The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 23, 1894, Image 1

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ilx months............ '
line mouths ,.. .
Male copUw ............... .............
. 50
. 00
Jolin H. Mitchell,!
ntiifter Hermann congressman
By Ivostar Ptiumyw Governor
Oeiirnt W. Mcllnde,... Sacreiary of State
Phil MoHi'bun,.., Treasurer
K. II. MoMroy, ...,8upt. Public Instruction
Frank I'.Haker, Htate Prlntor
i.H, Scalm, , , ,
W it. r. Ion), Supreme JuiIkw
It. H. llean, I '
East and South
' VIA '
Southern Pacific Co.
Express trains leave Portland daily:
6:16 P.M.
10:23 r. M.
10:15 a. h.
l,v,..IWlluml Ar.
Lv... A llmtiy.. ..Ar,
Ar.Him Frai'diw-nlv
4:L':t a. :
7 on i-
), N. Duncan
N, P. Payne
;, E. E. Davis
J Mud,
Item inter
Blieritr .', C. C. Jackson
School Superintendent, ..... H. Wilkes
. Treasurer Brk Wallace
Askcemir, W. F. Deakins
Surveyor E. T. T. Fislicr
(.,"mw Frank Farrell
(Win. ItuniDatiRu
Commlssloni"1'' i" iJuliu l'ligh
:K(;OllDEK F. M. i'UXEU.
J. fl. HKH1),
8. H. MY EltB.
tilty Council meets on the first and tliird
, Tuesduy evenings of each month.
The ahnvo trains m hi utt nwia. h..,.
Portland to Alliaiiv iiicluive;alo Tangent,
Sliedd, Hulsey, HurrisburB, Junction t'ily,
Irvine, kuiiene and all stations from Hose
hurg to Ashland Inclllslvo. -
KoschurE mail daily:
8:S0 . u. I l,v...Pnrtlond ...Ar.
12:46 p. h. Lv...Alliuny Ar.
6:60 p. H. i Ar...ltoi.pbiir(E.. bv.
4:20 P. a.
12:30 P. M.
7:00 A.m.
Local nassengcr trains dally (except
1 :20 p. M. ! Lv, ., Albany Ar.
2:00 p. M. Ar...l.clianon....Lv.
B:10a. m. I l.v...AIUany Ar.
6:00 a. h. Ar...Uilianon
10:21 A.M.
t :,MI a. M.
:26p. h
2:: V. H.
Dining Can on 0den Route.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers
Second-Class Sleeping Cars At
tached to all Through Trains,
Secret Societies.
LkIIANON LODGE. NO. 47, I, O. O. F.-Meets
-.very Satunlay evenlua at Odd Follows flail, at
o'olnck p. m.
I. U. CAKI.ANl), Baot'y.
I, N. O.
. HL REBECCA LOUOK, HO. 47. 1. 0. 0. .
HMts at I ' ' H,U n "d ,hlrt W11M-
lay evening
-reach month.
HKa. U. W. CRUBON, a. O.
tOU 0U1XK,R0,44 A, t. A'M'""
uunlay evening, on
4aoh month,
r. M. Miun. Sao.
I. E. Hahdaok, W.
Hokot Losoi, No. W, A. O, V. W. Meet every
Tuesday evening at Q. A. R. Hall.
U. V. KiaxrAtaicx, Rec.
ui'l Mtum Camp, No. 19, div ofOaBoo
jomorVufs.-Meet In Q. A. K. Hall, '.cbsnon,
fir., evarv Saturday ovonlng. except the third
Saturday of each mouth, meoilnit the third Fri
lay Instead. Ml brothers of the Sous of Vet
ransand comradesofthoH. A.R.aro cordially
..'ltd to meet with the Camp.
C. 1). Mo tana, Capt.
A. Crad First Seat.
Wet Hide Ulvlwlon,
Mull train dally (except Sunday)
7:S0 A. m.
12:16 P. M.
I LvPnrtlaml .
6:.1S A. ,
) :0I) P. M.
At Alhnnv and Corvallis connect with
trains of Oregon PuciUc railroad.
ExpreBsJroin dally (except Sunday):
4:40 p. M, I l,v...l'(irlland ...Ar. . 8:26 A. B.
7:S6 p. H. Ar.UcMinnville Lv 6:60 A. II.
ailu and Europe cat: be obtained at lowest
rates from I. A. Bennett, agent, Lebanon.
B. KOEHLKU, Manager.
E, P. UOOKim, Asst. . F. it Pass. Agt.
Miscellaneous Items
Cnlled From Onr Exohftngea.
In proportion to their size spi
ders are seven times stronger than
Americans are the best penmen
in the world, and the British come
Greece has more public holidays
than any other country in the
Some pessimist, who wants the
earth, hs dubbed San Francisco's
great mid-n-intor exposition the
"nitid-wiiiter imposition.
