The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, October 19, 1894, Image 1

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Ont rr,..,. 19 00
- (If pud Id advanoa, n So per year.)
Kit moutlu 1 00
Taraa nuintni .,............ so
J.K.Dolph, t
John H. Mitchell, '
Blngtr Hermann, Congressman
Sylvester Pennoyer .4,,,., Governor
demits W. McBride,.,....,..Secretery of State
Phil Metachan ........Treasuriir
E. B. McElroy Sunt. Public Instruction
Frank D. Baker, State Printer
K.B. Strata, i
Wu. t, lata, Supreme Juices
it. a. tiean, I
Jutlfte,.,... .J. N, Duncan
Clerk ; ;....N. Need ham
Recorder,..:. ...D. F. Hardman
Sheriff, ). A.. McFeron
School Superintendent,.-.... R. Rutherford
Treasurer, .....P. 0. Morris
iuuW, .....W. F. Iteakiua
Surveyor,;.., E. T. T. Fisher
Coroner,.. . R- A. Jayne
, , I John PiiKh
Commissioners, j j. Mi Wlim
MAYOR............ ...ZTc. B. MONTAGUE.
J. G. REM),
: mnK,.TIW-v IT. O, COTTON.
8. H. MYERS,
City Council moehi an the first and third
' Tuesday evening ofeach month.
Baorat toolatlaa.
UKN TKNT. No. 7, X. O. T, M.-MeoU) In 0. A.
K. 1UU on Thnradey evening of eaoh week.
Tranalent Sir Knurtua are cordially Invited to
Wttut Tint meetlnf.
J. A. LiKKMon, Com,
Uao.W. icl,B.K.
-Xeelt even Monuay evening ta. A. R. Hall
l I o'clock. . J. B. Mian, C. T.
AiimiSikmos. aec'y.
LlSIANuK LOUUK, KO. 7, 1,0. 0. F.-Maeta
every Iauu4ar evenlni at Odd Fellowa Hall, at
?. W. MENZIE8, N. 0.
it, H. eARLANU, Boct'j.
KARLRKBKOCA LODGE, NO. 47. 1. 0. 0. F.
Maeta at I. 0, 0. F llat! Unt and .third Wednoa.
4ay evaolataeriwii month.
MRS, 0. W, CKUBON, N. U.
LEBANON LODOE No, 44 A. F. A. h. Meeti
94wilHraului, on or before the full mora In
each no
t. at. Mtuaa.
I. E. Hauuck, W. M,
HONOR LODOE, No. rf, . 0. 0, W.-Meeti
erary Trwday aventat at 0. A .
I. R. Boatw, Bee.
UKN'l MHWM CAMP, No. U, Dlvlilon of Cje-
fon, Horn of Vateraana-Maat InQ. A. R. Ilall,
every Saturday eveninf, eioept the third
taturday of each month, meeting the third Fri
day Irutetul. All brother! of thetiona of Vet
eranaandeomradeaortheti.A.R.ani cordially
Invited to meet with the Canip. ,
K. a. Cans, Capt.
A. TfcHHiY, Firat Begt.
BINA M. WEST HIVE, NO. 1, L. 0. T, M.
Kteta on the Id and 4th Friday of each month at
a t. . at 0. A. R. Halt. Traniiant Lady Mama
keel are cordially invited to attend.
A. A. HVM, Lady R. K.
jinn tll.imasn. Lady Oam.
Sam'l K. Garland.
John M. Somers,
Will practice in all the court of the stale.
WeatMord 4 Wyatt,
W. Jlf. BBOWrf,
Drt. Courtney & Mtuskey,
Physicians & Surgeons.
. Lebanon, Oregon.
CaUa auawarad day or uljh., .
.... '
as oiu as
never excell
ed. "Tried
and proven"
is the verdict
o f millions.
Liver Bogn
jr lator is the
fPfrPt9J Lker
AJtsl'l'Cf ana'Kitluey
medicine to
which y o n
can pin your
faith for a
cure. A
mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid-
' :' ' nevs. Try it,
Sold ly all
DruggiBtH in Liquid, or in Powder
to be taken dry ormadeintoa tea.
Tlie Klni of Liver Iniiolii.
