded
Dr. Price's Baking Powder
at the World's Fair fully verified.
On the other hand the claims to awards
at the Fair by a New York Baking Powder
are "proven wholly false. Official records
show it was not even an exhibitor. . Was
. tt because It contained Ammonia
W. P. Dawson, of Salem, Is doing
thirty days for wlfe-beatlng,
Bears are unusually fat and plenty
In the Curry. county woods this
winter. Many are caught In traps. ,
A combined grist and saw mill Is
going in on Elk river to meet the
needs of Rogue river and Port Orford.
R.D. Hume Is notifying his Gold
Beach tenants they must psy up or
move, otherwise he will prosecute
A. J. Bhelton, of Jordan, Populist
candidate in June for Sheriff of this
county, H going to Morrow county
to live.
T-epresentatlve Ehulrum, of Uma
tilla, is preparing a bill forbidding the
further sale of narrow-tired wagons.
Eastern Oregon .apoitsinen are to
meet at La Grande December 22d to
devise a game law for submission to
the legitflu'urs.
Baptisms by In mersion at Coquille
City arc conducted In the ifver oppo.
site the water 'front to large aud
admiring Sunday afternoon eottgre.
gallons. ,
The next bond sale of prominence
hereabouts Is that of the Astoria water
commission, set for February 10th.
The bonds are In amount (200,000, and
run for thirty years at five per cent.
R. Garrlton, who has just turned
over tho contract for carrying the
mail between the depot and postofflce
at Eugene to a succesjtor, has per
rbrruei. the service daily since Angust
The Tygli ridge cattle have an
epidemic among them again. This
time they call It the "blind staggers,"
for want of a more accurate term, and
many are dying of IL
Tbe ali-months-cld baby of J. Q.
Hales and wife, of Adams, Umatilla
county, died tbe other night while
its parents, lying by it, were asleep.
The left side of the body had turned
entirely black from some unknown
causer" 1 ' ''
- i
Some people, In Mountain valley,
Umatilla county, did a good deed jn
observance of Thanksgiving, The
home of W. Ray was destroyed by Are,
tbe loss being $750, and all his neigh
bors turned out and rebuilt his house.
Some boost' of large mining pipe
liavlng recently been made in Eastern
Oregan papers, the La Urande Chron
icle ofiVrs iu evidence that used at
Catnp Carson, on the Grapd Ronde,
some of which is thirty Inches lu
Down on Brushy Ball cteck, In
Curry couuty, one day last week, the
two Miller boys came upon an old fat
bear aud killed bim. He was sur
rounded by tbe remains of (our Urge
bogs, freshly killed, and evldeutly
borne by blm to bit lair.
A hobo on Monday morning's train
tried to get out . from under the coach
while the c trs were leaving West Fork.
His fo,t was caught by a wheel and
bis toes pinch"! olf. He crawled to
brakeueau auiu and rods to O'en.
dale where the train hands took him.
IB and brought bim to this city. Dr.
Kramer cut oft the mangled toes.
The unfortunate young man stood his
sgonies like a hero. The state pays
the expense. Grant's Pass Courier,
Mr. Beth McAlester second son of
Dr. A. E. McAlister, bus been elected
to the position of awtlstaul In the
department of analytical chemistry
at the state university. Mr. McAlister
is an exceptionally studious young
man and tils appointment Is very
gratifying to, his many friends.
Eugene Register.
There arestlll noclues to the manner
In which J. D. Masten, of Union
county, met bis tragic death Iq his
house recently. He was shot by some
oue, whether purposely or accidentally
may never be known, but it is thought
an overburdened conscience will at
last bring forth the truth',
There is prospect for lively times
on Rogue river during tho next year.
The Alaska Packers' amoclation have
decided to have a cannery in operation
iu time for next spring's fishing, aud
It Is quite probable Hume will also
build a' cannery. The Alaska Com
pany will build at the Bngnell ferry,
Which is considered the beat location
ou the river for a cannery.
B. R. Daniels was arrested nt Till
amook last week, at the instigation
of A. Anstlll, charged with violating
the fijli law. He was taken before
Justice Siiiitlij where to pleaded
guilty, and was fined tifty dollaa. Mr.
Daniels was out trolling for salmon,'
not knowing the law prohibited cafch
lug ' fish lu that way in this season.
