The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 23, 1894, Image 3

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    Lebanon Express.
faAddltional locals on first paRe.1
Toayb Good Friday.
Judge Miller to itlll very 111.
New gooda at Read, Feteook A Co'a.
W. J. Grimes left yesterday to upend
a few days Portland.
New Millinery gondi at Ml. Geo.
Rloe's. .
Bay yonr groceries at Peebler's, and
save money.
Born, to the wife of Marlon Klmbell,
March IT, a daughter.
Oats, hay, bran, cbopa and all kinds
of feed, at Peehler's. .
Born, to the wife of F. Henrloh Mar.
IB, a daughter.
Freah plea, eakea and bread at
Peebler's grocery store.
Every ouatomer at Borum Klrk'a
barter ahop geta a clean taweL
Quite a large number of our citliene
are buay cutting wood thla week. j
Caah paid for prod use at Peebler'a
(merry atore; hlgheat market price.
W. J. Ouy left Tuesday for Medford
to look around a 1th a view to locating.
J. 8. Oilrtney M. D. Physician,
Hurgeon and Aoooueheur, Lebanon,
C. H. Balaton, of Portland, was In
the city the first of the week, viaitlng
old friends.
A aubucrlptlon to the Express from
now until after the election, for only
fx-School Hupertendent Buaaell was
yeatwday eenteuoed to four yeara in the
Did you know Bead, Peacock cY Co.
sold 14 yds. of Outing Flannel for f 1.00.
Fast onlora, too.
J. E. Admx, agent for the Albany
steam laundry, aenda waahinga down
on Tuesday only.
Mr. O. Lovrlee haa rented the Eaton
property where be Intends to more lu
the near future.
If you are thinking of buying a new
spring dress, remember Bead, Peacock
A Co'a new spring goods.
A pleasant party was given at the
residence of Mm. A. Dodge last Mon
day in honor of Ben'a 23d birthday.
For the next 80 days Boyd will do
enlarged work at a special rate, to get
bis work more thoroughly advertised.
I have a few aenond-hand books that
I will oloee out a! a bargain.
M. A. Miller.
Baker ia receiving clothing, boots
and shoes, dally, In spite of the hard
t'.mea. His low prloes make the goods
Bach la not selling his clothing at
cost, but still you can get a better suit
there for less momy than anywhere
Mr. Lamar and family and a Mr.
Gulon, of Henry Co., Mo., are viaitlng
their old friend, B. 0. vallaoe, thla
week. Tbey are out here to locate,
G.W. Cruaou haa bought J. W.
Menziea' interest in the hardware atore
of Crusou A Menglee aud will uow run
the business alone.
The Republican club will meet in
Union ball, March 28. All republicans
Invited, especially members of the club.
Important business to be considered.
Don't forget the date and place.
Rev. Bryans and wife, tlie evangel
lata, were in the city Tuesday evening
and preached to a large congregation.
They went to Brownsville to bold a
series of meetings.
Word haa been received of the death
of Mrs. Pironl at the family resldeuce
in Portland on Monday eveulng. She
was a sister of Mr, J, J. Dubruille, of
tbls city.
These hard times w want to save all
we can, but of course we have to eat,
atlll you will aave some by getting your
groceries at Bach's.
Mrs. W. B. Donaca aent the Ex
press some nice Chinese water flowers
which were quite a ourloelty thla week.
Tbey were aent ts her from the Mid
winter Fair. We return many thanks
fer the same.
David L. Fry who has been working
on the Express for nearly two years,
intends leaving to-day for Medford to
gc into business. David is a fine fel
low and we wish him every euocesa.
Mr. E. U. Will received a telegram
Tuesday evening announcing the death
of hla brother, J. Win. Will, at Healda
burg, Cul., at 4 p.. sr. Tuesday. The
remains Will be taken to Corvallls for
interment, where the family consisting
of a wife and six ohlldren reside.
Albany Herald. -
Considerable difficulty was exper
ienced hi obtaining a Jury to try the
Black murder case. Only seven jury
men were selected from the original
venire and Bherlfl Bbattuck made a
trip to Williams creek Monday after
noon for a number of taxpayers to
select from. J. M. Homers, an attor
ney from Lebanon, assists Mr, Benson
In the prosecution. Grants Pass
Ooucierv'; ..