" I liovp nwcl yi.urHlmnioiiM Liver nm-
klUKofailllverinedleinea, 1 oonaiderlt a
nu-diolnfflioKi, in lielf. Oiio. W. J.vca;.
ON, Ttwoina, VVuflttiiigtou,
Baa tlie Z atunui Is red ou amt
Taken From Our Exchanges Through
out ine jNortflwest.
Curry county Is expecting a colony
of 100 Texan families.
Albany has a bonded debt of $76,000
and a floating debt of $10,686.
The Port Orford Tribune is using a 16-
Inob potato for a paper-weight.
Grant's Pass refused to issue any por
tion of Its $22,000 proposed funding
and sewer bonds.
J. C. Oliver and B. J. Baker, of La
Grande, Intend starting a paper at
Lakevlew,in Lake county.
Four stamps were started last week
crushing ore at the Bone of Conten
tion mine on Williams creek.
Salmon to the value of about $3,000
have already been purchased by the
Emplre-caunory from Coquille fisher
men. ' .
Every once In a while some Gilliam
county raucher reports seeing some
body he thinks is .luck Hamblet, tbe
murderer of.Ben Gammay, The out
law Is pretty well ascertained to be In I
m vvivr.vir a
America Leads the World
Strength A gM iW
The Crowning Glory of the Age.
Man's enterprise culminated at the World's Columbian
Exposition, Tbe memory of it will be a marvel for all time.
The fame there acquired will Jjye for years. The manufact
urers of
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
appreciate the award to them of highest honors at the
Exposition. The significance of the compliment, the splendid
character of the indorsement, cannot be underrated. It
stamps Dr, Price's as without a peer among the baking pow
ders. The jury of awards, an exceptionally intelligent body,
was headed by the Chief Chemist of the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture. They found Dr. Price's Cream Baking
Powder strongest in leavening power, perfect in purity, and
of uniform excellence.
hiding In (he hills, and sallies forth in
quest of plunder. A reward ia still
standing for his capture, alive or dead
Gilliam county is receiving bids for
building s county road 80 miles long
from the Burns bridge over Thirty
mile creek to Condon.
The first cargo of lumber to leave
Ooos hay for a foreign port will be
shipped on the new vessel Omega,
lately built at North Bend.
Mining locutions have been made at
Devil's Park, at the head of the Cbetco
near the California Hue. Ban Fran
cisco capital is behind the enterprise.
Over 10 tons of wool will he sent out
on the schooner from Port Orford by
the Baileys, the clip of several years,
which has been held for a raise In
Arthur Woodward, 11 years old
went swimming against orders, and
drowned in the Coos liver. The body
was recovered an hour or so after he
was missed.
Tbe M. E. church South congrega
tion at Dallas can have $800 from the
national society If it can raise enough
more to build. The effort will hardly
be attempted.
There are 68,000 postoffloes in the
United States. About 67,000 of them
do not pay running expenses. The
profit on the New York pnstofflce is
$4,000,000 year.
The delinquent tux roll of Douglas
county, has been returned to the sher
iff and he will at once proceed to levy,
on the property. The delinquent tax
amounts to $7,051.06.
The 8-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs.
Ellis, of Umatilla, was lost in the bills
near Ukiab for 26 hours last week.
When the little, one was fouud, her
feet and legs were badly lacerated and
A mammoth locomotive now pulls
the overbtnd between Boseburg and
Junctlou, lustead of two locomotive
as heretofore. It Is tbe first of tbe big
engines to be used regularly north of
Ashland. 5
The allotment of tbe reservation
(ands in severalty in Klamath county
Is proceeding rapidly. Major Wordeu
has already made 81 allotments,
whereas be had not expected to make
40 In tbe same time.
A Bad accident occurred at a point
(our miles west of Pendleton last week,
when a freight train ran over and
killed a l'.ttle girl baby of about 16
months of age. The little child was
near the crossing and was not observed
until the train was within five cor
leugths. The body was out in two
and lha entire train pasted over it.
Mumfor was the name of the child's
Near Drain Wednesday night some
wretch tied an old horse on the track
and the nutti-bound overland train
ran over the animal. The horse was
tied both by the neck and heels to the
The Milton Uagle undertakes to suy,
rrom the present status of the Urn.
tilla county treasury muddle, that not
acentoflOOO deficit of ex-Treasurer
Folsom will ever be collected from him
or his bondsmen.
