The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 16, 1894, Image 1

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One year ........12 00
(If pnlfl In dvnou, 1 Ouimr yea.)
IU moiillis 1 J
riiree tnuiuliH
. Bluule copies 06
J. N. IWiih ( Senators
John U. Mitchell,!
Ilinger Hermann,.... Congressman
Bylvoslcr Pcnnnyer Governor
(icorgc W. Mcllnde .....Hccrotary o( Stole
Vlill Molsnhan, Treasurer
E. ll.'McKlroy, Supt. Public Instruction
Frank i!. Hakcr Htat Printer
R. H. Bt-nhn, , .
Win. 1-. Lord, - Supreme Judges
R. S. llouii, I
Judge J. N. Duncan
Clerk K. P. Payne
Recorder, E. E. I)avi
Blieritr, C. C. Jaekwin
Behind Siiimriiiteinlunt,... G. 11. Wilkes
Treasurer, Hrice Wallace
AwwuMir W. F. Deakins
Surveyor F.. T. T. Fisher
Coroner .Frank Farrell
,, . . i Win. Itmuiiaugh
Commissio:. ;Junl ,.u(,h
rilEASUilEI'. J. F. HYDE.
(ED. KEU.KVlllillCIKU,
J. (i. UKHII.
: fi. 11, MYEItS.
City Council meets pn (he II rut anil third
Tuesday evenings oreach month.
Seoret Societies.
LKBANOM UlIKiK, NO. 47, 1,0. 0. F.-Meet
every Haturday evening at (Mid Fellows Hall, at
o'clock p. w.
I. W. MENZIES, N. 0.
. U. OAKLAND, Socl'y.
PEARL RE1IE(!CA LODGE, NO. 47, I. 0. 0. F.
Hoets at I. 0. 0. T Hall 11ml and third Wednes
day oventiiKs of each mouth.
JlltS. . W. CRUSON, N. Q.
' LKIlA o LoixiE, No, 41 A. F. 4 A. M.-Meels
Saturday eveulng, on or belore tile ruU moon in
each mouth.
. E. llAWtACK, W. M,
r, M. Miu.Ki. Sec.
Honor Lonue, No. .IS, A. 0, 11. W.-Moet every
Tuesd)' evening at (1. A. K. Hall.
C. A. Zaks, M. W.
11. Y. liiaKl'ATliICK, Roc.
UE'l, MF.lUtlS Caiip, No. 10, HIT ofOREOO
Hons op VIST's. Meet inU.A. K.Hull, Lebanon,
Or., overy Sulurday evening, except the third
Saturday oreach month, meeting the tilled KfJ
' lay instead. All brother of the Sous of Vet
erans and comradosof the U. A. H. are cordially
.Invited to meet with the ('amp.
C. I). Mo Tors, Oapt.
K Cbadall, First Seat.
John M. Sombrs,
' Attorney-at-Law-
Will practice in all the court of the stale.
A. F. ST0U1S,
Attorney at Law,
;olleciloiis given prompt and etlreful altoiltlou.
Will phiiul'-p ill all the emirti of the slate.
opphx in cohbtoev'h bbick.
Lebanon, OREGON.
Weatlierford & Chamberlain,
Attorney- at - Law,
Be Sure and Call on
Albany, Oregon,
Heating Stoves, Cook Stos,k
farBEBT PW0E6,
East and South
' Southern Pacific Co.
Express trains leave Portland daily:
8lT8iriirT.Oi5Hl..Ar. taSZli.
10:aa f. M. I Lv... Albany.. ..Ar. I 4:23 A. .
10:16 a. . I Ar.Snn Franciseo Lv I 7:00 P. M.
The above trains stop at all stations from
Portland to Allianv inclusive; also Tangent,
Shudil, Halsey, Iliirrisbnrg, Junction City,
Irvine, Eugene and all stations from Rose
burg to Ashland inclusive.
Roseburg ; mail daily:
"8:30 A. M. j l,v7.. Portland ...Ar. I 4:20 t7h.
12:45 P. M. Lv... Albany...... Ar. 12:30p. M.
5:501'. m. 1 Ar.Ho-churg,.Lv. 7:00 a.m.
Local passenger truins daily (except
Sunday. '
1:20 p. m. ' Lv... Albany Ar.
10:21 A.M.
2:00 P. .
Ar... Lebanon.... Lv. 0:30 a.m.