Sunday ia Easter. ,
Spring jackets at Bead, Peacock A
Co'a. . . ,
Oh! how we do wish thla good
weather baa tome to etay.
Chal lies, Sets, per yd. at Bead, Pea
cock A Co's.
Maurice Senders, of Albany, was on
our streets yesterday.
If you want to get nice fresh bread
go to Peebler's.'
Mr. Frank Wood, Jr., of Albany,
was In Lebanon Wednesday,
Read, Peacock A Co., received eight
cases of spring goods yesterday.
Mr. Doc Maple, of Albany, was in
town with bis phonograph Thursday.
We uotloed Read, Peacock A Co.,
this week opening up a large consign
ment of shoes which they received
direct from Boston.
Send the Express to some of your
friends In the East, for the next three
and a half months. It will only cost
you twenty-five cent.
W. F. Chase baa been engaged to
teach the Rock HIU school for the
spring term. He will live in Lebanon
and ride out to the school,
The Junior League of the M. E.
ohurch will give an egg social at the .
residence of Mr. A Mrs. Mensles, Mar.
30th, 1894. AU are cordially invited.
Supper, 10 ots.
The aublect of discourse at the First
Presbyterian church next Sabbath
morning will be "The Glad Surprise of
the First Easter," Matt 28:67. Eve
ning, "The Ascension," Acta 1 S.
In the cases growing out of the
Lyons school difficulty, in which W.
F, Hammer, Charlie Dowuie and
James Boullu were charged with
assault, the grand jury found not a
true bill.
B. O. Wallace Is being urged by his
many friends for the democratic nomi
nation for assessor. Mr. Wallace has
bad much experience In assessing and
would fill the office creditably. He Is
a thoroughly reliable man aud a good
The dispatches announce that the
Linn County National Bank, of Albany
haa had another dividend of 20 per
cent declared. The dividend will
probably be paid in three weeks, three
months after the first ayment This
will put 37,OO0 into circulation.
Albany Democrat.
The Express force returns a thou
sand thanka to Miss Lizzie Donaca for
a nice plate of fine cake and pie. Tbe
18th being her birtbday, she was
given a fine supper, and generously
remembered tbe printer. Ourdevil'a
eyes stood out like full moons, when
the cover was raised off tbe plate, and
be said he would remember Miss
Lizzie in his prayers and pray that her
birtbday may come often.
The following Is an extract from a
letter written by Mr. Zahn, from Med
ford, Or.: "I have had no time to in
vestigate closely, but am of the opin
ion that work is a little more plentiful
here than at Lebanon. . Medford, by
tbe way, is surrounded by a magnifi
cent valley. The season is tbe same
even found even a little anow on tbe
corner of a bouse. All the surrounding
mountains are covered with snow."
A severe rheumatic pain is the left
shoulder had troubled Mr. J. H. Loper,
a well known druggist of Des Moines,
lows, for over six months. At times
tbe pain was so severe that be could
not lift anything. With all be could
do be could not get rid of It until be
applied Chamberlain's Pain Balm. "I
ouly made three applications of it," be
says, "And have since been free from
all pain." He now recommends It to
persons similarly afflicted. It ia for
sale by N. W. Smith, druggist.
Died, near Lebanon, Or,, March 16,
1804, Miss Elisabeth Petree, in tbe 524
year ol ber age.
Sister Petree was born in Anderson
county, Tenn., Oct. 27, 1841. She joined
the Bethel Baptist church about 35 years
ago. Came to Oregon in 1874, and in
the same year joined tbe Oak creek
church. Was a charter member of the
First Baptist church of Lebanon, which
was organised in May, 1890.
She li uot dead, thin child of our aft'ectlou,
But sons uuto that school, ,
Where Hhe uo luuger oeedn our poor protectloa,
Aud Christ huuwlf doth rule.