Tbe assessor of Josephine cuntv
gives the following figures for the
current year:' Grosu value of ail pro-
lerty, 11,325,814; exemption, MMG2;
total taxable nroDertv. 11.257.852:
number of polls, 540.
A Sunday-school convention will be
held at Mtdlord, October 23 and 24,
having been postponed one Week on
aecount of conflicting with the meet
ing of the State Horticultural Society
to be held at Ashland ou the third
week in, the month.
In the preliminary examination
held at Burns, Monday, Charles F.
Potts, charged with the murder of W.
H. Dickson, was held without bail for
the grand jury. The murder was com
mitted in the southern part of Harney
county, September 2, last.
A. J. Byers, whe recently figured In
a highway robbery near Iudenendenc
is In receipt of a letter from Washing
ton, 1). U., stating that his pension has
been allowed, amounting, with back
pay, to $2,400. Byers served in the
First Colorado regiment from Decem
ber, 1861, to November, 1854.
The little 2-year-old daughter of Mrs.
Amelia Cook, of Salem, slipped and
fell through the barbed-wire fence
along the bank of the mill race. In
some way her hair caught on a barb,
ana mere snc hung, her feet touching
the swift water, until her parents
neara her cries and came to her relief.
C. Swanston, of 8ucratneiito, l:,e
within the Inst few days, purchased,'
In Klamath county, l?5 head of beef
cuttle from the Indians, 300 head in
the neighborhood of Bly, and 250 head
in Langell valley, making In all 725
head, for which he paid for which lie
paid from 2 cents to 4 cents per
A belligerent owl came to irrlef at
Uianl'i fass the first of the week.
Mrs. G. N. Bolt opened the barn door
in the profiling aud the qw( drove her
out. Then Bolt went after it with a
revolver, and the owl showed spirited
nght, It was finally killed with u
stone, and measured 5 feet from tip
to tip.
A. J. Pltuer, of Halsey, w ho has
been on a visit to his old home in Polk
county, Missouri, has returned to (tie
Oregon home. He reports limes good
ill Missouri. He says they have n
good corn crop and a fair wheat crop.
Corn is cash at 32 cents a bushel. Fat
hogs go like hot cukes at 5 cents on
foot at the farmer's door, and alto
gether the outlook is bright.
Boh Iiijjersoll Is going for the super-"
Indent of an eastern reform school,
and here Is what he says: I do not
believe that one brute by whipping,
beating and lacerating the flesh of
another can reform lilin. The lush
will neither develop the Lrain nor
cultivate the heart. There should tie
no bruising, no scarring of the body
In families, in schools, in reforma
tories, or prisons. A cultivated mun
doesn't believe in the methods of
savagery. Brutality hits been tried
for thousands of years and through
all theje years It has been, a ftijlurc.
From people from Telncaset, the rail
road station niue miles south of Union
the Scout learns that one night last
week sixteen Chinamen employed by
the railroad company on the section
there were ordered to leave by about a
dozen men who had congregated there
for that purpose. The Chinamen left,
but returned In the morning, but were
ufraid to go to work when told to do so
by the fireman. It Is not known who
the nieu were who ordered, them to
leave. The Chluameu were very much
excited, and lost no time In getting
away, fearing for their lives. It is also
learned that the Chinamen ut North
Powder were served in the same way.
We have accepted the situation as
salesman fur the Test Orchard &
Nursery company of Albany, Oregon,
aud any one wanting trees ure
requested to give us a call and If
absent Mrs. Marks will fill orders and
they w 11 receive prompt alteiiilon.
J. M. Mario.
Following is the docket of the clrcu
court for the term beginning on next
Monday, Oct. 22:
Thirtyrsix old cases and the following
new ones :
Christian Bleisch vs Gus and Lizzie
rvranger, recovery of money, attach
Christian Bleisch ys John and R
iJurnette, recovery of money attach.
Thus Taylor k Co vs H L Cranor
covery of money, attachment.
