The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 07, 1894, Image 2

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Lebanon Express.
Bditor - and - Proprietor.
The Governor of Alaska it not
able to report much growth in the
Territory, the population xemwn
ing at bont 5,000 white people and
23,000 natives.
At Kansas City Theodore Han
bjiu, judge of election, and John
Phillips have been arrested and
placed under bond in connection
with alleged election frauda,
A dangerous $2 silver certificate
counterfeit has appeared in the
East. It i of the series of 1891.
All the work is well done. It ii
one-eighth of an inch larger than
the genuine. "
Red river, in Texas, is lower
than at any period during the past
fifty yecra. The ferries haw been
abandoned and teams are crossing
the channel, which is not over two
feet in depth.
The internal revenue experts
who are building the machinery
for the collection of the income
tax asserts that the amount to be
collacted from corporations will
reach ths sum of $40,000,000.
A loud complaint comes from
Chicago of the mirery caused by the
boycott by the railroads of those
men who were engaged in the A.
K. U. fieht last July. They an
kept from getting wort by a black
The lines of no two human
hands are exactly alike. When a
traveler in China desires a psss
poit, the palm of the hand is cov
ered with fine oil paint and an
inipiesaian is taken on thin, damp
paper. This paper officially
stamped, is his passport. Ex.
Ik Ohio a farmer painted his
house white. It rained before the
paint was dry, and the rain carried
plenty of white lead into the cis
tern. Then they all drank tbe
water, and six members of the
family ere dying. It requires some
senBe to keep alive, even in Ohio.
The Examiner's railroad peti
tion has been placed in the hands
of Congressman McGuire, of Cal
ilornia. It contains 200,507 names,
Oregon contributing 13, 058 ot the
signatures. Multnomah county
is highest with 1,418, Coos second
with 1,148 and Douglas third with
The state university and agri
cultural college cost the state
great deal of money, -and they are
turning out some fine football
players. The taxpayers are, also,
doing a little kicking, although
not so scientifically proficient as
the boys their money is educating.
A bachelor one day set the table
in bis lonely abode with plates for
himself an imaginary wife and
five ciiildren. fie then sat down
to dine, and as he helped himself
to food he put the same quantity
on each of the other plates and
surveyed the prospect, at the same
time computing the cost. He is
still a bachelor Ex.
Keablv every community has
some people it could well afi'oad to
do without. They are constantly
complaining of the shortcomings
of better citizens. They havenever
been known to Uke hold of any
public enterprise. They never
fail to impress a stranger looking
for a business location that every
branch of trade is crowded. They
seem thoroughly dissatisfied and
disgusted.. The wonder is they do
not emigrate to more congenial
climes, with the wide world before
them they might find some place
better suited to their way ofi
The President has sent a lengthy
message to congress, emhraceing
nearly every item of interest that
has happened since his last mes
sage. He is in favor of strengthen
ing the army and navy and to pro
tect American interests at all times
rSflTL tr.T.7 .VI i rr i
i?iv?4' f V " -if! t -J
nation it entitled to take its place
among the civilized nations fifth
world. No reference is made to
the last cyclone that struck the
democratic party aad bat little
attention is given to the tariff.
The president has a plan to relieve
the country of its financial em
barasment, but it is too lengthy
for n to copy at present. The
Republicans dont like the message
and the Democrats refuse to com
ment on it. They bar not yet
recovered their breath.
The Oregonian'i Washington
correspondent writes that Gover?
new-elect Lord, tS Oregon, and bie
wife spent a few days in Wash
ington, before going tome. Tbe
governor made a decided hit in
inviting President Cleveland to
visit Oregon, especially as the
boorishness of Pennoyer on the
occasion of President Harrison's
visit is still remembered. - Govern
or Lord became quit a prominent
figure as the man who succeeds the
peculiar Pennoyer. His invitation
to the president and the fact that
he coupled it with the assurance
that the people of Oregon would
at any time welcome the chief
executive of the nation, has done
much to give the people of the
East a better opinion of the state.
It elan left the impression that
Pennoyerism was on its last legs
in Oregon.
, : T I ! vi 1 by not only bie fellow members and
At a recent banquet Hpta, but by all who knew ban.
