The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 16, 1894, Image 4

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    CUE T HUE."
Alio iwu xuuna iwaoog fjaoe
Together at Last.
"Mebby yon don't take dorffs here, !
anywayf" j
The woman waa holding the door no ,
that her figure might just fill the
opening, and as ahe had a very thin
figure the door had an inhospitable ap
pearance. Before she rave any an
swer she craned her head forward and
examined space for a few yards about
the man.
"I dont see no dcrg," she remarked.
"O, yon eant see him, he's out to the
corner of the house, settin down. I
told him to se' down V wait for me."
Having said this, the man adjusted
. his crutches ao that he might rest on
them more comfortably while h
waited. He was used to waiting.
Be was watching the woman's face.
She had pressed her thin lips together
while she was considering, and when
Mra. Darte's lips were pressed to
gether it was as if she bad only a sort
of a cat in her face through which
ahe might take her food.
"I dont expect we're called upon to
support no dorgs," ahe said, at last;
"the town dont provide nothin' for
dorgs, anyway. Besides" here she
paused, bnt added, almost immediate
ly "our cat's dretf ol 'fraid of dorgs.
She bmstles all up horrid. She'd like
ly s not ran away, 'n' I d' know what
we should da She's a reg'lar ratter,
n' the rata we 'her here are jest be
yond words. I don't see why tUc town
don't do aumthin' 'bout 'em. 1 tell
Abram if he tended to things s he'd
say snmthin' 'bout them rats to town
meetin'. I tell him I wish the select
men could see our hog pail 'most any
time when it's settin' out there by the
pen. It's jest a sight with them rats'
tails in a ring richt round the top of
it, V they with their heads down in
the swill."
This seemed irrelevant, but the man
did not interrupt. His faded old blue
eyes were fixed on the woman1 face.
Somehow those eves made her nneasv. i
She wished they were not so mild and
ao gentle.
When she stopped speaking he said
that he knew "some folks didn't like
dorgs; they were afraid they'd ran
mad in the summer 'cause 'twas hot.
n in the winter 'cause 'twas cold.
But I aint 'fraid to risk that," he con
cluded. ...
There was silence for a moment dur
ing which a Baltimore oriole in tbe
cherry tree close by fluted out his song
and then flew off, making a swift line
of brilliant color as he went. The old
man turned and gazed aiter tbe fly
mg beauty. He smiled slightly'' as he
"Them birds are lot of company for
me this time of year," he said. "I
guess they've built up in the top
branch though mostly they like el
lums for their nests."
As he still continued to stand there
Mrs. Darte eould not quite make up
her mind to shut the door on him.
Presently he turned toward her again.
"This is the almshouse where I
b'long," he began, hesitatingly. Tm
towned here, anyway, "n I've 'bout
. made up my mind I can't take care of
myself no more. I'm gittin' old." '
lira Carte just now heard a hissing
sound that told her the dried apple
stewing on the kitchen stove was buii
insr over. She felt sure that tlie half
witted pauper inmate that tas hid
left to watch would spill the apple
when ahe tried to move the Kettle
But here was old Lemmy Little, who
didn't seem to know enough to go
anay. Of coarse they coulan't tek-e
his dog. It was ridiculous, just like
him to think they could. And hjr
mother had always said that a good
aized dog cost as much to keep as a
pig. She told herself that she hadn't
any right to use the town's money to
provide for a useless animal like that
"I don't see how I can, no way," she
"I tell yon what," exclaimed llr.
Little, brightening, "you jest come
outn see Jlaje, 'n' p'raps you'll change
your mind. He's sueh a good felier.
You can't help likin' him, nobody
"I guess I've seen him," was the re
sponse, the speaker showing no enthu
aiasm at the prospect of making ao-1
quaintance with llaje. "I've seen him !
gom along witn you." (
"But you m nst come out" the old '
eyes were atiil bright "'n' speak to !
him. Ile'sthe best felleryou ever seen. '
Why-here the atnbbly, weak chin
qmvered S:ightly-"I ain't be'n 'thout
j ' aj u mjd j
year ago this spring he was a pap.
