The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 08, 1893, Image 5

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    Lebanon Excess.
FRIDAY, DEO. 8. ISfiit.
V"Ahlitioiiul locals oh first
Come In for ob work.
Groat olearonce sale ut fiend, I'mcook
k Co.'s.
Hon. C. B. Montague la quite sick
tills week,
For school supplies call at Smith's
drug store.
Born, to the wife ot Erunk Bottle,
Deo. 2, 1898, a sun.
M. A. Miller carries a complete line
of paints and oils.
The C'hampiHn Mill flour is the best
in the market. Try It.
B. A. Poludextor, of Solo, was In
Lebanon, Monday.
Outs, hay, brim, obops and all kinds
of feed, at Peeblvr's.
Dr. L. Foley will open up a drug
store In the near future.
Every customer at Boruni i, Kirk's
barber shop gets a clean towel.
Please come Id and pay up, as I need
my money. N. W. Smith.
Itev. Pliilip Mulkey, a pioneer of
185 8, died at Eugene, Saturday.
Pumps and pipe down to Albany
prices. F.C. Ayekb A Co,
J. H. Courtney M. D. Physlolan,
Surgeon aud Aoooucheur, Lebanon,
Mrs. Harmon, of Albany, was in
Lebanon over Sunday, visiting Mrs.
When you want to buy a suit of cloth
ing you will save money by getting
It at Bach's.
There was no meeting of the coun
cil Tuesday evening, a quorum not
beiug present.
The confectioner's art, making cream
candles and other confectionery, is
taught at Zahu'n store.
The ladieB of the M. E, Church gave
a soclul at the residence of J. W. Men
ales, Wednesday night.
N. W. Smith has moved to his new
store, and lias one of the fluent stocks
of Xmas goods in the valley.
Atty. Garland has moved into tin,
new office in Courtney's Block, where
he will be pleased to see his friends.
Fresh fish every Tuesday aud Thurs
day. I ulso keep on baud suited
salmon. R. S. Rohkhts.
If you want to get value received for
your liard-eurued money, cull at
Baker's and buy your boots aud shoes.
Mrs. King left for Los Angeles, (Jul.,
the first of the week, to join her bus
band, he having decided to locate
H, S. Loomis. Supt. of circulation,
ol the Oregonian, was in the oity this
week, and made tbe Express a pleas
ant call.
K. S. iioberts, agent for the Albany
Bteum Laundry, now sends clothes
down twloe a week Mondays aud
These hurd times we want to save all
we oan, but of course we have to eat,
still you will save some by getting your
groceries at Bach's.
E. H. Flugg, editor of the Salem
Democrat, while working with his
press, Monday, had both bones of his
right forearm broken.
The third quarterly meeting of the
Free Methodist Church, to be held at
Sodavllle, will commence to-day aud
continue over Sunday.
There Is a Bible-reading every Fri
day evening at 7:30, at the Baptist
church, conducted by the pastor. All
are Invited to come and bring their
A competent music teacher (a stran
ger In the oity) would take a few pupils
on very reasonable terms, as a means
of Introduction. For information ap
ply at this ottlce.
At the city election In Albany, last
Monday, the following officers were
elected: Mayor, L. Fliun; marshal, C.
0. Lee; treasurer, E. A. Parker; couu
ollmen, D. 0. 6chelI,Chas. Pfeifferand
D, M. Waters. There were BOO votes
A new publication to be devoted to
the interests of the people's party will
be issued soon, lu Portland. It will he
bucked by a capitul of 25,000 and sev
eral persons are out now selling the
shares, which are limited to $10 to each
person. That means 2500 persons in
terested. The paper will be a weekly
at first, but will ruu a dally edition
dining the coming campaign. East
Poitlaud Chronlolo. . 1
A. Umphrey wishes to lease his
Born, to the wife of Henry Wallaoe,
Deo. 6, a son.
liuy your groceries at Peebler's, and
save money,
H. Baker Is now agent for the cele
brated Douglas shoe.
Born, to the wife of Jos. Munsey,
Dee. 8, a daughter.
If you to get nice fresh bread
go to Peebler's.
N. A. Miller Is just in the receipt of
an assortment of fl ne stationary .
