The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 23, 1894, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and Proprietor.
American woman has invaded
the profession of architecture, and
is succeeding in it Her designs
for public buildings, warehouses
and faetori w are eliciting the ap
proval of male veterans in the
art, and her cottages and mansions
do not contain more wardrobe
closets than sre needed by any
well-regulated household. She
can beat a man nine tiroes out of
ten in planning a dwelling that
will be comfortable, beautiful and
home like, because she has a natu
ral talent for that kind of work.
It should be the policy of society
and the state to encourage, aid
nd equip woman for proper bread
winning occupation that fits h-r,
and her "success in architect art
shows that her field of work can
be. still farther widened. The
opportunities for intelligent women
who are compelled to be self-supporting
are not confined to teach
ing, law, medicine, authorship or
stenographyand any bright wo
man of practical mind and ordinary
pluck can find or make a way to
earning a livelihood in almost any
of the professions from which the
sex is now excluded by its own
timidity as much as by the sense
less prejudices of those who do not
appreciate the dignity of labor.
The larger the list of woman's
legitimate occupations the better
for society. Telegram.
We understand that the sheriff of
. this county will in all probabilities
advertise the del nuent tax list
in the near fnture. We think that
this work should be let out to the
lowest bidder, by so doing it would
te a saving of several hundred
dollars to the tax payers of Liun
county. It cost in the neighbor
hood of ladO of the tax payers
money last year to ' have the de
linquent list published and we
venture the assertion that any
paper in the county would have
been ghd to have got it at 1200,
if it had been let out by bids.
Thisisabusine proposition tht
the ExpjtEss hopes the county
cmrt will at least give a considera
tion, there are sbout four papers
in the county that should have a
bid at this work. -
Discouraged with the business
of raising wheit, Oregon farmers
are at a loss to know what to turn
their hands to next. Iowa has
given them an object Won in
thrift that they should not lose
sight of. The total butter produc
tion of thit state for the yeor 1891
was 133,848498. The magnitude
of these figures is amazing. They
represent more wealth than the
whole gold production of the
United States for the sarue-yenr.
which was $33,175,000. Under the
stimulus to her business of this
immense income, there was but a
single bank failure in all Iowa
during the late panic With a
country equally adapted to butter
production, Willamette valley
furmers are in positi-a to walk
abreast of their brothers in Iowa.
There is something more than
mere talk in the rabid discusseon
of the money question that is now
cn in the state press. The discus
sion means that the senatorial
mule must soon have another rider.
All spurred and booted, 6enator
Dolph waits and frets for the word
to crawl on, while his gold mono
metalicts friends yell "sound mon
ey' and hang to the tail of the
mule. To the ears of his muleship
the silver republicans hang,whik
Fulton, Tongue? and others sweat
blood and banker for an order to
climb on. This is why the money
question waxes warm. It will
contiuue until the legislature meat.
and then, though the great mass of
mo party oppose him, Sir Knight
wiuu wui Birdie bis mule and
Jog along to Washington. Ex
Wobdbi the trslcwrscker, was
convicted of murder in tbs first
iesta. with neniK of iWv .1
confessed his guilt, but Says there
are others guiltier thau he, and that
he will not hang alone. Said he;
"There are more men implicated in
this crime than have yet been in
dicted for it. Thev promised to
help me, but failed at the last mo
ment Well I will not hang alone."
When pressed' for particulars,
Worden declined to give specific
names and facts now, but promised
to make a fall and complete state
ment in the near future.
A party of Pullman unemployed
and other famlies, numbering in all
500 persons, will arrive in Alabama
this week and will start a single-tax
colony alter the idea of Henry
George, near Blakely, in Baldwin
county. They have secured 2,000
acres of fine land at 920 an acre on
the very spot where the last battle
of the civil war was fought The
land lies 2J miles along the Tinsaw
river, A sawmill and brick mak
ing machinery have been bought
on time, and the outlook is favor
able for the success of the colony,
Critical state of affairs is report
ed on the St Mary's division of tie
Idiho State wagon road. The
Italian laborers claim they have
not been paid since Angust and
have taken possession of every
thing and threaten to murder the
foreman if their money is not forth
coming at once. The men are
armed with rifles and pistols and
have precipited a reign of terror.