S:10a. .
9:00 a.m.
Lv...Albuiiy Ar. 3:26 P. M.
Ar... Lebanon ...Lv. I 2:39 p. m.
Dining Carson Ogden Route.
Pullman Bitfet Sleepers
Second Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains.
AVest Hide IMvislon.
Mail train daily (except Sunday):
7:30 A. M.T Lv.Portlaud ki. I 8:35 A. .
12:16 p. x. Ar...()orvallis. .Lv. I 1 :00 P. M.
At Alhanv Bud Corvnllis connect with
trains of Oregon Pacitic cailroad.
Express train daily (except Sunday):
4":40pTm. ! Lv..."i,or'tlund ...Ar. 8:25 a. m.
7:36 P. M. I Ar.McMinnvilleLv I 6:60 a. m.
l as ofii KlnlAB I an.
oda and Europe can be obtained at lowest from 1. A. Dennett, agent, Lebanon.
K. KUEHLKK, Manager:
E. P. ROGERS, Asst. Q. F. & Paw. Ant
St. Charles Hotel,
Corner Main Bud ttherman Streets,
BOD THOMPSON, Proprietor.
First-Class in all Apartments.
Speoial attention paid to Com
mercial men.
Board and Lodging, per day, $1 to
(2; per week 4.60 to iG
Bent Shaven, Hair Cut or Shampoo at
Shaving -Parlor.
Elegant Baths.
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
Meat Market,
Ed Kellenberger, Propr.
Fresh & Salted Eeef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo
logna, and Ham,
SBacon and Lard Alwayc on Hand.
Main Strewt, Lebanon, Or.
Miscellaneous Items
Culled From Oar KxchftDgea.
A bill to establish an epileptic
colony is before the New York legis
lature, i
Jananese exhibitors at Chicatro
are despondent over the non-sale
of their goods, and are appealing
to the home government for aid. :
Hilborn of California, has intro
duced a bill to provide for the es
tablishment of a gun factory at
Benicitt Arsenal and the appropri
ation of $1,000,000 for that purpose.
A saloon-keeper at Butte City
shook dice for a mine worth 135,
000 and won it. Still there are
people with the effrontery to assert
that it is honest toil that counts.
Governor Mitchell, of Florida,
will probably have an opportunity
to redeem himself. Since the Cor
bett Mitchell mill came off success
fully the Louisiana Lottery has
cooclued to take shelter under the
benign influences of the land of
flowers. Of course the governor
will oppose it.
An Albany man boasting of his
hens was telling how he had eight
hens that laid 25 dozen eggs in a
month. A friend sitting at his
back figured out that each hen
would have to average an egg and
a fourth a day. He was consid
erably embarassed when presented
with the result.
The Salem Journal finds plenty
of material in its own party to
have fun with. It says: Col. J.
B. Eddy, the Union Pacific rail
road's member of the railroad com
mission is mentioned for state
printer. A republican Btate ticket
made up of that kind of corpora
tion colonels, would draw like a
mustard poultice.
Judge Long of Michigan, who is
well enough to draw a $7,000 sala
ry "from the state, is so unwell as ttl
unblushingly absorb a $72 per
month pension. He has lust won
a fight against having the latter
reduced to $50, and has thus
strengthened the theory of evolu
tion by demonstrating human kin
ship with swine.
What is a home without a news'
paper? It is a place where old hats
are stunel into broken windows;
where the wife looks like a bag of
wool with a string around the cen
ter; where the husband has a to
bacco juice panorama painted on
his shirt bosom, and the neglected
children wipe their neglected noses
on their jacket sleeves.
The Eugene Guard says: The
findings of Referee Watson in the
celebrated Bherifl's case were re
ceived here by express, and on the
package were the words, "C. 0. D.
$194.50." This afternoon the
amount was paid and at 2 o'clock
the papers were filed with the
county clerk. The decision, etc.,
makes fourteen pages of closely
type-written matter. The referee
says that the sheriff is not entitled
to receive constructive mileage, but
says the proof does not show that
he has. Claims that the sheriff
was not entitled to fees from the
county for collecting delinquent
taxes under the law prior to that
passed by the last legislature, but
he was entitled to his expenses and
disbursements. Therefore he was
compelled to look to the taxpayers
for the same. Under the laws of
1893, Watson holds the sheriff is
entitled to fees. In several items
the referee holds the sheriff was
allowed fees in excess of what
should have been charged, but that
under the pleadings, and the same
not having been segregated, he was
unable to tell the amount. He
then proceeds to recommend the
dissolving of the injunction. At
3 o'clock, A. H. Kennedy, one of
the attorneys for the plaintiffs,
gave notice that he would file a
motion asking that the report of
the referee be set aside.
