The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 02, 1894, Image 4

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Lebanon Express;
The regular subscription prleo of ht
KspbksS in 1.60 5 ri "l I'1" reKu-laraubsi-rluiiun
price of the Wedtly
Gn-gonian Is $1.30. Any one BUbsurlli
log for the Express and paying v-ne
year in advance, can gel tatli tlie Ex
press and (lie Weekly Oregonian one
year for $2.00. All old subscriber.,
paying their autcriptlns for .lie yeur
in advance will be entitled to thewime
clft-r. i
Mrs. Lynn Llaton Bnoasemtee ft Fevr of
Life's Uapunthasablea.
When Mrs. Lynn Linton forgets to be
original and radical, she is capable of
toying some fairly pleasant things. The
. idea that many things of Tains cannot
be bought, and that those things which
can be bought are only of secondary inv
portance in the world, la not strikingly
Tern hit r.rn t
It before Mrs. Linton. But what she
Wys about the purchasable things is
not the leas interesting and timely be-
cause they have been said ever since the
There is happiness, she tells us, that
gold may not buy, "When the woman
you love deceives you, and the 'portrait
gem clasped' worn over her heart shows
another face than yours when the hus
band you were unconventional enough
to love in the fearless old fashion lies
dead in your arms, and your whole fu
ture is darkened and storm riven when
your son has disgraced his name and
by bis own lack of honor has slandered
and cast donbt on hit mother's do your
Claudes and Turners, your Limoges en
amels and old Venetian glass ease the
smart? Does your splendid collection of
first editions in their perfect hindings
dry the tears which come to men's eyes
as well as to women's, when the bitter
.ness is f nil and by its very fullness per
force wells over? What do yonr fields
and farms, your balance at the banker's,
your carriages and horses do for you
when your favorite daughter rnna off
with the groom, and her sister drowns
herself in despair? Kol Happiness is
not to be bought."
Then there are love and honor and
youth that the gold of the Indies will
not purchase. An J in these days when
creams and lotions, dietings and exereises
claim to pnt off the evil hour of age
it is well to read what this very level
headed woman says about youth.
"You may bay fashion cosmetics," idle
says, "artful enhancements, subtle dyes
that look almost as good as the real
thing, but you cannot bny yonth nor
beauty. In spite of all your care, and
though you give 10 shillings forthe val
ue of a penny, you cannot put back the
hands of the clock nor blunt the scythe
of time.
"That enamel is cleverly done; that
dyed, frizzed hair is a veritable work of
art; those painted cheeks simulate the
carnations of youth more creditably
than in 99 of your competitors, but the
cruel fact remains untouched yonth
cannot be purchased and old age cannot
be bought off. The poor old shriveled
Bkin gradually grown more and more
like parchment The tiding eyes lose
their brightness, and not belladonna it
self can bring back that dark line around
the ins which age and weakened vitali
ty replace by that all eloquent 'areas
senilis. '"
None of it is very new. It is not nearly
to striking as her views on the "wild
woman," but still it is good to recall a
few of these interesting facts in tut
days of dancing grandmammas and eli
gible bachelors of 60 or so. New York
World. -
llrauutits; a Maveriek.
In a dell in the forest we espied some
"mavericks," or unbranded stock. The
punchers are ever alert for a beef with
out half its ears gone and a big HF
burned in its flank, and immediately
they perceive one they tighten their
cmcha, slip the rope from the pommel,
put their hats on the back of their heads
and "light out." Acowwassooncaught,
after desperate riding over rocks and
fallen timber, thrown down and "hog
titd," which means all four feet togeth
er. A little fire is built, and one side of !
which a rawhide artist paints HF in the
sizzluig flesh, while the cow kicks and
She is then unbound, and when she
gets back on her feet the vaqueros stand
about, erape in band, after the bull
fighter fashion, and provoke her to
charge. She charges, while they avoid
her by agile springs and a flaunting of
their rags. They laugh and cry, "Bravo
toro!' until she, having overcome her in
dignation at their rudeness, sets forth
down the canyon with her tail in the air,
From "In the Sierra Madre With the
Punchers," by Frederic Bemington, in
Harper's Magazine.
The largest Cltleeot Aatloait.