Mrs. W. B. Douaoa returned borne
from Forest Grove yesterday.
M. A. Miller now has a complete
line of drugs and slatlonery.
Cash paid for produce at Peebler's
grocery store; highest market price.
The excelsior factory Is now in oper
ation, turning out a fine grade of ex
celsior, M. A. Miller's prices on holiday
goods will be in correspondence with
the times.
Dr, Lamlierson will buy a limited
amount of greeu Oregon grape root.
Apply at his office for terms and prices.
Tlios. Compton and Miss Eliza
Hmelser were married Wednesday,
Dec. 6, C. A. Ilson, J. P., officiating.
Bach Is not selling his clothing at
oust, but still you oan get a better suit
therefor less mony than anywhere
N. W. Smith has moved Into bis
new quarters, and now has a drug
store as nicely fitted up as any In the
The building that S. P. Bach Is hav
ing built for an office for Atty. Somers
and W. C. Peterson, is nearing comple
tion. N. W. Smith says be is going to dis
play one of the finest Btooks of holiday
goods ever brought to town. Every
thing new no old stock.
How to make the "mighty dollar"
go a long ways Go to Baker's and
buy your boots and xlioes, that have
been cut down to hard times prices.
Our city was in darkness two nights
tills week, cuUMed by the high water
breaking the dlteh and leaving the
Electric Light Co. without power to
run the dynamos.
Grant 8. Huberts and Miss Lillian
Nichols were morried in Portland,
Nov. 28, 1808. . They arrived in Leba
non on Thanksgiving day. The Ex
press wishes them a happy journey
through life,
Yesterday A. B. Nlckersou and Mr.
Ward were brought up before the Re-
ooroer, on a charge of using profane
aud offensive language on tbe street.
They plead not guilty, and the trial
was set for to-day at 10 o'clock.
Last Tuesday Mrs. J, B. Gatchell
gave one os her children a teuspoonful
of tincture of aconite mistaking it for
cough syrup. Drs. Booth and Lam-
berson were called and through their
skill the boy was pulled through.
Nearly every night some pedestrian
runs against a wire stretched across the
side-walk, In a dark place. This is
likely to cause serious damage to some
one, aud the guilty parties hud better
take warning, for a strict watch is
beiug kept.
Monday night some insane drunk or
a malicious fool broke two of tbe costly
plate-glass windows In the bank build
ing. It Is the duty of every citizen to
help bring the guilty party, or parties,
to punishment. Lebanon is no place
for such cowardly vandals.
The state board of pharmacy held
Its quarterly meeting Tuesday after
noon In the cnpltol. Dr. L. Foley, of
Lebanon, aud L. W. Holt of Portland,
passed highly satisfactory examina
tions and were granted certificates.
The board adjourned to meet the first
Mouday of uext March.
The Home Work Society of the First
Pres. Church will give a five-minute
social on next Tuesday evening, Dec.
12, at the reBldense of J. J. Swan.
Everybody Invited to oome, and have
a good time. Short programme, good
lunch and lots of fun, all for a dime.
By order op Com.
Several weeks ago tbe Job Brothers,
of Corvallis, were held for the grand
jury of Benton county, on the oharge
of misappropriation of funds In their
hauds as bankers. The grand jury
on Investigation failed to find a true
bill and they were discharged. As
they hud a branch bank at Yaqulna,
their case was brought before Uie grand
jury of the circuit court in session
there, and a true bill was found against
I them, and against Dr. Davis, who hud
oharge of their Yaqulna bank, They
gave bonds to appear ut the next term
of court. ) .
The Keoent Eloctlon.
The regular city election passed off
without any disturbance at the polls.
Considerable interest was manifested
In the result, and many hours of hard
work were done. The closest contest
was for marshal. Two good men were
candidates and the result showed that
their friends were nearly equal in
There were three ticket in the field.
The Citizens' ticket was elected in full,
with the exception of marshal. The
prohibition ticket bad quite a follow
ing, but was badly beaten. The re
corder and marshal were re-elected,
having evidently given general satis
faction. The new treasurer, Mr.
Hyde, will take good care of his trust.
