The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 24, 1894, Image 1

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NO. 26
One your :- .....12 00
(If nald In advance. II 6o pol yew.)
. Hit mraitln - 1 IS
Three inom hit jjr
Single copies - - "
J.N. nohih, ( Souators
John H. Mitchell,!
Bingor Hermann Congressman
Hylvoster Pnnnoyer Governor
Oanrxt W. Mctlridc, HecwIMy of Slate
Phil Metschan ..Treasurer
E. H. McKlroy, Siij.t. Public Instruction
Frank il. Huker, State Printer
It. 8. Nt-nlm, 1 ' , .
Win. I-. U,rd, Supreme Judges
li. 8. llcun, 1 ,
' . ' ("Ol'NTY OKKH'KKH.
Judge JN. Puncan
Olerk - Neeilham
IlecnrdcrZ"Zl..: P. F. Hantaan
Sheriff, J. A. McFcron
Hclionl Superintendent A. 11. Kutherlord
. TnmM, I"- Murri
j. AnscHsor VV. Y. Heukins
(wwr T. Fisher
kroner, A- "V0
I John PurI'
Coiiimlsiunirx - J, M. Waters
I J. (i. KKKI. .
COtiNUUlEK I As'mfEwk
City Council meets n the first ami third
intends J evening of each miMitli.
, Secret Booletles.
K. 11.11 on hu-.y ,, l0
Transient Sir Km"" "'"""
(in. W. Kick, U. K. '
.-rr-. "nr..,iU:""Nii. 4M. 1. o. o. T.
-Meet, every Monday eiwlne ' A. K. Hull
B .retook. J. B. Maokh,
Aumi: Hiamw. Buc'y.
Tiios unmi so. 47. iTo. o. r.-"
every Saturday evcul.mal Aid Felt Hall,
o'clock p. m. j . XBOIM B-
B. M. UAIthAM), Beefy.
l'EAKI,ltKlK:A WWiB. NO. 47. tOf..
Mool at l.O.O. T 1Ih.11 rl d third He
flay oveuinK. lit each niimtti.
MltS. 0. W. CRIWH. N-
UiHAKOK UMXiK So. A.F. A. M.-Mwt.
fHturla) eveiiii.oiuirH.orollie MI 1.M 'n
eaehmoulli. r e, IUmmack, W. M.
F. U. Mll.l.r,u. ee.
HONOR U.D.HC, No. . A. 0. t'. W.-Meet.
every Tuoly ev.uiii t A M w
1. R. Bolim, Kco.
UKS-LMKUKIHCAMP, No. 19. HlvMoi. of Ore
gon, Ron. of Vetoraii-Mt InU. A. K. Hall,
every Hiit.mtey evenlnit. eaeent tl third
Balintlay of eaih mouth. nu'Oilim the third ra
dar Uwtead. All hrotlien. ot
e,n. and nrade.if the !. A. R. are eordiully
t .i u iili the I'uinli' .. .
K. 0. OMie, l;fllrti
A. 'i'l.KM'V, Fitl 1-11.
BISAM. WKST HIVE, NO. 1, 1- 0. T, M -Jloeta
on the W and U Friday ot eaeh inolitli al
& p. H. nLCI. A. K. Hall. Traiwlont Ialy Mora
been are eonllnlly hivllKl to attend.
A. A. HviiK, I,ady 11. K.
Hauaii HAI.TKAUSH. Udl Com.
Sam'l- M- Gakland,
John M- Somebs,
! ill rctl) I" U "'O urt "( llK! l,"lU''
JJilSAA'OA'. OltmON.
Weatherlord 4 Wyatt,
" " W. M. MHO WJf,
I ,'. Cwirtwy & MueliCH,
i HHiysicians & Surgeons.
Calla atwwored day or night.
"As oM as
the hills" and
never excell
ed. "Tried
and proven"
is the verdict
of millions.
Liver Regu
lator is the
Y . lator is ine
JLJCl'I'C ana Kidney
medicine to
which you
can pin your
faith for a
cure. A
rn i 1 d laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid
neys. Try it.
Bold by all
Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder
to be taken dry or made into a lea..
The King of Liver Medlelnea.
" 1 have used yourHlranuroH Liver Rejru
lator and call ooneelentiounly nay il m the
kltiK of all liver medlelnea, I eonpldn-JI a
niedlelueeheet In itself. UBO. V Jack
on, Taouma, Waahlagtoo.
Bu tbo Z Stomp in red un rai
East and South
Southern Pacific Co.
Expreen trainn leave Portland daily:
f,:lSp. a.