The greatest cities of ancient times
were Babylon and Borne. The former
is said to have had an area of 100 to 200
square miles, lu houses were three or
four stories high, but palaces and gar
dens occupied much of the vast area, so
that the population was not what these
figures would seem to indicate. In fact,
it is said by one historian that nine
tenths of this area were taken up by gar
- dens and orchards, The total popula
tion of the city nnder Nebuchadnezzar
. and his son EvU-Merodach is estimated
at upward of 2,000,000. Borne reached
itt greatest size daring the fourth cen
tury of our era, and its population was
then about 2,500,000. Western Mall.
The Limited.
She Kneel not to me, dear George,
but come and sit in this chair, which is
large enough for two. Papa had it made
on purpose.
He What consideration! What fore
sight! How could be have known?
tthe-3h. it is easily explained. We
have always uvea in a oat Ketrou
iwePreaj. i
1r in 'i
.1. A MONKEY BOARINQ DRUNK.. . .-..--. -; ROYAL Kid V J
He Had the Reaatatton Fan, laelnttrag Av
rest and RwellMl Head.
Two policemen conducting a drunken
monkey to jail was one of the nnusiiul
sights seen Sunday. The monkey Is a
member of Dod Backer's circus, but has
been occupying winter quarters as a
tide attraction at Elston s saloon on
East Water street, and was left chained
during the temporary absence of the
proprietor. He managed, however, to
free himself and walked over behind
the bar. He glanced in the big looking
(lass back of the row of colored bot
tles, and seeing another fellow of iiil
own siie picked up a decanter and let
it go with bis right, and Mr. Elston's
fOOt) glass was a wreck. Bis opponent
haying been got rid of, the monkey
proceeded to test the various liqnid re
freshments on hand, fie tamed on the
beer and took a long, deep draft. Then
he sampled the whisky, gin, wine and
various kinds of bitters. It wasn't long
until he waB roaring drunk. Then he
tackled the cigar case and demolished
, ... , . t.
that, throwing the cigare about the
,u0m in """'"V8- .
' J ?"c '
about the front of the saloon, but the
door was locked, and there was no way
to get in. Finally two policemen came
and boosted a bold young fellow through
the transom. After a lively tussle be
managed to get n rope around tho drunk
en monkey, and he was hoisted through'
the window and escorted by the two po
licemen, one on each side, to jail, and
lodged in a cell. The next morning the
prisoner was very tick and held his head
between his paws. Although it was his
second oSensev-.tlie recorder suspended
'Wntence, and he was led back to the
kiiuvu uiu viiuiiivn uu. . xuq wca. iiiuv
bo ger4rank the owner will send him
totheKeeleycnreat fiinghamton. 1-
nuru Despatch.
A Temperance Agitator In Austria II J t
Fight the Llqtiur Men anU Governor.
American temperance agitators would
not enjoy themselves in Austria. A na
tive of a small village after a long cat
aleptic trance a year ago declared that
hehadJwen to heaven and bad been
commissioned by tie Almighty to re
turn and teach the peasants the wicked
ness of drinking spirits. Soon the en.
tire village took an oath of total absti
nence. Tho district governor commit
ted the man to the madhouse, where
the doctors kept him far six months and
then declared him sane. He resumed
his agitation, nnd in a short time seven
villages had taken vows of abstinence'.
The result was that a number ot liq
uor dealers to whom the government
bad granted licenses refused to keep
their contracts. The district- judge
gave orders that the dangerous agitator
be arrested if caught preaching absti
nence. The man has not left his house
for weeks. Deputations come to him
from far and wide to bear his wards
and to repeat them when they return
home. The authorities are consoling
the dealers by declaring that the p
ants must soon drink again. -Vienna
Letter, ""
Heirs Apparent and Matrimony.