A woninn well known in English
society for her lovely neck and arms
polishes them, so it is said, for half
an hour each night with chamois '
Henceforth all Russian emi
grants entering Germany, en route
for the United States, must be
healthy, and if over ten years of
age be possessed of 400 marks in
The southern states have formed
a plan to eolve the Negro question.
A company has boen formed in
Alabama, with a capital stock of
$100,000, to export Negroes to Li
St. Charles Hotel,
Corner Main and Sherman Streets,
LEBANON, prase C J!
BUD THOIPSM, Proprietor.
First-Class in all Apartments.
Bpeoial attention paid to Com
mercial men.
Board and Lodging, per day, tl to
12; per week H50 to
John M. Somers,
Will practice in all the courts ol the stale.
Attorney at Law,
.Unctions given prompt and careful attention.
O. "in pnidloe til all the courtt of the slate.
iMNi Chamberlaiii,
Attorney- at - Law,
Best Shaven, Hair Cut or Shampoo at
Shaving Parlor.
Elegant Baths."
Children Kindly Treated.
Ladles Hair Dressing a Specialty.
31eat Market,
Ed Kelleubergcr, Propr.
A speaker at a meeting of the
unemployed, at London, said if the
police struck (the unemployed again
the latter were determined to use
chemicals and send the police to
heaven by a chemical poBt.
The French Academy began
work upon the first letter of its fa
mous "Dictionaire Historique de la
Langue Francaise" a little less than
titty years ago. A tew years since
it bnished this exacting "A."
To guard against poisoning,
law has been passed in Germany
that all drugs intauded for internal
use must be put iii'-'iound bottles,
and those which are-only used ex
ternally must be placed injiexago-
nal UoltidB.-
A "Conniierciaf 'Museum" is
about to be established at Tangiers,
Morocco, in which manufacturers
and merchants from all countries
may exhibit samples of those of
their wares which they think beit
adapted to the Moorish market,"
The propsition to" annex the
Indian territory to Oklahoma and
admit both territories as one state,
is being opposed by some of the
influential chiefs among the four
civilized tribes, whoBe power would
be lost should the annexation
scheme be carried out,
Lives there a man with soul so
dead, who never to himself hath
sid, "this night before I go to bed
I'll surely pay the printer." It such
there breathes go mark him well;
for him no minstrel rapture swells,
for when he'll die he'll go to well,
the place there is no winter.
A grocery cleik in New York city
was arrested a few wpeks ago for
selling two loaves of bread on Sun
day, and was held by Judge Voor-
hees in delault ol ifiuu Dan, Lr.
Parkhurst's agents thereupon in
vestigated the same region and
found on p following Sunday that
129 saloons sold about 2,000 gallons
of beer, but no one was arrested.
L. B. Whorton, of Lakeview, has
invented a contrivance for a wagon.
It is virtually two bars crossed like
an X beneath the vehicle an,d at
tached to both axles. When the
front wheels are turned one way the
hind wheels are turned the other
way, the vehicle therefore turning
i half the'
.lioney. He was sentenced to three
years in the penitentiary, and was
exceedingly happy because his head '
was not chopped off.
The Oregon supreme court mado
a decision recently that owners of
dogs should take note of. It was
the case of Cameron vs O'Brien, to
recoyer damages from the owner of
a dog which barked and frightened
the plaintilfs horse. The plaintiff
was thrown and injured, and
nrought suit for 1500 damages.
The jury gave him a verdiot for
that amount and the owner of the
dog apjjealed to the supreme court.
The supreme court confirmed the
verdict and says in strong terms
that the owners of barking dogs are
responsible for all damages caused
by such dogs, and that the owners
keep them at their peril. ,
John F. Ryan, a submarine
diver, claims to have located the
ill-starred steamer, Brother Jona
than, which went down July- 3,
1865, somewhere near Crescent
City, Cal., together with 147 pas
sengers, the crew and a large
amount of treasure. Ryan says
that G. W. Hill, who was assistant
engineer and one of the nineteen
survivors, assisted him to locate
the vessel, which, lies in several
hundred feet of water, in apparent
good condition. Ryan has a ship
bucket bearing the name of Brother
Jonathan which he found on the
wreck. In the spring he will make
preparation to raise the vessel and
recover the treasure. '
A drummer is responsible for the
following story: A minister once
had a swearing parrot, He com
plained to a friend and' ihe latter
told him how to cure the bird of its
profanity. He said as soon as the
bird began to swear, to swing the
cage around rapidly ten times and
then douse a bucket of water on the
parrot. The next time the parrot
swore, the minister did as directed..
Then after setting the cage down
he glanced at the bird, half dazed
ftWrrjfrjf its feathers ruffled, arid
askeoKv "yVell now, how do you
leeu "uti! said the parrot, look-
in the Quicksands.