Press Association of New York,
Hr. Whitelaw Beid was called up
on to respond to the toast, "The
Independent Press." Here is bis
response as reported in the daily
papers of that city: "There is no
such thing in America as an in
dependent press, unless it is out
in the country towns. You are
all slaves. You know it and. I.
know it, there is not one of yeu
who dares to express an honest
opinion. U you express it, you
know before hand that it will not
appear in print. I em paid 11501
for keeping honest opinions out of
the paper I am connected with.
Others of you are paid similar
salaries for doing similar things.
If I should allow honest opinions
to be printed in one issue of my
paper, like Othello, before twenty-
four hours my occupation would
be gone. Tbe man a ho would be
so foolish as to write honest opin
ions would be out en the streets
hunting for another job. Tbe
business of the New York journal
ist is to distort the truth, to lie
outright, to pervert, to v illify, to
fawn at the feet of Mammon and
to sell his country and his race for
his daily bread, or for what is
about the same thing, his salary.
You know this and I know it; and
what foolery to be toasting an
independent press.' We are tools
and vassals of rich men behind the
scenes. They pull the string and
we dance.. Our time, our talents,
our lives, our possibilities, are all
the property of other men. We
are intellectual prostitutes."
Tried Per KiUiog Dm.
The trial of Alma Morris for killing
deer for tbeir bides was completed
befere Justice Powell aud a grand Jury
of six men Saturday. A verdict
not guilty was brought in. . One ffiao
informs The Democrat that be saw
eight earcassss near Moms' plant,
whleh be testified to; another saw
Morris carrying deer in ea his task.
It is stated that he confessed to different
parties, and it is further said he
came to Albany with money to con
fess and pay bis line; but be was ably
defended aud cleared, and likewise
well prosecuted, but tbe jury didn1
look at it aooenling to the reports
given. It is possible no one saw him
akin the deer aud sell tbe hides. But
tbe county will fool the bill, nearly
im Albany Democrat.
Letter List.
Following is tbe lilt of letters remsiDlnf
oneaued for ia we Ltbaaoa vast efflot
Friday, December 7, ISM
Buuou, Crao.
Light, 1. K.
Miller Om
Pittstr, loo.
retry, B.M.
kpeneer, W, A.
Weiaer, Annie
Bonn, Bpieer
Cyras, Any
Farrier, Ellen
Bsteblotaa, X. H.
Lte. William
Lapp, Fberisler
A foot rase has been arranged be
tween Fred Oberer, the here sprinter
at ins reeeat fireman's tournament,
end Ed Lane. Champion of Northern
California. The dlsieoe is 1U6 yards,
e rws aeium rvi U
V Wu4yii
aim vvw gie I wt or in out'
Wednesday afternoon, ' Nov. 28,
Nicholas Bprenger jr. went gnoee
bunting riding a hone. His destina
tion was to be Hone Shoe Lake and
the bar In the Willamette near it,
about thrte miles west of Albany.
Weeaeaeay aigbt his dog returnnl
borne, and not returning yeaterdaj
the vouug man's father went up tin
river to hunt for him. Hi home wa
fouud near the lake, with the saddle
but both stirrups gone, the bridle
broken, the halter tied around the
born of the saddle and the hone well
covered with water aud mud, Indicat
ing that be bad had a struggle In the
water. Hr. Bprenger came to the city
last night and organised a party whii li
left for the scene of what win undoubt
edly a fatal aeeident in some form.
Every thing indicated that young
Bprenger was drowned in thealougii
Wading Into tbe Willamette. Tnu kx
were traoed to tbe bar, where he tied
bis kone and watched tor geese, then
returning towards home. A low
bridge without railing crossed the
lough, and Is now three feet under
water. As It was dark, probably
shortly after 8 o'clock, he undoubtedly
mined tbe location and went on into
the water. A searching party of
about fifty men with five or six bnatu
and hooka, continued tbe searab dur
ing this forenoon. At about 1-30
o'clock this afternoon the body whs
round at tbe bottom of the slough iu
ten feet ot water about teu feet above
the bridge. It was brought to the
home of Mr, Bprenger.
