The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, September 14, 1894, Image 1

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    VOL VIII.,
NO. 29.
On ff;""i"'jS"i"ita
III onllu....'.-iii' " '
Tbraa mnlu. -- " Z
SlUfl. DOlH. ....,.,..............".-'-
3. V. Potph. ( ,1, button
John H. tfUolill.f
BliKrHwinii,.....j, .Congws.nis
Sylvester Pennuyer,,..., Oorerner
Oeorge W. McBrWe,,..v.rettr)rol
rhll MeHekan,,.,, , ......TMMiirer
X B. McBlroy,.....:i. PuMlc Initructlou
Jnk O. Baker,-...!..... BWU Prluwr
K. 8. BtmUn. i ,
Vim. P. Ira,
R.B. Beau, I , J ;
,.8uraui( Judges
. ,.....,...... .; J, Duncan
j, ,N. Hwulbam
1) ..Jnh
' f . 1). F. Hardmen
t aii..riir ". .-J- A. McFeron
1 Bcliool 8uiriiilnat,...A. R. Rutherford
P. 0. Morrhj
,.W. F. Dnklm
X T. T. Fl.Uer
.....R. A. Jayne
I John Push
i J. M. Water.
AMURnr, i . ...
i Srtoi '-'
Wommlionr, '
"n-oRiiiiU A. F. 8TOWK.
.i) v a uttii ..a. :. J. F.
i...uii:. P. W. MOKdAN.
m. W. KICK.
7uley ewnluga H'"'
Secret ooltl.
, rnnm. 11. 0. T, M.-MwU l 0. A.
- ...inlM Of
wTut Mr KM".
Till! la. Tent awu!.
-GBC W. Bid. h'
tTUinl U1IM1I. Mo.M, I.O.O.T.
r. uauaMlivata. A. . HaU
'ITTTlook. J..U.,C.T.
Audu aufnun. aee'I.
4nt Baturt.r mniuf v
'olMk . . . j w UKHtm, H. 0.
I. X. 6ARLAXD,fr.
. iinol MO. 47. 1. 0. 0. F.'
L7l7l.o' O.FHaU ln Slid
Miga HAITI ilUK, '
IXBA110N WD0 N, A. . A. U.-UMU
HiinUyl"i." """" "
.whwislli. j.i.HAiiMici,W. H,
r. It. tun M. t
HONOR WBUf .' No. A. 0. 0. W,-H
4 I. B. Bai. Km.
-. m. u niuiim m (JfC
UI,. v7 Mt to 0. A. B. B.H
,.i.lanl.jof.MhBinU.u Ike IhW W
Z taL- AH l r v.
. '....Mn,nulM0ftllG.A.B. OdrfUHj
miMa to BWt with tb. "-0 ClM, opt.
A. ThHHWt FiWI Hit
BWAM.WWT HlVt, BO. 1. 1 0. T. M.
Jtomlheadioh FiMM HM"1
r.M..ta.A.R. 1UII. iwwlwt Udl- Mow
w A. A. HtW, WT B. K.
John M. S0mrs,
WUI pmotioe In H tl eoWrU o U tt.
. iMthMlotfMtt,
w.r Bitrtu,
W. M, BR0WX,
1 Drt. Vowtnq Mackey,
i Physicians & Surgeons,
f LEBANON, 086M..
' CtlU aoMtnal 4af or DljXit
"Ab old as
the hills" and
never etceU- -edA"
and proven"
is the verdict
of millions.
Liver Regu
lator is the
only Liver
and Kidney
medicine to
which you
can pin your
faith for a
cure. A
mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid
neys. Try it.
Sold by all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder
to be taken dry or made into a tea,
" I h mti jrimr Hlmrnon. Liver Bern
Mttorwd u ouuolantitHuly My it I. the
ktntof all Uver nadloiaaa, I ooDaldar It a
BMdletM ohaat Is Itacir. Uao. w. Jack
Aw., Taooma, Waahiujctozu
a tk Itaaka Ib m4 am maw
East and South
Southern Pacific Go.