Two young women who were driv
ing on the beach almve San Francisco,
Cal. , narrowly escaped a terrible death
not Ions; ago. Extreme low tide, south
of the Cliff House, uncovers treach
erous quicksands, and travel along the
bench is hazardous. The young women,
with the horse and buggy, did not
know this, and were enjoying them
selves hugely, when tho horse began
to struggle frantically to get out of the
sand that reached almost to his knees.
All his strong eudeavois wore vain,
though, against the suction, and In a
moment,, as his whole frame shook and
convulsed In an upward, onward Im
pulse, he fell on his side and became
more helpless; but he fell toward land.
The wagon had, at this time, gone
down so fur that the tide, just In the
begiuning of the flood, washed over
the hubs. TerriUed were the women;
but a leap from the vehicle would have
only increased the danger. To scream
for help was the only hope, but the
shouts were lost In the thundering
surf. At this critical moment Captain
Bush, of the Ocean House, chanced to
look along the shore and saw the vic
tims. His horse was standing by and
he dashed to the rescue, and when he
got there the waves were breaking over
the buggy box. But he pushed his
way to the bttggy and bidding the
women, one at a time, jump into his
arms, carried them to the shore in
safety. They were drenched and bad
ly frightened, but otherwise uuinjured.
The captain then cut the harness away
from the poor horse, and be struggled
until he reached 'fjrm footing. The
uusoppwireu, -uqe-tue young
women were too happy ovor their own
escape to care for that. The West.
Definitions of II Kiss.
Some time ago London Tld-lllts of
fered a 2-guinea prize for the best defi
nition of a kiss. Seven thousand
answers were received. The prize was
awarded to Benjamin J. Greenwood,
ofTulseHlll, London, whose defini
tion is here given:
"An inspired and tasteless morsel,
which becomes delicious and detecta
ble In proportion as It Is flavored with
The following are selections from
some of tho best definitions:
What the chimney-sweeper imprints
on the rosy lips of the scullerymald
when she tells hiiu she favors his suit.
The sweetest fruit of the tree of love.
The ofteuer plucked the more abun
dant it grows.
A thing of use to no one, but much
prized by two. ,
The baby's right, the lover's privi
lege, the parent's benlsou and the
hypocrite's mask,
Nothing, divided between two. i
A rock on the sea of life on which.
the good ship Bachelor was wrecked. .
The lover's privilege and the pug
dog's right.
Contraction of the mouth due to en
largement of the heart.
Chicago Streets,
"Great city," said the stranger re
flectively. "Wonderful city! The
buildings are magnificent, the boule
vards are superb and the hotels are
unsurpassed, but but why don't you
name your streets?"
"Name our streets!" exclaimed the
Chicagoab. "Wo Vio. Vou can't find
a street in the city without a name."
"Well, then," went on the stranger.
iniroutof one eye in a quizzical j "why not derive some benefit from it?
manner, "I'm all right, but where
io the h 1 were you, when the cy
clque struck us?"
Be Sure and Call on
Albany, Oregon,
HeatingStoes, CooUStoTiis, &c
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo
logna, and Ham,
ItyBacon and Lard Always on Hand.
Mlo Strut, Lebanon, r '
epjca it would other
wise. Mr. Whorton bus Applied
for a patent,
S. Imahashi, a thieving Japuntse,
tyos considerably surprised ani
ejutod jn the police court in Port
land, because ho ws not beheaded
in punishment for his crinic. Some
time ogo Imahashi entered an
Everett street lodgding house and
purloined a gold watch and some
The Land of Ueit Apples and Bain.
Oh, Oregon, beautiful Oregon,
The land of red apple and raj"! '
That is bordered on its western coast
By the great pacific Btraiu.
We can boast f our beautiful country,
Because we know 'tis true;
ff Oregon wa. not the state for u,
What would we Web-foots dot
We are proud of our hills and moun
And think they are the best,
Because our state has beautifully been
"The Gardeu of the West."
Rise up, oh stately country,
Do not sleep as others do;
For their sleeping will be wakened,
When it is too late, 'tis true.
Years ago our state was backward;
Now we all are proud to say,
At the world's great exhibition
Prizes were won by Oregon euot) day,
Let this grand and noble state
Try all others to excel,
Both in wealth and education;
Time alone Is what will tell.'
We are free and high born people,
Both In wealth and nientul frame;
Aud we are proud to know we live
In the laud of red apples and rain.
We have summers warm and suuiiy,
Aud our autumns are grand and gay;
But our winters, they arc rainy,
Huring at last does gain the day.