W......T1 ,s T"e Fanners and
'u insurance Uo, recovery of
Phillip Cohen vs' Rachel and Geo W
me ' re0Very 0f
Smith 4 Jones vs Rachel and Geo W
rnnt ' oi money, attach
K B Anderson vs Geo W Luper, re
coyery of money. attachmnt '
F Chevalier A Co vs H L Cranor, re
coverv of monev. ' re
JohnRobsonvsAL Douglas and G
W Luper, recovery of money, attach-
Samuel E Young vs H E and Maro E
.ovovery 0i money.
Knapp, Barrel! & Co vs A B Patter,
son, recovery of mon,
H Fartvell v. v uji
clerk, netition for .rirSTJ' J """V
S IT Vft.i t o 7 ""uiunUB,
monev 8 " "le8 Kemy '
P A Cochran u. Tl. l? L'. ,
Mak.... t" n iers ana
n u AT, V-A "covery of money
AIrtoT,V corporation, v,
Alonza, Grant and Marv X Wii J,
coverv of monev. ntt.i,;.,. R '
G B Haight vs Geo W Luper and 81
Luperrecoverv of money, aTtachrnent.
M.. i lhe farmers and
Merchants Insurance Co, recovery of
Samnel E Young v, N B F
of money, attachment. r-v-rec0ry
Stewart 4 Sox vs J A Zysett, recoverv
of money, attachment. llrecovery
Will 4 Link vs W H and H T mi
Powlr Z V8 'he H.arri8brK Water
mon '' corPtion, recoVery of
I p uTr " w, recovery of monev.
r.;PJchlm vs J W Ling, Ida M
Ti.nAeUI'reWy of money attacht
1UC11L, -
Co lllt:"" Mercantile
coverv f 1 "Men, re-
Milton Hale vs JB.nji.
.uuoaure oi mortgage.
J O R.I WUW Mal80. Hvoe.
foreclosure o( mortgage.
Linn Pimtt.. u- .
"wiuiv- nnnnno Hani. .... TV r
Lilllt pAiintu ra. ....
Cornell. n- .; L ? 0 "
'&. uonnrmation.
,1 " '.reiver, vs James E dark
and C Clark. Confirmation
p C Smith vs J II b.:a .
Bridges etal. Confirmation
Charles Henrv v. i v . .
Confirmation. ' .neetal.
G W Phillips vs II fi H... ..
flrmatlon. '
B P McCormack vs wto.i n...,
ment Company, Confirmation, P
tane Lumber Len,,, u . ...
and W H Goltra. Confirmation.
l he Albany B 41. A vs Lizzie and OW
r.el8. Confirmntinn
8 E Voiine et al vai r wi.. .,' ...
junction suit to set asij. dMd. '
On.erWheelerv,HattleTitus. Partition.
J 1 Hendnx vs C t! RaIv.. .,i t,..,
tion. ,
L. Foley vs 8 O Walla. et ni
lire of'mortgage. ."..u-
Wttie Hunter vs A R Hunter. Divorce.
James McCartnev v Iin.wi t- .
the Cumberland Presbyterian church, Soda,
ville. Foreclosii nf
Uo Gerhard and Hen n..h'.i -j...,.
btr.tors.v8 Geo P and Marv M WJ
foreclosure of mortgage.
K H Wright vs J L and Rosa E Hansard,
torectosnre of mortgage.
Sylvester Pennoyer'Governor" et al vs
Vim Cochran and W T Cochran et !,
foreclosure of mortgage.
E F Wyatt vs Martha BohananandJC
Bolmnan et al. Iiw,.i,,.
t iw i "" '"""gage.
i J Munkers vs G W Tnhn... .j
P J ohnson et al. Foreclosure of mortgage.
Linn County National Bank vs H Hyde
Francis Hyde and Sonhi inoni. u,
closure of mortgage. .
state of Oregon vs John Kiumlit. Lar.
0 M Buchner. vs Oiiarlrttte H rir,i, j
Samuel Bissiuger. Foreclosure of mort
gage. Luella Stowe vs A F Stowt. Divorce.
Henry Broders vs J C Bohanan .t m
Foreclosure of chattel mortgage.
MW V Agnes Logan. Divorce.
Wood Wanted.
All who have taken subscriptions on
wood or farm produce are requested to
haul it in as soon as possible, for the
reads will soon be In bad condition, f
tne rams pqutiuue. Tel your neigh
bors that they cau have the Expbbss
sent to them for wood, fruit or potatot s.