The mayor, Mr. Montague, was the
unanimous choice, and as such will
denmnstrate the wlsdom'of hie election,
by bis administration. The council
all new men are drawn from the con
servative element in the city, and will
doubtlesserform their duties with
wisdom and Integrity. There it do
foundation whatever for the assertion
made on election day, that this is a
whiskey council It is a council of
good, honest sober men, fully as well
able to take care of tbe city's welfare
as though they had the prefix of
"prohl" to their names.
Below, we give the vote in full.
citizens' ticket.
Mayor C. B. Montague, 287
Coun oilmen :
J. G. Reed, 148
Ed. Kellenberger, 145
G. T. Cotton, 140
G. W. Rice, 144
8. H. Myers, 128
D. Andrews, 142
Treasurer J. F. Hyde, 148
Recorder F. M. Miller, 132
Marshal R. Tlvey, lis
Mayor C. B. Montague, 237
N. R. Bearaan, 98
H. Baker, 95
J. W. Menzies, 125
J. IV. Crandall, 94
G. W. Aldrich, 94
R. M. Goodrich, 92
Treasurer C. A. Elson, 91
Recorder S. M. W.HIndman, 87
Marshal -P. W. Morgan, 126
There were several scattering votes
The third ticket was the same as the
Citizens', with a few changes.
BS Worth of Silvorwnn Ulvek ly.
During the month of December we pro
pone to sell anything you want from our
stock of watches, clocks, jewelry, silver
ware, gold and silver spectacles vnd eye
glasses, at prices in keeping with the times,
and as another inducement to buy goods of
us we propose to give away the following
articles :
One Large Dinner Castor, 110.00
One Silver Cake (Stand, 8.00
One Fruit Stand, 8.00
One Eight Day Clock, 7.00
One Silver Slrd Stand, 6.00
One Calendar Clock, 6.00
One Breakfast Castor, 4.00
One Butter Dish, 8.00
One Berry Spoon, 2.00
One Cream tadle, 1.00
This is a FreeGiftdistribution of valuable
presents that will cost you nothing.
Albany, Or,
N. B. Special prices will be given on
silverware. Kemember the place, French's
jewelry store.
Tbe Prinevtlle news tells the follow
ing Interesting incident: "We saw an
intoxicated man meet a little innocent
child on the street the other day. He
hailed the little one In a fatherly way,
drunken as it might have been, asked
Its name, its age, and Its place of resi
dence. Then he gave it a dollar, with
kindly given instructions to use the
money lu the purchase of good books.
Then, as he parted with it, he mur
mured something we could not hear;
but it sounded like a blessing, tenderly
spoken. And we saw tears flowing
from his blood-shot eyes."
M. A. Miller will open a full and
complete line of holiday goods, the
first of the week.
M. D.Vuughau has sold his shoe-
shop at this place to Joe Klein, of Al
bany. Mr, Klein will send a man out
here to ruu the shop. Mr. Vaughan
intends to leave In a few days for
There will be services In the Cum
berland Presbyterian ;Church on the
seoond aud fourth Sundays in each
month, atll a. m. aud 7:80 p. m,
W. V. McGee, Pastor.
At the last meeting of the A. O. U.
W. the following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: M. W., C. A.
Zahn; Foreman, Rev. Btattie; Over
seer, Wm. Bobbins; Ren., H. Y. Klrk-
patriok; Flnaucier, J. F. Hyde; Receiv
er, J . Saltmarsh; Guide, S. O. Wallace;
Inside Watchmau, F. L. Frost; 'Out
side Watchman, G, T. Cotton; Trustee,
J. 8. Courtney.
Low Prices Talk.
We are clearing out the well-known Wallace & Co's
stock, at Albany, to satisfy the claims of the creditors, and
are now quoting prices that defy competition, for we are
selling way below the actual cost of manufacture.
Note the Following Prices.