As s fair maid we -hall again behold iier,
Clothed with celestial xrace,
With all the buauUee of her foul expanded,
Btsudlus before her Father's face,
S. M. H,
To The habile
Editor Express: '
As I am nearlug tbe end of my sec
ond year on this Mission, permit me
through your paper to thank my many
friends for their kindness shown us
during our stay with them, and if the
annual conference that meets on the
Stb day of April, lu Lafayette, Oregon,
should see fit to remove us, we will
never forget our many friends on
Waterloo and Brownsville Mission
the dear Lord bless and keep them all
faithful. I will preach on the 4th Sun
day of March, at Sodavllle, at 11 A.
at., being tbe last Sunday before con
ference. I want all my friends present.
C. N. Plowman.
Preaching at the Baptist church
every Sunday at 11 a. m. aud 7:30 p. m.
Sundry school at 10 a , m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.
C. B, Lamar, Pastor.
State of Oregon vsK T Lewis, burglary
tried and found guilty; sentenced to
Austin Propst ts J 8 titles, recovery of
money; Judgment by default.
Lebanon A Santiau Canal Co ts Southern
Pacific Co, possession of personal property;
Harrlsburg Lumber Co ts S Bashaw,
recovery of money, attachment: default
and Judgment.
F T Whitoomb vs Euasne Bashaw, recov
ery of money, attachment; default and
In tbe matter of the assignment of Clark
Bros, assignment; continued.
First National Bank of Portland ts Linn
County National Bank, recovery of money;
M A Maple ts C C Jackson, possession of
personal property; nonsuit on motion of
H A and Mary Miller vs I N and L A
Woodle, recovery of money, attachment;
Francis Bellinger vs McCully A Price,
recovery; continued.
W A Schooling appellant ts K (Tpmeyer
et ux respondent, appeal from justice court;
Glover A Berry respondent ts W 0
Brown appellant, appeal from justice court ;
State of Oregon ts J F Simpson, man
slaughter; dismissed on motion of district
B. O Klnm ts Grant and Samuel Lake,
recovery of money ; settled.
John Hughes, appellant vs J C and F
Cawood, respondents, appeal; judgment
for plaintiff.
Harrisburg Lumber Co vs Eugene and
Anna Basbaw, to set aside deed; judgment
by default.
W WBriggsand E F Wyatt vs John
Roberts, appeal; appeal dismissed.
Z J Halone et al vs Ida Malone et al,
partition; decree of petition,
Elisabeth J Cornell vs Fay Lorain Myers.
perfecting title; continued.
Linn Comity Nstional Bank vs Thomas
Morgan et al, recovery of money; judgment
by default.
S B Nothinger et al ts T A Morris, dam
ages; settled.
J VT Brown ts J B Wirt et al, foreclosure
of lien ; continued.
Fred A Rrown-vs J B Wirt et al, fore
closure of lien ; continued.
B W Fisher ts W H Moore, recovery of
money, attachment; nonsuit by plaintiff.
Francis Bellinger ts Watkina A Price,
recovery of money ; judgment by default.
L J Crow vs H M Stone, damages ; verdict
for defendant.
W H Templeton vs Nancy ATempleton,
divorce ; default of defendant entered.
Margaret I Powell et al vs Louis Ross, to
reform deed ; default and decree.
Assignment F C Ayers A Co; continued.
Elizabeth Simons ts Mary A and RE
Curran, foreclosure; non-suit on motion of
M Sternberg ts A B Seal et al, fore
closure; default of defendant A B Seal and
W B Donaca ts 0 B VV hitcomb, recovery
of money, attachment; settled.
W B Donaca vs Ous Kruger, recovery of
money, attachment; settled.
Peter Bilyeu vs A U and Agnes Logan,
recovery money; attachment; default and
Milton Hale vs J A Townsend et al, fore
closure; continued.
Milton Haln vs J T Tate etal, foreclosure;
J M Waters rsED and V Vashti John
son ; sale confirmed.
Dr J D Sponogle, convicted of rape, was
sentenced by Judge Burnett to seven years
in the penitentiary.