Awarded Highest
The oul) Pun. Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alii:n.
Used ia Millions of Homes 40 Years tbe Suudatd
Pennojrep, The Reformer.
Salem Capital Journal.
For s man who protends to be a
reformer and a champion of the
people, and who wants to be
United States Senator and political
dictator of Oregon, Pennoyer has
quite a record:
Creates the present neaa ol our
great railroad commission.
Helps buy several hundred acres
more of the Moody farm when the
State already haB more land than
it knows what to do with.
Favorb buying the $25,000 asy
lum site in Eastern Oregon, where
plenty of sites anj a bonus besides,
can be had free gratis.
Never raises a hand to protect
the people against boodling county
officials and rotten banks all over
the state, that are holding back
and usin e several hundred thousand
dollars of public taxes, while the
State end counties pay interest.
Sits on the State board ol school
land commissioners when the two
clerks before the present one each
were able to salt down from $50,000
to $100,000 and yet can see nothing
The mental strabismus of a re
former and professed champion of
the people must be great indeed to
make such a record or even a small
part of it. If Pennoyer is the most
honest and upright official in Ore
gon, God save the people!
A Pace From Phyilelan'f Diary.
At night the weary old doctor
sat down and noted as usual the
condition of his patients:
The ragman, picking up.
The editor, rapidly declining.
The dentist, may pull through.
The postmaster, must go.
The deaf mute, still somplaining.
The painter, more bad signs.
The miser, barely living.
The major, rallying.
The cashier, gone.
The actor, on the last stage.
The butcher, less fat on bones.
The cobbler, mending.
The jail prisoner, will soon be
The lawyer, speechless.
The two grocers, on the verge of
The musician, toning up.
The carpenter, improving.
Jones' boy, bad and growing
The barber, saved by a close
The banker, failing.
' The bootmaker, will not last
The pugilist, striking improve
ment. Ex.
A business man or citizen who
does not patronize and support his
local paper is standing in his own
light. Every cent expended toward
the support of his local paper bene
fits the town, and what benefits the
town increases the business man's
trade and helps the citizen's best
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that tbe copartner
ship heretofore existing between C. E. Pugli
and 8. 0. Wallace, under the Arm name of
Fugh & Wallace, is' hereby dissolved by
mutual agreement, S. 0. Wallace retiring,
C. . Pugli retaining the entire business.
All accounts due said firm are payable to
said C. G. Pugh, he becoming responsible
also for the indebtedness of said firm.
Done at the office of C. E. Pugh, Lebanon,
Or., Feb. 24th, 1894.
0. E. Puuh,
S. 0. Wallace.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to the firm of Pugh & Wallace
will please call and settle same at once,
and oblige, C. E. Puck.
Pay us the cosh and get your mon
ey's worth, and don't ask for time,
we have none in stock.
Ceuson & Menzies.
There will be services iu the Cum'
berland Presbyterian Church on the
second and fourth Sundays in each
month, at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
, W. V. McUee, Pastor.
Honors World's Fair.
Letter From Aiuoa Keetcr.
Lebanon, Or,, Mar. 8, '04.
Mil. Ediioh: In looking over the
Exprkss last week I saw another com
munication from "Elder Waybaek,"
and was glad to hear that he had broke
loose again, for I like to read his ideas
on the political situation and other
things of iutcrest he writes about.
I laid my paper on the stand the
other evening and went out after some
wood to put on the flic, and I heard
some one coming up the road, sinfriiiK,
Tbere la migbty small tatcrs an mighty big
An1 too big perfessiona an' too little deedr
An' there's too little readin' in too many
An' too little wisdom in too many sagea,
Antbe men who work hardes', tiicy git
tUe least wagos. .
I went out to the road and I seen it
was an old acquaintance of mine. He
said that he had been down to the re
publican club to hear the Br. make a
populist speech. He said he was a
candidate, or in other words a lamb for
the slaughter en the populist altar, and
lie did not get to hear the speech he
wanted to hear, but heard much truth
and sound doctrine that almost upset
his populist faith, and were it 'not for
the looks of the thing he having just
turned from a democrat into a populist-would
now turn intoa republican,
which now seemed to be the only
straight and narrow way..