10:1 P. a.
10:16 A. M.
I.v... Port land Ar.
Lv...Alliauy.. ..Ar.
Ar.Hau Franeitico Lv
(t:A. a.
4:3. m.
7:0(1 P. a.
The alinve traiiia atoji at all slultoin from
P,,rtlnrul tn A ihnnv iiirlunivi-: also lanei'llt.
Shedd, Jlulovy. Hurriahuri, junction City,
Irvnijr, li-unene and ail Klattous trotn n'.ihe
burK to Ashland inclusive.
Komiburg niail daily:
h":80 a7 a. l,v.7.P6rtiatidAr. i:20r. a.
U:4ii e. a. Lv...Albanv Ar. ViM f. a.
6ilK)jr. a. I Ar...liMeburR..Lv.J":(ioA. a.
Iirul iittHsettKer triiinsdiiily (exceiit
1 :20 p. a.
ii:(!P. a.
8:10 A. .
fl :tw a. a.
...Albany Ar. : 1(1:21 A. a.
Ar...LebaiHin....Lv. i 9:.10a.m.
Lv...Albany Ar. S:36p. a.
Ar...Lelmnon ...l,v. I 2:.19p. m.
Dining Cars on Ogden Jiimte.
Prr.LMAN Ei'ffet Sleepers
Second-ClasB Bleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains,
West Hide lMvlwloii.
Hetweek Portlanh AMI CtlKVALMB.
Wail train dully (except Sundoyl:
7-.KI a. a. Lv... Portland ...Ar. 5::Vi a. a.
12:16 r. a. I Ar...t'orvnllis. .I.v. i 1 mr.
M Albanv and Corvallis connect Willi
tiaina of Oreitnn Pucilic railroad.
Uliiress train doily (except Sundny):
'4-40 r. a. T Lv.Portiuii"d"...Ar. ! 8:25 A. M.
7:1)6 v. J. I Ar.McMinnviUe Lv6:S0 a. m.
ada iui Eurojie con be obtained at twst
rat from J. A. Dennett, ORcnt, Ubanon.
i, KOEHLKIi, Mnimtter.
E. P. KOCiKK, At, . K. & Puss. At;t.
To Advertisers.
If you wish to obtain the best
returns from your advertisr uietitu
Don't Forget
the importwit fact that
The Lebanon Express
will give the desired results, , us it
Is The Best
Advertising Medium
in Linn County'.
Taken From Our Exchangea Through
out the Northwest.
The Bcntnii county court will put
in a new steel Jail.
Another brick block Is to be put up
at Wooiliiiirn right away.
'Phe Newbcrg fair will begiu on
Seplemlicr 24 fur four dttj s.
Putricli (iiiien of Onais 107 years old.
lie huh jiiot been vi-ilink' at C'orvnllis.
They lire having hard work raising
the beet-sugar subsidy fur Union coun
'.V. California capital ia looking at Aeh
und Willi a view of establishing a
Albert Toobey, a young Grunt's Pass
Imodium, is doing 10 days for throwing
Hlotit-s ul a truiu.
A drive of 2,000,000 feet of logs from
Hie has been delivered tothe
lliirrisburg Huw Mill Company.
A hou-ii-lo-house census of New
bei'g, taken under the auspices of the
lii'iiplik', siiows 500 mules and 610
females, in nil 101(1."
A wiiler and electric light company
lins been formed at Independence.
JNiwer enough will be generated to
light Mouinotilli also.
The mill at Ashland mine has start
ed cru-liiug ore, and will be kept
steadily ut work, now that (j)e upper
level of the mine Is free from water'
The log raft cradles form a prime
atliuclioti at Astoria. Sightseers con
tribute $200 sometimes in a day to the
street-car line which goes out to the
scene of operations.
J 'arts of a large vertical Dow pump
for thefelfim waterwrrks have begun
to urrive. II will weigh 100,000 pounds
and will complete a plaut mlllc'ient
for ii p iji'jluliou of2o,(IOO.
The llfrt uccouut nftheCotjuille Pst
iiliiee robbery melitioued $100 as the
amount taken. The Herald says there
was st'ilt'ii f UK) in money ond $300 in
stumps. There is noclew tothe Ihieves.
ViJli.ini T, Bust wick, of Unioutown
pivcinit, Jackson county, who sowed
7.3 ueres of w heat last spring, will har
vi st litlle or nothing, owing to the
iu-1. It is said tliat a number of
fanners in the Applegate section are
likewise unfortunate.