E T Lewis, convicted of stealing bacon,
was sentenced to three yeara in tbe peni
tentiary. J W Brown ts J B Wirt et al, foreclosure
of lien ; continued.
Solicitors Loan A Trust Co ts W and A J
Hawk et al, foreclosure of mortgage; decree.
Annie Vulgamore ts Arthur T Vulga-
more, divorce; default of defendant.
C W Cusbing ts W 8 Phillips, recovery of
money, attachment; continued.
Lisiie BlakelyvsChas A Blskely, divorce;
J L Berry et al ts Chaa Doty et si, In
junction; injunction made perpetual.
F L Dumont ts Eva Dumont, divorce:
H Bryant ts Stafford Dickson et si, fore
closure ; default and decree.
FC Smith rs J H Bridges et si, fore
closure; continued.
C A Elson vs Foster Mill Co et si, recov
ery of money; attachment; judgment for
W B Donaca vs T T Furgeson ; recovery
money; attachment; judgment for plaintiff.
J B Comley vs JasHShahan, foreclosure;
judgment for plaintiff.
Albany Building and Loan Association
vs A 8 McDonald; non-suit on motion of
J M Waters ts Darld C Cochran ; settled.
Chas J Howe ts F J Egglefon, foreclosure;
In the case of 0 C McFarland ve C C
Jackson, sheriff, an order was asked for,
requiring the sheriff to give a receipt
for city taxes for 1994, and not for 1893
as ia being done. This is a test case
brought to ascertain lor what vear taxes
are being paid.
Assign nieutof AF Hamilton ; assignee
ordered to pay 46 per cent of asseta snd
i'amsh vs F.A M Insurance Co.
recovery money ; judgment lor plaintiff;
uo wkuwvu w ibbuv lur sia luunuis.
A V Tapson ve J W McGhee, recovery
money ; verdict for defendant.
David Swank vs Elisabeth F and F A
Landea; decree for plaintiff.
4 A McrJrme va the Bank of Oregon :
temporary injunction (ranted.
State of Oregon va James O Boutin;
suit for selllne: liauor without a liMtiu
dismissed by the district attorney ; plead
guilty to sailing liquor toammor and
on Sunday, and waa fined 160 on each
State va Clinton Black, John Ward
and Felix Hamilton, iarseny in a dwell
ing ; Ward and Hamilton were sentenced
to the reform school; Black will be
sentenced on March 21 at 9 a at.
F T Blount vs Frank Zimmerman et
al, foreclosure lien ; decree for plaintiff;
attorney swat, 170,
A E Pennington vs'RN Calahaiietal,
foreclosure of mortgage; settled.
Harrisburg Wator Power Co va Ella,
and w Mondenhall, to coudemn right
of way; continued.
Chas Smith, adm'r, va J W Cuelck et
ai, to correct and foreclose mortiraire:
Oregon Mortmure Co vs C P Uurkhart
et al ; order made restoring J H Burk
hart to estate in land redeemed.
In the matter of the assignment of the
Bank of Oregon: petition to remove
assignee. Argued and submitted to
judge. Taken under advisement. De
cision will probably be rendered about
ssay ist.
Strauder Froman va A 8 Powell and
A E Bloom. Becovery o( money, at
tachment, Settled.'
U W Philips va U G Havne and C L
Buck. Continued.
Mrs. Grant Llndley is quite poorly.
A petition has been circulated
through thla district for a division of
district, it being so large It ia almost
Impossible for small children to attend
school, especially in the rainy season.
Rev. Norton holds regular meetings
at the school house Thursday and
Sunday evenings.
Mr. John French Is Blowly conva
lescing but is atlll very weak. He la
under tbe skillful care of Dr. B. 0.
Fellows, who thinks he can bring him
out all right.
Mrs. Louise Phelps, of Waterloo, la
again with ber eld friends, Mr. and
Mrs. Cummlngs, of 8pring Farm.
Mr. Ralph Junkina, of Oakville, an
adopted son of Mrs. Louise Phelps, is
visiting Mrs. Phelps and Mr. and Mrs.
The coyotes made a raid on W. G.
Brown's Bheep a few nights since and
killed five head.