The Headlight plainly says that the
prosecutlou was spite work.
The Port Orford Tribune has meager
reports of a duel on ajnug Pistol
liver, between Jamas Averill and
James Starr. They met on the trail
It appears and, on account of some
old feud, Starr began to shoot. Sev
eral thots were exchanged and Starr
finally disappeared. This is Averill'.
story, who weut to' TjulaTTSeach and
gave himself up. Search tiga. been
made for S(sjr, m for without avail.
The Salem Post U making a eon"
tlderable stir over young man .who
was eugaged to two young women at
the same time. That la nothing.
Orvllle Van Burea Thompson, a man
of thirty, ef Chicago, it bas just been
learned was engaged to four young
ladles at tlie same time, using tbe same
diamendrlug for each, ant besides
having a wife and two childreu. The
Salem clerk Is most emphatically "not
in It."
Tbe Salem Journal notice one c(
Linn county's seuators aa follows
Senator Johnson, of Linn comity, la
lu the city for a few days. He is a
riaiug, Intelligent Republican from
the forks of the Sanliani, a native
Orcgonlan and a succeseful business
man. Mr. Johnson is probably the
youngest man In the seuate, but he is a
quiet and determined rustier, of a
family that have made an Impression
upon the history and developement of
our own state In whatever they
have undertaken.
Although notified, the Southern
Pacific railroad company failed to
appear and show cause why their
assessment should not tie raised,
therefore tlie county commissioners
court increased their asseeergpntA
oil the main line of their track In
Laue county, -4,005 mllia, from 3,500
per mile as assessed, to HOOO. This
will Increase the total assessable
property of the county 120,375; Last
year the company paid on the track
at the rate of $4,003 pet mile. Eugeno
Guard. ,
Gaifleld Sutton, aged fourteen, and
William Huntley, aged sixUten, who
were brought here from Drain by
Disciplinarian F. N. Bryant, of tlie
Slats Retorm School, are still here and
will remain uutll Mr. Bryant returns
from Roseburg, where be weut yes
terday to look for young Shortell,
another runaway. The boys were
found near Cotnstook. Two other
escapes, Wilbur Davey aud Patsey
Mooney, are said to be In Lane county,
tut no trace of them bus been found.
Eugeue Guard.
Tbe coroner's Jury Inquiring into
tbe explosion at the quarry on Coos
river lost week, by which one man
lost bis life, found a verdict that the
accident was due to tbe criminal care
lessness of Superintendaut J.'G. West.
There have been several acoideuts of
a similar nature due to oarelessueas at
tbe same quarry, aud the verdict and
probable lawsuit therefrom will cause
those having tbe work In charge to
take greater precautions hereafter for
lb iafsfjr af tbe tw ployed. -
County Judge J. N. Dnjiran and Com
missioner ,T. M. Watera ami I. W. PiiRh
Lave been for two days trammeling the reg
ular monthly business of tlio county const.
A. J. Jaruogan was appointed iustice of
the peace for District No. 8.
Upon ballot a free Bcliolarsliio was
granted Miss, Lulu Lindwy to the State
The following; bills wore allowed :
G 0 Oooleyaid Mrs. Clark 6 00
Aid,Kcrinrlliy family 10 00
W K.Bavago, aid Cox ', fo 00
R V Kemp, aid ... 5 00
Elisabeth Osborn. aid. .;.,. 6 00
Sarah Hines, aid s 00
Mattie Taylor, aid 12 00
Mrs O F Junkcy, aid.. 8 00
John Usher, janitor. 10 00
Aid Onn Watson j oO
Aid Mr and Mrs Barnard 5 00
Aid Henry Meyers,. 6 00
J A McFeron sheriff. ICS 65
N Neetlbani, clerk kit, qs
D FHardman, recorder.,. s 150 00
J N Duncan, judge Z 100 00
Pi Morris, treasurer. 83 35
A R Rutherford, aupt 60 00
FM Kedfleld, den clerk 83 35
Q E Proap, dep sheriff. flrj 05
Glass & Frudhorame, bks g 50
Dr w H Davie, acct insane 6 on
Oregan vs Aanderoon and Sharp.;... 33 80
Geo Henshaw, roads..... ..,, 1 go
Oregan va Walter Downs 28 20
R O Wigle, roads : 4 nn
J 1. Berry, bounty ; j 55
J B Tillotson, bridges... jjjj 00
Aid F E Robinson ... 10 00
Sloper Co, roads ...t.... ' g 95
P, W. Morgan ,,..,. t 23 00
R M Moses, roada ', . 9 98
A R Rutherford, acct aupt El 00
K R W'sir 4 Sort, roads 2 32
Aid Mrs M E Davis 14 rsi
J D Burkhart acct poor..., "87
a r, oicuwain, am poor. , u go
WmJlickinger, acct poor 4 00
W W Crawford,,...,,..,,, bj u
John Fjeldj, lumber,...,.,.", 31 91;
Albany Electric LighrCo " 22 50
P G Morris, stationary 1 85
Was Ht John, bridge 47 30
Read, Peacock & Co, aid Emma
Coal 9 00
H B Moyer, lumber. 17 99
Stewatti Sox, roads .......,.. ' 1 25
A R Rutherfor, postsa. a on
Jlary.Jleenif.iiy aesiio4r.?fJSr-" 8 00
u r j'anneis, roaue.. q 00
Bill of Win Brenner $18.35contlnucd; also
or Stafford dt Gonett, $21.00
Petition for appointment of II II Chance,
justice of the acc. not granted. .