Sample copies will be sent free or uii
plicatlon. Get your jJJ uJlMj at Miller's,
Sunshine and showers.
Farmers are buay sowing full grain.
Potato digging is the order of I lie
J. W. Gee contemplates building a
new house this fail.
Mnttie Qieason pdd Spring Farm 'i
flying visit last week.
W. H. Cummings was i I.,lino:;
Monday on business.
Professor Brown, teacher of t!.
Happy Home school, is fl rnMt,lul
Mountain View;
W. H. Cumminm raided Iwunfi, is....
bushels of onions on twBi..,..',.,
of ground. Who can beat it?
S. B. Westurn. a hmth r i.
J. Cummings, who has been stopping
with Mr. James Frady, near Peo,it
for the past year, has returned to his Cummings ,
Bedrock and wife have In.i .( ,
from a three weeks' trip. They went
... .-,u, oay, ana from thera (() t)e
"' inai river, and hnn
and houieny way
if Cottage Grove, Creswell
fepriuglield,Coliurg,Harrisburg, Peoria'
Shedd, Plainview and Waterloo. Tn-y
report having had a grand good time.
' Bedrock.
Marriage No Foolishness.
A good many cases have occurred in
iun county where the wiino t,,..
in affidavits for marriage licenses that
the young lady was over 18 v nf
age, When in fact she wasyoumrer i
some cases nn unintentional injury,
"...v,. uio.reious, one case happen
ing recently. The Corvallh, .ti.; '
speaks out very emphaticaliv ou H,
subject. "It should not be forgotten"
that the scamp who made oath befou
the county clerk that Hattie Mnv
Brothers was eighteen yea-s of ug..
when, -In fact she was but flfW,,
swore to a falsehood. If uo other
penalty ia to overtake the act, it should
at least be held,trnft
Because it was to secure a marriii-e
licenie is uo reason why the sin suoul.l
be ovorlooked or condoned. Laxitt
in this in the past has led ton n,,,,,',.
girls of fifteen into a relation that htw
ruined tli ir lives and ended only in
unhappiness and shanio. Marriage I
not a plaything to be flune aside Jh...
tired of, but an enduring relation
whose responsibilities no child of
fifteen comprehends, or is prepared to
assume, especially when the husband
is a scamp whose measure of honor i
his willingness to go to the altar with
fraudulent license In his Docket, nn.i
lie ou his lips.
Cross the Plains With a Team.
A father and family and married
sou and family, numbering in ail
thirteen souls, ollinbed out of threo
travel-stained covered watrons in this
ity yesterday afternoon, and for th
last time unhitched their horses ou a
trip that begun the second day of last
May and has continued ever since '
Their trip begniuit Sioux Cilv, Iowa.
nd they came across the nlniiis in th
Id fashioned way that our fathers and
oiucrs made the -Journey. The '
father Is O. M. Wheeler, a brother of
Nelson Wheeler, of Corvallls. and
they have come to stuy. They came
via the National park where they
tarried eight days, and renorr, u.
leasaut trip. Their camp equinace ',
was about worn out, but their horses
were fresh as when they started, tired
animals having been traded for fresh
ones alouir the route. f!nrv.lil
The Stayton Bridge.
County Judge W. C. Hubbard and
Commissioner J. M. Watson were at
Stayton Tuesdiy, where they met
Judge Duncan, of Linn county, and
they together made au examination of
e bridge across the SiUitiiim there.
Complaint had been made that thu
auks of the floor were so worn m
be dangerous to travel and that one of
the piers was in danger of being under-
meil. A critical examination milml
substantiate lhe grounds for com
plaint and the whole structure wn-i
found to be In good condition. nea
flooring having been laid a few days
Attacked by a Bull.
Uncle Jimmy McMahou met with u
severe accident Thursday. While out
in the pasture after cattle his horse
was charged upon by a bull aud Uncle
Jimmy was thrown to the ground
receiving a fracture of the ankle,
which was reduced by Drs. Smith ami
Geary. After being thrown to the
ground he defended himself from the
attacks of the enraged animal by
throwing dirt in the bull's eyes, there
by blinding it. It was nUnrrnw pecan
furtliK did gfiithviraa. Halir iV