The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 09, 1894, Image 1

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NO. 2.
t .
Out tan
(If pulil lu,., i, .o, In 1j pur yet.".)
411 months 1 00
rtireii months M
Single ooptea .
!' f ' i ii J .Senators
John H. Mitcliell.l
Uinpar Hermann Congressman
Hylvostor Pcnnnyor Governor
George W. Mvttride Hecrclary of Slate
Phil Molschan, Treasurer
E. II. McBlroy, Bupt. Public Instruction
Frank 0. Bukor, Htnte Printer
R. 8. Ht-ftlin, i
Win. i'. Lord, Supreme Judge
It. H. Hoau,
Judge, J. N. Duncan
Clerk N. P. Payne
Recorder, E. E. Davis
Sheriff, 0. C. Jackson
School SuiKirintenilent, ....G. H. Wilkes
Treasurer, llriee Wallace
Assessor, W. F. Dcakins
Surveyor, E. T. T. Fisher
Coroner .....Frank Farrell
ft . iV;n. Itumbaugh
Commissioners j , 1,,lg
KrXOllDKLf F. M. MIM.Elt.
f up.'ukroer,
nr.rvi'M MirvJ T. I'OTTO.V.
10. W. KICK.
City Council meets wn the first and third
Tuesday evenings ut' each nuinth.
Secret SocletleB.
J.KIIAN0N UHXiK, NO. 47, 1, 0. 0. F.-Mocts
every Saturday evening- at Odd Fellows Hatl. at
o'clock p. m.
J. W. MKNZIE8, N. 0.
H. M. GARLAND, secl'y.
PKAltl, KEHKUCA L01KIE, NO. 47, 1. 0. 0. F.
Units at I. 0. 0. F Hall lint and third lVudnos-
day evenlufr ul' each mouth.
MKB. U. W. CRUSOri, N. G.
.MM 0 Luimc. No, 44 A. . 4 A. M.-MeeU
Saturday eveutiur, on or before the full moou In
wuia month.
X. E. Hamuack, W. M,
F. M. MlLl.KB. Bee.
Ilimor Loous, No. 38, A. 0, U. W.-Mcou every
Tniwlay evonhiK at Q. A. K. Hall.
C. A. ZAIIK, M. W.
li. Y. KlItKI-ATKICK, ItuC.
4oKtoF Vbt's. Muet in U. A. U. Hall, Lebanon,
.Or., eriiry Hatlmlny evcnlnc except the third
ftaturday of each mouth, inuetliiK the third Fri
lay lusntsil. All brotiiers of the Huns of Vet
orans and comrades of fbr (:, A. K. aro cortlially
invited lo uiuol wllh the Ciimp.
C.IJ. Mo Tuna, Capt.
A. CbadaU, First tk'gt.
John M. Somers,
Will practice fn all the courts of the stale.
Attorney at Law,
'Inll'snfnns kWpii prompt and rareflll attenllon,
Will praellcit in all uifi uoliris oi uie sutie.
Lkkanon, Okeqon.
Weatberford & Chamberlain,
Attorney- at - Law
Be Sure and Call on
" -OE-
Albany, Oregon,
Heating Stoves, Cook Stoves, &c
ggSgSSffl PRJ0E9.
East and South ,
Southern Pacific Go,
Express trains leave Portland dally:
iBirMrn,0'iirTi7uid. AfrrsiMX
j Lv... Portland Ar.
Lv... Albany.. ..Ar,
1 Ar.San Francisco Lv
I', u.
HI; 16 a. H.
7 :( P, M,
The above trains stop at all stations from
Portland to Albany iw:ltisive;also Tangent,
Shedd, flalsoy, Hurrisbnrii, junction City,
Irvinp, KuL'nne and all stations from Itoso
burg to Abhlanil inclusive.
Roseburg maildaily:
: aTm. I lAr."I'6rtland Ar, "j 4& r. u.
12:45 p. h. Lv...Albany Ar. 1 12:30 v. u.
6:60 p. . I Ar,,.Roeburg.. Lv. 7:00 A. H.
passenger trains daily (except
20 p. H.