Eipreai train, lean Portland daily I
:1S r. .
I.v...l'ortliid Ar.
Lr... Albany.. ..Ar.
Ar.Han KranclRcoLv
8:20 . H.
4:28 a. a.
7:001-. .
19:23 1, M.
10:15 i. M.
The abuve train, .ton ut all station, from
Portland to Albanv inrlii.lve;altto Tangent,
Hnedd, Halnry, Hrrlburi;, J unction City,
Xrvinir, Knitene and all Htutiun. from Kobd
burs to Aahlond inclusive.
Rowhuri; nmil daily:
:! A7,Ti,y...Portland ...Ar 4:20 t.i.
1!:46 r. . I,...AIIian.v Ar. 1 12:30 P. M.
6:60 r. u. Ar.,.HowbuFt,. Lv. I 7:00 A. M.
paHaenger truin. daily (except
1:20 P. M.
1:0 t. M.
1:10 A. H.
:00 A. M.
I,v... Albany Ar.
Ar...Ubunon ,,.Lv.
10:21 a.m.
O:10 A. M.
8:26 P. M.
2:36 p. K.
Dining Carl on Ogden Route.
Pullman Buffet 6i.ken.r8
Second-Class Sleeping CarB- At
tached to all Through Trains.
Wont Mk4tf JvIB-"-
Brrirmn Poktlaiid add Uokvauu.
Mailtraln-dally (exceptBunday):
?: I aTW.'I L'v...Portland ...Ar.T 6:36 A. .
U:16 p. X,
Ar...Corvulli..Lv. 1:00 p. h
At Albanv and Corvallls connect with
train, ol Urexon racinc ruurniui.
Exprem train--:dally (except Sunday
T:)'p7." I.v... Portland ...Ar. j '8:26 a.m.
7:86 p. x. I Ar.Mcaiinnvnie i.v i d:pua. w.
ada and EuruH o II be 0Wa)"cd al lowest
rates from I. A. Bennett, niit, Lebanon.
R, KOKHLKK, Manages.
E. P. R0UERB, Asst. ti. K. & Pas. At.
To Advertisers.
If you wish to obtain the b!f
returne from your advertisements
Don't Forget
the important fact that
The Lebanon Express
will giv the desired results, us it
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
iu Uuo County.
Taken rom Our Exchanges Through
out the Northwest.
The house ol' B. J. lVndr.t, ut Sprlng
1,(1(1, whs liurned Thursday iiiglit,
Forty joIoiiIhIh rpt expected to arrive
at Union on tin- 15th, to locate in
Union county.
Telephone connection him now been
made bt-twei'i) Jcknoiivllle, Medfprd,
Talent, Phoenix and Ashland.
H. J. iicuman, an experienced
canner, him leaned the cannery at
Independence, nnil will liegin work
upon fruit Immediately.
The cLitest J. C. HnyeaugulnatO.
W. Harrington, sheriir ol Morrow
county, was termim ted ly I lie court
siwtalni' g the demuiier.
Nearly 55100 Iiuh been rH'si-il hy dure
scripliou in BprinuAold to construct ii
limukwuter In the Willamette to pro
tect tin town, as I lie river Is washing
awny tne Uank seriously.
Lurge nuiulwrs of seals ure repoi'U-d
at Hie entrance ol l.'oos liny, and it is
aid liiey are pluylni; hnvoc with the
uliuo.i. A move is leiug msde to kill
he si als with dynamite. '
The Mi.rshliiM News suys that 1,000
people were on the Uaudou heucli lust
ttcel., and that when the ruilroad to
Koseuurg is compleU-d Bunuou will
become a popu.ur summer resort.