24 in. Turkey-Red Handkerchiefs, $.05
White Cambric Handkerchiefs, .05
Heavy Winter Socks, .05
All Wool (home-mode) Socks, Regular 50 cts., . .25
Men's Cassimere, Socks, " ,25
Fine Camel's Hair Socks, " .25
4-ply Linen Collars, Regular 25 cts., ,10
Neckwear, Cravats, Tecks, Four-in-Hands, Regular
Prices, $1.25, $1.00, 75 cts., Our Price , .25
Boys' Heavy Winter Overshirts, Regular $1.00, .35
Men's Working Shirts, ' .25
Men's Heavy Working Shirts .35
Men's All Wool Overshirts, Regular $2.00 .95
Men's Fine Outing Flannel Shirts, $3.00, L50
Men's Black Sateen Shirts, $1.00, .40
Australian $2.50 Wool Underwear, 1 OO
Red Knit, $2.50 " , l'.00
$1.00 Underwear, 45
Grey Blankets, from 1,45
Grained Goat Gloves, 50
Gents' Fine Kid Gloves, '75
Boys' Hats, from .25
Men's Hats, from JX)
Boys' Knee Pants, .25
All Our Suits, and Boot and Shoe Lines, at same rates.
Mail Orders Solicited.
Hiram linker has just received a
large invoice of boots and shoes. Call
and examine before buying else where.
Meat Market,
Fresh & Salted Beef Pork,
Mutton, Sausage Bo.
, logna, and Ham,
gBacon and Lard Always on Hand.
Main Street, Lebanon, Or.
mMitm per
Of either mi, any age, in any part of the country,
at the employment which we furnish. You need
not beaway from homeoYernight. You can giro
yourwhole timeto the work,or oiilyyour spare mo
menti. Ai capital Is not required you run no risk.
We supply you with all that Is needed. It will
coet you nothing to try the business. Any one
can do the work. Beginners make money from
the start. Failure Is unkuown with our workers.
Every hour you labor you oan easily make a dollar.
No one who is willing to work fails to make more
money every day than oan be made In three days
at any ordinary employment. Send for free book
containing the fullest information.
Box 880,
Spot Cash,
SherlfPis Halo.
In the Circuit Court of tbe State f
Oregon for the County of Linn.
E. ChamilPtM. W. TT Klniurl
and 1. E. Bloper, partner do-
, ing 0081 news under the tlrm
name of Chamuess & Bloper
u - m.i.nff. r I
D. C. Shepherd and Shep
herd, his wife, and th Water
loo Developement Company, a
vvi puruiiou, .Leieuuanis,.
NOTICE Is hereby given that by
virtue of an execution and order of sale
duly issued out of the above named
court, In the above entitled salt, I will,,
on Saturday, the 6th duy of January,
1894, at the front door of the Court
House In the city of Albany, Linn
County, Oregon, at the hour of It
o'clock A. M. of said day, sell at publia
auction, for cash in hand, to tbe high
est bidder, all the right, title and inter
est of the Defts, D. C. Shepherd and
Mrs. D. C. Shepherd, his wife, on the
6th day of January, 1898, in and to the
real property in the said execution and ,
order of aula HpuHiw.d ai,Kia,,f how
ever, to the rights of the Waterloo De-
vciupeiueiii company, sain real prop
erty being described as follows, to-wit:
I.ntaitSAfl In Rlneli 47 In l-
town of Waterloo, Linn County, Ore-
uu, ujgciuer wuu iue improvements
The nroceeds nrisinor from &aliT .ak
to be applied, first, to the payment of
vubib uuu uisoureemenis or saia
suit, taxed ut $23.95, aud the costs of
and upon said execution; second, to
the payment of the plaintiffs' claim,
amounting to th sum of (55.61, with
interest thereon from the 6th day of
January, 1893, at tbe rate of 8 per cent
per annum, aud the further sura oF
$25.00 as attorneys' fees, and tbe fur
ther sum of (oilO for making and re
cording mechanic's lien; and the over
plus, if any, to be paid over to tbe said
Waterloo Developement Company up
on the purchase price of said land by
the said D. O. Shepherd,; and the re-
mnlnHer. If nnv tn tha uaiA II
Shepherd, bis heirs or assigns.
Dated this 4th day of December, im.
C. C. Jackson,
Sheriff of Linn Co., Of.
, I will pay the highest market priee
for choice green apples.
Hiram Bakek. '
Buy boots aud shoes of Bead, Peacock
4 Co. ;j
Baker is yet .in the lead In low prices
and good goods. Prices; must corre
spond with what farmers have to selL