The North Pacific steamship
Sith arrived from the Orient at
Tacoma Friday. She brought as
part of her carei 280 poanda of
Hongkong opium, tiie first ever
impnrtgd into Tacoma and the
third consignment which . ever
paid duty in that collection district
The stuff is consigned to Port
It is stated that Dan Burns, sec
retary of the Republican state cen
tral commettee, has broken down
and is seriously ill in Sen Fran
cisco. Hard work and worry over
the late campaign, together with
excessive smoking, are said to be
the cause of his illness.
A special train arrived Friday
at Spokane over the Oregon Rail
way and Navigation Road, bearing
Receivers Anderson and Mink of
the Union Pacific, and Navigation
snd other officials of the two Sys
tems. A lion's head, seven feet high, of
the finest Greek marble, has been
unearthed at the Crimea.
It is said to be of the Seventh or
Eighth century before Christ snd
will be exhibited in the Hermitage
at St Petersburg.
A delegation of negro clergymen
has asked Mayor Gilroy to appoint
a colored man to a vacancy on the
New York School Board, but the
Mayor intimated that the request
would not be granted.
The latest returns on the house
of representatives give the republi
cans 247: democrats, 104, and
populists 5. The last house stood
democrats 219; republicans 127,
populists 10..
A negro going through a field
near Quincy, Fhu, was pursued by
a band of cattle, and bad to jump
into a well twenty feet deep, to
make his escape.
The largest cotton cargo in the
history of the South, a vessel laden
with 14,898 bales, has within the
past few days cleared the port of
New Orleans.
Sesator Pefkb says he expects
to see the day when anybody can
get all the money he wants just as
easily as he can now get postage
stamps. 1 ;
Fiaxci imports from the United
States nearly one half of the tobac
co manufactured in the Government
The rise in the price of wheat
eomea a little late, but can yet bene
fit many farmers in Linn county.
E vary little helps.
. Tax oholosst rarities' of tobaooo
ate f eissd along h hanks of such
CtbiTt flvrl tit owflut tt-WI
Health Is good at this writing.
Mr. Qilliland la still improving.
We are baring beautiful weather.'
Nearly everybody is done sowing
grain lu this section.
The Mountain. Grove school closet!
last Friday. Mias Lottie Jnuksou bat
taught the best school that was eve
taught iu the district, but they dome
for want ot funds, lacking one week oi
three months. We would like to knoa
what is the matter with school fundV
when they run seven months Ian
year. Vi Vooes.
A Man Cut in Two.
A man named Wilton, of Chehulis
who was, with two other ui n, xiealiiu
a ride on the southbound NurLhen.
Pacific traiu last Sunday, met with a
horrible death. He was sealed on tin
brake beam of one of the care as thi
train was being ruu onto the transfer
boat Taonma, at Kalarna, and it is sur
mised that, during the svritohing ol
that portion of the train, be was taken
unawares by the backlng-up of the
ears, and that the tail of his coal
eanght in the planking .between, the
rails, dragging from his perch. He
bad evidently tried to crawl between
the wheels while the care were in mo
tlon. and was overtaken. The vai
passed ever him, severing both baud''
and legs from the body, and cutting
the body itself vertically in two halves.
The body was carried to the depot In
pieces and the coroner called for. This
man had been put oft the train some
two hours previously and had con
trived to again steal his way under the
car. Wllaou was a single man of
about 25 years of age, and was endeav
oring to get to Portland iu the hope of
securing work.
A Colony Cor Hawaii.
The colony of residents of Oregon,
mentioned some time ainee us being
formed for the purpose of starting for
Hawaii for permanent residence there,
pasted through Albany last night over
the Southern Pacific road to Han Fran
cisco, from which city they will, on
November 27, take a steamer at Bau
Francisco for the Inlands. B B. Hen
ry, a well-known farmer at TuuHtin,
formerly of Linn county, and a hrorher
of Dr. Henry, of Brownsville, is at the
bead of the enterprise. It is aaid that
among the colonists are Dr. McCuuley,
of Uoldendale, Lee Brown, of Btaytnn,
Marion county, and the Wltitaker
boys, members of a well-kuown family
near Independence. There were about
20 of them In all.-Herald.