The republicans seemed to be very
enthusiastic and not much show to
fuse with them; so like the Arab,
At sunrise and the break of day,
He folds his tent and gently moves away.
Amos Keeter.
"Perhaps you would not think so,
bnt a very large proportion of diseases
in New York comes from carelessness
about catching cold," says Sr. Syrus
EdBon. "It is such a simple thing and
so common that very few people, un
less it is a case of pneumonia, pay any
attention to a cold. . New York ia one
of the healthiest places on the Atlan
tic coast and yet there are a great many
cases of. catarrh and consumption
which have their origin in this neglect
of the simplest precaution of every
day life. The sensible advice is, when
you have one get rid of It as soon as
possible. By all means do not neglect
It." Dr. Edson does not tell you bow
to cure a cold' but we will. Take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
will relieve the lungs, aid expectora
tion, open the secretions and soon effect
a permanent cure. 60 cent bottles for
sale by N. W. Smith, druggist.
For Bale.
I will sell on easy terms very cheap
following property:
1. My residence propertya good house,
new barn, and 19 acres of very best land,
with fine orchard within the corporate
limits of Lebanon, Oregon.
2. A farm, with good improvements, of
129 acres, one and one-balf miles from Lob-
anon. Finest hop land iu the county.
3. One bouse and house lots in 3. M
Ealston's addition to Lebanon. Good house
and good location.
4. Four head of good horses Two work
horses and two buggy horses. Two wagons
and usual farming implements. Ten head
of cattle.
All in good condition. Any man who
wants a bargain can get it from me.
J. W. Soanland,
Lebanon, Or.
The regular subscription price of the
Express is $1.50 a year, and the regu
lar subscription price of the Weekly
Oregon inn is $1.50. Any one subscrih
ing for tbe Express and paying Die
year iu advance, can get both the Ex
press and the Weekly Oregonian one
year for $2.00. All old subscribers
paying their subscrlptlens for ine year
ill advance will be entitled to the same
A Man Lost,
One day last week a man was pass
ing down Main street, and all at once
disappeared into Baker's Dry Goods,
Boot and Shoe store, where he fell Into
Baker's low prices and was lost to all
We have accommodated you in the
past and will do so in the future, by
selling you hardware at reduced prices
for cosh only. Cruson & Menzies.
Preaching at the Baptist churoh
every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m
Sundry school at 10 a . m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.
C. R. Lahar, Pastor.
When you want to buy a suit of cloth
lng you will save money by getting
it at Bach's.
Sewing Machines,
From (20 to $30
guaranteed! for
8 years. For further information call
on or write to E. TJ. Will's music store,
Albany, Or.
Petition of J G Grossfor road granted.
Petition of T Fi Thomoaon et al ior
county road, granted, and viewers ap
Petition of 8 N Mil lard etal for county
road, granted, and viewers appointed
Jas W bwank was reappointed super
visor of dist 38.
ADnlioation of J J White et al lor
chanire of surjerviBorB of road dist pi,
Bill of E Goan, $12, continued.
In anniieation of L W Horner et al for
location of county road aorosB Horner
slough, county was ordered to examine
location ana report.
Ann icatiof J J Beam et al tor cnangu
of road dist 22 into two districts, con
tinued. .
Duplicate warrant ordered issued to
Win F White for $24.
The time for taxes to Become delin
quent was ordered extended to April 16.