There are few ladies whom an heir
apparent can marry. At present the
heirs to the thrones of Austria, Russia
and Italy, not to speak of the heir to
the throueof Belgium, the king of Bat
via, and the crown prince of Montene
gro, are all of a marriageable age, but
liavo not yet mado their choice. With
out a change of creed on the part of a
princess the choice of theBussian crown
prince, outside the BomanoB family, is
limited to Princess Marie of Greece and
one of the daughters of the Prince of
Montenegro. Similarly the young Ser
vian King Alexander has only the Rus
sian and Montenegrin princesses to
choose from. Only 23 Soman Catholic
princesses, torn not later than 1877, are
now open to engagements. Five of
these belong to the royal and ducal
bonus of Bavaria, three to Belgium,
three to the Spanish Bourbons, two to
the Bourbons of the two Sicilies, four
to the house of Parma, one to the bones
of Orleans and one to the line of Cba
rres, making altogether 11 belonging k
the Bourbons. San Francisco Argo
naut. A Ztomlnlicenee of Napoleon.
A serie of unpublished letters of the
first Napoleon appeared in Paris week
before last. In one characteristic epis
tle the autocrat telle the minister of po
lice to arrest Mr. Knbn, the American
consul at Genoa, as a wearer of the cross
of Malta given by an agent of the Brit
ish government. The emperor adds:
"This individual, having received I
foreign no longer an Amer
ican. I am "fry, moreover, that yon
communicated with the United States
embassy. My police most not recognize
.embassies. 1 am master ohez moi, and
when 1 suspect a man 1 cause him to be
arrested. I would even cause the em
bassador of Austria to be arrested if b
plotted against tho state.".
The Overworked Lords.
At yesterday's meeting of the bouse
of lords there were seven peers present,
of whom one, Lord Kensington, occu
pied the woolsack. In the upper house
three peers make a quorum, Tbo only
basinets was the first reading of the lo
cal government bill, a formality that
occupied barely half a minute. Lord
Kipon then briefly announced that the
boose would meet again on Friday, and
that be would then be prepared to name
a day for the second reading. St. James
Hake the Pnnishment Fit tho Crime.
A Swabian living at Bottwell, in Ger
many, has just committed an offense
against the law. The crimewith which
the man has been charged is conveyed in
the title appealing in the German law
books as "Hausirgewerbebetriebsaus-
dehnungaabeabegeieehrdunE" (Article 1
Df the Lfiw nf May 3&, lauoj.Lotuion
Bulgaria Wen, Wild Willi Jar Over the
Visit of the Bbj Prince.
A man of M years and a boy of as
many hours arc the two incut conspicu
ous figures in Europe today. One, it is
feared, must soon close one of the most
remarkable public careers of this or any
other age. The other, bom in a palace,
may some day sit Upon a rather shaky
throne. All Europe has smiled indul
gently over the extravagant welcome
with which Prince Ferdinand nnd his
subjects received the wee bit ot human
ity at Sofia. The royal youngster must
think this world an awful humbug.
Before he had a chance to enjoy bis
first meal he was frightened half to
death by the tiring of 101 cannon under
his window, fie bad hardly donned bis
swaddling clothes before he was con
demned to be "Bearer of the Collar of
the Order of St. Alexander. " The poor
child would have howled in protest, but
the royal decree informed him that as
the chief of three regiments of infan
try, cavalry and artillery no such weak
ness would be tolerated. Some ordina
ry infant Indulgences might be permit
ted him as prince and duke, but as a
full fledged "Knight of the First and
Fourth Class Military Order of Valor"
he must preserve the stern dignity of
bis rank.
It was a haid week for him. In the
first place, the palace yard was thronged
night and day by his singing, dancing,
affectionate subjects. Bis royal daddy.
in spite of the nurse a protests, persisted
in dangling him at a window several
times a day, to the frantio delight of
the cheering crowds. The whole piin-
cipality took a week's holiday, and the
rejoicing was so spontaneous and unre
st rained that the nation found the spec
tacle a welcome relief from the solemn
croakings about war. New Vork Sou's
London Letter.
Interest as tho Government Ordnance Shops
Over the New Method of Aseensbllns;.
The force at the Washington ordnance
shops has nearly completed the assem
bling of the first nickel steel gun for the
navy, and the result is awaited with in
terest The ordnance officers have been
engaged some time in the construction
ot a furnace for beating the tube of
this gun, which is of 8 inch caliber.