Petition of-J W Gaines ct al, for county
road granted. 4
Bill of John Sclimeer, case of fa-nnk
Peck, $26, dismissed. . t ,
The following bills were allowed :
J M Wiley, acct roads,,,,..,,,.,,,, t 95
B M Payne, sundries gioo
Ben C Irwin, books 3.1 60
Ben C Irwin, books ,., 37 00
Oregan va Frank Peek.. 30 10
Oregan vs R H Chaplain , 35 75
llarrisbnrg Lumber Co...r. .., . 84 10
W Willla, roada 7 60
J A McFerop, board and statiouay 14 80
C L Morris, deputy sheriff 8 40
Mathews 4s Washburn, court house 6 81
Portland hospital, poor... , 23 u4
E E Montague, roads n 08
Albany Iron works, bridges 18 SO
Senders & Sternberg, roads 25 0Q
A n 1 arson, roans , 7 61
G W Young & Co, roads 1; 95
P Mf Spinks, lumbor ., 47 so
G V Blandish, deputy slieriir. 4 60
Stltos i Nutting, printing, 3 so
Conn t Riiettner; bridges 213 00
Crunie & Davis, roads 9 70
W A Kimscy, roada 17 38
D F Hardinan, deputy recorder,,.,,. IS 00
C W Watts, printing. , si 60
fj F Smith election , g 09
G C Brown, acct.poor 2 IB
L Poison, Jan(tar,, , ' 19 40
Q W Oruson, roads 4 55
Ladies Aid Society, poor , ., 20 65
G G Belts, roads ,......... 12 60
R G Watson; poor..; , is 60
J W Pugli. per diem.: 12 00
J M Walters, per diem.., jg 40
J M Walters, bridges 14 10
The services that have been In pro
gress for several weeks under tbo
auspice for the First Presbyterian,
Cumlieriaud Presbyterian and South
ern MelhoiUst churches nre proving a
blessing to this cotumunily in causing
saint and sluuer to look more 00 ro fully
into the word of God and see whut is
necessary that each do his part in the
all Important work of bringing all that
will come Into the favor and services
of the Master, No "Sensations" or
"New Methods" of procedure have
been employed or dcvelopsd en the
ministers at work, but the plain truth
ful preachitg ot God's word, and the
audiences Jiave always manifested a
patient and earnest walling upon the
preaching of the word. Excitement
has not been known in tbe meetings,
but much sincere and sober thinking is
Ulug done. Dr. Guyune will be here
tonight and will comlnue to preach
every, night for one week; The Dr.
is conceded to be one of the best If not
the beat preacher upon tlie Pacific
Coast. Be sure and do not fail to hear
him vry night,
pr, Price's Cream Baking Powitt
AvpSefMe tm eWtlsw t, Its Ma
Comments Concerning the Approach:ng
, .uure win oe Biaaers.
Tho Corvnilis Times Says poaitivn
assurance is had Hint at leiwt one
bidder will be on hand at the cumins
Oregon.Paciftc ab. This Is certainly
encouraging news. If any reasonable
bid Is made itt the coming sale, it
should be confirmed. Failure to do
will be a serious blow to the road, the
jjicdltors and to the state.