Tlie ruinous rock quarry, on Ya-
i!iiia buy, lias been sola to a gentie
iiuin fioui Flayslal!', Ariz. The force
bus been increased and work on con
Iracls is being crowded. A portion of
tlie himl in the site was retained by
the original owner, who contemplates
opening out unother quarry.
The Tilhiiuook Headlight says it is
understood that Ihe prosecuting attor
ney will bring th,e wqpcjs-ferry acci
dent U) the attention of tlie jury, and
fully investigate tlie cause of the
accident wherein Mrs. Terrell lost
her life, and f possible fix the blame
where il belong il tiny one was to
On Monday Albert Hutton, a res!
dent of Amity, dropped dead of heart
rli-euse. He hud complained ot heart
trouble for about two weeks. He was
In the doctor's office a few minutes be
fore death came, and told the doctor
that oi.e;;f Ills spells was approaching,
and before he ooulcf reach home lie
Harry Kidgeway, local agent at
Astoria of (lie IlwascoKailway & Navi
yaUoi! f.'ompuny, has disappeared with
uboiit $4n0 of lite company's money.
He has been drinking heavily for
some time, and it Is though he has
spent or lost the money, and flees to
to avoid confession or discovery.
Nothing is being done toward bringing
ijjni back.
The liiouiberj of the (Iralid Itonde
Lumber Company ju,ve jliie a eonsid-
t;, '...J. Hjucm Wiwrld' Fair.
cr;: y hew
A pure GrapeCreamofTartarPowder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
erable amount of development on their
coal prospects on Beaver creek. It is
reported that a vein of seven feet was
uncovered, but it is now under water.
Some of the camping parlies used the
coal, of which several tons were taken
out fur fuel, and were much planned
with it.
Considerable new wheat is coming
In to Ihe Corvullis mills. About the
heaviest yield reported is from Ihe farm
ot W. 8. Locke, a piece of spring-sown
summer fallow, which threshed 35
liu.ihels to the acre. In some localities
the yield is not up expectations, lllteiy
on account of the ravages of the aphis,
which made away with the succulent
juices in many kernels of wheat.
The pioneer reunion, which meets at
Murshfield Wednesday, will be quite a
gala affair. Tlie townspeople have sub
scribed liberally for entertainment.
There will be, In addition to the
parade and literary exercises, includ
ing address, a clambake and an ex
cursion to the jetty and life-saving
While T.I). Williams was engaged
In killing an old she bear and two
half grown cub on the Long creek
meadows, last week, a cartridge got
fastened in the mng.1r.i11e of his gun.
Tlie oldliettr laid hold of him, and had
one leg of his trousers torn off before
he could right the gun and dispatch
her with a ball through the heart,
Youlig Brown, the Oakland murder
er, is said to be completely prostrated
ill the Roseburg jail. While going
to meet his victim, he flourished his
revolver over his head, shouting, "I
am the toughest that ever was it)
this tflwti." Now his spirit of brav
ado has deserted him utterly. He bus
eaten scarcely anything since his ar
rest, and declines even to see a lawyer,
though urged to do so by -ilia father.
Eastern Oregon seems to fairly teem
With plucky women. The wife of edi
tor Sbult, of the Antelope Herald, in
Eastern Oregon, is one, While driv
ing along the road a few days ago she
discovered a rattlesnake that wanted
to tight. Hitching her horse, she pro
ceeded to dispatch his suakeship with
a "dornick," and bundling him in a
jrunnysuck, took him heme to exhibit.
He was 8j feet long and hud nine
rattles. Mr. cShutt is the man who
just won $1,400 on a foot race.
Ex-Sheriff oland, of Lane county,
is lo be sueil again. Last week lie
turned over to the county treasurer
the amount of $0,211.2-5, retaining from
tlie funds in his bands the sum ot
$3,031. 77, which he claims as fees due
him for services while acting assheriff.
The court claims that he is notentiled
to these fees, and made an order to tlie
effect that (ieorge B. Dorris be em
ployed to assist the prosecuting attor
ney in briii suit against Jlr. Noland
and his bondsmen for the recovery of
of the $3,031.77, unless paid at once.
The niuti who broke the windows of
a Dalles hotel because a free dinner
was denied him some time in July has
bobbed serenely again in a similar role.
He was sentenced to 5."i days in jail for
his sport and lias been wurking stead
ily since his incarceration, gaining the
good will and coiitidenee of his custod
ians, r-or nearly a moutti tie uas oeeu
a trusty, and has behaved himself in
an exemplary manner, Wednesday
night, however, lie fell from grace, for
somehow he luanuged to get a "jag"
of beer uboaid, and in the night he
took his boots and smashed all the
windows ill the city jail he coulu reach.