The furnace will apply the heat to the
gun in a horizontal instead of in a per
pendicular position. The jacket, the
piece of metal which fits over the base
of the tube and gives it greater strength,
will be forced over the tube while the
latter is kept beyond the expanding in
fluences of the beat by the constant ap
plication of a stream of water.
The delay is assembling the gun, the
forgings of which have been ready for
some time, has been caused by the dif
ficulty in securing a pyrometer, a deli
cate instrument for registering the fear
ful heat of the furnace. This instru
ment has been received, end everything
is ready for the flaaotnbhna nf tho-gnn.
There is naturally much Interest among
ordnance experts over the result of the
new system of putting great guns to
gether, for, if the proposed method is a
success, it will take the place of the old
way, which required a good deal of
shifting of heavy weights and the use
of a shrinking nit.
There is also much interest in the
trial of the nickel steel gun. It is ex
pected that it will prove stronger and of
longer lite than the simple steel gun.
Washington Star.
Died While the Doctors Quarreled.
Here Is the latest episode of Parisian
life. The cold weather of late has been
rather severe on the simian population
of the gay capital, and it was keenly
felt by Maurice, the -orang-outang of
the Jardian d'AccIimatation. When
Maurice fell ill, it was decided by the
managers of tbeJardin that inasmuch
as Maurice possessed far more resem
blance to a man than to an animal, a
regular doctor should be summoned,
and accordingly the services of a physi
cian were invoked. On his arrival how
ever; the1 doctor declared that, as the
patient occupied an Intermediary place
between the qnadruroanes and the hn
manes, its treatment ahonld devolve
upon a veterinary surgeon, who, how
ever, hesitated to assume the re
sponsibility on the ground that Mau
rice was .tote human than beast.
While the discussion was in progress
between the two medicos the monkey
died. Boston Herald.
An Archbishop on suicides.
The archbishop of Canterbury, at a
church convocation the other day, en
tered t strong protest against the grow
ing tendency to what is called "cod
dling suicides. "
He protested against the conventional
verdict of temporary insanity in order
to grant a Christian bnrial. In spite of
the repugnance to speak ill ot the dead,
nicide is becoming too prevalent, and
healthier public sentiment against it
should be encouraged. He urged that
newspaper headings, instead of being
"Boniantic," "Pathetic," "Interest
ing," should be "Revolting Self Mur
der." London Exchange.
Wente Convict Wife. -
Warden Weylet, -recently received at
the penitentiary a letter in which the
writer asked "if there is a yonng girl
in your prison the age of 18 or 17, 18
or SO years who can be taken out by
marrying." The writer asked an an
swer and signed the name of John Mob
ley, adding the names of bis father and
mother and the information that be was
born In Wilson, N. C. No address was
given to whioh an answer to the letter
might be sent. Baltimore Hun.
Presoott Peculiarities, . :.
Things are being rnn with a rather
high hand in not the best localities in
Prescott. The kicking in ot doors and
the seizing against their wishes and
dragging aroutiil of women by men
loaded down with lix shooters is bound
to result la blobdAbe4.eoU OA. T-)
cards, GoodalL. haa dlpd, leaving 8S00,
000. ATS nVWHt HMA mnnttrtM In Vannha.
ter, England, three horses which run
in one raoe warn nnitnul 'rmnhv
Star uudliaxter and Baccarat. Tranby
roit won.
Tin blevele hen hrrraoht nhnnt ,
reonenilur of mnnv nf nM.lmA
country hotels in France, whioh had
ciuiwu long- ago Because oi the intro
duction of railroads.
TBK Paris mttfoct nf nnllpo Hen
warned women oyolists that the new
rational oycllng costume which they
have donned infrlmres th Imp
women wearing men's clothes. They
musi uress uinerently.
Capt. William Hanrih nf TJw Hail.
ford, who was eantnin nf h muwln.
fender Vigilant during her races with
me vaucyrie, has signed a contract to
sail the schooner yaoht Quickstep, of
the New York Yacht oliih flnot. f
Frederick Grinnell the coming season.
Jaustv fur turbans are revived.
Coat linings are handsomer than
ever this winter.
Muumm:Y tints, prune and red vio
let are very fashionable.
. TuKoiroular flounce Bleeve is now
made in velvet and satin.