The deceased was a bright youug
man of splendid habits, a perfect
gentleman, genial and upright.' Be
was a member of the Presbyterian
abarch, and was universally beloved
11m community loses an exemplary
young man. He was about 19 years of
age. Democrat.
Election at Brownsville.
At the election in Brownsville Mon
day, the following were elected officers
on the north side, for the coming year,
i. F. Cooly, mayor; P. L. Gerow, J. C
Enger, J. M. V. BUyeu, George A.
Dyson, James Shea, A. B, Cayender:
eouncilmen; O. P. Cashow, recorder;
C. E. Staunard, treasurer; M. G
Hoover, marshal.
Go to Hiram Baker's for your $1.50
men and ladies' shoes.
Every cash purchaser of $10 worth ef
goods at S. F. Bachs store gets a crayon
portrate of themselves or freind free.
See sample of work in his window.
Mackintoshes f sr women and misses.
New goods, new styles aud populur
prices. B. E. Young, Albany, Or,
Bina M. WestHiveKo. 1, L.O. T. M.
will admit members into tbe order for
$2. till December 1, 1894.
Alice Hyde, K. K.
We san save you Dollars and ynu
can to well dressed by giving Our
Traveler your measure fur a tailor
made suit.
Bale Woolen Mux Ftoke,
310 Commercial tit., Huleui, Or,
jt. Hrice s Cream ttakiug i'uwdur
World's Pair Highest Award.
W etlee for Publloattoa.
LUfD Onrci At Ommo! City, OS. 1
October !7, lm. I
Notice k hereby given that tin fbllnwina-
oaaaed aettler Jim filed notice of hit) intention Ui
uke Snot proof in support of hte ffiaim, end
that aud proof will be made before the CouiiLy
Cterfc of Linn Bounty at Albany, Or., Devaniiair
H, ISM, war Prank Bedell. II. E. Jio. 7.167 lor
IbeSE&XWx.N BX.BWK and lm 2 and
a Section IS, Townahip 128, Baoae 1 Kant. lie
aamee tbe following ttUnesee to prove hit con
Unaoaa mtdeact upon aud cultivation of Mid
land, via: ). L. Uluwrt, K. L. Gilbert, 1. U.
i, 8. P. Johtuon, all of Lebanon, Orcsnu.
' KeMtcr.
IVottoe for Fubltamtioit.
Laitj Oencl at Ostrxnf City. Oa, 1
October 2fi, i
Koncs il hereby given that the following
naaaed settler baa filed notice of hbUnUiution n
otoke tinai proof in tupporl of bis claim, and
that aaid proof wiU be made before the Count)
Clark of linn eonmy, at Albany, Or.. December
a ISM, via: Frederick W Brampum, H. K. Ho
tm Mr Uu It XofS KM. 8 E V, oTN K ',, ti EJsj
StKofSecUolilS,TownabiplZBautb, Kange 1
Weat. Herjiaitnefo.owijigwllneatittoprovc
kb) eontlnuooj reaidenee upon and cullivaltonol
aaid land, via: Jacob Fltawater, Janiua Hi Fiu.
water, 1. at. Llndley, J, W. Ore. all ef LcImuoo,
Oragrm. Koemrr A. Hiluk, .
The largest stock of vustom made
boots ever brought to Albany. Also
the beet selected stock of men's.
women's, boy's, misses'e and chil
dren's shoes in all grades, at priccr
to meet the times. All good
bought at our store that rip will b(
repaired FEEE of charge. If you
want your horse shod you go to
BLACKSMITH, not a general mer
chandise tore. WHY? When
YOU want to be shod come to the
only exclusive boot and shoe store
in Albany.
aUlIg t Dl'BBULLK.
Men's Shoes:
$1 50.
2 00.
2 50.
3 00.
5 00.
W. L.
But his aci'iit for the Best Shoe in the World. ftrrv larco linos of shoes from
Rnrfiin "Rrtw of rTenaae fiit.w
..... ...... . ' -j i
manuliu'turers; and also carry a Huge line ot Kuiihcr (kxhH t,i nil kinaa. we nave a one
lino of Dress Goods arriving from the East which .will he sold b cheap as anywhere on the -face
of the earth, llcmember Wo Carry CJO.I GOODS
For the Least Money, " v
HIRAM BAKER, Lebanon, Or.