Hoping, trusting for the future,
That we all may ever be
Blessed with all our many blessings
Id this country by the sea,
wny stiou Id tnere be any secrecy
about It? Why not treat all streets
alike? Why put the name of one street
on the corner lamppost and not the
name of the next? And why not have
some uniformity about It?" he contin
ued, warming up to his subject. "Why
tack the name of one street onto
building, put the next on a lamppost,
the third half way up an electric light
post, the fourth clear at the top of It
aud have no sign at all for the tilth?"
Chicago Post.
Changed Kvcry Week.l
Oats 24o
Hay 19 per ton.
Flour $0 75 per sack.
Chop $1 00 per cwt,
Bran 75c per cwt.
Middlings! 00 per cwt.
Potatoes 35c.
Apples Dried, 6c per lb.
Plums Dried, 5c.
Onions 2c.
BeefDressed, 4c,
Veal 45c.
Pork Dressed, 5.
Hams 1214 per lb.
Shoulders 10c.
Sideitllo per lb.
Geese $7 per doz.
Ducks f4 00 per doz.
Chickens $2 758 50.
Turkeys 100 per lb.
Eggs 12jc oer doz.
Butter 20c per lb.,
Hides Green, le; dry, 2e.
An Important Decision.
Tt will be remem:ered that the uues-
Iftfn'aato whether the money depos
ited" with Hamilton, Job & Co. wna'
itrust fund or not, was argued several
days ugo before Judge Fullertou, who
took the matter under dvisemt-ut. A
decision was sent, sustaining the plain
tiffs demurrer to the several separate
defenses set up by the assignee of H.
& Co., thereby holding tho county
money a trust fund aud giving the
enuuty a priority over the general de
positors. The College case stands on
the same ground aud this decision in
effect gives the College the same pri
ority. In the set off cases the court
made a decision sustaining the objec
tions to the set oil's, holding that no
set ofls could be alleged. ' The cases -'
will be taken to the- supreme court,
and If the former is there Histained
there will be 20,000 lessto be dis
tributed among the general depositors,
which will be a hard blow. News,
. )'
Like a French Duet,
Roseburg Review.
Funny war
In Bruzil!
Pop bang
Wever kill;
uockeo nat,
Gold braid;
One scar't,
T'other 'frald;
Fire away,
Once a week,
Then play
Hide and seek;
Shoot high;
Don't hit;
Oh, my!
Let's quit!
Settle up,
Pay the bill;
Funuy war
In Brazil!
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Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair.
The Populist ftlllleuuiilin.
No more toil and no more worry,
When his bill beoomes a law;
All may get tinh In a hurry
Out of money made of straw,
Uncle Sam is kind and cunning,
He has heard his people call;
When he gets bis presses running
There'll be millions for us all. -
Nebraska State Journal,
Theoni) Pun. Cieaiu of Tartar Powdcr.-NoAmiuouia.No Alum.
Used i;j Millions of Homes 40 Years the Staudari
A hobo came In on top of the last
Pullman coach on Suturday morning's
train. It was bitter cold and he could
hardly limber himself up' sufficiently
to descend in safety. He tried to shake
the snow oft' his garments but it was
frozen too stilt'. He heal hlshatagainst
the end of the depot, but the snow re
fused to budge. He then struck out in
the direction of the round bouse aud
disepptHwed. Oiuuts Paw Courier.
A bold train robbery occurred near
Los Angeles last Friday night. The
train was wreoked, and two rueu, one
a tramp, were killed. The robbers se
cured the Wells Fargo treasury, a good
many thousand dollars.
School Supt. Newell, of Morrow
county, who was put oft' the Union
Pacific east bound passenger train the
night of December 5, has sued the com
pany at Pendleton for 120,000.
Another attempt was recently mado
to burglarize the store of Weir & Bon,
at Jordan. Mr. Weir fired in the dark
at the point where he supposed the
burglar was, but the man was else
where and escaped.
The Heppner Gazette says: There is
au Item afloat to the effect that In a
neighboring t"wn is a ledjjo of Farmers
Alliance, which meets Monday tiiyhl.
There is only one lodge room In the
town, and Tuesday nights It is occu
pied by Knights of Pythias. The
president of one of the sub-alliances
came to town Tuesday, and seeing a
light In the lodge room concluded he
would go over there. He gave the
proper knock at the outer doar. The
wicket was raised aud an car plaoed to
hear the password. "I plow, I hoe, I
spade," whispered the alliance man.
The ear was replaced with au eye, and
in turn It gave place for a mouth,
which whispered in reply, "The h
you do," and the wicket was dropped
with a bang. The Indignant farmer
shortly after met a "brother," to whom
be told his tale of woe. "Why, dod
d u rn it," was the sharp reply of the
brother, "them's Knights of Pythias
and you've give 'em our password."
"Dogged if I ain't," was the response,
"but, (brightening up) dura 'eto, I'v
gut theirs."