Some of the most stylish tailnr-madc
costumeB are trimmed with serpentine
braid. -
AcconnioN-PLAiTKD chiffon is used to
freshen colored Bilk gowns that have
grown a little shabby.
Pointkd apron-front oversklrts,
draped high on the hips, have been re
vived and are now very popular.
There seems to be no end to the
fancy kerchiefs and collars which the
lady of fashion delights in wearing
about hor neck.
Open-work stockings are again pop
ular, while novelties in imported ho
siery show gay colored stripes, plaids
and diagonals.
Assignee's Notloe.
Notice is hereby given that on tho 12th
day of January, 181)1, F. C. Ayers nuide her
voluntary deed of assignment of all her
property, both real and personal, to me, J.
V. Menzies, in trust for the benefit of nil
her creditors, and said creditors art! hereby
required to present their claims, duly vcri
lied, as required by statute, to inc, nt m
oliice, in Lebanon, Linn county, Oregon
within three months-frnm owl after I lit
date ol the first publication of this notice,
to-wit: January IB, 1SH.
J. W. Mksziss,
Joun M. Houbks, Assignee.
Atty for Assignee.
Administrator's Notloe.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed by tin
' -onnty Com of Linn county, Oreaun.
administrator of th'! estuin-of lry Hull"-
way, deed, latent Linneounty. Oregon, Ail
-lersons having claims against said estate
are required to present the same, wftii prop
er vouchers, within six months from the
date hereof, lo the undersigned, at the of
fice ot Hantuel M. Garland, in Lebanon,
Linn county, Oregon.
Jacob VV. iiesshih, Adm'r.
8. M. Oablasd, Atty for Adm'r.
Dated this 9th day of January, ISM
l reai.'Hing ut uie ainpiin'. uuuiv.
every Hunday at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. u
Sundry school at 10 a . ni. I'rnyi
meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. in.
(,'. 11. Lam ah, PttBtor.
Cnurim! Moohinoc FrniufMiofiSO,
UbBlUS JUtWIUULu BUaranU,cd for
6 years. For further Information call
on or write to E. TJ. Will's music store,
Albany, Or.
Thenhov. c-rcfw ptiiT'-ofTHr.Of!-GO
lAAftti W ii:..:.i).i Itw.tHi at tho
enru.t.-rf ixtli trn oriiuity
yen at '!'i;,i 'Kri - I t-. ( It the ni-Hl of
H ri"v ami cir?iiii I ' "i 'H R tNiiiVacliig
it If tiit niii'inp ' t )irVMl :( ivitl.UfJ.iaimr
ItiJprovediriiijfii'i -rvf : iiTJ.-iif our u me
troi'Oittiin tiap-r. ft siMvhiwii, ;n:i i our tlmt
Uic w.toio ('liOiUe f,'o ,'tm ju-rt'y lotil proud
oi U c."-iiiuly tiit t-i t ..ii.t .1-cou-jl
No l,i,.t lH.: Oi U' A. i' -cilia it.
tii is uw ho iid h fei'i f Up 'Ima its urn"?
fri-'irti. ijerir-ii., Ji i.nko til' fjlii cff-i
i) too.:; svi". "ftii w tij.'i.- ttii ,.iriM . or t
iifprf- w-. n.niirii)r nu i ii..:iuLmr
o muS tit , ,
UoeHly Qro.jlar
18 ii. ; M
riii Ikii -
.1 . -
itGW film d,
vm t'
w l mm'--
mm mm
5 r
What Is th? c.t .lllion of your? Is your hair dry,
hnrsli, brittle? Does it w'.it at the ends? Has It J
liiok-ss n.ppc.'.'.mcc? Does it fall out when combed or js
brushed ? i it full of dandruff? Does your scalp itch ?
la it dry or in a heated condition ? If these are some nf
your symptoms be warned in time or you will become bald.
is A 4
-n fTWSW r"3
resaatrli. KnnwledKo ot iln
3 t ... .'O ... n
eryuf!tittioin. "bkookum "camnliM ui'itimr nimurtv.isn"r nils. It f
l8notBDYo,butiiiollghtfullyt(illuefui rttircihlug Ttmli Jjy otimultlna J
tfcn follklM, it Kup ulitng ftuir, mrtt vUmdruff anil grow haw on ttala
j it ir.iAn thee BMin Kiarnt
nrennla. ,111 wvlutor Drioo.
per Jurtfl tor e".'.W.