The plant of the Wubco County Bun
has been uld and will lie removed
from The Dulles to Goidendule, to be
used hi priming a republicuu paper,
after printing a democratic one for
many years.
Dr. fcharpless estimates the crop of
prunes In his orchurd south of Eugene
at 60,000 pounds. He lias built a large
warehouse and increased the capacity
of his dryers to 600 huhhels per day.
Thirty hands are employed iu gather
ing tile crop.
A eon tract has been let Ui the Pauley
jail com puny to put steel cages in the
old Benton oounly jail for 2,40. The
building will also be remodeled. These
improvements were sadly needed, for
the old jail at Corvullis is the vilest
prison ieu in (he slate and a disgrace
to civllizulioii.
The hoard of trusties of the Oregou
stute insi.p asylniu has appointed Dr.
W. A. C'uslck to e visiting and con
sulting pjiy .ieiun to tle insane asylum.
The apppjutment uua piaile upon
recommendation of Superintendent
Gold-suviug mrchliies are being suc
cess! ully operated on the north fork,
of the John Day river. Oood hard
times wages are being made by the
miners. More Gold lias been shipped
to Hie United Hlates mints trout Grant
county lliie year than for many years
Henry Rineliurt has al his residence
In the northern part La Grande a
large poiid that U fed by springs
While on a recent trip to his farm on
the Gruude Kunile, Mr. Bhiuehart
soooped up a barret of young carp
which he has put Iu the pond, and
expects in a short time to have fish
for the millions.
Cleve Pearl met with an accident
yesterday evening, says the Halsey
Newt, that will lay him up for a few
weeks. He was helping Doug Taylor
drive slock, near T. A. Powell's farm.
when the horse that he was riding fell
on him breaking his right arm at the
wrist joint. Dr. Michener sat the
The Oregon City Enterprise gives
the following hard bit: "It was
expected that teams from all the
larger towns in the state would be
present mid compete In the races, but
the companies of Buleui, Albany and
Eugene and MeHllinyle and several
others v ere unable to raise the neces
sary money to defray their expenses,
their towns being evidently to niggard-
Hlehest Honors-World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
(rem Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
ly to deserve a good Ore company
But there Rente In it, The
Albany Are company is among the
the best in Oregon; but it was learned
several years ago that there is nothing
'in hiring professional runners in order
to win tournament prize this year
were the most niggardly in the history
of the association.
An exchange says that Albany girls
have discarded the ye.low garter and
the pillow stuffed witli letters, and
have resorted to wearing the small
bow which fastens the lining of a
man's hat in their nhoee. It guaran
tees a proposal In a month.
A fire In A'hland Tuesday night
burned the Thornton building and
a portion of the Van Sant house. The
losses were: Thornton building, 11300;
Mrs: Mlrhip, on millinery, $2000; Van
Rant building, $2000; Van Sant grocery
stock, $1000, total insurance, $4300.
The new water system worked ad
The senate failed to act upon the
nomination of Marshal Patit, of
Indiana, as Indian agent at Klamath
agency before adjournment. Unless the
president should reappoint during the
recess of emigres, the new agent can
not lake charge f r several mouths yet,
and Agent Matthews will likely have
an opportunity to serve out his term
which expires about the end of the
According to the Times-Mountaineer,
the contractors at the government works
at the locks expect to put 1,000 men at
work In a few days. It is reported
that another electric plant will put in
operation,' and gangs of men will be
worked day and night. It appears to
be the intention of completing the
canal at the earlest possible date,
and it Is expected that boats will pass
through the canal in the fall of 1896.
While nut hunting, near Bllverton
last Sunday, Willie iialler, the 13-year-
old son f Abraham Ballar, was shot
and seriously injured by a companion
Meyers, says the Woodburn Indepen
dent. The boys discovered a covey of
quail and went on opposite sides of
them, When the quail rose Meyers
fired, the charge striking his compan
ion in the face, two shot entering one
of his eyes and three of the little pellets
penetrating the other. Dr. Brewer is
doubtful of his recovery, and fears
that permanent blindness will result
from the injury.