! Lv... Albany....
Ar... Lebanon..
Lv... Albany....
Ar..,Mi&nnii .
.Ar. j 10:21 A.M.
.Lv. 9:S0 A. H.
.Ar. 8:2P. .
J.V. 2:.'P. .
2:IIH P. H.
8:10 A. .
0:00 A. H.
Dining Cars on Ogdm Haute..
Pullman Bi'fkrt Slef.pkks
Second-Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains.
W-.t Side UIvlMlon.
Bktween Poim,ANr a Cobvalus.
Mail train daily (except Sunday):
7. SO f I Lv P.tbiiiH Ar. I flar A. If.
12:16 p. M. Ar..,l'orvallis. .Lv. 1 l:00p, M,
At Albanv and Cnrvallis connect with
trains of Oregon Pacific railroad.
Express train daily (except Sunday):
4:40 p. . I Lv...I'iirtland ...Ar. rl:25 a. h.
7:86 P. H, I Ar.McMinuvilleLv I 6:60 a. v.
THROUGH TICKETS I08"1"'"'1" '"tl,e
iuniui i) oitiicn, vbii-
ada and Euro) can he obtained at lowest
races from I. A. IVnuett, agent, Lebanon.
K. KOEHLEK, Mftnaper.
E. P. IlOOERb, AHt. G. K. & Vhhh. Agt.
St Charles Hotel,
Cornor Maui and Sherman Streets,
BUD THOMPSON, Proprietor.
Pirst-Class in all Apartments.
Special ul .trillion paid to toni
merclal men.
Board and Lodnlne, per day, $1 to
$'2; per week H50 to 18
JJest Sliaveri, Hair Cut or Shauipooat
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths-
Children Kindly Treated,
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty.
Meat Market,
Ed Kellenberger, Propr.
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo.
logna, and Ham,
igrBacqn and Lard Always on Hand,
iUut Strwt, Lsbwes, Or.
Miscellaneous Items
Culled Frost Our Elclwnc'fis.
Candidates for offioe are swarm
ing in Kansas.
During the past five years 30,000
coupler have been divorced in ,
Five cents is all it costs to attend
Puyallup, Wash., entertainments
these hard times.
A committee for the promotion
of international bimetallism has
been formed in Boston.
An Irishman well described the
grippe as "a disease that will keep
you sick three weeks after you get
A class paper states that all but
one of the leadinir cities of this
country are using the electric rail
way system.
Numbers of dead fish are coming
ashore on the beach at Santa Bar
bara to San Diego. It is thought
some seismic disturbance has oc
curred near the shore.
The Boston Aldermen want their
salaries raised from $1,500 to $4,
000. More modest thon the San
Francisco Aldermen of 1850, who
voted themselves .$6,000 salaries.
Fred Marshall, a 11 year-old
Rneeburg boy, was fined $40, and
given ten days in jail besides, for
beating a girl about the same age,
while going home from school.
Three female members of the
Tufts College, at Haverhill, Mass.,
were summarily dismissed and
fourteen were suspended for giving
an exhibition of high kicking and
skirt dancing to the members of
the College Glee Club, who were
on the campus.
It is rumored that the Oregonian
is preparing to make another big
out in expenses. G. A. Morden,
foreman of the composing rooms, is
now in the East. It 1b rumored
that shortly after his return the
office will be supplied with type
setting muehines.
In Ohio some counterfeiters have
taken to making dollars with more
silver in them than those coined
by the UniteJ States. They can
do this and still reap a profit. But
the question arises, could they be
convicted for being more honest
than the government?
Sandow, the strong man, was
hypnotized by Dr. Mercereau, at
the College of Physicians and Sur
geons, at New York. Two-pound
dumb-bells were made to appear so
licavy that tlie strong man could
not lift them, and his limbs as
sumed and maintained rigidity at
the will of the hypcotiter.
The friends of May Brooklyn
had difficulty in finding a clergy
man to conduct the funeral ser
vices, but in the entire city of New
York finally found one who would
say a few words over the remains.