They was goin' ter drown him. I saved '
bis life. 1 got him 'way from them i
two eusaea of boys. I took off the ropel
'n the rock they'd tied to his 1
fcwc jijo i ever oon?
aaveu mat pup. tie'a -
aince. My wife -' . , when I
fin'ly die ' . ea mine ever
tb ' -Je died, 'n' my son he
- of that wound be got when
- lactory biowed np, you know. W
I ain't be'n fit for nothin' fur I d'know
how long. I've got ter give upped
Oiin' on 'count of my back and k-jrs. I
knew this waa the poorhousc whore I
b'longed. I'd come here 'fore oaiy I
kep' thinkin' how 'twould er made my
wife feel if she'd known it Bhe was
real high strung, Auby was, one of
them Kimberlya over to North Bixby,
you know."
As he said this the old man drew
himself np on hia crutches and ilun
Jr timt . T T1 Dul romii:u
in that attitude, so be mmmi ,!.!-
sagged again between the sannorts.
., . . , v....J ,
"But you come oat 'n' see Maje," 1
vuveriuuy. . . ; . ....
Mrs. Darte reluctantly stepped down
from the door, fche flung her epron
over her head. Hbe glaneed back into
the passage that led to tlie kitchen.
6he eould now distinctly smell the
dried applo that waa burning on the
stove, and this fact did not make her
any more amiable.
"ft hv .w. ki i '
" "uuuoref ane
'Cause whon I toll htm to as' down
'M tvnlt for me he ex
Jf" .?.l!2Jpm,i
I've bruuThr, him up that way. I ain't
! pom' to K(rin contain' ol him with
i new wets.
Little; swnnjr forward on -h
crutc.ios, and Sirs. Parte fullowcd
him. There waa a proud and tremnttun
erjo-erness in his voice and manner nt
he reached the coiner of the house end
"Here he is! Come, Maje, 'n' give
yer paw to a lady."
. A birrsc yellow, smooth dog with a
joiirje, tiluc'i muzzle and light haiel
eves from his haunches and came
forward wargiug his tail, not wugjriug
effusively, but with a polite welcome.
II" held r.p his paw, but as .Mrs. Darte
did not take it he put it down again.
Ce glanced at his master, advanced his
head, pive one lick of his tongue unon
his master's dingy hand, then stood
waiting, smiling a little, slobbering
somewhat, and having a very pleasant
look in his eyesi Yet these eyes hod
the aprwaraneo of possessing other
powers of expression.
A half peck basket with a cover,
which was tied down with a string,
i.t(xl on the ground near where th;
dug had been sitting. The wooden
handle of this basket showed unnib
takftblc evidence of having been much
carried in the dog'B mouth.
"H hat's in that?"
As Mrs. Barte made this inquiry she
puuuuu one anger at tne Dasuet.
"It's my sweet fiagroot, yon know,'
was the answer, "it's what I peddle
a good deal this time er year. Folks
don't care much about it, though, but
it aou t cost me nothin' to git it if I
dij it myself. But it always did
'most kill me to dig it, 'n' my back's so
now 1 can't do it no more. I told I couidu't when I dug that mesa.
sometimes I .have pins 'n' thread 'n'
needles in there. Maje he carries the
barakit I couldn't with my two
rutches, yon see. But 'taint so much
cause he carries the barskit either, t
1 eouidnl git 'long thout him. It's
jest 'cause
Hie man paused. Bis poor face
worked. "It a 'cause I love him. I tell
jouwhat 'tis, ilrs. Darte. I don't
want ter live 'thout MajS I don't
want ter live much, anyway, but I do
bope I sh'll staa' it's long's ilaje
does." The high voice cracked on the
last few words. The dog moved closer
to his friend and looked up at him.
"What is it?" his eyes asked.
Sirs, Barte did not speak. Her face
was not precisely as it was' when she
opened the door to Lemmy Little.
And she had forgotten the bumec,
apple on the cook stove.
"1 s'pose be eats as mnch as a man,"
she finally remarked.
"JTo, he don't, he don't," eagerly;
"he's a real small eater, he is. You're
a real small cater, ain't you, ilaje?"