A Benton county man has received
aletter from a friend In Iowa thatsays,
"every thing on my farm is burned up
by the drouth. I have finished dig
ging an acre and half of potatoes, off
of which, I got three bushels all told.
There are many people here illy pre
pared for the long and cold winter
that is coming." 38 cent wheat and a
shortened crop in Oregon is bad
enough, but in comparison with the
Iowa picture Oregon farmers are in
hayday of prosperity Times.
Parties from the mountains east of
here, says the Eugene Register, report
that Indians are engaged in slaughter
ing large numbers of deer there. A
few days ago a gentleman saw three
Indians with 90 deer and three or four
bear. Indians come over from the
reservation every fall and kill large
numbers of deer and cure the meat In
different ways for winter use. The
white people feel that the Indians are
being granted more privileges in the
matter of hunting than are granted
Brigadier-General Compson, Colonel
freeman, Captains Moore and Siemens
and Lieutenant Worthlngtou, who
compose the board that investigates
the recent me that destroyed $2,000
worth of troop B's property, held
meeting at brigade headquarters, at
Klamulh Falls, Thursday, and will
soon report. General Compsop gv
encouragement that the troop will be
refitted with new uniforms, Baddies
and arms, the latter consisting of sabres
ami revolvers, but no carbines. This
will suit the boys very well, says the
Klamath Falls Express.
Charles Weaver, aged 19, was the
victim of a steam wood saw accident
iph wll) keep hint on his back (or
some time, says the Salem Journal,
He was employed by Thomas Long on
tne saw, and was engaged Thursday
afternoon Bawiug wood for Rev. Tern
pleton, of the Cumberland Presbyter
ian church. In doing the work be
threw his right knee forward a little
too far and It was caught iu the saw,
which drew Jt under and. Inflicted a
Severe wound, It entered a few inches
above the knee jitnt, and mads a cut
the shape of a horse .hoe down through
the knee, severing and cutting off the
fralllla or knee cap.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awvdal dels Mkl llulwtimr P.U, it P'Wltae.
He Was Interviewed in Portlan I by an
Oregonian Reporter.
"Ex-Sheriff Matt Bcott, of Linn
county, was in the city yesterday, hav
ing just disposed of a carload of hoi;i
raised and fattened on the heut qnallly
of wheat his Albany prairie farm pro.
duces, Mr. Scott believes that iiilsiiig
"porkers" will be one of the greatest
Industries of the Willamette valley,
Just as soon as suhicient demand is
made and a market opened.
"We could get 75 cents a bushel for
wheat," said Mr. Bcott, "by feeding It
to hogs, if we had a pork-packing es
tablishment here somewhere. At this
lime, however, there is market only
for local wusumption. Some pork Is
shipped east, but comparatively, little.
I have lieen experimenting in pork
raising, and I am convinced we can
produce pork equal to any in America
with our wheat, and as I said before,
get as blgh as 75 cents a bushel in this
way for the wheat.
"Several old-lime farmers living
near me, stood watching me pour my
wheat to the 'pigs' and at once con
cluded I ought to lie sent to jail for
exlravngaiir-e. I didn't say anything
-ut went right on sawing wilod, ami'
when the time came for taking mv I'ai
hogs In market, you couldn't put ene of
them in a wool sack after it was killed.
"I got $4.80 per hundred for my pork
on pool. This pays me better than
selling wheat at 40 cents a bushel.
But, until there Is a big pork-packing
house ip this vicinity, we can't all
raise pork. I hope such uu establish
ment will be founded and we can go
Into the business of furnishing it with
the material to work on. Pork is. now
shipped from Eastern Oregon to the
fcaetern market, eured .into hams.
shoulders and bacon, and returned to
Portland and the Willamette valley
for consumption. This is not right,
and something ought to be done to
keep this business at home, also to give
, sufficient market to Infuse the pork-
.....1.1.... 1......-, ... ..
packiug industry with new life."