It is not known what was the con
sideration. Those who refused gave
as a reason that the actress com
mitted suicide.
The following is & eorrect defini
tion of grippe: It is a combination
of bad colds, several degrees at
once, continual headache, sickness
at stomach, blind staggers, chicken
pox, hives, springhalt, disordered
liver, kidney trouble, each bone in
one's body trying to ache more
than the others, and about forty
othpr indescribable diseases. All
of these, never lesb, sometimes
more, at one and the same time.
A Portland correspondent says
that Capt. O'Brien is said to be
lyin in wait for the democratic
nomination for state printer. He
is Pennoyer's expert who posses on
all the state printing bills and
measures up all the thousands of
dollars worth of work that is per-
lormed by the republican state
printer. Being a democrat snd a
labor man he has had the scrutiny
of all the work done in the office
the past eight years and knows
just what there is in it.
Awarded Highest
Tie only Pun. Cream of Tartar Ponder. No Ammonia, No A lum.
, U.e4 in Millions of Hone3--4o Yean the Standi: d.
An Oregon young man has just
returned to his heme in Silverton,
after a tour of the world, lasting
seven years. A recital of his ex
perience would be very entertain
ing. He wandered throughout the
old world until the state of his fi
nances colled him to a halt, in
other words, until he was "dead
broke." At this time he was in
Judea, where he enlisted in the
English regiment and was sent in
Central Asia, from whence after
many wanderings, he has at last
found his way back to Oregon, the
land of his birth, which ho now
thinks is the most lovely spot on
Bank notes were issued in China
as early as the ninth century,
when the art of printing was un
known in Europe. These notes
have generally been redeemed, be
cause in China when a bank fails
all the clerks and managers have
their heads chopped off and thrown
in a heap along with the books of
the firm. And so it happened in
these good old barbarous times
that for the past 500 years not a
single Chinese bank has suspended
payment. Now that China is com
iug under the sway, of western
civilization, we have no doubt it
will have the Bame financial
troubles as its more civilized bank
ing brethren.
; The Populists themselves do not
seem to be free from the "ways
that are dark and the tricks that
are vain," for which tbey claim
that only the old parties "are pe
culiar," says the Jacksonville
Times. W. H. Breese, of Talent, j
who came near being elected reure'
sentative on the People's party
ticket at the last election, in a vig
orous article in the Ashland Record
claims that the primaries lately
held at Talent were "fixed." Verily,
it is sad tKfot these reformers of
political methods cannot dwell with
on another in unity, but must be
gin, to revile each other, after' the
manner of the wicked republicans
and democrats.
The Grants Pass Courier says:
"A female hobo stopped here a few !
days in 'hitting the road' south
ward last week. She camped with
five ot the male fraternity in the
Company's .woodpile and seemed
perfectly at home in her queer call
ing. She is about thirty-five years
of age and had the appearance of
a hard-worked farmer's wife. There
was nothing vicious looking about
her. When seen by the Courier
reporter she was seated inside a
square breakwind composed of tics
near the S. P. D, & L, warehouse,
eating a biscuit she had probably
begged somewhere in town. She
had an old newspaper spread on
her lap to catch the crumbs and
when she got through eating she
fiBhed out some fine-cut tobacco
and proceeded to prepare a cigar
ette. She hadn't much, to say.
W hen asked where she was going
she simply pointed and said
'south.' "
Notice of Dissolution.
Xotice is hereby given that the copartner
ship heretofore existing between C. E. Pngli
and 8. 0. Wallace, under the firm name of
Ptigh & Wallace, is hereby dissolved by
mutual agreement, S. 0. Wallace retiring,
0. E. Pugh retaining the entire business.
AH accounts due said firm are payable to
said C. E. PukIi, he beconung responsible
also for the indebtedness of said firm.
Done at the oflice of C. 15. Pugh, Lebanon,
Or., Feb. 24th, 1894.
0. E. Peon,
H. O. Wallace.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to the tirro of Pugh & Wallace
will please call mill settle same at once,
and oblige, C. E. Puoh.