The dog "flapped his tail on the
ground, then he yawned. He might
have been intimating that there were .
the best of reasons why he eat ao
little. Be had ranged np by his mas
ters aide and sat down as if to indi
cate that he and the man belonged to
one party and the woman to another.
"I'll tell ye what le's do," said Mr.
Little, suddenly. "Vou let us in, JJaj;
'n' me. You jes' lemme have mv shaii
of victuals, 'n I'll share with Majj
x ou c n jes measure mv victuals if vou
want to, 'n' I won't take nothin' mor.::
honest, I won't 'N' I'll feed Maiv
outer my share. He c'n sleep 'long oi
me.- He always does Yob see, 'fwon'I
cost town er cent. Sow, will ye do it?
If yon don't I d' know what'll becom,
of US. 1 b'louif to this noarhnnK hut
1 swow I won't stay where thev wcr:'
takemydorg. I 'll jes' lay down 'n' di,.
V be glad to, if they won't take v.
As the quivering voice eeased. tin
owner of it leaned his cratches again,
the bouse and sat down on tbe gronn..
beside II je, who immediately put his
ueau on ine man s ragged knee.
These moves were not made dramat
ically, but at if this were the way the
twowarfarers rested when they be
came weary on their journeys from
town to town. Sir. Little looked up
at the woman. Hia eyes were bleared
and pale in the vivid sunshine. 11,.
bad his hand on the dog's head, and
the Siigera of the hand were moving
restlessly np and down.
His toothless mouth hong open as he
turned his head upward, Som9 sort of
a pitiable attempt at an assumption of
cheerfulness made him smile, and he
"Guess if you'd ever had er dorg 'n
nothin' else, you'd know -bout me V
'5' be'e be'n truss off nor me
he ain't had only me, 'n' l'vJ
had him."
The man now gazed down t thede
again, and all the blurred Z k
imKv imaiuieu,
"WaU," said Mm X"
and resolutely "T
I've nude suddenly
the - - tell you what 'tis.
mv mt t i,
-org. 'K' if the town don't like i
they may jest turn me 'n' Abram out
That's all there is about that"
Mr. Little glanced up at the speaker
with a pathetic brightness. Then he
quickly clasped the dog's head be
tween his hands.
"Here that, Majer he asked.
'TVhat's mine's yourn, anyway." He
raised his eyes again and said, firmly:
"But yonll see 't the town won't be
outer cent by my poor Maje," The
Chap Boos. .
- Another FJmmom Gone,
"I don't know that these here scien
tific inventions do ao much for the
happiness of man as they air cracked
np to." said tne farmer-looking man,
setting down hi. soda water glass
.-l a buju,
ventured the drug clerk.
r rinstancc, we used to pass
the time away in the grocery every
winter arguin' which was the mother
of the chicken, the hen that laid the
egg or the hen that hatched it Kip
an' tuck right along, sometimes one
side gott'n' tbe best of it an' some
times the other. Then Bam llyer, he
gits one of them incubators and that
""""" ici.y. ao man
conia argue ler a machine bein' a
we ain't got nothin' toariruaonaa
Bof' " Irt'.inanolla Journal
LbsAnUH twiiiwu to. NQ. ONE.
, - , '
Ai.TO i.ia or lBCORrosiTiOF or Libasoii
vBfi, or uw
WitKsrus, U'lumon ngine Company
No. 1 in a part and ixirtion of the Lebanon
Fire l;uri!iivit. and is a society now ex
isting fur the charitable purpose ol extin
guishing lire and for the physical develop-'
:i'e:it of its members, and
Whkueas, The undersigned Allen B.
Xictcerson, Chief Engineer; Jas. O. Boyle,
president; Win. K. Lewis, recording secre
tary; Clsrk Kimtirough, titiaucial secretary:
and Joet C. Mnyer. treasurer, are each
elcrittd and chosen as such officers of said
society, restectively, under the rules and
regulations thereof. Now, thenfiire, we
ine auove-uaiueu Alien b. mcaersun,
Chief Engineer, Jas. tl. Boyle, president;
W'm. E." Lewis, recording secretary; Clark
Kimbrongh, financial secretary; and Joel
C. Mayer, treasurer, as such oilieers of said
society and for and in behalf of tbe same,
do hereby make, publish, declare and adopt
the following articles of incorporation, to
wit: 1
The name assumed by this corporation,
and by which it shall be known is Lebanon
Kncine Comimny No. 1, and its duration
shall be pcr)ietnal and nulinnted.