He will have to servo out another 50
day sehteuca.
Koine stems off apple trees have been
exhibited at this office that distinctly
show how the miller is getting in its
deadly work for the next year cater
pillar. This insect is now very busy
depositing its eggs 011 the new growth
of Wood, preferlng strong, vigorous
trues. The eggs are laid in circles,
then gummed over wilh a covering
that is impervious to cold or rain.
Next spring when the sap starts thisu
eggs will soon bloom out into full-si.e
eaternillars and get in their destructive
work, In some sections these millers
can be seen after sundown in swarms.
Prompt and active annihilation will
only prevent Ihelr ravages next year.
Corvullis Times.
The Astorlan has an amusing ac
count of tho landing of a bull near
Knappton, trom the steamer Eclipse
which was new and novel in Us way,
und doubtless was enjoyed by the bo
Vine. On reaching the desired spot
tlie blowing of several whistles brought
two men in a skill' out to tile steamer,
some distance from laud. To the nil.
initiated mind Ihe question arose as to
the lack of capacity of the skill lo
hold the animal. But meu who knew
their business were in charge. A rope
was thrown lo the uieu in Ihe skill',
attached to the horns of the bull, and
by leading tlie animal to the side of
tlie steamer, a dextrous and concen
trated effort of the crew landed the
animal overboard in about twelve feet
of water. It took otily a few moments
fur his lorshlp to appear at the surface
of the water, blowing like a porpoise,
with liis tail slightly elevated in tlie
air, heading for the shore and towing
the boat along at a rapid rate.
The thirsty still continue to arrive.
O. P. Coshow, of Brownsville, is
camping hero.
One man at least will be cured of
heart disease when tlie "Muples"leave.
The mormon camp still camps; as
yet no visible good Is noticeable.
Our serial will have to wait n we
did not receive all the material requir
ed, but after the bull, Aug, 81, we hope
to have a full stock.
Some of the young ladies have been
heard lo remark, since tlie Halem
boarder arrived at tlie Fulls View
house, "Wat's in a name'."'
Saturday evening the spring was
visited by Ihe Lebanon delegation
including those immaculate gents, the
I wo Georges. The waters in the spring
were unusually strong; so was their
breath tojudge from their language.
The attendance at the several places
of worship Sunday were small. One
preacher had I wo hearers, und the
samts have ceased to draw a full lent.
Flies und fleas play an important part
in Ihe matter, we speak for one only.
Some one is thinking strongly of
going into the harness business. He
has begun operations by slicing har
ness into small pieces at night. The
gentleman Is known and when he
comes once more to enter bis trade he
will be received with open doors-at
the city hall.
Friday night another dance was
given; it came up to our expectations,
tlie same old gang of hoodlums were
there, Some came in a lumber wagou
and were supplied with rocks to throw
upon the houses of those who had the
temerity to try to sleep while a Water
loo dance was in progress. Come
again boys we dote on your little favors.
Saturday and Sunday nights are set
apart for those who believe in nothing
hut having a good time. Saturday
night two young bloods tilled up with
stagger juice and then took in the
Mormon camp. Not being able to
create any discord there they adjourn
ed to the north end of town where one
fell in with the strong arm of the law
and murshui. The town is some seyeu
dollars better off than before his visit.
The other escaped as his red hair was
mistaken for a brush Are.
There was once a man who desired
to have the streets of Waterloo sprink
led. Dotations poured, (n and one
sprinkler was hlliit on the plan of
.o:ilvu Ark. It also favors the school
building by being two stories high.
O.'ie application ouly was applied last
year and this year the character 0 tells
the tale. Dust is 2J feet deep 011 the
level in the town-and in a few of the
most dangerous places bridges have
been built. Auy one Heeding a bin
that will hold some 1,500 bushels of
giain would do well to purchase the
sprinkltr. No team can be found that
can draw the empty box from tlie
river to tlie streets. Mr. Clark was
going tu lease it to open a restaurant
in, but could not get a bonus from the
citizens. 1). O. Little.
Bad Outlook for Wool.
l.x-uovenor r. Moody was in
Portland Wednesday, en route to The
Dalles from a visit with his family ut
Salem. The govelior Is Ihe largest in
dividual wool dealer in the slate, and
his wurehotise at Tlie Dulleu handle a
perceiitageoftiieollp of Eastern Ore
gon. He says the tariff bill that has
just passed congress will ruin the wool
Interest of this slute. With no protect
ion for this immense industry. Ana.
truliu and other foreign ooutitriwi will
flood American markets, unci there is
no possible way to maintain a market
price sufficient to warrant wool pro
duction. Tlie average annual output of wool
in Oregon, the govenor says, Is about.