Mr. Frank Moist ik thought to be a
little better. The doctors nerfarruad
another operation on him last eiundnv.
IS'.tloe for IubllcatlOB.
Land OrrcE at Obeihm? city, or, I ' ' :
October Ti. 1SOI. S
Notice k bercbT Riven thai th rotlovlng
araed witter has filed notice of his inttmrkm to
make final proof iq support of his claim, and
that Mid proof will be made before the County
Clerk of Lira count, at Albany, Or.. Oecorntar
H, law. Hi: Frank Bedell, ft. E. So. 7.1.W fur
theSE)4.KW)i.S EJJ.8WK and lot land
S Sedan 18, Towmhip 12 8, Karate 1 East. He
toe Billowing urunesw to prove his eon
residence upon and cultivation uf Mill
land, vol: J. L. (Jtlbert. X L. Gilbert. J. 31.
8. P. Johnson, all of Lebenoa, Oregon.
Kobbbt A. UtLUUt,
Kotloe tor Publication.
Lsim Omca at Orkoo Citt, Ob. t
October , IN. I
Notice Is hereby alven that the following
aamedseUrer has filed notice of his Intention to
raake float proof hi support of his claim, snd
that said proof will be made before the L'ounty
Clerk of linn eotrntr, at Albany, Or., hecember
S, ISM, Til: Frederick W. Bratopton, II. E. No
S.57B for the H of S X . t) E or N E , a E
S Eof Section 12, Township U Houtb, Itange 1
West He names thefo lowing wllneweto prove
his continuous residence troon and cultivation of
said land, vis: Jacob Fltswater, James B. Filr
water, J. M. Undley, J, w. Gee. all of Jobation,
Oregon. Baar.A. Httuta, .
Notice or IMauaolutloii.
Notice is hereby given that the copartner
ship heretofore existing between W. C.
Peterson and A. I'mjihrey, under the firm
nante of Peterson 4 I'mplirey, doinp; real
estate and insurance business at Lebanon,
Oregon, ia hereby dissolved by mutual con
sent, Mr. Umpbrey having disposed of bit
interest to E. H. Ross. All account due
aaid firm of Peterson i Cmphrey are paya
ble to W. C. Petersen who becomes respon
sible for all indebtedness of said firm.
Dates, this lOtn day of October, 18M.
W. C. Petskwik,
The largest stock of custom mode
boots ever brought to Albany. Also
the best selected stock of men's,
women's, boy's, misses's and chil
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All Orders Receive Prompt
Attention." .
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Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money
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the Cusick Block, where they are
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uate of the Chicago Opthaltnv
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3.5P P0LICE.3 Sous.
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deritfi the In the world, aod tunrtntee
th -rtltie by itampinK tbt urn nd price on
tbe bottoDi, which protect you against bifeb
price tod the otlddleraan i profiu. Ourtboee
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wearinK gudlitlei. We have them aold every.
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mr other make. Tnke so auhsttuite. If yoitf
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Good Accommodations for Transients,
Special terms to regular
MRS. B. HAUPERT, Proprietress. 'Li
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Shaving Parlor.
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Fire and Marine
Head Office,
209-271 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon.
The Northwest
Hoasr and fVtm, I Groairif Oraln,
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llay, 1'eiKl ami Ktoct, Hup Kilns,
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T.arlips' FiTip .Sim"?- 1
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boarders and roomers.
Lebanon .
j. "
Meat Market)
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- ''ill" '' '
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo.
logna, and Ham,
SSrBacon snd Lard Always-en Hand
Main Blreet, Lebanon, Or. ,
The Yaquina Route.
Chaa, Clark, Baoelver,
Direct Line Quick Dlepatch
Low Freight Rates.
Connecting with ateamer Ho
mer behreen Yaquina an4 San
Francisco, .
For freight and petaenger rate '
apply to any agent,
Cbai, J. Hindu?!, Som 4 Co.
Km. 2 to 8, Market St.,
San Fraooltoo, CaKf
Cm Ousie, KtMlrnr.