The object, business and pursuit of the
the coriionition is and shall be to conduct
and carry on a fire comiaiiy for tlie charit
able pur;ioe of extinguishing fires and sav
in? property fmin destruction by fire, and
fur the development of the physical capaci
ties of itmemeeni.
The estimated value of property and
money now owned by . said society is Six
Hundred Bollsrs, tttjOO). and tbe sources of
revenue are and shall be from fines, dues,
aud assessments, and contributions from
its members and others, allowances JVom
the city of libation, and inte rest on money
notes, boudsatid rent from property, real or
persona, which it may now have or here-
afier aequire.
The title of.the officers making the arti
cles of incorporation are tbe chief engineer,
of the Lebanon Fire Department, and the
president, recording secretary, financial
secretary, and treasurer of Lebanon Engine
Co. No. 1. Tney were, and their successors
shall be, elected by ballot bv tbe members
of Lebanon Engine Co. So. 1, on tbe first
Friday evenuig in Mujvh of each year, and
they shall assume the duties of their res
pective offices on tlie first Friday evening
in April of each year, provided they qualify
or give acceptable bonds as the ease muy
The location of said society shall be In
Lebanon, County of Linn, State of Oregon.
In wnness whereof we have herewith set
our bands and seals in triplicate this 1st
day of June, 18H.
In the presence of
Frank Nirssitsos,
Au,r,j B. KicixRsoa,
Jas. '1. Bevut,
. .. i.awti,
C. H. KiMRKoeaH,
J. C. JlAraa. .
On tbe 1st day of June, 18H, personally
came before me, A. B. Kickenor., J. G.
Boyle, W. E. Lewis, C. H. Kimbrough, and
J. C. Mayer, to nte personally knowo to be
the identical persons described in, and wiio
executed tbe foregoing articles of incorpora
tion, and each acknowledged to me that
tliey excuted the same freely tor the uses
aud-purposes therein nanied.
Witness my hand and notarial seal, this
1st day ol June, WW.
W. C. Ptraasoa,
iSMIi! Ji'otary pubjifc
In tlie matter of bounties it was ordered
that hereafter no bounties be paid on any
scalps esccpt coyotes, winch will be 2.M.
The plans for repairing tbe Santiam
bridye at Sweet Home were received and
placed on file. ' .
Contiuued, bill of J B Tillutson, bridge.
-TiM; Oregon re Anderson and Sbarf,
WM; 3 M W iley. $12.06.
The following bilU were allowed :
1 t'Cooley, aid ilrs (iork........4 C no
W E Savage, aid Cox ,.
B While oid Pcrsifr,! ma oiiuoiIbv pj n
r. . nenip, biu M.
Klizal": CiWn, pi.l. ...'.".'
iah Ilines, aid
Mattie Taylor, aid ,.,
P 31 Hmitii, nid Walsan ..
H Baker aid Vgjl &,m!i-,u"
Mm e t JrmtMv. aid,,....
6 Oi l
6 at
I? 9)
tr ft;
3 90
2 30
T iV'Cunon, ce-
TraiB "
.. iiitney, printing.
J ' l!os, sect court Itotine.
T LIliiKger, printing..... ,
E Box, miscellaneous.. '.. r . 2 00
John Conibn, sheriff'Crook county.. 21 32
N P I'oyne, Incidentals 46 8(1
fir J P Wallace, sect insane ... 6 Oil
J M Wiley, nwds 20 07
M HhackHord, acct insane 4 00
Z U Kudd.ntiscellaneom 4 00
Ghent k Pruitliomme, tMSiks .10 00
Work on Boar creek ditch . 78 2f
IfKjueatof J Backmsn 10 SO
Harriaburg W ater Company. W 61
Albany iron Works, roads ...m. ft 7f
Oregon vs I'eter Chance 10 35
Joseph Kclno, liounly 12 '
W M Connor, roads 2 60
II B .Mover, road 2 00
H C Harknem. mada.i.7. W 00 1
MalthevrB 4 Washburn, court bouse 30 76 !