IChaiigod Evur; Wuek.1
Wheat aac.
Outs 2llc
Hny $ii to fS per ton.
i'lour $0 tio.7ll per sack.
Chi 1() 73 (wr wt.
Bran Ode per cwt.
UiddlluKSf 1 00 per cwt.
Potatoes 2ik.
Apples Dried, 6c per lb
Plums Dried, 8c.
OlllODS 2u.
Bwif Druwicd, 5.
Veul 4(.5c.
Pork Dressed, 5.
Lard 14.
Hutiis lij per lb.
Shoulders 10c. "
Hid lie per lb.
Geese 5 (!) $7 per das.
Ducks S8 (3j 2 per dot.
Chickens 12 25S 00,
Turkeys 8c per lb.
Eggs 22c Terdos.
B ,tter 15 20c per lb.
H ldes-rlreen, lcj. dry, 2c.
Albany Steam Laundry
Albany, On.'gou
All Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
Family WasMngs.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money
J. E. ADCOX, Agent,
In Smith's Drug Blore.
Will & Stark,
Of Albany,
Are now in their new store in
the Cu sick Block, where they are
prepared to meet tbe wants of the
public with the finest'line of jew
elry, silverware, clocks watches,
etc, in this part of the ttate.
' Fitting eyes with glasses and
spectacles by I'rof. A. Stark, grad
uate of. the Chicago Opthalmy
College, a specialty.
V. L Do-jcla
is tmc snr,
ta. voituurAn.
FSHCH,f liWBiiiDUUj:
V.a ass a aiaarr by ..pcbmIm W. Ia
Iloualaa Hh.. . , .
aeauaa. we are Ue larfccst tuaouianarrn pt
advemacd tboa iu the world, and auanuua
inc value oy autoiuiua u , 1, CiZw
price mid the muldkawo'i prsfiu.
llemaii'f vr.SU. Ouraluea
qunl cuiU.m work in itylt, Mty fittjiif
wcarinif qHulltlcg. W btwi lh td vfy-
tar !"( w .ulrilHitf. If rani
Where 1 lower prtct. iur i vrm
Brown Shoes Comnanv. of
- - - - j . '
" Good Accommodations for Transients,
Special terms to regular
I have a LAIIGE STOCK of BItICK, for sale at my
Yard, in the suburbs of Lebanon, For Salo at Seasonable' -Rales.
AH kind of mason Vwoik done with neatness and
fapatck. D. W. HARDEN.
Beet Shaves, Hair Cut or Bhampuu Bt
Shaving Parlor.
' HOTEL. .
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
fire aud Marine
Head Okkice,
2G9-271 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon.
The Northwest
House and Barn, I Orowlng Grain,
Household Furniture, Gmln in Warehouse,
Hay, i'eed and SliKik, ' Hop Kline,
. , , Farm ImplemeuU), .
The Northwest
Solicits Youb Patboxage,
' MeiAiutrLimMi
Ladies' Fine Shoes: '
$1 50.
2 50.
3 00.
4 00.
5 00.
St. Imi-. and-manv other shoe
boarders and roomers
t .
JOSii LINDSAY, Proprietor. :0
' i''n'TT:T iiaTriiSfi t' "mMi Tm' Tj Ta'."T-'taaTViii ftiCiBBSm
3Ieat Market,
Ed Kellenberger, Propr. .-
Fresh fif Salted Beef Pork,
' - Mutton, Sausage Bo. '
logna, and team,"
teTBacan and Lard Alwayt on Hand
Main Ulreet, Lebanon, Or.
The YacLuina'Roiite;
- Cha. CIrK, Reoelver,
Direct Line Quick Dinpatch
Low Freight Rates. . .v:
Comicctiiig with steamer Ho-,
mer betwueti Yuquina and San
For freight and posdengor rates
apply to any agent,
Chai. J. Hexdrvs, 6o.v dc Co,
N01, 2 to 8, Market 6t.,
Baa Fraucmao, CalAv
CVAI, Ouitt. Becelver, ' '
'' f 'it rlng Pmwiu
J fly misc. ms- "Li"2'eJ'I '