The Corvallis Times says: In iin
of the fact that the Montana peopla
nave signed a contract to bu:ld tlie
railroad from, Globe to Astoria, thoy
are still swinging around, tlie circle of
tho Oregon Pacillo, Tuesday Mr. E.
Stono and D. L. Smith arrived in
town aneY remained until, yesterday,
when they took the 0. P. train for
Aibauy. Smith is a civil cnginetr,
identified with the Bonnef and Ham
mond people, and Mr. Stone is the
tnau'who has been over the O. P.
several times recently. The first ex
amined surveys, maps, etc., of the
general office and the other took ac
counts of the earnings and espensi s of
tho property. Mr. Stoue admitted
frankly that his penple were lookiug
overibe property to see whar could bo
done wjtli it, and said that ho wou'd
lie In Corvallis on tlie 21st, which
happens to lie the day befons the
sale. After eiguiug a contract involv
ing the outlay of a couple of millions
In the construction of the Astora
road A. B. Hammond, of the Montana
eyudicate,sald lo'an Oregoninr! re
porter, relative to the Oregon Pacific:
"I do not wish to say anything about
my Intentions in that matter. I con
sider it a good speculation and who
ever purchases it will secure a first
class property that, cost several mill
ions. The last time it was sold It
brought $200,000, but It is bard to say
wk.. 11 ...111 L.I . .1.;- . . m,
wuul it win uuug ai luis aaie. 1 tie
close observer of human nature will
argue, concerning Mrt Hammond's
remarks,' that if he had no designs on
ItlAfl Tl ha ,unM .1 .'
porter ill plain English that he didn't
want It. a
Assessor Deakins has completed the
footings of tlie assessment -roll ot Linn
countf and hat forwarded the same, to
the secretary of state.
The summary is as follows: '.
Acres of cultivated land 192,301
Value of cultivated land $2,378,585
, Value per acre $12.84
Acres unimproved land 875,020
Value unimproved laud. .'. . . .$1,273,218
Value per acre. .. v .:. $3,30
Value, of improvements on
deededland (530,545
Value of town lots (084,855
Improvements on town lots. . (577,315
Improvements on land not
deeded.... .' $15,790
Railroad canals and telegraph
lines.; $820,553
Mdse & implements t'W,4!li
Money $30,1(4)
Notes and acete. . . , (077.47
'Household furniture $223,985
Number of horses 8,97(i
Value 0! horses... (200,0:0
Value per head $22.! 5
No. cattle 13,4)8
Value cattle : (88,1(0
Value per head $ti..'5
Sheep andgoats 88,0i
Value sheep and goats $10,260
Value per liead . $l.C!t
No, hogs '' fl.HH
Value hogs,..; $12,2?5,
Value per head $2.C0
Gross value all property.. . , .'. (8,004,275
Exemptions (594,115
Total taxable property $7,470,1(10
Polls ' 2,810
Tho total acreage for 1894 iao08,421,
and for 1S03 it was 621,022.
By way of comparison the following
summary of the assessment of 1893- will
bo interesting:
Acres of land. 621 .022. ; t4.9titi.848
Town lots ,. 1,550,230
improvements lii.osu,
Md'se and Implements 739,95(1
Money,,; 116,320
Notes and accounts.. 1,0)10,113
Shares of stocks 48,500
Furniture, carrineos, oto 287,500
01 her personal properly ...... - 2,830
nurses ami mules, ,3
Cattle, 14,952 145,4fU
Bheop anil goats, 81,720.. ...., 52,700
Swine, 7501 ,..... 10,975
Gross value (9,276,917
Exemptions 684,057
Taxable property. ...... .!, . . 8,592,850
Number of polls 2,005
Average value land $10.50 j horsos
and uinlea, (31.50; rattle, $9,71; sheep
and goats, $1.53 : swine, $2.57,
A Cure for Rheumatism.
For rhueinattsm I bave found notlu
itig equal to Chamberlain's Pain Balm
It relieves tbe pain as soon as applied.
J. W. Vouug, West Liberty, W, Va.
The prompt relief it affords Is alone
worth many times tbe oast, 50 coins'
Its eoutlutied use will eSset perms n,
iitourf. rM!t bjf i w, (inil'.l,