BII.W1 ALLOWED. .. , '
PConhow, aid Hail '. I 5
C Cmilev. aid f:lrk t '
Hrt PA Henderson, aid sell M
W E ftuvnice, tlid Cox lew
l' cruwloru, inn KoDeus "'
wku. .1.1 b i vnwntio in m
Kltabrtli Osborn. aid sell 6 00
Snrah HlliCB, aid sell - fi 110
Ladles Aid Hoelety, acct poor ST' oa
it u Kemp, aid Ben J" w
fli nelr, am lleimerBou .,
W Mimm. lrl ,,,r 15 00
Crftwforil & Puxton, sundries 3 50
nos aionieitn, stationery
WKwtllllt. H,,,wlltl3S 18 00
Harrisbure Lumber Co. acct roads ....... 9 S6
Samuel Porter, acct roads 1 Oil "
State vh Cliafl Freeh, feOB 2"
a B Moyer, acct ronda
Examination Louis Hitter. fl 00
G W sinipBon, acct poor VAffi ,
Suntium Lumber Co, acct roadB 29 la
D K Lilsiner, bouuty 2 00
State va O F Russell, fees ' "
L M Curl, sundries w ee
Fees 0 H Wilkei, T J BtlteB, C W MulUn,
touchers' examination 1H 00
G H Wilkes, stationery 6 30
Dr C U Chainberluin, acct poor 2 50
Henry Lvoua. aid lli-udy , . . . 1 Lr
Sugar Pine M & V Co, acct C H 1 00
Ulaekonrn & Wfltwou, Buuunes v iw
J D UnrkhHrt. Aid Alberts ti 00
Glass & Prudhomme, stationery , 2
u i i risncr, aid poor auu
E T t Fisher, as surveyor , IMW
A B Hellwaln, stationary .' 18(0.
Albany Electric Light Co 22 rm
F J Miller, acct roads 20 00
H J Harkneas, acct CH 200
Aid J Morris ol Sweet Home 10 00
John Usher, janitor i . 10 00
niivv HuitMce, an iruunurur o
L E Blatu Co, aid Josonh Brady 1H 70
Head, Peacock & t'o, aid poor 7 50
H Payne, (ees : 3.15 in
N P Payne, stationery fi 10
nen c irviue & vo, stationery. . .-. w
Mary J Miller, acct rotuls 4 011
V U Moore, aid Mattle Taylor ...1 12 00 '
B F Craw, aid poor 7 76
n r uesainB, assessor b lees iww
M Paulson, repairs C H
Western Union T.el Co.
O Roller, uect roads
Wnf ttunibaugh, acot poor::
C Meyer, aid poor.
Hodges ,tc McFarland, aid poor
Cbas Hurt, acct school supt
Ceo Howell. J P fees
4! 0 .1
5 (
13 2 ".
12 SO
20 05
7 00
G H Wilkes, salary a supt 50 1)0
auies .Milling, priniuur ; o -
J.N Duncan, salary 100 00
Wm HunibuiiKli, per diem NJ
J W Pnuh, per diein
T H Goildurd, acct C H S2 (10
C C Jackson, (ees ; 177
C C Jackson, reward paid for arrest of
Russell lau w
WKllnbhell, acct poor lain
Wclls-Furgo Express Co...' i 2"JO
In estate of Carter & Zeiglor, report of
sale of personal property confirmed.
Final account set for April 7.
In estate of K L Knox, testimony oi
witnesses of will ordered taken.
In estate of it Fox, appraisers ap
pointed. Inventorv tiled, real cstalo
$27 50; personal, $25. Personal prop
erty ordered sold. , -
tn estate 01 lieo V Jionaerson, aiiiiih
Henderson appointed administratrix.
Bonds, $1000. Appraisers appointed.
In estate of A Dodge, nnal account
set for April 2.
Inosta eof ancv tsinijers, inventory
filed, real property $1100; personal prop
erty, $2353 63.
In estate ot & o moss, ponu oi uw
filed. Eveline and W W Moss, adm'rs.
In eBtate of B F Zeigler, final account
sot for April 7.
In estate ot martna nunter, biiid ui
personal property approved.
in estate ot Jjen oeriung, mat uumitu
account filed. Sale of personal property
Changed Every Week.)
' Oats-21c
Hay $B per ton.
Flour $0 50,75 per sack.
Chop $1 00 per cwt.
Bran 75o per cwt.
Middlings $1 00 per cwt.
Potatoes 35c.
Apples Dried, 6c per lb
Plums Dried, 5c. .
Onions 2c.
Beef Dressed, 5c.
Pork Dressed, 5.
Hams 12J per lb.
Shoulders 10c.
Bides lie per lb.
Geese $7 per doz.
Ducks 14 00 per doz.
Chickens-12 753O0.
Turkeys lOo per lb.
Eggs 10c nerdpz.
Butter 20c per lb.
Hides Green, lc; dry, 2c.
New Feed Store. '
Notice reduction on flourand feed at
the New Feed Store, one door south of
Cruson & Menzies'.
Good Champion Mill Flour, 50 cts. per sack, each.
Best " "60
Bruu 00 " per hundred.
snorts vo -
All delivered free to any part of the
city. Your patronage earnestly so
licited. G. W. Aboaicil.
. )