There will be services in the Cum
berland Presbyterian Church on the
second aud fourth Sundays in each
mouth, at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.
W. V, McUke, Pitstor.
When you want to buy a suit of cloth
ing you will save money by getting
ll at Bach's.
Honors World's Fair.
A Letter From Grants Tats.
GBAjra Pss, Or., Mill'. , 'hi.
Editob Express
The few notes we send may moulder
in the waste-basket, and yet we are
bound to Inflict our scribbling upon
We left the land of Mossbacks and
Populhts Monday last,' arriving at
Wolf Creek Tuesday morning. W. C,
Is a mining town of some 150 inhabi
tants, a kind of headquarters tor min
ing men (and quartz boomers). . An
nssay ofliec in doing a thriving busi
ness. .
Leaving the town and our many
friends behind, we look the road for
Mt. Reuben. Seven miles down Wolf
Creek the road comes to an end at the
placer mines of J. C. Lewis. These
were a rich And but very spotted and
soon exhausted. Striking the Rogue
river trail a tramp of 4 miles brought
us to the placer claim of Dwight, Rice
A Co. This Is a new mine and from
all reports a paying one. Gold can be
seen lying on the bed-rnck where the
piping has been done. We saw two
ounces recently taken out of a small
spot. .
Here we tarried until Wednesday
morning, then took the trail once
more for the Mt. Four miles brings
us to Reuben creek, a coarse gold stream
on which are many paying claims.
Then came the tug of war, for 4
miles the trail stands at an angle of 45
degrees. At present the lasl 2 miles
are covered with 2 feet of enow. Near
the summit the camp of H. M. Mur
ray is to be seen. This is on claims lo
cated last spring by J. D. Bice and a
party of Albany gentlemen. Murray
has it bonded and is to run a tunnel
and develops the mine and if satislied
to pay for the same $30,000. He is
only working seven men at present,
sinking a shaft.
Over the Mt. on the Whiskey creek
side is located the celebrated Molly
Hill ledge, , One shaft is 60 feet, an
other 10 and from ten inches at the top
the ledge widens to 8 feet. On the
dumpgold Can be seen in any piece
and is said to be the best free milling
ore ever discovered in the state. The
mine is being developed by R. A.
Jones, of "Green Mountain" fame, who
bought or bonded it of the locator, J.
D. Rice. Here he has his wife, a
charming lady whose nearest lady
neighbor Is 6 miles away; but she is
perfectly content and Is as enthusiastic
oyer mining matters as her worthy
Partaking of a bountiful repast we
once more took the route for a return,
The ascent took hours but the
descent was made in 1J hours and the
only event of note was when our part
ner sailed through air and snow at
such a rate as to leave his pipe some
200 feet behind blm in a snow drift,
This necessitated some talk and a good
climb to get it.
Again we spend the night with
friend Rice, who bas his wife and two
charming daughters with him,
The next day we arrive at Lelund
only to learn the 8. P. is too poor to
afford a dully freight, and as the place
is too small to hold three full-grown
men over night, we jog along to Mer
lin, within 9 miles of Grants Pass,
Wishing to send a line to a friend we
Inquire for the P. 0. to find It J mile
out in the country at a ranche, and his
stock in haf consisted of four sheets
of writing paper. This is a saw-mill
town, and like all placeB of the kind
has poor buildings.
At night we learned a revival was
being hold ill the school building, and
thither we went bent on adventure
and we succeeded beyond our expecta
tions. We took with us a miner who
had not beun to church for 20 years,
and regretted our choice many times,
as we importuned him 35 times togn
with us back to the hotel but the fiend
seemed to delight in our misery and
only shook his head. The meetings
are conducted by a former eectiou-
hand and a gentleman from Wilder
vllle who came out to winter, bringing
Ills family and team with him for com
puny. One fellow told us he generally
brought them to church with him to
help. We asked which be brought,
the family or team; but he did not
seem to relish our attempt at a joke.