Hart 4 llitnnals. court bouse... 14 90)
Albany Eiwlric Light Company 22 60 j
Triten A Miller, Incidentals ,. It Ou
U J June, incidenluls.. 6 0b
J D Uurkbart, aid J A Albert ,. 11 26
James C lliouut, botmty 6 00
C W Watts, printing SO 60
W H B)oer, rouds , IS 76
Mrs Mary Davis, sect poor 10 00
Oregon vs J U Moore . 20 SO
N Needhutu, posluge........ 10 00
P W Spink, roads 64 04-1
J' 6 Morris, t 26 j
W C M iller 4 Co, roads 27 66 j
John Hutchins, sctrt roads 12 27
Martin Paulsen, janitor., 4b 26
W F Ucakins, afse?ur. 106 00
3 A M I'cron, salary Ktf 06
V Jteedliaiii, salary.. Ion Ul
1 1 ( Hardman, salary ....... 180 00
U S Puncan, salary 100 00
p q jioiris, "alary R)
j a r Rutherford, salary MOO
, tr M Keaocld, salary S3 SS
y t. Propst, salary ,....,. .60 65
Albany Dressed Beef Comiwny (I 85
lien C Irwin Company, stationery .... 11 75
8 W Moore, deputy.sheriit , . 4 06
A R Kntherford , ., 88 OS
Oregon vs Morlsy 17 05
Stiles Nutting, printing i ,..., 16 00
si lickingsr, acct poor. 4 00
J.B Tillotson, bridges. iH 65
John w aters, roads j 75
J M KUig, deputy sheriH.. ..., si m
U V Blandish, deputy slierilf. 14 45
C O Morris, deputy sheriff. 10 W
G Burkhart, deputy sheriff. a 00
john UsHW w
! Jol.,, Ctix snrl B Mven
.. too
D V Hardman, as deputy recorder... JO 10
W E Savage, acct assessor..... 10 00
Sawyer Bros, toads fa n
Train Whitney, printing 20 00
Read, Peacock i Co, acct poor. . 8 00
J W Pugh, roads 7 so
Jennie Larew, acct poor 4
P Cohen, acct poor 14 00
Fortmiller & Irving, court house AO 76
Sewyer Bros ; 27 00
J M Waters ... 13
J W Pugh . 12 go
Meston, Bygert & Company, books.. M 60
Will and codicil of Olney Fry, Sr., ad
mitted to probate ; Olney Fry, Jr., apiwinted
executor; undertaking to be J.'W,0IH1; bond
filed and appraisers, Jason Wheeler, N. P.
Payne and James Hunter, appointed.
Henry Owen appointed administrator of
Lewis long; bond, 18,000; bond filed and
appraisers appointed: Inventory, persnual
proiierty. SJS.45; real, 1 19.40; petition to
sell real proiwrty granted.
In estate of John Brown, Inventory Hied;
real proierty. fll.ttUM; personal. 18377.80;
total, 119.4:12.30; exempt persoiial praiwny
set aside for widow,
In estate of Nancy ilsrks, bond -of $500
In estate of Lydia Morgan, J W Morgan,
appointed administrator; bund, S,t)U0. ap
proved and appraisers appointed; inventory
tiled ; real estate. 17,192.60; personal property
In estate of Hugh Brown, Inventory filed ;
real proiierty, U00; personal, ,14,446
In estate of J Keetlham, final sccumit set
for December 8.
In estate of Pearl t Brandon, bond 13,000
approved. -
Final account in estate of A Bodge set for
noeemtier term; in estate of Chat. Cusick
for December term.
A Clubbing Offer.