Cold, rainy, disagreeable weather,
farmers begin to look a little down In
the mouth, feed is getting scarce and
no grass.
For all the times are very hard,
there is considerable improving going
on in this section.
Mr. French and Grant Lindler were
elected school directors at a special
meeting to fill the places of J. Fitswa
terand B Llndley, resigned.
Mr. Winkler Is circulating a remon
strance against a division of tbe dis
A Pleasaat Surprise.
On Friday evening, March 16tb,
1894, a pleasant surprise party was
given at Mr. J. W. Burkhart'a. The
party was given under the supervision
of Mrs. Burkhart and daughter Mag
gie in honor of Miss Fiankie Burk
hart'a' seventeenth birthday. The
evening was spent iu poetry, music
and philosophy, and a good time in
general. Among those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. A. McCully, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. Set
tle, Mr. and Mrs. Gentry, Mr. and
Mrs. Emery Stewait, Mr. and Mrs.
Hildretu, Misses Cora Doughton, Car
rie Unger, Mattie Gentry, Belle Keeb-
ler, Arrah Stewart, Cora McCully,
Messrs. Bynum and Frank Doughton,
A. Bartley, Wm. and Geo. Unger,
Clyde. McKuight, Messrs. Blacklaw,
Messrs. Buckner, Wm, Fronk, Gilbert
McCully aud Oscar Davis.
At the drowsy hour of two o'clock
all repaired to their respective homes
and left tbe wearied host and hostess
to wander from the line of toil to
dreams. R. M. C.
A Fatal Aecldent.
A sad accident occurred on Mill
Creek, a branch of the Mohawk river,
twenty miles from Eugene, Thursday,
March IStb, about 1 o'clock in the
afternoon. Wm. Crawford, the unfor
tunate victim, was engaged helping
Wood A Lilly 00 a drive or 1,600,000
feet of logs for tbe Harrisburg mill.
Tbe water in Mill creek was very high
and the current strong. The loggers
were employed breaking a jam at an
old drift, The logs started, and a long
log shot out on the bank above a' tree.
Tbe moving logs caught the end re
maining in the creek and swung the
other end rapidly up tbe bank, tbe
tree formlngja fulcrum. Crawford was
standing on the bank and was caught
by tbe log and carried along to a drift
above, where bis bead was caught be
tween the log and drift, crushing his
ekull and killing bim almost instantly.
A companion standing near caught
his legs and saved the body from being
swept into the stream. Guard.
Notioeof Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the firm
of Crusou A Menziea Is dissolved by
mutual consent, Mr. Menziea retiring,
aud Mr. Crusou continuing lu business
at the old stand and will collect all
debts of the old firm of Crusou A Men
ziea and assume all liabilities.
G- W. Ckiison,
J.W. Mknziks. i
AU parties knowing themselves
Indebted to the firm of Crusen A
Menzles are requested to call at once
aud see that all mistakes are corrected
aa these accounts are liable to pass into
other bauds for collection.
For sale, a fresh milk cow second
calf. A. K. Anhohoe,
Waterloo P. O. w M
m i i swvwft iitiS'ir
Who always carries a nicely selocted stock of
Clothing, Gents Furnishing
If you do not already give him your patronage try him,
and you will always trade at his store.
In Conrtney's Brick. Next Door to Bank.
Santiam Academy
Fall Term Began
For information, ask for
S. A. RANDLE, Principal,
I have a LARGE STOCK of ci. ...
t - . . v , iui ractiio nb my
Yard, in the suburbs of Lebanon, For Sale at Reasonable
Rates. All kind of mason's woik dnno with rimtn. nA
despatch. D.
We Are Here
. With the Bost Stock of
Dress Goods,
Boots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
Ever Brought to Lebanon.'
We do not ask you to coma and buy; we only ask yon
to come in and get our prices boforo buying elsewhere.
(Highest market price paid for country produce.)
Very Respectfully Yours,
Read. Peacock & Co.,
Lebanon, - Orej-on.
Paper Hanging and Gi aining.
, groceries, k
September nth.
circular at the lW.-nflW nr
- - - ORFf.nw
to Slav,