20,(Kiu,uoo pounds. The Dalles handl
ing about oue-ttai'ter. The market
price t'jero at this lime is from 7 to 9
cents, the lowest ever known. Ever
since Ihe advent of the domestic ad
ministration, however, freo trade prices,
have prevailed, and the producer in
consequence bus Buffered, severely.
Tliia uncertainty has now developed
into 11 painful reality, and it seems
easy to predict tile future uf what has
been one ot Oregon's greatest industries
ond pointed to with pride by every
resident in the stale.
Governor Moody is eutnusiustic
over the handsome yield of grain east
of tlie mountains, which to a certain
degree, may compensate for tlie dem
ocratic death blow to wool.
At Coos bay the e.h'.nook run t(
salmon is lute puttiug ill fonpeuruiioe
this yeur. Fjsheruien, up 10 the
present, have been making very poor
Mr. Floyd Rowell has started a
License have been Issued Tor Calam
ity and Pat.
Mr. Clyde Shafernf Shedd lias re.
turned home.
Prodical and Herbert Rolfo have re
turned again.
Mr. S.Cooley went to Lebanon 0110
day this week.
Mr. 8, A. DeVaney has built a barn
around his hay.
Miss Rosa Traxell was able to be out
to church Sunday.
Miss Stella Deiloise spent last Sun
day at Happy Home.
. Miss Sarah Rienhart has been quilo
ill but is improving.
Mrs. Lizzie Webber has returned to
her home in Brownsville.
Miss Nettle Connet of Sweet Home
Is now stopping close to this place.
Mr. Walter Vanhorn has gone to
Lebanon to work in the paper mill.
There will be servioes here every
first and third Sunday In tho month.
Mr. Edd Keen gave us a short call
not many days ago. Stay longer next
time E;dd.
Who is Calamity Jane and where
does she live? I should like to get
acquainted with her.
Mr. Hiram DeBoise came out of the
mountains Sunday. He had a fine
I line fishing while up there.
Will McElroy la able to be out
again. Its too bad Ort every time
you go some one else goes too.
Prof. Pat's school will be out Wed
nesday and all are luvlted to come
and take part at the grand celebration.
Mr. BtiuueyBauford passed through
the city but he didn't Btop to get his
dinner. ,He said he did not see Foster
it was out of sight,
Henry Sturdivent has started a
hotel in this city. Look out for your
purse boys, his wife and the sweet
Foster singer are chief cooks. Her
bert says he cannot take dinner there
only every Sabbath.
Harvest Is In full blast.
Wheat is only about half a crop and
oats not near up to other years.
John S. Caldwell of Lebanon stayed
with Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Sunday
Mr. Grant Llndly and Mr. Edwards
are running W. G. Brown's hay baler.
Mr. James has his new barn com
plete. He Is a rustler of the old stripe.
Some good friend took the liberty to
take several balls of binding twine
from W. G. Brown's place the other
Grandpa and Grandma Cummings
spent last Sundny with their daughter
at Waterloo and had a nice time.
Mrs. Molly Gee has been left alone
for several days also some others by
their hotter halves working In harvest
away from home this Is hard for the
farmers when they have to work out
for a living. Still it shows Industry
and what the farmers are driven to
by starvation prices,
Mrs. (llcason of Waterloo and child
ren walked over to Spring farm Thurs
day and spent a few days with her
pureuts W. II1 and L. J. Cumraings,
W. G. Brown had the 111 iBforl line to
loose a very flue young mure the other
day but luck seems to follow him.
. 11. Cummings attended tho
Later Day Saints meeting at Waterloo
Sunday conducted by Rev. Holt. Mr.
Holt is a good logical reasnner and it
will pay auy one to hear him.
Highway Robbery.
Jos Clayton, who is employed on
tlie McKenzie stock farm, met with a
rather novel and exciting experience
last evening. He had been attending
church in Eugene and started home in
his buggy ubout 10 o'clock. When at
Ihe Judklus point three men came
upon b in, one getting hold of the
horses' bits, while the others, one on
each side of tbe buggy, requested him
alight. Cluyton lost uo time iu doing
so, und was without ceremony relieved
of $:v-K al' the money in his possession,
a iir of gold cuff buttons aud a
pocket knife. The meu then warned
(.'lay ton to go ahead, not look back
nor return, which admonition he fol
lowed. We did not leuru if be could
give a description of tbe rubbers.