A great man; of our readers Liuu
county like f tale ti(e weekly Oregon-
. we nave made arrangements
whereby we can furnish It at a reduct
ion from the regular price to those hq
want bdtb the Expkesv aud the
Orrgouian. Tbe rejliti nriee of tb
Oregoulau la $1.60 per year, no 0f the
EiPBS8BI0whenin advance. W.
will furnish -both for (2. per year in
advance a saving of one dollar to tlie
subecrlper. The Oregonlan give all
the general news of the country onoe a
wees, and me MfBHas gives all the
local ptwa oiite a week, which will
make a most excellent neas aenioe
for the moderate atita of 12. per vear
Those who are at premut subscribers
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ages ana one year in advance to obtain
this apeuial price.
Wood Wanted.
All who have taken subscriptions on
wood or farm produce are requested to
haul It iu as soon at possible, for the
rauds will soon be In bad oouijjjlup (I
the rains cotitlutie. Tuil jour neigh
bors that they'enn have the Exphews
sent to Ihem for wood, fruit orpqlatan.
Sample coj its will be sent free if
. Ladles' Coats and JttiktK
I am now rcceivjni' -
inter alack Ml . my fall and
Children' - .udiea, misses and
Wt htv ..rments. These goods
' tal for cush and Include nov- and Maples of the latest patterns.
tail ana bee tlieui.
. Hauvkl E. Yotrs'i,
Albany, Oregon
Statj; or Ohio, Citv or TolidoJ
LtlCilS Coosti. f "
Fsakx J. Chbset makes oatb that be is
the ncniur partner of tbe firm ol F. 1. Caa-
kit a Co., doing business in the city of
Toledo, County and Mate aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sura ofOXE
HCMillEU D0LLAK8 for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot be cored by tbe
niie of Hall's Oiarhh Ctiaa.
Bworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this Oth day of December, A. V.
-.Et.f . Rotary rubiic
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken .internally
and acts direc'iy on the blood and imicuous
surtaces oi tne system, bend tor teslimon-
F. J. CHENEY &. CO., Toledo, 0.
CT-Bnld by Druggists, 76c.
' - l
It la p)d on fusmnwe iiv I o
By Buying
Crockery, leetl mid liUour at
Cash Paid
Santiam Academy
Fall Term Commences September 24th.
Normal, College, Preparatory,
Business, Primary and
Music Courses.
. Circular Containlnjt
Tuition, Courses of Study,
fully Mailed on Application.
S. A. R A
" X'JUpf "-v
Paper Hanging
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ish to obtain tlie best
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RtfA,r.VltlorCouiilrr. MMdsdlatT:
:lhao,slMp.(lninDiloffie. fliiHMl
Sbwtiul lMtMllroaMrth.
ti a v-4M Mha as u. as per a,
fi Om la a iwldanM bmu a atlt to idiika
. jia, dUUHM. Ooroplau. Ml, for
4J,mhmt(ti,tlM l(LoHi-liTa
Your. Groceries,!
For Produce.
Full Information regarding
text-Books, Etc., Cheer
NDLE, Principal
. . - OREGON.
- ' Jr - '.
- " J.
and Giui
ast a nd South
Southern Pacific Co.
Expresp trains leave Portland daily:
:16 r. .
lo:M f. M.
1H:I6a. a.
I Lv... Albany.. ,.Ar.
I Ar.rinn Francisco Lv
8:20 A.
4:41 a.
- 1 lie aisjve trains stop at till stations from
Portland to Altinity incliiHive:nlsoTiuigent,
Hnedd, llalscy, ilarrislinra, Junction City,
l. viiiF, Kugeue and all stations from Itose
barg to Ashland inclusive,
llosebnrg mail daily:
: " ri..Potiland7A7rri : r. m",
12:46 r. a. Lv...Albnv Ar. l2;,'io r, a
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ssengor trains-tlaily (except
I : r, a. i Lv,
Alliativ Ar.
10:21 a. a.
:.10a. a.
8:26 r. m.
2:00 p. m.
2:lHI P. M.
0:10 a. m.
0:00 a. M.
Ar...Lctianon ...Lv.
Dining Can on Of den, Route,
Pullman Bcpf-et Slkkpkiis
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