Oregonian. i
The following, which is from the
Albany Democrat, gives the above a
different aspect:
"Somewhat Padded. The Oregou-
lan's interview with Ex-Sheriff Scott
on hog-raislug has excited considerable
Interest.: Mr. George Piper was the
reporter who did the work on Mr,
Scott. Mr. Scott's ideas on the value
of putting wheat into hogs and of the
advisability of a packing establish
ment were as advanced by liim.
Otherwise there was considerable pad
ding. That about his experimenting
Iu pork raising and about farmers
watching biui pour wheat to the hogs
was all in George's fertile brain. Mr.
Scott lives iu Albany and does not
raise hogs at all. He Is simply a buyer
aud seller of hegs, sheep, etc."
An Interesting Career.
Mr. Pete Hensley, the hermit of the
Cascades, speut Friday night in Al
bany. The career of Mr. Hensley is an
interesting one. When a young man
he was wasting away with eonsumr.
tiou, the youugest of fourteen children,
so he came west and located in this
county. His nature was ascetic and
he settled alone at Lower Soda, but
people began gathering around him,
and he Bold out and went farther into
the Cascades, locating In Canyon Creek
which he left when he begun to have
neighbors, a few years ago locating at
his present home ten miles from Fish
Lake, and thirty yards from the sur
veyed line of the ). P., where iu the
winter, without a neighbor within ten
miles, he is surrounded by as much us
seven feet of snow. He traps for a
living, now not so extensively. Years
ago he brought to Albany furs for
which he received over $l,00tl iu cash.
He has twenty-three varieties tu bunt
for and cover., a large territory iu his
wanderings. At one time years ago,
after one of his changes, he had over
$3,000 in gold. A business man of this
city, O. C. McFarland, then a hoy,
helped him put it in a belt previous to
bis departure for Portland. He was
not heard from for over sis years, and
it was thought was murdered for his
money; but be again resumed his-life
in I he Cascades. While gone, among
other adventures, he rode 1,000 miles
down the Mississippi in a skill'. Ilia
uiiuey disappeared, some of P. in, had
loans never repaid, but he makes a
living all right aud Is indepen-'.enl and
contented. He is a confirmed bachelor
but reads love stories and says lie has
married fifty couples last year. Mr.
'Hensley returned hpme this mo,riing
with John Shea, in a ney Btudehaker
wugou and behind a fine span of mules.
jt. Price's Cream Bakjuff Powiia.
World's Fair Highest Awu.
The county court was in session Wednes
day and Thursday, doing the routine work.
The usual number ol bridge cases were
Petition of A. T. Hull et al for county
road heard and viewers appointed.
Petition of Mark Curtis et al, for bridge
across Muddy, disndssed.
In the matter of claim for damages by
Wni 8t John on account of accident on the
road, the same was disallowed.
The time for completing the assessment
roll was extended to October 15. .