The audience consisted of 3 women, 7
girls, 8 men, 12 boys, aud was larger
than could be expected when we re
mark the meetings had been going on
three weeks. At last we were kindly
permitted to leave, a sadder but wiser
On Thursday we shook the granite
of Merlin, alias Jump-olT-Joe, from our
propellers aud boarding the train in a
light snow-storm reached Grants Pass.
This place has about two times the
population of Lebanon is a live town
in many ways. The docket for the
term of court next week is rather long.
Among the class who meet to see the
law vlodlcated your scribbler will find
many items to follow these to the
basket under the desk.
1UIB 1JMO UOVU HU VAUCCUlllljr ivi.gir
winter for this section, but it maketh
t.hA hpnrt. nf thn mlnpr rplriirv. with
great rejoicing and the gold orop will
be away above the average. This will
make the P. P. sick, but we care not
how they are downed so that It It done
Speaking of Popull-ts reminds us
that we have met only one of the
class" since we came to this section.
Whether this has anything to do with
the good times here witness salth not.
There will be at the Baptist church
to-night a 15 cent social, but we will
not indulge as our bin was filled to
overflowing with gospel news last
Echo Answers "Who?
Editor Express: In accordance
with your kind offer to open the col
umns of the Express to all political
parties to discuss the political issues of
the day, I see that one "Old Party
Crank" has availed himself of this
generous offer.
The old crank makes a spluttering
attempt to be facetious, and how well
he has succeeded I will leave the pub
lic to judge.
There is one thing, however, that I
will say In behalf of O. P. C, and I
hope he will not take it as flattery. He
exhibits a quality of intellect far supe
rior to the average of those who still
cling to old party delusions.
I don't want to accuse "Old Party
Crank" of lying, so I will be modest
aud call it prevaricating. He offers no
argument in defence of his corrupt old
party, simply because he has nothing
to offer.
It is a noticeable fact that the more
enlightened of the old parties are ad
hering strictly to the principles as
taught by our forefathers, while the
ignorant are being blindly led on by
their old unscrupulous leaders, -intelligence
is fast falling In line with the
Populists while ignorance is lurking
behind, hence the inability of the g. o.
p. to cope with the Populists in publio
The leaders of the old parties who
have command of word or pen, have
no arguments to offer except protection
aud an honest(?) dollar on one side and
an houest(?) dollar and protection on
the other. In view of these facts, is it
any wonder that they h.ave to resort to
lying, blasphemy and sarcasm in order
to hold the skeptical of their followers
In line?
It is not my mission to provoke con
troversy on a subject in which my op
ponents are so utterly ignorant. Indeed
the most illiterate of the Populist par
ty can hold their own with the most
learned or tne lew who remain wltfi
the old parties, with one exception
only, and that exception is the inun
who, having more gall than brains and
sailing under the nom de plume of
"Old Party Crank," penned oft' that
master-piece of literature which will
surely find a place in the columns of
every republican newspaper in the
land. Oh! but didn't he jump for joy
when "Zeke" told him that the "boss
es" in Penn. had touched the button
and their slaves in answer had rolled
up a big republican majority! It was
then and there, while under the ex
hilarating influence of election news
and a paunch full of Bpuds, that the
"Old Party Crank" gave birth to the
crowning eftort of his life, which will
he handed down with pride to his pos
terity for many generations to come.
Allow me to congratulate you, "O. P,
C," upon the sudden greatness you
have attained. Kindly present my re
gards to "Zeke" poor fellow who,
for lack of protection ou "Pall River"
industries aud "Oregon Wool," has to
attend his Sunday school clothed in
blue overalls and a cottonade ooat. .
Yes, sir, protection protects, but who
does It protect? Echo answers, "Who?"
School superintendent Stevenson
bas finished reviewing the papers of
the applicants for teachers' certificates
aud finds that out of the 8(1 examined,
two obtained state diplomas, 4 first
grade certificates, 7 second grade and
18 third grade, 64 failing. The ques
tions were pretty hard and failures
correspondingly numerous. The re
sults here are about the same as iu
other portions of the stale. Eugene
Pay us the cash and get your mon
ey's worth, and don't ask for time,
we have none in stock.
Oevsoy & Mswws.