Tltp Ttet Shoes
for uu Uaut Money,
!" MSIfSk! Vi t 85, 84 and 83.80
e?J lwi-J ' Vv 8a.60,82for
wi t 82 and 81.75 for Boys.
.im"-A 83, 82.60 82, $1.75
m vi 8aBe-fc s ofls you W. X U" f'ee
r :-i0r 1 1 TfTe, slioes at a ruttueed fitrc,
t iHISlSTHF HTJeTI?e or snjrshob.slboiinlll,.
V. iv. " tj, nfvonthenotiiiin.pMt him
A ' d
W. L. DOUCLAS Shoes are stvllsh, easy fitting, and give bcttei
satisfaction at the prices aUvertlsed than any other make. Try one pair and be con
vinced. The stamping of W. L. Douglas' name and price on the bottom, whicn
guarantees their value, saves thousands 01 anjiars annually to tnose wno war uiem.
Dealers who push the tale of W. L. Douglas Shoes gain cuBtomers, which helps lo
Increase the sales on their full line of goods. They enn afford to cell as a Ims rmIH,
and wo believe yon en cave miner by bavins; nil your fitwe.r or the oonlrr Mlvcr.
tUon uekTw. Vntelof uc tree UjHn npvUcatlou. W. i. UOtOLAh, Utoontou, Uu.
Albany Collegiate Institute
Pall 'Term BegHii Keptembt r 13
A Full Corps of Experienced Teachers.
Eoiir DcpartmotitB of Study Collegiate, Normal, IWhicbh, Primary,
Type-Writing utid SheUliund aro taught.' For cutulngue addroBB
Rev. ELBERT N. C0NDIT, A. M., President
The Yaquina Route.
E. W. Hadley, Receiver,
Direct Line Quick Dispatch
Low Freight Rates.
Between Willamette Valley Points
and San Francisco. '
Oeean, Steamer Sailings,
Lenvea Rim Rranciseo, Mnrch 14 and 24.
" Yaquina, " 19 and 29.
This Company reservos tlie rl(tlit tochangi'
sailing dates witliout notice.
Slennior "Hong" lesves Portland, VYedn;i
tlay- null Baturaay m tf n.
II. 0. Day, Oon. Aft't,
Bulmiin Mt, Wlmrf, Portland.
D.X Vakohh, Ooik AK't,
Han Francisco, Cal.
, C. C. ilooos, li. F. A P. A.,
' Corvallis, Ureatin.
Albany Steam Laundry
RltnaKDS S PHILLIPS, Proprs,
A.lbJiwy, Oregon
All' Orders Receive Prompt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction finnrnntced or Moi.ey
J. E. ADCOX, Agent,
Iiubauon, OroKou.
Root Hair Grower s
whftiTOU nwd. Ita nroflMflilrtti U not n f.wfilnnt. tint thp rmnHfif tvlrtnMfle 2
illren ot Hut iiairnml ncatu it'll to tlie iIIhcov- c
iitMir.nT. fin it rren imm lTTitMinir wtnut-a-i. dy -
If ronrrtp-mputpseeftfcminiilvvmttijnrt dtnwt tn OB. awi we will f rtrwsM
brower, 61JW pur uotlui i ! (or SMU. Boulf.we,
ST Koulli Flfia Avenne, Ki-w Tork, N. T. S
vi 1 nniini mo
Dress Shoe.
Shoe, 3 Soles.
ror iBTfrnnation ana freo liBndbook writ to
MUNN A L'U.. iWl HlCOAKWAV, NflW VtiltK.
Otden bureau for icciinnff imtents in AmerinL
Krerr pntont t&km out ty u la hmuBiit boiure
Uio public br ( notice given Ireu ui vuniue in tho
Unratt dronlat Ion of any icieattflo paper in (ha
WuhiL gpleitiliillr llluetmwd. So ltnolllifAi
maD hotilil be witlumi It. WeckW. J;(.(IO a
rtar; ll.aisix month Milium 3!()NN k C04
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