Bond of J A McFeron as tax collector was
The following bills were allowed:
O P Cosliow, aid Hail 6 no
( C Cooley, aid Mrs. Clark 6 00
Ladies' Aiil Society, aid poor 20 00
W K Savage, aid Cox ., jo oo
O F I 'rnwfnrd, aiil Mrs Roberts 8 00
B VVIiiie.aidPersifulandKenworthy 10 00
R " Keitip, aid , ., r 5 qO
Elizabeth Oshorn, aid 000
Sarull Hines, aid , , 5 00
John t'slier, janitor ., 16 00
Maltie Taylor, aid 12 00
Oliver Ciiesney, aid 7 oq
P M Smith, aid O Wastio 5 00
riiard family, aid 6 of)
Santiani Lumber Co 1 27'
A It Knlhertord, co supt...: 08 00'
It K Mil-be- or. ex teachers m no
K M Adams, bounty g qq
Ware vs Henry Jaeksons : ft 25
llr.I Lllill, ex insane. 5 00
Dr W P Gibson, acct poor 3 00
E Carorhers, ex teachers 18 00
G W Harris, preliminary ..., 2 75
Wm Neeley, wood 31 go
I C Morgan, roads ?........'. 20 6S
P G Morris, treasurer. .;, 84 55
N Needham, salary jsrj g
J N Duncan, salary 100 qq
Alphine Bros, acct jail 935
Sanliam Lumber Co 1935
E N McCaw, lumber. 19 59
Dr J W Cole, medical ex .'" 6 rjo
H J Jones, stationery.... 12 65
J D Burkhart, aid Alberts..-. 7 jo
Albany Electric LigbtCo 22SO
C W Watts, printing 42 85
Mary E Davis, care poor..,. 10 00
J B Tillotson, bridges ,.A 150 00
. ueaKins, assessor 273 00
l2sh " Pr" '
H r T Fi'her surveyor.
. 300
. I8 60
. 160 66
her surveyor.
J A McFeron' salary ....
J A McFeron, board oris...,
J A. McFeron, acct jail.... 50s
Downing Bros, lnmber , go 54
Fortuullei- Irving, acct rjoor.,.... 15 00
Gill Calavan, acct roads ; 7 30
BM Payne, incidentals 72 60
J M Keeney, incidentals 30 00
J J Murphy, supreme court fees 22 60
Oregon vs Peter Chance.,; 31 50
M J Cameron, lumber 20 8S
F M llediield, deputy clerk 8335
D L Hardnian, office ex. 6 go
II Baker, aid Vail family 10 00
A II Mcllwain, aid ACubit 9 OS
PR Kelly, fees 6 00
Lee Brown, acct roads 39 30 Coon, acct roaSs...'. 6 60
Pnmst, deputy sheriff,,, 00 Oil
T V Curran, lumber...., in 98
Weston, Dygert & Co, books 14 60
Oregon vs Robert Foren 4 20
J (! Hardin, acct roads 9 r
J W Pu(,'h, commissioner... 15 CO
John Waters, commissioner, 29 00
A Good Joke on a Preacher.
The best joke of the season was per
petrated on Rev. Wallace last Satur
day by some of the boys here. The
reverend1 gentleman bought a big 81
poind chiiinift salmon and left it lay
ing In front of a store while he carried
some tilings up to Mr. Hawley's house,
where ho waa slopping. While he was
gone some of the boys, headed by the
irrepressible Bob Campbell, took a
three ounce vial and stuffed a scrap of
paper iu it on which was a scribbled
statement that the aforesaid bottle was
thrown overboard from a sinking
steamer in the Alaska waters last Feb
ruary. The name sf the vessel was
unfortunately (?) blurred so that it
could not be deolphered. This bottle
they slutted Into the salmon's interior
und awaited developments. Mr.
Preacher came back andgot his salmon
und look it home to clean It, and pretty
soon canio down an excited preacher
exhibiting his find. The boys held
their sides to keep from laughing anil
looked solemn. But the best part of it
came to to pass y-sterday when the
Oregonian priuted a communication
giving the details of the whole. And
our friend Wallace will never know
how he was gulled until he sees this
this expose. Another funny part Is
that one half of the people in the town
could remember the sinking of the
vessel until the joke leaked out. To
ledo Lender. .
Irving W. Lariniore, physical direc
tor of the Y. M. C. A., Des Moines,
Iowa, says he can conscientiously
recommend Chamberlain's Palu Balm
to athletes, gymnasts, bicyclists, foot
hall players and the profession in gen
eral lor bruises, sprains aiid disloca
tions; als'O for soreness aud stiffness of
the muscles. Wlieu applied before the
parts become swollen it will effect a
cure in one half the time usually re
quired. For sale by N. W. 6u)llh,